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Hope in the Darkness

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Chapter One 


“I love you,” Emma whispered to her lover beneath the cover of darkness. 


Regina smiled brightly at the whispered words and she reached up with her right hand to gently cup the other woman’s cheek, “I love you too.” She replied happily. 


“Are you going to tell me what that bright light was?” The blonde woman questioned after pressing a brief but loving kiss to her lover’s lips. 


Regina sighed and shook her head, “I… I’m not even sure myself,” she reluctantly admitted to the younger woman. 


“What?” Emma suddenly asked her with widened eyes, clearly shocked at the answer. “So it had nothing to do with the whole true love thing?” 


The dark-haired woman shook her head, “No, the true love thing as you so eloquently put it only happens the once or to… get rid of a spell.” She said the last five words a bit more slowly than the others as she was thinking about it as she said it, “No… it couldn’t have.” 


“Couldn’t have what, Gina?” Emma questioned with worry, “Are you saying we just reversed a spell by having sex?” 


“Well… erm… possibly,” Regina gradually admitted, “But the one I’m thinking of should have been irreversible, even true love shouldn’t have broken it.” 


“Are you going to tell me what spell it was or are you going to make me guess?” The saviour questioned with a frustrated sigh as she moved from her position above Regina to lay beside her on the Queen-sized bed instead.


Regina was silently contemplating what she should say, how she should say it, and the possible repercussions of what had just happened between the two of them as well as what Emma’s reaction might possibly be to the news. 


“Fine. I’ll guess,” Emma said before jokingly suggesting, “You were like Fiona in Shrek where she turned into an ogre at night but not until everyone is asleep because otherwise, I would’ve noticed before now.” 


She rolled her eyes and lightly hit the other woman’s arm, “No, I am not and nor have I ever been an ogre.” Regina shook her head and laughed at the woman’s suggestion, “Honestly, Emma.” 


“What?” Emma asked with a grin and a shrug of her shoulders, “You went all silent on me and wasn’t telling me anything so I had to come up with something.” 


“You came up with an ogre.” Regina highlighted with another shake of her head before she looked up towards the ceiling. 


Emma smiled softly, “Okay, I won’t joke anymore about it but… I really would like to know.” She said gently as she cupped her lover’s cheek and kissed her gently, “I love you and I can’t protect you if I don’t know what’s going on.” 


Regina smiled, “You always want to protect me,” she commented quietly. 


“I’m your saviour, remember?” Emma reminded her with a loving kiss. 


“Hmm… mine.” Regina reaffirmed before she leaned in more to deepen the kiss between them. 


Emma pulled back slightly, “Don’t try to distract me with another round, I need to know Regina.” 


Regina sighed heavily, “Okay, fine, I will tell you but please just wait until I’ve finished speaking before you say anything, okay?” 


Nodding, the blonde woman quickly agreed and even made the childish motion of pretending to zip her lips closed so that she would not be able to speak. 


She chuckled lightly at the sight of her girlfriend’s actions and shook her head. Regina took a deep breath before she began, “As you know, my mother was always a very controlling woman.” 


“Understatement, much?” Emma muttered. 


“You agreed that you would be quiet.” Regina reminded her with a stern look and a slight pursing of her lips. 


“Sorry.” Came the reply in almost a squeak from the blonde woman beside her. 


Regina took a breath and started again, “As you know, my mother was always a very controlling woman. She seemed to have a need to control everything and everyone around her and that included me. Mother insisted that I marry into royalty, it did not matter to her which royal it was as long as the marriage came with a title for myself and for her. It was the title and the social standing that mattered to her, not my happiness and definitely not any elements of love or even my consent in the deal.” 


Emma listened silently as she had agreed and bit her lip with the urge to speak. 


“She made a deal with the White Kingdom for my hand in marriage without discussing it with me even one single time and by the time she did inform me of her decision, she had already signed a written agreement,” Regina explained calmly. “It was clear when she told me that I had no say in the matter, the one time I did attempt to say no she took away my ability to speak with her magic in order to silence me.” 


The blonde’s eyes widened but again, she remained silent just like she had agreed to. 


“I only met the King once before I was forced to marry him and that was only for him to decide whether or not he wanted me in the agreement. To see if I was pretty enough for his standards ,” Regina revealed. “Of course, I didn’t even know that was the purpose of the visit at the time, I was just told that we had to visit a friend of my mother’s,” She said before shaking her head and adding, “I should have known because... my mother? My mother is not the type to have friends. ” 


It was still dark outside but the light of the streetlamp managed to creep through the slender gap in between the heavy-duty curtains that hung from the large bedroom window. The light painting a line across the bed where they both lay together. 


“On the day of the wedding, she informed me that the reason the king agreed to marry me was that I was to give him an heir,” Regina told the other woman before adding, “He had consulted with the dark one to ensure that when I fulfilled my… duty of giving him a male heir then I would die.”