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Would you please stop feeding my goddamn cat!

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The short man, apparently the best vet in National City, stands across from Lena, scrutinising her cat. The cool airconditioned room leaves small goosebumps on Lena’s arms as she waits for the vet to explain what’s got him so concerned. A few minutes pass with Lena nervously tapping her high heeled shoe against the tiled floor, and eventually, after a couple more pokes and prods, he places the clipboard he’s holding down on a small desk.

“Yes, just as I suspected. I’m sorry to tell you, Miss Luthor, but Bailey is overweight. You may need to reconsider the diet you are- “

Lena raises her eyebrows, quickly interrupting him, as she was expecting something more life-threatening for all the dramatics the vet has put on.

“But I’ve always used the diet you recommended, so I’m unsure how this is even possible.”

The vet sighed, grabbing bailey off the cold metal table, and putting her back in the cat carrier, where she quickly gets comfortable and dozes off.

Sitting down across from Lena now, he picks up his pen again to take further notes, “Have you considered that there is someone else feeding her. I actually find that’s quite common.”

Lena starts shaking her head, “no, I live on the 39th level of my complex, and I live by myself. There’s absolutely no way…”

The vet looks up when Lena pauses, “Are you okay, Miss Luthor?”

Lena stands, grabbing Bailey's cage, the cat meowing in shock at the sudden disturbance, and heads quickly for the door, “Yes, I think I just figured out who’s doing this. Thank you for your help. I’ll be back soon.”

The vet didn’t even get a goodbye out before Lena was out the front door.


The elevator doors open to Lena’s expansive apartment, with the dark-haired woman immediately making her way straight towards the kitchen, where she puts down Bailey's cage and opens the cage door. The cat immediately bounds out and makes her way towards Lena’s study, where her bed resides.

Happy that bailey is now free to roam, Lena makes her way to the balcony doors, opening them and allowing the afternoon sun to come through and coat the floor with the delicate rays of light, the slight afternoon breeze that floats through the door causing Lena to pause for a moment, just taking everything in.

Sighing and spinning on her heel, she makes her way to the study where bailey is now waltzing around and inspecting her surroundings as if they could possibly be different from the last time she was in this room.

Lena lets out a small laugh and makes her way to her shelves and checking them. Finding nothing with an exasperated sigh, she then walks towards the other end of the room.

Checking her precisely organised desk, she shuffles paper and notebooks around until she sees Bailey swatting at something shiny with her paws, just behind the stack of books she hasn’t yet had a chance to look at.

It’s the damn watch Supergirl gave her and exactly what she was looking for.

“Ahhhh yeah, of course, you have it. You’ve probably been calling her yourself for extra treats.”

Sitting down at her desk and running her fingers through Bailey's fur, she presses the button to summon the girl of steel.

And she does, in quite a dramatic fashion too. Landing on the balcony, Supergirl is immediately inside the apartment looking for the reason the distress button was pressed.

Not finding one and looking very perplexed, her eyes finally land on Lena, who’s still sitting in her study with Bailey purring on her lap.

Supergirl stops and pulls in a deep breath seeing that Lena is seemingly all in one piece, “Hey, you called, is everything okay???”

Lena cuts to the chase, not interested in bothering with small talk.

“Have you been feeding my cat? I know you like to hang around when you think I don’t notice.”

Supergirl immediately looks guilty and begins to look for a quick exit.

Taking a few small steps back, Supergirl knocks into the doorframe that she entered through with a slight thud. Lena lets out a small laugh at the girl of steel’s nervousness.

Supergirl straightens up and stutters out, “no-o-o... I’d never do that-t.”

Lena can see her getting more nervous by the second as she moves to push up glasses that aren’t there, a trait Lena noticed long ago that Kara and Supergirl share.

Lena sighs and stands up, walking past Supergirl and moving towards the kitchen. Once there, she immediately opens a drawer and reaches for a glass, grabbing the whiskey bottle still left on the marble counter from the previous night. Supergirl just anxiously follows her, knowing without it being said that she was supposed to follow her to the kitchen.

Sliding a glass towards her, Lena beckons for Supergirl to take a seat on one of the stools at the island bench. She willingly accepts the glass but doesn’t drink from it, just observing Lena carefully.

Moving around to join her, Lena leans against the counter, not even two feet from where the girl of steel is nervously swishing around her drink.

Sighing, Lena breaks the silence, “Supergirl, there’s really no need to lie, you are the only person who is even remotely capable of doing this, and I know you took a liking to her-”

“Miss Luthor, I really don’t- “

“Kara, will you just admit you feed my damn cat!!!”

The long day finally catching up to her, Lena puts her drink down with a loud clink, the liquid attempting to escape the glass as it hit the counter and clearly startling the woman across from her.

Or maybe it was the use of her name.

A look of shock crosses the other woman’s face, “You- you just called me Kara…. When…”

Lena moves away from the counter now, confident that if she actually looks at Kara, she’ll break down, “Lex told me right before he died. I figured you’d own up to it in your own time… I’m sorry it just slipped out.”

Kara jumps up, moving towards Lena and immediately starts to ramble, “Lena, what do you mean you’re sorry? This is all my fault. I was going to tell you I swear- “

Lena finally turns to Kara, tears slipping unwillingly down her face, “Kara, it's okay, I get it. I’m a Luthor. I couldn’t be trusted- “

Kara takes another step forward at the sound of Lena’s voice breaking, this time gently grabbing Lena’s face and wiping the tears away. Lena leans into the warm hands of the woman in front of her, closing her eyes.

Kara does her best to catch Lena’s eye once they are open again, and Lena eventually gives in and meets Kara’s concerned look. Kara sighs softly when she sees the pain in Lena’s eyes and pulls her to the couch where they’ve spent many nights watching movies and gossiping with glasses of wine.

The soft leather slightly whines as Kara pulls them down, Kara pulling Lena in close and grabbing one of Lena’s hands into her own

After a brief pause, Kara breathes out, “Lena. It was never about that. It was never about your last name.”

Kara sees the look of confusion on Lena’s face and continues, “When people find out about my identity, they tend to get hurt. I was selfish. I told myself I was trying to protect you… because the thought of you getting hurt because of me was unbearable. And part of me loved that someone finally just knew me as Kara, not as Supergirl. It was nice to feel… human… I was selfish and stupid, and honestly, the longer I left it, the harder it became to tell you. I’m so sorry. You should’ve known from the beginning,” Kara pauses and sucks in a deep breath, “You deserved to know. More than anyone. More then you’ll ever know.”

Lena looks at their hands tangled together, unsure of exactly how to respond.

Finally letting out a shaky breath, Lena looks up, meeting Kara’s eyes, “Kara, I don’t blame you. I really don’t. I spent a long time being angry and resenting you for what you did. Something Lex said to me that day he told me made me furious with you. With everyone. He said you made a fool of me. And that's what it felt like. Like I was the butt of a very bad secret identity joke. But now I do realise that you really were trying to protect me, even if you were being fucking stupid about it. I wish you had the chance to tell me yourself. I’m sorry Lex took that from you.”

Kara moves to wipe away some of the tears that are still rolling down Lena’s cheek.

Sighing, the girl of steel tightens her grip on the other woman’s hand, “Honestly, part of me is glad he told you, Lena…. I’ve come to realise I wouldn’t have had the strength to do it myself...” Kara trails off with a nervous laugh.

Silence fills the space between them now as they both soak up the remains of the afternoon sun that is still breaking through the balcony doors.

It was once Lena had readjusted herself to fit better into Kara’s arms that Lena realised just how close they had gotten. She can see every little detail of Kara’s face. The exact colour of her eyes, the way her golden hair is shifting in the light breeze coming through the open balcony doors, the soft smile that always lingers after she’s finished laughing.

Its everything.

Looking back down at their intertwined hands, Lena realises something.

Maybe Lex was wrong.

He used his dying breath to tell her that she’d have no one, yet Kara came the second she needed her like she always did.

Looking back up at Kara, with everything off their chests and on the table that Lena realises just how beautiful Kara truly is.

Its, of course, at that moment Bailey decides she needs attention, jumping on the couch between them and scaring them both.

Laughing through the tears at Bailey’s interruption, Lena straightens up, only pulling her hands away from Kara’s for a second to wipe away the tears from her face.

“We do still have to talk about you feeding Bailey when I’m not here.”

Snorting, Kara rolls her eyes and begins to pat the cat that’s now in her lap.

They talk until the sun rises.