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“One day, I'll find her. And when they ask me how I knew she was the one, I'll tell them, “Because she loved me despite all the unlovable pieces she had to pick up.” Shishio once told that. The moment he saw her smile, her small mouth closed so slightly, she was like a sunflower, Shishio thought, "Ah, so this is her.”

But she pushed him away.

Even if he senses that so-called fate, can the other party feel it? Then what? How can this be?

Shishio stood all night outside thinking about him, about her, about his past love. One cigarette then two, also don’t know how many cigarettes burnt. He felt that everything would be as good as he thought, but it turned out that everything went wrong.
“How can I sincerely express my feelings to her?”. He loves her, he knows that, but since when? From the moment she first met after six years of breaking up, or since she said hello to him, or since she stayed at his house, or since she laughed.
He lifted his head and sighed at the sky; the glittering stars also want to whisper to him that he loves her because she is herself; she accepts the simple things he hides in his heart, acceptable to his characterized. But does she think so, or does she think he's just playing around with her? Evidence shows that he still keeps all the pictures of his ex in mind, the tie that doesn't match any of his shirts.

Not only her, but everyone else would think so.
Ah, he is stupid.
We are all stupid.
Everyone has stupid times in life.

Instead of justifying his words and actions, Shishio finally decided to make a final bet. He leaned back against the wall, eyes full, waiting for a figure to return. She finally came back. He took a deep breath, said, "Hello."

Ah, she understands, after all.
Ah, she finally accepted.
And they are already in love.

“Tsk, I want to kiss her so bad.” Shishio finally smiles and thinks.