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Valley of Thorns

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Briar Rose glared at the person who yelled that. With green slitted eyes, the boy reminded her of the snakes back in the Library. At least this place doesn’t have the nightmares that bothered her, but there were even more annoying people here. Parrah and Noya were annoying, but this is on a whole new scale. But those eyes… Oh how she Hated them.


“Sebek, clearly the Mirror put her here, you must respect that at least.” The male who brought her over said. “I believe that it’ll be an interesting year with this sleepy girl.” His red slitted eyes gleamed with something inside of it. Briar Rose did not like the way they looked at this moment.


This whole House is dangerous. She thought, concluding that it was going to be a pain in the ass to even fall asleep there. After all, all of these people seem to be… Not Human in any shape or form. 


And she was a Human, she was something different from the rest of them. Her little knight rustled restlessly in her arms as the thorns that cradled her started to move more than it normally would when she was relaxed. 


“But a lowly human would be sharing the same house as Malleus-sama. We cannot have that here, Lillia-sama!” ‘Sebek’ roared out, causing people from the other houses to stare at them with confusion and fear in their eyes. “What if they bother him too much?” 


‘Lillia’ clicked his tongue, placing a hand on his hip. “... Sebek.” The said male shut his mouth at the sight of his senpai looking at him with disappointment in his eyes. “You’re going to upset the newest member of our dorm.” Sebek’s green eyes dilated in shock as he looked at similar green eyes staring at him with fury. “She may be human, but she knows how to deal with herself here.” Lillia started to walk out of the room, with the rest of the Diasomnia members falling behind him. “Now, let’s head back.”


Sebek shut up for the rest of the walk there, walking next to the girl who was sitting on her throne of thorns. He quietly glared at her, and the girl only glared back. Her little knight restlessly moved in her arms, squirming to the point that the girl only held it even tighter. 


“... Wake me up, and you’re going to get punted out of the building.” The girl said, before floating faster, as if she didn’t want to be near the male. Sebek growled and walked faster, catching up to Briar Rose. When he was about to say something (more like yell something), he noticed that she was already sleeping, her head bobbing up and down. His mouth gaped at the sight, and Sebek huffed, walking next to the sleeping girl. 

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“Oya, who is this, Lillia?” Briar stirred in her sleep, feeling eyes of an extremely powerful being staring right at form. Her eyes snapped open, going into defense mode. Her headband bloomed the tiniest purple and white roses, and her little knight suddenly held a magazine of bullets, earning itself a little wizard hat, with matching purple roses littered on it. She stared in horror at the deep green eyes of the powerful being, before moving backwards extremely fast. The people around her moved out of the way, wondering what had made her so scared.


“Oya? It seems like she's extremely cautious of your presence, Malleus.” Lillia said, placing a finger in his chin. “This year will be interesting, will it be not?” He looked over at Malleus, noting how silent he was. 


The horned fae stared at Briar Rose with curiosity, marveling at how fast she had reacted, at how fast her Unique Magic seemed to move, transform, and bloom. It was fascinating, it was something that he had never seen before. The girl brought out the curiosity in the old fae, making him smile softly at her. 


Briar Rose held onto her little knight tightly, the glowing thorns that traced her legs and neck were glowing faster, for once, she was cautious. The horned being, an extremely dangerous being, smiled at her, causing her to freeze up a bit. 


“... We have to let the little girl sleep alone in her own room. Am I right, Lillia?” Malleus finally opened his mouth, causing others around her to tense up. It was the first time that they had ever heard or seen of Malleus. Now that he had spoken, a lot of the students now realized that he was indeed a scary being, his presence made them all tense up in fear. 


“Indeed,” Lillia replied to Malleus, before looking at the tense girl, “Miss Briar Rose, let’s get you to your own room. The rest of you shall choose a roommate to stay with for the next 3 years here.” Briar Rose stared at her small senpai before reluctantly following the male. Malleus started to walk beside the girl. Briar Rose soon felt herself tensing up as the trio continued their way towards the stairs of the dorm. 


“We’ll put you next to Silver, he’s another human in this dorm.” Lillia said, turning around while he was walking up the stairs. “I hope that you’ll be reassured that there’s another human in this place. Though, I am sure that you can defend yourself very well.” He gestured towards her thorns. “May I ask, how does your Unique Magic work? It seems like you can keep it activated all of the time.” Briar tilted her head to the side, unsure on what to say. Unique Magic? That was something she had never heard of before. 


“I do not know what this ‘Unique Magic’ is.” She said, “... Though I was born with these thorns from the start. It is a part of me, we are one,” Holding out her hand, the thorns swirled around it, allowing her to hold it. “It protects me, it allows me to sleep comfortably where I was before.” Lillia let out a hum of fascination, reaching out to the thorns. “... Do you want to sit with me?” Her senpai looked absolutely thrilled when she said the question. Without any hesitation, he sat down next to the girl, ‘oo’ing at how it felt, and he looked like a little kid once again. Though he probably was much older than the other people in this dorm. 

Malleus stared at the duo with jealousy in his eyes, he too, wanted to ride her throne of thorns. Briar Rose made eye contact with the male and flinched slightly, seeing his eyes just glow with envy in them. She pursed her lips before asking if he wanted to sit with them. Seeing how he lit up with excitement made Briar think that they weren’t as harmful as she thought they were. 


The thorns lurched under the weight of the three people, clearly not used to holding so many people at once. Briar Rose let out a small sigh as she felt the strain of the thorns under her. At least they were close? That was what Lillia said before. Speaking of Lillia, he patted her shoulder, allowing the three of them to come to a stop. The two faes hopped off of her throne, watching as a thorned hand open the door. 


Inside was a simple room, the walls were bare, there was a lot of space for the girl to decorate. Floating inside, Briar Rose finally stepped down from her throne. The thorns swirled around her feet and arms, forming thorn-like boots and gloves. Padding around, she looked around for more places to sleep besides on the bed. After confirming the different napping places, she finally climbed onto the bed and promptly passed out. 


Lillia and Malleus both chuckled at the sight of the sleeping girl. She looked like she was having a good dream, from the way that she smiled happily.


“... Lillia. She looks extremely fragile. Are you sure that this little girl managed to destroy a small part of the Room of Mirrors?”


“I am sure that this is the student that managed to create havoc in the Room of Mirrors. After all, she came bursting out of the room after the monster that broke in.” Lillia said, his eyes gleaming with curiosity. “This girl has never heard of terms from this world. She doesn’t know what a Unique Magic is, nor does she know who you are.” The vice dorm leader was extremely intrigued with this girl. “She looks like one of those People . The ones from the Grimoires.” 


Malleus nodded in agreement at the statement. He remembered the stories of them from his library, each of them was a dark and disturbing twist of the legends. The girl looked just like the one that was about sleeping for eternity. The fae then turned around and walked out of the door, Lillia following him as well.


“... I want to check the Library. I’m sure that there should be some books about the Grimoires.” He rumbled out, taking long strides down the hallway. His green eyes shone with curiosity, with greed for knowledge. 

“If she is from the Grimoire, then will the rest follow her?”