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In the Night

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Andy awoke with a start, the traffic from outside was loud through the open (?) window. She blinked, still groggy from sleep and tried to remember if she had left them open the night before. She was sure she had left them closed. Getting up to close them she checked the time 4.15, hopping back in bed she stretched and sighed, another hour before her alarm went off if she was lucky she’d fall back to sleep before having to get up for work. If the feeling of cold that had crept in the room was anything to go by though, she was more likely to spend the hour tossing and turning and being frustrated at her inability to sleep. Though it was weird, yesterday had been warm why would tonight suddenly be cool? Those were her thoughts as she drifted into a dreamless sleep.

Little did she know there was a figure watching her from the corner of the room…. The figure’s blue eyes shone as they watched her from their corner. In a blink figure was gone.

As Andy’s alarm chimed, she dragged herself up to get ready for the start of her day at Runway, after the first 5 months there she ensured that she would not be late. Save the wrath of her boss, Miranda Priestly.

I mean, it wasn’t as if she feared Miranda per say, it was more that her boss gave her a strange feeling. Something that she couldn’t put her finger on, sometimes her boss seemed so warm in person. But then also, she could suddenly seem so cold. Almost as if her entire personality switched on it’s head in an instant. One minute she would be telling Andy what her children had made her for breakfast and then next…. well the next she’d be demanding the impossible and snapping at anyone who blinked.

It had become impossibly difficult to navigate and her “Miranda Girl” powers of predicting the older woman had seemed to amount to nothing as of late. Ever since Paris and Andy’s almost resignation, she had left the editor alone as she entered the penultimate show of the week. At the time, the brunette was certain she didn’t wish to return but seeing the heartbroken look in the editor’s eyes brought her back. She claimed fatigue and Miranda didn’t seem to want to question it, simply asking if Andy was alright for the final showing. They’d carried on like nothing had happened ever since.

But something had happened, she was certain of it.



Miranda yawned looking at the time for the fifth time in 15 minutes sighing, it was midday she could feel it. She was bone tired but, as with every weekday, she had work to do so she had to deal with her fourth coffee of the day which had already started to cool. She huffed, blowing that pesky curl out of her eyes. It wasn’t that she was complaining about being immortal and all, but it would help if she could figure out how to fix her hair. She was glad that she wasn’t a fan of over the top makeup like others, her muscle memory had served her well over the years, she would hate to go out of style now.


“Yes Miranda?”

“Get me another coffee, oh and please do make sure it hasn’t frozen over by the time it arrives. This one’s practically glacial.” She hated herself for it but if the coffee wasn’t hot, she wouldn’t burn her tongue. If she didn’t burn her tongue, she wouldn’t taste it and if she didn’t taste the warm coffee as she drank it then what was the point? Other food and drink she could manage without the numb nauseous feeling but coffee? For some reason coffee had always knocked her sick since the change.

Mind, prior to being bitten she had loved it. Which was no doubt the reason she expected it so hot. She wasn’t likely to tell Andrea that mind you. No, the last thing she needed was for her assistant to know that she was anything other than completely normal. No night-time activities, no bloodletting, no hunting, teeth, wings, nothing vampire related. Just plain normal. So normal in fact that she would toss in her hypothetical grave before she would imply anything near to an attraction to the younger woman. Absolutely not, the poor girl would expire before she finished telling her the story.

So that left her with the only option of simply being a downright bitch to the poor woman at any given moment for fear of seeming too soft.

It was draining but necessary to continue to rule her empire. Fashion. Or otherwise.

It wasn’t as if she chose to rule an empire, it just so happened that the vampire who had turned her ruled the underworld. And she had been perfectly happy being the crown princess, that was until the godforsaken man had gone and got himself staked. He hadn’t been aware that she had watched him remove the life force of her mother and father before he decided to “save” her. She’d loathed him ever since, refused to call him father, and even absconded off to America at the brink of the steam age stating a desire to grow.

A desire for the distance between them to grow more like.

However, the clown had followed her in the aftermath of the great war and recalled a ceremonial crowning due to the death of the former king and had then proceeded to gloat about something Miranda really had no idea about. Nor care. Well, she supposed that story was for another time she was getting hungry and Andrea was set to return with her coffee if she had any wits about her.



Yet again Andy was awoken with a start early in the morning. A cold feeling had wrapped itself around her as she noted the open window, this time she was certain that the window had been left closed prior to her going to bed. Something was off, she was sure of it, but she just didn’t know what. It felt almost as if she was being watched, but surely that was impossible? She sighed blinking slowly before she got up and decided to pull the window closed again.

It was then that she noticed the…. Figure? The creature? The thing that appeared to be sleeping upside down from her ceiling.

She promptly screamed. Loudly.

The thing awoke with a start, falling with a THUMP to the floor. And then promptly screamed.

By the time, the tall winged, fanged thing had stopped screaming Andy had retrieved the baseball bat she had for emergencies. Having never swung a bat at someone in her life she found herself at a loss at what to do.

  “Shoo, stay back and I’ll open the window to let you out.” The creature had very blue eyes, almost as blue as a certain someone that Andy was hoping to see the next day at work, if she didn’t get mauled to death by this thing. Apparently trying to shoo it away wasn’t working though as the thing merely blinked at her.  She got to the window, opening it fully before gesturing towards the thing, was it a large bat? It had wings, but also what looked like claws, and stood upright like a person but had huge canines that protruded out of its mouth as well as very large ears atop its head. “time to go, come on you might be terrifying but I’m sure you’re not meant to be here.”

The creature sighed at her before taking a step towards her, she could see it sniffing the air before it carried on forward raising a clawed wing/arm towards her. So, she did what anyone would…. And conked it on the head.

It fell like a sack of shit face down onto her bedroom floor.

Within seconds though it started to shrink, the wings changed shape into human arms, the ears shrunk and the hair that had adorned the creatures head turned from a ginger colour to a very distinctive white. Laying facedown and naked in her bedroom was an unconscious Miranda Priestly.

Which meant Miranda Priestly had definitely just been a scary bat-thing, and Andy had to have been dreaming or going mad…. Or both. Also, why the hell was she in her bedroom in her teeny tiny flat?

Andy decided that she must have just been having an extremely vivid dream so picked up her phone after tapping “Miranda” cautiously with her toe gaining no response and plonked herself down on her sofa, the bedroom was out of bounds after that nightmare.

About an hour later she is awoken again, this time by a slightly more dressed Miranda Priestly staring down at her as she stood silently next to the sofa.

“Where you just going to leave me to die then?” She blinked up at her in response. “What are you?” She received a slight blush herself in response before Miranda again questioned her about if she was to die alone on the floor of her bedroom. “How did you get into my home?” Again, she was ignored in order for Miranda to demand that she be allowed to borrow the pyjamas that she was currently wearing.

Miranda, answer me!” That managed to shut her up.

“…..a vampire”……