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at the end of the road, there is you

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“Pumpkin spice latte again?”

Wei Wuxian looked up from his phone, giving the barista a sheepish smile before nodding. Then, his eyes shifted to the pastries placed neatly behind her. “And 2 brownies, please.”

The barista nodded, getting to work and Wei Wuxian used that time to send a rapid text to Lan Wangji. From where he stood in front of the line, he could see Lan Wangji’s car parked on the other side of the road, the windows tinted black to give privacy to the man inside. He could only hope that Lan Wangji did not mind waiting an extra 5 minutes.

It had already been more than 2 weeks since Wei Wuxian officially began his role as Lan Wangji’s PA and so far, his daily tasks had somehow become making sure that Lan Wangji had his meals on time. He had heard one of the gossiping staff refer to him as a “nanny” several times and although he knew they said it to make fun of him, Wei Wuxian honestly could not disagree with their words.

Lan Wangji was difficult; Lan Wangji did not know what it meant to take care of himself and more often than not, Wei Wuxian often found himself frustrated at the lack of care Lan Wangji displayed to himself. Taking care of the company, the employees, of his brother and even making sure Wei Wuxian did not find his job difficult, Lan Wangji could do. Taking care of himself, however?

Wei Wuxian blew out a breath, quickly collecting the food he ordered and dashing out of the coffee shop. He crossed the road and knocked twice on the window, a sign for Lan Wangji’s driver to unlock the car.

Wei Wuxian entered the car, settling in beside Lan Wangji and turning to the other man with a frown. The driver, who had long been used to this PA breaking normal conventions, tacitly drove off and even put up the privacy partition for extra measure. Wei Wuxian ignored the driver, eyes trailing across Lan Wangji’s face and frown deepening the more he looked.

“Sir,” he began, and Lan Wangji exhaled a breath, knowing he was about to be scolded.

Sure enough, Wei Wuxian’s lips turned into an even more disapproving frown, “did you not promise me yesterday that you wouldn’t stay up late looking over the proposals from Koening?”

Lan Wangji also looked at Wei Wuxian under the sunglasses he wore. And not for the first time in the 2 weeks that Wei Wuxian officially became his PA, he wondered how he let himself walk into such a trap. Between his brother and Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji did not know who could nag more. Lan Wangji found himself even missing Wen Qing and he sighed once again, lamenting his fate.

In a tone that sounded very much wronged, Lan Wangji responded, “I did not stay up any later than I normally do.”

Wei Wuxian tutted, handing the latte to Lan Wangji and looking at him with an appraising eye, “then why are the dark circles underneath your eyes even worse?”

“I am wearing sunglasses.”

“I can still see them.”

Lan Wangji sighed once again, drinking the latte without another word. Due to his praise for the latte once before, Wei Wuxian had assumed that he liked sweet things and would constantly get him the drink every morning. Lan Wangji could only drink with a straight face each time, not having the heart to tell him to stop.

“Lan Zhan.” Wei Wuxian said.

The driver at the front could only roll his eyes. Calling him sir one moment then his birth name the next. What’s the use of pretending to call him sir?

“Wei Wuxian.” Lan Wangji responded.

“Do I have to physically move in with you to take care of you?”

Lan Wangji’s lips twitched, “no need. Your new apartment is almost ready and moving in to take care of me is not in your job description.”

Wei Wuxian almost rolled his eyes, choosing not to debate the topic of his new apartment for a moment. Lan Wangji had informed him just last week that he had purchased him a new apartment close to Lan Enterprise and that it would be ready soon. It had since been an ongoing battle of Wei Wuxian insisting he did not need a new apartment and Lan Wangji insisting that he did. Jiang Cheng had once said Wei Wuxian was a sugar baby; at this point, was he not correct? And Lan Wangji, did he truly have money clouding up his brain that he did not mind squandering it away like that?

“I will call and complain to your brother.” Wei Wuxian spoke.

The driver could not help but react once again, thinking to himself how is he a PA? Isn’t he just like a nagging boyfriend?

Lan Wangji raised an eyebrow, fingers moving to tug gently on Wei Wuxian’s ear before he could comprehend his actions. “Using my brother to threaten me? Two weeks in and you have already grown wings.”

Wei Wuxian grinned, inwardly thinking about how soft Lan Wangji’s fingers were and not realising how his actions could look to outsiders, leaned in and used both hands to take off Lan Wangji’s sunglasses. His face was close to Lan Wangji’s and this close, he could see that the dark circles had indeed gotten worse and despite how much he tried to make sure Lan Wangji had his meals on time, his face had still lost a bit of weight.

“I will also ask your brother to complain to your uncle.” Wei Wuxian said, voice turning into a whisper without his realisation. Wei Wuxian did not know what it was about Lan Wangji’s eyes, but he could not help but be drawn in every time he looked at them like this. Lan Wangji stared at him for a moment, feeling the ear his fingers were still holding turn slightly hot before he released his hold.

Turning away, he glanced outside the window.

Wei Wuxian felt an awkwardness immediately, darting quickly away from Lan Wangji, fingers still gripping the sunglasses.

He coughed twice and spoke in a voice he hoped did not sound off, “I’m sorry, sir. I was out of line.”

Lan Wangji remained silent for a while before turning to Wei Wuxian, “book a seat for us at Bai for after the meeting with Koening today.”

Wei Wuxian resisted grinning with triumph, the previous awkwardness fading away, “and you’ll take your pills and try to sleep on time?”

“Don’t push your luck.” Lan Wangji responded, snatching his sunglasses back and facing the window once again with purpose.

Wei Wuxian, who had a sense of accomplishment whipped out his phone, happily dialling the familiar number to book a reservation.

And the driver, who once again, felt as if he could foretell the future kept driving on, making a mental note to himself to get even closer to Wei Wuxian.