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Imprisoned Love

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Chapter Ten 


 That night, the King was in his chambers fast asleep when he was bitten by a poisonous snake. He awoke with a start and gasped in pain before his eyes met the sight of the snake on his bed, “Guards!” He cried out in desperation. 


Two guards came bursting into the chamber in surprise as they knew that nobody else had entered the room as they had been standing outside his door as they always did each and every night. 


“What is it, your majesty?” One guard asked him. 


“It bit me!” He yelled as he pointed at the snake that was currently on the bed hissing like crazy.


“Call a healer!” One of the guards yelled. 


Within moments, the King’s eyes were rolling backwards in his head and he was gasping for breath. 


Then he stopped moving. 


He stopped gasping. 


He died with the venom of the snake burning through his veins, setting his body on fire with pain. 


When the healer arrived, the snake had left the bed and was on the floor where it had been killed by one of the guards that dare to get close enough to the fierce-looking snake. The King, however, was beyond any help that the healer could give him. He could not revive him, even with healing powers. 


The following morning, news of the King’s death spread around the castle and then soon it spread around the Kingdom. The King was dead. The Queen was now sole ruler of the Kingdom. 


The Queen was in her chambers when she heard a short but frantic knock on her door before the doors to her chamber burst open and the little Princess ran through the door in a mess of tears, “Regina, father is dead!” She exclaimed in between heartbroken sobs. 


Regina bit her lip, she wanted to say ‘good’ and she wanted to say that she was glad but she was looking at a child and she knew that it would not be appropriate for her to say to a young girl. 


Snow White ran to Regina and wrapped her arms around the woman’s legs, clutching at her. 


“I need to go,” Regina stated as she pulled herself away from the young Princess. 


Snow looked confused, “Where are you going? You’re not going away, are you? Please, Regina, don’t leave me!” 


Regina sighed at the sound of the Princess’ pleas, “I am not going anywhere, I am simply going down to the dungeon to get Emma out.” 


Snow smiled and hugged the woman again, “Can I come too?” 


“If you must,” she answered with a roll of her eyes before she started to walk towards the door to leave to go down to the dungeon. 


“Oh, I must,” Snow White said with a smile as she ran after her and took hold of the woman’s hand. 


Holding the Princess’ hand, reluctantly, Regina made her way down to the dungeon. 


“Keys,” she demanded as soon as she was there. 


“The prisoner is scheduled for execution this evening,” came the response from one of the guards. 


“Not any more she isn’t,” Regina stated. 


“But the King,” the guard attempted to argue. 


“Is dead,” Regina stated, “And the Queen is alive.” 


The guard gulped at the look that he was given by the Queen and handed her the keys, she had opted not to do magic simply because she did not want to scare the Princess at that moment, although she was unsure as to why she even cared at all. 


Once they were at the cell of the dungeon, Princess Snow gripped hold of the bars looking in, “I’ve never seen the dungeons before,” she said softly, “They smell really bad, don’t they? Oh, I do wish that she wasn’t down here, it isn’t fair that she was put down here for being in love.” 


Regina rolled her eyes and unlocked the cell door before rushing inside and dropping to the side of her beautiful blonde maid, “Emma!” She called out desperately, “Wake up!” 


Emma opened her eyes gradually, her clothing was a little torn up and she had a bruise on her cheek that was not there the day before, “What happened to you?”


“It doesn’t matter,” Emma tried to say quietly. 


“Of course it matters, was it a guard? I will have him killed if he harmed you,” Regina replied with anger. 


Emma shook her head, “It was the King,” she whispered. 


Snow’s eyes went wide at the sight of the bruise on Emma’s face knowing that it was her father who caused it.


Queen Regina smiled softly, “Well you do not have to worry about him any longer, he is dead.” 


Emma’s eyes went wide, “Dead?” 


Regina nodded, “Let’s get out of here,” she said softly before helping the woman up, “I promise you that nobody will hurt you ever again.” 


The blonde woman smiled softly and wrapped her arms around Regina, kissing her softly, “Does that mean we can run away to a cottage in the forest where nobody else can bother us?” 


Queen Regina smirked, “Why do we need a cottage when we have an entire kingdom?”