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Valley of Thorns

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“Oi~~ Wake up!” 


Briar Rose once again opened her eyes. Groaning slightly in disgust, her green eyes glared at a pair of orange eyes. She noted that they had a black heart lined over their left eye, and that both of their eyes were indeed lined with black. The person flinched at the severity of her glare and scratched the back of his head sheepishly. 


“The sorting is about to happen, so you should be awake for it…” He motioned over to the mirror. In front of it, a line of robed students were nervously waiting for the mirror to announce what house they belonged to. Briar tilted her head to the side before deciding that perhaps, she should be awake. Tugging on the person’s sleeve, she motioned him to sit next to her on her cushion. He looked startled, like he wasn’t expecting anything out of her. Hesitantly, he sat down. 


“Name?” She asked, rubbing her eyes slightly. Her little knight was limp, simply pretending to be a stuffed animal even though others knew that it was alive. 


“A-Ace Trappola…” Briar could tell that the male was nervous, and it was making her nervous as well.


“I’m Briar Rose…” She murmured sleepily and faced the male next to her. “It is nice to meet you… At least you didn’t punt me across the room…” Briar got angry thinking about when Red Riding Hood had done that to her. Multiple times in fact. 


A laugh erupted from Ace’s lips before smacking a hand over them. His wide eyes showed everything that he wanted to ask of the girl. She slightly smiled in response to his wide eyes.


“There was someone who would always do that… She really wanted me dead…” And Briar swore that she was never going to get near Red Riding Hood again. The girl was so crazy that she didn’t know what to do. At least Snow White was much, much nicer.


As the line started to move, the tendrils of thorns that carried her and Ace floated right as the people in front of them moved. People around the duo looked nervously at them and whispered about the girl, noting how intimidating the thorns were. They were indeed terrifying. It was like the two of them were sitting on the palm of a giant thorn hand. 


Briar stared at the nervous male next to her. He was pretty stiff, it was like he was scared of her. Or maybe he was scared about what house/dorm he was going to get into.


“Are you scared?” She asked, brushing back a stray strand of her light brown hair to sit behind her ear. Ace looked startled at her question, he looked like he didn’t know what to say. The orange head fiddled with the edges of his sleeves of his robe, something that the girl noted that she had on. She just had it wide open to show off her baby yellow dress underneath. Maybe she, too, should close the robe.

“Um… Yea, I am sorta scared.” Ace mumbled out, “Sorta scared of you.” Briar tilted her head to the side, not understanding why he was scared of her. Ace’s orange eyes looked at her with frustration. “Um… You were out to kill that monster before… I think you scared a good amount of students…” The girl nodded, feeling proud of herself.


“Now, people won’t interrupt my sleep~” Briar said happily, hugging her little knight tighter.. “Anyone who interrupts my sleep will be killed.”


Ace looked absolutely terrified at that statement. He woke the girl up but he wasn’t killed yet. Will he be killed? The girl’s soft green eyes stared at Ace with friendliness so maybe not?


“But you’re a friend, so I won’t kill you. Take a nap with me next time~” Briar Rose hummed happily, swinging her legs back and forth. “Just don’t wake me up~” The two of them were at the front of the line. At last, the girl watched as Ace jumped off of the bundle of thorns and towards the talking mirror. 


“State thy Name.” An eloquent white mask spoke. Intricate black lace traced along the mask’s eyes. 


“Ace Trappola.” Ace said with a confident voice. The Mirror took one look at him before green flames burst behind the mask.


“The shape of thy soul is… worthy of someone who belongs in Heartslabyul.” Ace looked triumphant as he started to walk towards students who had very similar markings as him. They all somehow had had some sort of black markings right by one of their eyes. Except for that kid who somehow put that weird collar on her. Speaking of the collar, that raccoon-cat-thing that woke her up earlier still had it on. It seemed like the thing was at the mercy of the person in charge of this place.  Ace looked back at her and waved at her, giving her a thumbs up. 


And it was her turn. Briar Rose floated up upon the stairs, finally looking right at the mask that was stating whoever’s house they went to. 


“State thy Name.”


“... Briar Rose…” She mumbled, straining her eyes to squint at the somewhat bright mirror. Flames burst from behind the mask, as it scrutinized her soul


“The shape of thy soul… is one that belongs in Diasomnia.”

Whispers broke out throughout the room. A small, yet petite man was suddenly in front of the girl, observing her with pink slitted eyes. One thing that Briar noted about him was how pale he was and his pointed ears. He wasn’t a human, she thought. 


“Oh? A human? We’ve never had one here in Diasomnia for a long time…” The male said, brushing back his black and pink locks of hair. “This will be an interesting year, dear human.” Briar nodded and followed the man towards the small group of people that were congregated there. As she approached the group, she had noticed that only one of them was a human, and the rest? They seemed like they weren’t human. Those snake-like eyes made her alert. The group took note of the man in front of her, then noticed the girl. They all looked shocked.


A voice boomed out:


“What?! A lowly human had managed to get into the prestigious house of Diasomnia?”