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A part of Yuu couldn’t believe himself, that he would actually find himself asking Asuramaru for his power for something as… personal and risque as this. Though a small part of him was embarrassed to let himself get to this point of begging Asuramaru for his help, he was mostly unashamed. Asuramaru knew all of his thoughts, after all, so this was likely nothing new to the demon. 

Yuu sat cross-legged on the floor of their shared space—a seemingly endless stretch of a white stone floor with clouds of dust trailing along, pushed by a neverending breeze, and the overarching backdrop of an eternally cloudy sky. Asuramaru was perched atop his sword as usual, his long, curled dark locks flowing in the otherworldly air, as if gravity was something that could be forgotten in this strange, liminal space between unconsciousness and awareness.

“Sorry!” Yuu squeezed his eyes shut as he clapped his hands together, then bowed his head for the upteenth time. “I really, really need this extra power from you just this once!”

Asuramaru let out a short sigh as he gazed at the omega-type human seated in front of him—if he could even refer to Yuu as a ‘human.’ Yuu was certainly something special, and it was clear to the demon that his human companion now knew little to no shame about his desires. It only made sense that they got to this level of intimacy, for Asuramaru saw everything that Yuu saw and heard every thought that scraped his mind. There was no need to try and beat around the bush. Yuu and Asuramaru shared a consciousness—all his thoughts echoed in Asuramaru’s head as well.

“You’re telling me that you want me to lend you power,” Asuramaru started with a mildly disappointed frown, “to seduce Mikaela… because you’re jealous of his increasingly frequent interactions with your human companions… but you’re too shy to embrace your sexual urges on your own terms?”

Yuu blushed a bit. “Well, when you put it that way…!” He raised his head and lowered his hands into his lap. “It’s just—you just— arghh!” He shot his hands right back up to rub them through his hair, messing it up further. Then, he pointed accusingly at the demon perched up atop the hilt of his floating sword. “Listen, you may be thousands of years old or whatever, but you just don’t get it, do you!? You said it yourself that you never grew old enough to present as an alpha or omega!”

Asuramaru hummed thoughtfully and rested his chin in the palm of his hand. “That’s true. I will never truly understand your bodily urges. I suppose that makes you somewhat human.” He snickered and flashed a pair of pearly-white fangs at Yuu before adding, “But just barely.”

Yuu puffed out his cheeks in a pout. “Yeah, so… unfortunately I am still going to go through a seasonal heat, just like everyone else.” He paused and sighed shortly as his face flushed a light shade of pink. Softly, he added, “And so is Mika…”

“He will?” Asuramaru asked as he lifted an inquisitive eyebrow. The long, flowy white material of his dress buffeted in the wind, swirling around the sword and occasionally exposing his thin, pale legs. His voice echoed through the space between them as he mused, “Hm, I suppose it’s possible… vampires don’t usually go into heat, but Mikaela is not a ‘normal’ vampire, so to speak.”

“I know, and I can tell by his scent!” Yuu declared as he sat further upright. “That’s why I need your power! Everyone—Shinoa and the others—can tell he’s going to have his rut soon, and I’m…” Yuu pursed his lips as he curled his fingers tightly into fists. “Listen, I know the others don’t mean anything by it, but they keep giving Mika these weird, heated looks and it’s really pissing me off! I mean, they have each other! Shinoa’s always been interested in Mitsuba, and I hear the way Kimizuki flirts with Yoichi. I’m not stupid, even if they think I am!” Yuu then lowered his eyes, his expression downcast. “I’m sick and tired of them ogling Mika like he’s on the market or something! I…” He looked down as his face reddened. “I don’t have any sort of skills in s-seducing anyone on my own, but I want them to know that… that he’s mine.”

Asuramaru’s ruby-red eyes gleamed with interest at the sound of that final word— mine. He peered through his thick bangs, a small, devious smile pulling at the corners of his lips. The wind around them seemed to pick up speed, reflecting the rush of passion that was flowing through Yuu’s veins. The air between them became tense with energy. 

At last, Asuramaru spoke. “I really like that desire of yours, Yuu.” He hopped off the sword’s handle and landed on the chalky-cool ground with dainty bare feet, as if he were weightless, drifting towards the floor like a feather. He lingered there for a moment as he crossed his hands behind his lower back. 

“I want you to become consumed with these feelings of lust… after all, it would be really fun for me.” His grin widened as he took a few steps towards Yuu, gazing down at his seated form with a smirk. He came to a halt and finally made his decision. “Alright, I’ll help you.”

“You will!? Really?” Yuu looked up suddenly at his demon companion with bright, gleaming green eyes. An eager smile broke out across his face as he shot to his feet, then threw his arms in the air triumphantly. “Alright! Thank you, Asuramaru! I couldn’t do it without you! I owe it to you!”

“What?” Asuramaru looked taken aback by Yuu’s childish excitement. He felt himself blush slightly from embarrassment from the sight of Yuu’s whoops and cheers. “Jeez, relax. Of course I want to help when you feel so strongly about laying a claim on Mikaela. Your desire is what I feed on. Don’t think about it too deeply, idiot.”

“Sure thing! You’ll know when I need your power the most!” Yuu totally shook off his reasoning and continued to express his gratitude with a broad, sparkling smile. Asuramaru sighed with defeat and muttered something under his breath as Yuu emerged out of his dreamlike state, leaving Asuramaru behind in their shared dreamspace.

Yuu blinked his eyes open and found himself laying in the bed he claimed as his own in Ferid’s mansion. He took a nap in order to talk with Asuramaru, but now that he successfully accomplished what he talked to him about, it was time to put his plan into action. Yuu sniffed the air delicately and immediately caught a whiff of Mika’s scent. His scent had always been woody and leafy, though at the same time it carried undertones of lily and jasmine, hinting at a hidden sweetness underneath.

A small smile curled on his lips as he thought about that scent intensifying and taking over the room—after all, he really wanted to push Mika to his limit. He knew Mika was attracted to Yuu, that he had the desire packed away deep inside, but he always tried to control himself for some unknown reason. The alpha was so faithfully loyal to Yuu, not wanting to make a single wrong move, yet he always acted as if Yuu was his claimed mate already. Yuu could tell by one sniff that Mika was loitering right outside Yuu’s door, just like a dog, refusing to budge and leave Yuu unprotected.

How caring of him, but he never bothered to push further, leaving Yuu no choice but to ask his demon for assistance. Well, now Yuu was going to stake his claim once and for all. Yuu inhaled again, eager to indulge in more of Mika’s scent and get himself excited for what was to come, but instead of getting more aroused, another scent tainted Mika’s.

Yuu stiffened. There was a scent there mingling with Mika’s, fresh like rain and sweet honeydew. His skin prickled, for he recognized it immediately as the omega scent of Yoichi. Worst of all, he could hear their faint voices through the wall. Jealousy flared hot through his veins, but he waited before suddenly leaping to his feet. As Yuu held his breath and listened, he could tell that Yoichi was giggling and trying to converse with Mika.

Yuu loved Yoichi—he truly did, he was family, after all—but the rage that boiled under his skin was unprecedented. He almost asked Asuramaru for power right then and there just so he could throw the door open, bare his fangs at the other omega and threaten with a ferocious snarl that said, ‘He’s mine!’

Rather than needlessly terrifying his comrade and dear friend, Yuu soothed his rage as much as he could and calmed himself down. He swallowed and got himself under control while trying to ignore the pounding in his heart, but most distracting of them all were the demonic whispers resonating in his ears, urging him to dive headfirst into his fury. 

It was true that Yuu considered Asuramaru a friend, but regardless, he was still a demon—of course he would try to coerce Yuu into succumbing into his blind rage. Thankfully, Yuu was more level-headed than he used to be. He could ignore that knee-jerk response to attack now; plus, Asuramaru didn’t push it too hard, instead choosing to focus on Yuu’s burning lust after realizing Yuu was not going to harm Yoichi. Yuu faithfully stuck with his plan and waited until his anger began to fade away. Then, he slid his feet out from under the covers, placed them on the hardwood floor and stood up.

As he walked towards the door, Yuu paused and looked to his side at the shiny pane of glass hanging on the wall. Yuu glanced at himself in the mirror and noticed that he looked a bit disheveled, for he was wearing his white dress shirt messily, leaving it partially unbuttoned. Besides that, he donned a pair of black trousers and remained barefoot. His hair was ruffled from sleep and his skin was flushed from the first signs of his heat, just now beginning to stir low in his core. His instincts roared with hunger, like he was craving for something to scratch that lustful itch under the surface of his skin.

Hearing Yoichi and Mika’s muffled conversation through the door was making him increasingly impatient for Mika’s undivided attention. Yuu ran a hand through his hair and took a shaky breath. Then, he set his sights on the door and walked towards it. After setting his hand cautiously on the handle, he pulled and opened it to peer cautiously from the gap.

When he poked his head out into the hallway, he saw that Mika was leaning on the wall beside the door, his arms casually crossed over his chest. Yoichi was standing across from him in a similarly relaxed posture, as if he had been there for some time making small-talk with Mika. The sight of Yoichi speaking so freely to Mika had his omega side growling again, but he swallowed down the sound before it could rumble in his throat and pointlessly startling Yoichi.

Yoichi’s eyes widened with surprise when he spotted Yuu, then instantly stood upright from the wall. He quickly grew flustered and lifted his hands, flailing them around to dismiss the possibility that anything more was going on than what meets the eye. His reaction had Yuu feeling defensive, though he didn’t say anything as Yoichi babbled out an excuse.

“Y-Yuu-kun!” Yoichi exclaimed as his face pinkened. “I’m so sorry, did we wake you up with our chatting? Actually, I-I’ll get going now, Shinoa wanted me to help out with something!” He bowed his head to Mika in a hurry, already turning away to rush down the hallway. “I’ll catch up with you later, Yuu-kun, Mika-kun!”

Neither of them said anything as Yoichi scurried off. After Yoichi was out of sight, Mika turned to face Yuu with a hint of regret in his scarlet-red eyes. “Yuu-chan, did we wake you up? I’m sorry. I was protecting your room and that human started talking to me so I—”

“Just come inside, Mika,” Yuu interrupted, flashing a tight smile despite the surge of jealousy he felt twisting up in his core. Seeing Mika with another omega had Yuu feeling irritable with the circumstances already. He blamed his reaction on his heat, but at the same time, he felt that Yoichi needed to know how to keep his distance from an alpha that was already taken.

Well, it was true that Mika hadn’t been technically claimed, and neither had Yuu—at least, not yet. He wanted that to change right here, right now. There was no need to keep waiting, and now that they were spending their first spring together, there was truly no excuse for them to keep their distance. Mika had already confessed to Yuu and they were practically dating, not that they had time to fuss about terms like ‘boyfriend’ when they were in the midst of a war. What mattered was that they had kissed already, their feelings had been established, and Yuu was craving more.

As he confessed to Asuramaru, the physical space between their bodies was starting to bother Yuu. He wanted to totally lose himself in pleasure with Mika, even if he didn’t have the confidence on his own to initiate something so lewd. By now, he could tell Mika was holding himself back needlessly, and he doubted Mika would push himself to go the final stretch unless Yuu took action on his own. That was exactly what he was going to do this evening.

Luckily, Mika seemed to sense something unusual was up, for he closed the door behind them and stood hesitantly a few paces away from the bed. Yuu could feel his intense, questioning gaze boring into his back. The air was thick and heavy with tension, and Yuu took a deep breath, accidentally inhaling more of Mika’s scent in the process. A shudder of desire rolled down his spine as the leafy scent coated his throat and made his inner omega pace with unease. He truly didn’t want to waste any more time.

Yuu briefly closed his eyes in order to request more of Asuramaru’s power. He felt a quiver in his chest to signal Asuramaru’s acknowledgement and response, which was when a rush of adrenaline shot through his veins and set them on fire.

Asuramaru, I’m counting on you to help me out here! Yuu begged silently. I’m not some smooth-talking bachelor, but… maybe with you, I can fluster Mika enough to make him snap!

At last, Mika interrupted the silence and dispelled Yuu’s internal bargaining with his demon. “Are you alright, Yuu-chan? Your scent is…” He trailed off, like he couldn’t find the words to describe exactly what he was sensing. Mika had a sharp nose not only because he was a vampire and an alpha, but he had always been unnaturally attuned to Yuu in particular. Mika rarely focused on anyone or anything as much as he focused on Yuu, for he was always on the lookout for hints about Yuu’s emotions and physical well-being. It wouldn’t surprise Yuu if Mika had already noticed the sudden increase in his demonic energy.

“Don’t panic when I turn around, Mika,” Yuu said clearly, though he didn’t dare to glance over his shoulder in case his irises had colored red already. He didn’t want to startle Mika into attacking him or ruining his plan. Yuu carefully added, “I am still in full control of my body, really. I promise. But just so you know why my appearance is like this, well… it’s because, I, uh… I asked Asuramaru to lend me some of his power for what I’m about to do.”

The floorboard creaked slightly as Mika took a defensive step back. With a stern, unwavering voice, Mika demanded to know, “Yuu-chan, what exactly are you doing?”

“Erm—Mika… it’s okay, I swear I’m not attacking you, and neither is Asuramaru. Actually, I… I think you’ll like this.” Yuu smiled a bit as the feeling of power settled in his hands, making him flex his fingers and gaze down at his palms with curiosity. They didn’t look any different than always, but he could tell the difference in his body almost instantly. Asuramaru was granting him the demonic strength and confidence he needed to make the next step.

At last, he turned around and faced Mika—he didn’t know it, but only one of his eyes had colored red while the other remained green. Inky-black designs swirled on one half of his face, spreading and fanning out like flames licking at the corner of his eye and the rise of his cheekbone. It was a symbol of his demonic possession, indicating just how Yuu was keeping the power under control. One shiny, pointed black horn emerged from his skull, protruding out from his messy black hair like a small mountain peak. Mika’s eyes widened as his catlike pupils slitted with alarm, and as he took yet another step back while his hand hovered by the hilt of his sword.

“Mika, relax,” Yuu cooed out as he walked towards his future mate, his eyes lidded and dark with seduction. “It’s only me, your Yuu-chan. I’m in control of myself, remember? I just needed Asuramaru’s help… so I asked for some power. Just a teeny, little bit of it.” 

He saw the way Mika stiffened upon hearing Yuu refer to himself as his, and from the sharp increase of his scent, Yuu assumed he quite liked that idea. Feeling victorious already, Yuu swayed his hips as he inched towards the alpha, who continued to back up until he was pressed up against the door. Yuu approached one step at a time, his green-and-red eyes unwavering from Mika, as if he were a cat stealthily cornering its prey.

Mika had every opportunity to grab his sword and truly defend himself, yet clearly, some sort of hesitation was making him hold off on unsheathing his weapon. He gulped as Yuu stepped into his space, then leaned up on his tip-toes with his eyes hooded and dark with passion. Yuu dared to brush their bodies together while his head tilted to the side coyly, a smirk pulling on his lips. He reached up, trailing his fingernails under Mika’s jaw, watching as Mika’s breath hitched and he flinched with surprise.

“Do you see why I asked for that power of his?” Yuu whispered huskily, his sweet, jasmine scent now surrounding the pair, intoxicatingly heavy and alluring. When he shifted his stance to lean even closer to Mika, Yuu felt a small rush of slick drip out and wetten his underwear—the first hint of his arousal. His cock was just beginning to harden as he lessened the space between himself and Mika, his breath warm and ticklish on Mika’s parted lips as he purred, “I’m sure you can tell I’m starting my heat, Mika. You know, it’s really painful when I’m left all alone to deal with the side-effects, so I was thinking… I shouldn’t have to be alone for it, not this time.”

Yuu could see the blush forming on Mika’s cheeks as the alpha processed what Yuu was hinting at. He hesitated to answer, though it was obvious that he was slowly sinking into his desire and clearly struggling to control himself. He was so close to Yuu’s warm, tempting body, and his scent was likely pushing Mika to his limits. Yuu felt like his senses were heightened as well with the demon’s power coursing through his veins, making him notice the way Mika’s breath trembled when he exhaled and how his eyes kept flicking down to Yuu’s full, luscious lips.

“Yuu-chan, if you don’t back away, I’ll…” Mika cut himself off as he clenched his teeth, his hands shaking as they balled into fists. He was clearly trying to win some sort of mental battle with himself as he turned away, or at least, he tried—Yuu wouldn’t allow it. He slipped his fingers along Mika’s jaw and made him turn back so their eyes met again.

“You’ll what?” Yuu asked, his voice barely above a whisper as his heart began to race with excitement. His plan must be working, for Mika looked aroused, and though he seemed hesitant with Yuu’s partially demonic appearance on full display, he wasn’t pushing Yuu away or declaring they couldn’t go any further. Mika opted not to answer him right away, instead gazing heatedly at Yuu, his throat bobbing as he swallowed gradually.

Finally, Mika’s eyes darkened with a threat as he caved in and breathed, “I don’t know what I’d do to you.”

Fuck— Yuu barely suppressed his moan as he finally closed the gap between them, pressing their lips together in a hungry, open-mouthed kiss. He groaned against Mika’s lips, eagerly deepening their kiss as soon as he was able. He pushed his tongue insistently inside Mika’s mouth, a short gasp spilling from the corners of his lips as their fangs bumped together. Mika let out a low, undeniably alpha growl as his hands raised to grip Yuu’s waist, his hands shaking slightly with desire. Yuu’s heart was pounding, thundering so loudly in his ears that it almost entirely drowned out the demonic whispers hissing in the back of his mind.

Lose control, Yuu. Restrain him before he runs away. Now is the time to make him yours.

Yuu was encouraged by the words coursing through his consciousness, heating his skin and making his pants tighten with arousal. Not long after Yuu initiated their kiss, Mika was devouring Yuu’s mouth, shoving his tongue deep into Yuu’s throat and twirling the slick appendages together. Yuu’s body shuddered with want, his cock swelling into full hardness and straining against the material of his trousers. He bucked his hips up and rubbed needily against Mika, his chest beginning to rise and fall with ragged pants whenever he could catch his breath between their frantic kisses.

“Mika—” Yuu gasped when Mika fisted a hand in Yuu’s hair, using the grip as leverage to tug Yuu’s head to the side. The shocking effect of the pain in his scalp made everything hotter, worsening Yuu’s scent now that his scent glands were exposed more fully to the air. Following the rush of excitement, Yuu staggered back shakily, his head spinning with lust. Mika licked a hot stripe up the side of his neck right over where his scent was the most powerful, making Yuu’s knees nearly buckle with desire. He managed to gasp, “P-Please, the bed—”

Yuu yelped, for in the blink of an eye they were atop the bed thanks to Mika’s vampiric speed. With a groan, Yuu arched his back as he was pressed down onto the mattress, his legs spreading apart needily while Mika settled between them. He lapped desperately at Yuu’s neck, his breaths becoming shallow and frenzied while his hands roamed up Yuu’s torso. Those hands settled over his chest as he palmed over his nipples through his shirt, making Yuu gasp and wriggle around needily.

He wanted it—fuck, he wanted Mika to take everything he wanted from him so badly, but at the same time, he didn’t want this to be like every other time they shared an intimate moment together. If this happened like always, Yuu wouldn’t get what he wanted—Mika would drink Yuu’s blood needily, grind them together, then run off as soon as he was done. He always distanced himself from Yuu, as if he couldn’t bear to sink further into his desire and let himself go wild.

The thought of letting this end was not an option for Yuu, not today. This time, Yuu didn’t want Mika to get away so easily. Mika lapped at his skin, and Yuu knew he was wetting it and softening the tissue for the penetration of his fangs. His cock was already throbbing with excitement for the moment when those fangs pierced his skin, but he had to hold himself back from the desire to submit just a little longer. If he truly wanted this to be different than every other time, he had to be diligent and pace himself.

“Blood,” Mika growled against his skin, oblivious to Yuu’s plan as he drove his hips demandingly down into Yuu’s, “I need it—” 

Suddenly, Mika gasped as he was cut off, for Yuu kicked him back by planting the sole of his foot into his stomach. Now pushed to the other end of the bed, Mika stared at Yuu and gaped, wide-eyed and startled as the omega got up. Yuu’s heart hammered as he reached into an open bag that was sitting beside the bed, hidden in the shadows. At last, it was the moment of truth and time to use the things that Shinoa had somehow retrieved for him with a mischievous smirk curled on her lips. He had no idea how his squad leader had pulled this off, but he only accepted the gag gift under the condition that he would burn it all once he was alone.

Funnily enough, he kept it all, for he secretly wanted to make use of the adult toys the girl had uncovered from some shady location. Whatever the origins, Yuu didn’t care—he was going to take advantage of the tools he had. He never thought he’d admit it, but he was sure glad he didn’t burn these things in the end. 

Yuu reached inside the bag, though as his fingers brushed along the black leather and cool, silver-metal studs, he felt himself internally curl up with embarrassment. Yes, he wanted Mika badly, but to actually go through with this stuff was—well, it was a huge step! Yuu briefly squeezed his eyes shut as his face heated and his heart fluttered. Could he really do this? What if he just embarrassed himself and didn’t seduce Mika at all?

Asuramaru, please, just for now—help me! Yuu silently begged as his blood began to race, making his cheeks blush red. Thankfully, a telltale surge of confidence rushed through his core and before he knew it, he was moving on his own. It was like his consciousness had become glazed over as something else within Yuu began to move his body for him. He didn’t need to think about how he should move and what he should say—it was evident that Asuramaru had taken over. The demon was coaxing out the desires hiding deep within Yuu’s heart and urging him to expose them to Mika.

Yuu stood up with a studded, leather collar in hand hooked to a chain-linked leash. Mika’s eyes trailed down to the collar and he stayed frozen, his face stoic and questioning as he gazed at the toy. A mischievous smirk tugged on Yuu’s lips as the desire to put it on Mika suddenly flourished and rose in his chest. Still, he was too shy to say it out loud, which was where Asuramaru came in. 

Yuu twirled the collar around his extended finger as he fixed Mika with a heated, hungry gaze and purred, “Mika, you can have my blood when I say you can have it. You’re such a loyal dog for me already, but I think you need to be trained better.”

Oh god, did he really just make me say that!? Yuu thought from within, as if he had no power over his body. He realized he could take control whenever he liked, but he remained sheltered inside instead. Yuu felt himself blushing to his ears as his demon lurked in the depths of his heart, pulling out his most sensual fantasies and vocalizing them in a way Yuu knew he couldn’t easily do on his own. 

To his delight, Mika began to redden, though he made no move to escape or put an end to what they were doing together. He remained in place as Yuu reached down and pulled out another toy—it was a pair of matching leather handcuffs. The silver metal studs gleamed suggestively along with the ones on the exterior of the collar. Yuu then took a warning step towards the bed, the collar and cuffs in hand, his hungry eyes locked onto his target—Mika. 

The alpha gazed back at Yuu cautiously, his crimson eyes dark with desire as he hoarsely whispered, “Yuu-chan…?”

Yuu then took advantage of his demonic abilities and raced towards Mika at an inhuman speed, moving across the room so fast that Mika had no time to get out of the way or try to evade Yuu’s approach. In a split second, Yuu right in front of him, pinning Mika in place as he rapidly snapped the collar around his neck. Mika was startled, causing him to growl and struggle slightly, for he was an alpha and that was a natural response to being dominated. His surprise only enthralled Yuu further, so he used his enhanced power to force Mika’s hands back behind him and put the cuffs on his arms.

Just like that, Mika’s hands were cuffed and the collar was secure about his neck. Yuu then leaned back and grinned, proud of his handiwork as he straddled Mika’s lap. His blood rushed with excitement and adrenaline as he let out a small laugh of victory. Mika could probably break free from these feeble restraints without issue thanks to his vampiric strength, but the fact that he was allowing himself to remain under Yuu’s control was a thrilling realization for Yuu. He knew already that Mika trusted him with his life, so to trust him with his body was truly no different. 

Yuu licked his lips hungrily and let his hands slip up Mika’s clothed chest, then paused and pulled the ribbon that kept his cape tied around his shoulders. The subtle sound of the silk ribbon sliding against his uniform filled the room until the cape fell from his shoulder, fluttering down until the white fabric crowded around their bodies. He scraped his nails along the material of Mika’s uniform, tempted to tear it to shreds, though he ended up holding back; he didn’t want to ruin it when they had to make so many repairs from battle to begin with.

Instead of destroying his clothes, Yuu took his time unbuttoning the front of his uniform, watching hungrily as the fabric peeled back to reveal Mika’s black undershirt. Slowing down the pace had its own merits, anyhow. With a smirk, Yuu ground his hardening bulge down on Mika’s lap the entire time, knowing well that the friction was making Mika growl and quiver with impatience. His sharp, woody scent made Yuu’s head a little dizzy with delight, encouraging more slick to wetten his pants and make everything a bit more hotter and stickier. Mika jerked against his restraints as Yuu undressed him slowly, a small growl leaking from his clenched teeth every so often. He glared heatedly at Yuu, seeming to fight against his animalistic urge to shove Yuu down and ravish him.

“You are okay with this, aren’t you?” Yuu asked hesitantly as he pushed Mika’s uniform away and down over the curve of his shoulders. The fabric bunched up down by his wrists, for he was unable to remove the jacket entirely thanks to his cuffed hands. Yuu’s hands then roamed up to Mika’s shirt, which he had begun to unbutton as well, though he slowed down as he awaited Mika’s answer. Mika fixed Yuu with a thoughtful expression, though discomfort wasn’t one of the feelings he seemed to be experiencing—if anything, he looked as if he could barely control himself.

“You can do whatever you want to me, Yuu-chan, it’s just—” Mika was cut off with a sharp gasp and a shiver. Yuu’s fingers brushed his exposed skin now that his shirt was coming undone, and feeling Yuu’s touch must have been powerful enough to cut him off from whatever he was trying to say. Meanwhile, Yuu felt his mouth water at the sight of Mika’s lean skin and muscle definition. It wasn’t like Mika’s muscles were as pronounced as a body-builder’s, but he was clearly firmer than Yuu was, and that was enough to turn him on even more. As Yuu rolled his hips back, he was delighted to feel the hardness growing in Mika’s pants as well, noticing that his swelling cock was now straining against his clothing.

“Just what?” Yuu pressed for more information, now blinking sweetly at Mika with a faux innocence in his green-and-red gaze. He demurely arched his back, pushing his ass out in an attempt to look more seductive, and at the same time, the movement had them grinding together again. Mika hissed from the contact while Yuu scraped his nails along his exposed chest, leaving thin trails of red in their wake. The chain leash trailed down from Mika’s collar and pressed cooly into his pale skin, collecting down into his lap and tempting Yuu to grab onto it whenever he decided he wanted to.

Mika clicked his tongue, as if irritated with Yuu’s insistence, but the suddenly increased potency in Mika’s scent had his head spinning with lust. Clearly, Mika was very aroused by what Yuu was doing right on his own lap, a devilish smile on his lips and a mischievous glint in his eyes. He started to lean closer, his eyes seeming to glow a brighter shade red than before as excitement enthralled the alpha. Yuu spotted the press of two razor-sharp fangs on his bottom lip, clearly having extended to their fullest length now as hunger encompassed his mind. Mika’s eyes shone brightly, his pupils two needle-thin slits lost amongst that intense gaze. He was tempted by the rush of Yuu’s hot, delicious blood coursing right beneath the surface of his soft and unblemished skin.

“I can’t hold back much longer if you keep this up,” Mika threatened, his voice low and wavering, as if he was barely managing to refrain from pouncing on Yuu and taking everything he wanted from his lover. Yuu felt his core tighten with arousal and excitement sparked in his heart—that was exactly what he wanted to hear. 

Now that Mika’s shirt was fully unbuttoned and pushed down to his cuffed wrists, just like his uniform jacket, Yuu leaned back with a mischievous smile and removed his own shirt. He rolled the white material down past his shoulders, baring his torso to Mika with a flush of desire bleeding across his cheeks. After flinging the shirt aside, Yuu reached down and groaned as he palmed himself through his pants, his eyelashes fluttering with delight from the contact. Mika watched the movement with intense focus, like he was craving that same touch for himself (and perhaps he wanted to be the one delivering that touch to Yuu at the same time).

“Well, you better, because I’m making you wait for it,” Yuu retorted playfully, though he was unsure of where his confidence came from now that they were in the midst of undressing. He thanked Asuramaru for the push that allowed him to speak these bold words nevertheless. He reached for the zipper of his pants and pulled it down, then shimmied the pants down his thighs until he could fling them away entirely. He fixed Mika with a dark, demanding gaze now that his pants were gone, exposing his slick-soaked underwear to the air. The subtle breeze in the room felt cool against the remaining article of clothing he wore, already sheer to begin with and now damp with his arousal.

“You’ve made me wait for you all this time, you know,” Yuu went on as he backed away from Mika’s lap, finally peeling the wet material off his hips and allowing himself to become completely naked in front of Mika’s eyes. He cast a sultry gaze up at Mika as he dropped the underwear to the floor and added, “It’s only fair that I draw this out as much as I want, isn’t it, Mika?”

Mika shivered when Yuu drawled out his name sweetly, like he wasn’t simultaneously torturing the alpha by stripping himself and showing off his bare, aroused body without allowing him to touch. Additionally, Yuu was feverish from his heat and he knew his scent had an intoxicating effect on Mika, numbing his mind to reason, urging him further into his desire. The cherry on top was Mika’s vampirism sharpening his already-heightened senses, making Mika focus on the plentiful blood rushing through Yuu’s body, heating his skin, hardening his cock and turning his face red. Not only could he see it, but he could smell it and practically taste it.

The alpha watched, helpless as Yuu shamelessly exposed himself, lips parted to gulp down as much of that sweet, omega scent as he could manage. His chest rose and fell with trembling, shallow breaths of need as Yuu grinned and parted his thighs, positioning himself for mating right in front of Mika’s desperate eyes. His gaze was locked onto Yuu’s exposed skin, drinking in the sight of his twitching, swollen cock and the wetness gathering between his plump cheeks. Yuu moaned softly as he ran his hands down his own body, thumbing his nipples briefly before reaching down farther and farther, all the way until his fingers trailed down his crack.

“Yuu-chan—” Mika hissed, jerking against the handcuffs pleadingly. “Let me—”

“Stay there,” Yuu snapped back, his eyes narrowing with warning as he began to finger his twitching, wet hole. “You’re gonna wait for my permission this time, Mika.”

Surprisingly, Mika didn’t try to fight back. He stayed in place, letting Yuu control their encounter, watching hungrily as Yuu began to indulge himself. Yuu had no sympathy for Mika’s position, either—he shamelessly moaned, tossing his head back and allowing all his breathy, wanton sighs to escape from his parted lips. His hole was twitching and soaked, allowing for two fingers to be pushed inside without much resistance. Yuu shuddered as his fingers plunged inside of his entrance, for he hadn’t touched himself in a while now and the feeling was breathtakingly good.

“Mika…!” Yuu gasped as he pumped his fingers in and out, taking his time to ensure that Mika could hear the wet, lewd squelching sounds caused by the movement of his hand. His slick coated his fingers, shiny and clear, dripping out around his rim as he made a total mess of himself. The sensation of detecting his own scent was surprising but sensual and Yuu moaned delightfully from the fragrance, wondering just how much it was affecting Mika at the same time. Surely, the alpha was way past his limit now, tortured by not only watching Yuu play with himself and open up for his knot, but also by the smell of his sweet, heat-induced scent at the same time.

“Nnh…!” When his fingers prodded his deepest, most sensitive spot, Yuu winced as pleasure shot up his spine like a bolt of lightning. His exhale trembled as he continued to rub against that spot, making his cock feel hotter and harder the more he played with his prostate. He scissored himself wide open and gasped softly, now pressing his slightly-sweaty forehead down onto the mattress while heat and excitement consumed him. He wanted to be mounted already, to be claimed by Mika once and for all.

Now feeling adequately stretched, Yuu felt a surge of pride in his chest as he got back up onto his knees. When he turned around, he saw that Mika was shaking with a wild, feral desire clearly written all over his face and heat brimming from the corners of his eyes. His fangs were bared with thirst and he was breathing roughly, his shoulders and chest rising and shaking irregularly with his thin gasps. Yuu was honestly amazed that Mika had that much self-restraint, enough to watch Yuu finger himself open so obscenely without caving in.

“Wow, what a good dog,” Yuu purred approvingly, though he wasn’t sure where the words came from and how they rolled off his tongue so easily—he figured it was the demon talking again, and Yuu was silently grateful for that. He saw the way Mika narrowed his eyes and how he twitched against his restraints at the sound of the praise, like he was pissed that he enjoyed the sound of it so much. Mika was not only an alpha, but a dominant person in general—of course he was mad that Yuu talking down to him had turned him on, after all. 

The sight of his frustrated and conflicted expression made Yuu’s lip curl up with amusement. He crawled back onto Mika’s lap and went straight for his trousers, now beginning to tug the zipper of his pants down so he could fish out Mika’s hard cock. As he did, his bare thighs straddled Mika’s leather-clad legs, the texture hot and sticky on Yuu’s naked skin. Yuu felt a ripple of excitement from that touch, so he flushed and adjusted himself with the intention of rutting against Mika.

Yuu moaned softly as he humped Mika’s leg, smearing his leaking cock and tender, soft balls against one of Mika’s knees, which was covered by a thigh-high leather boot. Mika trembled and inched his leg up higher, trying to nudge his knee between his thighs and rub against Yuu’s twitching hole. The touch earned a needy gasp from Yuu’s parted lips and he tossed his head back, momentarily forgetting his task as he lost himself in the feeling.

Only after he felt Mika’s hot breath on his neck did his eyes widen with realization. Mika was about to bite him!

“N-No—” Yuu gasped out, then grabbed the chain on Mika’s collar before those teeth could sink into his flesh. He yanked on the leash and successfully restrained Mika, pulling the alpha back so that he couldn’t successfully bite down. Mika let out a choked and frustrated hiss, now glaring at Yuu with rage and frustration as he trembled with desire. Yuu smirked challengingly at him, knowing well that Mika didn’t hate him, but rather, he was angry that he had gotten so close to getting what he wanted… only to be so suddenly denied.

“What did I say, Mika?” Yuu taunted as he continued to palm the bulge between Mika’s thighs, now reaching in to release his erection from its confines. Yuu’s grip on the leash tightened as he held Mika back, then leaned in at the same time just to be a bigger tease. He gazed demandingly into Mika’s eyes, his breath hot against Mika’s lips while he whispered, “You’ll get what you want when I say so.”

Mika’s eyes narrowed with challenge. His rage must have boiled over, for he started to snarl, “You’re an omega—”

“And yet, I’m in control here,” Yuu interrupted firmly at the same time that his fingers curled around Mika’s cock. The alpha jerked and growled again, though his words died on the tip of his tongue as Yuu began to stroke his throbbing length from base to tip. He smirked victoriously, his single scarlet eye glinting wickedly as he purred, “That’s right, Mika. I may be the omega, but look at you, letting yourself be controlled by me like the good, loyal dog you are. It’s like you’re being trained properly. Now, just wait a little bit longer… and I’ll reward you.”

Mika shivered while Yuu caressed his cock, taking his sweet, sweet time with his alpha, all locked up like a bird in a cage. Now that he had Mika’s cock exposed, he surged forward up onto his knees so that he could position himself properly. Mika’s eyes widened as Yuu’s body was drawn closer to his own, in the process pushing his tempting chest right into Mika’s face but not allowing him to do anything about it. Yuu kept one very firm hand on his leash, keeping Mika’s head craned back so he had no other choice but to simply take what Yuu was giving him.

Yuu then sighed with bliss as he began to sink down onto that thick, hot cock, his breath catching with shock and delight when Mika’s length breached his entrance. His thighs trembled and he gulped down mouthfuls of air, his face flushing redder while he was split in half by that large, hot, undeniably alpha erection. Mika was moaning as well, his long, curled lashes fluttering. Yuu sank down fully onto his length and encased him with his tight, wet heat, bringing incredible pleasure to the pair unlike anything else they had ever felt.

Thanks to how much slick had gathered in and around Yuu’s entrance, Mika nestled right inside with hardly any resistance. Yuu lowered himself slowly until he was sitting against the bump of Mika’s knot. His heart raced against his chest as he shivered and adjusted to the thick cock inside him. He felt the way Mika’s length twitched and throbbed, the pulsing synchronizing with his own heartbeat, making Yuu redden from the intimacy of it all. 

“Yuu-chan, mmnh, you’re so tight,” Mika hissed from between clenched teeth, his chest rising and falling with deep, labored breaths. Yuu felt the same way, for his head was spinning with delight as he took his time shifting around, rising up onto his knees a few times only to sink right back down. His body opened up and swallowed Mika deep inside, squeezing the alpha’s erection in a vice-like grip, as if Mika would try to pull out before he could properly be claimed. Yuu wouldn’t let him, not now, not after they got this far—finally, his dream was coming true.

At last feeling properly adjusted, Yuu began to bounce on Mika’s cock, his own prick bobbing with each jerk of his body. He started to moan and gasp shamelessly, his eyes closing with delight as that thick, long cock nestled inside him over and over. The hand that held the chains of Mika’s leash began to shiver and become sweaty with exertion, the chain sliding loosely between his fingers and chiming softly. The sound was a soft, subtle threat foreshadowing Mika’s escape from Yuu’s grasp. Yuu’s heart was pounding in his ears and his blood felt searing hot from the thought and he wondered if he should hold out longer—but instead, he realized he was ready for Mika to take control at last.

With a tight whine, Yuu finally dropped the leash and gasped, “O-Okay, Mika, you— aaah, you can have your reward now since you’ve been so—”

He couldn’t even finish his sentence before the vampire surged forward, an animalistic growl spilling from his lips. Yuu gasped as he heard the metal of the handcuffs snap, causing a few of the chain-links to go flying and hit the walls. His jacket and shirt were flung off an instant later, for Yuu heard the bunched-up fabric hit the floor right before his vision blurred from sudden movement. 

Yuu had been shoved down onto the bed, pinned beneath the alpha who was now buried balls-deep inside of him. Yuu had been controlling the pace until now, bouncing cutely on Mika’s lap, teasing and taunting and holding Mika back as they played a game of cat-and-mouse. Now, it was obvious that Mika had enough, clearly unleashing his lustful fury onto his disobedient omega. He pounded his hips down, shoving his cock in so hard and fast that Yuu could barely catch his breath.

“O-Oh, hahh, f-fuck, Mika, Mika, Mika—aahhh!!” Yuu cried out, his hips bucking up to try and drive Mika in deeper. The jerk of his hips was so strong thanks to his demonic energy that he actually stood a chance against Mika, slightly throwing the alpha off his rhythm for a moment from his movement. That only encouraged Mika to growl and use more force, pounding Yuu down into the mattress with no mercy, his hips slapping loudly and harshly against the omega squirming beneath him.

“Gnnh, nhh—you’re such a damn tease, Yuu-chan,” Mika gasped between his wild thrusts, his wrists still bearing the leather handcuffs, now broken due to the mangled chain-links that dangled from their sides. He had Yuu’s arms pinned down by the sides of his head, his sharp nails prodding at Yuu’s tender skin. “Touching yourself in front of me like that, showing off your tight little hole, fucking yourself on my cock—you demon…!”

“Nnh—ahhh, haha…” Yuu laughed a little breathlessly as he was fucked into paradise, his eyes hazy and out-of-focus from how amazing he felt. His cock was still being neglected, but thankfully, Mika began to lower himself onto Yuu so their bodies were pressed flushed together. Now, Yuu’s cock was squished between his body and Mika’s, getting heated and rubbed by Mika’s motions. Yuu licked his lips, trailing his tongue seductively over his demonic fangs as he fixed Mika with a clever look and added, “You liked it though, Mika… I— hhnnh, mmh… I could see it on your face.”

“Shut up,” Mika growled as he leaned down over Yuu, shadowing him with his broad, dominating form. He snapped his hips forward hard, making Yuu choke on his words with a small cry. Bliss burned through Yuu’s body like fire, causing tears of delight to gather at the corners of his eyes. Mika lowered himself further, now opening his mouth to bite down onto that supple, exposed neck, unmarked and unclaimed.

“Mark me, alpha,” Yuu gasped desperately, his hips quivering from where they were pinned beneath MIka’s. Slick gushed out from around Mika’s girth as he drove his cock in deeper, stuffing Yuu to the brim with his deliciously large sex. “Please, Mika, mnnh, do it —while you’re inside me—”

“You’re mine, Yuu-chan,” Mika snarled, his voice ragged and husky. Yuu only had a second to prepare, seizing up with pleasure just before those fangs pierced his skin and penetrated that thick, blood-filled vein running up along the side of his neck. Yuu cried out from delight and pain, his tears finally slipping down his cheeks as he came in a shocking rush of pleasure. He hadn’t expected to orgasm so suddenly, but the feeling of Mika biting into him not only to drink, but to permanently claim him felt unlike anything else in the world. He felt the impact throughout his body, the waves of pleasure rippling along his veins from Mika’s fangs and his spent cock at the same time.

Cum was smeared messily between their torsos now that Yuu had teetered over the edge, but that seemed to mean next to nothing to Mika, who continued to rock his hips relentlessly into Yuu’s. The movement of Mika’s body against his own meant his oversensitive cock was still being rubbed, making Yuu whimper and unconsciously try to shy away from the touch. Mika didn’t seem to care, for he only growled and tightened his grip, gulping down Yuu’s blood in deep, languid mouthfuls.

Yuu’s head felt light and fuzzy from the blood loss and the pleasure of his release, making him sigh and babble incoherently for a while. His legs were spread wide apart to allow for Mika to drive his length inside as deep as he could, and with each thrust he rubbed against Yuu’s tender, abused prostate. Yuu squirmed against Mika, though he couldn’t move much being pinned in place like he was, and turning his head meant dislodging Mika’s fangs from his flesh.

It felt like an eternity before Mika pulled away from his meal, fangs and lips smeared with hot, scarlet blood. Yuu smiled blissfully at his alpha, all fucked-out and limp from his orgasm, but Mika was far from finished with his naughty omega. Yuu didn’t mind, for this rough, animalistic sex was all he wanted—he wanted Mika to be his once and for all, and he could tell from the throbbing on his neck where his new mark was proudly displayed that he finally got just what he wanted. 

From the look of utterly wild lust in Mika’s eyes, it was evident that Mika felt the same way, for a small smile tugged on the corners of his lips as he gazed down at his new mate. Mika licked his lips, looking as if he was about to simply keep fucking Yuu to completion—but instead, he surprised Yuu by suddenly picking Yuu up and moving.

“Mika, wh—” Yuu started to say, but whatever question he wanted to ask was cut off when he was turned around and lifted up in the air. It was as if he weighed no more than a feather. In a heartbeat, Yuu’s back was pressed against the wall with Mika’s hands gripping tightly under his thighs, encouraging him to wrap his legs around Mika’s waist. Yuu did exactly that, his body trembling with excitement once Mika used his newfound grip to yet again impale Yuu on his cock.

“Nnh!! Mmh, ahh, oh god—” Yuu cried out as his sensitive hole was stretched wide open all over again, sucking in Mika’s cock like it belonged there, buried deep inside. Yuu desperately grabbed onto Mika’s shoulders, digging his blunt fingernails into his skin while at the same time, Mika’s claw-like nails scratched at the sensitive flesh of his thighs. Yuu’s body was jerked roughly against Mika’s demanding body, taking all of his hungry thrusts like he was made to do so.

One of Mika’s hands released Yuu’s thigh, for they were both strong enough to hold their position without too much support, and instead curled around Yuu’s half-hard erection. The touch was so overwhelming that Yuu tossed his head back, accidentally hitting the wall too roughly—a few cracks formed in the wall behind his skull and he hissed, though any pain he might have felt from the impact was dulled by the pleasure blossoming low in his gut.

“So sensitive, Yuu-chan,” Mika purred teasingly, reflecting and perhaps even mocking the tone Yuu had with him earlier. “What’s wrong? Did you want me to slow down?”

Despite his offer, Mika’s hips continued to snap into his at a relentless pace, making Yuu’s body bounce and rub against the wall behind them. Yuu flushed red to his ears and whined, not sure if he wanted to lean up into Mika’s hand or try to shy away from it—getting touched so soon after his orgasm had Yuu’s cock aching. It wasn’t long before Yuu was sinking into that hot, addictive pleasure seeping from the hand on his cock, however, and at last, he finally caved into the alpha’s hot, commanding touch.

“N-No, give me more,” Yuu begged sweetly and needily, his scent leaking out from his fresh mark and surrounding the pair entirely. The intense increase of his jasmine and sandalwood scent overwhelmed the room, making Mika’s pupils slit with feral excitement while he drove his cock insistently into Yuu’s greedy hole. In no time, Yuu was fully hard again and whimpering as he thrust into Mika’s grasp, his ass becoming sore from the rough way Mika pounded into his tight ass.

Yuu surged forward and captured Mika’s mouth in a hot, passionate kiss, a moan escaping his throat as their tongues mingled together. He gasped when he felt their fangs click together—a brief warning before those razor-sharp tips prodded at Yuu’s bottom lip. After a heartbeat, Mika’s fangs pierced the soft skin of his lip and greedily drank down the blood that rushed out. Yuu was trembling uncontrollably as Mika lapped and sucked at his now-bloody lips, making a mess out of their kiss that turned Yuu on impossibly more.

“Mika—” Yuu begged against his lips, his eyes prickling with tears as he felt his core begin to tighten, his arousal just starting to collect into a peak. Mika moaned lowly in response and pulled back, breaking their kiss to move the pair yet again. The repositioning meant Yuu wasn’t able to cum again so soon, so he let out a defeated whimper, disappointed that his climax was interrupted. Luckily, by the time Mika had readjusted them to their new position, Yuu wasn’t complaining anymore. 

Now relocated, Yuu braced his hands up against the full-body mirror he was looking at earlier. To his humiliation and simultaneous delight, he was forced to face himself and watch himself fall apart as he was fucked from behind. Mika’s hands settled on his waist as he snapped his hips forward, making Yuu’s body twitch and spasm as he dealt with the force of Mika’s thrusts. He gasped hotly, clouding up the glass with his breath and making the image of their sinful acts become hazy. Mika was right behind him, his intense gaze boring hungrily into the reflection, watching as his omega fell apart beneath his brutal thrusts.

“Mmnh, aah —alpha, alpha please let me cum…!” Yuu pleaded against the glass, watching his own cock drool excessive precum from the shiny, flushed head. His dick bobbed up and down with each snap of Mika’s hips, and he flushed upon seeing Mika’s hands roam his body, his wrists still bearing the leather handcuffs no longer connected by the chain that was previously between them. Mika then flexed his fingers, dragging sharp nails along his skin and leaving thin, bloody marks in their wake. 

“Look at that, now you’re begging for me,” Mika taunted as he leaned forward, his breath tickling Yuu’s burning-hot ear. His crimson eyes locked on Yuu’s from within the reflection on the mirror’s shiny surface, and at the same time his hand snuck lower and lower. Mika’s cock pushed inside again, deep and hard, stimulating his prostate and making Yuu whine. When his fingers curled around Yuu’s leaking erection yet again, Yuu gasped, feeling so close to release that he could hardly wait any longer.

“D-Don’t be mean, Mika!” Yuu cried out, his cock jerking from where Mika held it in his hand. “You made me wait so long that I— hannh, I had no choice but to—to make you get to this point! J-Just give it to me!”

Mika delivered a sharp, quick nip to the shell of his ear, making Yuu wince from the painful sensation. He blurted out more precum, which soaked his sensitive, aching cockhead—and the feeling was only worsened when Mika decided to smear around the substance with his thumb, applying gentle pressure to the slit. The extra stimulation made Yuu’s world spin. He couldn’t hold back his orgasm at this rate!

“Mika—” Yuu warned, though that was when, on one particular thrust, Mika snapped his own dick in deep, hard and rough. It was a clear demand to cum, and Yuu was not about to disobey his alpha. The sudden movement finally pushed his knot all the way inside and made Yuu gasp from the burn of the stretch. All the extra pressure against his already-abused prostate was enough to send Yuu into his second orgasm, his legs shaking roughly while Mika fucked into him deeper than ever before.

In the afterglow of his release, Yuu noticed that Mika moaned against the shell of his ear and came right after Yuu. He flushed red down to his neck, feeling how Mika filled him up, stuffing him with his thick, hot load.

Yuu slouched against the mirror, his body feeling limp and powerless. When he blinked at his own debauched expression, he saw that both his eyes were green and he lacked any sort of fangs, horns or inky-black markings on his face. He was simply flushed and dazed, and Mika’s arms curled around his midsection, holding him still while his cock softened and his knot slowly deflated.

“Fuck…” Yuu hissed, feeling embarrassed when Mika pulled out and his release came flooding out of Yuu’s raw, fucked hole. He watched in the mirror as his cum dripped along his inner thighs, slowly slipping down his slender legs. The lewd sight made his skin blush hotter. He felt like a mess, with scratches all over his skin and cum spilling out of his ass, though Mika’s expression was so affectionate and proud despite all of the things that Yuu thought should disgust him.

“Yuu-chan, let’s go clean up,” Mika insisted as he swept Yuu right off his feet. He didn’t seem to care about the mess of cum all over his legs as he cradled Yuu’s body close to his own, then leaned in to press a loving kiss against his forehead.

Yuu stubbornly glared up at him and mumbled, “You’re in an awfully good mood now.”

Mika laughed softly and teased, “It’s all thanks to you, Yuu-chan.” Well, Yuu couldn’t argue with that. He had initiated everything, after all.

“Damn right,” Yuu responded, though he secretly closed his eyes and whispered, ‘Thank you, Asuramaru!’

His faithful demon remained silent, likely wanting to give the pair some privacy. Yuu tried not to think about what Asuramaru might have seen, but he decided that regardless, he definitely owed Asuramaru a huge debt now.