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Into The Unknown

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Jamie rose to his feet, then slowly helped Claire to rise as well.  Once she found her balance, he turned around and picked up their bags from where he had placed them when he first approached Claire after having traveled through the stones.  Claire looked at the bags and then back up at Jamie, "We should change into more appropriate attire, just in case we do run into other people.  The last thing we want is to be taken as witches and burned at the stake before we even have a chance to live."

Jamie nodded in agreement and passed her the bag which contained their 18th century clothing. "Ye get changed first, I'll keep watch."

Claire accepted the bag, set it on the ground and accepted Jamie's help to kneel down so that she could remove everything that she needed to dress.  She stripped her modern clothing off rather quickly, tossed them into a pile near the edge of the stone circle and took her time pulling on each of the layers of her 18th century dress.   When she was finally finished, she called to Jamie.  "Alright my love, I'm all finished, come and change your clothes as well."

Jamie turned back to face her, took the few steps to reach her and pulled her into his arms with a huge smile on his face.  "I never I thought I would see ye lookin' so beautiful, mo ghráidh."

Claire giggled, "Is that so?"

Jamie nodded and pressed a tender kiss to her forehead, "As much as I enjoyed seein' ye in yer modern dresses and breeks, they dinna suit ye."

Claire rolled her eyes, "Well I for one will miss them, it was so much simpler to dress in my time."

Jamie chuckled, "Aye, it was quicker to remove yer clothing as well."

Claire pulled out of his arms and lovingly patted his chest, "Now it's your turn to change back into my 18th century highlander, and fortunately for you, it doesn't take any longer for you to dress in this time than it did in my time."

Jamie nodded, kicked his shoes off, then had his breeks and shirt pulled off in less than a minute.  He knelt next to their bag, pulled his own 18th century clothes from inside and was redressed just as quickly as he had undressed. His boots, however, took a bit longer to fasten than the modern shoes he was glad to be rid of.  Claire looked down at their pile of clothes with a furrowed brow, "What should we do with all of this?  It's not much safer to have it with us than it is to be wearing it."

Jamie nodded in agreement, "Aye yer right, perhaps we should burn them, leave no trace of the future to be found."

Claire sighed and nodded, "Yes, I think that is probably best.  But since you're so much better at building a fire from nothing, I will leave you to it."

Jamie chuckled, "Aye, I'll be glad to take care of it mo chridhe."

Jamie walked out of the stone circle, picked up a few dry twigs from the edge of the forest floor, then scanned the ground for the correct type of rocks to use to strike a spark.  Being raised in a time before conveniences such as matches, it didn't take Jamie long to find what he was looking for.  He gathered all of the fire making supplies and returned to the pile of clothes.  He wasn't sure how flammable they would be, so he used the twigs and sticks he had gathered to build a small fire next to the pile.  Once the fire was burning steadily, he began to add each piece of clothing to the fire, allowing it to burn completely before adding the next piece.  After only about 10 minutes all traces of the 20th century had been burned to ash, so Jamie stomped out what remained of the fire, then kicked some dirt onto the still hot coals to smother the fire completely. 

When he was satisfied that the fire was no longer a danger to the surrounding forest, he gathered up their bags, looped the straps across his body, then took Claire's hand, and together they began the trek back toward the beach.