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What Happens In Vegas...

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Frustrated and feeling like she’d been sitting in one place for far too long, Jane pushed back from her desk and the paperwork she was working on all morning, to stretch her arms over her head. “I'm gonna take lunch.” she announced to the room at large as she stood up and picked her jacket up from the back of her chair, and headed out of the bullpen.

The elevator ride down was a short one and soon she found herself walking through the hallway to the office she spent almost as much time in as she did her desk upstairs.

“Hey Maur” Jane stuck her head into the office door with a smile, “You free to go grab some lunch?” She asked not yet entering the office in case the Medical Examiner wasn't able to leave, or was working on something that couldn't be disrupted.

Maura looked up from her laptop and smiled at Jane “Hi! Lunch sounds great. Just let me finish up some notes and we can go”

“Cool” Jane came into the office and dropped onto the couch with a heavy sigh.

“How’s the case going?” The doctor asked, fingers flying over the keys of her laptop. “Any new leads?”

“No!” Jane grumbled angrily running a hand over her face in frustration, causing Maura to hide a smile behind her computer screen. “There is nothing tying anyone to this guy’s murder. Unless you find a signed confession in his blood work, we’re still at square one.”

“Well, I doubt I'll be able to give you that.” Maura supplied with a slight grin at Jane’s annoyance “But once we get the results on the particulates we found in the wound tract back, we’ll know if any of the suspect’s DNA got on him” She reminded Jane just as her computer dinged “Oh! I think this is them now.” She announced as she pulled the email up.

Jane sat up straighter in her place ready for the details.

“Oh.” Came a surprised reaction from the blonde’s mouth.

“What!? What does it say?” Jane asked getting up and moving around the desk, leaning over Maura’s shoulder so she could see the results for herself.

“Sorry. It’s not actually the results.” Maura tipped her screen towards Jane, pointing to the screen “Just a reminder to finalize all my travel arrangements for the Medical Examiners and Forensics Convention coming up next week.”

“What?! In Las Vegas??” Jane read off the email in disbelief. “I didn’t know it was in Vegas!” she complained “I never get to go anywhere cool for work!” she whined as she turned and leaned back against Maura’s desk to look at her friend.

“You can come with me if you’d like to.” Maura offered her friend easily with an eyeroll at her dramatics “You would actually enjoy it.”

“Oh, okay!” Jane deadpanned “I’ll just dust off my Medical Degree and tag along!”

“You don’t need a Medical Degree to go to Las Vegas Jane. You can lay out by the pool and get a tan while I attend the lectures, though I wouldn't actually get in the pool, studies have shown horrible things are in Las Vegas pools year round.” She rattled off before continuing on as if she didn't veer off course. “ I’m sure you could drop into a few as well if you wanted to. The topics would be highly interesting to you.”

At seeing to look on Jane’s face, she continued, “Jane, you take more of an interest in autopsies and forensic science than any other detective I've ever met.”

“Am I just supposed to breeze past the Vegas pool - ?” She asked unsure if she was interested or horrified or both. Deciding that she didn't have time for Pool test she went back to their original conversation. “No, nevermind. I mean yeah, I guess I do…” Jane shrugged and let out a breath. “But I’m generally just here to hang out with you.” she admitted causing Maura to smile again.

“That’s not true. You were here all the time before we ever became friends.” Maura pointed out “You always wanted to know what was on the body and what different terms I wrote in the report meant.”

“Well yeah! You hardly spoke English when you first got here.” Jane remembered fondly, as much as Maura was still sometimes stiff and too technical, she was a million times worse when she first started at BPD.

Maura looked up confused. “Jane, English is my first language.”

Jane barked a laugh at her friend. “I just meant, you only spoke in science-y, medical-y jargon. I needed to carry a dictionary just to talk to you. I had to make sure I was here so I could ask you to dumb it down. The reports you write are dozens of pages long! I don’t have time to read that mess!”

Maura just shook her head with a fond smile as she leaned back in her chair to look up at Jane. “I haven't had to dumb down findings for you in a very long time. Sometimes it’s almost like I’m speaking to another doctor when we discuss a case’s findings. So you should come with me. If for no other reason than to…” there was a small pause, then “take a vacation.”

“What was that?” Jane asked, eyebrows raised knowing full well that Maura had been about to say something else.

“What was what?” Maura asked face attempting to remain neutral as she looked up to meet Jane’s eyes.

“Maura… You’re not telling me something” she pointed out, one eyebrow lifted to indicate she didn't buy the playing dumb act.

“No. I am not, not telling you anything.” Maura shook her head, but her eyes drifted away from Jane’s at the last moment.

Jane leaned forward and hooked a finger into the collar of Maura’s blouse and peered down the front of her shirt.

“What are you doing?!” Maura asked, scooting backwards in her chair and smacking Jane’s hand away from her.

“Checking for hives.” She answered easily with a playful smirk “Because you are lying to me Maura. Cute bra by the way” she teased just a tiny bit.

“You are so annoying.” Maura groaned, even as her cheeks started to turn pink from Jane’s teasing.

“And now you’re deflecting and still lying to me. Dr. Isles you are going to break out!. Spill it, what's going on with this trip?”

Maura sighed and finally looked up to meet her eyes again. “Fine! I just thought…. That if you did come, then I wouldn’t have to worry about figuring out how to interact with the other doctors.”

“What?? You didn’t like hosting the rager in your room last year?” Jane asked with a smirk. “You’re a big girl Maur, you don’t have to let them bully you into doing things that make you uncomfortable.” She pointed out gently.

“I didn't let them bully me! I’m just saying I would be more comfortable and have a better time if you came with me.” Maura explained avoiding Jane’s eye and missing the smile that statement left on the Detective’s face.

“I - I don’t even know if I can go Maur, but I'll ask Cav if I can take the time off. I know I have a ton of vacation days saved up. Just email me the dates and I’ll see what he says later today.” Jane acted like the request to come along was putting her out, but secretly she was already looking forward to it. A week in Las Vegas with nothing to do but lounge around would be amazing “But now I’m starving can we pleeeeeease go eat?”

Maura hopped up from her chair and threw her arms around Jane as soon as she’d said she would at least ask for the time off. “Oh Jane! We are going to have so much fun! We should see if we can stay an extra day or two so we can enjoy the city!”

“Maur… it's Vegas. You don’t need an extra day. The city is open twenty four seven. Now FOOOOD please!” She insisted as she pulled away from Maura, turned her around by the shoulders, pushing her towards the office door.

“Jane! I need to save my report and get my purse!” Maura insisted, fighting off Jane’s strong grip.

“Ugggghhh” Jane groaned at the delay as she let her go.

Maura dashed forward, hit save, shut her computer and grabbed her purse. “Let’s go Jane!” she smiled as she looped her arm through Jane’s and pulled her out of the office.

Later that day Maura’s phone pinged on her desk. She looked over and saw Jane’s name on the screen and picked it up with a smile.


Jane: Cav gave me the okay through Sunday! We are Vegas bound baby!

Really?! We are going to have an amazing time! I’ll prepare all the travel arrangements. Thank you Jane!! XOXO

Jane: You don’t have to thank me. You know I’d do anything for you Maur. This time I’m getting a Vegas vacation out of it!! =p

We are going to have so much fun! Now, go solve a murder while I deal with getting you a ticket on the same flight I’m booked on

Jane: You mean we are NOT flying on a private jet???? I don’t even know if I want to go any more. :(((

It would cost extra to charter a jet this close to departure, but if you’d prefer I can make a few calls.

Jane: I was joking Maur! Just let me know how much I owe you for my ticket when you figure everything out.

Don’t worry about paying me back. I asked you to come along, it's only right that It be my treat.

Jane: I’m not some kept woman Maura! I can pay for myself. Unless you’re trying to be my new Sugar Mama, in that case we can discuss arrangements later. ; )

I don’t even know what that means, Jane. But I did just book you the seat right next to me! I can’t wait!

Jane: LOL! Don’t worry, I’ll explain it later. I can’t wait either! Now, get back to work slacker!