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Missing J/C Scenes - Season 5

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"You need my help.”

“I always have…and I always will.”

Jamie tilted his glass to his wife and she mimicked his motion before they both drank generous gulps of whiskey. Claire set her glass down and turned her face towards the fire, her mind obviously still thinking about the possibility of another battle in their future.

Jamie sat silently, his eyes glued to her face. The direction she looked meant that the flames from the fire were projecting rays of light onto her face. They danced across her glowing skin and burned brightly in her already fiery eyes. His eyes played their own dance as they skipped across her features. He had long ago memorized every part of her face. Each line and each freckle, every subtle way the bones beneath her skin formed the shape of her cheeks, forehead, and chin. Jamie had the images so properly ingrained in his very soul that when he was away from her, he could close his eyes and imagine every singular cell that made her glorious face. But no matter how much comfort that brought him on the road, it never came close to the experience of seeing her in front of him.

“I missed you as well, Sassenach.” Jamie said, echoing her earlier sentiments.

She turned to face him and the flames and shadows danced again, illuminating her smile that she now directed at him. They simultaneously reached across the table to grasp hands again. He continued to stare at the lights on her face. His gaze grew more intense and Claire noticed.

She chuckled lightly, “What?”

Jamie simply smiled, his eyes not losing their intensity. Then he smirked.

“I missed ya verra much, Sassenach.” He repeated, this time with a different inflection in his voice that Claire understood very well.

She gave him a smirk of her own in return and replied, “And what exactly is it that you missed about me?” She gave him a coy smile and released his hand in order to sit back in her chair, fully prepared to hear his response.

He responded to her question with a sly grin of his own and was about to speak when they heard a loud banging coming from outside. They both turned and Jamie went to the window and looked out.

“Och, the shutter on the window downstairs has come half off.” He turned to look back at her, briefly deciding whether or not this particular task could wait. They heard it bang again.

Decision made. Jamie walked back over to Claire and pulled her to her feet in front of him.

“I best go down and take it the rest of the way off or else it’ll be hollering all night.” Claire nodded in understanding as Jamie grabbed her hands and held them to his chest. A silent promise that he would not forget that there was still a reunion to be had. He pulled her tight against his chest, their hands stuck between them. Jamie kissed her lips chastely but with feeling behind it.

When he spoke again, it was with their lips still touching and his voice was thick with gravel, “When I return, Sassenach, I want you to be in our bed…”, he rubbed his nose against hers and then pulled back just enough so that her eyes could land on his, “…naked.”

Her breath hitched the tiniest amount and she raised an eyebrow.

Jamie added, “So that I can show you just how much I missed ya.”

He didn’t wait for her response as he let go of her hands and backed away until he reached the door and slipped out. Claire stood still for a moment, finding that she was suddenly out of breath. Her heart was beating quickly at the anticipation she felt in his promised words. She finally turned, checked the logs in the fire, and then made her way over to their bed.

I’m not the obedient type, no, she thought to herself, but when he looks at me the way he was by the fire and when he says things to me in that voice…Christ, I would do just about anything he asked. After stopping briefly to think about how she was perfectly fine with that realization, she removed her shawl and shift and crawled onto the bed.

Claire found herself feeling oddly self-conscious. Not about her body...she knew Jamie loved her no matter how much her body had changed over the years. She realized it was because she never just sat around being naked. She would bath, or she and Jamie would sleep naked sometimes. She was just starting to get cold when she heard steps and was relieved she would not have to sit there alone much longer.

Jamie stepped in, slightly out of breath, clearly from accomplishing his task as quickly as he could. Claire was sitting up against the headboard, her knees drawn up and her hands clasped around the front of her legs. She had let her hair down the rest of the way and it formed a large, curly, halo around her head and cascaded down over her shoulders. He had practically run up the stairs to their room and now he found he could barely move. He took one slow step and then another. Claire sat in silence and watched him, watching her.

She was trembling slightly, partly from the chill and partly because it was her body’s reaction to his intense gaze. He had almost reached the bed before he finally spoke, “Now, Sassenach, where were we?”

He sat down on the bed right in front of her knees. She raised her eyes to the ceiling in pretend thought before looking back at him.

“I believe you were about to list all the things you missed about me in great detail.” Her voice dripped with honey and her eyes flashed with a combination of amusement and desire.

He smiled at her, “Aye. If you say so, mo nighean donn.” He placed a hand around one of her calves so that he gripped the back of her leg and the top of his hand was barely touching the spot behind her knees. He looked at her, still with her legs pulled up to her chest and her hands now placed on the tops of her knees.

“Should I go through my list from top to bottom,” his eyes looked up at her massive curls and then traced her body down to her feet as he spoke, “or…from bottom,” his hand slid down her calf and onto her toes, “…to top?” Once again, he let his eyes roam slowly over every inch of her curled up body until they rested on her eyes.

Claire felt her breath stop in her throat. She swallowed. Her voice was low as she replied, “Whichever way you want, Colonel.”

His hand that was resting on her foot grabbed both of her ankles together. As he rose from the bed, he pulled her legs until she was no longer sitting up but was now laying down, her naked body stretching the full length of the bed. He climbed on top of her, his hands planted on either side of her head.

“Weel, if I told ye everything I miss about ye when I’m gone, then we might never leave this bed.” Jamie spoke, his eyes on hers.

She leaned up to get her face closer to his and whispered, “I wouldn’t object to that.” She curled her arms around his shoulders and back, trying to bring his body down on to hers.

Jamie closed his eyes, “Christ, your voice.”

She stopped her movements. That was not what she had been expecting to hear him say next. His eyes remained closed as he continued, “I miss your voice when I’m away from you. But I can hear it sometimes, in my head.”

He opened his eyes again slowly and found hers. “When I need comfort, I can hear ye saying that it will be alright. Your voice is tender and full of love when you say that.” Claire squeezed his body with her hands as a means to comfort him without speaking.

Jamie continued, “When I’m doing something I know you wouldna approve of, I hear your stern and serious voice sayin’ my name in warning,” He chuckled and she did too, despite her eyes also starting to feel wet with upcoming tears.

“And then, sometimes, in the middle of the night, in my dreams, I hear your voice as it sounds now.”

His eyes had changed and were darker now as they looked into hers intensely.

He leaned down and said the next line an inch from her face, “It’s low, deep in your throat…” He traced a finger down her throat as he continued, “…dripping with desire, begging me to give you what you want.”

Claire’s eyes had also deepened in color and were flashing at him. The exact voice he had just described croaked out, “Do I need to beg you now?”

She tightened her hold on him, bringing his chest finally down onto hers. He was still fully clothed and the friction of his vest and shirt against her bare chest caused her to moan. She lifted a hand to his cheek and went in to kiss him but he spoke again.

“Your touch, Sassenach…Lord, I miss your touch when we are parted.” She responded by bringing her second hand up to cup his other cheek as well.

A little breathless she said, “Jamie, I don’t think I can make it through this list.”

“Yer the one who said you wanted it in great detail…” Jamie said, raising his eyebrows at her.

She met him with a genuine smile and responded with a childish, “I lied.”

Jamie chuckled briefly and kissed her nose, “Dinna fash, I’ll make the rest of the list quickly.”

He kissed her nose again, “Yer wee nose.” He continued laying kisses across her face and listing each part that he had missed.

“Yer forehead…your chin…your cheeks pink from the cold…your eyelashes wit’ wee bits of snow on them…”

Eventually, there was only one place on her face left that he had not kissed.

He stared at her lips and ran a gentle finger along the top lip and then tugged on her bottom lip until it plopped out of his fingers and back against her mouth.
“Lord, the dreams I have had about these lips…” He cut himself off by crushing their mouths together. They both moaned lightly upon impact. They opened up for each other and let their tongues explore for a while. As he leaned back and began to release her mouth, he skillfully and quickly gave the tip of her tongue one tiny flick with his own. “Mmmm, yer tongue.”

“I’m quite partial to what yours can do as well.” She said with a glint in her eye and a raise of her hips to get her meaning across. The message was very clear to Jamie.

“Aye, not yet, Sassenach.” He smiled at her disappointed grumble. “There’s still yer whole middle to speak of. Aye, there are some good parts there that I canna miss.”
He punctuated his point by moving his lips to her neck and starting a line of kisses. Much like on her face, he trailed her body with his lips, teeth, and tongue, all the while narrating his very important list.

“This spot at the end of yer collarbone that always makes yer skin ripple…yer chest, with breasts made just for my hands and nipples that stand for me when I arrive…” He proved his point by tracing a finger around her breast and watching the nipple harden. He kissed it gently, gave it a flick of his tongue, and continued.

“Och, and underneath your ivory smooth skin lies yer heart, Sassenach.” He placed a hand over her chest where he could feel the organ’s hastening beat. Claire placed her hand over his.

“You don’t have to miss my heart, Jamie. It goes with you, whenever you leave.” She said tenderly and truthfully.

“Aye, as mine stays with you,” he responded. “But I always need to feel it inside of ye. To know that it’s still there…that you are still here with me.”

Claire felt the heart in question pull in her chest at his words. They had both been through their fair share of near-death experiences. What was worse though, was the experience of the other nearly dying. But tonight was not a time for talk of death. They had been here before.

“I will be here, every time you return.” She said, mostly as a comfort. There was no way either of them could make promises like that.

Jamie turned his hand underneath hers and linked their fingers together. He brought them to his lips. It was his way of ending the sad talk of separation.
He continued down her body, leaving kisses and whispers of love over each part of her.

“Your stomach with skin like silk…your navel…inside…your womb…which held both of our girls…” He kissed her reverently underneath her bellybutton, his hands on either side of his mouth.

He skipped over her pelvic region and dropped his hands to her knees. His hands traced each leg up and down, massaging gently. Claire let out a big sigh, her body melting into the mattress below with his tender caresses. After giving proper attention to her legs, he grabbed her ankles again and gently pushed them apart. Claire, feeling playful, clasped her knees together as strongly as she could, keeping her legs firmly together. She smiled widely at him when he looked up at her.

“Ye wee little devil.” He growled, quickly ripped off his clothes until his chest was bare and only his pants remained, and grasped her legs in his strong hands. She giggled, knowing fully well that there was nothing that could stop Jamie from getting between her legs if he wanted.

He pushed apart her legs, devastatingly slowly, as he spoke, “Being that yer a doctor, Sassenach…you should know better than trying to deny a starving man his meal.”

He had her legs wide open and stared at her, wet and ready and beautiful. Claire was taking deep breaths, equally as hungry for him. But when he looked up into her eyes and very purposefully licked his lips generously, she lost her breath.

He nuzzled his face into the inside of her thigh, “Ah, I miss these strong thighs…the way they wrap around my head…” He continued to nuzzle, kiss, and lick them generously until Claire began to squirm.

Jamie smiled to himself at his wife’s impatience. He gave a thigh one more good suckle and then turned to face her fully once again. He breathed her in slowly and deeply. Jamie pushed his face into her close enough that the tip of his nose and his lips touched her just barely.

He whispered into her, “Christ…and this.” He let his lips run along her folds as he spoke. Claire was almost shaking as she felt his breath on her and the faintest whisper of his lips as they ran all along her.

“If I was a writer, I would write sonnets about this and only this. Or a painter, this would be my subject.” Jamie continued to caress her so gently, barely allowing his lips to touch her more than a tiny bit.

Claire grabbed his hair and raised his head enough to force him to look at her. He did, and his heart squeezed at the image of her before him. Her chest and neck were flushed the most delicate pink. Her eyes were hooded and dark and her lips were still slightly plump from his kisses.

“Jamie—” she began in a broken voice. She took another breath to collect the energy she needed before continuing, “If you don’t give me what I want right bloody now, James Fraser, I will —”

“Aye, I missed the ravenous beast part of you too, Sassenach.” Jamie interrupted her. He gave her a cheeky smile, attempted a wink, and then ducked his head back down to her center before she could respond.

He dove in tongue first. After the first taste, he lost all desire to tease her anymore. Jamie was starving for his wife’s taste and began to lap at her excitedly.

Claire immediately dropped her head back onto the pillow and let out a long, satisfied, sigh. Her hands released his hair and she grabbed onto the sheets on either side of her hips.

His arms wrapped around her thighs and pressed down on her stomach to prepare her for his next mission. He directed his tongue’s attention to her bundle of nerves and began to circle it. Just as he knew she would, she lifted her hips in reflex but his hands held in her place.

As her body was forced to stay still by his strong hands, she let out a long, shaky, breath and gripped the sheets even harder. He began alternating his attack on her clit, changing from circles to flicking, then sucking it into his mouth, then ending with a fast round of figure eights across it. He continued this pattern over and over again as Claire’s pleasure built higher and higher. She arched her back and her legs tightened as spasms of pleasure shot through her body.

Just as her body got used to his pattern, he lowered his face and stuck his tongue as far into her as he could. Claire gasped loudly and pressed a foot into his back, desperately wanting him as close to her as possible. He wriggled his tongue around inside of her, going first back and forth and then up and down. He swirled it around and moaned deeply against her.

When she felt the vibrations from his moan, her whole body shuddered and she let out another gasping moan. He could feel her climax building and knew it was almost there. He knew just how to heighten her peak and so to prepare her, he moved his hands from her stomach and found hers where they clutched the sheets.
Forcing them to release their grip, he grasped them into his own, and intertwined their fingers so she could now grip his hands instead.

Once she had a good hold of him, he brought his tongue back out of her and right back onto her nub of pleasure. He sucked it eagerly into his mouth and flicked his tongue over it. Immediately after, Claire rocketed into her peak, gasping loudly and moaning in ecstasy.

Their hands both turned white as they held on to each other. Claire’s back arched wildly and her head dug deeply into the pillow as her legs shook uncontrollably.

Jamie used his tongue to gently soothe her as she began to come down. He licked her up and down very gently and then when her back finally came back down onto the bed and he felt her thighs began to shake less, he finished by just laying his tongue over her clit to soothe it.

Claire, still gripping Jamie’s hands, tried to catch her breath as her chest still moved up and down. Jamie placed one, two, three tiny kisses onto her lower lips before finally resting a cheek against her inner thigh and looking up at her.

They both simply stayed in their positions for a few minutes as Claire’s body continued to have small aftershocks and she let out one shaky breath after another.

Finally, her grip on his hands began to loosen and her thighs began to fall off his shoulders as her body went limp. He gave her thigh one final peck and then he crawled up her body.

He gave her sternum a kiss and then hovered above her face, waiting for her to open her eyes. She did.

“Now that, mo nighean donn, might be the sight I’ve missed the most.” He smiled sweetly at her. She began to feel her limbs again and she brought a slightly shaking hand up to his cheek.

“Damn, I love you.” She smiled at him deeply, her eyes showing oceans of emotion beneath them. She pushed her hand further back until her fingertips rested in the hair on the back of his neck.

He grinned and kissed her lips, “And I love you.”

He grabbed her thigh and rolled so that they were both on their sides facing each other and placed her leg so that it rested across his hip. She tucked her face into his chest, feeling sated and happy. He ran a hand down the length of her body.

“You know, Sassenach, I didn’t even get to half of the things on my wee list.”

Claire chortled into his chest. “I don’t know if I can handle anymore right now.” She lifted her head to look at him, “Can we give it, say, 20 minutes?” She smiled at him.

He smiled back, “10.”

“Fifteen.” She smiled up at him, reached her hands around and pushed his breeks down just enough so that she could place both hands firmly on his buttocks. Then she put her face back into his chest to get some rest before round two.