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{The latest news, a national level pro gamer had a terrible accident after Breaking The Sky Company released it}




 Yoo Miah stared blankly at the news displayed on TV, the next second she immediately ran out of the apartment while calling someone.

 "Hyunsung-oppa !!!"

 —Calm down, I'm on my way to the hospital, I'll check it out.

 "Hueeee, what really happened to Jonghyuk-oppa ...."

 Yoo Miah cried as she boarded the elevator and quickly descended into the lobby, she immediately ran for a taxi to the hospital where her brother was taken after the accident.

 She never thought that his careful and meticulous brother would have an accident with his favorite sports car. She found out that a few days ago, his brother's contract and the Breaking The Sky Company were destroyed and his brother was dumped, while all of his net worth was stolen by those bastards.

 Yoo Miah didn't know the reason for the contract annihilation because from the beginning she never interfered in her brother's work as a pro gamer called Supreme King.  Her brother had so many enemies in the real world that he was always cautious, not only that.  Yoo Miah recently learned that before her brother became a pro gamer, he was doing dangerous illegal work.

 And now that he is famous, the dangerous people from the past will continue to haunt him.  Yoo Miah wiped her tears when the taxi she was riding arrived at the hospital in question.

 Yoo Miah didn't waste time waiting at the reception because she already knew where her brother was being treated.

 On the fourth floor, in the hallway to the ICU after wearing the recommended clothes, Yoo Miah ran into someone.


 Yoo Miah bumped into him and she immediately bowed apologetically.

 "I'm sorry," she said.

 The person who was hit replied softly, "It's okay."  then patted her head.

 Yoo Miah felt strange when the person passed her, she turned her head to look at his thin back with a feeling of deja vu.

 For a moment she was like that, then as if she had just been hit in the back of the head, Yoo Miah continued her pace slightly faster into the ICU room.


 Some time before.

 "Sir, what is your name?"  Lee Seolhwa asked the mysterious man wearing a mask in front of her.

 The mysterious man had saved a famous pro gamer who was crushed and had a terrible accident until his life was threatened.  Pro gamers need blood donor type O resus (-) which is very rare and expensive.

 The pro gamer who had been destroyed by his own company did not have a penny to pay so that Lee Seolhwa who became his acquaintance was very worried.  Moreover, the operation must be carried out immediately if no his life cannot be helped, but suddenly someone appears who voluntarily pays for the operation and donates as much blood as requested.

 The man was now standing in front of Lee Seolhwa.

 "Please don't tell him," pleaded the man.

 Lee Seolhwa nodded.

 "And, my name is Kim Dokja, goodbye."

 Lee Seolhwa stood dumbfounded after the man turned around and left with light steps.

 Somehow there was a desire to stop the man from leaving, but Lee Seolhwa had to be professional as a doctor, she immediately started surgery with her team.