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A life without regret was something Kirishima always aspired to, but he’d be lying if he said that he didn’t feel a twinge of it when he leaned against his roommate’s doorframe, listening to the expletives and keys smashing.

“Hey, shit-for-brains ,” Bakugou snarled at his screen, clicking with enough ferocity that it was a miracle his mouse didn’t shatter in two, “newsflash! Focusing the tank is noob shit, you goddamn loser. No, please, keep wasting your mana! It’s fine .”

It had seemed harmless at the time. A couple of months ago, during the highest heat of the summer, Kirishima had taken his laptop into their shared living room, desperate to escape the hotbox that was his room. With a broken AC unit, he barely spent any time in there, instead preferring the more open space to at least somewhat combat the heat.

Settling on the couch, he grimaced as he pulled his shirt off, the fabric sticking to his sweaty back. He groaned, not appreciating the way everything seemed to cling to his skin.

“Hey. You’re getting your nasty gamer juice all over the place.”

Kirishima lifted his head slightly, staring blearily at Bakugou. He stood in the kitchen, looking wholly unbothered by the muggy weather. One of the cans of soda Kirishima had picked up from the convenience store was fitted snugly in his hand; the condensation mirrored Kirishima’s unpleasantly damp state.

“‘Gamer juice’? You mean sweat , dude?” Kirishima went to put his hands on his stomach, but immediately changed his mind at the sticky contact. “Look, not all of us can handle the heat like you do. And whether or not you play video games has nothing to do with how sweaty you are!”

Bakugou rarely seemed to sweat, which Kirishima privately decided couldn’t be healthy. Not that he would ever tell Bakugou that he was anything short of peak physical form.

Taking a swig of the soda, Bakugou shrugged, already looking uninterested in the conversation. “Whatever. Fact of the matter is, you’re a gross sweaty gamer and I’m not.”

Kirishima rolled his eyes and pulled his headset on. There was no point in arguing this, especially not with someone as stubborn as his roommate. Booting up the client for his favorite MMO, he settled in for what the forums claimed to be the most intense raid event to date.

As he geared up in the comfort of his own guild, a tiny blip in the back of his mind acknowledged something unusual. He had expected Bakugou to slink into his own cave of a room following their conversation, but instead he remained in the kitchen-living room space. He drank his stolen soda, face never budging from his signature scowl, then he started pacing. He half-heartedly poked around at the different piles that dotted their apartment, as if he wanted something from them but couldn’t quite figure it out.

Kirishima peered at him over the top of his screen. “Uh, sorry, man. Guess I should have asked if you minded me playing out here? My room’s like a sauna.”

“It’s your place too,” Bakugou snapped, and that seemed to be it.

“Right. Um, thanks.”

Silence fell over them again. Kirishima tried his best to focus on his quest, but the prickly sensation of being stared at made it very difficult.

And then the impossible happened.

“What, eh, what are you playing?”

Bakugou, showing interest in one of his “stupid idiot baby” games? Kirishima grinned uncertainly up at him, as if expecting to be the butt of another one of Bakugou’s jokes. When no punchline came, he cleared his throat and answered, “Oh, uh, it’s called TavernTree Online. You go on quests and defeat boss monsters to honor your guild. Each guild has their own tavern which you can improve and decorate--”

“Sounds lame,” Bakugou interrupted, but he dropped down on the couch beside Kirishima to glare at the screen. “Is that supposed to be you?”

“This is my avatar, yeah! He’s a half-dragon knight, and he’s super badass and manly. I’m the guildmaster of the Circle of Courageous Knights, and we--”

“Your guild is called CoCK ?”

Kirishima paused, blinking at his screen. Beside him, Bakugou slapped a hand over his own eyes, snorting. “Well… yeah, I guess so,” Kirishima said, joining in on the laughter. “Hey, you fight hardest for what you love.”

“Oh my god. Shut up.” Bakugou’s fingers spread slightly, letting him peek out at the screen. “Hm. Send me the stupid link.”

“Huh? Really?” A huge grin overtook Kirishima’s face. “You gonna game , bro?”

“Not if you keep talking like that.” He pushed himself off the couch, heading towards his room. “Just invite me to your dumbass Cock Circle or whatever.”

“Will do, man!” Kirishima rapidly sent to work getting ready to show Bakugou the ropes and prepare him for a fun gaming experience.

Kirishima sighed, not quite wanting to enter the lion’s den. He watched as Bakugou furiously typed something in chat. It was remarkable he hadn’t gotten banned yet, though he had amassed a handful of warnings.

In just a couple of months, Bakugou had taken a cherished pastime of Kirishima’s and turned it into a brutal competition, level grinding every night well into the early hours of the morning. On one hand, it did wonders for Kirishima’s guild ranks, but it also sucked the fun right out of CoCK. He built the guild to be a fun place for roleplayers and LFG newbies. Now it was just like any other tryhard guild.

“Yo, Bakugou,” he said, waiting for him to push his headphones back to listen, “the squad’s meeting up for food. You coming?”

Eyes not leaving the screen, he growled, “No, I gotta finish this dungeon and get the ultra rare drop before this event ends. Figured my goddamn guildmaster would be helping out, but guess not.”

Kirishima rolled his eyes. “All right, man, I’ll bring you back a burger or something. Later.” Not waiting for the noncommittal grunt of dismissal, he headed out the door, fumbling for his phone. Bringing up his conversation with Ashido, he tapped out, ‘He's not coming, thank god. Feel like I'm gonna explode,’ before leaving for their favorite spot at a brisk pace.

It was a short enough walk, made shorter by Kirishima’s long legs. He never seemed to stop growing throughout high school, and by the time he hit his mid-twenties, he towered over most people, his roommate included. Bakugou didn’t mention it, but Kirishima had a feeling he wasn’t too happy about it. It made him a little self-conscious to be honest; he really liked living with his best friend, and upsetting him was the last thing he wanted to do. But it wasn’t like he could just make himself shorter… Bakugou would just have to learn to live with it. Live with him . The thought brought little tingly feelings to his stomach.

All throughout high school, he had hoped that they could stay together after graduation, and fortunately for him, Bakugou had agreed to it. He claimed it was just because Kirishima was the most tolerable and he needed someone to split rent with, of course.

Reaching for the door handle, he pushed his way into the gang’s favorite restaurant, ducking slightly out of muscle memory; one too many bumps to the forehead had driven that lesson in hard.

“There he is!” Ashido’s voice cut clear over the general rabble of the restaurant, waving him over to where she, Jirou, Kaminari, and Sero sat. He bowed his head slightly to the hostess and made his way through the labyrinthine mess of tables, collapsing in an empty chair with a grateful sigh. “Whoa, you look beat , Kiri. That bad, huh?”

He groaned, dropping his head against the table. At least the restaurant had good AC… “TavernTree just isn’t as fun as it used to be. Not to mention Bakugou is keeping me up at night with his screaming.”

Jirou snickered. “Screaming, huh? Never thought I’d hear you complain about him ‘keeping you up at night’, Kirishima.”

He gave an incoherent moan as a response, face still pressed against the table. “Ha, as if I’d get that lucky. This isn’t the fun kind of screaming. He just shouts at the screen about how everyone else is playing wrong. It’s like he thinks he’s the only good player in the game.”

“Maybe he just needs to be brought down a peg,” Sero said with a shrug. “Show him up a bit.”

“But he’s actually, like, stupidly good at the game. Like a prodigy or something.” Kirishima pouted, sullenly opening his mouth for Ashido to start poking fries in. Maybe she babied him sometimes, but he at least appreciated her concern. It was true he hadn’t eaten all day. He chewed, swallowed, and continued, “There’s no way he’d let me take him down a peg, anyway.”

A wide grin overtook Kaminari’s face. “Unless he doesn’t know it’s you.”

Sitting up, Kirishima frowned. “Um, he knows my avatar. I’m his guildmaster, duh.”

“No, no, no,” Kaminari said, waving his hands excitedly, “he knows your real avatar. So you make another one! Ooh, make it a hot girl! Catfish his ass!”

“Uh, not sure that’ll work--” Ashido started, but Kirishima was already banging a fist against the table, face lit up brightly.

“Ohhhhhh my god, you’re a genius, Denki!” He ignored Jirou’s skeptical ‘tsk’, mind going a mile a minute. “I’ll pretend to be a cute e-girl, he’ll fall in love, and then I’ll totally prank him!”

“This seems like a vast oversimplification,” Sero said, crossing his arms.

Kirishima shook his head with a laugh. “Nah, I got this. Trust me, he won’t even know what hit him.”

It was nearing midnight when Kirishima found his way to the nearest convenience store. He had perhaps had a little too much to drink, and the haze of alcohol was settling over his brain. In his mind, he kept repeating, “Snacks. Member card. Snacks. Member card.”

Approaching the small, rotating display of prepaid cards, he fumbled through it until he found the colorful “TavernTree Online Membership” card sporting a cute elf in far too little armor. “This is totally gonna be worth twenty bucks,” he mumbled to himself.

He meandered about the store, grabbing a few snacks that jumped out to his tipsy mind, before heading towards the register. As he waited in line, something familiar caught his attention.

On the magazine rack, a very handsome blond stood shirtless, posed in such an odd and uncomfortable-looking way with an air of effortless confidence.

‘Huh, didn’t realize that his latest shoot was already released,’ he thought to himself as he picked up the magazine featuring his roommate. It didn’t matter how often Kirishima saw him, it still blew his mind that Bakugou was a model. Ten years ago, it would have been an impossible notion, just due to his explosive nature. Now, he was a gorgeous idol that countless people fawned over, wondering who might one day be lucky enough to call him theirs. Kirishima had never actually seen Bakugou show any interest in dating, though of course there were always rumors flying around of him wining-and-dining some supermodel or other. He stared down at the printed Bakugou’s haughty stare, his own cheeks flushing red from the booze, or maybe something else. Tucking the magazine in with his other items, he stepped up to the counter.

Kirishima barely paid attention as he bought his items, thinking through his plan as best he could while under the influence. The walk home was spent in a similar trance.

“What should I call her?” he wondered aloud, looking up at the vast night sky. “What should she look like? What’s Bakugou’s dream girl look like?”

The question occupied his mind all the way up to their doorstep. As he hastily patted down his pockets, he realized he had forgotten his keys. “Shit,” he sighed, pulling out his phone. Either Bakugou was asleep or he was busy playing TTO, neither activities he would be happy interrupted, but Kirishima had no choice. Dialling the number, Kirishima leaned against the wall and waited.

After a few tense moments, the other end picked up. “What?” came the familiar grumpy voice.

“Heeeeey, I got locked out,” Kirishima said, trying his best not to slur his words. “Be a pal and let me in?”

“Ugh. Be right there.” He hung up.

Kirishima slipped his phone into his pocket and waited, listening to the cicadas. Though fall was fast approaching, the summer heat still lingered. He tugged at the collar of his shirt, willing the fabric to breathe. A downside of being a giant was it was very hard to find clothes that fit right…

As he was bemoaning his too-tight shirt, the door beside him opened, a thoroughly displeased-looking Bakugou peeking out. “Hurry up and get in here.”

“Yes, sir,” Kirishima replied automatically, stumbling past him into their apartment. Bakugou sniffed as he passed, and his eyes narrowed.

“Are you drunk?” His eyes slid down to the bag in his hand. “Is that--” For a second, Kirishima thought the jig was up before it even started, but then Bakugou snatched the magazine out of the bag. “Oh my god, I can’t believe you fuckin’ spent money on this. You gonna tear out the pages and put my face all over your walls?”

When Kirishima drank, usually the first thing to go was shame. The relief that he hadn’t been found out didn’t lessen his silly mood either. “Maaaaybe,” he said, leaning over Bakugou, “would you like that?”

Bakugou rolled his eyes and ducked under his outstretched arm, pushing the magazine back. “You’re worse than my fucking groupies, man.” He started to head back to his room.

“That wasn’t a ‘no’, Katsuki,” he called after him, enjoying the annoyed glare the intimate addressal earned him. “Hey, don’t you want your burger?”

The only answer he got was the slam of Bakugou’s bedroom door. He shrugged, reached into the takeout bag, and started munching on the lukewarm burger himself. Dropping the bag on the kitchen counter, he decided he’d leave putting away the snacks for sober Kirishima. Instead, he took the magazine and prepaid card into his room, ready to set the gears in motion.

Flopping on his bed, Kirishima ignored the seductive pull of sleep and booted up his laptop. Navigating to the TTO client, he hesitated for only a split second before selecting “Create a New Account”.

Entering in all the necessary information, it only took a few minutes before he was staring at the character creation screen. “Okay, Eijirou, you got this,” he mumbled to himself, staring at the default female character model, “what would a straight guy find hot?”

He had no clue.

Just guessing, he maxed out the model’s bust size. “That… doesn’t look very practical,” he mused. And yet, he persisted, trying to make the perfect Bakugou-bait. Eventually, he gave in and texted Ashido and Jirou for their sapphic perspective on creating a sexy lady, and just as the clock was nearing two in the morning, he clicked “Confirm” on his new account.

“Enter Character Name:” the screen read.

Kirishima thought for a minute, before typing in, ‘Kiko.’ Short, cute, and the best his exhausted, tipsy mind could think of.

And with that, the plan was a go. “Kiko” appeared in the noob area for the very first time, looking like a vulnerable damsel. Within minutes, Kirishima was receiving friend requests and messages from other players asking if “she” needed any help getting started in TTO.

He shook his head, thoroughly disappointed in straight men, but he was reassured for the potential success of his scheme. He played around for a little while, getting used to being Kiko and grinding until he reached the level requirement needed to join a guild. Satisfied with his night’s work, he logged off and finally got ready for bed. As he pressed his face into the pillow, he grinned to himself.

There was no possible way this could go wrong, right?

Sleep came quickly, aided by the silence on the other side of the wall.

It was nearly noon when Kirishima awoke, his head pounding and throat dry. He lumbered to the bathroom to freshen himself up, trying to remember what he did last night.

Excitement jolted him as he recalled the brilliant plot to get back at Bakugou for sucking the fun out of his favorite game. Tiptoeing out into the hallway, he ensured that his roommate had left for the day. Bakugou had a bit of a strange schedule as a model, but fortunately it became apparent that he was not in the apartment that day.

Kirishima ran into the kitchen to grab a late breakfast (ignoring the groceries he still hadn’t put away), before retreating into his room.

First, he logged onto his main account so he could send Kiko an invitation to the guild. He took the time to peruse the guild records as well, snooping through Bakugou’s most recent scores and triumphs. It looked like he’d been grinding out one of the new events; in the back of his mind, Kirishima remembered Bakugou talking about needing to get the ultra rare drop before the event ended.

After he had the info he needed, Kirishima switched over to Kiko. He graciously accepted the invitation to CoCK, teleporting into the guild tavern. A few other members were online at the time; after a quick internal struggle, Kirishima decided it was smartest to keep up the ruse to everyone on TTO. It wasn’t that he couldn’t trust them, but he had a hard enough time keeping secrets himself. It would be best in the long run if there were no loose ends.

So he introduced himself as Kiko, a shy but kind-hearted young woman who used TTO to escape her mundane life as a salarywoman working for a large corporation. She met “Guildmaster RedRiot” at the gym, and they bonded over their love of the game. She wasn’t great at level grinding, but she was just happy to support others and have fun!

It was amusing to see how quickly the members warmed up to “her”; guys Kirishima typically knew to be snarky assholes were falling over themselves to give her advice and good gear. He, of course, played the part of a delighted, gracious girl.

Omg thank u! Such kindness ^-^ ,’ he typed, squinting at the text. Was that… “girly” enough? Were they falling for it? They made no indication that they suspected any funny business, likely aided by the notion that Kiko personally knew Kirishima. ‘ Thanks to u guys, i’ll hit level cap in no time~! ’ For good measure, he selected an “excited” emote. He nearly did a double take at the very… animated jiggle physics as Kiko hopped up and down, clapping.

Hours passed as Kirishima enjoyed being taken care of. His main goal when he started CoCK was to help out new players and make sure the experience was fun for everyone, but he had to admit it was kind of nice to be on the receiving end of that attention. He was pretty sure he hadn’t received this many gifts in his entire game career. Using his super secret stash password, he was able to get into the Guildmaster Chest, where he stored all the gear he had little use for. Browsing the armor tab, he found the skimpiest set in there and immediately equipped it. The guild’s approval was quite vocal.

He had almost completely forgotten why he was playing the role of Kiko when his ears caught the sound of the apartment door slamming. Startled, he went still, listening to the muffled sound of footsteps down the hall, then Bakugou’s door closing.

“It’s go time,” he whispered to himself, and as if right on cue, a familiar avatar materialized in the guild tavern. Bakugou had somehow made his model look almost exactly like himself, so he wasn’t hard to spot.

Kiko ran up to Bakugou’s avatar. ‘ Hi! i’m the newest guild member, Kiko~! it’s nice to meet you!

There was a long moment where chat was still and nothing happened. Kirishima was almost expecting Bakugou to leave the tavern without a word, when a ding signalled a new chat: ‘ why the **** is a noob talking to me.

It was to be expected that Bakugou wouldn’t play nice right away. Kirishima did not relent. ‘ Hehe, ya i’m not too high level huh~? Ei-chan told me a guild member named LordExplosionMurder would help me with the new Mega Drake Hell Gates event. it’s soooooo hard~! ’ He selected a wiggly emote, hoping Kiko’s pendulous pixelated breasts might entice Bakugou.

Another long pause. Ding. ‘ Ei-chan?

O-oh! i mean, Guildmaster RedRiot! we met at the gym and bonded over TTO, and he was nice enough to invite me to his guild~! >u< um, he said he’d be busy today, but he said u might help me out?

The sound of a door opening registered just in time for Kirishima to mute his computer and tab away to a work report. His door opened, and Bakugou peered in, brow furrowed. “Did you invite some girl named Kiko to the guild?”

“Oh, yeah! I met her the other day when I was working out. She seemed lonely. I have to get this stuff done by the end of the day, so could you just be nice to her?” Kirishima gave his most beseeching smile.

Bakugou huffed. “Whatever.” He backed out, closing the door behind him, and Kirishima could have sworn he heard him mutter, “ Ei-chan ,” under his breath.

He waited until he was sure Bakugou was back in his room before typing, ‘ um hellooo? u there?

Ding. ‘ yeah. just checking something. fine, ill help, just dont get in my way.

To Kirishima’s delight, a party invite appeared on his screen. He accepted, making sure to type in chat, ‘ yaaaay~ lead the way, my lord! ’ Maybe that was a bit much, but Bakugou didn’t make any indication either way. He just teleported their party to the spawn point for the event and got right to business.

Although Kiko was supposedly a new player, Kirishima didn’t want to be totally useless. He healed and buffed Bakugou at just the right times, and they cleared the dungeon with ruthless efficiency.

woooow, Ei-chan was right! ur the coolest ^///^,’ he typed after their eighth clear. ‘i’ve had so much trouble with this on my own~!

Ding. ‘ yeah youre a noob. its to be expected.

Kirishima snorted, but before he could respond, a gift box appeared on screen: the ultra rare drop.

What? Really? ’ He was so surprised, he forgot to type with Kiko’s usual affectation.

Ding. ‘ ive got tons of these. dont make a big deal of it.

Days passed. There was hardly a day when Bakugou and Kiko didn’t party up. RedRiot was getting a little neglected, but Kirishima didn’t mind. Bakugou was screaming a lot less nowadays, and that alone was worth its weight in gold.

What was more, as time passed Bakugou got a lot more talkative. He would joke with Kiko, instead of just brushing her off as a noob. At times, he almost seemed flirtatious .

Ding. ‘ youre not half bad at this. i like someone with experience.

Kirishima grinned, casting another perfectly timed spell. ‘ u think? hehe. that makes me happy ^u^

While they weren’t exactly on best friends level, Kirishima was a little surprised with how quickly Bakugou took to Kiko. He almost felt a little twinge of something when Bakugou showed Kiko something bordering on affection.

“Ugh, I am not getting jealous of my own smurf,” Kirishima mumbled to himself one night, rubbing his eyes. Another ding brought his attention back to his screen.

so what are you like irl.

The adrenaline started pumping now. This was a breakthrough! He cracked his knuckles and got to typing.

o-oh i’m nothing special ^^” i’m just a salarywoman trying my best, u kno? life isn’t quite what i thought it would be, but if i get as strong as i can i kno i’ll survive. what about u~?

Ding. ‘ i know what you mean.

Kirishima cocked his head, wondering if more was going to come from that.

Ding. ‘ i thought i had gotten strong enough, but lately someones made me think otherwise.

That gave him pause. Kirishima knew that this was a doozy of a prank when he went into it, but what if he actually hurt Bakugou with it? On the flipside, he was a little worried with how intoxicating being Kiko was. He had long since given up on the idea of him and Bakugou together as more than best friends, but Kiko seemed to be luring him to the dark side. ‘ i’m sorry… i hope that person doesn’t give you more trouble. if it matters at all, i think u r really strong. not just in game! i can tell that u don’t let anything in life stop u. i really admire that.

Pause. Ding. ‘ i dont know if you would admire me irl.

Kirishima’s, not Kiko’s, response was immediate. ‘ Of course I would. I don’t care what you do or what you look like, none of that matters. Who you are as a person is incredible. The fact that you think otherwise is ******* wild.

He typed it so fast, he didn’t even register his own slip up until he hit enter. Hastily, he added a cutesy emoticon.

Ding. ‘ dirty mouth on you, huh.

“Oh fuck,” Kirishima whispered to himself, embarrassingly hard from a simple chat message. His erection strained against his sweatpants, and he held his tongue between his teeth as he palmed it roughly through the fabric. Typing with one hand, he responded, ‘ hehe oops i just get passionate abt these things.

Ding. ‘ i can tell. dont care about looks, huh.

He was midway through another clumsy response when a different chime sounded from his laptop. Frowning, he tabbed to his desktop, seeing the notification coming from the TTO client’s private messaging system.

It was a message from Bakugou. A link.

Cautiously clicking on it, he ignored the client’s warning about links and opened it anyway. He couldn’t stop the groan that escaped him when it loaded.

It was a selfie, undoubtedly taken not five meters away. Bakugou lounging in his computer chair, shirtless, his bare chest illuminated by the computer glow. His bright eyes were focused on the camera, as if staring directly at Kirishima. It was nearly out of frame, but he could tell the button of his jeans was popped. What really took him aback was Bakugou’s expression: a soft kind of smirk, almost amused.

He quickly closed the image before he combusted on the spot. Tabbing back to the game, he paused, his fingers poised above the keyboard.

u look a lot like ur avatar.

It was dumb, but it was all he could think of. He planted his face into his hands, the selfie burned into the back of his eyelids, and only peeked out when he heard that telltale ding.

and what does my avatar look like to you?

Kirishima’s hand slipped below the band of his pants. ‘ someone to be admired. i should get to sleep soon, work tomorrow ;-; byeeee

He logged out without waiting for Bakugou’s response. He physically couldn’t wait any longer. Pushing his laptop aside, he sprawled on his bed, kicking off his sweatpants. Suddenly feeling feverish, he pulled his shirt off as well; running his hands down his own pecs, he wondered what it would feel like to touch Bakugou’s chest. He was a lot leaner than Kirishima in that modelesque way, but he had no doubt it would feel amazing.

Kirishima flipped onto his knees. Biting down on his pillow, he fucked into his own sweaty fist with reckless abandon, wishing more than anything else in the world that it was Bakugou beneath him. His desperate groans, though muffled by the pillow, rang in his own ears. It caused a jolt of humiliation to run through his veins, just below the overwhelming lust. He was catfishing his best friend, who was in the other goddamn room. It wasn’t right, it--

A low moan interrupted his self-flagellating train of thoughts. He froze.

The walls were thin, and the fact that both of their beds were pressed against the same wall did not help matters. The creak of bed springs did little to cover up the needy whines filling Bakugou’s room. Kirishima slowly straightened up, eyes wide, and very carefully pressed an ear to the wall.

He wasn’t expecting the slick, wet sounds of a hole being fucked.

Jumping away from the wall as if it had burned him, Kirishima tried to process what he just heard. Was Bakugou really doing that, practically within arms distance? Kirishima nearly bit his lip to the point of bleeding, his mind racing. Was he using his fingers, or did he have a toy in there? Was he pumping at his cock, or was he letting it go neglected while he stuffed his ass full?

Was he thinking of Kiko?

That spear of jealousy again. With a growl, Kirishima tugged at his dick harder than ever, possessively thinking about how it was him that got to listen to Bakugou fuck himself out, not Kiko. No, wait… he was Kiko… 

The image of him sinking his teeth into Bakugou’s shoulder, sucking a deep hickey into his porcelain skin that would take heaps of makeup to cover for his next shoot, came unbidden into his mind, and he finished with a groan that bordered on a whimper.

His room was silent. Bakugou’s room was silent. The whole apartment was silent.

Grimacing, he reached for the box of tissues by the bed. He cleaned up as quickly as possible, ears perked for any sound. After a few minutes, he heard Bakugou’s door creak open, followed by the bathroom door closing. The gentle sound of running water started, and in his exhaustion, it was the perfect lullaby to rock Kirishima to fitful sleep.

Ding. ‘ so how are you gonna get stronger.

hehe, i’m gonna level up, of course.

Ding. ‘ i mean irl.

Kirishima leaned back, staring at the screen. It had been a few days since “the incident,” and Bakugou hadn’t tried to bring it up, with Kiko or Kirishima. This was the first reference he had made to that conversation since it happened.

Kirishima sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. He wasn’t being very manly, and the fact that he was playing a girl had nothing to do with it. ‘ i’m not really a fan of taking risks. i’ve gotten a lot better since high school, but i still prefer taking the safe route, even if it means i’m not really happy. there’s someone i’ve liked since high school, but i’m too scared to say anything. i’d rather just stay friends than risk losing them.

What was he doing? This wasn’t Kiko. Kiko was playful, with an innocent but obvious crush on the online bad boy. She wasn’t supposed to tell him she’s been pining for someone for years, even if that person was actually him. He was digging himself into a hole that he would not be able to get out of cleanly.

Ding. ‘ why wouldnt they like you too.

Kirishima exhaled, a sad half-laugh. If only Bakugou knew… ‘ i don’t think they like-- ’ He paused, nearly messing up royally by typing “men.” ‘ --someone like me.

Ding. ‘ thats stupid. you dont “think”? so you mean youre not even sure.

That made him think hard. It was true, he really never talked about romance or dating with Bakugou. He was too scared that Bakugou would find out about his own feelings if he asked what Bakugou’s type was, and as the years passed it just felt increasingly too late to ask. Eventually he just took those rumors about his trysts with gorgeous supermodels as fact. God, how pathetic was that: believing rumors over getting the truth from his best friend…

Ding. ‘ well whoever they are, they sound stupid, if they cant even tell their friend is in love with them.

Kirishima’s snort over Bakugou unknowingly calling himself dumb rapidly morphed into a yelp when he got to the end of the message. “In love”?! How could Bakugou be so casual about such a thing?!

i-i don’t know about love!!! o///o

Ding. ‘ no? have you tried looking at someone else?

That one cut deep. While Kirishima had accepted that he couldn’t have Bakugou like that, he hadn’t tried dating people he could have. He kept telling their friend group he just hadn’t met the right person yet, but no one really seemed to buy it, least of all himself.

As he wallowed in his own misery, that fateful chime sounded again: a private message. With trembling fingers, he tabbed to the client, staring at the new link sent by Bakugou. Curiosity overwhelmed him, and he clicked.

He nearly fell off his bed.

It was another picture, this time of Bakugou sprawled on his bed. His normally pale skin was flushed pink. One hand was covering his mouth, the other loosely gripping his half-hard cock. A sheen of sweat (“gamer juice” a snide memory sang in the back of his skull) covered his body, and he looked positively lickable. 

He only tore his slack-jawed stare away when another chime sounded. Going back to the client, he hastily read the next message.

you like that, Ei-chan?

In the distance, sirens.

Leaping to his feet, Kirishima sprinted out of his room, nearly bulldozing through Bakugou’s door. Red-faced, he shouted, “How long have you known?!”

He choked when he found Bakugou, still naked on his bed, leisurely tugging at his dick. “From the start, obviously. You’re not as slick as you think you are. I’ve never seen RedRiot and Kiko in the same room.” He rolled his eyes. “Also I saw that prepaid member card you bought.”

“Wha-- buh--” Kirishima was short-circuiting. “Why didn’t you say anything sooner?!”

“Because it was funny,” he said simply. “Cute, in a dumb, trying-too-hard way.”

“So… all those things you said to Kiko…” Understanding was not coming easily. “It was all just a big joke. On me.”

Bakugou frowned. “Okay, now it’s more dumb than cute. I meant it when I said you’re stupid if you can’t tell that your friend is in love with you, and right now, you’re being a complete idiot.”

“Oh.” Kirishima went as red as his hair. “ Oh.

“So just get over here and fuck me already.” The impatience in his voice was like a spell, and Kirishima’s body seemed to move on its own. Tearing off his clothes as fast as he could, he stumbled over to the bed, his hand slamming against the wall to brace himself. The look Bakugou gave him as Kirishima hovered just over him would have been enough to kill a weaker man. His eyes seemed to glow with hunger and want. Kirishima was achingly hard.

Clambering onto the bed, Kirishima easily caged Bakugou in his limbs. Lowering onto his forearms, he pressed his lips just above Bakugou’s clavicle. Working a trail of kisses up the column of his neck, Kirishima groaned as Bakugou’s fingers pulled at his long, loose mess of hair. Smashing their lips together clumsily, he didn’t worry about finesse or a “perfect first kiss.” He had been waiting damn near a decade for this, and he was ravenous for Bakugou’s lips.

In turn, Bakugou was just as responsive, arching up to press their hard bodies closer. Whenever their lips parted, he sighed, as if annoyed at their distance. His arms circled Kirishima’s neck, making sure the distance did not last.

Kirishima slid a hand down his side, lingering on the dip of his hips, before continuing down his leg. Hooking a thumb under Bakugou’s knee, he pushed it up, before slowly doing the same with the other leg. With the ease of manipulating a puppet, he flipped Bakugou’s legs up over his shoulders, thumbs running circles on his thighs. He leaned down, almost close enough to kiss.

The sight of Bakugou staring lustily up at him, nearly bent in half, sent a whole new dousing of red to cover his skin.

“The other night, when you were fucking yourself open on this bed,” he breathed, nosing Bakugou’s cheek, “you were thinking of me.” It wasn’t a question, more of a confirmation that years of feelings weren’t one-sided after all.

“Yeah,” he answered, leaning into his touch. “I used the biggest one I have, but it wasn’t good enough. Every time you thought I wasn’t looking, I was burning the size of your dick into my memory so I could be ready for when you’re finally inside me.”

A shiver ran through Kirishima’s whole body, and he bucked his hips desperately against Bakugou’s ass. Spurred by the movement, Bakugou ground down on him, pulling their bodies impossibly close.

With a sudden, powerful twitch, Kirishima hiked Bakugou further up his body, grabbing hold of his hips. Licking his lips, he pressed his mouth to Bakugou’s ass, tongue tracing the hole hungrily. Bakugou keened as his tongue penetrated his entrance, as he sucked at his rim.

Kirishima pulled away from the spit-slick hole, savoring the taste of Bakugou. He slid one hand around the curve of his ass, pressing a finger in slowly. Taking the head of Bakugou’s cock in his mouth, he ran his tongue along his ridges languidly, sucking deeply every time he slipped another finger into Bakugou’s wet hole. Carefully stretching and scissoring, he probed and tested, curling his fingers when he found the spot that made Bakugou writhe.

The mewling sounds that spilled from proud Bakugou’s mouth were enough to drive him wild.

“Oh my god, Eijirou,” he whined, “please fuck me already. I need it.”

The words only spurred Kirishima to slow his already torturous pace. If it meant getting to hear Bakugou say his name like that, he would gladly keep them both on the edge all night. Finally, he drew out each finger one by one, pushing Bakugou’s body down until his ass was once again locked with Kirishima’s hips. Bending over him, Kirishima did what the mere fantasy of had pushed him to violently come the other night: he sunk his teeth into the crook of Bakugou’s neck. He sucked hard, noisily leaving the kind of mark on Bakugou’s skin that he had dreamt of. Bakugou scratched at his back, moaning into his ear.

Leaning back to view his handiwork, he smiled hazily down at Bakugou. “I admire you so very, very much.”

With that, he slid into Bakugou’s ready hole, groaning at the heat that enveloped him. The tight, warm feeling was so right, so perfect, it felt like his mind was melting. Leaning back on his heels, he scooped Bakugou up into his broad arms, cradling him in a rapturous embrace. Bakugou leaned down to kiss him, the contact only broken when Kirishima began moving his hips.

Starting with long, rolling thrusts, Kirishima effortlessly moved Bakugou in time with him. Gradually, he picked up the pace, until Bakugou hands slid from the sides of his face to his shoulders. Pushing Kirishima’s back to the wall, Bakugou straddled his hips, bouncing on his cock at a brutal pace. The grind of his inner walls on Kirishima’s throbbing dick felt incredible.

“Mm, faster ,” Bakugou mumbled against Kirishima’s lips, and he obeyed without question. Seizing Bakugou’s hips once more, he slammed him down on his cock, fucking into his tight ass with a growl. He ground into his prostate over and over, loving the way Bakugou devolved into incoherent babbling the closer he got. Bakugou’s hand grappled blindly for his own cock, pulling desperately at it as he got railed harder and harder. With a cry, he came, painting the clash of their bodies warm and sticky.

Kirishima didn’t slow, stuffing Bakugou’s ass repeatedly. The gradual heat building below his stomach was coming to a head, and he rammed Bakugou ruthlessly until the coil finally snapped.

With a few long, final thrusts, he emptied himself inside of Bakugou. The two of them collapsed, still entwined and out of breath. After a minute, Bakugou started wordlessly slapping Kirishima’s shoulder, signalling for him to let him up.

“Sorry,” he said, his mind still foggy as he shuffled off of Bakugou.

“‘Sorry’? For what?” Bakugou exhaled, voice hoarse. “The mind-blowing sex I’ve been waiting for since high school? I need a shower.”

He stood, a little wobbly, then strode out of the dark room towards the bathroom. Kirishima followed.

He sat on the toilet lid, watching Bakugou climb into their tiny shower. He wished he could join him, but that was a disaster waiting to happen, so he would patiently wait his turn. “Sooooo, you love me?”

“Fucking hell, are we doing this?” Bakugou closed his eyes and let the scalding water rush over his face. “Yes, I love you.”

“And you knew I was in love with you too?”

“Yeah, you’re pretty damn obvious, man.”

“And you didn’t say anything sooner because…?”

There was a long pause as the air was filled with the sound of the water and nothing else. Kirishima didn’t mind. They’d have plenty of time to talk about this moving forward.

“Like I said, I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was. You understand that.”

He did. Kirishima scratched idly at his chin, before laughing, “I guess we have Kiko to thank for giving us the strength we needed.”

Bakugou snorted. “I guess so. Just promise you never roleplay as a ditzy e-girl again.”

“Ha. I know better than to make promises I can’t keep.”

“Oh my god, I will quit TavernTree Online if you do that.”

And so Kiko had accomplished her original goal. But Kirishima grinned. “Nah, that game would be no fun without you.”