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When You Play With The Big Kids

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After the wine session with Luisa, Steffy had decided to call her mother and give her the breakdown of what happened to her. Her mother was upset at everything that transpired but what pissed her off was Liam banging on her mother’s door demanding to know where she was.


He didn’t believe her mother and when her father came from his home studio to see what the commotion was about and learned from Taylor exactly what Liam had been doing it earned Liam a black eye from Ridge.


She didn’t really want to move but she decided videocalling her parents would be the best idea. She told them where she was and her headspace. She had to be done with this situation because she didn’t want Kelly to grow up in a tense and toxic atmosphere.


She was happy that she could count on her parents’ support and they weren’t pushing her to see Liam and give him a chance to explain.


She was done with the excuses… she was done with all of the mistruths. Done with feeling like shit because he was always just ‘helping’ out another woman he ends up in compromising positions with. She was just done being the fool. She refused to not be the first priority for her partner especially when she felt like she was losing herself.


Taylor ended up bringing Kelly to Lu’s house. Her mother wasn’t too sure if Lu still had a crib so she brought one just in case so she didn’t have to try and get and then assemble one. Taylor wanted her daughter to be as stress free as possible. Being a new mother was daunting enough and Taylor was sure not going to let the likes of Liam add to her daughter’s exhaustion.


Taylor didn’t believe in violence, but she did feel a sense of pride when Ridge uppercut Liam and pushed him out of the house.


 She was done pushing Steffy to try and resolve things with Liam. He never deserved her daughter and certainly didn’t deserve the myriad of chances he got with her. Taylor just hugged her beautiful girl and told her not to worry. Her’s mother told her not to worry and that she would be getting her a new place to live and take one of those burdens away and just have her focus on Kelly.


Steffy was worried that Kelly wouldn’t take to the new surrounding because it wasn’t home, but it didn’t bother the baby. She brought her daughter here before but that was different with her living there for some time.


Michelle was happy to have a baby in the house. She loved talking to Kelly because she listened to everything Michelle told her.


With Erik being gone for work it was just a house full of girls which seemed like a dream for Kelly because she was laughing all the time. It made Steffy’s spirits rise to see how happy her daughter could be.


She knows her daughter loves her, but Kelly is a social butterfly like Steffy… she really comes alive when there’s people to interact with and much to see.


Liam had kept blowing up her phone, but she muted him. She decided that everything should be done through lawyers and served him. Steffy knows that Liam was probably upset when she had the locks changed to the beach house. She was going to sell that place if it is the last thing she does and won’t have Liam getting in the way of that.


She laughed when she saw Hope trying to text her. It was clear that Hope was upset that she wasn’t going to get her line and went crying to Eric and Ridge about it. She was happy when it was reiterated that to Hope that Steffy has majority ownership of the company and the proxies of all family members with voting share.


Having Ridge and Eric not cave in to Hope’s wants made Steffy feel supported. While Ridge and Eric supported Steffy’s decision to do what was right for FC it didn’t mean that they didn’t hear the end of it from multiple Logans.


She knew that Brooke would be unsuccessful with her father so Brooke tried to sidestep to Eric and have him do something about it and Eric refused to get involved. He said that when he retired he meant it and was enjoying his life and Steffy controls his proxy so that makes her able to impose what she wants for the company.


These events have put many smiles on her face but she got her dose of reality when Luisa flicked her. She was getting her makeup done for her blind date and her smiling was making the makeup crease which Lu didn’t appreciate.


She was appreciative of her BFF making her feel her prettiest self. She had wanted to back out of the date numerous times, but she didn’t want to incur the wrath of an angry Brazilian.


She tried to find out info on her date but Luisa wouldn’t even give her the name of the guy. Where was the fun in that was what her friend said… When Steffy told her that he could be a crazed serial killer on the loose Lu was not amused.


She knows that she is overreacting because this isn’t something that she can control but she trusts her friend to not put her in harm’s way.


She tried not to psych herself out of the date because she is diving back into dating with a literal baby and the baggage of a baby daddy. It’s not like guys are going to be lining up to deal with that even on the front of just dating.


It’s hard to believe herself to be a catch because her life is so messy. But she’s gotten about five pep talks and she is listening to them and not the inner doubts that’s saying this is a mistake.


Taylor had found Steffy a great condo with top notch security and a private garage for her so she didn’t have to worry about encountering Liam or Hope should they somehow follow her.


She nervously waiting for her Uber with Lu in the lobby.


“It’s going to be fine and you are going to have a good time. If you don’t you can just rag on me for like a week. I’ll allow it…”


She feels more at ease about this date with her friend’s assurances. Lu wouldn’t let her go out with anyone who wasn’t worthy of her time.


When she gets into her Uber she just reiterates to herself not to have grand expectations. She is going to have a great meal and possibly good conversation out of it.


The restaurant her friend chose was a nice one. She hadn’t been here yet so if it’s a bad date she will never be back but if it’s a good one then who knows. She walks up the hostess and wonders if her date was already here.


“Hi, my friend made a reservation under the name da Costa…”


The hostess smiles and tells her to follow them. Some of her nervousness is back but it’s also mixed with excitement. As she gets closer to the table she wants to laugh when she sees who her date is.


“Junior varsity… hmph looks like you’re my date…” She catches JV by surprise and by the smile he’s sporting he is definitely liking how his night is shaping up.


“Wow if it isn’t Captain Obvious… what are the chances?” He laughs and it distracts her because it is infectious to her.


“About one in ten million I would say…” She decides to have no pretenses and smiles right back at him.


“Looks like I’m playing with the big kids now huh?!” She can’t believe he remembered what she said to him a week ago but she likes to think she leaves lasting impressions on people.


“I’ll let you know by the end of the night…” She didn’t mean for it to sound as suggestive as it sounded and it definitely takes her date by surprise but a surprise that he definitely isn’t mad about.


“I think I like my chances. How does the prettiest lady from Aliki’s restaurant know—”


“The prettiest lady from Fortaleza?” He nods at her wanting to know just how small the world is. “… Luisa and I go way back. We met when we were teenagers when my mom took our family on a vacation. My mom’s family originates from Maracanau which is in the same state as Fortaleza. Maracanau is a small city compared to Fortaleza and I wanted to experience the big city. So we met at a caranguejada and became friends after that. Like full on letters and email because cellphones and social media was not like how it is today.”


“That’s actually kind of cute but what the heck is a cara… cara…”


“Caranguejada is the unofficial but official start of the weekend in Fortaleza. It kinda translates too carb-orgy…” Jay can’t hold his laughter in because it sounds so ridiculous but so intriguing. “… The barracas… the restaurants and bars have these specials on crab plates that everyone can buy. Its really fun because its loud music, most times you are near the beach. Great food and it’s the easiest times to get beer when you are a minor. You have to have your crab with beer so cold that it’s almost freezing. We met in line and she came back with me to the beach where my brother and sister were and we all just ate this mountain of crabs… had beer and dancing to the music. I’m really interested in how you know Luisa…”


She feels like this date is going to a great start because she no longer feels any nerves. Jay looks really interested which makes her feel even more animated with her story.


“Well I know Luisa because her husband’s company helped me and my brother with a project…” Steffy loves that he is being subtle. He doesn’t know that she googled his ass as soon as she got back into her car after they had met.


“Whoa wait! You worked with Hayser & Hamilton?!” He looks surprised that she would know who they are. She knows he is wondering if she is some kind of real estate developer probably.


“Yeah… you know them? They are a boutique outfit so… are you in real estate development…”


“God no! No offense it’s just a really tough market but that’s also not my passion. The Hamilton in Hayser & Hamilton is my brother…”


“You have got to be kidding me! You’re Stephanie!”


“Why do you have to say it like that?!” She’s only half kidding.


“I just can’t believe this your brother just talks about you a lot. You kind of inadvertently helped with one of our projects. I think your brother asked you to look over his calculations.”


“Oh yeah I help Tom sometimes when he quickly needs someone to vet his stuff. So what you are telling me is that you should be thanking me for my services.”


“I’ll thank you anytime you like Stephanie…” The way he says her name sounds like a dark promise. She finds that she doesn’t want him call her Steffy.


“I’ll take that under advisement junior varsity…”


The rest of the night was exceeding the low bar that Steffy had set out for this date and she was excited when he asked for a second date.


He had offered her a ride home but she declined. She told him that she would allow him to wait with her while she waited for her Uber which took him half a second to agree to.


They had exchanged numbers and when she got into her Uber she saw that he texted saying he had a great time. She appreciated that he didn’t play any games because she hated those stupid dating rules of straight up ignoring someone leaving them wondering if they did something wrong. It was the last thing she needed right now.


She texted him back telling him she felt the same and she was looking forward to their next date.


The only thing Steffy was not looking forward too would be the gloating that was waiting for her when she got home because if there’s one thing that Lu never ceases to do is gloating when she is right.