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Let's Get Unprofessional

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Chuuya blinks his eyes open looking for the source of who said his name, but as his eyes quickly sweep over the room he notices that everyone is looking at him.

“Ah- I’m sorry what was the question?” He half mumbles in reply, his face heats up marginally when his eyes land on Dazai’s sly smirk across the meeting table. His name must have been said a few times to land everyone’s eyes on him.

Chuuya sighs inwardly. Dazai’s the reason his eyes were closed in the first place. Trying to concentrate to control his breathing into a somewhat regular rhythm.

All he can think about is how he got into this situation in the first place. Being coaxed open in the morning with long familiar fingers without being allowed to finish. Dazai left him panting on the futon to rummage in their closet's top shelf. (Chuuya scowled inwardly, one place he wouldn’t have found something so easily) Dazai returned with a little pink vibrator in one hand and a subtle small remote control in the other, presenting them as if they were something to behold.

Chuuya’s eyes narrowed at the little device, hoping the heat he felt in his face wasn’t being broadcasted. He knew what was being offered to him. Chuuya has never spoken about this particular fantasy out loud, but Dazai, as always, never failed to pick up on the way Chuuya subtle reactions to everything, cataloguing them away in a special file in his brain.

Dazai had gotten the idea from the last time they fucked in the office, albeit being after-hours with no chance of someone walking in on them, Chuuya couldn’t stop glancing at the closed door, moans coming faster and increasingly unrestrained every time he collected himself enough with his head thrown to the side or ceiling, remembering where they were. Letting himself be lost to the fantasy, imagining there was a possibility of one of their coworkers walking in on them.

It took Dazai a bit by surprise how fast Chuuya came after that. However, the unspoken desire wasn’t lost on the scheming detective.

Chuuya only allowed him to do it under the guise of wanting to be fucked properly after work, but Dazai smirked anyway knowing the redhead’s blood was already being mixed with oil, the wick ready to slowly burn down before combustion.

This will be fun, he thought to himself as he pushed the little pink device into Chuuya, letting it settle comfortably enough inside of him and taping the wire to the inside of his thigh. It wasn’t quite pressing up against his prostate, thankfully. Dazai gave the device a test to make sure it was working, just up one tick of the remote’s dial.

As soon as he saw Chuuya straighten up and suck in a lungful of air, he turned it back off and gathered his coat.

“Don’t want to be late for work~” Dazai said happily and took off through the apartment’s front door, leaving Chuuya sitting on the futon like a baby deer wondering if this was something he maybe should have given more thought to before agreeing.

Which now brings them to the people at hand. The whole morning event had made Chuuya forget about the agency’s weekly Thursday meeting at 10am, and Dazai’s been toying with the dial all morning, never past 3 but it’s enough to keep Chuuya distracted, his grip was too tight on some reports he was handing over to Kunkida, he almost spilled some of his coffee on the way back to his desk, not to mention the unamused glare Ranpo has been pegging him with since he first stumbled in.

He knows already doesn’t he.

Chuuya’s face doesn’t heat up.

It doesn’t.

He has to put an effort into concentrating, which is admittedly a bit out of character and he really doesn’t want any of his coworkers to notice the pair had brought their sex-life into the office for the day.

Some of the agency members are still eyeing him curiously. Most of them have gone back to doodling on their notes or eating snacks to care too much. No one ever really pays attention to these things anyway, with Ranpo there to solve everything instantly. Fukuzawa still insists they need to collaborate.

The aforementioned man raises an eyebrow, “I asked what your opinion of the plan was.”

Chuuya looks over to the white board for some kind of help. The plan? Were they talking about the mission at the docks or the mission next week? Fuck. The only plan that exists in Chuuya’s mind right now is the plan for Dazai to be between his legs and bending him in half.

“I—“ he clears his throat,”I was going to suggest it might be better to stake out the pier overnight. We don’t have solid evidence yet to suggest—“ Chuuya takes a subtly audible inhale but keeps his face unchanged.

The corner of Dazai’s mouth quirks up, chin propped up on the back of his hand.

“To suggest taking further actions this soon. I think it would be beneficial to wait and see if their men are going to take the foreseen route.” Chuuya swallows hard, hoping his voice was as steady as he hoped it sounded in his head.

“I suppose you’re right.” Fukuzawa relented, going back to the whiteboard to rewrite some of the team’s plan.

Thankfully his response seemed sober enough to stave off his coworker’s attention. (Chuuya continues to pointedly ignore the feeling of Ranpo’s judging eyes boring into the side of his head.)

Chuuya slumped back into his chair once he finally felt the vibrations stop. How much higher did he just turn it up? Chuuya tries to think while he stares down at the notes and reports laying on the table in front of him without actually taking any words of them in.

Fuck he’s hard. Chuuya’s pants are tight but not tight enough to hide his boner very well if he needed to stand up. Maybe he can stay behind when the meeting’s over, find some offhand excuse to go over his notes or rethink some angles of their upcoming mission.

Maybe getting out of this unscathed will be easy...

Chuuya sets to shuffling his papers around and does not look up at Dazai. He could feel the brunet’s gaze on him like a heavy weight, all encompassing. Chuua can tell his partner can hear his thoughts out loud.

It seriously doesn’t help the heat pooling in his stomach.

An uneventful couple of minutes pass by while Fukuzawa and Ranpo have a back and forth about some other missions or duties. Chuuya really can’t bring himself to care about anything other than keeping up his outward facade. He just needs to make it through the meeting and—

Something touches his ankle at the same time as the vibrations kick up again. Thankfully staying at a lower setting (for now). Chuuya flicks his eyes up to glower at Dazai’s gaze. The other man’s shoe is slowly moving higher, teasingly stroking up the inside of his calf. Chuuya quietly sighs at the contact, his blood running a little hotter with each slow teasing stroke, any contact from Dazai right now feels godsent.

How much longer can a meeting be?

Chuuya looks up at the clock hanging above the door—


12 minutes. They’ve only been in here for 12 minutes and Chuuya has already had enough.

Dazai can tell how worked up he is— he knows every minute movement, every breath of his partner. Exactly what to do and when to do it to twist him up inside, leave him wanting.

Dazai fingers in his pocket for the control again and flick the dial up another setting, taking in the way Chuuya’s chest expands with a deep intake of air. He knows why Chuuya doesn’t want to look at him right now. His little chibi wants to save face and pretend he isn’t being that affected, but the harder he tries, the clearer it is how badly Dazai is stirring him up. All in all it's pointless to try and hide anything from each other, but damned if the shorter man isn’t gonna try.

Dazai’s legs are long enough to easily reach the opposite side of the table, and he takes absolute advantage over this by removing his shoe and softly resting his heel on the front edge of the smaller man’s chair, letting the front of his foot press firmly against the front of Chuuya’s pants.

Dazai has to admit he was a little impressed with how impassive Chuuya was keeping his face, but out of sight, Chuuya’s thighs tensed like a vice around his ankle so hard it almost hurt, but there was still enough wiggle room to rub against his half tented pants.

Chuuya finally looks up through his eyelashes, shooting Dazai a warning glare, rendered pretty much ineffective with the way he’s worrying his bottom lip between his teeth. Dazai grinned back, happy with provoking Chuuya enough to get him to look at him. He turns the dial up one more tick while still massaging his almost fully hard erection through the thin fabric of his tight black pants.

Chuuya’s eyes fall closed as he brings a hand up to fiddle with his choker in what he hopes looks like a casual idle motion. Chuuya can’t stand how easily the brunet can rile him up, but here they are. Dazai calls it nothing short of a victory when the redhead cants his hips lightly against his foot.

Chuuya basks in the momentary sensation of finally having some relief, something to shallowly rut against. He peeks through his lashes up at Dazai again, but his eyes drift, faux casually at the seats around the long table, reminding himself of the other bodies present around him.

His hips stutter against the solid pressure of Dazai’s foot, free hand slowly clenching into a fist against the papers on the table—

Dazai lets out a small exhale of a laugh breaking Chuuya out of his trance, the redhead’s eyes snap open towards him, turning abruptly in his chair to dislodge the other’s foot from his crotch and kicking him hard in the shin while he resituates himself into a crossed leg position.

Dazai’s sudden hiss of pain prompts Fuzukawa to chide him into paying more attention, which anyone at the table would know is a waste of time given the man’s usual work ethic.

Finally having some solace from the bandaged distraction, he still can’t bring himself to fully regard the mission talk, so he picks up his pen and scribbles a bit in the margin of his notes, trying to will himself to concentrate on something other than how hard he is right now.

And then, after maybe 5 minutes of silence, the vibrator shoots up to a setting at least three times as powerful as before and—



Chuuya stares down at his pen in momentary despair. Even Dazai’s eyes are open slightly wider in surprise.

Everyone’s eyes are on him now.

The vibrations stop completely. Chuuya doesn’t bring his gaze up from the ink slowly seeping out of the cracks in the plastic body of the pen. He takes a shallow inhale before speaking, hoping he can speak over the litany of fuckfuckfuckfuck playing in his head.

“Chuuya w-“ Yosano started, but was cut off by the sudden screech of chair legs scraping the tile floor.

“Please excuse me.” Chuuya mumbled, distinctly not making eye contact with anyone as he turned face and quickly left the room as quickly as possible. Hoping his abrupt get away stopped anyone from noticing the very noticeable tent in his pants.

The room was dead silent for approximately 10 seconds while everyone exchanged confused looks before Dazai hopped up, seemingly regaining his composure and speaking a little too cheerfully, “I’ll go see what’s wrong with the Chibi, you finish your meeting~”

Dazai catches up to him in no time, with his long legs giving him a speed advantage even over the agile hatrack. Chuuya tries to speed up by using his ability, but Dazai catches him by the wrist, No Longer Human quickly expelling the red glow, and pushes him up against the nearest wall, bracing him against it with his body and a knee pushed between his legs.

“Let go of me asshole! Did you have to make it so obvious!? What the fuck were you thi—“ Chuuya stopped with his mouth hanging open mid sentence, quickly biting his teeth together to hold off a moan.

Dazai’s hand retreats from his pocket where he once again turned the dial up to a 5, using the free hand to tilt the redhead’s chin up, taking a second to admire how flushed Chuuya’s cheeks are. His pupils are pools of black with only a sliver of blue surrounding them. Dazai thinks he doesn’t look much more beautiful than this.

“I don’t know..” Dazai looks down his nose through half lidded eyes. He cocks his hip forward to feel the responding hardness, “You really don’t seem to have hated it that much, Chuuya~” he purrs, tilting Chuuya’s chin off to the side so he can bite the soft skin of his neck just above his choker.

“Did you like the idea that anyone could catch you? Could see you like that?” Dazai rumbled low like velvet against his pulse, punctuating every couple words with a bite.

“Do you have any idea what it was doing to me, trying to watch you hold it together?”

Biting his lip to try and stifle any embarrassing noises, Chuuya reached up to grasp at the lapels of Dazai’s jacket, his hands moving shakily against his chest unsure of whether to pull him closer or push him away. Dazai seemed determined to reduce him to gasps and whines just by mouthing his neck, painting a streak of marks that won’t be easy to hide tomorrow.

Slowly, Chuuya gained some semblance of rationality and realized they’re still doing this in the hallway. Not even 30 seconds away from the meeting room they both left from.

If someone came out to check on where they went they—

“Shit, get off— Dazai!” Chuuya whispered loudly, trying to dislodge the taller man from caging him against the wall.

“Chibi I’m trying to get both of us off...” Dazai purred against his lips.

“Someone coul—” Chuuya stopped, the words being more or less lost against Dazai’s lips, as the brunet’s hands slide down his body to firmly hold at his hips and pull them closer together, guiding their hips to rock against one another.

Dazai closed the gap between their lips, catching Chuuya’s bottom lip between his teeth and sucking gently. Chuuya’s eyes fell half lidded, a breathy moan bubbling from his throat before he could stop it, his hands left from where they were grabbing at Dazai’s jacket, roaming up, caressing his neck, jaw, until they settled in his soft brown hair.

A particularly hard roll of their hips wrung out a louder moan from the redhead, their mouth parting with Chuuya leaning his head back against the wall behind him. Dazai took the moment to admire how wet and red his lips looked. How wrecked and on edge the shorter man looked. All from him.

Dazai mused to himself, he’s a little impressed that Chuuya is still holding on when they’ve been at this for more than 3 hours already, minus the tryst in the morning. Dazai reaches into his pocket again to turn the dial up another tick, the look that Chuuya throws at him immediately shoots through him electrifying his blood, shivers shooting straight to the pit of his stomach.

Chuuya’s eyes have always been more forthcoming than he could be with words. He could never truly hide anything from Dazai because of that. The redhead’s eyes blown out and burning with want, his eyebrows pinched up together. Dazai’s eyes flick down to catch sight of his tongue darting out to lick his kiss swollen lips.

Chuuya opens his mouth a sliver to say something, watching how Dazai’s eyes are still trained on his lips, and before he can get anything out Dazai dips forward again to capture his mouth in a heated kiss, bracing himself against the wall with his forearm next to Chuuya’s head.

Chuuya’s head spins as Dazai thoroughly explores his mouth, the taller man chasing each little breathless moan that escapes.

Dazai slides his other hand off of Chuuya’s hip to under his thigh where he lifts and helps hook Chuuya’s leg around his waist. The new angle letting them slot even closer together, Chuuya’s back arching off the wall eliciting even more moans shared between them. Their bodies are moving out of their own volition now, pure desire fueling them to rut against each other messily.

“D-Dazai—!“ Chuuya choked out loudly and threw his head back.

Dazai groaned into the juncture of the shorter man’s neck.

And then, stillness.

Dazai puzzled for a second, grinding himself one more time into Chuuya’s maddening heat, but suddenly two hands are pushing at his shoulders again. Dazai looks up quizzically to be greeted with two eyes as wide as saucers and a furiously red face. Chuuya disrupts the now silence of the hallway with a loud stomp as he throws his leg down from around the taller man’s waist.

Dazai stifled a giggle at the sight, much to the redhead’s chagrin. It was a bit of a turn on to be honest, how easily and fast he made his partner forget about where he was, since they were still in the very public hallway of their very public office.

“We are in the fucking hallway!” Chuuya shouted as quietly as he was capable of, still trying to push the clingy bandaged octopus off of him.

Dazai just regarded the sight of him with a half lidded gaze, pulling his bottom lip up between his teeth. Dazai knew if Chuuya really wanted to, he could break them apart without effort. The thought that he’s merely putting up a front of not wanting this, pushing at him with meager effort, sends a shiver through him settling right where their hips align. Chuuya’s eyebrows scrunch together slightly, feeling a shiver run through him when he feels Dazai’s cock throb in the crux of his hip.

“Oh?~ You don’t want anyone to see you now? Splayed out for me against a wall because you got so worked up during a meeting in front of everyone?” Dazai hummed, grinding against him self-assuredly.

Chuuya sputtered, stunned into silence. His face somehow flushing further. He knew Dazai knew but he didn’t expect him to just say it like that!

Despite it all, Dazai could still feel the way Chuuya’s cock throbbed at his words.

“You’re really cute when your face matches your hair, Chuuya.” Dazai murmured in barely held back reverence, leaning back in to suck another heated bruise on his neck. Biting just the right way at the delicate skin.

Chuuya groaned in annoyance or hunger, he wasn’t entirely sure at this point. The way his heart is beating feels like it’s suffocating him. Dazai is intoxicating in everything he does.

A familiar red glow starts emitting from the smaller man, instantly increasing his density enough to be able to properly push at the brunet in front of him as if he was nothing, directly ignoring the amused chuckles coming from the juncture at his neck.

Dazai let himself be guided backwards, never detaching from his favourite place on Chuuya’s pulse point, their feet somehow managing to stay untangled in the backward dance, until they bump into the door of a currently empty storage room on the other side of the hallway.

Dazai kicks back blindly until the door opens for him, still sucking new bruises into Chuuya’s neck. Once in, Chuuya blindly feels behind him for the lock to ensure their physical privacy. Vocal be damned; thin walls they won’t care about in the heat of the moment, it’s a problem for tomorrow’s Chuuya.

Luckily there’s a grouping of old, unused desks against the left wall of the storage room. Light filters in softly through the high up windows, illuminating the room just enough to see clearly once your eyes adjust.

After they’ve backed into the room far enough, Dazai spins them on their heels and starts unbuckling Chuuya’s belt. Chuuya rests his forehead on Dazai’s chest, watching his thin, elegant fingers pulling the front zipper down, needy exhales fall from his lips when Dazai brushes over his hard cock beneath the fabric.

“Should—” Chuuya sucks in air, “Maybe we shouldn’t— what if someone needs something from in here.” He mumbles out, as if he wasn't the one to push Dazai into this room himself.

He doesn’t move though, and Dazai smirks, hearing the hidden anticipation, excitement, beneath Chuuya’s words. The thrill at the thought of being caught with your pants down, so the saying goes. The unseen risk forcing the blood to thrum through his veins like he’s walking on a tightrope a thousand meters from earth.

Dazai finally pushes his pants down as far as he can easily reach, letting Chuuya kick them off the rest of the way, but Chuuya pauses once they’re off when he hears a ‘tsk’.

Looking up questioningly, Chuuya follows Dazai’s eyes back down to where they’re focused on his underwear. Dazai brings his hand to the very visible wet patch of precum that’s been steadily leaking since they began all of this. Chuuya thanks the fact that he normally wears black pants or else he would have had to stop this a lot sooner.

“God, Chuuya…” Dazai says in an appreciative whisper as he moves his index finger to drag through the wet spot, “Look how wet you are for me”

Chuuya, with his head still resting on the taller man’s chest, watches Dazai slowly thumb under the elastic waistband and drag his underwear down to mid-thigh. Chuuya lets out a breathy exhale at the feeling of his cock finally freed, bobbing up out of it’s confines. His cheeks burn again when Dazai chuckles warmly under his breath, both of them watching Chuuya’s cock jump involuntarily when he resumes touching the wet tip with his thumb, smearing the slick precum around.

Dazai leans back marginally, prompting Chuuya to look up at him when suddenly the same thumb is swiping over his bottom lip. Chuuya wants to be annoyed, but staring back into Dazai’s lust filled eyes he can’t will himself to do anything about it. Instead, he holds their gaze with his eyelids fluttering half closed as he darts his tongue out to taste himself on his still kiss swollen bottom lip. He moves his head slightly to the right to take Dazai’s whole thumb into his mouth, tongue laving over the pad and sucking, cleaning the rest of the slick liquid off.

Dazai is suddenly painfully aware of his own throbbing cock still trapped within his pants.

Chuuya gives one final suck on his finger before the dam of self control finally breaks within the brunet. He promptly picks the small redhead up around the waist and dumps him on the desk they’ve been standing in front of. (Ignoring the whines of indignance at being manhandled so easily)

Chuuya opens his mouth to protest the unceremonious placement when there’s suddenly two hands positioned on either side of his head. Half lidded eyes containing deep pools of black look back into his, single tracked mind buzzing with want. Dazai leans forward making Chuuya lay back fully against the desk. The submissive response prompting a low moan from the brunet’s throat.

Dazai attacks the redhead’s mouth again, his left hand threading into his soft red hair while his other one busies itself undoing his belt. Dazai hisses through his teeth once he finally frees himself from the tight pants that he’s been straining against.

Chuuya pushes Dazai’s tongue out of his mouth when he hears a familiar crinkle of a packet of lube.

God damnit.

Chuuya huffs, eyes narrowing down to see the shiny foil sachet, “You fuck. You actually planned for this to happen here didn’t you?” He wouldn’t be surprised if Dazai has a secret stock of them hidden somewhere in the office. They didn’t fuck in the office often at all, a blowjob or a mutual jerk off after hours sure, but after the first time Dazai saw how much being in a semi public setting got to the chibi, he couldn’t stop himself from doing it more if he wanted.

Dazai leans up on his left elbow so he can tear at the packet’s top with his teeth. Chuuya’s cock definitely doesn’t jump at the sight.

It doesn’t.

“Would I really plan for something like this?” Dazai challenged with a sugar sweet smile and fire in his eyes as he pours some of the lube in his palm to warm it before tossing the packet aside, but within arms reach.

“Fuck you.” Chuuya pouts up at him without malice while Dazai carefully removes the bullet vibrator from inside of him, gently taking off the tape the wire was held in place with on his inner thigh. Chuuya hisses quietly at the feeling of loss and the taller man presses a kiss to his inner knee.

Dazai thanks a god he doesn’t believe in at the sight of Chuuya’s knees automatically dropping outwards to accommodate him.

The cold, slippery liquid covering Dazai’s middle and ring finger teased down the juncture of Chuuya’s hip leaving a shiny trail, idly stroking the sensitive skin before moving on to Chuuya’s entrance, gently circling the tight ring of muscles until Chuuya started bucking his hips down, urging him to hurry up.

Smirking into impatient air, Dazai easily sinks two fingers deep into him right away, a small shiver shooting down his spine at the feeling of Chuuya still being slightly stretched out from earlier in the morning.

Dazai barely starts pumping his fingers before Chuuya is already pushing down meeting his motions half way, on edge for too long and needing more and faster.

Suddenly Chuuya’s head drops back with a low moan, Dazai smirks knowingly as his long fingers start massaging his prostate, Chuuya’s cock bobbing almost rhythmically against his stomach each time he passes over it, leaving a shiny dribble in its wake.

Chuuya squirms and arches his back against the wooden desk, reaching out blindly to grab onto the edge of it to ground himself. Dazai just watches him with half lidded eyes, coaxing more soft moans and gasps from kiss swollen lips.

Dazai adds another finger, lost in the feeling scissoring against the tight walls. Chuuya’s mind is blissfully blank, his mind focused solely on the long familiar fingers working him open. Watching Chuuya slowly lose himself due to his actions set Dazai’s blood on fire. Knowing exactly how to touch, where to touch, when to touch, after years of practiced routine. It never got old to him, Chuuya’s moans and reactions always keeping him wrapped around his finger, doing everything he could to wring every last noise from his little detective.

Chuuya kicks at him uselessly in the back of the thigh trying to pull him closer, “Dazai… just fuck me already.” Groaning out the last word when Dazai purposely rubs into the redhead’s sensitive prostate again. Chuuya’s hips still trying to meet his hand halfway, back arching beautifully against the wood grain each time he shifts.

Dazai wants to think of some kind of smug remark to shoot back at him, but he’s been on edge just as long and his resolve is hanging on by a frayed thread.

Dazai hurriedly steps his pants down the rest of the way while reaching for the abandoned sachet of lube, not waiting to warm it up before pinching the rest of the packet into his palm and fisting his cock a few times, lining himself up in front of Chuuya, his eyes locked on the rushed movements of his taller partner, lip held between his bottom teeth in barely held back anticipation.

Dazai positions his head over Chuuya’s entrance, not pushing in yet, and instead leaning down and sucking a new bruise just below his choker, adding to the increasingly hard-to-cover-tomorrow collection.

Another problem for tomorrow’s Chuuya.

He pushes in slower than necessary, giving Chuuya time to feel every ridge and vein pulsing for him, craving to hear all the little gasps and mewls the little detective lets out.

He bites down with finality into giving flesh once he’s finally settled all the way inside. Chuuya gives a deep exhale, relishing in the feeling of finally being full after so long of wanting.

Just as Dazai pulls out so just the tip of his cock stays in the velvety warm heat, ready to push back in, suddenly there's footsteps and chatter approaching near their room. They really shouldn’t be surprised, it’s noon so people are probably leaving to get lunch or whatever normal people who aren’t fucking at work tend to do.

Dazai’s leaned up now so they can look at each other, Chuuya’s eyes wide in mute panic, silently pleading at the brunet not to do anything stupid.

The voices pause right outside their door, shadows just barely showing through the opaque frosted glass window in the door. Dazai is still partially inside of Chuuya, and when the unknown party outside the door lets out a loud laugh, Dazai can feel the sudden pressure of Chuuya clenching around the tip of his cock.

They could just unlock the door and then they would see...

Dazai’s tongue darts out to wet his lips, taking in the new flush creeping up the redhead’s neck, whose eyes now are pointedly not looking at him. The side of Dazai’s mouth quirks up, bringing Chuuya’s attention back to him when his left hand sneaks over Chuuya’s mouth.

Eyebrows shooting up, Chuuya sends him an aggressive look, quickly shaking his head back and forth as Dazai’s smirk grows bigger. They can still hear the few people outside talking when Dazai leans in close to Chuuya’s ear.

“You better make sure you stay quiet, Chuuya~” Dazai breathes hot against his hair, voice dancing with mirth.

He completely pushes himself into Chuuya before the smaller man has time to protest, head falling back against the desk with his eyes shut tight, determined to not let Dazai (or the very fantasized about situation) get to him.

He can stay quiet, he has some iota of self control in him. Probably.


Dazai starts thrusting into his heat in earnest, tight walls pulling him in harder with each union of their hips, light smacks and heavy breathing start filling the quiet dusty room.

Dazai knows to stay quiet enough that no one would truly hear them from outside of the storage room, but seeing Chuuya’s reactions light a fire in the pit of his stomach. The smaller man is biting his lip so hard Dazai’s almost worried he might break the skin, his eyebrows are pinched together and his hands are gripping the edge of the desk so hard his knuckles are sure to be sore later.

Dazai keeps pounding into the maddening heat, hard, hitting Chuuya’s prostate with each thrust. His hand finally slipping from its place over Chuuya’s mouth and down to the top of his shoulder, giving him added leverage to fuck into the redhead deeper.

Chuuya’s squirming underneath him now, panting heavily with his head thrown back. He tries to meet Dazai’s punishing thrusts the best he can from this position, unrestrained moans and incoherent words starting to fall from his mouth. Dazai mutedly notes the voices from the hall are absent now, but he doubts Chuuya is able to notice anything except the pleasure building in him, his body shaking with each thrust that hits his swollen prostate.

Chuuya’s ankles lock behind Dazai’s thighs, desperate to keep him as close as possible

“Oh— fuck, Dazai hard- harder—“ the words stopped short, broken by an unfiltered moan, his shoulders coming forward with the effort. “P-please—“

“Tell me what my chibi wants.” Dazai's voice came out low, rough and stuttered as he puncutates his words with his hips snapping forward.

Chuuya curses under his breath, ears pounding from the onslaught of rushing blood, body heating up even more at his words. The clothes he’s still wearing are starting to become slightly uncomfortable sticking to him.

Chuuya needs to do something.

Just as Dazai knows every in and out of his partner, Chuuya mirrors every bit of his knowledge back at him.

Chuuya has a pocketful of actions he knows he can use to get what he needs, so, instead of responding right away, he drags his hands appreciatively up the taller man’s torso, making sure to path over his chest, over the bandages that cover his nipples, drawing a pleased exhale from Dazai’s heretical lips.

Chuuya’s hands move higher, his thumb grazes over Dazai’s pulse, his amber eyes darkening impossibly more knowing what’s going to happen. Feeling how hard the blood is thrumming beneath his touch has Chuuya’s vision swimming. Both smaller hands set to finding the loose end of Dazai’s bandage. It’s not an easy task while he’s getting fucked so deep that his hands keep missing because Dazai’s strikes his prostate at just the right angle over and over and over and—

Chuuya bites his lip in concentration, willing himself to focus on his task at hand. He manages to locate the two bandage ends, loosening them to bunch at roughly the same level around his neck before pulling them tighter and slowly dragging Dazai down towards his own face.

His breath hitches.

The resulting pressure on Dazai’s neck pinching off the hammering blood supply just enough to make his head buzz, eyes blur with unfocus as wildfire pumps through his veins.

Dazai’s mouth gapes with a particularly hard buck, vision swimming in pleasure as he sets a brutal rhythm fucking into his smaller partner.

Chuuya doesn’t have to tell Dazai what he wants when he knows how to get it himself.

The smaller man somehow manages to keep his hold on the bandages, using them to his advantage to pull Dazai down to connect their mouths again, though, it would be wrong to call it a kiss at this point, they’re just licking at each other’s mouths, lips messily being held against each other, sharing the same air in the absent space between them.

Dazai groans unfiltered, “H— harder..” He rasps out, the pressure not quite enough for him. Jolting his hips hard enough that the desk was starting to shake and thud against the wall.

“That’s my line, idiot.” Chuuya chuckles hotly under his breath and pulls just a bit more. He’s always careful about giving this to Dazai, he doesn’t want to actually hurt him or cause him to pass out.

Even if the suicidal idiot probably wouldn’t mind dying by his hands.

Darkness starts to encroach on the very edges of Dazai’s vision, barely able to drag in a breath, and that’s it for him. Dazai shoves his face into Chuuya’s neck and bites down hard on his collarbone, groaning through his orgasm. His hips only managed to snap forward a few more times, emptying himself deep inside of Chuuya.

Dazai gave a couple more weak thrusts before slipping out of the redhead, watching as some of his cum drips out of his twitching hole. Dazai looked over the rest of his body, a light sheen of sweat on his neck, precum shining in a small pool on his stomach, blue sapphires inset with black stare up at him with fervor.

Fuck you’re beautiful, Dazai might have said out loud in his post orgasm haze, considering the breathy inhale Chuuya gives.

Dazai doesn’t hesitate before grabbing Chuuya’s ass and scooting him closer to the edge of the desk, then dropping to his knees hard— He winces in the back of his mind, but his immediate problems are so much less important than what’s laid out in front of him right now.

He instantly takes Chuuya all the way into his mouth, nearly choking when his cock hits the back of his throat. Chuuya lets out a throaty groan, hands flying down to grab at brown hair, needing something to ground himself. Dazai had left his cock alone this whole time, and now the sudden all encompassing sensation, all at once, is almost too much to handle.

More shameless moans choke out of Chuuya’s throat when Dazai’s long fingers find their place back inside of him, his left hand caressing and kneading his ass while the right one finds his prostate right away like he knows every inch of the smaller man’s body as his own.

“Oh— D-Dazai I—” Chuuya groans out, arching off the desk trying to get more of himself down Dazai’s warm restricting throat.

Dazai moans around him as he feels Chuuya’s cock throb against his tongue, bobbing his head steadily, moving his tongue flat against the underside’s throbbing vein.

Fuck the way Dazai’s lips stretch around him, his throat opening and swallowing around him with each bob, coupled with his fingers pumping into him, prodding at his abused prostate— Chuuya can’t hold on much longer.

Chuuya doesn’t have any time to warn Dazai on an especially rough swallow, he comes with Dazai’s name ghosting his breath, using his hands in the brunet hair to push into the buck of his hips.

Dazai swallows the first throatful but has to pull off, not being able to swallow it all at once, coughing a little. The next spurts landing across his spit shiny lips and across his cheek.

Blissfully sated, Chuuya gathers himself enough to look down, about to murmur an apology when the sight of Dazai covered in his cum, doing what he’s about to do, stop the words in his throat.

Dazai keeps his amber eyes locked on Chuuya’s, sparkling amusement, as he brings his (clean) hand up to wipe up the cum spattered across his cheek, gathering it up on two fingers and bringing it to his mouth. Eyelids half lidded, taking his cum covered fingers into his mouth and thoroughly cleaning them.

Chuuya’s cock gives one last hurrah twitch against his stomach while he lets out a breathy sigh at the sight.

Dazai finally stands back up on shaky legs, pitching forward so he can gather Chuuya with one arm bracing his lower back, the other softly cradling his cheek. They meet with soft sighs and gentle lips, basking in peaceful afterglow.

Until Chuuya remembers it's still only noon, and they’re still in a storage room.

“I can’t fucking believe I let you do that.” Chuuya pants out still trying to regain some semblance of breathing normal. He reaches up to again reloosen the bandages around Dazai’s neck, carefully tieing them back to their normal look.

“Yeah you’re into some pretty weird stuff huh?” Dazai jokingly chides back at him, half lidded with his signature grin on his lips. He picked up some clean looking cloth from the other desk beside him and took to wiping the cooling cum off Chuuya’s stomach and thighs.

“Me?! You— you practically begged me to let you pop that thing in me this morning, asshole!” Chuuya sputtered, warmth rising to his cheeks.

He tugged the bandages tight for a second in retaliation before finishing them off neatly and pushing the taller man up and off of him.

“I didn’t beg, and you didn’t say no. In fact, I seem to remember your dick twitching was your only response to me suggesting it.”

Chuuya stared up at him, arms crossed over his chest angrily, trying to look serious but falling very short (hah) since he was still blushing and sitting naked from the waist down with a flagging cock on some detective’s old desk with his pants on the floor.

Dazai’s Cheshire grin grows as he takes the pink bullet vibrator from his pocket and starts swinging it from his right finger. “So—“

Chuuya keeps his eyes warily fixated between the toy and Dazai.

“You wanna wear this on the walk home tonight too?”



Chuuya grumbles as he pushes himself off the desk to throw his pants on, the word no never gracing his lips.

The next day Ranpo comes into the office to find a sizable box full of snacks and a rather serious looking note stuffed in it.

Never mention that to anyone. Ever.

Ranpo loudly opens a crinkly bag of chips from the box while looking at a red faced coworker who is suddenly very invested in his paperwork.