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9:30 pm
sonic has has added 🅱️ones and 19 others to chat: Class 1-A

Sonic: I have created this chat to tell you all
Sonic: The grapist has been expelled
Floaty: hell yeah
Aux cord: who was that who just ran down the hall blasting ding dong the witch is dead
🅱️ones: It was Kaminari
Free charger: Wow way to call me out Midoriya :/
🅱️ones: Oh I didn’t actually know I just guessed
Assid: you’re just that predictable Kami
Rock hard: he’s just mad because it’s past his bedtime
Lord explosion murder: You’re lucky I love you
Rock hard: Awww love you too <3
Lord explosion murder: ….. <3

Free charger changed Lord explosion murder’s name to Angry pomeranian

Angry pomeranian: you fucker
Flex tape: oh shit its all lowercase Denki RUN
Free charger: oh shit oh SHIT
Free charger: vnfekjb ifebvvbnjtr
Assid: Rip in pieces
Sonic: Bakugo no murder in the dorms!
Floaty: I’m just imagining him doing the arm choppy thing
Murkrow: What a mad banquet of darkness
Tentacool: Fumi we’ve talked about this
John cena: oh? Fumi?
Assid: Is there something going on there?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Murkrow: no…….

[REDACTED] has added Darkshadow to the chat

Darkshadow: He’s lying
Tired (of y’all): we know darkshadow
Murkrow: How were you even added to the chat?
Darkshadow: I Have My Ways :^)

Flex tape changed Darkshadow’s name to cryptid

Flex tape: Hmmm don’t like that ::::/
Angry pomeranian: Fucking Vriska kin
🅱️ones: you’re telling me you’ve read homestuck kacchan?
Angry pomeranian: Ejirou kept calling me Karkat and I wanted to know what it meant
🅱️ones: understandable have a nice day
Free charger: I lived bitch
Free charger: now back to your regularly scheduled memes
Free charger:
Hand crusher: what’s a meme?
Free charger: you wound me
Flex tape: Me and Denki are coming over to teach you the ways of meme
Hand crusher: oh no
Sonic: *Denki and I

Flex tape changed Sonic’s name to Grammar police

Grammar police: That’s fair
John cena: anyway you’ve been awfully quiet @MOMo, @Twilight sparkle, @Kermit, @Not a furry, @Disney princess, @Sugar daddy
Not a furry: fuck she’s onto us
Twilight sparkle: :^)
Aux cord: Momo’s not feeling great rn
Kermit: I’ve just been lurking
Sugar daddy: Same, y’all are funny
Disney princess: ╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯
Floaty: @Everyone The rumour come out: does Koda is baby?
Angry pomeranian: Did you really have to @ everyone for that?
Angry pomeranian: (also yes, yes he does)
Floaty: The people needed to know
Angry pomeranian: understandable have a nice day