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Happily Ever Now

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1: Death Can Be Undone

Jennifer later admitted she was the one who gave Deacon their numbers, but of course without telling them first, so Cole and Ramse got hit with identical voicemail bombs, in that familiar, weaving, lazy drawl: "Hey there, I think I'm supposed to remember you guys?" The background noise level was high, but not street level, and Ramse was the one who put it together first, just like always: "It's a bar -- remember, he said he always wanted to have one? With his brother." Cole just sat there, marvelling: Deacon and his brother.

2: Love Cannot

They wound up calling him back together on speakerphone, side by side on the sofa, slouched forward, arms folded. The connection went through and Deacon picked up way too fast so Cole, caught in the middle of clearing his throat, said "Uh, hello. Does West VII -- " and then had to cough. Ramse picked it up instead: "Does West VII mean anything to you?" The silence lasted too long. Deacon said, "I don't know, should it?" and right as Cole was watching Ramse's face start to fall, they heard that loud whooping cackle. "You fucker," he said in thanks and relief.