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Hardcore (Softcore)

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Round 5: 

A lot happens before her and I get to time five. Like me actually, physically dying and staying that way for a little while. But somehow, Harley brings me back. She works her magic while at the same time turning the entire fucking city upside down. 

You’d think the first thing we would have returned to once I had, well, returned, would be our sessions. But I knew some things had changed and even death couldn’t take off the stinging reminder of how rough I’d been the last time we had been together. 

But I had been mad. Furious, angry, upset. More than just about Harley abandoning me to hang out with her douche of an ex. More than because she had done it while we had our sessions going on. I had too many emotions toward her, for her, than I knew what to do with and they were eating away at me with every breath I took. 

I lose my ability to keep things as just friendly between us after we come back from taking down the Riddler on campus. While I’d needed the distraction of stepping out of myself for a while, our ‘costumed’ identities only served as a reminder of the different ones we had worn both forever and yesterday ago. 

Walking back up the stairs from the giant hamster wheel on the ground level, I gather enough courage to bring up what I’ve been thinking about since we hugged after I’d come back to the land of the living. 

“So I was thinking…” I trail off, suddenly apprehensive to bring up our prior arrangement. What if she’s changed her mind? What if I scared her off last time? But she hadn’t said the safe word. But then again, I hadn’t given her much of a chance to either. 

She stops and turns her pale eyes onto me. “ Ive , hey, what’s up?” It’s sincere, concern etching her features. There’s a hand on my shoulder I was only dimly aware of. 

“I’ve still got a lot of adrenaline pumping from taking down the Riddler and everything. College was weird and crazy and I’m just feeling wired still, so I thought maybe since we haven’t had a session since I’ve been, well, back, we could maybe try one in a little bit?” 

It’s amazing how much of a lame dork I turn into when I’m not inside of my bedroom, how much my insecurities present themselves, and become hard to tamp down. To settle all of this, I reach out and gently touch the collar on her throat. 

“I mean, what do you have in mind? We haven’t talked about this in a while. We haven’t ordered any new outfits or anything, no new toys,” Harley asks quietly. 

I shiver. “Wear this,” I motion at what she’s dressed in, her halter and tiny shorts. “But bring that new jacket you got. it.”

What I don’t mention is that I’ve still got a few things left in the duffle that I’d snatched eons ago. One item in particular has remained at the bottom. My confidence has been built up, sure, but not enough to use it before. I still don’t know if it is, but tonight? Tonight I’m going to try. 

“Sounds real fun,” Harley says with a glint in her eye. 

I rub the back of my neck with my hand. “Are you still sure about this? It has been a while and I just want to make sure you…”

I don’t get to say the rest because she’s wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me into a kiss. We stand for a few quiet moments, lips pressed together in a gentle glide, and making our way back to each other. 

“I never doubt you, Ivy. Ever,” Harley murmurs against my lips. “I still want to play.”

Sue me, I’m human (well mostly) because I let out a groan and close my eyes, bringing a hand to lightly hold on to her blue dipped pigtail. 

“Leave these up this time,” I find myself demanding. A gasp flutters between us. 


I’m shaky as fuck before she shows up. This time I haven’t gone for an outfit, resorting to my green silky robe and the thing I’ve been avoiding strapped around my hips. 

It’s a little bulky, something I don’t know how to use, but I push back my concerns and knot my robe tightly over it to strangle out second thoughts. My wedge heels are beginning to feel uncomfortable too by the time I hear her knock. 

When I pull open the door, she looks essentially like she always does, except with the addition of the red and black jacket with the stars on the sleeves. Well, that and a mysterious thin chain running from under her halter and jacket to below the line of her shorts.

“Harley?” I question and reach out to touch it. She slaps my hand away lightly but I glare. 

“I’m not in your room so you don’t get to boss me around quite yet,” she grins naughtily. 

A rogue flare ignites. “Let’s remedy that then,” I shoot back and take her hand, pulling her inside. When she goes to toe off her sneakers, I still her and shake my head. “No, leave those and the stockings on too.”

“Jesus, Ive . What are you planning?”

I reach out and grab her by her collar, curling a finger beneath the strip and moving her to within inches of my face. “Excuse me? How should I be addressed?” 

“Shit, sorry, my Mistress,” she curses but then bats her eyes playfully. It burrows to my groin. 

“It’s fine,” I dismiss and let go of her collar, instead wrapping my hand around the lapel of her jacket and taking her to my dresser that I’d moved to the mall after she and her crew got us evicted from my last one. I put her palms on the dresser and tell her not to move. “I’ll just find a creative way to make sure you never do it again. And get to watch it in person and in this.” I point to the mirror. 

I kick her ankles widely apart, taking a few moments to run my hand along her bare thighs and up to her stomach. My fingers find the chain and I squint, wondering what this little sneak has taken it upon herself to do. I choose to ignore it and step to the side, unknotting my robe and letting it fall open, leaving me standing with the device exposed. 

Device, Ivy? It’s a harness vibe. Get it together. 

So, there’s that then. Yeah…

The thing is, I’d picked this one off of the shelf even though it’s pink because I don’t exactly love the shape of...dicks. Nor did I relish in the idea of wearing one. This one seemed a little more work, sure, but the straps around my hips are thin and identical ones wrap around each leg. 

Harley seems to enjoy the look of it though because she yelps out an adorably hot “Mistress” when she sees me through the reflection in the mirror. I saunter behind her and press my bare chest against her clothed back, rubbing at her bottom. She’s got to feel everything even though the layers. 

I move her hands so that she can stand and slowly pull down the cups of her halter. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I breathe out when I see the metal clamps pinching her nipples to peaks. That means the chain that’s connected to the other one… “Harley, where does this lead?” 

It comes out hot, breathy. Without thinking, I bypass touching her nipples and grab at the chain on her torso. Instead of tugging downward, I pull up and feel resistance down below. Her hips buck wildly and I have my answer. The other is clamped to her beneath her shorts. 

“You didn’t ask my permission,” I grind out through gritted teeth but I’m anything but mad. I’m so turned on I can barely stand it. She doesn’t need to know that though. 

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” Harley practically sobs as I tug at it again. “I saw it and just knew I had to get it. When you used the one on me before, it felt fucking amazing and I just wanted to surprise you.”

“Strike two.” Twice the punishment. I roll my shoulders to steel myself and remove her jacket, tossing it to the floor. It’s a nice aesthetic. I’m about to destroy her though. 

Bending, I pick up the sash to my robe and bind her hands behind her. She gasps with each lace and knot I make. Her hands are clenched into fists and her chest heaves, the clamps dancing on her nipples with each breath. I don’t even bother with the top anymore, but shove down her small shorts to her knees and then trace the curve of her bottom with my hand before giving it a squeeze. 

“Amazing,” I let out. Usually, I don’t comment or put my two cents in about anything but tonight feels different. 

It’s because you’re in love with her, dumbass , my brain tells me. 

I can’t listen to it or my mouth about to make the effort it’s going to have to for both of us to reach the edge, so I tell the Echo dot to play a song. The words will say what my heart feels, what I cannot. I hope she listens to them. 

You bring good to my lonely life, honestly

It's hard for me to look into your eyes

When, I say that I would be nothing without your love

I feel the rush and it's amazing

During this part, I bring a wedged heel up and push her shorts down the rest of the way with my foot, my hand wrapping around the chain on her and pulling it outward now, stimulating both areas on her. 

Harley’s chin is pressed hard on the wood of my dresser but she looks up and back at me behind her and my hips begin to move, the vibe beginning against us. 

Maybe I've been always destined to end up in this place, yeah

I don't mean to come off selfish, but I want it all

Love will always be a lesson, let's get out of its way

Cause I know, all I know, all I know

I'm a prisoner to my addiction

By this point, her cheek is on the dresser and I’m grinding in earnest against the wet pink of her, her bound hands held in mine as I move. And everything we’ve done so far? It doesn’t even come close to this. This is in another realm, an alternate universe I’ve never even touched. 

I try to watch us in the mirror for as long as I can, me moving against her as I hold the rope around her hands with one of mine and the chain attached to her in my other. I just...can’t. I can’t keep my eyes open and I throw my head back, reduced to the feel of her and I connecting with every swivel of my hips. 

The vibrations stimulating us both, how I can feel her most intimate of places when I buck a certain way, the sensations of my sweating hands wrapped around metal and silk, the damn lyrics to the song I probably never should have played in the first’s all too much. Much too much. I’ve outdone myself and I can’t hold on. 

Cause I can feel my soul burning, feel it burning slow

But I would be nothing without the touch

I feel the rush and it's amazing

I’m gone. 

Soaring, falling, sinking, drowning. Whatever the verb, my goddamn vision blurs and the static forms on my closed eyes. It lasts forever I might just keep on coming until my body gives up on me. 

I’m so spent that I hardly register Harley crying out in her own wave of pleasure, so I don’t move my hips away from her. It’s too much for her too and I feel the effects of it start to slick against the upper part of my thigh. Soon, she’s writhing against me and sobbing, “Mallet!” 

I back away instantly, like I’ve been shocked and she still mutters it blearily. I lean my bare chest on her back after a few seconds of heavy breathing, pressing my face against her shoulder blade and my right hand lets go of the chain and rotates to press against her abs. They heave underneath my fingers. 

“Mistress, I…”

                                   “...Harley, I…”

We both speak at the same time, cutting one another off. Somehow, we have enough energy to laugh against each other. Somehow, I move and let her stand up straight, undoing her hands. 

“You were saying?” she asks as she removes the clamps from her nipples and from below, readjusting the cups of her halter. 

I was about to tell you I love you. But wait, what were you…?

I watch her throw the chain on top of my dresser and I gulp. I start to stammer. “Uh, well...I was just going to say that...even though I didn’t think of it, that was a nice touch.” I nod to the dresser but get frustrated with myself. My heart kicks me in the chest for not saying what it told me to. 

“I don’t have a doctorate for nothing, Mistress,” Harley kisses me slowly and then lets go, picking up her bottoms from the floor. 

I watch her walk out bare assed, heedless of who she might encounter, with her fucking shorts in her hand. I close my door and slide down it, burying my hands in my red hair. 

I’ve screwed up so badly. Before, I’d only suspected I had fallen for her. After tonight, I undoubtedly know it.