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at the end of the road, there is you

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Lan Wangji’s eyes roamed across the computer screen in front of him. If observed closely, one would notice that his eyes looked tired, and the dark circles had only gotten worse since the Zhong family banquet a week ago. There was an unbearable ache in his head, and he found that he could not concentrate on the reports sent to him to look over. Instead, he clicked off the reports and navigated to the form he had sent to Wei Wuxian to fill out for the necessary items he would need once he officially joined the company.

Wei Wuxian’s details appeared on the screen in front of Lan Wangji, and he read them over for the umpteenth time. From what Wei Wuxian had wrote on the form, his birthday was on October 31st, which was in less than a month. He was currently 23 years old, four years younger than Lan Wangji. He finished high school and after that, he did not have any details on higher education. Lan Wangji also noticed that in his emergency contacts, the name he listed down was a Jiang Cheng. No mention of his parents.

As for his past work experience, besides a part time job he had as a high schooler working as a barista, he had nothing else. He listed his personal skills as being very good at communication, time management, organisation, and hard working. He had also listed out his current address which Lan Wangji recognised as one of the old, dilapidated apartments located almost 2 hours away from Lan Enterprise.

Lan Wangji frowned at that, perhaps he would have to arrange for a new apartment for Wei Wuxian to live in, to make it easier for him.

Lan Wangji’s eyes then trailed to the picture Wei Wuxian had attached for his employee ID. It was an obvious newly taken picture. Wei Wuxian’s inky black hair was styled back so that his forehead was exposed. A faint smile was on his lips as he gazed directly at the camera. One bright, grey eye and one murky one.

Lan Wangji had to admit again that this man was beautiful.

A knock pulled him from his thoughts, and he schooled his expression into a neutral one before allowing the other person to come in. Wen Qing entered; red lips pulled into a grin as if she was in a secret that no one else new. From the glint in her eyes, Lan Wangji knew this woman had gossiping on her mind.

Sure enough, she sat in the chair opposite him, leaning forward eagerly, “you actually employed someone as your PA?”

Lan Wangji resisted the urge to roll his eyes, “is that such a surprise?”

“For someone as untrustworthy as you? Isn’t it only reluctantly that you managed to take me as a friend and someone you can trust?”

“Who considers you as a friend? Who trusts you?”

Wen Qing smiled, undeterred by Lan Wangji’s blatant lie before continuing, “you’ve been a CEO for so long and yet you have never employed a PA. I’ve had to basically be your unofficial PA for three years now and now all of a sudden— who is the lucky one who managed to win over your heart?”

Lan Wangji sighed, ignoring Wen Qing’s was of phrasing the question and turning his desktop around to show her Wei Wuxian’s details. He watched as Wen Qing read over the information, her eyebrows seeming to rise in surprise the more she read.

“What?” she asked after she finished reading.

“What?” Lan Wangji countered.

“I was joking before about someone winning over your heart, but are you actually bewitched? This man has no experience to his name besides a part time job as a barista. No higher education to speak of; he has probably never worked in such a company as big as this one and yet you’re willing to hire him as your PA?”

“Jealous?” Lan Wangji commented, and Wen Qing laughed.

“Who wouldn’t be! But that’s not the point, is everything okay with you? Have you thought this through?”

Wen Qing was not an elitist by any means, nor did she have ill feeling for this Wei Wuxian she did not know. And she knew that if Lan Wangji had appointed him as his PA, then he must have exceptional qualities. But that did not stop her from being worried. Her words were not out of being mean or jealous, but out of pure concern. Wei Wuxian indeed did not have the qualifications to be someone like Lan Wangji’s personal assistant. And in such a shark like environment such as Lan Enterprise, Wen Qing wondered if the man could even last an hour, talk about the 2 years contract that Lan Wangji had drawn up for him.

“Wangji… this—isn’t this setting him up for failure?”

“I have my reasons.” Lan Wangji simply answered.

“But look at him! He looks like he could not hurt a fly let alone be a PA for someone like you. If he gets targeted by others in the company and gets bullied, what then?”

“It is a good thing you’re the one I’m trusting him to then, isn’t it?”

“What?” Wen Qing felt as if she had been hit by blow after blow since she entered Lan Wangji’s office. She suddenly wished she had stopped her gossiping heart and left Lan Wangji alone.

“You said so yourself. You have been like my unofficial PA for the past three years. I’ll have him shadow you to learn.”


“It’s final, Wen Qing. I know what I’m doing. He’ll join the company officially next month. I’ll entrust him to you.”

Wen Qing sighed, fingers massaging her temples.

“Friends for so long and I still don’t understand you, not really.” Wen Qing muttered. Then with a groan, she leaned against the chair, tilting her head back. “Fine, fine… entrust him to me. I’ll turn him into a shark for you.”

Lan Wangji glanced down, ignoring Wen Qing.

Of course, he was well aware of Wen Qing’s worries and he understood why she felt that way. However, he had not force, and would not force Wei Wuxian into the position. Despite the money Wei Wuxian collected in advance, even if in the future he wanted to quit, Lan Wangji would not hold it over his head and would let him go.

He could tell that Wei Wuxian needed that money for something desperate which was why he had accepted Wei Wuxian’s request of being his PA. He would not have minded simply giving the money to him if he had asked, but Wei Wuxian clearly wanted to work hard for it so Lan Wangji would not trample on his pride either.

“Help me look for an apartment close by.” Lan Wangji finally spoke. “Something not too small but not too excessive either. One bedroom.”

Wen Qing’s mind worked a mile a minute before she realised what the implications behind Lan Wangji’s words were. She had also read Wei Wuxian’s file and saw his address which was more than 2 hours way from Lan Enterprise. Lan Wangji asking her to look for an apartment—wasn’t it for Wei Wuxian?

Her gossiping heart started again, and she scrutinised Lan Wangji until the other man looked up with an eyebrow raise.

“Yes?” Lan Wangji prompted.

“Nothing!” Wen Qing answered, annoying grin on her lips as she stood up to leave. “I just thought that maybe there’s no point in turning that Wei Wuxian into a shark anymore.”

After all, it seemed as if Lan Wangji had every intent to protect him.