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Cong Cong's trouble

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When Cong Cong was young, he was told that he was very smart.

So why did this Cong Xing make no sense?

Every time they met, she would gaze angrily at him and harumph . Because of her volatile ways, when the Xiao and the Feng families met up, Cong Cong always had to make sure Cong Xing and didi weren't hurt in the process of their 'playtime'. 

After all, as the oldest and the smartest, Cong Cong was placed on babysitting duty by Father Xiao. With a face of determination, he always took care of the children. 

It would be less stressful if they were less mischievous though.

While didi grew less dumb, Cong Xing seemed to stay dumb, and so Cong Cong brought it upon himself to guide her properly. 

And as they grew up, he kept on guiding her and guiding her until: "Gege, I want a boyfriend!"

Cong Cong, who had now graduated into the name 'Xiao Ming Cong' was speechless. 

If he remembered properly, his own mother only got a boyfriend at 22. They still needed to graduate elementary ah! Cong Cong chalked it up to one of the strange, unknowable things of Cong Xing.

So he replied: "Wait until you go to university. Then I can be your boyfriend."

Cong Cong did not know why Cong Xing turned red, and seemed to have lost her voice. In his head, it seemed logical enough.

He was always told to guide Cong Xing, and take care of Cong Xing. So... he's a boy and that fulfilled the requirement of being a boyfriend right?

"You–you– I don't want you to be my boyfriend ah!" Angrily, Cong Xing stormed off.

Cong Xing's POV:

Hmph! That arrogant, know-it-all, Xiao Ming Cong! If Mother wants him to be her child so much, she should just go and adopt him!