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Valley of Thorns

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Briar Rose watched as a makeshift hand lifted up the bloody hammer. Slowly her light green eyes started to flutter shut as she attempted to ensure that the enemy was asleep. Tendrils of purple thorns slowly let the girl down. Staring sleepily at the bloody carcass of the Nightmare, she slowly padded her way towards her new bed. However, the white light that shimmered next to the carcass took her attention away. The soldier that always resides in her arms started to squirm and wiggle at the sight of it. Glancing at the coffin, she assumed it was important. Intricate silver lining contrasted the deep sea blue color, it certainly looked fancy.


“Is it a new bed?” The petite girl asked herself, padding towards it. Now that she has a better look at the coffin, it did look much more comfortable than the Nightmare’s dead body. Not to mention, the Nightmare will be much colder and uncomfortable later on. Tilting her head to the side, Briar Rose commanded the thorns to lift the cover of the coffin and nestled herself inside. The little soldier started to move even more furiously in her arms as she lied down. Pouting, the girl let go of her little soldier, watching it leave the coffin, look at it’s master, then slump before running back to the girl. It stopped at the edge, stretching it’s little arms as high as it could.


“Let’s go to bed…” She mumbled, scooping up her faithful follower. Purple thorns encased the two of them as the world got darker. A small thud was heard as the lid of the coffin closed. And she never slept so good in her life.


The next time she would open her eyes, something was furiously trying to open the coffin. Briar Rose rubbed her eyes before glaring at the shaking lid. Then she heard a voice.


“Crap, people are coming, gotta get a uniform before…”


That was definitely not anyone she knew.