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Their Name Is Finn

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     “So when am I gonna meet your kid?” the male dancer asked as they did their warm-up stretches.
     Finn rolled their eyes, putting their long, golden hair into a tight bun. “Cool your jets, Badar. Flora and I have only just started talking about beginning to have kids.”
     “Tick tock. Flora may be as fabulous as ever, but you, my friend, aren’t getting any younger.”
     “I’m literally younger than you and only in my early thirties. Besides, we were thinking about adoption,” they added as they pulled their left leg over their head.
     “What has you so kid-obsessed anyway,” Finn continued. “I thought you and Asher didn’t want any of them.”
     “Oh, we don’t. I love working here, but two hours a week with these screaming little monsters is about as much as I can handle. I am so ready to be your kid’s fun uncle though!”
     The performer chuckled lightly. “That is a roll you were born for Badar. Now come on, it’s time to start class.”
     The hour went by smoothly, Badar and Finn demonstrating some simple dance moves and watched as they children under their care tried to replicate it, providing gentle instruction when necessary. Once their allotted time was over, snacks were handed out to the children in an attempt to bribe them into being still while they waited for their parents to come pick them up.
    Finn was went into their office to retrieve some more water bottles when they felt a slight tug on their work out clothing.
     “Instructor Finn,” the ten-year-old girl whispered, “I have to talk to you about something.”
     The adult kneeled down so the two of them were at direct eye level. “What is it Ariadne?”
     “You know how you always say that if something bad happens we have to tell you about it?”
     “Yes, why? Is someone in the class causing you trouble?”
     The girl shook her head. “I think someone in the class might be in trouble.”
     “His name is Wren. Only been at the dance studio for a few classes.”
     Flora watched the nine-year-old sleep in their guest bedroom through the doorway. “And he’s been living all by himself?”
    Her spouse nodded. “One of the girls in my class, Ariadne, she said that she noticed her friend was grabbing a bunch of extra snacks after practice and taking them with him, looked sick a lot, occasionally tried to hide mysterious burns.”
     “When I approached him about it, Wren said he was just hungry and sometimes got injured when he was helping his mom in the kitchen. But when I went to his house later that day to check up on him, it was obvious by the look of the place what was going on. He was literally trying to teach himself to cook just so he could try and eat.” 
     “But he must have some family.”
     “It doesn’t look like it. Apparently sister had been raising him for most of his life, but she’s dead now.
     “Look, I know I should’ve cleared this with you before I brought them over, but when the social worker said they had nowhere to put him, the next thing I knew-“
     “Hey,” the part-scorpion said as she took their hand. “It’s okay, I get it. I could never be mad at you for helping in a situation like this.”
     A look of guilt washed over Finn’s face. “I just wish I would’ve done something sooner.”
     “You didn’t know. But now you do and you didn’t hesitate to act. Wren can stay with us as long as they need to.”
      “Are you sure? This is definitely going to complicate our plans of starting a family of our own.”
     “That’s okay,” she said with a gentle squeeze of the hand. “It’ll be good practice.”
     It turned out to be more than just practice.
     It took a few months for Wren to fully trust the two people he had come to live with. At the beginning, he mostly stuck to his room, even opting out of attending Finn’s dance classes. But little by little, the young boy began to open up and do things with the couple, joining in on their family game nights and meals. They helped Flora run her weekly drum circle and had one-on-one sleepovers with Finn. The child went to them when they were sad, but when they had something exciting and joyous to share. And the more and more involved Wren became in their lives, the more and more Finn and Flora wanted this to situation to never end.
      One day, half a year after he had came to live with them, the couple was lying on the couch, Finn painting Flora’s toe nails for her, when the boy approached them.
     The part-feline sat the bottle of nail polish down on the table. “Something on your mind Wren?”
     “Yeah. I was wondering...”
     Flora smiled assuringly. “Whatever you want to say, you can say it. And there will be no judgements.”
     “Can...can you guys be my parents?”
     The couple looked at each other, astonished. Then, Finn turned to the boy, tears of joy spilling from their eyes, and whispers, “nothing would make us happier.”
     Adora nervously fidgeted with her hands. “What if he doesn’t like us?”
     Finn rolled their eyes in response. “Mom, relax, they’re going to love you.”
     “Wren,” Flora started as she placed a hand on her son’s shoulder, having just signed the adoption papers that made it officially so, “this is Catra and Adora, your Noni’s parents.”
     The blonde woman kneeled down in front of the newest member of the family. “It’s very nice to meet you, Wren. I’ve heard a lot of nice things about you.”
     But all Wren says in reply is, “you’re She-ra, right?”
     “Um, well technically yes, but at my age it’s more of a title than an actual job I perform.”
     “Can I see your sword?”
     Catra snickered in the background as her wife pulled her iconic weapon out of thin air, muttering, “everybody always wants to see the sword.”
     Finn smiled as they watch their child’s eyes grow wide at the blend, slowly touching it in an almost reverent tone.
     “Hey,” Flora pulls herself into her spouse’s embrace. “We have a son now.”
     “I know. It’s incredible.”
     “Are you happy?”
     “With you two by my side? Always.”
     And they meant it. Despite all that they had gone through to get here- the self-doubt, the tears, the hard conversations- they believed with all their heart that it was worth it. Because they were a part of an amazing family, they were safe and warm and loved. 
     And there was no place Finn would rather be.