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at the end of the road, there is you

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Wei Wuxian raised his head, staring into Lan Wangji’s eyes before slowly releasing his fingers from where they had left crescent shapes on his palm. Lan Wangji’s hold on his wrists lessened and he took a step back.

“Come with me.” Lan Wangji said, then he turned to Wen Qing, “I’ll call you to come find him in 10 minutes.”

Lan Wangji moved forward, and Wei Wuxian scrambled to follow him. As he passed by, he could hear low whispers coming from the employees around him and even Wen Qing looked stupefied, as if Lan Wangji had done something out of character. He allowed Lan Wangji to lead him to an elevator that seemed to be different to the one he had been in earlier with Wen Qing.

This elevator was not made of glass so that there was privacy for the people inside. It reminded Wei Wuxian of the one he had rode to the penthouse that Lan Wangji lived in, complete with a soft chair placed at the corner.

Lan Wangji waited for the elevator to close before pointing at the chair, “sit.” He instructed.

Lan Wangji’s face was always hard to read, and even more so at work. Wei Wuxian thought that he was not angry with him, but he also did not know how to act. So, he sat down as Lan Wangji had said, head bowed low the whole time. Lan Wangji watched his movements, almost breaking his stoic mask at how amused he was. Wei Wuxian was acting so obedient, as if he were a kid at kindergarten about to receive a scolding from his teacher.

Lan Wangji did not speak either, hands in his pocket as he waited to reach the 20th floor, where his office was located.

Only when the elevator reached its destination and Lan Wangji stepped out with Wei Wuxian did he speak.

“I’m not sure if Wen Qing told you already. But there are 22 floors to this building. The 20th floor belongs to me, the 21st belongs to my brother and the 22nd to my uncle.” Lan Wangji explained as they walked.

As soon as they stepped off the elevator, a large room which obviously belonged to Lan Wangji appeared ahead. By the large doors, there was a receptionist desk where a pretty, young man sat. Most likely Lan Wangji’s personal receptionist. The young man looked up as Lan Wangji advanced with Wei Wuxian in tow. He raised his eyebrow, getting up quickly as a sign of respect for Lan Wangji, though his eyes never strayed from Wei Wuxian’s the entire time. Wei Wuxian briefly glanced at the name plate on the counter as they passed, Wang Donghai.

Lan Wangji led Wei Wuxian inside the office, briefly switching on the lights in passing.

Wei Wuxian finally looked up, and he had to smile despite his current state. He did not know Lan Wangji that well, but the office seemed to be the very definition of who Lan Wangji was as a person. It was designed in a minimalistic style, the shade of azure blue he had begun to associate with Lan Wangji the only splash of colour in the otherwise stark white room.

Just like the ground floor, the office was sectioned into different rooms. The main room held Lan Wangji’s desk area and couches for guests to sit on.

“Spare bedroom is on the left; the kitchen is the room in the middle and the rest room is the room on the far right.” Lan Wangji explained, taking a seat on his office chair.

He indicated that Wei Wuxian should take a seat in front of him, and Wei Wuxian did so, dropping his briefcase in the haste. Lan Wangji almost snorted in amusement.

“I’m sorry.” Lan Wangji said when Wei Wuxian had finally sat down properly.

Wei Wuxian looked up, confusion on his face, “for what?”

“I wanted to get you out of there quickly, so I did not ask. Are you ok?”

Wei Wuxian had to fight to hold the tears at bay. He had been worried, so worried that he had already made things difficult for Lan Wangji. Just a couple minutes in and he was already a mess, and yet Lan Wangji was not angry. He had thought Lan Wangji was surely about to scold him for his incompetence but… he just wanted to save him from further embarrassment.

He nodded fiercely, biting his lip to stop the tears, “I’m fine. Thank you.”

Lan Wangji leaned back, “was it Wen Qing? Did she scare you? It’s my fault for not coming to personally receive you.”

Downstairs on the 14th floor, Wen Qing suddenly sneezed.

“A cold?” she muttered.

Wei Wuxian almost laughed, and shaking his head, he leaned forward, “she is just a bit scary.” He admitted.

Lan Wangji played along, tapping his finger against the desk in contemplation, “then I’ll have to deduct her salary.”

Downstairs on the 14th floor, Wen Qing sneezed again.

“Not a cold. Someone’s definitely talking about me.” She spoke.

Wei Wuxian finally laughed, eyes twinkling, “Lan Zhan! She scares me so much already please don’t make it worse!” he exclaimed.

Half a beat later, his eyes widened as he realised what he’d just said, “Mr Lan. Sorry, I meant Mr Lan.”

Cute. Lan Wangji dismissed that thought.

“Wei Wuxian.” he spoke, a seriousness catching on to his tone. Wei Wuxian also stopped, listening intently.

“I personally appointed you. I would not have done so if I had not considered your character and if I did not think, that with time, you’ll be a valuable asset for me and for the company.”

“Mr Lan…”

“Dismiss all thoughts about whether you deserve to be here or whether you have the qualifications to be. I would not have appointed you if I believed otherwise.”

“So don’t hurt yourself. Don’t make yourself feel inferior, not to me or to anyone else here.”

It was not harsh to say that Wei Wuxian truly did not have the qualifications to be there. He knew that personally. He did not have the education that he was sure most employees at Lan Enterprise had. He knew that he maybe trampled on so many other people to directly become a CEO’s personal assistant. He knew that Lan Wangji had made many exceptions for him and he was not thinking that out of self-pity. He just thought that it was a fact that he genuinely did not belong. But Lan Wangji, even when Wei Wuxian was filthy, his home the subway, under the bridge, when he had only his guitar to his name, even then he had saw something in him. Wanted him as his PA without second thoughts.

Perhaps Wei Wuxian did not deserve it, but he would work hard. Work harder than anyone else to deserve it. Whatever Lan Wangji saw in him, he would work hard to be that person, to not let Lan Wangji down. So what if Lan Enterprise was a jungle? So what if he did not have the education that others did?

He had been homeless before. He had fought for most of his life to live. Compared to that, what was Lan Enterprise?

Steeling his shoulders, Wei Wuxian did not have to pretend to feel confident this time around, he smiled at Lan Wangji.

“I won’t let you down, sir.”

“Good.” Lan Wangji answered. “I’ll have Wen Qing come find you now.”