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Diaster Team

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Shouto liked the so-called disaster team. He likes them a lot  actually. Camie, Inasa and Bakugou were his friends. Camie and Inasa were a little too extroverted for Shoutos tastes but they were nice and were always complimenting him. It made him feel good about himself.  Bakugou was completely insane and may need to be mentally evaluated but he has his moments as well. Shouto liked hanging around him though, liked it when he yelled and growled at other people. As strange as it was, it was comforting for Shouto. Shouto may prefer this friend group more than his U.A one… just don’t tell Midoriya. 


When Camie invited the boys to come over while her parents were away for the weekend they all accepted, even Bakugou (Shouto suspects he likes this friend group too).


Her parents had an insane amount of alcohol so they all got pretty drunk. Inasa and Bakugou were yelling about something (mostly Bakugou yelling and Inasa just talking). Camie giggled while she sat on Bakugous lap. The blonde must be really drunk to let her be anywhere near him. They somehow got on the subject of pegging, and Camie explains what it is because the other 3  who claimed they never heard of it. Shouto suspected he may be the only one who hadn’t heard of it, though. She wanted to demonstrate on one of them but no one would volunteer. To decide who gets to be pegged they played the childish game of nose goes. 


Of course they all knew Shouto had no idea what that was, refused to explain the instructions and went right into “playing.” Everyone stuck their finger on their nose except Shouto. 


That’s how Shouto ended up on Camie's parents king sized bed, completely naked with his ass in the air. Shouto wanted to object but… he was mildly intrigued at what Camie had suggested. At least his first time would be with a pretty girl.


 “You ever been fucked in the ass halfie?” Bakugou said in a softer tone then Shouto expected.


“No.” Shouto had little to almost no sexual experience. 


“Well this will be fun then, lighten up” the blonde says and smacks Shouto’s ass lightly. Oh yeah the blonde must be shitfaced. 


Camie didn’t want to prep Shouto because she didn’t want to mess up her nails. Bakugou and Inasa fought over who was going to “prep” Shouto. Of course, he didn’t know what that meant.  Camie suggested they play Rock Paper Scissors and Inasa won, so she said he got to do it. 


The taller boy put something wet and slick on his fingers and stuck one into Shouto’s ass. At first it had felt weird. Really weird. Like it almost burned, but not a real burn. Shouto knows what real burns feel like. But the taller boy worked him opened slowly whispering “you’re doing soo good Todoroki. I knew you’d be good at this. You do so well at everything” it made Shouto blush. 


The talker boy added a second finger and it didn’t really hurt, just burned a bit. He placed his other large hand on Shouto’s hip.


“That’s right Todoroki. You’re doing amazing. So tight around my fingers.” He starts rubbing his hand down making Shouto’s back arch and a whine escape the smaller boy’s lips. 


The bigger boy starts scissoring his fingers slowly. “Gonna open you up nice and wide for Camie.” He was being so gentle with the red and white hair boy it made him bury his face in the pillows. 


Shouto heard a wet noise and turned his head to see Bakugo and Camie kissing in a chair on the other side of the room. Shouto just watched in awe. He wants to be kissed like that. It was s oo sensual he had never seen Bakugou be so soft with someone. He had one hand in her hair, the other was squeezing and playing with her breasts. She had both her arms wrapped around his neck and was moving back and forth humping his lap. 


Inasa started kissing and biting at his sides. Both of his fingers moving quicker, the slid being much easier now.


“You want to be kissed like that bitch boy” the bigger boy whispers in Shouto’s ear. He starts biting and nipping at Shouto’s ear. Shouto nods, he's blinking slowly, eyes getting heavier. Shouto is still watching as Bakugou moves both his hands to her ass and starts groping it.  


“Open your mouth” Inasa whispers in his ear and he does. He turns Shouto’s head slightly and spits in the smaller boy’s mouth. Shouto can barely keep his eyes open but sees the other boy smile. 


“Swallow it” The bigger boy says. And Shouto does as he’s told.


“Does the slutty boy like that?” He says roughly and shoves two of his big fingers in Shouto’s mouth and growls “suck” Shouto does as he’s told. Shouto just now notices the taller boy is down to his underwear. He doesn’t know when that happened. Inasa adds a third finger in his ass and Shouto’s eyes are rolling back in his head. He can’t believe he’s never tried this before it feels so good. It still stings a little but Shouto likes the pain.


The man's fingers are rougher now and he hits a spot inside Shouto that has the other boy screaming. 


“He’s ready,” Camie declares. Inasa abruptly pulls his finger out of Shouto. 


Shouto opens his eyes he didn’t know were closed and sees the girl standing in front of the bed completely naked with some intricate harness around her waist. In the middle there’s a large plastic pink cock attached.


Shouto has never seen a naked woman before in real life just in videos but she was prettier than anyone he ever saw. She had smooth skin, that looked like it was sparking every time she moved. She smells nice too, like vanilla and sugar. Her breasts sat high on her chest, big and full. He wants her to touch him. He wants her to hold him and kiss him like she did with Bakugou. 


“Like what ya see, pretty boy?” 


She said and had snapped her fingers. Shouto wasn’t sure what that meant but it looked like the other two boys did. Inasa throws a bottle of something at Bakugou who catches it, puts whatever it is in his hands and starts touching the pink cock. Stroking it, making it slicker. He stands behind her, holding her waist and kissing her neck. 


“You’re such a good boy for mommy Kacchan” she says and leans her head back giving the boy more access to her neck. 


Did she say mommy? 


“Inasa be a dear and open Kacchan up for me” She snaps her fingers again and the boys are moving again.


“You got it boss” the boy declares loudly.  Shouto almost forgot how goofy he is. Almost. 


“Listen up slutty boy” she demands and snaps her fingers in Shouto’s face. He bets her hands are soft. “You’ll be mine for the rest of the night, you’re going to listen to me and do exactly what I tell you. If you do well you’ll get a reward that I know my slutty baby will like.” She says and pets Shouto’s face softly.


“If you want something you ask for it. If I find that you need to be punished I’ll just have my big baby do it for me.” She says and leans over, touches his face gently, placing a soft kiss on his cheek. Shouto wants to do whatever she says so she’ll do that to him.


Shouto is still sitting there, naked with his ass in the air, feeling strangely empty. 


He turns his head and sees Bakugou lay on his back on the other side of the bed, he’s naked now too. His legs are open, smiling softly at Camie. Shouto gets the feeling they’ve done this before.


“You admiring my pretty baby, slutty boy?” She says softly and grabs Shouto’s hair and pulling it roughly. Shouto moans lewdly. He blushes. That shouldn’t have felt as good as it did……. 


“Oooooo, Inasa was right, you do like it rough” she laughs and runs her nails down Shouto’s back, reaching his behind and digging her nails up and down his ass. She pulled his cheeks apart and Shouto whines.


His whine was drowned out by Bakugou yelling “Come on baldy I’m not made of glass add another fucking finger or I’ll blow your fucking head off.”


“I told you I’m not bald” he says and must do what Bakugou asks because the blonde is huffing loudly “Finally, now hurry the hell up”


“Boys, play nice” Camie says. Sounding like a mom scolding her children. 


Before Shouto could think to much more about it he felt the head of her pink cock on his hole. “Hnnnnnnnngggg” Shouto whines again. He’s simultaneously trying to move his ass away and get her cock deeper in him.


She slaps his ass and tells him to sit still. He does as he's told and she slips slowly inside of him. 


“Mmmmmmm, good boy so perfect for mommy” She says and starts rubbing his back slowly with the palm of her soft hands. She bottomed out and it felt better than anything Shouto had ever felt. He was drooling but couldn’t help himself. It just felt so good and he was so full and there was a pretty girl rubbing his back. It was burning more than Inasa’s fingers were but he liked it. Like feeling stretched. He wasn’t a sentimental person but he was very polite. When someone invites you over and treats you this good you’re supposed to thank them right?


“Hnnggg, T-thannkk you Camie, I fe-eel soooooooooo good. Thannn..kk you for beinnn sooooo good to mme” He sounded so dumb, he was was shaking, he was stuttering but he needed to thank you more.


“Shh baby, just let mommy take good care of you. So good, so slutty for just for me” She says and begins moving slowly in and out of him. His eyes were drooping again and he could still feel the drool coming out his mouth.


She grabbed a fist full of his hair and turned his head so he was looking at Bakugou and Inasa. She was so good to him. He was so glad she did this because what he saw was as amazing as before. Bakugou is a pretty well built guy but Inasa was like a god. He was tall, golden and his muscles . Shouto started drooling even more. 


Inasa was on top of Bakugou, kissing his chest, biting his nippples. One hand over Bakugou’s mouth the other was going in Bakugou’s ass. The blonde looked so small next to Inasa. It was then that Camie started picking up her pace and decided to start slamming into Shouto with her hand still in her hair. Shouto started moaning higher now he should be thanking her some more but he doesn’t have any more coherent thoughts.


She's pulling his hair harder, her other hand digging into his hip bones. Inasa’s moved both his hands to Bakuguo’s throat and they’re rutting against each other. Inasa is growling and Bakugou is… surprisingly silent just giving out a little huff of air whenever Inasa dips lower on his groin. Bakugou is naked and Inasa in his boxer briefs with his tight, toned ass. Shouto had the strong urge to bite it.


Camie hits a spot inside Shouto that has him screaming, tears and drool streaming down his face. He can feel it in every bone in his body, it makes Shouto start squirming and his eyes are rolling in the back of his head. She's laughing. It’s pretty. It’s a sound that Shouto would kill to hear again. 


“Does my slutty baby want to come?” She says nicely.


He nods not trusting his voice. She didn’t like that and grips his hair even tighter, he swears he can hear it tearing. “I asked you a question” She barked, sounding unusually harsh.


“Yes yes plea-” He’s cut off when he feels a hand on the back of his throat. He feels her breast grazing his back and she bites on his earlobe and whispering softly “say my name”


“Camie pleas-” She tightens her hold on his neck, digs her nails in the sides of his neck and barks 


“The other one, stupid slut” She smacks his ass and digs her nails into his hip.


“P-please mommy” He sobs.


“That’s it pretty boy, you can come now,” and he does. Hard. He comes harder than he had in his entire life. She shushes him and rubs his back slowly as he comes. She pulls out and rolls him over. She straddles him, leans over and gives him a wet open mouthed kiss. Shouto doesn’t know how well he’s doing but she’s doing great. She’s got her entire soft and warm tongue in his mouth. At one point she even starts sucking on his tongue. She slides out of his mouth and places a sweet peck on his lips.


Shouto hears a whine. He wasn’t sure if it was him. The whine was really high, like a voice was breaking, type of noise. He almost thought it was Camie. But it wasn’t either of them. It was Bakugou. He was staring at her while Inasa was leaving bruising kisses on his neck.


“Aw, look at how well behaved my boys are. Do you want mommy to fuck you Kacchan?”


Kacchan? Did he ask her to call him that?


“Since this slutty baby was so good I’m going to give him a treat.” She says and does that same perfect giggle. She snaps her finger and Inasa and Camie swap places. She rips off her strap, spreads Bakugou’s knees apart, lifts his ass up and Shouto can see her lick over his hole. Bakugou moans quietly. It’s a soft, high pitched sound. So soft if Shouto wasn’t trying to listen he might not have been able to hear. He’s grabbing another plastic pink cock that was apparently under one of the pillows and hands it to her.

 Shouto wants to watch but he's interrupted by Inasa grabbing his face and kissing him rough. He easily pulls Shouto into a seated position. The man straddles him with each of his big thighs wrapped around Shouto’s hips. God, even his tongue was big too. 


His hands are big and rough on his face. Big tongue in his mouth. Big thighs around the smaller boy. The man moves so he wraps his arms around Shouto’s head. He feels suffocated. But he feels so good. So small under the black haired boy, Shouto really likes this feeling. The man moves one hand to wrap around Shouto’s throat and moves off Shouto quickly. He wants to whine and ask Camie to make Inasa get back on top of him but before he can open his mouth Inasa is pushing him on his back, swatting open Shouto’s leg and sticking 2 fingers in his ass. It’s still so wet but the man adds more of the slick stuff and stuffs the fingers back in and keeps his hand around Shouto’s throat, squeezing tightly.


Shouto’s gasping, whining and squirming around. He doesn’t know what to do with his hands so he gently grabs Inasa arm as he continues to finger fuck him. 


“You’re already hard again, Todoroki? You don’t think that's a little sad?” He sneers, leans in close to Shouto’s face. “Look at me when I’m talking to you” Shouto does as he's told even though he can barely keep his eyes open. His mouth however, has no problem staying open.


“Don’t you think it’s a little sad the boss just got done with you and you’re already hard? I’m starting to think you really are a slut .” He adds a third finger and punicates the last word.


“Nooo” Shouto whines, he's not, he's not a slut.


“Then why are you hard again? Huh? Why are you whining like a bitch over some fingers in your ass? Did you hear Bakugou doing that? Look at him-” The bigger boy growls and Shouto looks at Bakugou, he has something that has a string in his ass and Camie is on top of him and oh.


They’re fucking. She’s bouncing as his cock, it disappears inside her and she's got a hand on his throat and she’s slapping him in the face and laughing. He’s just holding her waist and letting her. He’s looking at her with his mouth open just gasping softly.


“You’re the only one moaning like a whore, why is that?” Inasa whispers in his ear and starts biting Shouto’s earlobe. The boy tries sitting up but Inasa holds him down easily with a big hand on his chest. He covers a majority of Shouto’s chest easily.


The man takes his fingers out of Shouto’s ass, rips off his underwear, grabs the smaller boy's hip, and lines up with Shouto’s hole. He pushes inside harshly, immediately bottoming out. Shouto screams higher than anything he’s ever heard and sits up in Inasa’s lap. 


Fuck. Is the only word that comes to Shouto’s mind. 


He’s so much bigger than Camie was. Warmer too. Shouto can feel his veins pushing against his walls. He can feel the boy in his stomach.


Inasa runs his hands down Shouto’s back as the boy clings to him cursing. He can’t hear anything, can’t see anything he can just feel. He feels the man lay him down, feels his own legs wrap around the boy's back, feels himself hook his chin on the bigger boy's shoulder, and feels the large boy rip him to shreds. 


The bigger boys starts fucking him. Really fucking him. Long, deep, rough thrusts that Shouto will feel for weeks. Inasa is growling the words bitch and whore over and over as he hears Shouto gasp and scream and claw him at his back.


Maybe Shouto is a slut. He doesn’t hear anything but his gasps, his moans, his pleas. Nothing but the sound of Inasa’s thrusts meeting his ass and his own cries. He occasionally hears Camie’s giggles or Inasa’s growls but absolutely nothing from Bakugou. The blonde really was a good boy.


Inasa brings Shouto’s lips to his with a bruising kiss. The black hair boy bites his lips and says


“Open your mouth, bitch boy” Shouto must not do it fast enough because the bigger boy slaps him in the face, Shouto moans, tries whipping his head back but he only receives another slap.


He moves his head back upright and opens his mouth and Inasa spits in it. 


“Swallow” Shouto does as he's told and opens his mouth for Inasa to spit in it again. Shouto whines.He looks over at Camie and whines even louder. She’s sitting on Bakugou’s face, laying over his body and sucking his dick. 


“Ask her nicely and maybe she’ll let you come.” Inasa says in his ear and wraps his arm under Shouta’s head so his shoulder is going into the other boy’s throat. 


“Mommy” he rasps. Inasa must have been avoiding his prostate on purpose because now he’s just railing into it whispering “slut, slut slut” in the red and white hair boy’s ear. Shouto sounds a mess. Just high pitched whines as his back arches from the assault Inasa is giving him “Mommy can-” He breaks off into a long moan when Inasa hits the spot even harder than before.


“How can she give you what you want if you're not asking for it? Stop wasting her time, if you were good maybe she would let you” Inasa says viciously. He’s so mean. 


“Does my slutty baby need something from me?” She says, still sitting on Bakugou's face. She moans and says


“Kacchan you’re such a good boy. Unlike the slutty boy over there. I even let Inasa fuck you and your misbehaving?” She adds a “Tsk” at the end.


“Pleaseee mommy can I come?” Shouto cries.


“I don’t know, can you?” She says and her and Inasa laugh.


“Good one boss” He says loudly. Shouto hates him.He’s still driving into Shouto’s prostate.


“P-p-lease, may I co-come mommy please” Shouto is sobbing now.


“You may” She says and Shouto closes his eyes and does as he's told. He writhes underneath Inasa, moans and claws at his back when Shouto cums, spurting out between their stomachs. 


“Messy slut” Inasa growls and keeps fucking Shouto long after his orgasm, Shouto crying and shaking underneath the larger boy. Inasa cums inside him with a low growl that vibrates his chest. They both lay there panting for a while. The boy starts kissing Shouto’s cheeks, his forehead and his lips. Soft, sweet pecks.


“Did I hurt you?” The black hair boy says softly, still kissing all around Shouto’s face. He shakes his head, no. He’s so tired. He doesn’t think he’s ever cum twice in one night before. He hopes Bakugou doesn’t try to fuck him. 


He looks over and sees Bakugou is asleep, Camie is kissing his face too and whispers something in his ears. 


It was then he realized that Camie and Inasa were monsters. Insane, really horny monsters. They started making over Shouto loudly. He pulls her into his lap and starts pawing at each other. Shouto can’t keep his eyes open to watch so he just falls asleep to the sounds of them fucking.


Shouto hopes he gets invited over to Camie’s house again.


 He definitely prefers this friend group over his U.A. one.