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Teach me how to fish

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"Hey Mamura, did you also pick fishing?" His attention drifted from the chalkboard to his classmates, nonchalantly nodding as he would. It had been a long time since he had gone fishing. The last time he could remember was with his dad, when he was roughly twelve. It's not that their relationship was strained, but one thing led to another and Mamura found himself spending a little less time with him.  

Voices of his classmates rung in his ears, cheering and laughing, however, his eyes were all on her, making him feel so small and so weak. She was so close yet so far. It made him feel irrelevant in her life. It made his stomach turn. It was that damned teacher's fault. He couldn't compete. What was an average angsty teenage boy against a perfect teacher with looks and charms? 

Mamura had seen him. Had seen the way he talked and tutored. He had seen the way he treated his students, oh so fondly. He had seen the way he held his chalk, his textbook, the way words rolled off his tongue. He had seen his hands, so big and manly. He had seen the way those hands tugged at Mamura's tie and collar. He didn't want to think about how nice they felt and he certainly didn't want to think about how his teacher's hot breath felt against his neck.

He was perfect, but Mamura couldn't comprehend why whenever he thought of her, Shishio lingered there, in the back of his mind. It was just a casual thing that happened between rivals, right?




"Hey Mamura, look!" The blonde boy turned to his friend, who had managed to catch a fish. Judging by the size, it seemed tough work and surely the boy hadn't caught it all alone. A lot of students gathered around, gaping in awe, and praising him. "Ah, sensei helped me too!" He exclaimed with red cheeks and a bashful smile.

But of course. That statement alone was enough to make the girls squeal and shower Shioshio in questions. "Hey sensei, when did you learn to fish?" "Hey sensei, how long have you been doing this for?" "Hey sensei, teach me too please, please, please!" All of this commotion was making Mamura's head pound. Of course, it had to be all about him. Of course, he had to be surrounded by fangirls every second he spent with that class.

Mamura felt so damn jealous, but he couldn't figure out why. He couldn't figure out why every thought of his teacher made his heart pound, or every time he was with someone else it made his blood boil. He couldn't understand why he felt so weak in front of him, and couldn't understand why such simple thing had made him walk away with such frustration, in desperate need to clear out his head.




It had been a while since Mamura had distanced from the rest of the class. He tightly held his fishing rod as he sat nearby a pond. The forest was filled with those. Harshly sucking in a deep breath, the blonde closed his eyes, letting the rod rest on his thigh, while holding it loosely on his hand. Clearing his head, letting his thoughts trail away, that's what he was here for. The boy certainly would have liked the moment to last a little longer, however, something suddenly started tugging at his fishing rod, signifying he had caught something. 

His instinct was to grab the rod, refraining from losing it, but he couldn't maintain his balance and got himself to almost fall into the water. He immediately closed his eyes, but before anything could happen, Mamura felt a strong pair of arms warping around his body, helping him stay on his feet. 

"Careful!" That low, husky voice sent shivers down his spine, and for a moment Mamura would have wanted to stay like that for a little longer if it wasn't him. 

Once he regained balance, he pushed his teacher back, turning around and staring at Shishio with a flustered yet angry face. What was his problem?! Mamura had trailed away because of him, and he dared to follow him around. "Why are you here?" He harshly asked his teacher, not bearing the tension any longer.

"Don't know if you've noticed, but I'm also your teacher. I have to watch over you." He calmly responded, walking over to his student. "You lost a big one there." He pointed his finger towards the pond, referring to the already gone fish. 

Shishio was pissing him off. Not only was he not leaving him alone, but he also was pointing out his mediocre fishing skills. Mamura didn't need criticism and flaws pointed out by someone like him. It had been a long while, and Mamura was quite rusty, but he couldn't stand this man one bit. "Since you're so good at it why don't you do it yourself?" He spat that question with pure venom, gripping the wood so tightly that it was about to break.




This isn't exactly what he had imagined. When Mamura confronted his teacher about fishing, he hadn't expected Shishio to make an effort to teach him. He hadn't expected Shishio's chest pressing against his back, his larger hands over his own, and his low voice cooing in his ear. And while Shishio spoke, Mamura wasn't taking in a single thing. He was trying hard to not think of how pleasant the warmth of the older man felt, he was trying really hard to remind himself that they were rivals, but every time he did, his mind wandered to inappropriate ways this situation could go. 

"Are you even listening?" The anger in Shishio's voice caught him off guard, earning the man an embarrassing gasping sound from his student. "I-I'm tired! I want to sit." What the hell was he even saying?! Mamura could tell the man's patience was running thin as he sighed, however to the student's surprise, Shishio had decided to put up with the blonde's obnoxious behavior.

Now, this was even worse. Their bodies were closer, and even though not quite, Mamura was practically sitting on his teacher's lap! The older man's hands were holding his smaller ones firmly, and while it was humiliating, he would be lying if he said he wasn't enjoying it. At the same time, he couldn't bear with it. He felt like he was being messed around with, like a toy, and it was driving him on the edge. Who did this man think he was? What made him think he could dismiss the position they were in and the relationship these two had? They were rivals. Rivals weren't supposed to be so close, it wasn't supposed to feel so nice, it wasn't supposed to make him feel butterflies in his stomach.

In a matter of seconds, Mamura forcefully pushed back and turned around, pinning his teacher by the wrists on the ground. He didn't care whether someone walked in, or what the older man thought. To hell with others. To hell with Suzume. What only mattered was him and the uneasy feeling that was eating him alive.

"What a-" 

"Just shut up!" His grip on his wrists tightened, and even though Shishio was much stronger, he was making no effort of pushing him aside. "Do you ever think of anyone but yourself? What kind of teacher does this with his students?!" He was shaking, tears starting to swell in the corner of his eyes. It was the first time Mamura felt truly weak. He was scared. Scared that he would also brush his feelings away as she did. He was scared this would be another unrequited crush. He was scared his heart was going to break one more time. He was tired of being another second choice in people's lives. 

He hadn't noticed but he was crying, his grip becoming weaker and weaker with every passing moment. Mamura felt a hand run up his face, softly caressing his cheek and brushing the tears away. He felt Shishio's body shift underneath him, both of them sitting down again. This time, their faces were so close. They could see each other. They could see each other's yearning, what was actually going on underneath those cold facades. Was it really Suzume the one they needed deep down?

Mamura could swear time stopped for a moment- the moment he felt Shishio's lips against his. It was a gentle kiss, it was enough for him to truly understand what he wanted. In no time he found himself wrapped around the other, breaking the kiss just for a while just to look at his teacher through his half-closed eyelids. It felt so unreal, being in this situation with the man he considered his nemesis just a few moments ago. Right there they both realized who they truly wanted, from that simple kiss. But it wasn't enough. 

It wasn't long until Mamura kissed back, a deeper, messier one. Mamura had no experience, however, Shishio found it cute how he was still trying to keep his dominant stance with him- well not for long. He found it even cuter how Mamura whimpered against his touch and his tongue down the blonde's throat- and how he let the teacher take control of the situation. 

Soon, they both parted away, panting against each other. "We need to go back," Shishio stated which earned a groan from the other. While he also wanted to continue longer, he couldn't forget where they were, and what his responsibility as a teacher was. "I'm pretty sure the others will be concerned. Come on." He was right. It was already sunset and Shishio was sure his student would get scolded if they stayed any longer.

"Fine. But you're gonna have to teach me how to fish again." The blonde bashfully said with a red face and ears. Shishio grinned. He had no complaints against that.