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9:30 pm
sonic has has added 🅱️ones and 19 others to chat: Class 1-A

Sonic: I have created this chat to tell you all
Sonic: The grapist has been expelled
Floaty: hell yeah
Aux cord: who was that who just ran down the hall blasting ding dong the witch is dead
🅱️ones: It was Kaminari
Free charger: Wow way to call me out Midoriya :/
🅱️ones: Oh I didn’t actually know I just guessed
Assid: you’re just that predictable Kami
Rock hard: he’s just mad because it’s past his bedtime
Lord explosion murder: You’re lucky I love you
Rock hard: Awww love you too <3
Lord explosion murder: ….. <3

Free charger changed Lord explosion murder’s name to Angry pomeranian

Angry pomeranian: you fucker
Flex tape: oh shit its all lowercase Denki RUN
Free charger: oh shit oh SHIT
Free charger: vnfekjb ifebvvbnjtr
Assid: Rip in pieces
Sonic: Bakugo no murder in the dorms!
Floaty: I’m just imagining him doing the arm choppy thing
Murkrow: What a mad banquet of darkness
Tentacool: Fumi we’ve talked about this
John cena: oh? Fumi?
Assid: Is there something going on there?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Murkrow: no…….

[REDACTED] has added Darkshadow to the chat

Darkshadow: He’s lying
Tired (of y’all): we know darkshadow
Murkrow: How were you even added to the chat?
Darkshadow: I Have My Ways :^)

Flex tape changed Darkshadow’s name to cryptid

Flex tape: Hmmm don’t like that ::::/
Angry pomeranian: Fucking Vriska kin
🅱️ones: you’re telling me you’ve read homestuck kacchan?
Angry pomeranian: Ejirou kept calling me Karkat and I wanted to know what it meant
🅱️ones: understandable have a nice day
Free charger: I lived bitch
Free charger: now back to your regularly scheduled memes
Free charger:
Hand crusher: what’s a meme?
Free charger: you wound me
Flex tape: Me and Denki are coming over to teach you the ways of meme
Hand crusher: oh no
Sonic: *Denki and I

Flex tape changed Sonic’s name to Grammar police

Grammar police: That’s fair
John cena: anyway you’ve been awfully quiet @MOMo, @Twilight sparkle, @Kermit, @Not a furry, @Disney princess, @Sugar daddy
Not a furry: fuck she’s onto us
Twilight sparkle: :^)
Aux cord: Momo’s not feeling great rn
Kermit: I’ve just been lurking
Sugar daddy: Same, y’all are funny
Disney princess: ╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯
Floaty: @Everyone The rumour come out: does Koda is baby?
Angry pomeranian: Did you really have to @ everyone for that?
Angry pomeranian: (also yes, yes he does)
Floaty: The people needed to know
Angry pomeranian: understandable have a nice day

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5:35 pm
Class 1-A chat

Free charger: @Everyone we should have a disney marathon in the common room

Grammar police: As long as we don’t stay up too late i’m okay with it

Sugar daddy: I can make snacks

Not a furry: i’ll set up the blanket fort

Flex tape: hell yeah!

Flex tape: what movies should we watch?

MOMo: How about Mulan?

Floaty: mulan is honestly the best disney movie from before tangled

Disney princess: can we watch snow white?

Free charger: of course we can

Murkrow: we should watch the nightmare before christmas

Disney princess: I've never seen that one, is it scary? (◕︿◕✿)

Murkrow: no it’s not too scary

Disney princess: ok (◕‿◕✿)

Assid: we gotta watch brave too

Free charger: I think we’ve got a pretty good list here

Angry pomeranian: I’m not coming to your shitty movie marathon

Rock hard: please :(

Angry pomeranian: …...fine

Hand crusher: I don’t think i’ve seen any of those

🅱️ones: how haven't you seen mulan?

Hand crusher: endeavor

🅱️ones: Fuck endeavor

5:45 pm
Assid added floaty and 5 others to operation tododeku

Assid: we gotta get todoroki and mido together

Floaty: yeah their endless pining is killing me

Floaty: there’s only so much ranting about a dude a lesbian can take you know?

MOMo: I know exactly what you mean, Todoroki is constantly telling be about “how pretty his
eyes are” and “how hot he is when they spar”

Assid: these boys are more oblivious than bakuhoe and kirishima were

Assid: ok now back to the plotting

Twilight sparkle: we could try to do it during the disney marathon

Kermit: isn’t much time to plan but I think we can pull it off

Aux cord: we could just make them sit next to each other like we did for baku mcsplode and kirishima

Assid: lmao baku mcsplode i’m gonna call him that next time I see him

John cena: anyway jirou’s right if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

MOMo: so everyone's good with this plan?

Assid: yeah

Floaty: yup

Twilight sparkle: oui~

Kermit: kero

Aux cord: yeah but did tsu really just ribbit in the chat?

John cena: yes she did (i’m cool with the plan)

MOMo: operation tododeku is a go

5:58 pm
Class 1-A chat

Free charger: so heres the full list of movies we’re watching, Mulan, princess and the frog, brave, nightmare before christmas, snow white, and moana

Hand crusher: wow i’ve only seen one of those and it was because my brother took us out to see it when endeavor was at work

Flex tape: that’s sad todobroki

Free charger: very sad

1:30 am

Floaty: tododeku.png

Floaty: they fell asleep cuddling :)

John cena: aww

John cena: we should go to bed now tho it’s 1:35

Floaty: yeah, goodnight hagakure

John cena: goodnight uraraka

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11:37 am
Class 1-A chat

🅱️ones: avdwbvhefsibv u R AR A K A

Floaty: yes? :)

🅱️ones: I can’t fuckin move please help

🅱️ones: he’s adorable as hell and i’m super gay but i’m losing feeling to my arm

Floaty: you do know he can see this right

🅱️ones: well I guess this is how I die

🅱️ones: not at the hands of a villain but my own gay panic

Floaty: well i’d hope its not somebody else's gay panic that kills you

🅱️ones: now's not the time or jokes uraraka, can you please help me

Floaty: fiiiiiiine im coming

🅱️ones: thank you


Hand crusher: Midoriya? I had no idea you felt this way

Hand crusher: I feel the same

🅱️ones: Will you go out with me?

Hand crusher: of course

Floaty has added tired (of y’all) to the chat

Floaty: see it's that easy @Not a furry, @Tired (of y’all)

Not a furry: u r a r a k a is that who i think it is

Floaty: yeah, i’m just saying

Floaty: y’all aren't as subtle as you think you are

Floaty: anyway

Free charger: i can’t believe i actually clicked on that wow

Floaty: you’re online?

Free charger: yeah i've just been lurking along with half of the class

Floaty: understandable

12:05 pm
Operation tododeku

Assid: HELL Y E AH

John cena: we don't have to deal with their oblivious pining anymore!!!1!1!

Kermit: you fools, this might only be the beginning

Aux cord: w-what do you mean?

Kermit: them being together doesn't mean that they'll stop being oblivious

MOMo: god I sure hope it does

Twilight sparkle: oui ~

Floaty: you know that chat name doesn't really suit you Aoyama

Floaty changed Twilight sparkles name to ✨Rarity✨

✨Rarity✨: *gasp* c’est magnifique!

Floaty: please don’t type out the word gasp

✨Rarity✨: yeah ok that's fair

1:30 pm
Class 1-A chat

Grammar police: oh yeah and before I forget

Grammar police has added Shamwow to the chat

Shamwow: why

Shamwow: why would you do this

Shamwow: I see you typing, that was a rhetorical question

Shamwow: anyway I forgot to tell you all that Shinsou will be replacing the grape

🅱️ones: I kind of guessed but it’s nice to have confirmation

Free charger: we’re replacing one purple boi with a better purple boi

Tired (of y’all): thanks for the introduction dad

Hand crusher: I k n e w i t

🅱️ones: oh no

Hand crusher: who else is related to a pro hero? Midnight and mustard’s quirks seem to be pretty similar…

🅱️ones: oh n o

🅱️ones: someone stop him

Grammar police has temporarily closed the chat

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5:04 pm
Class 1-A chat

Free charger: so are we just going to ignore the fact that what Todoroki said would make sense or…

🅱️ones: yes

🅱️ones: yes we are

Free charger: that’s fair

Free charger: anyway change of subject, did I ever tell you guys about the time I got my finger stuck in an electrical outlet

🅱️ones: why were you sticking it in there in the first place

Free charger: thats what she said

Free charger: I wanted to know what it felt like idk, but I ended up short circuiting

Angry pomeranian: what the fuck pikachu

Angry pomeranian has changed Free charger’s name to Dumbass

Dumbass: surprised_pikachu.jpg

Angry pomeranian: don’t put your fucking fingers in outlets

Grammar police: i’m adding the adults so I don’t have to deal with y’alls dumbassery alone

Grammar police this is non negotiable

Grammar police has added Presentation Michael, Chloroform, Captain america, StillABetterHeroThanEnd*vor, and Worlds best mom to the chat

🅱️ones: how did you get my mom’s number

Grammar police: don’t question it :^)

Chloroform: oh? A group chat?

Worlds best mom: hello everyone ^-^

Assid: hi mama midoriya!

Assid: also who’s @StillABetterHeroThanEnd*vor?

Grammar police: That would be my brother, can’t really say he’s wrong though

Hand crusher: I can say from personal experience that he’s absolutely correct

Shamwow: Hizashi put the adoption papers down one problem child is enough

Presentation Michael: is it though :/

Tired (of y’all): I wouldn’t mind having a brother

Hand crusher: gotta get my shitty dad in jail first though

StillABetterHeroThanEnd*vor: fuck end*vor

Hand crusher: fuck end*vor

🅱️ones: fuck end*vor

Chloroform: fuck end*vor

Captain america: fuck end*vor

Worlds best mom: fuck end*vor

🅱️ones: damn even mom and dad got on the fuck end*vor train

🅱️ones: w a i t

Hand crusher: … i called it

Captain america: I’m not cryig you’re crying

Captain america changed their name to Dad might

Shamwow: the first time always gets you


Presentation Michael: Shouta wouldn't stop crying for an hour

Shamwow: I did no such thing

Presentation Michael: I thought you hated lying though?

Dumbass: so i’m confused

Dumbass: is all might actually his dad?

Dumbass: it would explain why their quirks are so similar...

🅱️ones: no he’s not actually my dad

🅱️ones: my dad was a scumbag who left because I was uhh.. A late bloomer when it came to my quirk

Angry pomeranian: fucker didn’t get his quirk until right before the entrance exams

Dad might: watch your profanity young Bakugou

Angry pomeranian: whatever

Angry pomeranian: but if your dad ever shows up again i'll beat his ass

Angry pomeranian: or worse, i’ll let my mom at him

Worlds best mom: Please don’t we don’t want a lawsuit on our hands

Shamwow: being an underground hero has taught me how to hide a body

Shamwow: just saying

Worlds best mom: it is tempting but please don’t murder my ex husband

Angry pomeranian: I make no promises

Worlds best mom: I know that’s probably the best I can get out of you

Shamwow: ……fine

Worlds best mom: :)

Chapter Text

3:40 am
Class 1-A chat

Dumbass: ok but… Midoriya’s quirk is nothing like his mom’s right? So either he got his dad’s quirk or theres something he’s not telling us

Flex tape: Denki it’s almost 4 in the morning

Flex tape: go to sleep

Dumbass: I don’t need sleep I need answers

Dumbass: yo @Angry pomeranian

Flex tape: bro are you actually trying to die? You KNOW he goes to sleep at 9

Angry pomeranian: what in the god damn FUCK could you possibly need at 3:47

Dumbass: what’s Midoriya’s dad’s quirk?

Angry pomeranian: … nunya

Dumbass: oh! Cool what’s it do?

Angry pomeranian: pikachu I meant it’s none of your fucking buisness

Dumbass: oh…

Dumbass: I’ll go to sleep

Dumbass: but I will bring this topic up later

10:06 am

🅱️ones: uhh

Dms: 🅱️ones, Dad might

🅱️ones: can I tell them?

Dad might: of course my boy! It's as much your secret as it is mine

Dad might: and I can’t say not knowing is doing any of you any favors

Dad might: and besides all for one is in the deepest pit of tartarus

🅱️ones: ok thanks dad!

🅱️ones: fucvrweqivrh

Dad might: it’s quite alright my boy

Dad might: I don’t really mind if you call me that

🅱️ones: :)

Class 1-A chat

🅱️ones: so

🅱️ones: mine and all might’s quirks are similar right?

Dumbass: yeah…?

🅱️ones: well that’s because they’re the same quirk


🅱️ones: no he’s not!

🅱️ones: at least not biologically

Flex tape: then how do y’all have the same quirk???

🅱️ones: the first person who had it (one for all) was given a stockpiling quirk by his brother (all for one who has the power to give and take quirks from people) because he was quirkless, but the thing is, ofa wasn’t quirkless he had the power to pass down his quirk to another person by having that person swallow some of his dna (kinda gross but oh well) and so it’s been passed down through generations before it got to all might and then to me

Floaty: wait isn’t all for one the guy who all might last fought? That can’t actually be him right?

Floaty: he’d have to be suuuuuuper old

🅱️ones: well at some point he must’ve stolen a quirk that essentially makes him immortal

Floaty: yeah that would make sense

Rock hard: so you had to swallow some of all mights dna…….?

🅱️ones: it was just a hair (still gross)

Assid: so that’s why you break ur bones when u use it

Assid: u got quirk too big for you got damn body

🅱️ones: i’m honestly surprised y’all are taking this so well

Kermit: did you really expect us to freak out, kero?

Sugar daddy: yeah at least we know why the league was hellbent on our class now

Murkrow: also it’s not really all that surprising

🅱️ones: …

Tentacool: i think it’s safe to say, nobodys surprised

Worlds best mom: i’m a tad bit surprised

Worlds best mom: and i’m his mother

🅱️ones: sorry mom, I probably should have told you sooner

Worlds best mom: it’s ok izuku

Hand crusher: speaking of revelations, should we tell them about hosu

Hand crusher: I mean the police already took care of it

Not a furry: what the fuck went on in hosu?

Grammar police: nah let them suffer

Not a furry: I repeat, what the everloving fuck went on in hosu

Hand crusher: nothing you need to know :^)

Tired (of y’all): I don’t like that smile

Tired (of y’all): especially not from you

🅱️ones: :^)

Grammar police: :^)

Not a furry: ah so it was all three of you

Dumbass: anyway moving on

Dumbass: I found our teacher’s old yearbook pictures

Dumbass: baby_mic.png, always_been_tired.png, pg_13_midnight.png, all_american.png

John cena: omg mic with his hair down

✨Rarity✨: aizawa really needs a better skincare routine

Shamwow: I know but hey

MOMo: and midnight just looks so… babey

Aux cord: she really does

Rock hard: also what the heck happened to all might?

Rock hard: he went from a normal looking dude, to switching between buff and a skeleton, and then to full skeleton

Dad might: I don’t think you want the answer to that

Dad might: but long story short afo happened and then I gave my quirk to young Midoriya

✨Rarity✨: if you can’t switch to buff might anymore then why don’t you get clothes that actually fit you

Dad might: … yeah that’s fair

Worlds best mom: i’m taking you shopping tomorrow

Worlds best mom: there's no escape :)

Dad might: you can really be scary when you want to be

Dumbass: honestly if either of the midoriyas became villains we’d all be screwed

🅱️ones: why do you keep saying that

Dumbass: because it’s true

Rock hard: yeah he’s right, you’re analytical as hell dude

Hand crusher: what he said

🅱️ones: well if i’m that scary shouto why did you go to a location i sent you with no context in the middle of the villain attack in hosu

Not a furry: once again what the fuck happened in hosu??

Not a furry: did everyone really just leave me on read

Not a furry: wow ok

Chapter Text

2:45 am
3 parents and 6 kids


Chad: sup fuckers

Compressed file: …

Compressed file: are you incapable of greeting us in any other way

Chad: yes

Fuckhands McMike: who the fuck readded me here

Fuckhands McMike: and I will disintegrate the phone of whoever changed my name to this

Chad: you do be having fuckhands tho

Stabby: awww shiggy really I think it suits you :(

Stabby: but if you want a different one

Stabby has changed Fuckhands McMike’s name to Shiggy

Shiggy: and here I thought it couldn’t get worse

Goth grillby: I-

Goth grillby: just please don't kill each other

Magnetic personality: you sound like a tired mom lol

Goth grillby: I wish I didn’t

Once: he’s everyone's mom even yours

Ketchup: really? I think he's more of a wine aunt

A raisin: you’re like 11 isn’t it past your bedtime? (also that’s magnes job)

Ketchup: i’m 13 so stfu

Chad: who the fuck taught the child to swear

A raisin: read what you just said

Chad: oh…

A raisin: anyway can I add my friend to the chat

Compressed file: is this the same friend you were telling me about earlier

A raisin: perhaps

Compressed file: then why not

Chad: I would like to know who it is first

A raisin: his name is Takami Keigo

Chad: you’re friends with fucking hawks?

A raisin: yeah, he’s actually pretty chill (and needs more friends tbh)

Chad: fucking go for it

Stabby: why not? We’ve had stranger people in here

Once: of course! fine by me

Magnetic personality: hasn’t given me any reason to dislike him besides being a hero so sure

Ketchup: yeah he seems chill

Goth grillby: as long as you’re sure he won’t use this information against us

Shiggy: fiiiiiine I guess i’ll allow it

Stabby: that’s shiggy speak for “I would love a new friend, thanks for asking”

Shiggy: you wanna fucking die?

Stabby: i’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me

A raisin: ty y’all

A raisin has added Kentucky fried fuck to the chat

Kentucky fried fuck: yo

Stabby: hi!

Stabby: opinions on knives?

Kentucky fried fuck: they’re pretty cool

Stabby: congrats you're my new favorite hero :)

Kentucky fried fuck: i’m honored

Ketchup: toga why are you like this

Kentucky fried fuck: jfc is that a gremlin?

Ketchup: no i’m an 8th grader

Magnetic personality: you say that as if you still go to school

Ketchup: can’t exactly do that when i’m a wanted criminal now can I?

Magnetic personality: yeah that's fair

Magnetic personality: i honestly forgot that we’re criminals for a sec lol

Ketchup: how did you even manage to forget that

Magnetic personality: idk

Kentucky fried fuck: my only question is, how have y’all not been caught yet lmao

Stabby: i don’t think anybody here knows the answer to that

Goth grillby: I certainly have no clue

Chad: i almost forgot to do something

Chad has changed the chat name to 3 parents 7 kids

Kentucky fried fuck: bold of you to assume i’m not a parent

Chad: Is it really that bold though?

A raisin: yeah keigo you still laugh at fart jokes

A raisin: and if anyone makes a comment on what i just said prepare to have the thing you love most turned to ashes

Compressed file: i’m gonna do it

Stabby: wait compress don’t-

Compressed file: “keigo”? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A raisin: …

Stabby: rip kurogiri I guess

Goth grillby: am I not allowed to have one day chaos free

Once: nope no

Goth grillby: understandable have a nice day

Chapter Text

5:30 pm
Class 1-A chat


Dumbass: is it just me or was the chat super quiet yesterday?

Assid: yeah it kinda was

Dumbass: weird

Dumbass: anyway back to your regularly scheduled memes

Dumbass: did y’all see what bakubro just did lmao

Assid: no what’d he do?

Dumbass: he picked up Hanta and said “this bitch empty YEET” and then mcfuckin threw him

Assid: lmao

Dumbass: luckily he landed on the couch tho

Assid: yeah that's good

Assid: hey @everyone we should play truth or dare

🅱️ones: i’m down for it

🅱️ones: but this chat name it getting old

🅱️ones has changed their name to Izukuwu

Izukuwu: that’s better

Assid: say aye if you don’t want to be included

Murkrow: aye definitely don’t want to play

Dumbass: … was that a pun?

Murkrow: perhaps

Tentacool: i wont play either

Assid: so are tokoyami and shoji the only ones not playing?

Izukuwu: it seems so

Not a furry: can i go first?

Assid: of course

Not a furry: @tired (of y’all) truth or dare

Tired (of y’all): truth

Not a furry: when was the last time you slept

Tired (of y’all): … dare

Not a furry: go to sleep

Tired (of y’all): fuck

Assid: rules are rules shinsou

Assid: go take a nap

Tired (of y’all): … fine

Assid: but before you do that ask someone else t or d

Tired (of y’all): ok, Uraraka t or d

Floaty: dare i’m not a coward

Tired (of y’all): I dare you to make your way to the common room without touching the floor

Floaty has sent a video

(video ID: Uraraka floating down the hallway occasionally bumping into the wall until she reaches the elevator, it stops at the second floor as tokoyami gets on ”i'm not even going to question why at this point”
“Yeah that’s probably wise” finally the elevator reaches the first floor and uraraka promptly releases herself onto the couch)

Dumbass: nice

Floaty: @Hand crusher truth or dare

Hand crusher: dare

Floaty: I dare you to freeze bakugo’s stuff to the ceiling

Hand crusher: ok i might need your help tho

Floaty: ok

Hand crusher has sent a photo

(photo ID: everything in bakugo’s room from chapstick to his entire bed is now frozen to the ceiling and todoroki is giving the camera a thumbs up)

Assid: nice

Hand crusher: @Cryptid truth or dare

Cryptid: Truth!

Izukuwu: fuck i forgot he was here

Hand crusher: are you actually tokoyami’s quirk or do you count as a separate person

Dumbass: dang todoroki’s asking the real questions tonight

Cryptid: I technically count as both

Hand crusher: huh not the answer i was expecting but nice

Cryptid: @Flex tape truth or dare

Flex tape: dare

Cryptid: i dare you to climb down the side of the building and knock on ojiro’s balcony door

Flex tape: weird request but ok

Flex tape has sent a video

(video ID: sero puts double sided tape on his hands and feet and begins to crawl down the side of heights alliance, he continues on past the dorm below his until he reaches ojiro’s room and knocks on the door, and ojiro (who hasn’t been reading the chat much) screams as the video cuts off)

Flex tape: the deed is done

Dumbass: holy shit bro

6:03 pm
Teacher gang

Presentation michael: did anyone else just see sero?

Shamwow: I wish I didn't

Chloroform: i assume you’re gonna stop whatever they're doing

Shamwow: I probably should

Shamwow: sigh

Shamwow: I think it can wait a bit

6:06 pm
Class 1-A chat

Flex tape: @dumbass t or d

Dumbass: truth

Flex tape: i love you bro

Dumbass: that’s not a question bro but i love you too

Flex tape: you said truth so i gave you the truth bro

Dumbass: bro

Assid: need me a freak like that

Assid: anyway ask someone kami

Dumbass: @✨Rarity✨ t or d

✨Rarity✨: dare

Dumbass: I dare you to glitter bomb Aizawa

✨Rarity✨: :^)

✨Rarity✨ sent a photo

(photo ID: Aizawa standing there covered in glitter with an extremely annoyed expression while Aoyama smiles™ at the camera)

Dumbass: lmao

6:20 pm
Teacher gang

Shamwow: they fucking glitter bombed me

Presentation michael: lmao

Chloroform: hold up I need to see this

Chloroform: just saw it and its just as hilarious as i imagined

Shamwow: i think this has gone on long enough

6:03 pm
Class 1-A chat

Shamwow: i don't know what you all are doing but stop it

Dumbass: but Aizawa-

Shamwow: no buts

Flex tape: ha

Shamwow: i-

Shamwow: sigh

Chapter Text

4:45 pm
Class 1-A chat

Dumbass: fuck zodiacs @everyone I wanna know who you main on smash bros

Dumbass: obviously i’m pichu

Flex tape: why not Pikachu?

Aux cord: because i’m pikachu

Dumbass: and pichu still hursts itself when it uses its power

Flex tape: lmao hursts

Flex tape: but yeah that makes sense

Flex tape: i’m wii fit trainer

Angry pomeranian: you would

Angry pomeranian: anyway I play as bowser

Izukuwu: why am I not surprised?

Angry pomeranian: fuck you deku

Izukuwu: but to answer your question Kaminari I main daisy

Dumbass: I wasn't expecting that but it fits somehow?

Floaty: I main Kirby :)

Izukuwu: I hate how much that fits

Izukuwu: you both look sweet and wholesome but you can and will kill god

Floaty: I would never hurt yaomomo

Dumbass: @MOMo how do you feel about being an absolute goddess?

MOMo: I don’t know how to respond to that

MOMo: to answer the previous question though I play as Rosalina quite often

Dumbass: that’s fair

Izukuwu: @Grammar police you play smash bros right?

Grammar police: I do, I typically play as sonic

Izukuwu: yeah that’s fair

Dumbass: ok now im curious

Dumbass: @Disney princess who do you main

Disney princess: Isabelle :)

Dumbass: ...why is that smile so ominous

Sugar daddy: it’s because he can and will kick your ass on smash bros all while playing as isabelle

Sugar daddy: I main peach btw

Sugar daddy: @John cena who do you main

John cena: bowser jr

Floaty: but why bowser jr?

John cena: it’s the Vibes Uraraka

Floaty: yeah ok

John cena: hey @Murkrow I wanna try and guess who you main

John cena: is it falco

Murkrow: …it’s falco

John cena: ojiro you owe me money

Not a furry: damn

Murkrow: you guys were betting on who I main on smash bros?

Not a furry: yeah

Not a furry: I guessed duck hunt

Murkrow: Darkshadow’s the one who mains duck hunt

Not a furry: huh

Not a furry: inch resting

Not a furry: I suppose I should mention that I main little mac

Murkrow: as expected

Not a furry: I-

Not a furry: ok

Chapter Text

10:57 pm
3 parents 7 kids

Ketchup: I swear to god spinner, gta is not a valid way to have learned how to drive

Chad: god’s not here

Ketchup: I-

A raisin: just let the man live

A raisin: it’s not like we abide by the law anyway

Ketchup: that’s fair

Ketchup: car crashes aren’t fun though

Chad: for your information i've never gotten in an accident before

Ketchup: yet

Chad: it’s not like your driving skills are better

Ketchup: i’m a child what’s your excuse

Chad: i keep forgetting that you’re like… a baby

Ketchup: i’m 14 so shut the fuck up

Chad has changed Ketchup’s name to A child

A child: fuck you

Kentucky fried fuck: wait you’re 14??

A child: yeah…?

Kentucky fried fuck: damn

Kentucky fred fuck: is anyone else here a minor

Stabby: just me and mustard

Stabby: I'm 17!

Kentucky fried fuck: jeez

Stabby: yeah…

Kentucky fried fuck: I feel like this might be a bit personal and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to but

Kentucky fried fuck: what made you become a villain

Stabby: it’s a long story that really don’t want to get into right now but long story short: neglectful parents

Kentucky fried fuck: that’s fair

A raisin: honestly all of us are probably here because of mommy/daddy issues or capitalism

Compressed file: I can’t say that you’re wrong

A child: which one is it for you magic man

Compressed file: It’s the capitalism obviously

Chad: yeah sure

Chad: definitely obvious

Compressed file: fucker

Once: anyway moving on

Once: @Stabby I finished that dress you wanted me to make

Stabby: strawberry dress!!

Once: please try not to get blood on it do what you want, I can’t stop you

Stabby: I make no promises <3

Magnetic personality: Toga please

Magnetic personality: you know blood is difficult to wash out

Stabby: fine…


Goth grillby: @Stabby @Chad I don’t know what you’re doing to make all that noise but stop it, I’m trying to sleep

Shiggy: Shes chasing him with a knife while singing holding out for a hero

Goth grillby: Can you stop them?

Shiggy: why can’t you do it

Goth grillby: I’m trapped under Sako who’s asleep

Shiggy: of course you are

Shiggy: I guess I can do it

Goth grillby: Tomura what was that loud bang?

Shiggy: spinner ran into a wall and knocked himself out

Goth grillby: You kids are the reason I drink

Stabby: sorry kuro I won't do it again

Stabby: not this late anyway

A raisin has changed Goth grillby’s name to Tired dad

Tired had has changed their name to Goth grillby

Goth grillby: I believe the title belongs to someone else

A raisin: who?

Goth grillby: A person who I can’t tell you the name of yet

A raisin: that’s a bit cryptic but imma let it slide for now since it’s 12:24 and i’m tired

A raisin: goodnight dad

A raisin: I mean kuro

Goth grillby: Goodnight Dabi

Chapter Text

11:12 am
Operation redemption arc

Goth grillby sent a screenshot: (A raisin has changed Goth grillby’s name to Tired dad

Tired dad has changed their name to Goth grillby

Goth grillby: I believe the title belongs to someone else

A raisin: who?

Goth grillby: A person who I can’t tell you the name of yet

A raisin: that’s a bit cryptic but imma let it slide for now since it’s 12:24 and i’m tired

A raisin: goodnight dad

A raisin: I mean kuro

Goth grillby: Goodnight dabi)

Goth grillby: Fuck

Presentation michael: lol he called you dad

Shamwow: welcome to the club

Goth grillby: Not why I’m freaking out but ok

Presentation michael: I mean

Presentation michael: you’re gonna have to tell them eventually

Goth grillby: That’s fair

Goth grillby: Also

Goth grillby has changed Shamwow’s name to Tired dad

Tired dad: sigh

Goth grillby: Update time

Goth grillby: They were all okay with Dabi adding Hawks to the chat

Presentation michael: one question

Presentation michael: how do they know each other?

Goth grillby: No clue how they met, but Dabi has talked to Sako and I about this guy he likes whom we correctly guessed to be Hawks

Presentation Michael: *surprised pikachu*

Tired dad: i also have a question

Goth grillby:I’m not telling you who our informant is

Tired dad: why not?

Goth grillby: As I have already told you, they know you and Hizashi are helping us and will tell you when they’re ready

Tired dad: can I at least know if they’re one of my students?

Goth grillby: All I can tell you is that you’ve met them before

Tired dad: … thank you Oboro

11:20 am
Class 1-A chat

Izukuwu: @John cena couldn’t you get a hero costume made out of your hair like Mirio does?

John cena: bold of you to assume I have hair

Assid: Hagakure I helped you brush it this morning…

John cena: yeah that’s fair I just dont want one

Izukuwu: don’t you get cold though

Izukuwu: I feel like Its not good for your health to be going around naked all the time

Izukuwu: especially with hero work

John cena: honestly I didn’t think about that

Izukuwu: I could ask Hatsume if she could make one for you?

John cena: that would be nice

Tired dad: I was going to bring that up after class today but I guess I don’t have to now

Assid: jesus fuck I forgot you were here

Tired dad: watch your mouth

Assid: you mean fingers?

Tired dad: …

Assid: …

Tired dad: I hate it here

Assid: then leave

Assid: nobody’s stopping you

Tired dad: that’s where you’re wrong

Tired dad: watch this

Tired dad has left the chat

Presentation michael has added Tired dad to the chat

Presentation michael: shouta don’t leave :(

Tired dad: see?

Assid: how does he just Know when you leave

Tired dad: it’s not just him

Tired dad: it’s also Hitoshi and Nemuri

Tired dad: occasionally Tensei if he's quick enough

Assid: damn

2:08 pm

Rock hard has sent a video: (Kaminari, and Sero are with Kirishima in his dorm absolutely vibing, Kaminari yells ”it’s the final braincell!” and sero pulls out a kazoo and kazoo’d the rest of the song (you know the one))

John cena: iconic

John cena: truly iconic

John cena: what time is it

Flex tape: you’re literally on your phone right now just look up

John cena: i love you (no hetero) and i mean this in the nicest way possible but, no

Flex tape: it took more time for you to type that out than it would have for you to look at the top of your screen

John cena: just tell me the time

Flex tape: fine

Flex tape: it’s 2:12

John cena: ok thank you

John cena: wait shit i have to be somewhere soon

Flex tape: where?

John cena: just visiting family

Flex tape: ok

Flex tape: have fun

2:34 pm
Dms: Assid, John cena

Assid: hey hagakure

Assid: can I ask you something about your quirk?

John cena: sorry, Toru can’t answer right now I kinda stole her phone

Assid: who is this

John cena: this is her older sister

Assid: I thought she said she didn’t have siblings

John cena: not technically but we’re basically family at this point

John cena: this is Ashido right?

Assid: yeah

John cena: you better treat her right

John cena: or i’m coming for ur kneecaps

Assid: … please elaborate?

John cena: no <3

Chapter Text

1:00 pm
3 parents 7 kids

Stabby: sometimes I wish I could get bigger portion sizes of cranberry sauce

Stabby: but sadly I have to share with other people

Stabby: I would honestly eat a whole can of it

Compressed file: don’t do it

Compressed file: I did it once and now I can’t even stand the smell of it

Stabby: forgive me father

Stabby: for I’m about to sin

Compressed file: Toga put the can down

Stabby: make me >:p

Stabby: ...did you really have to compress it?

Compressed file: yes

Compressed file: I can’t let you make the same mistakes I did

Chad: @Stabby there's another can in the pantry

Stabby: not for long :)

Compressed file: Spinner why would you tell her that

Chad: because fuck you

Goth grillby: Why did I just see Sako chasing Toga to the pantry?

Chad: scroll up

Goth grillby: …

Goth grillby: Sako I love you but I’m on Toga’s side here

Compressed file: betrayal (love you too <3)

Goth grillby: <3

Once: gays in the chat! put money in the jar!

Goth grillby: Fuck

Goth grillby: Why do we even have that jar anyway?

Goth grillby: Me and Sako are literally the only couple in this chat

Stabby: yeah but all the pining makes up for that

Goth grillby: I suppose

Goth grillby: Where are you?

Stabby: I can’t tell you that

Stabby: I’m hiding from compress

1:15 pm
Dms: Compressed file, Goth grillby

Compressed file: should I tell her that I’ve already stopped looking?

Goth grillby: 10 more minutes

Goth grillby: It’s nice to have some peace and quiet for once

Compressed file: ok

Compressed file: love you <3

Goth grillby: <3

1:25 pm
3 parents 7 kids

Compressed file: @Stabby I stopped looking for you over 10 minutes ago you can stop hiding now

Stabby: you fucker

A raisin: lol

A raisin: anyway I just realized that the whole time we’ve had this group chat (or been in the league for that matter) we never really said our pronouns

Stabby: yeah we should probably do that

Stabby: i'll go first, My pronouns are she/her :)

A raisin: he/they

Compressed file: he/him

Stabby: yo @everyone we’re doing this now

Once: oh fuck yeah, he/him, they/them

Magnetic personality: she/her

A child: they/them

Kentucky fried fuck: he/him

Goth grillby: he/him

Chad: i’m fine with any pronouns

Shiggy: he/they

2:00 pm

Stabby: yall guess who’s coming to visit!!!!!

Chad: fuck yeah!!

Magnetic personality: I miss her, very glad she’s coming

Kentucky fried fuck: who?

A child: one of our members is in the ua hero course so we don’t see her much

A raisin: … fuck

A child: what?

A raisin: I told my brother that today would be a pretty good day to visit

Chad: 1: todoroki is delightful, 2: oh shit

A raisin: *chuckles* i'm in danger

A child: can’t believe dabi’s gonna be dead within half an hour

Kentucky fried fuck: rip

Kentucky fried fuck: but who’s gonna get to him first her or todoroki

Chad: she will probably

A child: yeah she could sneak up on him really easily

Stabby: we should make a gc with her so we can warn her

Stabby: or add her to this one

A raisin: yeah

A raisin: which of us has her number?

Stabby: I do, hold on

Stabby has added John cena to the chat

A raisin: lmao john cena

John cena: not to be rude but why did yall add me?

A raisin: to warn you that there is a possibility that my little brother is gonna be visiting at the same time 👉👈

John cena: who’s ur brother??

A raisin: todoroki shoto…

John cena: oh shit

John cena: he’s gonna find out

A raisin: it’s fine I can keep him away while you’re there

John cena: no… you don’t have to do that

John cena: they were gonna find out eventually

A raisin: if it makes you feel any better, he probably wouldn’t tell anyone?

John cena: yeah you’re right

John cena: i’m here btw

Chapter Text

2:24 pm
3 parents 7 kids

A raisin: shoto should be here soon @John cena

A raisin: just in case you wanna hide or something

John cena: no i’ll just stay with you guys

John cena: it makes me feel safer

John cena: which is hilarious considering what you do

A raisin: yeah…

2:30 pm
Dms: A raisin, Hand crusher

A raisin: hey shoto just as a heads up we have another guest over rn

Hand crusher: really?

Hand crusher: Full offense but you have friends outside of the league?

A raisin: you’ll see (also are you not my friend :( ?)

Hand crusher: that’s ominous (we’re siblings it doesn’t count)

Hand crusher: anyway i’ll be there in 5 minutes

A raisin: aight

2:40 pm
Dms: Hand crusher, John cena

Hand crusher: what the fuck

Hand crusher: I won't tell anyone because 1: if they get caught I can’t see my brother anymore, and 2: that’d be mean

Hand crusher: but this was completely unexpected

John cena: I’m sorry todoroki

John cena: I should have told you guys

Hand crusher: it’s okay hagakure

Hand crusher: you probably didn’t have much of a choice

Hand crusher: you should probably tell the rest of the class though *cough*mostlyashido*cough*

John cena: that Does Not work through texting todoroki

John cena: but yeah you’re right

John cena: I’ll tell her as soon as I can

John cena: anyway moving on from that, Dabi is your brother???

Hand crusher: yeah he ran away when I was like, 5

John cena: damn

John cena: dabi doesn’t talk about his past much so I had no idea

John cena: speaking of dabi, can we talk about him and hawks for a sec

Hand crusher: ah so you’ve noticed it too

John cena: they obviously like each other

Hand crusher: yeah they’re not subtle At All

Hand crusher: and they’re both extremely oblivious

John cena: now you know how i felt about you and midoriya’s pining :)

Hand crusher: i'll admit it

Hand crusher: that wasn’t one of my best moments

John cena: yup

Hand crusher: you wanna meddle in their love life?

John cena: of course

2:53 pm
Hand crusher has added John cena and A raisin to chat: ur a tree

A raisin: why are we texting in the same room

A raisin: and who’s a tree???

Hand crusher: you

Hand crusher: you're a tree

A raisin: ??

John cena: it’s because of all the pining you’ve been doing

A raisin: what pining

Hand crusher: …

Hand crusher: please tell me you’re aware of the fact that you like hawks

Hand crusher: I might actually cry if you don’t

A raisin: of course I know shoto

A raisin: I’m not an idiot

Hand crusher: …

John cena: …

A raisin: shut up

John cena: we didn’t say anything

A raisin: exactly

Hand crusher: ok touya

John cena: hey dabi if you confess to hawks within 48 hours i'll finally confess to ashido and stop ranting about her in our dms

A raisin: deal

Hand crusher: is it that bad?

A raisin: yes

John cena: wow ok

Hand crusher: off topic but should we tell the others that we’re good now?

John cena: nah

John cena: let em suffer

A raisin: thats cold hagakure

Hand crusher: ice cold

A raisin: lmao

Chapter Text

6:34 am
Operation redemption arc

Goth grillby: Todoroki knows

Tired dad: Oboro you can’t just say things like that and not elaborate (also jesus fuck its early)

Tired dad: what does todoroki know?

Goth grillby: So you know how Dabi is Todoroki Touya?

Goth grillby: Jeez I hate calling him that it feels like i’m deadnaming him

Tired dad: well i do now

Goth grillby: Oh…

Goth grillby: Anyway, Todoroki came over yesterday to visit Dabi and uhh

Goth grillby: Our informant was also there

Presentation michael: oh no

Presentation michael: how’d he react?

Goth grillby: Surprisingly well

Goth grillby: However I think they’re plotting something now

Tired dad: that can’t be good

Presentation michael: we should add todoroki to the chat

Tired dad: you know what?

Tired dad: why not

Goth grillby: Sure

Presentation michael: :)

Presentation michael has added Hand crusher to the chat

Hand crusher: wtf is this

Tired dad: 1: watch your profanity, 2: read the name of the chat

Hand crusher: oh

Hand crusher: who’s it for?

Goth grillby: Hi

Hand crusher: that kind of makes sense but at the same time it doesn’t

Hand crusher: how do you guys know each other?

Presentation michael: we went to highschool together

Hand crusher: huh… inch resting…

Tired dad: hey todoroki who’s the informant

Hand crusher: i’m not telling

Goth grillby: Be patient Shouta

Goth grillby: They’ll tell you when they’re ready

Tired dad: I know

Tired dad: I just don’t like waiting

Goth grillby: Ok Shouta

Tired dad: anyway, back to what we were talking about earlier: what are you plotting todoroki

Tired dad: oboro said it seems like you’re scheming

Hand crusher: it’s just something about my brother

6:42 am
Dms: Hand crusher, Goth grillby

Hand crusher: how much does he know?

Goth grillby: Pretty much everything besides the fact that Hagakure is one of us

Hand crusher: ok thank you kuro

6:43 am
Operation redemption arc

Hand crusher: me and the “informant” as you call them are trying to get my brother to confess to hawks

Goth grillby: Oh yeah, we could probably add him to this chat too

Tired dad: it wouldn’t hurt to have one more person here who knows the league

Hand crusher: hopefully he doesn’t back read

Presentation michael: i really doubt he would

Goth grillby: I’m adding him then

Goth grillby has added Kentucky fried fuck to the chat

Kentucky fried fuck: yo

Kentucky fried fuck: what’s this

Tired dad: does nobody read the chat name

Goth grillby: I could hear that sigh from all the way over here

Presentation michael: it was an honest question hawks, but shouta i think the whole country heard that sigh lol

Tired dad: maybe that's my secret second quirk

Tired dad: sighing really loud

Hand crusher: if you think about it, couldn’t that be part of present mic’s quirk?

Presentation michael: let’s find out :)

Kentucky fried fuck: jfc I know y’all were joking about aizawa’s sigh being loud but I actually heard yamada’s from my agency

Tired dad: now imagine if you were right next to him

Kentucky fried fuck: rip your hearing

Goth grillby: We’re getting off topic

Presentation michael: oh yeah…

Kentucky fried fuck: so, hence the chat name and the fact that kuro’s here i’m guessing that this is about the league?

Tired dad: yup

Kentucky fried fuck: neat

Kentucky fried fuck: is there anything you need me to do?

Tired dad: not currently

Tired dad: mainly just wanted to let you know that we’re not actively trying to arrest your boyfriend

Kentucky fried fuck: ewuighwesxde

Kentucky fried fuck: i’m sorry w h a t?

Kentucky fried fuck: hes not my boyfiend???

Hand crusher: boyfiend

Tired dad: boyfiend

Presentation michael: boyfiend

Goth grillby: Boyfiend

Kentucky fried fuck: sHUT

Tired dad: no

Hand crusher: anyway

Hand crusher: i’m mostly just guessing but

Hand crusher: you do like him right?

Hand crusher: I won’t tell him or anything i’m just curious

Kentucky fried fuck: …maybe…

Hand crusher: alright, just wanted to know

Tired dad: you need to get to class now todoroki

Hand crusher: so do you

Tired dad: touché

Kentucky fried fuck: imagine ging to school lmao

Tired dad: ging

Hand crusher: ging

Goth grillby: ging

Presentation michael: ging

Kentucky fried fuck: I-

Kentucky fried fuck: ok

Chapter Text

3:51 pm
Class 1-A chat

Dumbass: how did the kingdom in sleeping beauty make thread in those 17(?) years

Dumbass: they destroyed all those things that make it (i forgot what they’re called)

Dumbass: how were they getting all that cloth to make new clothes

Flex tape: they probably had to import it

Flex tape: also it’s called a spinning wheel

Dumbass: ty hanta

Dumbass: is that ever even addressed in canon though?

Dumbass: og grimm fairytale or otherwise?

Flex tape: I don’t think so

Flex tape: I tried googling it but nothing came up

Grammar police: I believe Sero’s right about them importing it

Grammar police: unless they found a different way to make it

Dumbass: y’all wanna watch the movie and find out?

Flex tape: sure

Grammar police: ok

5:44 pm

Assid: did you find out how they did it? @dumbass @grammar police @flex tape

Dumbass: no >:(

Flex tape: it was kinda disappointing

Grammar police: i’m going to read the fairytale just to be sure

Dumbass: aight

Assid: good luck iida

6:23 pm

Grammar police: wow that was fucked up

Flex tape: iida swore!

Dumbass: i’m telling all might!

Dumbass: but actually tho how exactly was it fucked up?

Grammar police: in so many ways Kaminari

Grammar police: in so many ways…

Grammar police: i will not elaborate further because i feel as if that’s too heavy of a topic to discuss in a group chat

Dumbass: understandable bro

Dumbass: did they mention anything about the thread situation?

Grammar police: no they did not

Flex tape: damn

Flex tape: I guess we’ll never know

Grammar police: you could always research different ways they made thread back then

Flex tape: but that’s boring :(

Dumbass: yeah :(

Grammar police: sigh

✨Rarity✨: they just went back to hand spinning it??

✨Rarity✨: it’s not that hard to figure out mes amies :/

Flex tape: …

Dumbass: …

Grammar police: …

Grammar police: we’re stupid

✨Rarity✨: you’re not stupid iida :(

Grammar police: maybe, but we did just waste around 2 and a half hours trying to figure out what seems obvious in hindsight

✨Rarity✨: yeah but I will actually Yell if you call yourself stupid again

Grammar police: that’s fair

✨Rarity✨: (:

8:12 pm

Not a furry has sent a photo: (a black, white, and orange calico cat sitting on the common room couch, the picture was taken mid yawn so it looks like she’s yelling at the camera)

Not a furry: who’s cat is this?

Tired (of y’all): oh she must’ve gotten out of my room

Tired (of y’all): i’m cat sitting for dad while he’s on patrol (she doesn’t like being left alone for too long)

Not a furry: ah

Not a furry: what’s her name?

Tired (of y’all): rose

Tired (of y’all): could you bring her back up to my room?

Not a furry: yeah

Not a furry: I feel bad bothering her tho, she looks comfy :(

Tired (of y’all): imagine having to get up while she’s on your lap

Not a furry: that sounds so much worse

Not a furry: can you open your door? I cant knock with a cat in my arms

Tired (of y’all): but you can text

Not a furry: yeah oddly enough

Tired (of y’all) why are we still texting we’re in the same room

Not a furry: because it feels weird to finish the convo out loud

Tired (of y’all): fair