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One Hundred Words about The Outer Zone

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“I saw the taint of magic that was left. It is Kumbricia – Mother of all Witches. I thought the cave was only a legend.” She sat heavily in the chair, drained. “She has one of our daughters and murdered the second.”

Ahamo's blood froze. “DG is dead?”

“She was. And in the process of giving her life again, it took much of my own power.”

“Then how are we going to stop her?”

Galinda looked up. “We can't. Only Dorothy can, now. With her power and mine, augmented by Lurline's Emerald.”

“She's a baby still,” Ahamo protested. “She won't be able to -”

“You must take her to your Side while I stay and fight her best I can. When she is older, when she is ready, then she can return and destroy the Witch.”

“I can't leave you alone, Galinda. Not while -”

“I cannot protect you, my love.”

“Then,” Ahamo shuddered. “Say I was responsible for DG's death. Banish me. I'll take her and run.”

Tears leaked from her violet eyes.“No one besides us must know that she lives. Not even Ambrose.”

The sleeping child on the bed clung to life despite the magic attack, unaware of her destiny.