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Jasmine in the Air

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She saw him through his melodies, weathered through time,
And his precise movements, swimming through the music.

He saw her through her passion for the artistic memories of her past
And her desire to discover that youthful exhilaration again;
A touch of freedom in her shielded life.

She watched carefully as he raised his arms
Preparing to conduct his invisible orchestra
And humming a tune unfamiliar to her,
Yet smooth like honey in her ears.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed her stare.
Straightening his back, he continued his practice,
A hint of a smile appearing on his face.

She closed her eyes, trying to visualize him on a giant stage,
Sharing his passion for the music echoing around the room.

He closed his eyes, imagining the joy she must have felt
Singing or dancing as a child to the music by which she was so intrigued.

She stole a glance back at his flowing motions
And copied his movement, extending her arms.
Her wrists hung loosely, as though waiting for a cue.

His left hand dipped slightly in rhythm to his hum;
Hers followed his path, and soon
Their bodies were moving in unison,
As though being controlled by the music.

When the breeze stilled and silence filled the park,
They breathed in as one,
And the scent of jasmine hung fresh in the air.