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Louise's Heart

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"Louise Sachs," called the Doctor as she entered the waiting room before spotting the little girl playing on the floor and smiling brightly at the child.

Andrea stood up and before she had the chance to pick her daughter up from the floor, she realised that Miranda had picked her up as she herself had stood up. The sight of the white-haired woman with Louise on her hip made her smile.

Miranda reached out with her right hand and took hold of Andrea's to gently squeeze it in a reassuring gesture before letting go to follow the Doctor through into her office.

The doctor had dark curls that cascaded down her back to a point just below her shoulder and she had green eyes that were framed with lashes that had been painted with black mascara. She wore a burgundy top with a tight-fitting black skirt and black high heels along with a white medical coat.

Miranda carried Louise into the woman's office, noting the name on the door in her mind 'Dr Holly Anderse. Paediatric Cardiologist.' and mentally decided that she would look into her personally to determine whether or not Louise was getting the best treatment possible. She knew of course that she could not instruct Emily to look into it for her because it would get back to Andrea instantly and obviously she could not get the woman herself to look into the matter for her.

Holly welcomed them into her office before closing the door and making her way over to her chair, sitting down.

Andrea was the first one to take her seat in a chair nearby and then Miranda sat directly beside her before putting a squirming Louise down onto the floor.

The Doctor smiled, "Hello, Louise," she said softly as she greeted the little one on the floor and handed her the doll that the child had appeared to favour in her previous appointments.

Louise babbled excitedly and took the doll before hugging it then kissing it carefully.

Holly turned her attention back to Andrea and smiled reassuringly, "Has there been any changes recently that you've noticed in Louise?"

Andrea was used to the question and took a moment to think about it, "She has been really tired lately, a lot more than before and she gets cranky a lot quicker too but that's probably the tiredness," the dark-haired woman explained before adding, "But for the most part she is doing great, she took her first steps today."

"Based on these results, I was expecting the tiredness," Doctor Anderse admitted gently as she took a moment to glance back at her papers.

"She definitely needs a transplant... doesn't she?" Andrea questioned cautiously.

Doctor Holly Anderse nodded, "I'm very sorry but she needs a transplant much sooner than we initially thought," she said softly, "When we did these tests we were thinking that she would need a transplant within the next year, however, based on these results she needs a transplant within the next five to six months."

"When will she be scheduled for a transplant?" Miranda questioned as she picked the little one up from the floor where she had been standing beside her holding onto her chair and cradled her in her lap.

Holly took a deep breath before answering, "It isn't as easy as that," she answered gently, "We will need to put her on the transplant list and we will call you as soon as a heart becomes available."

"And what if one doesn't become available?" Andrea asked the Doctor hesitantly.

Miranda shook her head, "Nonsense, of course, she'll get a heart, I'll do everything to make sure of it."

"You can't just buy a heart Miranda," Andrea commented with a sigh.

"We will do whatever we can and if we can't find a heart then we will do what we can until one does become available," Holly replied reaching out and taking the hand of her little patient who was making a grab for her name sign on her desk.

"Next month is world transplant month isn't it?" Miranda asked.

Doctor Holly nodded, "Yes, we have various events happening in the lobby of the hospital to encourage people to sign up as donors throughout the month."

Miranda nodded, "Then I have a magazine edition to change, we're having a transplant issue and... if it's okay with you, I'd like Louise to be on the cover," she said looking at Andrea before turning to the Doctor, "Along with other patients that you think would be willing to share their stories of transplant with Runway."

Holly smiled, "That sounds like a great idea, it could possibly help many patients and their families."

Andrea just watched the interaction with her jaw slightly dropped, "You want to put Louise on the cover of Runway?"

Miranda nodded, "Of course and I'd like you to write up the stories that will go inside."

Holly picked up her card and handed it over to Miranda, "I'll start compiling a list of patients and ex-patients that may wish to take part in the magazine edition, obviously before they confirm and their guardians confirm their consent I can't give you any details of the patients under my care."

Miranda nodded as she took the card from the other woman, "Of course," she agreed before she pressed a kiss to the top of the little girl's head.

"Right now, everything we spoke about over the phone should continue and if any of her symptoms change then you should let me know straight away as you already have my direct number," Holly said softly as she focused on Andrea for a moment, "She seems to be doing rather well recently and I see she's standing very well."

"She took her first steps today too," Andrea said with excitement in her voice before she moved forward and showed the Doctor the video that she had taken on her phone.

"She's progressing very well," the Doctor confirmed.