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Hope in the Darkness

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Chapter Five 


The pregnancy had gone rather well other than the morning sickness that had been terrible to begin with, however, Regina found that absorbing a little of Emma’s magic helped to keep the nausea at bay. The sickness had been down to the baby draining so much of Regina’s magic but at the same time the baby needed a mix of their magic instead of just Regina’s. Once they had sussed that out the morning sickness stopped being an issue rather quickly. 


It was late at night and the snow had fallen even more in the night, not that it bothered the two women who were lying in the Queen-sized bed together. Regina was lying on her side facing the window with Emma lying behind her, mirroring her position with her arms wrapped securely around her and her now rather prominent baby bump. It was the position that they had changed to when Regina could no longer sleep in her favourite position which was lying on her side with her leg hooked over Emma’s waist whilst she rested her head on the blonde’s chest, effectively using her as a human body pillow. However, her bump had eventually grown too big for that position. Something that annoyed the dark-haired woman a lot and even had her sulking for three days straight. 


Regina had been having twinges all day with the beginnings of labour but following a trip to the hospital at the insistence of Emma, she was told to go home and rest then to call the midwife when she was further along.  


At 02:33am, the pregnant woman awoke with a much stronger pain in her abdomen than she had had previously. She rubbed at her stomach and spoke very quietly to their unborn child. 


The movement and sound woke Emma, who had been sleeping very lightly, hyper aware that she was sleeping with her pregnant wife. “What’s wrong?” Emma asked her straight away as she bolted up right in the bed beside her with a panicked look on her face, she was wide awake the moment that she heard the other woman gasp. 


When Regina had been 10 weeks pregnant, Emma had proposed to her at her favourite restaurant with red roses and chocolates. Her favourite of course. 


Then when Regina was 14 weeks pregnant, they had gotten married in the town hall. They had decided that it would be best to get married before the birth of their first child, although that decision had mostly been at Regina’s insistence that they get married before she ‘gets fat’ as she so eloquently put it much to Emma’s dislike. Emma was insistent that the woman was not fat, would not be getting fat, and that pregnancy did not count. 


The plan was that once the little one was old enough then they would have a second ceremony to renew their vows with a much larger ceremony than what they had had. Emma hoped to give Regina the perfect wedding. The wedding that the woman had not been permitted when she had been forced into marrying the aging, obese, volatile King at such a young age. It was a fact that always made her cringe and even more so with the knowledge that the man her love was forced to marry was her grandfather. A relation that she would always, much to Snow’s dislike, deny was anything to do with her. To Emma, the King was of no relation to her and never would be. 


Regina gave out another, much louder gasp as the pain ripped through her abdomen, “I think the baby is coming.” 


“We have to get you to the hospital,” Emma said as she jumped up out of bed. 


“I don’t think there’s time for that, Emma,” Regina admitted before revealing, “My waters have broken.” 


Emma flicked on the light before moving back to the bed and flipping back the covers. She expected to see a large wet patch where her wife’s waters had broken, however, what she saw was not what she had been anticipating. 




Lots and lots of blood or at least what seemed to be a lot as it was hard to tell when it was mixed with so much amniotic fluid.


“Shit!” Emma muttered before she moved closer to the woman she loved, “It’s going to be okay, okay?” 


Regina nodded, her face pale with worry as she groaned and curled over in agony. 


It wasn’t a long labour, it was rather quick compared to what Emma had been reading in the many books that she had managed to get her hands on throughout the pregnancy. She knew that she could not ‘poof’ the three of them as Regina had already explained that there could be a danger to the child, which was why she had stopped doing it herself as soon as she realised that there was a possibility that she was pregnant.  


She also knew that the snow outside would prevent anyone from getting to them in time. Emma had sent a message to Zelena who was yet to respond to her message at all. 


By the time that Zelena replied, Emma was already assisting in Regina’s labour so she missed the message. 


When Zelena didn’t get a reply from the blonde, she picked up Robyn and ‘poofed’ herself into the mansion, “Hello?” She called out. 


“Up here!” Emma shouted out. 


Zelena was worried when she heard the panic in the blonde’s voice. She put Robyn down in the play pen that Regina kept in the living room and then rushed up the stairs. 


She had expected to be met with the sight of Emma panicking and Regina having more braxton hicks. 


She was not prepared for what she saw instead. 


Regina was lying on the bed, still and unmoving. 


Emma had tears streaming down her face as she knelt over her lover, “Please Regina, you can’t do this to me.” She pleaded as she attempted to do CPR on the dark-haired mayor. 


The baby was crying in the background, the little naked infant was wrapped in a blanket on the bed as he kicked his arms and legs wildly. 


“What the hell happened?” Zelena questioned as she moved closer, testing to see if she could still feel Regina’s magic. 


“She started to bleed a little when she was in labour and then when he was born… she just fell back and her heart stopped almost instantly,” Emma revealed. 


“Do you think the curse was still active?” Zelena asked her as she tried to use her magic to heal her younger sister. 


Emma looked up at the redheaded woman, “Shit!” She exclaimed before looking down at Regin again, “True love breaks all curses…” She muttered to herself before leaning down and pressing her lips against her wife’s. 


Nothing happened. 


She tried again. 


Still nothing. 


“Try putting the baby on her chest?” Zelena suggested. 


Emma nodded and picked up the baby carefully, the little one was crying harder now, “Shhh… it’s going to be okay.” She attempted to reassure the baby at the same time as reassuring herself. 


She lay the baby on Regina’s chest carefully, laying on his stomach and the baby screamed just as loudly. 


Emma started to cry again, tears streaming down her face as she leaned in and kissed the top of the baby’s head and the forehead of her true love. She wrapped her arms around the both of them and sobbed. 


Zelena could do nothing but watch on as tears streamed down her own face. 


Soon, a light appeared, surrounding the three of them in a golden and purple glow. 


Zelena watched as Emma continued to sob, the baby started to calm down, and Regina lifted her hand up for it to rest on the infant’s back. “Emma…” Zelena called out to her. 


Emma gradually opened her eyes when Zelena called a few times to her then she gasped in shock at Regina’s open eyes. 


Hope. She suddenly had hope in the darkness of everything. 


“Why are you crying?” Regina asked gently. 


“You… you died and I thought I’d lost you forever,” Emma sobbed as she held her wife closer to her. 


“I never want to leave you or Henry, not ever.” Regina said softly. 


“We’re going to need to get you both to the hospital to get you checked out, give me a moment and I’ll go and get Robyn,” Zelena said before she left the room. 


After a moment of silence, Regina spoke, “So… the curse wasn’t over then?” 


Emma shook her head, “No, I guess not.” 


“Then how am I still alive?” Regina questioned in confusion. 


“True love,” Came the simple answer from the blonde. 


Regina smiled softly, pulling her wife down into a loving kiss, “My saviour,” she whispered softly, “And my little Prince.” She added as she held the infant to her chest, allowing him to latch on.