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Kiss on the Lips

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  It was a normal Friday. Sarawat, Man and Boss were at the cafeteria just eating and having a normal chat while they waited for their classes to begin, until their phone’s started to blow up with notifications and, of course, it was their group chat with Tine, Ohm, Fong and Phuak. Apparently they were invited to a big party and they were told to bring more people. After that the chat didn’t stop...the whole day, all Man, Boss, Ohm, Fhong, Phuak and Tine talked about was the party. That there would be many attractive people, that the DJ was super good and that it was going to be the best party ever and etc. Sarawat on the other hand didn’t seem as excited as his friends where.’s not that Sarawat hated parties...well...okay, he didn’t really like them, he would rather go to a bar where they would be able to talk and maybe listen to some live music. But what really made him hate going to parties was that at every party that Tine was at was basically torture to Sarawat. Why he had to fall for his straight friend? Not only that but the one who got the most girls, every party Tine had a pretty girl drooling over him.

  Sarawat tried to cheer himself up, thinking that at least he would have fun with his friends while he got ready, trying not to think about Tine that much(that was basically impossible for him to be honest). After he was done he waited for his ride, the man himself, Tine. He said that he didn’t feel like drinking today so he was going to be the designated driver, so he was going to give a ride to Sarawat, Fong and Type, Tine’s brother who apparently just arrived in town after a year of studying abroad so Tine wanted to make him feel welcomed and he invited him to come to the party with them.

  His phone beeped signaling a new text. It was Tine telling him that he was waiting for him on the front of his building. Sarawat signed, grabbed his phone, wallet, and the keys to his house, and went to meet Tine. All his frustration disappeared when he saw Tine smiling at him looking perfect as always. Apparently Tine decided to pick him up first, so Sarawat sat on the front and could clearly see Tine’s polished look. “Hey, you look good today!” Said Tine in a cheery tone that made a small smile appear in Sarawat lips “And you look great as always, definitely going to break some hearts today, hahaha” probably mine Thought Sarawat, Tine blushed a bit but Sarawat didn’t notice due to him trying to look at anything but Tine.

  They picked up Fong and the first thing he did was tease them, as always, “Hey guys! How is my favorite couple doing?” Sarawat made an annoyed huff and Tine gave him a shy laugh. Then Tine picked his brother Type who by the look on his face wasn’t really excited to go to a party with his little brother and his noisy friends. They arrived at the party and waited for the others near the entrance.

  Sarawat noticed some girls already looking at Tine and giggling while he chatted with Fong and Type, he signed, This is going to be a loong night…, After a few minutes, Ohm and Phuak arrived by cab, since according to them they planned on getting shit faced, and right after Man and Boss arrived in his bike. They approached the group and the moment Man laid his eye on Type Sarawat could see that he was already interested. He and Boss introduced themselves since they were the only ones that didn’t know Type yet and they entered the party

  The place was really nice, there was a huge bar at the back, the DJ was playing some popular electronic song and it was definitely too loud to talk. They stuck together for a bit and grabbed some drinks until slowly they started to separate, somehow Man convinced Type to go somewhere quieter where they could chat, Fong was flirting with a tall guy, Phuk and Ohm were sweet-talking a group of girls and Tine was talking to a tiny and very pretty cute girl, "Great" sighed Sarawat. Leaving Sarawat only with Boss...nevermind Sarawat saw Boss following a Blond girl do the dance floor. Now not only I’ll be moping about my crush being all over girls, but I’m also alone in this party I didn’t want to come thought Sarawat annoyed.

  He decided to order more booze for himself. While he was at the bar a very handsome dude approached him and started a conversation. At first, Sarawat wasn’t really in the mood, but then he thought, fuck it, might as well flirt with a hot dude. After he got his booze, he and the hot dude went to the side of the bar where there were some other couples. Sarawat was losing up a bit getting more flirty, getting closer to the dude, when he was about to make a move he got pulled by no other then Tine.

  He excused the dude and pulled Sarawat outside. They were in an empty smoking space, Sarawat was fed up, why can’t he try to do something other than pin over Tine!

  “Why did you do that?” asked Sarawat annoyed

  “Do what?”

  “Brought me here. I mean I was talking to that guy inside.”

  “I..I don’t know?”

  “Really... would you like if when you were flirting with a girl I just pulled you away from her?”


  “You wouldn’t. So answer me why did yo…

  He was interrupted by Tine suddenly kissing him, with his hands on both sides of Sarawat’s face, at first he was too shocked to react but then he just melted and kissed Tine back. It was slow, nice and definitely not long enough because when he decided to move his hand and place them on Tine’s waist Tine broke the kiss.

  Did that just happen? thought Sarawat looking at Tine’s blushing face, Sarawat was pretty sure that he never looked more adorable. He barely had time to think about what to say when Tine just ran away.

  Sarawat just stood there in shock…Did Tine, my friend, and crush and 100% straight guy just kissed me?! he thought, smiling and feeling his heart beating like crazy, but then remembering that Tine ran away Maybe he doesn’t like me...wait..if he didn’t like me he wouldn’t just kiss me? would he? probably not…rigth?

  Meanwhile, Tine just went after Fong. “Dude, I really need to talk to you.” “Can’t you see that I’m busy?” said Fong motioning with his head the dude he was talking too “I’m sorry it’s an emergency like a big emergency!” Fong looked at his friend’s worried state apologized to the guy and went to the entrance of the party with Tine so they could talk and Tine could breathe some fresh air.

  When they got there Fong asked what happened and Tine sighed and started to explain “Well I was doing what you told me to do and was flirting with some girl to see if Sarawat got jealous so I could know if he liked me or not. But when I look back at him he was talking to this really handsome dude and then they went to the side and started to talk and started getting closer and whispering into each other ears and I just couldn’t handle it…” “Dude calm down breath” Fong interrupted “...So I just left the girl and pulled him away from that guy into a smoking space and hoped he wouldn’t ask why I did it, but he did…” Fong looked at Tine with a pitiful look “He kept asking why I did it, and if I would have liked if he pulled me away from a girl that I was flirting with…” “Wich we both know that you wouldn’t” Interrupted Fong again. “Yeah..but while he kept asking he kept coming closer to me and I just couldn’t come up with an excuse so I just kissed him…” “...Wait WHAT!’’ Fong said shocked “Yeah…” Tine looked at his shoes.

  After a bit of silence Fong asked “What happened next, did he punch you? Actually I doubt he would do that, he would probably just push you, he might not like you back but everybody knows you are his favorite friend, even Man knows that!” Tine sighed “I must have shocked him cause he kissed me back...but then he put his hands on my waist probably wanting to push me, to make me let go of him but he is to god damn nice to do that. So I broke the kiss and he looked at me but I couldn’t decipher what he was thinking so I left...I shouldn’t have kissed him, god I really shouldn’t! He probably hates me right now!”

  Fong looked at Tine shocked. How someone could be that oblivious? “ you think that he kissed you back because he was shocked? And that his way to try and break the kiss was by putting his hands on your waist?” “Yes…” Tine nodded still looking down. Fong was still in disbelieve “We are talking about the same Sarawat that said to Mil’s face that he could rot in hell? the same Sarawat that pushed super hard Man because he started to tickle him and he didn’t stop when he asked…” “Well, but you said it yourself, I’m his favorite friend…” Tine looked confused “Yes, I said he wouldn’t punch you. But kissing you back and putting his hand on your waist while kissing you...that’s not really friendly” Fong tried to explain “Wait! You think he likes me?”Tina looked shocked. Fong got his phone tapped something in it and put back it in his pocket “We should just wait and see… hey, can you wait here for a bit I‘ll be right back”.

  Tine waited there leaning on the wall looking at his feet thinking about his conversation with Fong when someone stood in front of him. When he turned his attention to the person it was the last person he wanted to see but at the same time the person he wanted to see the most, Sarawat. “Hey...” said Sarawat awkwardly “Hey...” answered Tine looking back at his feet. They stayed in awkward silence for a few seconds until Sarawat spoke again “Tine...Look at me” Tine hesitated but did what he was asked. “Why did you kiss me? Please be honest.” Tine looked away, but Sarawat placed his hand on Tine's cheek and made him look back at him. They were closer than before Tine was sure of that which made it harder to focus on a lie or an excuse, so Tine decided to just tell the truth “I like you...” Sarawat looked a bit surprised, but he smiled at Tine which made the other smile as well, a smiling Sarawat was a thing that only a few people got to see.

  “So...does that mean that you like me back?” asked Tine even though he sort of had an idea of what Sarawat might feel for him, he still needed to hear him say it. Sarawat looked at Tine’s lips placed his other hand on his other cheek and slowly closed the distance between them till their lips connected again. The kiss was slow, but with more passion and defiantly longer than the last one. When they broke the kiss, Sarawat hugged Tine with all his strength almost squishing him in the process. ”Does that answer your question?” Sarawat said, Tine just laughed and hugged him back.