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Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow

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Mobi, despite her status, is not that hard to find all things considered. Laurent finds himself in a fancy club, decked with red and if there was anywhere Mobi would be, Chez Raspoutine would be the place.

He flirts with the doorman and gets in pretty easily. The night is still young, but despite that the place is full, bodies grinding up against him in a way he would have liked, wasn’t he looking for someone to beat up.

Looking around he finds the VIP area and knows that that’s where he has to go, but also, that getting in there will take more than just flirting.
But before he can do anything about it he feels a hand on his shoulder and hears a woman say

“He´s with me”

After what feels like forever, Makoto shuts the water off, but rather than get out, he just stands there. His body is still sore but the fuzz in his head is less jumbled, the images of the attack still race, but not as fast and the blurry faces become clearer. But more than anything, the warmth of Laurent fills him with security he, if he really thinks about it, always has had. Ever since their first con, when he and Abbie were “shot”.

“Open up virgin!”, Abbie scowls “I need to pee”

Makoto sighs and gets in a t-shirt and boxers and opens the door

“What took you so long?”, Abbie says “you had a good jerk-off?”

Makoto flinches, he doesn´t blush, but his embarrassment is easy to read… “no, what made you think that?”, he stammers and gulps before he leaves the conversation entirely.

Abbie just glares at him, and he´s really happy that she decides to put it to rest there.

“Nothing wrong with that Edamame”, Cynthia chirps “if anything it’s a great stress-reliever”.

“Aaaand we are not going to talk about that anymore”, Makoto growls, but there is something familiar in the way both her and Abbie are teasing him, and that is, above anything, making him more relaxed.

“Is Laurent back yet?”, Makoto asks after checking the other bedroom of the hotel room “it's getting late”

Cynthia shakes her head “he´s not worth a lot, but he is determined to keep you safe…”

“I just don´t know why”, Makoto says, sitting next to Cynthia on the sofa “I know he wants to get in my pants..” he stops…

“And you wouldn´t mind that”, Cynthia teases.

This time, Makoto does blush “I told you, we are not going to talk about that anymore”, he sighs “but, what else is there, he doesn´t protect you guys… well not the same way at least”

“You are probably is favorite”, Cynthia smiles… “and you are fun to tease, so reactionary and innocent”

“And a virgin”, Abbie interrupts but shuts Makoto up with a glare as she continues “and that is why you are such an asset… you wanna see the good in everyone, and that makes is easier for us to get under the skin of the crooks we scam”

Makoto, looks at them both, and he wonders, if there is anything else, if anything cuts a little deeper than Makoto maybe wants it to do