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His eyes

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Fushi decided that the most interesting part of Sora were his eyes.

There was no big surprise that the boy was named after his eyes. Their blue shade was sky-like, drawing the person in, captivating and welcoming. They always seemed calm, peaceful, and a soft sigh from him caused a soft sigh for Fushi.

The blue became lighter when Sora was looking at him, and his smile was akin to the sun. It was almost too bright to stare at. They twinkled when the boy laughed, darkened to sea blue when he was sad, threw lightning when he was angry.

It was so easy to guess what Sora thought when you looked into his irises.

The proverb 'The eyes are the window of the soul' could not have been truer at this point. When the boy said 'I love you' for the first time, he was expecting the worst and his eyes were wet, already preparing the rejection.

Fushi couldn't let him feel sad. His heart was breaking and he didn't want to see Sora's soul shatter. But when Fushi answered positively, his smile had been so relieved that it felt like Fushi had taken flight. He knew what it felt like. And when his gaze met Sora's, it was like his heart was soaring amidst the azure sky.

For some people, their lover was the sun. For Fushi, Sora was the sky. It wasn't possible for him to live without Sora.