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“The sun will not run to you, the moon too, the stars are similar, but I shall.”, she whispered. Her black curls sliding over his shoulders touched the slightly itchy nose. She suddenly spoke softly like a dream, and he knew she was serious. But somehow he doesn't understand why she said that as if she was about to leave him? Shishio was a bit panicked. “Samejima, why did you say that?”
“Nothing, I just think about the first day that we met. That day was beautiful, wasn't it? The moon brights on the sky and the wind blow softly and no one keeps an eye on them. Just only you, unfortunately, the moon seems like being careful about you at all. You sit there, with a cigarette in your mouth, watching the stars, there is a little sadness emanating from around you. For a shoujo editor like me saying, it’s like from a manga coming out the real life. Pfff, but I don’t know I have a crushed on you from when, I think since then. Today I have read a word like that, I think it’s just like me. So I want to share with you.”
“Oh gosh, Samejima, you scared me you know. That day I was thinking about my first love, it has six years already - when she left me, I heard she got married, I feel happy for her, and then I think about my life if she met someone she loves why am I still lonely? But suddenly I met you, you came to my life, I’ve been looking for the spring of my life, you just smile. I can’t hold myself in front of your smile, I love it just the way I love you. Now I have you by my side, I’m not scared of anything, because I have one thing to protect, it’s you.”
Just finished Shishio groping in the drawer of the closet beside a small box, he smiled. “Will you be mine forever?”, he opened the blue box, inside there was a sparkling ring waiting for her to put on, Samejima astonishing but in the end, she nodded. Shishio jubilant put on the ring made only for her. “I love you”, both of them spoke in unison.
They giggled, they kissed, each kiss deep into the night turned into shining stars in the sky.