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Trauma Team: Next Gen

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This is so dull and I hate Q for making me write it smh


I worked on this fic over the course of a month, on the NaNoWriMo Young Writer’s Program website. It actually was supposed to be my July project but hey ho, whatever. Trauma Center: Next Gen is my first multi-chapter fanfic, and actually the first writing project I’ve stuck to and completed. 

For chapters 1-14 I kinda stuck with how the original plan went. However, I changed chapter 15 quite a bit and therefore the entire story took a turn. The original plan for chapters 15 and 16 (‘Post-Rosalia’ and ‘Research’) went like this:

15: Something unexpected happens during Harry’s op - Post-Rosalia!

16: Analytics, hurrying to find a cure. Erhard calls Naomi and they plan to send Hana, Evie and Charlotte to Mexico to conduct more research

As you can see, in the end it was Harry who got Post- Rosalia, not his patient. And so the reason for going to Mexico also changed. Also, ‘Critical’:

19: A strong treatment plan is found and sent to Resurgam. For now, that’s the only hospital that will need it and since it’s an emergency only minimal clinical trials must be complete but with time and full clinical trials passed it will be sent to many hospitals worldwide. 

This chapter was changed majorly from the plan, due to Harry being ill and also it not fitting the plot line well. So instead we had a critical moment in ICU with Harry and Erhard.

Chapter 19.5/20, or ‘Dead of Night’ was not in the original draft. I finished writing the second draft and decided that I really needed a filler chapter to explain what was going on between Donna and Jesse. Also yes, they are my OTP for this; no I don’t take constructive criticism on that.

Some chapters went better than others and some are definitely more in-character than others. That’s just how writing goes.

My favourite chapter was perhaps writing Gabriel and Charl’s relationship. It was so cool to explore those themes and how they react around each other, not to mention the emotion when Charl told Gabe how Harry was ill.

Although I’m aware it’s not the best thing to exist (TCGeek was amazing when they wrote for the fandom, I loved their stuff) it has a lot of hard work, dedication and time behind it. So, if you are by any chance reading this, thank you. Thank you for putting your time aside to read this stupid story. It may be stupid but I sure had fun with it and I hope you did too!

Some numbers:

Words: 29,159

Chapters: 21

Drafts: 4 (I lOst a drAfttt)

Months: 6

Started: 27th May 2020

Completed: 27th November 2020 (THAT’S SO GODDAMN SATISFYING)