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He saw flames burning everywhere, sharp spears smeared with poison flying from all directions, and all grunts and curses pouring out from all over wherever he looked.

 His blood was rushing downwards, but he didn't feel any pain as if he had gone numb or he was drawing the boundary between his body and spirit.  His hands and feet were nailed to the hard wooden posts while flames licked from below with his blood as slightly extinguishing.

 He forgot what really happened, why could he be in this condition?  Seeing their cruel faces and finally the important memory came back to him.  They had made him a sacrificial lamb, indeed this was something he had known since childhood.

 He has what they call 'misfortune' and 'negative aura'.  Therefore, when he reached adulthood, he had to be offered to their Gods to prevent destruction.

 "Why can't I live?"

 He thought silently, he can't talk now after all.  Previously, he had tried to run away with 'someone' who he didn't know what his current fate was.  He hoped that 'that person' would no longer be involved with him.

 In cheers and blurred vision, he scanned them and his eyes widened as he saw the silhouette of 'that person' among them.  The latter was breaking his way through the crowd in the center of the offering square, but he was blocked by several strong and burly people.

 It didn't matter if he were the only one they killed because of that prophecy.  However, he couldn't accept seeing the person, who saved him previously being, stabbed.

 His blurred vision turned red and the intense emotional turmoil brought consciousness falling back into place.


 The Watcher wakes up with a continuous cold sweat, he sighs of regret as the terrible dream presents a part he has never seen, he forgets.

 Trembling slightly, he got up and put on his favorite white coat and put on a face mask with better skill than Plotter.

 Watcher cleaned up the remains of last night's food and also his temporary shelter which was well hidden thanks to the help of his adoptive father.  Infiltrating their base was quite difficult, let alone getting to laboratory 41, near the research center in a narrow and shabby area, in the underground area.

 He tried to get rid of the memories of that dream, now after consuming the poison which killed all his emotions, the creepy dream kept appearing.  Although he wasn't afraid or anxious, his body's natural reactions were a little troublesome.

 Even though his heart is dead, his body is not.  That should be quite normal, unfortunately the Watcher is no ordinary human.  Armed with a large bag and all the necessary equipment, he exited the hidden residence into a dark street in the middle of the night.

 The houses are crowded together and feel cramped.  However, not a single person roaming the street apart from him.  It made him suspect that they set him up.  However, it seemed impossible.  They knew so little about him, how could they have prepared so quickly.

 'I don't really care if I die.  But, my best friend will be in trouble, ' he thought when he saw the cloud cover half moon.

 The goal is not only to get revenge, but also to stop their dangerous research.  In the modern era where all kinds of strange things can be found, but also very easily overlooked, Watcher thinks that their chances are much greater than he thought.

 What the media displays about scientifically explainable bizarre things is only to hide something bigger.  For example their research mixed with the realm of supernatural powers.

 So, here he is as the only survivor of their experiment.  The Watcher eliminates the possibility of another subject still alive after a long absence of discovery.  Loki and he have agreed to be on the same ship to overcome them.

 Therefore, to keep his friend who cares too much and finds it difficult for him to break up, Watcher asks Plotter to bring his best friend into the Oldest Dream.  Become a member.

 'Looks like it took longer than I expected.'

 The long journey begins.  Perhaps, he didn't make it out alive the next chance.


 Han Sooyoung had eye bags after staying up late for a few days to follow Plotter's directions, it was meant that she could join naturally without arousing suspicion and her martial arts skills weren't that bad, it's just that in terms of weapons, she needed to train.

 That is one thing, while another is that she is honestly more enthusiastic than one might think.

 "It's not bad," she said carelessly while brewing coffee in the kitchen of her apartment.

 Her contact with Kim Dokja was renewed last night, but Han Sooyoung was very upset after reading the heartless contents of her message.

 [Kim Dokja]: I'm fine and so are you.

 "Heh. What kind of text message ?! At least tell me if he's really in the US?"  shouted Han Sooyoung while preparing breakfast.

 Today, she will meet Uriel, to discuss something important and also part of a long-term cooperation.  Han Sooyoung suspected that this had something to do with Kim Dokja again.

 "However, I'm not going to back down because I've come this far!"

 Han Sooyoung made up her mind even though deep down, she felt scared.  Fear of what kind of future might happen.  Or can she prevent that bad future?


 Her meeting with Uriel took place during the day at a cafe famous for its ice cream and sweet treats.  Han Sooyoung ordered lemon cake and lemon sunday ice cream, according to her taste.

 Meanwhile, Uriel only ordered coffee without another dish.  It seemed that something was bothering her to the point that she ignored Han Sooyoung's observations.

 Uriel looked like someone who hasn't slept in days, worse than Han Sooyoung's current condition.  They share their understanding tacitly after realizing each other.

 "Sooyoung, did you get contact from Kim Dokja?"  Uriel asked straight away.

 Han Sooyoung nodded before answering in a languid voice.  "Yes, but he blocked my number after sending me annoying messages."

 "Ahh ...."

 Uriel ruffled her blonde hair, frustrated.

 "Uriel-nim, is there an important matter involving him?"  asked Han Sooyoung, who was worried when she saw her behavior.

 "Yes! He made a mess to distract 'them'. Now, there is an agitator who is clearing the way. This is bad."

 Han Sooyoung wore a blank expression for a moment and was speechless.  She didn't understand what Uriel was talking about.

 Uriel realized it too late and laughed softly to lighten the atmosphere a little.  "Oh, right. You don't know yet. I'm sure Plotter won't tell you. So let me do the job."

 That way, the story listening session begins.  Several times Han Sooyoung was annoyed, then confused, then dumbfounded.  The story of her best friend is more fantastic than the novel she wrote.

 Entering the criminals' den?  Save an old friend?  Pyramid relationship with the Oldest Dream?  And a distraction?


 After calming down and digesting the information, Han Sooyoung cried out in confusion.  "Then, what should we do?"

 Uriel's expression turned serious as the words were carefully crafted.  "We have to drag the instigator out. And to do it, I ask you to convince the Plotter. Tell him he must limit the Conqueror King's movements."

 "Conqueror King?"

 Uriel smiled.  "Yes, he knows who it is. I can't let Kim Dokja's efforts go to waste."

 Han Sooyoung got enlightened because of that sentence.  Is this Uriel's goal in telling about the actions his friend did?

 "I understand. I will. Uriel-nim, may I know how you met Kim Dokja?"

 That was what made her most curious.  Her friends are deeply connected to important people, both on the surface and in the underworld.

 Uriel sipped her coffee and was ready to give a preliminary introduction to the story after a few minutes of thought.

 During the conversation, Han Sooyoung did not waste the lemon cake and lemon sunday in front of her.

 Their side windows show the busy pedestrians and people working on the building on the opposite side of the building.

 "He saved me from a den of criminals surrounded all over the place. At that time, almost all of my family were killed. It was a terrible sight for me and he suddenly appeared among them, he betrayed them. I was still confused about his actions at that time, even though  I'm grateful for it. "

 Han Sooyoung gaped like a fish, she wanted to say something, but finally kept quiet and listened to the end.

 "And with an excuse to return the favor, I investigated about him and collaborated on a number of things. He also often talks about you as a caring friend. My curiosity triumphs over caution, finally I managed to persuade him to introduce you to me."


 Han Sooyoung accepted the story well and did not consider it a lie.  She was worried at the certain thing that was mentioned, namely betrayal.

 'Wasn't he heading for the path of destruction by betraying many parties?'

 If possible, he would like to contact her best friend right away.  Unfortunately, no matter how she messed with the numbers, using another smartphone, the connection couldn't be reached.  That means, her friend has closed the possibility of being contacted by anyone.

 At that time, Uriel provided the most important final information in her opinion.  Han Sooyoung's attention was deliberately diverted to other things in anticipation of her reaction.

 "The old friend that Kim Dokja saved and also caused him to cause chaos right now is Pro Gamer YJH."