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Their Name Is Finn

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     “The baby is coming,” Ella shouted excitingly, jumping around the hallway of the Brightmoon Castle.
     “Yes, sweetheart,” Bow said with a chuckle as he held his youngest child, Fletcher, in his arms. “The baby is gonna be here real soon.”
      “But we don’t know exactly when ‘soon’ is,” Glimmer added. “Adora only started having contractions yesterday, meaning she could deliver the baby even as late as tomorrow night. So we’re all going to have to be patient while we wait, okay?”
      Ella folded her arms across her chest and poured, “I hate waiting.”
     “Me too, Sparkles Jr., me too,” Catra said as she walked up to the family, grabbing their attention. The brunette then looked lovingly at the tiny bundle she was cradling in her arms and added, “and apparently, this little guy doesn’t like to wait either. Adora was only pushing for, like, ten minutes.”
      “Dang this kid was eager to get here,” the queen said as she looked down at the bundle, noticing that aside from their lighter complexion and both eyes being blue, the boy was the spitting image of Catra. “They’re gorgeous.”
     “I know,” the new mom said smugly.
     “How’s Adora doing,” the master archer asked. 
     “Just fine. Everything went smoothly and she was incredible throughout the whole process. She’s sleeping right now, but I’ll make sure to let you guys visit her the moment she wakes up.
      “In the meantime,” Catra said as she inched closer to the couple, “do you guys want to hold our son?”
       Bow smile widened and he reached over to grab the baby, saying, “do you even have to ask? Hand the little man over!”
      “Speaking of ‘the little man,’” Glimmer said as she looked over at her friend with an eyebrow raised playfully, “does this kid have a name? Or are we just gonna keep calling it ‘the baby’ like we have been for the past nine months?” 
      “Well duh, they have a name,” the new mother said as she looked at the addition to her family, pure love and pride in her eyes. “Finn, their name is Finn.”