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When You Play With The Big Kids

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After they had the twins, they decided that it was a good time to get married.


They didn’t rush into anything. Steffy took the time she needed away from work to really be an engaged mom and love this time at home. It was different for her this go around. She wasn’t by herself doing the heavy lifting. She had a partner that is a parent not a babysitter.


Steffy had been worried how Kelly would react to the new babies. She was already used to Beth but it was different because Beth didn’t live with them and she doesn’t know if Kelly remembers living with Beth when everyone thought she was Phoebe.


Kelly became so curious about these new babies. When she kept seeing them she took a liking to them. She decided that she liked them a lot because they kept mommy busy which gave her more time with daddy.


“Daddy, I like it!” Jay never gets tired of Kelly being impressed by everything he does. She was going to be four soon and he gets so sad because he doesn’t want his girls to grow older. He knows it’s selfish but he doesn’t care. Tay and Kat had the nerve to become 1 on him and he cried into his cake that he’s because it felt like yesterday they were bringing them home for the first time.


He just watches his oldest eat her peanut butter and banana sandwich with no crust. Only he can make the way she likes, it makes his chest puff out more that people can make the same exact thing but she swears it taste different because he makes it and the secret is he does but he will never tell.


The twins had the same problem Kelly had when she was their age. They run all around the house and as soon as you catch them, they take off and run again.


Steffy and Jay both work from home more because they didn’t want to miss anything. With Kelly going to pre-school now it just became a reality that the kids were growing up and no matter what they did, they couldn’t stop it.


When Steffy walks into the living room the twins trail after her. It amazed her that the twins couldn’t get enough of her while Kelly always usually wanted to be with Jay. Steffy didn’t mind it at all. She used to get a little jealous every now and then but when she thinks of how much love and devotion that Jay gives all the kids she gets it. Kelly fell in love with Jay at the same time that she was.


The twins settled down on the floor and Kelly got up from the couch after she finished her sandwich and gently played with her sisters.


It brought a smile to both parents to see Kelly be so loving to the babies. She was always talking to the babies, telling them stories that she made up from the top of her head.


“You know that Lu has been hounding me about seeing you today… She kept saying that even if she isn’t superstitious that I shouldn’t be seeing you.”


“Well tough luck. I wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity of pre-wedding sex.” When he sticks his tongue out and mimics cunnilingus she just throws a pillow dead in his face. He just laughs at her but he gets up and gives a kiss to all his ladies because he does need to start getting ready.


The perks of owning hotels was that you could have any room you like and they decided to stay for a couple of nights here so it would be easier since they would be using the banquet hall here.


Jay decided to leave after he took his shower and get ready in another hotel room with Thomas, Will and Erik before his mother-in-law could come and possibly beat him into the next century for staying the night.


When Taylor does arrive, she comes with reinforcements in the form of Sasha, Lu, Michelle and Hope.


Steffy wanted this wedding to be fun and lowkey with just family and a few close friends. Her grandfather made a custom one of a kind wedding dress that took her breath away every time she looked at it.


Her daughters looked so cute in their pastel colored dresses looking like little peeps. It made her laugh. While bride and groom got ready for the impending nuptials news was spreading out about the couple.


The amount of dedicated blogs and social media for #Stay was mind boggling. Jay had always been a pretty private person and Steffy was the first person he ever dated with a high visibility.


He was shocked at how many people rooted for them as a couple. He was touched that people cared so much about her happiness. They did have some people that didn’t like them as a couple because they thought Liam is such a prince charming.


As much as people can root or root against them it just reminded both Steffy and Jay that most people don’t know them. They don’t know the truth and all the heartache she had with Liam. He isn’t this knight in shining armor and Steffy wasn’t relationship goals with him if people knew how Liam actually is like it would make Spencer Publications stock plummet.


As the couple was getting ready to get married again this time with their family and friends around, Liam was at home when he saw an alert. He still had google alerts for Steffy. His phone pinged and there was a story showing a leaked invitation to her nuptials and it still made Liam cringe in a way.


He still wishes that he could turn back time to when he and Steffy were together. They were so dynamic together and he was his most mature self when he was with her.


They worked side by side at Forrester trying to create something new as a legacy, but she was forging a legacy without him.


“Liam is that work? You promised us a day away from Spencer…” Sally gets irritated when he does things for Spencer when he’s at home. Especially when she knows it’s his father’s doing. The mutual dislike between Sally and Bill never ceased even after Liam got Sally pregnant.


She pushed him to marry her and in the end that’s what she got even though Bill made his objections loud and clear all the time even up to this day.


What Sally didn’t know was that Liam tried to contact Hope numerous times ‘in an effort to have a better co-parenting relationship’. When he got hit with the contact my lawyer from Hope he saw a chapter of his life closing.


He could never choose between Steffy and Hope. They were so different and each spoke to a different part of him. He still goes through his mind remembering his time with the both of them and how much he missed that.


But he had a life with Sally now. When they had baby Melanie who they call Lenny for short, Sally thought that she would finally prove to Liam that she could give him what Steffy and Hope did.


They get into avoidable fights but it seems like Liam leans into them. When he leaves it makes her antsy because she does most of the heavy lifting with Lenny.


She fought so hard to be with Liam and she sometimes wonders if it was worth it. She heard around the office that Steffy was getting married today.


She didn’t see Steffy that much at work because she was under Ridge’s designer wing but she saw that Steffy had two more children and she looked so happy.


It was hard not to be envious of her. She tried to get Liam to see her in a romantic light when Steffy was pregnant with Kelly. She got what she wished for and as she looks at Liam who’s stuck to his phone, she doesn’t know if she made the best choice.


As Sally thinks about her life choices, Steffy was putting on her veil.


Steffy loved her first wedding for what it was. It was spontaneous, reckless and everything she wanted. This time it was planned, meticulous and still everything she wanted.


Her mom and friends were running around after the kids and trying to prepare the final touches.


She felt so thankful to be able to have this day. Meeting her father outside her room.


Her walking the long aisle with having people they love cheer her on. The hollering seem to disappear when she looks at her husband. 


He looked so dapper in this his white tuxedo jacket and black slacks. She wanted to take the man home and have so much sex that she might end up pregnant.


She laughs when she gets to the altar because there was no fucking way she was getting pregnant with three bad ass kids they have now. She asked Jay to get a vasectomy. She knew it was a lot to ask him but it was less invasive than her getting her tubes tied.


He agreed but decided just in case to store some sperm if they ever change their minds.


They only had eyes for each other when they were reading their vows to each other but wet eyes littered the audience and yet they never noticed.


When they were announced to be husband and wife. She pulled his face to hers and he was not going to be outdone so he picked her up by the waist and twirled her in the air.


The reception got into full swing with loud music and conversation flowing everywhere. Steffy was moving like her feet weren’t going to hurt when she took her shoes off but she didn’t care. She could call Jay her husband and not worry about them slipping up anymore.


“I can’t believe that no one ever figured it out…” Jay looks sly as he says this. He felt like a smooth operator with how they were able to keep things a secret for so long.


“Can’t believe what?! That you two were married before today?” This makes Steffy freeze and wonder how the hell did her mother know.


“Mama, what are you even talking about?”


“I didn’t raise you to play stupid Steffy. Come on you said it yourself that Jay was your husband. Word to the two of you… You not as clever as you think you are.” Taylor just gives them a wink and walks away The couple try to go through the rolodex of interactions they had with her mother but nothing comes up for either of them.


They realize they don’t care much because Taylor didn’t seem mad. She was just teasing them…


They kiss and Steffy thinks of her first time seeing Jay. She has wanted to kiss his smug grin off his face and now she laughs into her kiss because she can do that everyday.