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“Shouto? What’s up? Is everything alright?” 

It’s unusual for Shouto to be the one calling him. Ordinarily if he or Katsuki needed anything from him, Katsuki would be the one to call and endearingly bitch him out for A; his bizarre cravings, B; the “obnoxious kicking” that he refused to verbally admit that he loved, or C; the fact that he’d knocked him up in the first place. It wasn’t Eijirou’s fault, strictly speaking, but he always laughed patiently and apologized.  

Shouto and Katsuki were mates: have been since their high school graduation a few years ago. Eijirou’s never seen a pair more caught up in love with each other, something that he loved to tease them fondly for. Katsuki was his best friend, and Shouto had his own unique way of befriending people. It took very little time for Shouto to wedge his way into a friendship with Katsuki, a lot like Eijirou himself did. Only Shouto’s efforts resulted in a relationship a little deeper than just a standard friendship. The only thing that surprised Eijirou after the two of them began courting was that they waited so long to officially become mates until after high school. But, no matter how the chips fell, one thing was for certain: seeing them together always gave a feeling of satisfaction, as if they were two puzzle pieces that finally slid together into a perfect fit. They were made for each other. And Eijirou couldn’t be happier for the two of them. 

He’s not sure why it surprised him when they came to him all those months ago. That perfect fit feeling had him forgetting one crucial thing: 

Katsuki and Shouto were both Omegas. 

It’s not unheard of for a male Omega to be able to impregnate their partner, but the odds are slim to none, even with a fellow Omega. And after so many attempts for either of them to conceive, their efforts were rewarded with back-to-back negatives on every pregnancy test. And only after streaming tears, screaming matches, and wallowing together in their shared nest for comfort did they finally think of their solution. 

If they, as Omegas, couldn’t get each other pregnant, they’d find an Alpha who could. 

Eijirou was a dependable man, and a young, unmated, virile Alpha. And close as he was to the both of them, they decided to approach him, and asked for his help. He didn’t even let them finish before agreeing. 

“If there’s something I can do to help give you two a pup, then I’ll do it! Anything you need!” That’s what he’d said. And then he spent Katsuki’s next heat with them. He didn’t expect to be so excited when Katsuki and Shouto called him a week later, video calling to show him the positive test in Katsuki’s shaking hands. He was happy for them, absolutely ecstatic. But there was a part of him, one that he refused to acknowledge, that was excited for another reason. 

That was his pup. He was having a pup

Of course, he had to remind himself of another crucial fact: 

While that pup was his by blood, he made an agreement; Katsuki and Shouto would be the ones to raise it.

So if he cried immediately after the call ended, no one else needed to know. This was what he agreed to, he didn’t have the right to be upset about the details like that now. Katsuki and Shouto were having a pup. Eijirou gave them a chance for a family, and that’s all he needed to care about. 

So fast forward about six months, and Eijirou’s been summoned for most of Katsuki’s more bizarre… Needs. He needed smoked barbeque ribs in the middle of the night? Done, Eijirou knows a guy. There was the occasional request for clothes for the nest, and he made sure to heavily scent a few shirts before hand delivering them. Most of the requests have been for cravings that either Eijirou knows where to find, or is just closer to them, so it makes more sense for him to get it and bring it by for them. He’s not sure how Shouto feels about how involved in this he is. Shouto doesn’t generally complain, or show any distaste for Eijirou when the redhead is around, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those feelings don’t possibly exist. 

Which accounts for about sixty percent of his shock and anxiety spike when Shouto was the one to call him then.

“Eijirou, my apologies for calling so late.” A glance at the clock on his phone tells Eijirou it’s nearly half-past nine in the evening. He’d been working out when his music cut out for his blaring ringtone, and he stands now in the middle of his home gym, dabbing the sweat from his forehead with the towel draped around his neck. 

“Don’t worry about it, I’m always up right now!” He laughs off Shouto’s worry, taking a sip of water before heading for the doorway. “Everything okay?” 

“Not quite.” Shouto doesn’t sound particularly panicked, though he does sound a bit stressed and frustrated. And… Out of breath? Was he working out or something right now too? “It’s Katsuki… I need your help.” 

Eijirou didn’t need to hear anything else. 

He throws on clothes that don’t reek of sweat and races over to their house without even letting Shouto finish; abruptly ending the call and shoving his phone into his pocket. He drives well over the speed limit, taking every shortcut he knows until he pulls up at their home. It takes just a few of Eijirou’s long strides to carry him to the front door, where he only has to knock twice before Shouto’s answering it. 

Eijirou’s taken aback for a moment; he’s never seen Shouto so… Disheveled. He was one of those people who always looked cool and composed, like they had their life together and had everything figured out, and nothing could ever shake that certainty for them. Even in the heat they shared, Shouto had looked messy, but in a perfect, fucked-out kind of way. This is… Not quite like that. Looking at him now, he looks like he hasn’t slept in days, his clothes and his hair are a mess, he’s panting and he… 

He smells like Katsuki

The longer he stands in the open doorway, the stronger the scent becomes. He can smell Shouto too, fresh rain and mint and cut grass, but it’s buried beneath a nearly stifling aroma of caramel and candied almonds. He hasn’t smelled the two of them this strongly since that heat, and the sheer shock of it makes him reel, sending a pulse of heat radiating through his body. He barely even registers when Shouto speaks to him again, nearly losing himself in the myriad of scents assaulting his nose. 

“Come upstairs.. He hasn’t stopped asking for you.” 

It’s like his body moves on its own; coasting on autopilot as he kicks his shoes off in the doorway, stripping off his jacket and hanging it with the others. His brain’s in a fog, the kind that hits really early in the morning in autumn. It’s a gentle haze that softens everything, thin and misty as it swirls and coats your skin. Only instead of a chill settling into bone, Eijirou feels a steadily rising heat prickle along his skin as he follows close behind Shouto, climbing the stairs to reach the bedroom. 

He’s unsure of what to expect. For a while there he thought that maybe Katsuki was in some kind of trouble. And clearly there was something up, given Shouto’s current state, but the closer they get to the bedroom, the stronger that sweet caramel becomes, almost entirely drowning out the rain even though he’s right beside it, and Eijirou begins to realize that this is a predicament of a whole other sort. 

Suddenly, that scent pulses out stronger, nearly hitting him in the face when coupled with the whine that follows, in a voice Eijirou hasn’t heard Katsuki use since the week he spent in their nest. 


Katsuki’s desperate cry snaps Eijirou out of the fog, giving him the clarity he needs to rush into the bedroom, standing slack-jawed in the doorway. Katsuki is laying in the nest, entirely naked and writhing in discomfort, like he can’t find a position that’s comfortable. Ruby eyes are immediately drawn to the full, pregnant swell of Katsuki’s belly- he seems bigger every time he sees him- and Eijirou’s heart races. His eyes move down still, over his hard, leaking cock and down between his thighs, fixating on the gush of slick that drips from his soaked pussy into damp sheets. He’s moving again, pushing himself to sit up, reaching out for Eijirou with shaking hands and clouded cardinal red eyes, breathless when he croons his name, with a sweet, relieved little smile. 

Eijirou.. Alpha...“  

Eijirou steps forward, ready to take Katsuki’s hand, ready to do anything he asks, but he stops midway, watching Shouto round the doorway and climb into the nest with Katsuki, clothes shed to the floor to leave his body just as bare as Katsuki’s. He’d nearly forgotten his place in all of this. He was, in essence, their personal sperm donor, but most of all, he was their friend. And friends don’t just climb into their friends' nests during random horny spells. He pauses, unsure of himself now, before looking to Shouto. 

“Is.. Is this okay?” His voice is barely audible when he speaks up, eyes flickering back to Katsuki, watching him whine and curl against Shouto’s side as he joins him, throwing his thigh over his mate’s and grinding weakly against him. Shouto takes a moment to answer, preoccupied with slipping a hand down to rub over Katsuki’s sensitive little cock. But then he’s looking back up at Eijirou, a delicate arch curving his red eyebrow as he appraises the Alpha’s hesitation. He has it back , that composure Eijirou had thought he’d lost before. The look in his eyes makes him shiver, and he bites his lip as the heat beneath his skin burns hotter under his mismatched eyes. He feels pinned, like Katsuki is bait and he just walked into a trap. 

“Why else do you think I called you, Eijirou?” Shouto almost sounds like he’s scolding a child, though not quite as severe, and Eijirou’s knees buckle. “You agreed to do anything we needed, remember?” With his free hand, he reaches up to push Katsuki’s sweaty bangs back, pressing a kiss to his mate’s damp forehead. 

“Please please, need it, I need-” Katsuki can barely get his pleas out through his panting moans, gaze shifting up to meet Shouto’s. “Mate please-”  

“Shhh, I know, Baby. We’ll take care of you.” His voice passes soft and loving over Katsuki’s lips, before Shouto swallows up his next desperate whine in a deep kiss. 

Shouto said it was okay... This was why they called, they wanted him here, for this. 

His hands reach back to fist up his shirt collar, pulling the tight tee over his head and throwing it to the floor before climbing into the nest with them. His bare knees scrape over soft cotton sheets, and Katsuki jolts as the mattress dips under his weight. Untangling himself from Shouto, he scrambles to grasp Eijirou’s face, yanking him forward into a desperate, messy kiss. Eijirou can feel a pathetic sounding whine against his lips, but at this point, he can’t tell whose it is; Katsuki’s or his own. Doesn’t matter, he decides. Not when Katsuki’s trying to devour his mouth and- fuck, when did Katsuki get his shorts off?? He couldn’t even tell they were gone until the Omega’s shaking hands shoved down into his jock. He moans against Katsuki’s lips, head dropping down to press teeth to his rapid pulse, lips closing around it as he gives a teasing little suck. 

“No teeth, Eijirou.” Shouto reminds, and Eijirou’s head whips up to face him. He almost forgot Shouto was here too… The other Omega is staring him down, gaze unwavering where he sits perched higher up on the bed. “Do anything he asks. But no teeth. And no knotting. Not until I allow it.”

Katsuki whines high and outraged at that, turning a half-hearted glare onto Shouto as his hand wraps around the base of Eijirou’s cock, pulling it out and pumping it.

“You said! You said I could have it!” Katsuki’s trying to sound angry, but he sounds more like a child mid-tantrum. He strokes Eijirou faster, grinning when he milks out that first pearly drop of pre. He wants to taste it.. “He wants it too Shou, give it, lemme have it, wanna cum on it..” He looks back at his mate, paying no mind to the way Eijirou’s hips roll and grind forward to fuck his fist. 

Eijirou’s waiting for Shouto’s approval too, eyes snapping back open to gaze up at him, silently pleading. He’s so horny he’s fucking dizzy, and when Katsuki’s wrist twists over the slick head of his cock, his whole body jerks forward with a growl pouring from his chest. If he doesn’t get in one of them soon he’s gonna tear something apart

The deep, contemplative hum Shouto sighs vibrates through both of their chests, setting their nerves alight with desperation the longer he takes to answer. He knows how bad they want this, and the fact that they’re hanging on his word, his say, his permission to indulge, gives him a power trip like no other. But he’s not cruel, so he reaches down, sliding his hand over Katsuki’s tense shoulders before letting those long fingers of his trail down the subtle notches of his spine, lightly pushing him forward against Eijirou. 

“Go on. Touch him, Eijirou. Give him what he wants.” 

Eijirou’s body moves on its own once the order is given, his mind hazing over, swallowed up in that same fog bank from before. He pushes Katsuki down onto his back, broad shoulders slotting down between his thighs to keep them pushed far apart. One hand slides down the inside of Katsuki’s thigh, fingertips trailing through layers of slick as Eijirou presses soft kisses to Katsuki’s round belly, lips delicately pressing against every stretch mark he can find. He trails down the curve of his belly, pressing kiss after kiss until he’s level with his flushed, leaking cock, and then his tongue is slipping past his lips to lap up the salty streaks of cum from the orgasm Katsuki must’ve had before he even got here. How long have they been at this?  

Katsuki writhes when he feels that tongue swipe across his sensitive flesh, jaw dropping on a weak sounding cry when Eijirou switches to sucking him down. His eyes find Shouto’s when he throws his head back with another moan, reaching up to grasp at his mate’s hands as pleasure courses through his body all over again. He’s sensitive, every touch feels like it’s dialed up to 11, but somehow it’s still not enough. He reaches up again, higher this time; little claws scraping uselessly against Shouto’s skin until they catch on his shoulder to drag him down for a kiss. 

While Shouto takes his time to leisurely taste the desperate mewls on his tongue, Eijirou pulls off Katsuki's twitching cock with a wet pop, gasping softly before his face dives down for a mouthful of the Omega’s dripping pussy. Every move he makes is rushed, the Alpha feeling a rising desperation to take; devour. He’s salivating, and when he finally presses his open mouth against Katsuki’s dripping sex, both of their bodies react. Katsuki’s legs tense and squeeze around Eijirou, his broad shoulders saving him from the immediate slam of pale thighs, while the Alpha himself bucks upwards on the bed, rising from his position on his belly to curl possessively over his cunt, snarling as he eagerly drags his tongue over his slick hole and swollen clit. His hands slide up the backs of Katsuki’s thighs, claws digging into his skin as he pushes his legs apart, growling as the movements spread Katsuki’s cunt open even wider for his ravenous tongue. 

He fixates on his clit, alternating between swirling his tongue around it, flicking it side to side, and just closing his lips around it and sucking hard. Katsuki’s reactions to that last one are his favorite; he loves making the Omega keen and buck his hips against his face. Such a greedy little thing. He pulls his face away before Katsuki can get another grind in. 

“Fucker!!” Katsuki half yells and half whines, hips grinding up once, then twice more in search of the pleasurable heat of Eijirou’s tongue, only to shiver as the air cools over his slick soaked skin. “I-I was close- Please, Alpha I need to cum, just a little bit more, need your tongue!” 

“Eijirou.” Shouto calls down to the Alpha with that voice again- like he’s scolding him; disappointed in him. “What did I tell you before? You’re here to please him, in any way he needs.” He adjusts from his spot behind Katsuki, letting his hand trail over his mate’s full chest, around the swell of his pregnant belly, palm lifting off his taut skin to fist in the bright red hair at the back of Eijirou’s head. “He asked for your tongue. So fuck him with it. ” Command given, Shouto shoves Eijirou’s face right back down between his thighs, and Katsuki moans high and breathy when Eijirou’s tongue shoves inside of his pliant cunt. 

“Like that! Like that, please! More, more Alpha, need more, harder-!” Eijirou can’t exactly deny him, but then again, it’s a good thing he doesn’t want to. He moans around the gush of slick that pours out over his tongue, greedily drinking Katsuki down like he’s dying before diving back for more. 

Shouto’s grip doesn’t let up on Eijirou’s hair, only adjusts before his clawed fist is closing up tight around thick red strands again, keeping the Alpha’s face buried in his mate’s pussy while he climbs back into bed. He lays beside Katsuki, pressed flush against him to pepper over his neck with gentle kisses, teeth nipping across the faded silvery scar of his mating mark. 

“How’s it feel, Katsuki? Is it good? Having a rabid Alpha devouring you like this?” Shouto croons in Katsuki’s ear, knowing full well Eijirou can hear him as well. Katsuki’s responding cry sets a satisfied grin across Shouto’s face, and he pulls Eijirou up against his cunt even harder. “He’s so desperate for it, look at him.” He huffs out a derisive laugh as he looks down at Eijirou, turning Katsuki’s unfocussed gaze as well, to the Alpha currently eating him like he’s his last meal. 

“Eiji-Eijirou..!” Katsuki’s head lolls back against the pillows, tension rippling across his body as that wave of pleasure begins to crest. His eyebrows scrunch up the way they do whenever Katsuki is about to cum, and then just before it can hit that plateau and explode, Shouto’s ripping Eijirou’s face right off his twitching pussy. The pitiful little cry Katsuki lets out and the outraged snarl that tears out of Eijirou’s throat makes Shouto’s own cunt gush, thighs rubbing together with an obscene little squelch. 

“Oh Katsuki.” Shouto leans up to hover over his mate, teasing his lips and short fangs across his jawline before gripping his jaw, tugging his face down to meet his eyes. “You beg me to let you cum. This toy won’t move unless I let him.” Grip secure in Eijirou’s hair, he pushes his head back even more, rolling it around on his neck like he’s just that; some kind of sex toy for them. The thought makes Eijirou’s cock strain and leak. “Try again.” 

SHOUTO!! Shou please! Please let me cum I need it I need itineeditineedit-

As soon as Katsuki starts begging properly, misty red eyes locking onto his own with the sweetest, neediest little whine, Shouto yanks Eijirou forward again, shoving his face right back into Katsuki’s pussy where it belongs. Eijirou doesn’t need any further instruction, claws digging harshly into pale, bucking thighs, guiding his erratic hips as he fucks himself on Eijirou’s tongue. Katsuki’s voice only climbs higher and louder the closer Eijirou drags him to his orgasm, panting and moaning whenever he feels the alpha’s sinful tongue curling up to press at his g-spot. He’s gonna cum- Suddenly his eyes shoot wide open, and he looks up at Shouto with a mix of alarm and ecstasy; his whole body’s coiling tight as his orgasm builds, and he gasps when he feels something starting to give from all the tension. “Wait- wait wait- Eiji, Shouto! Shouto ShoutoShoutoShouto-fuckfuckfuck!!” It’s too late; he’s wound too tight, and all it takes to send him careening off the edge is a few more precisely aimed thrusts of a tongue against his sweet spot; leaving Katsuki no choice but to cum all over Eijirou’s face with a broken wail. He trembles violently as Eijirou drinks him up, eyes glazed over as tears fill his eyes and spill down his cheeks. 

Shouto wouldn’t have been able to pull Eijirou off of him if he’d tried, not with the way the Alpha’s slurping him up and gripping his lower half like it’s a life preserver. Besides, Katsuki knew what to say if he really wanted to stop. As he releases his grip on Eijirou’s hair, he wonders what could put that sort of look on Katsuki’s face; almost… Embarrassed. He doesn’t understand until he leans up to kiss Katsuki deeply, swallowing up his sensitive little mewls, and he feels something wet against his own chest. Sitting up a little, he peers down in confusion at the mess he feels. Did Katsuki get cum all the way up his chest? His questions are quickly answered when the light catches the twin streams of white liquid dripping from Katsuki’s puffy, swollen nipples. 


Katsuki came so hard he’s leaking his milk..

A full body shiver rolls through Shouto, and he leans up to steal another breath from Katsuki’s lungs in a hungry kiss, hissing softly as he feels more of the warm liquid slick up his own chest. 

Dirty little mate.” He hums against his lips, licking up the line of drool that slipped down the corner of Katsuki’s mouth before continuing down, nipping at Katsuki’s neck and his collarbones until he reaches his chest. He hovers above him, tongue swiping across his bottom lip before he leans down, repeating the motion and swirling his tongue across his leaking nipple. Simultaneous moans burst out of Shouto and Katsuki’s chests, followed by a soft growl from the alpha beneath them as Katsuki gushes a little more slick. Speaking of which… 

“Eijirou. Come here.” Shouto calls to him, chest filling with satisfaction when the Alpha immediately obeys. He crawls onto the bed on Katsuki’s opposite side, seeming to take notice of the mess Katsuki’s made of himself before Shouto even tells him. 

Katsuki’s pecs are swollen and full, thin streams of milk dripping from his reddened nipples with every soft heave of his chest. Tears fall in a similar pattern down his cheeks, and he tries to crawl away from them, from their eyes, just staring-  

“Wh-What’s that look for, huh??” He can’t even muster up enough bite in his voice to sound angry or embarrassed. He feels exposed beneath the two of them, losing control over himself like this… But instead of feeling pissed off like he should, all he feels is… 


And miserably… unbearably… 


“Don’t jus’ fuckin’ stare at me goddammit..” More tears fall down his face, and he clenches his jaw hard to keep from audibly sniffling. 

Eijirou doesn’t mean to pause, but… Seeing Katsuki cry is rare. And sometimes it takes a bit to realize that the strong blond omega truly is lying beneath him, leaking milk from his tits and crying about it. If this is a dream, he hopes he never ever wakes up. 

He moves first, a bit clumsy, but Katsuki doesn’t care about his lack of finesse when there’s a sweltering hot mouth closing over his right nipple and suckling, coaxing more of his milk out of him and making him shake. 

“Fuck, Ei!” One of Katsuki’s hands finds itself twisted up in his bright red hair,  the other doing the same in Shouto’s; red and white strands blending together in his tight grip as his mate joins the Alpha in suckling up the milk leaking from his chest. Katsuki’s never felt anything like this ; a simultaneous release of tension paired with a rising sensation of overstimulation and sensitivity. He doesn’t know whether to shove them away or pull them harder against him, and in the end he just… Stops fucking thinking about it. It feels good; that’s all he cares about. 

His back arches up against their mouths when Eijirou’s teeth graze over the swollen flesh around the sensitive, leaking bud, tears springing back into his eyes when he feels hands on him again. He can’t see at this angle, but he recognizes Shouto’s long, slim fingers when two push inside his throbbing cunt, and Eijirou’s wide, calloused palm is unmistakable when he starts jerking Katsuki off nice and slow between deep gulps of milk. 

It’s pathetic how quickly Katsuki cums beneath their skilled hands. Shouto’s only three fingers in, and intentionally avoiding his g-spot to give him some extra prep for the knot he’s been begging for all day long. Then again, he’s not really that surprised when Katsuki’s being assaulted with so many sensations all at once. He pulls off of Katsuki’s nipple when the stream of milk begins to slow, withdrawing his soaked fingers from his mate’s pussy to grab at his jaw instead, tugging his face over to press their lips together. Shouto tilts Katsuki’s head back, pressing his thumb against his mate’s trembling bottom lip until he opens up, kissing him deeper and releasing a mouthful of Katsuki’s milk into his own mouth. White streams roll down the corners of their mouths to join the rest of the sticky mess, not that they mind when they’re so wrapped up in each other, in the flavor

Eijirou pulls up from his own greedy suckling to watch the exchange, fixated on every stream that falls from their lips to their chests. As he moves up to lap at the fallen droplets, his cock ruts against Katsuki’s hip, and the both of them groan low from the friction. Katsuki pulls back from the kiss with a wet sounding pop, the red in his eyes merely a thin ring, color consumed by the darkness of his blown pupils. 

“Mate please, please, knot- need a knot, I need it so bad please I’m losing my mind please..!” He whines desperately at Shouto, glancing over at Eijirou, at the thick cock now grinding insistently against him. His begging is driving Eijirou insane too, making his head feel light and his cheeks feel hot and his cock feel full and heavy. 

Omega..” Eijirou hisses in Katsuki’s ear, biting at his earlobe and grinning when Katsuki mewls between him and his mate. “Shouto, please, this is what you wanted me here for, right? Lemme knot him, I’m so close already.” He warns, still unable to stop the slow roll of his hips against Katsuki. It feels good, but it’s not enough..! Shouto cradles Katsuki’s cheek in his hand, wiping away his tears with his thumb and kissing the tip of his nose. 

“Go ahead, Baby. Get your fill.” He presses another sweet kiss to his lips, eating up the relieved little wail that bursts out of Katsuki’s throat. Then he turns to Eijrou, grabbing him by the shoulder and pushing him back against the headboard with a small command to sit up. There’s plenty of pillows to prop up behind him, so he leaves him to fix up something comfortable while he helps Katsuki climb onto his lap. They moan out simultaneously when Eijirou’s cock brushes over Katsuki’s hole, the Alpha barely resisting the urge to buck his hips up and thrust inside all at once. 

So it’s a good thing Shouto’s in charge here. 

The Omega’s heated fingers are grasping at Eijirou’s cock, giving it a few languid strokes while he lines up the head, kissing Katsuki deeply when he starts pushing it inside. 

Their reactions are immediate and loud; moans that reverberate off the bedroom walls as they slowly fill and become filled. It’s convenient that Katsuki’s so wet already, Shouto can’t take his eyes off the way his hole stretches taut around the thick intrusion of the Alpha’s cock. It’d hurt if he were any less prepped. 

He pulls his hand away once Eijirou’s cock settles fully inside, moving instead to slide up over Katsuki’s round belly. 

“How’s that feel, Mate? You like that? Feeling so full?” He purrs, pushing Katsuki back against Eijirou’s chest as he kneels in front of him, tracking lovebites and kisses across his shoulders and neck again. “My mate is such a little knot-slut.” He chuckles, amusement shining in his eyes. “Move, Eijirou. Fuck him. Make him scream.”


Eijirou’s feet plant firmly against the top of the bed and his hands slide down Katsuki’s body to curve around his thighs, claws digging into his skin as he gets a good grip, hips drawing down before snapping right back up. Growls tear out of him at the way Katsuki screams and mewls and begs him for more, hips working faster, slamming in harder , until Katsuki can’t scream out anything except for his pathetic little cries of, 

“More! More! M-More! Need your knot! Need it! Fuck ME-FUCK!!” 

Shouto’s salivating where he kneels in front of Katsuki, feverishly latching onto Katsuki’s nipple when it starts to leak again, greedily sucking up every little bit of milk he can get. One of his hands drops down between Katsuki’s held-open legs, fingers rubbing quickly over Katsuki’s clit. 

“You gonna cum, Kats? I’m gonna make you squirt all over my fuckin knot, S’that what you want?” Eijirou pants against Katsuki’s ashen hair, fucking into him harder with every word of encouragement Shouto gives. “Gonna squeal and cry on it like a bitch?” He bites at his ear again, already feeling the coil pulling tight. His knot is swelling, catching on Katsuki’s hole with every thrust. It’s getting harder and harder to pull out.

“Do it Eijirou, fill him up again, knot him.” His other hand is between his own thighs, three fingers deep and squelching through his own slick as he fucks himself on them to the show they’re giving him. “Been so good, such a good Alpha, perfect toy.” He gasps out, biting his lips as he gets closer. 

“YES!! Fuck yes fuck yeah- Your bitch, knot me Eiji- Breed me all over again, I need it, I need your cum, Shou-Shouto!!” Katsuki can’t tell where to look, can’t even really see. The only semblance of grounding he even has anymore is the hand he has tangled in Shouto’s hair, gripping for dear life as he scrambles to keep a hold on Eijirou’s shoulder. This angle makes it difficult to hold on though, claws scratching across Eijirou’s skin as they slip loose. His vision’s blurred by the tears pouring down his face, everything’s fuzzy- everything except the mounting pleasure boiling inside, so close to bursting

“Cum, Omega!” 

“Cum for us, Mate..” 

Everything goes white.  

Katsuki’s eyes roll back and his jaw drops, throat flexing tight as strangled screams pour out of his lungs. His back arches tight and shakes as Eijirou shoves him down all the way on his knot with a slick squelch as Katsuki’s juices gush out around it, making him snarl and moan out loudly when he feels it swell to full and lock them together. Every hot stream of cum it pumps inside makes Katsuki moan hoarsely, panting for breath as he finally collapses back against Eijirou’s chest, consciousness going dark. Shouto cries out as he squirts all over his own fingers, body convulsing with his release as he whines and cries, upper body pushing up against Katsuki’s own, seeking his mate’s scent as he trembles through his own intense orgasm. 

The three of them lay there, tangled in each other for a long moment; minutes, hours, none of them can tell. Eijirou recovers enough sense first to remove some of the pillows behind him, adjusting his and Katsuki’s position so that they can lay comfortably. Shouto seems to come back to himself next, rearranging the nest on unsteady legs and pulling up the blankets they’d thrown off before. 

“You okay?” Eijirou hums softly over Katsuki’s shoulder, checking on Shouto. 

Very.” He gives Eijirou a light chuckle, and a softer smile. “You?” He pulls the blankets up over Eijirou and Katsuki’s legs, tucking a couple of pillows beneath the swell of Katsuki’s belly to keep him angled more towards laying on his back. Then, he’s climbing back into the nest with them, scooting up to encircle the front of Katsuki’s body. 

“Feels pretty amazing.” He laughs a little, tucking his head down to nuzzle at Katsuki’s hair, pressing a kiss beneath his ear as the blonde begins to stir. “I think he blacked out..” That pulls another little smile out of Shouto, and he leans down toward Katsuki’s face. 

“I’m not surprised.. Kat?” He hums softly, nuzzling against his cheeks and pressing kisses to his sweaty, flushed skin. “Baby, you okay?” A pause lingers in the air as Katsuki shifts a little, eyes slowly peeling open. 

'M here..” He grunts quietly, sounding exhausted, and to Shouto’s relief, satisfied.

“Mmm, you are. Are you feeling okay?” Shouto nods back when that’s the only response Katsuki gives, besides a yawn and a little cough that has Shouto reaching for the nightstand and twisting the cap off a bottle of water. “Can you lift your head for me, Kat? You need to drink.” 

Eijirou flushes at the soft display of aftercare between the two mates, casting his eyes down. He almost feels like he’s intruding on their moment, and as good as it feels, he sort of wishes he weren’t locked with Katsuki right now. He’s pulled out of his spiralling thoughts when a water bottle is being held in front of him next, freshly cracked open. 

“Drink.” Shouto prompts, not leaving it alone until Eijirou reaches up to take the bottle and drink a few deep gulps of the hydrating liquid. Come to think of it.. 

“Man, we’ve really had a lot to drink, huh. I’m gonna end up needing to piss.”

“You piss inside of me and I will destroy you.” Katsuki snaps up at him, and Eijirou and Shouto can’t stop their snickers and laughter. Eijirou wraps his arms a little tighter around him, nuzzling him obnoxiously. 

“Awwww, you don’t mean that Kats!” 

“Besides, I think if anyone here just got destroyed, it was you.” Shouto throws some subtle shade at his mate while happily taking advantage of his immobilized state to cuddle up with him and trap him in his and Eijirou’s embraces. 

“Oh fuck off! Both of you!” Katsuki huffs out with only half the bite, tucking his head against Shouto’s shoulder with a deep sigh. 

“Hmmm, maybe we will next time.” Shouto hums contemplatively, simultaneously balancing the tease with a little more serious of a tone. “What do you say Eijirou?” The change in the Omega’s tone confuses Eijirou, and he lifts his head from his crowding nuzzling against Katsuki’s neck,

“N… Next time? There’s gonna be a next time..?” He tries not to sound hopeful, but… Are they asking him what he thinks they’re asking..?  

“Well duh.” 

“Of course.” 


Eijirou.exe has stopped working. 

“Wait, I thought this wasn’t… Y’know.. That..” Eijirou makes a vague hand gesture, looking between the two of them as he lifts himself up to rest on his elbow behind Katsuki, careful not to jostle him too much where they’re still tied. 

“It’s not. Or at least… It wasn’t.” Katsuki huffs as the tops of his ears go red. “But things change, Shitty Hair.” 

“We want you, Eijirou, is what Katsuki’s trying to explain.” Shouto glances up at him from where he lays in the pillows beside Katsuki. “We were planning to court you a little more.. Delicately. But then Katsuki’s libido just couldn’t cool off, so we called you. We’re doing this a little bit backwards, but..” 

“Mate with us.” Katsuki finishes, voice quiet and cheeks red when his gaze shifts up to meet the Alpha’s. 

Eijirou looks down at them both, feeling an embarrassing amount of fire spreading his cheeks and the bridge of his nose at their words. His heart’s pounding against his ribs, and he feels like he could start crying. All this time… He’s been hoping for something, just a little bit more… He wasn’t holding out hope for them to offer an invitation like this; he never would’ve expected it in a million years. The chance to be something with them, to be able to spend time with them and kiss them and hold them… The chance to be a family, has a few tears slipping down his cheeks. 

“I-I’d love that..!”