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"Are you worried, sir?" Owen asked after he came back to the office.

Xanatos scoffed. "Of course not."

Owen just regarded him quietly, clearly waiting for something.

Xanatos cursed under his breath. "All right, fine, yes, I'm worried. Neither Goliath nor Detective Maza is the type to disappear without a trace. That they have is...concerning."

Owen nodded and rested his hand on the desk. "Anything that would make them act so wildly out of character is a concern for a number of reasons; their safety, I imagine, being the least of them."

"Right to the heart of the matter as always, Owen." Xanatos looked out over the city. "Do you have any ideas what it could be?"

"Magic or foul play," Owen said. "But that is, unfortunately, my only guess."

It was Xanatos's as well, and it did nothing to alleviate his concerns. "Neither of those are good options. But I'll hope for the former. That, at least, is something we can probably fix." He waved his hand at the computer. "Can you get started with their last known locations? We'll go from there."

Owen took a seat at the desk and started typing. "And if we find them? Will you tell the clan?"

Xanatos shrugged. "They said they didn't want our help. I think we ought to respect those wishes, don't you, Owen?"

Owen's mouth tipped up in a sly smile. "Indeed, Mr. Xanatos."