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at the end of the road, there is you

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Wei Wuxian absentmindedly stared out the window, stifling a yawn. Perhaps due to how much it had rained since the beginning of September, it was unusually hot this morning. From where he sat, he could see people milling about, all looking like ants from his vintage point. The building he was currently in was extravagant, to say the least. While the Lan Enterprise building valued the simple, monochromatic aesthetic, this building leaned more into extravagance and blatantly showing off.

This was the Koening Company’s building, and Wei Wuxian was currently inside one of the waiting lounges while Lan Wangji attended his meeting. The chair Wei Wuxian sat on was placed next to the window, a purple, soft velvet that Wei Wuxian only resisted rubbing with his fingers. He had the extra brownie from the money placed on the table and a mocha he had purchased from the cafeteria downstairs.

Not for the first time since he started the job, Wei Wuxian wondered how his life changed so drastically in a little under six months. Just a few months ago, he was battling the cold and hunger without a solid roof over his head. He did not know when his next meal would be nor did he expect to ever escape from that sort of life either. And now, he was sat in an extravagant building, mingling with the rich and famous; PA to one of the most influential young CEO in the country. Now, he could be inside a building and look down upon people.

He had already accepted that he would be homeless forever, maybe die young underneath a bridge and no one would care. Maybe a paragraph in the newspaper or a mention on the news, and that would be it. And whilst Wei Wuxian wanted more from life, he had not dreamt of even achieving more. All he had to his name was his guitar and Wei Wuxian did not consider himself talented enough to be randomly scouted and taken from homelessness to an overnight famous sensation.

So, Wei Wuxian had accepted it, and muddled his way through life. And then?

Wei Wuxian frowned, eyes moving to the closed red door just beyond the waiting lounge; the room which Lan Wangji was currently having a meeting.

And then, Lan Wangji came.

Wei Wuxian had longed stopped believing in God, he did not believe that there was a God happy to watch the people he created suffer and not intervene. He did not believe in the so-called “God’s plan” and he knew he had only himself and no one else to rely on. He knew that even more when he had fallen into Madame Zhao’s hands and he had been constantly exploited and powerless to stop her from using him. So, Wei Wuxian was really not expecting anything from this so-called God, and yet…

Yet, Lan Wangji honestly felt like a miracle to him.

So far it had been Lan Wangji helping him out at every turn, without demanding anything from him in return. Lan Wangji had never forced him to do anything and even if Wei Wuxian was not a top tier PA and he still made mistakes, Lan Wangji did not hold that against him. Even when Wei Wuxian called him by name, nagged at him or scolded him, Lan Wangji did not do anything to him. Wei Wuxian even felt like if he ever decided that he no longer wanted to be his PA, Lan Wangji would let him go without demanding the money back. Wei Wuxian did not know whether to laugh or cry at just how accommodating Lan Wangji was.

And against his better judgements, he thought… was Lan Wangji also this accommodating to Zhong Chunhua? Did he dote on her and made concessions for her just like this? Wei Wuxian could not help but think that Zhong Chunhua was lucky, and he could only hope that she felt lucky and treated Lan Wangji as he deserved to be treated.

Because if he were Zhong Chunhua’s position, he definitely would…

Wei Wuxian dismissed his straying thoughts, shaking his head to get rid of them for extra measure. He glanced at his watch, rolling his eyes at just how long the meeting was taking. Koening had not only had the audacity to demand Lan Wangji come to their company in person, multiple of their executives were late and did not even bother apologising for it. To top it off, they kept Lan Wangji behind schedule and Wei Wuxian could not help but be worried that Lan Wangji would refuse to eat in order to keep to schedule.

As Wei Wuxian seriously considered pulling the fire alarm and creating a disturbance, his eyes caught a flash of blonde hair and his eyes widened slightly in recognition. Up ahead, a young man was entering the lounge; he had curly, blonde hair and light brown eyes. And his tan skin and doll like features could not be mistaken. This was the young man that Zhong Haoran had his arms over during the Zhong family banquet.

The man also noticed Wei Wuxian and his full lips curved into a charming smile. Striding forward, he took a seat in front of Wei Wuxian.

“Are you also here for the interview?” he asked.

Wei Wuxian frantically glanced behind him, and only when he did not see Zhong Haoran emerge, did he relax, “interview?”

“For Koening. For their new winter line.” The man responded.

Wei Wuxian could not keep up with this person’s brain circuits, “what winter line?”

The man blew out an exasperated breath, “their new clothing line! Though I’m guessing you’re not a model if you didn’t know that. Which is good for me because if someone as beautiful as you were my competition, they would never pick me.”

Wei Wuxian scrutinised the man, wondering how someone with such a good disposition ended up with Zhong Haoran.

“Oh, I never told you my name! I’m An Wenyan.” The man introduced. Wei Wuxian did not know it was possible to meet someone more all over the place than he was, but An Wenyan proved him wrong.

“Wei Wuxian.” he responded with a smile.

“So, Wei Wuxian, if you are not here for the modelling job, why are you here? Getting into a company like Koening is not easy, even my backer had to work hard to get me this interview.” An Wenyan informed matter of factly, as if admitting to a total stranger that he had a backer in the industry was nothing to him.

Wei Wuxian once again, could not help wondering how such a man ended up with Zhong Haoran. Though, if Zhong Haoran was the ‘backer’ then it made more sense.

“I’m here with my boss.” Wei Wuxian answered.

An Wenyan grinned, leaning forward, “is your boss looking for a bed warmer? Sugar baby? Whatever you want to call it.”

Wei Wuxian laughed, imagining Lan Wangji’s face if he were here, “I don’t think so.”

“Oh.” An Wenyan pouted, “I suppose I’ll just have to stick to my current backer then.”

Wei Wuxian continued smiling, ears pricking at the sound of footsteps and An Wenyan perked up, facing the door.

“That must be more models on their way up. Help me scare them off, will you?”

The footsteps sounded heavy, as if the owner did not care about making noise in the otherwise peaceful building. As the footsteps got nearer, Wei Wuxian smelt smoke and his eyes darted to the No Smoking sign. This person also clearly did not care about following the rules.

Then, the person entered the room, cigarette dangling off his lips, and Wei Wuxian’s smile immediately froze.

“Haoran.” An Wenyan called with a smile, though Wei Wuxian briefly noticed that he flinched slightly before hesitating to get up.

Zhong Haoran raised an eyebrow, eyes darting to Wei Wuxian’s. And a slightly lecherous smile appeared on his lips.