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Voltron One Shots

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Lance stormed through the Galra battle cruiser, his blue eyes flaming with rage. After 6 months, the team finally tracked down Keith's whereabouts after Lotor betrayed them and captured Keith. Lance had no idea what condition Keith was in, or what had been done to him, but Lance refused to let him stay on the cruiser any longer. Sentries and soldiers alike went down as Lance shot them in the head with mechanical precision. Where Keith's rage burned like fire, Lance's became ice and froze everything in it's path. He swept past the fallen sentries and corpses of the soldiers without sparing them a glance. Reaching the end of the hall, Lance took out the remaining soldier with a jab to the throat, crushing his windpipe with the butt of his rifle. Lance's single minded determination to reach Keith muffled the clamor of his teammates in the coms as they chased after Lance, following the trail of carnage and destruction he left behind. Lance used Pidge's virus to open the door of the cell and saw a bedraggled, bloody body huddled motionless in the corner. He rushed forward and gently turned the broken and emaciated form over to see Keith's face. Keith was barely recognizable under the grime and wounds he had sustained and Lance almost explodes with the instinct to murder everyone responsible for hurting his love. Brushing Keith's matted hair from his forehead Lance carefully lifted him into a bridal carry and gave him a gentle kiss. As Lance carried Keith out of the cell, he made a vow: ""I am coming for all the monsters that ever touched him, I am coming for all the ones who twisted his stars into shadows, They turned him into a nightmare, So I’m going to be theirs." - AND THEY’LL NEVER WAKE UP // K.S. (VIA WORTHYGAMORA)