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A younger self

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Ever since he was a child he had always been fascinated about the stories the elders would tell him about an immortal being who was brought upon this world over two hundred years ago. It became his complete obsession and he would scavenge for any and all things related to him.


According to the tales of this boy most of which he acquired from Tonari's diary he was originally just a simple sphere tossed onto the lands of the living world. He first took the form of the first thing he touched. From there he then became the moss that grew on the rock at which he had taken form of and soon the snow of the barron land grew thicker. He stayed in such a simple form for a very long time. Then after the many days passed a tired, weakened wolf came to lay beside the rock to die. He then took the form of this creature.

This was when you could say he was 'born'. This was when he gained a 'conscience ' or 'awareness' of existance. And as such he began to also experience both pain and suffering that comes with existance. However, before long it realised it could correct his vessel of the injuries it had acquired that had therefore lead to it's death.

As it began to travel it came across a small lonely white haired boy in a small ruin of huts who called him 'Johaan' and brought him inside thinking it was still his wolf. When it entered the home of this young boy it felt warmth and the experience of food: Here he experienced something other than suffering - pleasantness.


After following this boy on his failed travels the boy soon succumbed to his death, thus giving him a new vessel - this time a human vessel.


It wandered around aimlessly with no destination in mind in its new body but soon it too died. The first time he died it took six days before he was resurrected and eventually after dying many times it only took a matter of minutes.

It was incontinent and did not know of human necessities such as food or water. It could not look after itself and lived as a scavenger eating what it could find and slept on the ground like an animal. One day it came across a young girl who the elders call March who they met in the woods who she named him 'Fushi'. She was kind and cleaned and fed him food before she was returned to the Ninanna alter to fulfil her role as the sacrifice to the spirit bear in order to protect her village who was chosen by a fake shaman called Pyoran.

However, with the aid of her big sister Parona she was briefly able to escape the Yanome who were to carry out the ritual. They were caught and the ritual was carried out as per usual but just as she was about to be killed the immortal being transformed into a wolf and fought off the spirit bear.

Hayase, a precedent of Kahak himself saw the potential of this magnificent being and knew that with the spirit bear's defeat singlehandedly it was to be a new messiah sent down by the Gods to save humanity. Unfortunately soon after he slipped away from her along with the two Ninanna's and the criminal. In a act of kindness she sacrificed both women in order for the being to defend itself with new vessels and to free him of their corruption and influence.


The immortal travelled with the shaman who taught him the ways of life and how to speak and write in order to communicate. During his many travels he obtained new experiences and vessels. In order for Hayase to truly protect him she converted a large majority of the Yanome soldiers into soldiers of a new defence corporation set to aid him as well as reincarnating though her long blood line so she could always protect him and lead the army.


Kahak was one of them. He was born from her long blood line and he was her sixth reincarnation who's duty is to serve and protect Fushi. However, most of his elders didn't think quite the same for one main reason.


He was a man.


All of her reincarnations have always been women and he was of not: so therefore they thought he could not be her.


His mother died during childbirth and so was unable to ever conceive a girl- and so with no other option he was to be the next successor.


Many of them believed that it was because Hayase had abandoned them, and so naturally he was looked down upon no matter how much he tried to convince them that he was capable of leading the army. During Hayase's lifetime she was able to tame a knocker who she then let live in her arm which was then passed down from generation to generation, and now into his arm.


Another reason why the elders hesitated to make him the next guider was because he would not be able to give birth. It was stated that one day that Fushi would have a child made with Hayase's blood. However, he tried to convince them that it was of no issue as despite Fushi taking the appearance of the boy most often he was able to turn into a female form as he is genderless that lives in the forms of others. After a while he was able to gain some confidence from his new army and their loyalty.


Although, despite the fact that he could have a child with Fushi he didn't make it a priority like his previous ancestors to actively seduce him. Instead he wanted to focus on guarding Fushi and protect him from the Knockers who's goal is to steal his powers and terminate all of mankind.


Ever since he could comprehend he has always waited until he was strong enough to serve him and fulfil his duty as leader of the defence corps. He trained hard as a child and studied almost any book on Fushi that he could get his hands on. The children and strangers would always avoid him though, the didn't take a liking to the knocker living in his arm and deemed him unnatural and so he often found himself alone.


It didn't bother him though because once he met Fushi it would be all worth it as he could fulfil Hayase's wish and receive his honour.


And now that time was about to come.


He had now turned into adulthood and was now strong enough to complete his duty and so his newly acquired army set about to prepare for travel to meet Fushi. With the knocker in his arm to guide him to the immortal he finished the last of the preparations and began to set off in search of Fushi.


He will make sure to protect him with everything he has.