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(The story begins at Mario’s house. We see Mario leaving through the front door as Luigi stands in the doorway sipping coffee and waving him goodbye.)

Luigi: See ya later, bro! (He waves and goes inside, shutting the door behind him.)

(Mario then jumps down a pipe which leads to Princess Peach’s castle. We see the castle which is guarded by toads with spears. Mario jumps out of the pipe and heads toward the bridge. Mario then bumps into Captain Toad.)

Mario: Oof! Sorry, Toad. Didn’t-a see you there.

Toad: That’s alright Mario. I’m going to collect treasure today! Now where did I put that map. (He digs around in his bag.)

Mario: Hey, you haven’t seen Princess Peach around here have you?

Toadsworth: Master Mario!

(Toadsworth comes out of the castle doors.)

Mario: Oh! I gotta go. See ya, Toad!

Toad: (Still digging in the bag.) Come on. It’s gotta be around here somewhere.

(We cut to the castle interior which houses more guard toads. Peach is at the top of a staircase which is in the middle of the room. She looks distant and worried. Mario and Toadsworth go up the stairs toward her.)

Mario: Princess? What’s the matter?

Peach: Toadsworth, will you excuse us please.

Toadsworth: Yes, Princess. (Toadsworth heads back down the stairs.)

Peach: Mario, follow me.

(Mario and Peach go into a small room with a bed, a window, and a fireplace. Peach pulls a lever next to the fireplace and reveals a small elevator. Mario and Peach both go inside and descend. They stop in a small dark room with a pedestal in the center. On top of the pedestal is a dark crystal. It’s glowing strongly.)

Mario: (Slightly worried) Princess, what is this? What have you brought me to see?

Peach: This is the Shadow Crystal. Long ago our world was attacked by a strange man who called himself Master Mind. (A flashback begins showing a younger Toadsworth comforting baby Peach in a rocking chair. Explosions are heard in the background.) He wanted nothing more but to wipe everyone out of existence. (Another flashback shows James McCloud and the rest of the old Star Fox shooting at strange winged shadow creatures.) He nearly achieved his goal but we found a way to entrap him in this crystal. (A third flashback shows what appears to be a black tornado swirling into the crystal.) We won, but now. (We go back to present day as we focus on the crystal.) It’s acting up and I’m afraid that he might be unleashed.

Mario: Mama mia. So I’m-a here to-

Peach: To help me try to put a stop to this once and for all. Imagine what could happen if this ends up in the wrong hands! Imagine what travesty it would- (Peach suddenly stops. Tears dripping from her eyes.)

Mario: It’s-a going to be okay, Princess. We can handle this together. (A loud explosion suddenly sounds. Voices upstairs indicate that Bowser is attacking.)

Peach: It’s Bowser. If he finds this then...then…

Mario: Don’t-a worry, Princess. (He grabs the crystal) I can take-a this. I just need a distraction.

(We cut back to the castle foyer. Koopas have taken out the armed toads and everyone else is surrounded by hammer bros. Peach walks out of the door at the top of the staircase. We see Bowser flanked by Kamek at the main entrance.)

Bowser: Princess Peach. How happy to see you again.

Peach: What do you want, Bowser. To kidnap me.

Bowser: Don’t flatter yourself, princess. I’ve come for something better. You see, I’ve been getting these strange messages when I dream. Messages that tell me of a treasure in this very castle. Something called the Shadow Crystal.

Peach: I’m sorry, but your crystal is in another castle. We have nothing like that here.

Bowser: In that case. (Bowser snaps his fingers and a hammer bro pushes Toadsworth towards Bowser. Peach runs at Bowser but is quickly stopped by two hammer bros.) If you won’t talk then Toadsworth here is as good as toast. (A few flickers of flame appear out of Bowser’s mouth.) You have till the count of three to tell me where you’re hiding that thing.

Toadsworth: Don’t do it, princess!

Bowser: One. (Peach looks around not knowing what to do.) Two. (Toadsworth begins to sweat and his eyes close.) Three! (Before he can breathe fire a koopa troopa runs through the front doors.)

Koopa: Boss!

Bowser: What?!

Koopa: I have intel that Mario is running across the castle grounds with that thing you wanted.

Bowser: Perfect! (Bowser throws Toadsworth across the floor.) Time to visit ol’ plumber boy for what I hope is the last time.

Peach: No! You can’t do this, Bowser! You have no idea what that crystal can do! Think of the consequences! Think of your people!

Bowser: (Turning his head towards Peach as he walks away.) All I know is that once I get that crystal, I’ll have enough power to become a god.

(We cut to Mario running in a field, the crystal wrapped tightly in his arms. Suddenly the sound of propellers fills the air as Bowser flies in on a small airship. Mario stops dead in his tracks.)

Mario: Bowser!

Bowser: Surprised to see me Mario! Now I believe that you have something that I want, and if I have to kill you to get it, then so be it.

Mario: Bring it on, Bowser! I’ve beat you in every battle that we’ve had! What makes this time so different!

Bowser: (Jumps down from airship.) Time for your game to end! (Bowser lunges at Mario but Mario swiftly dodges. Bowser points at Mario) Fire! (Three bullet bills fire at Mario from the airship. Mario jumps on two of them but the third one hits him in the back and he drops the crystal.) Like taking mushrooms from a baby. (Bowser runs to get the crystal but Mario gets up and pulls out a hammer.)

Mario: Not today, Bowser! (Mario hits Bowser from the back and he lands on his back on top of the crystal, shattering it.) No!

Bowser: No! My power! (Suddenly a black tornado comes out of the shattered pieces of the crystal, with Mario and Bowser being in the center. As suddenly as it began however, it stops. In front of Mario and Bowser is Master Mind: a being made out of shadow. He is vaguely human shaped with long fingers, no features of any kind, and big white eyes.)

Master Mind: Finally. I have been freed at last.

Bowser: So you’re the one who’s been talking to me. Let’s cut right to the chase, I want my power so I can rule the world. So what do I have to do, kill plumber boy or somethin’?

Master Mind: You will get your power soon enough, but for now I have to finish what I’ve started. (Suddenly Mario runs up with a hammer in his hands and jumps to hit Master Mind over the head with it. Master Mind merely extends his hand, lightning coming out and striking Mario in the chest which sends him sprawling onto the ground.) So this is what you people send to defeat me! A man with nothing but a hammer! You are all weak and you cannot stop what I will do! Not anymore! Not anymore! (A wave of darkness shoots out of Master Mind’s hands and the sky turns black and purple. A faint rumble can be heard.)

(We cut to see Sonic the Hedgehog running through a field. The sky turns black as he turns around and looks up at it. We then see Crash Bandicoot sleeping in a hammock between two trees. Unbeknownst to him, the sky is turning black above him. Lastly, we see Pac-Man sitting by a tree munching on an apple. He looks up at the blackened sky dropping his apple. We cut back to Mario unconscious on the ground, his hair waving in the breeze. Everything goes white.)

End of Prologue

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(We start the episode in the sky above skyscrapers. We hear car horns, signifying that something isn't right. We cut to the closed eye of Mario as it slowly opens. It cuts to him getting up in the middle of an intersection.)

Mario: Huh… what the? Where am I?

Man: Get out of the road you freak!

Mario: Wha...huh?

(A man on the sidewalk signals to Mario to come join him and Mario confusedly walks onto the sidewalk. I don’t have a name for this man so I will call him Brian.)

Brian: Hey. What’re you doing in the middle of the…

Mario: (Interrupting) Where is the princess? Where am I? Where is Master Mind?

Brian: Huh? You’re in Albany, New York. What do you mean by princess and Master Mind?

Mario: Do you know where the Mushroom Kingdom is?

Brian: Oh, you’re one of those people. Just who are you anyway? (Mario slowly looks down, saddened and worried.)

(We now cut to a dingy back alleyway. Here we meet our second hero, Aiden Pearce, as he too slowly wakes up in this strange new world. He clutches his head and looks around, confused, and reaches into his pocket for his phone.)

Aiden: What the h***? Where am I? (He pulls his hand out of his pocket without his phone. It is then that he sees a homeless man sitting by a wall with Aiden’s phone in his hands.)

Aiden: Hey! That’s my phone!

Homeless Man: Finders keepers ya weirdo, and if you have a problem with it you can take it up with me!

Aiden: (Takes out a small pistol.) You wanna rethink that? (The Homeless Man punches Aiden in the stomach and runs out into the sidewalk.)

Aiden: (Gives chase.) Stop! Thief! (The two of them run up the sidewalk with the homeless man pushing pedestrians out of his way.)

(We cut back to Mario and Brian walking down a sidewalk.)

Brian: So you're, like, from a whole other world. One with giant turtles, princesses, and magic sewer systems?

Mario: When you-a put it like that you make it sound-a so weird.

Brian: And now there's some weird shadow man wandering the streets of New York.

Mario: For now.

Brian: (Stops.) You don't mean to tell me that you're going to try and stop this thing. You've told me what he's done, that's a suicide mission.

Mario: I’ve-a seen worse.

Brian: (Catching up.) Man, your world really is different isn't it. (The sound of propellers fills the air.)

(We cut to a side view of the Koopa Cruiser and a bullet bill flies out of the cannon towards the city below.)

Brian: Do you hear a helicopter?

Mario: Huh? (Looks up.) Look out! (Mario pushes Brian out of the way and the Bullet Bill hits the ground and explodes.)

(The Koopa Cruiser comes down from the sky with Bowser and Master Mind on the deck.)

Mario: (Whispering.) Bowser…

Bowser: Well, well, well, if it isn't Mario. Didn't think that I’d be seeing you here. To be honest, I thought that the lightning had ended your game.

Master Mind: This is the so-called “hero” that always triumphs over you? Look at him. He is nothing but a man. The fact that you have failed to kill him baffles me. The fact that he has never killed you baffles me more so.

Bowser: Yeah yeah. Enough with the chit-chat, we came here for domination and it's time to start that. Koop Troop! Attack!

(We cut to multiple shots of goombas, koopas, and hammer bros running out into the streets and chasing people away. Four koopas surround Mario and Brian. Mario jumps on the koopa in front of him and kicks the shell into the koopa on his left.)

Brian: Gahh! (Mario turns to see Brian's arms being grabbed by the remaining two koopas. Mario kicks the one holding Brian's right arm and then punches the last one.) Thanks pal.
What do we do now?

Mario: We have to fight and find a way outta here.

Brian: Screw that! I'm callin’ the cops! (Brian runs away.)

(Mario pulls out a fire flower and powers up. He throws fireballs and hits two goombas and a hammer bro. We then cut back to Aiden chasing down the Homeless Man. The Homeless Man is then jumped by two koopas.)

Homeless Man: What the…! (The koopas punch the Homeless Man and proceed to beat him up. Aiden sees this, pulls out a pistol, and shoots the koopas. Then he picks up his phone from the Homeless Man’s body.)

Aiden: What the h*** are these things? (He then hears Mario fighting and looks over at him. We cut to Mario fighting a hammer bro. It throws a hammer and hits Mario in the chest which knocks him over and causes him to lose his fire power. Aiden runs over and shoots the hammer bro.)

Mario: What the…? Who are…?

Master Mind: Enough! I grow tired of this battle! (To Bowser.) I can now see why the plumber beats you so easily! Your army consists of nothing but punching bags! 

Bowser: H-Hey! Give them a chance. Just wait until you see the chain chomps.

Master Mind: Shut up you useless turtle! Looks like I have to take matters…(Master Mind grabs Bowser’s shoulder.)

Bowser: Huh?

Master Mind: Into my own hands! (Master Mind’s body starts flowing into Bowser and he falls off of the Koopa Cruiser. He starts shaking on the ground as the Koop Troop looks at him in shock. We even see Mario and Aiden looking at him with fear. Bowser then starts turning darker and growing. He has become a mixture of Master Mind and Bowser turning into a Dark Giga Bowser.)

Dark Giga Bowser: Now this is real power.

Mario: Run…(Grabs Aiden’s hand) come on!

(Dark Giga Bowser gives chase to Mario and Aiden and breaths fire in their direction.)

Aiden: Look out! (Aiden pushes Mario and himself out of the way. The two get up and go through an alley between two buildings. As soon as they get through, Dark Giga Bowser jumps over the buildings and onto their street. We then cut to police cars arriving on the  scene.)

Policeman: Holy mother of God! What the h*ll is that thing! (Dark Giga Bowser picks up the car and hurls it at our heroes. They narrowly duck out of the way.)

(We then cut to a shot of a rooftop garden as lady walks through into it. We see her inside as she suddenly stops and stares at something. It is our third hero, Conker, with a flower pot on his head and beer bottles surrounding him. The lady runs out screaming, waking Conker.)

Conker: (Taking off the flower pot.) Well, talk about a rude awakening. Wait a minute, this isn't the bar. This is uh… one of them… plant houses. I mean it might be a bar. (He hears Dark Giga Bowser walking outside.) What was that? (He goes outside and sees what is happening.) This new place has everything.

(Dark Giga Bowser catches up to our heroes and is about to grab them when a rocket hits him in the head throwing him back into a building.)

Conker: (Flying down with a rocket launcher.) Bullseye!

Aiden: What the h*ll are you supposed to be?

Conker: What are you a cop? I'm a squirrel for God’s sake.

Mario: We need to go. Right-a now.

Aiden: (Pulls out his phone and unlocks a nearby locked car.) Let's take that car. (He runs over to the car.)

Mario: Wait! But that’s-a stealing!

Conker: I call shotgun! (Conker runs over and Mario reluctantly does so too. The car drives away and Dark Giga Bowser changes back to Bowser and Master Mind.)

Bowser: What was that.

Master Mind: I just gave you a small taste of my power, but even then we could not defeat them.

Bowser: I’ll get ‘em next time.

Master Mind: Because of you there might not be a next time. Which is why I think it's wise to get a little help.

Bowser: What do you mean? I'm the baddest toughest guy there is. We don't need anyone besides me.

Master Mind: You are simple minded. Besides, my master plan needs more people. Come with me and we'll make an unstoppable army with the most evil people there are. My plan has just begun.

End of Episode

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(The next episode begins on an island in the middle of the ocean. We meet another discombobulated hero facedown in the sand. It’s Sonic the Hedgehog. He slowly gets up rubbing the back of his head looking around.)

Sonic: Huh? Where am I?

???: So you’re finally up. (The camera pans and we see that the voice is coming from Solid Snake. He walks up to Sonic with a cigarette in his mouth.) With how long you were like that I thought you were dead.

Sonic: Where are we...and who are you?

Snake: You can call me Snake, and as for where we are...I have no idea.

Sonic: (Holds out his hand.) I’m Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog, and I’m the fastest thing alive

Snake: (Chuckles and holds out hand.) It’s a pleasure. (They shake.)

Sonic: So, do ya got any ideas on how to get off this island.

Snake: I’m calling Otacon.

Sonic: Who?

Snake: Otacon. He’s a colleague of mine. I’m calling him to pick us up. (He calls Otacon on his codec.) Otacon, this is Snake…(Sonic wanders off near the shore and sees a pirate ship in the distance.)

Sonic: Hey, Snake! There’s a ship over there!

Snake: (Now done with his call.) Huh?

Sonic: There’s a ship! If we can signal them we’ve got a way out of here!

Snake: (Walking over.) That’s a risky move. Anyone could be on that ship.

Sonic: I need to get out of here fast. All of this is probably Eggman’s doing and I need to find Tails. Do you have anything to signal them with?

Snake: Listen, Blue, we have no idea where we are. Anything could be on that ship. (Taking a blow on his cigarette and throwing it on the ground.) But I suppose if you really need outta here that bad I can signal them for you. 

(Snake takes out a pistol and shoots three shots into the air. The ship starts turning around and heads toward the island that Sonic and Snake are on.)

Sonic: Thank you, Snake, and I promise that once I get off this island I’ll find a way to get us back home.

Snake: No problem, Blue.

(We cut to the ship finally reaching the shore and a plank is thrown down from the ship onto the sand. Sonic hesitantly steps onto it.)

Sonic: (Waving.) Bye, Snake. Hope to see you again someday. (He runs onto the ship and Snake starts to walk away. Suddenly, a thud is heard and Snake turns around. Snake pulls out his pistol and goes up the plank onto the ship. We finally see who’s on the ship. A pirate crew full of kremlings is on the ship and are tying up an unconscious Sonic to the mast. Snake aims his pistol but is knocked unconscious by a kremling with a club.)

(We cut to Snake waking up. He looks over to see an awake and distraught Sonic. In front of him he sees kremlings singing and dancing around the deck. Amidst all of the kremlings is their captain: King K. Rool. All of Snake’s weapons are being kept on some crates not too far from the mast which Sonic and Snake are tied to.)

Sonic: Snake, I’m sorry. I should’ve listened to you.

Snake: Now’s not the time for apologies. We need a way out of here.

King K. Rool: (Laughing.) Master Mind said that there were some no-good heroes lurking around this new world, but he sure didn’t say that they would come right to me.

Sonic: Wait. Who’s Master Mind?

King K. Rool: He’s the most powerful thing in the universe and he offered me a lot of money to kidnap whatever lowlifes I find on the seas. (Jabs his finger in Sonic’s face.) I bet he’ll make you into a fine fur rug. (Laughs until Sonic bites his finger and he jerks it back. He looks at his finger for a second before socking Sonic in the face.) Know your place, furball. (Points to two kremlings.) You two, watch them. Make sure they don’t do anything funny.

Kremlings: Aye aye, Captain K. Rool.

King K. Rool: As for everyone else, it’s dinner time. (K. Rool and the kremlings leave. The two remaining kremlings guard Sonic and Snake with cutlasses.)

Snake: (To Sonic.) Are you okay?

Sonic: Yeah, I'm fine. Do you have any ideas on getting outta here?

Kremling: Quiet, furball! Unless you want to take a dip in the sea.

Snake: You don't happen to know how to swim do you?

Sonic: (Looks away embarrassed.) This is going to be a long ride.

(The camera pans underwater. We see cheep cheeps and even a magikarp. Finally we see a new hero, Raziel, swimming up near the surface. He notices the ship.)

Raziel: Now, what is this? It wouldn't hurt to take a look would it? (Raziel emerges from the water and climbs up the ship and looks over at Sonic and Snake. Whispering.) Pirates. Of course. Best take care of them. (Raziel takes out the Wraith Blade and silently walks closer to our tied up heroes. When he gets close enough he stabs a kremling in the back. The other one advances on Raziel but he is also stabbed by the Wraith Blade and falls to the ground.)

(Downstairs, where the kremlings are eating, one of them hears what’s going on upstairs and goes to tell King K. Rool. Upstairs, Raziel has freed Sonic and Snake. Snake is making a call to Otacon.)

Sonic: Man oh man. Thanks for the help uhhh…

Raziel: Raziel.

Sonic: Uhh... yeah. Raziel.

Snake: (Done with his call.) Otacon is coming to get us. We’ll be off this ship soon enough.

Sonic: What if that K. Drool comes back?

Raziel: K. who?

King K. Rool: (Holding his blunderbuss.) King K. Rool: the most dreaded pirate on these seven seas. Pleasure to meet you, shark bait. (Shooting his blunderbuss. Our three heroes jump out of the way.) Seize those scallywags! (The kremlings charge.)

(Sonic and Raziel immediately run towards the kremlings as Snake goes to retrieve his gear. As soon as he reaches it K. Rool punches him to the ground. Snake quickly gets up and shoots K. Rool twice in the stomach. It hurts him but ultimately doesn’t do much. We then see Sonic spin dashing across the deck hitting any kremlings in his way. Sonic spin dashes past Raziel who is having a sword fight with a kremling. The kremling swings at Raziel who dodges and stabs the kremling. Snake throws a punch at K. Rool but K. Rool counters it by sucking Snake into his blunderbuss and shooting him out into Sonic. Raziel is cornered by a gang of kremlings but is saved when Sonic homing attacks them all in rapid succession. Snake pulls out a machine gun and shoots around him. We cut to a shot of a helicopter advancing towards the pirate ship. It hovers a few feet from the ship)

Snake: Everyone, get on! (Sonic and Raziel jump into the helicopter. Snake attempts to jump on but is pulled back by K. Rool.)

King K. Rool: You’re not going anywhere.

Snake: Go! Now! (The helicopter starts to fly up.)

Sonic: We can’t just leave him!

Otacon: We’re not. Throw down that rope ladder. (Sonic and Raziel throw the rope ladder down and it descends above the water a few feet from the ship. We cut back to K. Rool running towards Snake. He dives at him but Snake slides under him. He runs and jumps off of the ship and barely grabs onto the rope ladder. Snake climbs up as we see K. Rool and the kremlings scouring in the helicopter’s direction.)

Snake: (Climbing into the helicopter. Jokingly.) What took you so long?

Otacon: Kept you waiting, huh?

Raziel: So where do we go now?

Sonic: We need to find this Master Mind guy.

Raziel: Who?

Sonic: I’m guessing he’s the guy who brought us here. So if we find him, we’ll have a way out.

Snake: Otacon, take us to the nearest city.

Otacon: Got it, Snake!

Sonic: I just hope that everyone else is alright. (The helicopter flies into the sunset.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode starts out above the treetops as we look over a forest. We zoom in on one of the branches to see Crash Bandicoot sleeping on the branch. He stretches and rolls off the branch. He wakes up and sits on the ground before a metapod lands on his head. Crash scratches his head and gets up before running away.)

(We then cut to our next hero Donkey Kong as he pulls out his coconut gun. We see that a piranha plant is guarding a bunch of bananas on a tree. DK shoots coconuts but the piranha plant eats them. Then he throws a rock at the piranha plant but he eats that too. Finally, DK goes up and punches the plant and takes his bananas.)

(We cut back to Crash as he walks on a path through the brush. DK swings onto a nearby tree with his bananas. We cut to some nearby bokoblins walking around and one of them sees Crash. He shows the others Crash and they run over to him. They inspect him for a bit and Crash waves at them. Then they beat him over the head with a club, knocking him out. We cut back to DK who drops his bananas in surprise before going after the bokoblins.)

(The bokoblins start carrying Crash away but DK drops down ready to fight. Before he can he is hit away by a moblin with a club into the forest. The moblin follows.)

(We go to our next hero, Ty the tasmanian tiger, as he walks through a forest brush. Suddenly from behind him, a deku scrub comes out of the ground and shoots a deku nut at Ty, hitting him in the back of the head.)

Ty: Hey, what the…? (Notices deku.) Why you… (Suddenly, DK comes out of nowhere and lands on the deku scrub. It probably died.) Huh? Who are you? (DK gets up as the moblin enters the area.)

(The moblin swings his club down and our heroes dodge in different directions. DK jumps up and punches the moblin in the face but then the moblin picks him up and throws him at a tree. Ty throws a boomerang at the moblin.)

Ty: Haha, bonzer! (The moblin turns to him but he's hit by a coconut by DK. Ty grabs the deku nut that hit him and throws it at the moblin, paralyzing him.) Woah. (DK throws a giant punch at the moblin and it dies.)

Ty: (Walks up to DK.) G'day, my names Ty.

DK: (Grunting.) Donkey Kong.

Ty: Donkey Kong, eh? Nice name. Now, (Gestures to moblin.) what was that thing? (DK looks suddenly worried and wildly points to where he was hit from.) What, is something wrong? (DK nods.) Alright mate, I'll help you out. Show me the way. (We cut to a first person view of an unknown creature as it stalks our heroes. Then DK and Ty exit.)

(We go to the interior of a stone lair. The bokoblins throw Crash onto the ground and he looks up. Then, someone walks up to Crash but we don't see him yet.)

???: (Laughs.) You found another one. (We finally see that it is Ganondorf.) He'll fit right in with the others that we found. (To bokoblin.) Chain him up. We'll drain him of his life tonight. (To himself.) Soon, we'll power up Master Mind enough to destroy this world and the Gerudo will reign. (The bokoblins take Crash away and Ganondorf laughs.)

(We go back to DK and Ty at the back of the lair. There doesn't seem to be a door in the back.)

Ty: Hmm, no door eh? You sure we're at the right place, Kong? (DK shrugs.) Alright then. Start looking around. (They go up to look at the wall. Ty notices an eye switch near the top of the wall.) Huh? What's that? (They study the eye and Ty throws a boomerang at it. The eye closes and a secret door opens.) Beauty of a ripper! (DK hurries in.) Hey! Wait up, big guy!

(Ty catches up and ends up in a creepily lit room. DK doesn't move. He looks afraid.)

Ty: Hey, why'd you… oh no. (We see that the room has six characters in it. They don't move and look scared. There's a glowing yellow string around them. The characters are Davy (Chameleon Twist), Tak (Tak: Power of Juju), Elena (Uncharted), Kass (The Legend of Zelda), Lightning (Final Fantasy), and Funky Kong (Donkey Kong).

Ty: (To DK. Gesturing to Funky Kong.) Is this one o’ yours? (DK nods. Crestfallen.) Who... who would do this? (DK gets mad and runs out of the room. Ty follows.) Wait! Come back!

(We go back to Ganondorf holding the same string. Since he wears gauntlets it doesn't affect him. Crash is being held by two bokoblins.)

Ganondorf: Hehe, with this I will finally achieve what I've always wanted. To rule as a god. (Ganondorf goes to put the string around Crash but DK bursts in and shoots a coconut at Ganondorf and the glowing string hits one of the bokoblins, paralyzing him. Seeing his chance, Crash does a spin move which launches the bokoblin away.) What?!

Ty: (Enters.) Hey, what’s… you! (To Ganondorf.) You're the bloke who’s kidnapping people!

Ganondorf: You wretched creature! Bokoblins, get these invaders! (An army of bokoblins enter. DK and Ty run towards them. DK raises his fists and Ty readies a boomerang. Crash goes for Ganondorf by throwing a wumpa fruit at his head. Crash tosses another up and down in his hand.) You useless vermin! Ready your blade and fight me! (Ganondorf readies his great swords. Crash gets into a karate position. Crash isn't too bright.) Urrrgh, have at you! (Ganondorf lunges at Crash who nimbly dodges. Crash slides into Ganondorf, knocking him over.)

(Meanwhile, DK is punching bokoblins left and right. One jumps on his back but is knocked out by Ty's boomerang. Ty is throwing boomerangs as fast as he can. A bokoblin runs up close to him but Ty bites him which gets rid of the bokoblin. Crash goes for Ganondorf again but is knocked away by one of his swords. Crash pulls out his fruit bazooka and shoots more fruit at Ganondorf. More bokoblins enter and start cornering DK and Ty near the front entrance. Over the crowd of enemies, Crash is flung next to DK an Ty.)

Ty: (To Crash) G'day. (Crash waves. Ganondorf comes through the crowd.)

Ganondorf: You three are definitely no hero of time. Time to join my collection. (Our three heroes exit out into the forest with Ganondorf right behind. Suddenly, Emperor Bulblax (Pikmin) and two bulborbs come out from the trees.) Hmmm, I guess I'll let these things finish you off. (The door to the lair closes.)

(Ty throws a frostyrang at a bulborb. It freezes and Ty hits him with a regular boomerang, freeing the bulborb. This makes it angry and it lunges at Ty. DK shoots coconuts at the other bulborb which hurts it. It lunges but DK punches it hard into the lair's wall. That kills it and brings down a bunch of crates from the roof. A crate with Aku-Aku painted on it falls on Crash’s head and gets stuck. A TNT box lands near the other bulborb. Ty gets his flamerangs and throws one at the TNT box which explodes and kills the bulborb. Meanwhile, Crash is wildly shooting his fruit bazooka with a few fruit hitting Emperor Bulblax. DK pulls the crate off of Crash revealing Aku-Aku inside the crate.)

Aku-Aku: Crash, there you are. Now where are…(Notices Emperor Bulblax.) sweet mother of wumpa fruit! What is that?! (Crash mumbles incoherently.) Ah, I see. Well in that case you better put me on. (Crash puts on Aku-Aku and charges up a beam but Emperor Bulblax jumps up and tries to land on them but they barely dodge. He does, however, grab DK with his mouth.)

Ty: Don't worry buddy! We'll save…(Crash fires Aku-Aku’s beam. It hits Emperor Bulblax, killing him and releasing DK.) Woah! Thanks, mate!

Aku-Aku: You're welcome. I am Aku-Aku, and this is my colleague, Crash. (Crash is drinking a smoothie. No one knows where he got it. Not even me.) Um, he's smarter than he looks.

Ty: G'day, Crash. (They shake hands. DK also shakes Crash's hand along with the rest of his body.) Now, we got to… (They are interrupted by a blimp with an N on it soaring above them. Ganondorf is seen inside.)

Aku-Aku: Hey! That's Cortex's ship!

Ty: That must be where they're keeping those kidnapped blokes.

Aku-Aku: Kidnapping? He hasn't done that in awhile.

Ty: We need to go after that ship. (DK grunts in approval. Crash nods in approval.)

Aku-Aku: In that case, Crash lead the way. (Crash goes the wrong way.) No Crash, the other way. (Crash goes the other way and everyone follows.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins looking at an empty alleyway. There is a dumpster with an apple that has a bite in it laying next to it. A gloved hand comes out of the dumpster and whoever the hand belongs to heaves himself out. It is Pac-Man who lands on the ground, a bit shaken up.)

Pac-Man: Huh, where am I? (We see that the town he's in is deserted.) Hello? Hmmm, where is everybody? (He grabs his apple and starts to leave the alley.) Hello? Helloooooo? (He keeps walking until he sees a person hunched over on the ground. Pac-Man approaches.) Oh, hello there. Do you know where I am? (The person starts to stand up.) I've seen to have gotten myself... stuck... somewhere...

(The person turns around, revealing themselves to be a zombie (Resident Evil) and was eating the remains of the Survivor (I Am Alive).)

Pac-Man: (Backing away.) Y-y-you're a... a... (The zombie screams.) zombie! (The zombie lurches at Pac-Man but he jumps back. Pac-Man throws his apple at the zombie which does nothing. The zombie lurches again but Pac-Man punches him and the zombie trips over the Survivor. With the zombie on the ground, Pac-Man bounces on the zombie which seems to die. To make sure though, Pac-Man gives it a hardy kick.)

Pac-Man: No wonder everyone left this place. (About the Survivor.) Well, not everyone I guess. (Suddenly, gunshots are heard from a distance.) I guess there's more people than I thought. (He runs toward the gunshots.)

(We cut to two characters who seem to be surrounded by zombies. They are Coach and Nick (Left 4 Dead). Coach is shooting zombies with a shotgun and Nick has a pistol and is also shooting. There are also more kinds of zombies. There are ones from both Left 4 Dead and Plants VS Zombies.)

Coach: (Supposedly shoots but no bullets come out.) Godd*mn it!

Nick: What is it?

Coach: I ran out of bullets! (A zombie comes up to Coach but he kicks it to the ground.)

Nick: We need to get the h*ll outta here! On my mark we run into that building and think of a way to get out.

Coach: Sounds good.

Nick: One... two... (Shoots two zombies to create an opening out of the zombies.) three! (Coach and Nick start running to what appears to be a gas station. Coach quickly takes the lead between them. Suddenly something grabs Nick's leg and drags him back. It is the tongue of a smoker. Nick is quickly dragged away. Nick screams.) Coach! Help me!

Coach: Nick! Hold on!

(Nick is dragged into the fray but before Coach can go get him he is swarmed by zombies and dies. Coach looks distressed and quickly runs into the gas station and starts to block the door with random objects.)

(We go back to Pac-Man. Nick's scream echoes through the town and Pac-Man stops in his tracks. Then, three zombies near Pac-Man start running toward the scream.)

Pac-Man: Oh no... that guy that was shooting. Is he...? (Pac-Man is cut short when the three zombies who were running toward the scream see Pac-Man and start chasing him instead.) Oh no! (Pac-Man starts running.)

(We cut to another hero. This time it is Sir Daniel Fortesque as he gallantly strolls down an empty street.)

Narrator (MediEvil): And so Sir Dan is thrusted into yet another emasculate journey through the wonders of the world. What dastardly villains will he have to defeat? What amazing feats will he have to accomplish? What... (He sees Pac-Man running.) Err, well, that's not good is it? First things first I suppose.

Dan: (Mumbles incoherently. He doesn't have a jaw.)

Narrator (MediEvil): Alright then. Let's get this over with.

(Sir Dan springs into action. He immediately shoots an arrow from a longbow into the head of a zombie, killing him. This gets the attention of the other zombies and Pac-Man. A zombie comes up to attack Dan but he guards with his shield and gets behind the zombie. He then knocks down the zombie and stabs it with his sword. The third zombie comes up behind Dan but Pac-Man sees this and starts a rev roll. Once it charges, he rolls right into the zombie which throws it far away.)

Pac-Man: (To Dan.) Y-you're not a z-zombie, are ya? (Dan mumbles what seems to be a no.) Uhh... okay then. My name is Pac-Man. And you are?

Dan: (Mumbles something akin to "I am Sir Daniel of Gallowmere!")

Pac-Man: Excuse me? (Dan mumbles the same thing. A bit more exasperated.) Huh? (Dan says it again. Slowly this time.) I have no idea what you are saying.

Narrator (MediEvil): He said that he is Sir Daniel of Gallowmere.

Dan: (Mumbles angrily.)

Narrator (MediEvil): Well somebody had to say it! You don't have a jaw!

Pac-Man: Who is saying that?

Dan: (Mumbles and starts to walk away. Before he gets too far, he waves for Pac-Man to join him.)

Pac-Man: So I guess we're a team now, eh? I suppose you were transported here too. (Dan mumbles a yes.) Well, I guess we'll have to find a way out. Don't worry, I'll have us outta here in no time.

(We go back to the gas station where Coach has barricaded the doors.)

Coach: That'll stop them from getting in. (We see that something is lurking in the gas station. It's watching Coach. Coach walks to the counter. There are two dead bodies: HUNK (Resident Evil) and Louis (Left 4 Dead).) Wonder what got these two? (Notices bullets.) At least they've got ammunition. (He collects the ammunition as the thing stalking him approaches. Whatever it is slowly raises a bazooka and aims it at Coach. Coach gets up and finally notices.) Ah sh*t! You've gotta be kidding me! (We finally see that the thing is Nemesis. It shoots the bazooka which sends Coach screaming and flying through a window. He is badly injured. The gas station alarm also starts going off which not only alerts the zombies, but alerts our heroes as well.)

Pac-Man: What was that?

Dan: (Mumbles confusedly.)

Pac-Man: I think someone is still alive! (They run some more before they see Coach on the ground with Nemesis approaching.) What is that thing?! (Pac-Man starts another rev roll and rolls into Nemesis, knocking him back. Dan runs up, poised for battle. Suddenly, a horde of zombies enter. Coach gets up with his shotgun.)

Coach: You two... deal with those zombies.

Pac-Man: What about you?

Coach: I've got this guy. (Pac-Man nods and he and Dan run off to fight. Nemesis approaches and Coach shoots at him a couple times. It barely does anything. Nemesis grabs Coach and throws him.)

(Meanwhile, Pac-Man is punching a lot of zombies. He starts to get surrounded so he throws down a fire hydrant which sprays a bunch of zombies away. He then punches the fire hydrant and it goes through the air and hits Nemesis in the head, knocking him over. Coach takes this opportunity to run back into the gas station. Dan is also slashing foes until the smoker's tongue grabs hold of his neck. However, instead of pulling Dan toward the smoker he just takes Dan's head off of his body.)

Narrator (MediEvil): It seems that Sir Dan has lost his head.

Dan: (Mumbles angrily. Pac-Man tries to go help but is stopped by zombies coming at him from that direction. Dan's body pulls out a chicken drumstick and goes toward the smoker. The smoker holds Dan's head in his hands and is about to bite it when Dan's body uses the drumstick to turn the smoker into a roast chicken. Dan mumbles contently as he puts his head back on.)

(With much of the zombies gone, Nemesis goes toward Pac-Man and Dan. Dan swipes at him a few times but Nemesis kicks Dan into a wall. Pac-Man jumps up and kicks Nemesis in the head. Nemesis knocks him into the wall too. With our heroes on the ground, Nemesis readies his bazooka. He's about to shoot when an axe suddenly hits him in the neck. Nemesis drops to the ground, dead. Coach pulls out the axe. Pac-Man and Dan slowly get up.)

Coach: You alright?

Pac-Man: Yeah, we're fine. Thanks.

Dan: (Mumbles groggily.)

Coach: People call me Coach. (He extends a hand.)

Pac-Man: Pac-Man. (He shakes.) and this is...

Narrator (MediEvil): Sir Daniel Fortesque of Gallowmere!

Coach: What was...?

Pac-Man: Yeah, I don't know who that is. Asking won't help. (Suddenly, maniacal laughter is heard and our heroes see zombies running away from the town. In the distance is a giant metal machine.) I guess we know our next location.

Coach: Yep, so we better get going. (Dan agrees.)

Pac-Man: You're coming, Coach?

Coach: Yeah, I think I will. (He looks over at Nick's corpse.) We've gotta get home.

Pac-Man: Alright then. Let's go! (Our heroes run off toward the machine.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins inside of the Death Egg. Dr. Eggman walks into the main control room, followed by Orbot and Cubot.)

Eggman: I've got the test results back. Using that strange yellow wire combined with my technology, I was able to transfer energy out of those people we took from the jungle.

???: Good good. Is it enough?

Eggman: Erm, with the amount of energy that you requested… we uhh… need a lot more than the six people that we took.

???: How long will that take?

Eggman: Well, if we keep getting interruptions from these so-called heroes it could take… months?

???: (We now see that it is Master Mind coming out of the shadows.) Months?! We don't have that time, Eggman.

Eggman: W-w-well, you've requested a lot of energy. This kind of thing takes time and we can barely locate any of the people that we need.

Master Mind: Can't you just kidnap civilians from this dimension?

Eggman: I would but their chemical makeup doesn't… allow for us to drain their energy with our combined technology.

Master Mind: Then I suggest that you send your rinky dink robots out t- auuuugggggh! (Master Mind drops to the floor.)

Eggman: Master Mind! Are you okay?

Master Mind: Yes… yes. (Getting back up.) Just get me more energy. (Master Mind walks out.)

Orbot: Hmmm, funny to see Eggman being bossed around for once.

Cubot: Yeah, usually it's us. I think it's a nice change of pace.

Eggman: Orbot! Cubot! Get Silver Sonic and Metal Sonic! Get them ready for a mission.

Cubot: I knew it was too good to be true. (Orbot and Cubot exit.)

Eggman: Now, let's see what I can find on the badnik cams. (He types into a keyboard.) Ah ha! I've found one!

(We cut to a buzz bomber floating in the sky, supposedly what Eggman is using as a camera. We pan down into a forest to see GonGon running and coming to a stop after running from something. Suddenly, a net hits the ground after GonGon nearly dodges it. GonGon retreats up a tree and we see that the person chasing him was Spike.)

Spike: Get down here, monkey! I bet you're working with Specter. (GonGon shakes his head no.) Huh? Don't lie to me! (GonGon looks annoyed and starts swinging away.) Dang it. There goes my way outta here. (Spike starts walking away.)

(We cut back to GonGon who jumps from a tree onto the ground. The camera pans back and we see Bomberman walking through the forest. He finds a weed and pulls on it, revealing a bob-omb attached to it.)

Bomberman: Oh. Hello there, little guy. You look like my bombs. (We cut to above the trees and hear an explosion. We go back and see Bomberman on the ground, passed out. A pidgey lands on his head and pecks him. A tree root snakes out from behind a tree and drags Bomberman away.)

(We cut to another part of the forest and the camera pans onto a chocobo. The camera turns around to see Red with a Squirtle out. He seems to be fighting the chocobo.)

Red: Okay, Squirtle! Use water gun! (Squirtle uses water gun on the chocobo. It just looks slightly annoyed and Squirtle stops. Red pulls out a pokeball.) You're mine! (Red throws the pokeball and it bounces off of the chocobo and it runs away. Dismayed.) I guess that one wasn't a new pokemon either. Return Squirtle. (Squirtle goes back into his pokeball.) Hmmm… I hope Pikachu is around here. 

(We go to a flashback sequence in Red's mind. It shows him commanding a pokemon, presumably Pikachu, until the sky above him goes dark like it did in the prologue. Red turns around and we cut back to the real world. Suddenly jet engines are heard. Red looks up to see egg robos flying down from the sky.) 

Red: What the…? (A scream is heard and Red runs off in its direction.)

(We cut to see Spike being surrounded by egg robos. One shoots at him. Spike dodges and uses his slingback shooter to hit an egg robo in head causing him to fall over and malfunction. All of the egg robos start shooting and Spike starts to run. We go to one egg robo shooting who gets hit by a vine into two other robos. Then that robo hits a tree with a Caterpie on it. We see that the vine came from Red and Ivysaur who have joined the brawl. Another egg robo is hit by Spike's stun club, malfunctioning him. Silver Sonic and Metal Sonic fly down behind Red and Ivysaur. They both fly past him.)

Red: Woah! (We see that Silver Sonic and Metal Sonic have grabbed Spike's arms. They fly up and Spike screams.) Hey, get back here! I choose you! (Red throws a pokeball. We go to the robot sonics flying away but right behind them is Red riding on Charizard. Charizard flies right up to the bots and they stop.)

Spike: Woah woah woah! Is that a dragon?! (Silver Sonic lets go of Spike and Metal Sonic grabs hold of both of Spike's arms. Silver Sonic flies up to Charizard and punches him twice.)

Red: Charizard! Use flamethrower! (Charizard uses flamethrower and Silver Sonic is pushed back. Meanwhile, Spike struggles to break free of Metal Sonic. Silver Sonic flies up to Charizard again but Charizard uses headbutt and Silver Sonic flies into Metal Sonic who lets go of Spike. Spike and Silver Sonic start rapidly falling. Red follows on Charizard.) Hang on, kid! I'm coming for you! (As Spike gets closer to the ground, he pulls out the sky flyer and glides to the ground. Silver Sonic crashes onto the forest floor. Red flies down on Charizard and puts him back in his pokeball.) Woah! Nice gear, kid.

Spike: Nice dragon, or…  whatever that is.

Red: It's a Charizard. He's a pokemon.

Spike: A… what?

Red: A pokemon. Do you have pokemon where you're from?

Spike: No, I'm not from here.

Red: Hey, me neither. Maybe we can find a way home together. (A rustling is heard in the trees.) What was that? (A tree branch comes down and snatches Charizard's pokeball.) Charizard!

Spike: Who's doing this? (Suddenly, spiked pieces of wood shoot out from the ground and traps our heroes in an arena.) Huh? (We see that the one behind it all is Whispy Woods.)

Whispy: How dare you enter my domain and massacre these poor trees! You should be ashamed!

Spike: What do you mean?

Whispy: You and your robots ruining these woods! Your giant flaming dragon! You aren't the first people that I've captured here!

Spike: (Pulling out Stun Club.) Well, we won't be defeated you!

Red: Go Ivysaur! (Red releases Ivysaur.)

Ivysaur: Saur!

Whispy: So be it! (Whispy shakes and apples fall from his branches that nearly hit our heroes.)

Red: Ivysaur! Use razor leaf! (Ivysaur shoots leaves at Whispy.)

Whispy: Urrgh! Cappies, attack! (A swarm of cappies come out from the bushes. Spike shoots his slingback shooter at one but it just loses its cap. It hits Spike but Spike hits back with his Stun Club. Two more are seen running but are hit by Squirtle's water gun.)

Red: Good job, Squirtle!

Squirtle: Squirtle Squirtle!

(Spike hits Whispy with his Stun Club but Whispy sucks him up in his mouth and then spits him out into the wall of the arena.)

Whispy: You fools! Now you shall join the rest of these fiends. (Three branches come down and grab Spike, Red, and Squirtle. Only Ivysaur is left.)

Red: Ivysaur! Get us down from here! (Ivysaur throws three razor leaves but Whispy pulls our heroes away. Instead, three different branches are cut and Magmar (Pokemon), Fang (Sonic the Hedgehog), and Bomberman fall from the branches.)

Bomberman: Urrgh… where am I? Huh? (He looks around.)

Red: Hey! Get us down from here!

Whispy: (To Bomberman.) You! You're the one who was blowing up the forest!

Bomberman: That wasn't me, that was… Uurgh! I'll show you a real bomb. (Bomberman throws a bomb at Whispy.)

Whispy: Huh? Uh oh. (The bomb explodes which releases Spike, Red, Squirtle, and Charizard's pokeball.)

Spike: Thanks, man!

Bomberman: Actually it's Bomberman.

(Magmar burns a hole in the arena and he and Fang run out through it.)

Red: There's our escape! Go Charizard! (Charizard comes out.) Everyone on! (Our heroes jump on.)

Whispy: No! You won't get away!

Bomberman: See ya, Woody! (He throws a bomb at Whispy and Charizard flies away.)

Whispy: It's Whispy! (The bomb explodes and Whispy is left with an explosion mark on him.) Why can't Whispy win.

(We cut to our heroes who've landed a ways away. Red returns all of his pokemon.)

Bomberman: So… I'm guessing you two aren't from here?

Red: That obvious?

Spike: We need to find the one behind this.

Bomberman: Who would that be?

Spike: The one who sent the robots.

Red: You're right.

Bomberman: Robots?

Red: Maybe they have Pikachu too.

Spike: Well I'm going.

Red: Me too!

Bomberman: And me!

Spike: Then let's go stop this guy!

(Our heroes run away with Metal Sonic watching from above. He leaves toward the Death Egg.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins in a small bedroom of sorts. We cut to an overview of the bed in the room to see Link, without his hat, sound asleep. He slowly starts to wake up and sits up in the bed. He looks around.)

Link: Huh? Where am I? (We go to Link's thought sequence, similar to Red's. It shows Link going to Hyrule Castle before the sky goes dark with Link turning around to look at it. We go back to the real world.) Zelda! (We hear a high pitched giggling as Link looks off to the bedroom door and sees a little girl. She hurries off leaving Link confused.)

(We cut to a kitchen area with the little girl and who is presumably her father looking down at her. These are two original characters: Mr. Yamamoto and Akari. Link silently walks in.)

Yamamoto: (To Akari.) Have you been spying on our house guest again?

Akari: He's up! I saw him wake up!

Yamamoto: (Frustrated.) Akari… (Notices Link.) Oh. Hello there. I didn't see you come in.

Link: Ummm, hello there. My name is Link.

Yamamoto: I am Hiro Yamamoto. This is my daughter Akari.

Akari: (Shyly.) Hello there. Are you a prince?

Link: Huh?

Yamamoto: Akari believes you are a prince from a faraway land.

Akari: We found you in the alley by our apartment. Did an evil monster send you here? Is there a princess you need to save?

Yamamoto: Now Akari…

Link: Actually yes. I am from the land of Hyrule and I was visiting the Princess Zelda when I ended up here.

Akari: I told you dad!

Yamamoto: I guess the sword and shield make more sense then. Oh, these are yours. (He points to Link's hat, the Master Sword, and the Hylian Shield on a table. Link grabs them.)

Link: Well, if you will excuse me, I must go. Thank you for your hospitality. (Link leaves.)

Akari: Bye Link! Come back sometime to tell me some stories.

Yamamoto: Hmmm, New York could use a hero.

(We cut to Link walking out of the apartment building and looking around. He starts down the sidewalk.)

(We cut to a comic book shop. Inside of it are some regular civilians and also Sketch Turner (Comix Zone). We also see another hero: Joe. He's looking at comic books.)

Joe: What even are these superheroes. None of them compare to Captain Blue. I mean, “Batman”? “Superman”? What kinds of names are these?

Gex: (Walks up beside Joe.) I know right. These people have no idea how to make characters. (Joe looks surprised.) What? Do I know you or something?

Joe: No no! It's… uhhh… nothing. (Joe exits the shop.) Man, does this place have anything fun? (An ice cream truck drives around the corner past the shop.) I guess I could use a treat. (Joe runs off after it.)

(We cut again to the outside of a mall where Frank West is being hauled out by security guards.)

Frank: I'm tellin' ya! I don't know how I got into your storage area! I just woke up!

Guard: Yeah yeah! Beat it, old timer! (They go back into the mall.)

Frank: Old timer! What do they know. I've covered wars. (He takes out his camera and looks around.) Now what the h*ll is this place anyway. (He sees Link through his camera.) One of these things is not like the other. That guy'll help me out. (He starts walking across the street towards Link. Behind Link is Garrett (Thief) who notices a pouch of rupees on Link's belt. Garrett swiftly goes up to Link, takes his pouch of rupees, and runs away. Frank comes up behind Link.) Hey th- (Link runs in pursuit of Garrett.) Hey! Wait! (Frank runs after Link.)

(We cut to many different shots of Garrett, Link, and Frank running through the city. Garrett and Link seem to be farther ahead than Frank. Eventually, Link takes out his hookshot and grapples Garrett with it, which drags him back towards Link. Garrett pulls out a dagger and swings it at Link who barely dodges. Frank sees this and the camera pans to Power Pro Kun (Power Pro) watching with his baseball bat and mitt on the ground. Frank takes the bat.)

Frank: Sorry kid! It's important! (He runs toward the fight. Power Pro Kun grunts angrily.)

(Garrett kicks Link onto the ground but Frank hits Garrett with the bat and he's knocked onto the ground. Garrett sweeps Frank's legs and he lands on the ground. Link gets up and slashes Garrett with the master sword. He then does a spin attack. Frank gets up and he and Link surrounded Garrett. They rush him but Garrett kicks down Frank and blocks Link's sword with his own that he pulls out. He pushes Link back and kicks him down. By now, a crowd of people is watching.)

(Suddenly, the ice cream truck from before pulls up and stops near our heroes. An unknown figure gets out. We cut and see that it is Sweet Tooth with a shotgun. He shoots and hits Garrett in the head, killing him.)

Sweet Tooth: Aaawww. Did I ruin your fun? (He starts shooting more people while laughing maniacally. Frank gets up drowsily and Sweet Tooth aims his gun for him. As soon as he shoots, Link gets up and blocks the bullet with his shield.) So you wanna play hero huh? Okay, let's play.

(Sweet Tooth throws his gun on the ground and pulls out a machete. He lunges at Link and swipes at him. Link blocks the blows with his shield. Link lands a couple blows with his sword but Sweet Tooth rams into Link, throwing him on the ground.)

Frank: (Off camera.) Hey! Chuckles! (An empty bottle hits Sweet Tooth in the face.) How do you like that!

Sweet Tooth: That was a mistake buddy. (Sweet Tooth pulls out a molotov and throws it at Frank, knocking him to the ground. Frank gets up and hits Sweet Tooth with his bat. Sweet Tooth gets ready to use his machete but his arm is caught by Link's hookshot. But instead of Sweet Tooth being pulled back, he pulls Link toward him with the hookshot. Link falls to the ground but as soon as he gets up, Sweet Tooth stabs him in the chest and Link falls to the ground.)

Frank: Holy sh*t!

Sweet Tooth: You're next pal. (Sweet Tooth quickly runs over to Frank and kicks him to the ground, and then delivers a kick to his stomach. Frank is on the ground, not able to get up. Sweet Tooth is about to kill him.) No, I have a better idea.

(We go to Sweet Tooth putting Frank in the back of the ice cream truck. As soon as that happens, Joe turns the corner to see what's happening.)

Joe: Woah! What the?!

(Sweet Tooth gets back in his van but then we cut back to Link. A fairy has appeared from presumably his pocket and has revived him.)

Link: (Getting up.) Urgh. Huh? (Sweet Tooth gets in his van and starts it up.) Hey! (Link picks up his hookshot and hooks it to the top of the truck. The van starts going and takes Link with it. He screams. A small crowd has formed after the truck has gone, most of them with their phones out. Joe walks up in front of the crowd.)

Joe: Hmmm, looks like an audience to me. Attention everyone! (The crowd looks toward Joe.) Lights! Camera! (Joe activates his v-watch and transforms into Viewtiful Joe.) Action! (To crowd.) No need to worry ladies and gentlemen! I'll handle this! (Joe runs off.)

(We go back into Sweet Tooth's truck. Frank starts getting up, clutching his stomach.)

Sweet Tooth: Up already?

Frank: Shut it clown!

Sweet Tooth: That wasn't very nice. (He puts a cinder block on the gas pedal.) Guess I'll have to take care of you myself! (Sweet Tooth gets up and goes back to Frank.)

(Sweet Tooth grabs a chainsaw off of the floor and starts it. He swings it a couple times at Frank, who barely dodges each time. Frank holds up his camera.)

Frank: Smile! (He flashes the camera at Sweet Tooth who covers his eyes.)

Sweet Tooth: Why you… (Suddenly, everything is in slow motion. Viewtiful Joe is seen out of the windshield in midair.)

Joe: Slooooooooooow! (Joe crashes through the windshield and kicks Sweet Tooth in the face. Sweet Tooth's body hits the back door.) Haha! Gotcha!

Frank: Who the h*ll are you?!

Joe: Viewtiful Joe. Professional hero. (Joe looks through the broken window.) Is that a building in front of us?

Frank: Huh? (It's a building.) Jesus! (Frank grabs the steering wheel and fiercely turns left. Outside, Link is flung into the buildings but uses his shield like a snowboard and glides on the walls. He then lands on top of the truck. Joe hears this.)

Joe: What was that? (Sweet Tooth starts getting up. He starts towards Joe until Link jumps down onto the truck hood.)

Frank: Jesus Christ! (Link shoots an arrow into Sweet Tooth's arm.)

Sweet Tooth: (Taking out arrow.) You're alive?

Joe: (To Sweet Tooth.) You're alive?

(Link runs at Sweet Tooth and delivers a blow to him with his sword. Joe kicks Sweet Tooth into the wall.)

Joe: Red hot kick!

Sweet Tooth: I'll show you hot! (Sweet Tooth breathes fire at Joe. He dodges but his cape catches on fire.)

Joe: No no no! Not the cape! (Joe desperately tries to put it out until Sweet Tooth kicks him into a wall.) Ugh! Uncool man.

(Suddenly a boomerang hits Sweet Tooth and Link catches it. Sweet Tooth starts toward Link but Link bashes him with his shield, knocking him to the ground. Link points his sword to Sweet Tooth's throat.)

Link: Gotcha!

Frank: Okay good! Now help me with this cinder block. He put it on the gas pedal.

Sweet Tooth: Not so fast! (He pulls out a stick of dynamite and lights it with his fire breath.) So Long! (He laughs maniacally and we see the ice cream truck explode and it lands on its side. Police sirens are heard in the distance.)

(We cut to Frank on the ground near the truck.)

Frank: Ugh, I'm… alive? (He gets up.) Where are the rest? (He sees Link and Joe, still in the truck. There's more dynamite in the truck.) Oh sh*t. (Frank quickly goes and drags Joe from out of the truck. He's unconscious. When he's out, Frank starts dragging Link but while he is the truck explodes again and Frank and Link are sent flying. Joe wakes up.)

Joe: Huh? Did we do it?

Frank: I don't know. He wasn't in the truck.

Link: (Waking up.) Ugh! We're still alive.

Frank: Yeah. I had to save you two.

Link: Thank you.

Frank: No problem. I've covered wars y'know.

(Police cars pull up and the police chief walks up to our heroes.)

Chief: Do you people know anything about this?

Frank: Mad clown attack. Not the first time I've dealt with this.

Chief: And do you all know anything about the uhhh… giant turtle attack in Albany?

Joe: Giant turtle?

Link: Hmmm… 

Frank: What?

Link: Perhaps these incidents are linked to what brought us here.

Chief: Brought you he-?

Frank: Ha! I knew you were brought here by that weird darkness!

Joe: Then let's gooooo! (They head off.)

Chief: Wait come ba-! (He sighs.)

Joe: (Turning around.) Oh! And officer!

Chief: What?

Joe: The name's Joe! Viewtiful Joe! And I'm better than Superman! (He runs off.)

Chief: (Shaking his head.) Only in New York.

(The camera pans back and we see Sweet Tooth hiding in an alleyway, laughing.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins with establishing shots of a city. We see the hustle and bustle of cars on the streets and civilians walking through the city. We see an unknown character mount onto a motorcycle and drive off into the night. We cut to a woman walking on the sidewalk and turning into an alley. She continues walking until stopped by a reaper. The woman turns around but is stopped by two more.)

Reaper: Where do you think you're goin? (The woman looks terrified.) Hand over the purse and we might let you go.

???: So you guys are stealing purses now? I thought you were better than that.

(The speaker comes down from the rooftops and reveals himself to be Cole MacGrath.)

Reaper: Cole MacGrath… surprised you're still alive.

Cole: Same to you guys. Thought for sure your little gang would've died out by now. So, you gonna let this girl go?

Reaper: Actually, I have a better idea. (The reapers all pull out machine guns.) We're gonna kill you, kill her, and then take her purse.

Cole: I don't like that idea. (We cut back to just outside the alleyway and the motorcycle from before pulls up.) Now, here's how this is gonna go…

???: All of you! Put your hands up! (The cyclist from before turns out to be Marcus Reed who is holding a pistol.) This sh*t is over!

Cole: You! Get outta here!

Marcus: Not a chance! (He pulls out a badge.) New York police! This is New York right?

Reaper: Police eh? (Two more reapers come out with guns behind Cole and Marcus.) Alright then, three people will die.

Cole: God d*mn it.

Marcus: Oh sh*t.

Reaper: Which one first?

Cole: Hey, I have an idea. (Cole's hand charges up with electricity.)

Reaper: What?

Cole: Him! (Cole shoots a bolt of electricity out and hits a reaper to the left of the woman. Four reapers are left. The woman screams and starts to run.)

Reaper: Hey! Get her! (The reapers behind our heroes point their guns toward the woman but Marcus shoulders one in the chest and punches the other in the face. The two other reapers run after the woman.)

Marcus: Get back here! (Marcus runs off too. Cole also starts off but a bullet skins his arm. He hides behind a trash can, clutching his arm.)

Cole: D*mn it! (Cole thinks a moment before shooting the trash can with his lightning into the two reapers. They fall over. Cole runs up to one and uses his amp on the reaper's neck which gives him a mighty shock and kills him. Three reapers are left. The final reaper in the alley hits Cole in the head with the end of his gun.)

(We go back to Marcus, on the chase. The reapers are about to shoot when a bullet skins one of them. It's Marcus's bullet.)

Marcus: Everyone get out now! (All the people around start running. The two reapers start shooting at Marcus but he takes cover behind a letterbox. The reapers start running toward him and Marcus gets up and shoots one. Two are left. The other reaper grabs Marcus by his shirt and throws him on the ground.)

(Back with Cole, he gets up and throws a few punches at the reaper. The reaper runs off and finds Marcus's motorcycle. He gets on and drives it away, Cole in hot pursuit. Back with Marcus, the reaper shoots at him on the ground but he rolls out of the way and pulls out his gun.)

Marcus: End of the line *sshole! (He's about to shoot when they both hear a motor. It's the reaper on the motorcycle. He attempts to run over Marcus but he barely jumps out of the way. The cycle starts coming back fast when a bolt of lightning hits the reaper square in the chest. He goes limp and the motorcycle falls over and skids on the ground. Cole walks up.)

Cole: Is that all of them?

Marcus: (Looks around.) No, there was another one. The smack talker.

Cole: D*mn. He must've got away. (To Marcus.) Cole MacGrath by the way.

Marcus: Marcus Reed, NYPD. You're…

Cole: Not from around here? Yeah yeah, you're not the first person to ask me that.

Marcus: Figures. It's not everyday you see someone with lightning powers.

Cole: I better find that last reaper.

Marcus: I'll help you out. Let's go.

(We go to a different city street. It's mostly filled with civilians but there are also two characters, Dimitri Rascalov (Grand Theft Auto) walking on the sidewalk and Vincent Brooks (Catherine) sitting on a bench. The camera pans underneath the streets into the sewers where we find Cap'n Cuttlefish and the Inkling.)

Cuttlefish: Alright new recruit. We've got a new mission on our hands.

Inkling: What is it, Captain?

Cuttlefish: First things first. We should probably get outta these sewers.

Inkling: Noted.

Cuttlefish: We also have to find a way back to Inkopolis. I think I left the stove on.

Inkling: Yes sir!

Cuttlefish: Alright, now head out! (Inkling goes into squid form and jumps through a manhole into the city streets. She starts off with lots of confused passerbys staring at her.)

(We cut again to a blimp above the city, the same one from episode 3. Cortex's ship. We cut inside to see Ganondorf.)

Ganondorf: Have we made it to the city yet, Doctor?

???: We're approaching as we speak. (The camera turns to see Dr. Cortex himself.) Now let's see who we can find.

Ganondorf: I hope your methods work, Cortex.

Cortex: They will, we've kidnapped before and we will again. And this time we don't have to worry about that bandicoot.

Ganondorf: (To himself.) I hate that thing.

Cortex: Oooooh. I think I see some targets!

Ganondorf: Should I send down my men?

Cortex: No no. My men will handle this. (We go back to the city before we hear Cortex's voice.) Attention people of the other dimension! You may have noticed that some strange people have been popping up lately. If you see any, please hand them over to my… associates. (While he's saying these things we cut to Cole and Marcus looking up toward the blimp. After that we cut to Inkling doing the same. Finally, we see Cortex on his jetboard in the sky.) Thank you for your cooperation.

(Down from the blimp comes Tiny Tiger, Dingodile, and N. Gin in his mech. The crowds of people in the streets are terrified. They push Dimitri and Vincent toward the fiends and N. Gin shoots the glowing string from episode 3 onto them and they freeze. Then, N. Gin's mech grabs them and takes them to the blimp.)

Cortex: Excellent work N. Gin. (Notices Inkling.) Oh, you missed one.

N. Gin: Not to worry Dr. Cortex. (The baddies go down to Inkling, who pulls out a Splattershot.)

Dingodile: You gonna try and beat us with that peashooter, mate?

Tiny: You wanna fight, shorty? Alright let's… (Before he can finish, Cole flies in and tackles Tiny to the ground.)

Cole: Hey big guy. You with the flying professor.

Tiny: You'll pay for that! (Tiny runs up and literally punches Cole into a wall.) Weak.

(The others look at what's happening before a bullet hits Dingodile. It surprisingly doesn't do much.)

Marcus: Hands up! New York police!

Dingodile: (Readying his flamethrower.) That was a mistake, mate. (He shoots fire at Marcus who dodges but may be slightly burned.) Get back here!

(With N. Gin distracted, Inkling shoots ink onto his mech.)

N. Gin: Ugh, insufferable little girl. (N. Gin fires missiles at Inkling and the blast flings her away. From out of the smoke comes a splat bomb which hits the left missile launcher on the mech and the ink deactivates it.) Huh?

Inkling: (Coming out of the smoke.) That all you got?

(Cole is seen on the ground and Tiny walks up to him.)

Cole: Ugh. You actually got me. (He holds up his electrified hands.) Sadly that's the only hit you're gonna get on me. (Cole shoots a couple bolts at Tiny, but since he's so big it doesn't do much.)

Tiny: Heh. That tickles. (He grabs a light post.) Try this on for size. (Tiny brings down the post but Cole jumps out of the way. Tiny uses the post like a golf club and hits Cole away.)

(We go to Dingodile looking around for Marcus.)

Dingodile: Come out come out wherever you are.

(Marcus runs out from an alleyway and jumps onto Dingodile's back. There's a struggle until Dingodile throws Marcus onto the ground.)

(Now back to Inkling who has shot an ink path on the ground and a line on N. Gin's mech. N. Gin shoots more missiles and they seem to hit dead on. When the smoke clears, Inkling isn't there.)

N. Gin: Huh? (Inkling forms into her kid form onto the mech's arm with the working missile launcher. She uses her octobrush on the launcher and destroys it.) No! No! My missiles!

(We go back to Marcus who has been cornered by Dingodile.)

Dingodile: Goodbye, mate. (He's about to use the flamethrower until Marcus runs up, steps on the flamethrower, jumps off of it over Dingodile, and shoots the pack on Dingodile's back.) Oh no. (The pack explodes.)

Marcus: Yes!

(Back with Inkling, N. Gin's mech is malfunctioning.)

N. Gin: No! My machine! (Inkling pulls out a killer wail and uses it on the mech. It covers the mech in ink and N. Gin lands on the ground, knocked out.)

Inkling: Woomy!

(Finally, we go to Cole and Tiny. Tiny starts running up to Cole but the sky goes dark and thunder is heard. As soon as he gets to Cole, a giant bolt of lightning comes down from the sky and launches Tiny away. Tiny hits Cortex and the two of them land on the ground. Our heroes surround Cortex.)

Marcus: You have the right to remain silent.

Cole: What are you? Some kinda mad scientist?

Cortex: I am Dr. Neo Cortex. Greatest scientist in the world.

Inkling: Yeah right.

Cortex: Is that doubt? Would a terrible scientist have this? (He pulls out a small robotic orb that floats above him. Suddenly, it teleports him away.)

Marcus: What the?!

Cole: He's… gone? (Suddenly, the blimp starts moving again.) He's back in there!

Inkling: I'm not letting him get away!

Marcus: Come on! (Our heroes start off after the blimp.)

(We cut to the rooftops where we see the reapers, including the one that got away. A shoe comes into frame.)

???: I heard you guys are pretty good at theft.

Reaper: Yeah, what of it?

???: I have a job for you.

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(We begin back inside of the Death Egg. Dr. Eggman is seen typing on his computer. Orbot and Cubot are also there. He gets up from his seat and turns immediately into Master Mind. He screams.)

Eggman: Uuuhhh, Master Mind… I didn't hear you come in.

Master Mind: Eggman, has there been any news from Dr. Cortex?

Eggman: Actually, we just got a new shipment from him.

Master Mind: How many?

Eggman: Well… uhhh… t-t-two

Master Mind: Two?!

Eggman: W-w-well…

Master Mind: Two cannot cut it Eggman!

Eggman: Believe me, I'm not happy about it either. If it were up to me, you would have all of the power you need.

Master Mind: If your robots hadn't failed to capture a child… !

Eggman: Oh! I was going to tell you about that. My egg robos have been finding new subjects in space. They're fairly easy to capture. (To himself.) Well except for that one. Big nosed guy with plant men.

Master Mind: Quiet Eggman! (Thinking for a second.) Your work has been… exceptional. Thank you, Doctor.

Eggman: You're welcome, M-Master Mind.

Orbot: These two are gonna take over the world?

Master Mind: (Turning to Orbot.) What was that?

Orbot: Well, you and Eggman aren't the most accomplished people.

Master Mind: (Advancing on Orbot.) I'll show you accomplished, you piece of scrap! (He's about to shoot his lightning but keels over in pain again.) Aaaaggh!

Eggman: Master Mind!

Master Mind: I… need… more… power.

Eggman: We don't have enough power.

Master Mind: In your world… there are… objects… that give people power.

Eggman: Of course. Chaos emeralds, the master emerald, probably more.

Master Mind: Find a way to locate these objects. We need their power.

Eggman: Right away! (He runs off to his computer.)

Master Mind: And I know just the croc to find these.

(We cut to a pirate ship. The one from episode 2 with King K. Rool and the kremlings. K. Rool is steering the ship. Suddenly, Master Mind's voice is heard.)

Master Mind: K. Rool. (King K. Rool turns around to find Master Mind and Dr. Eggman.)
Pleasure to see you again.

King K. Rool: The pleasure is mine. (Gesturing to Dr. Eggman.) Who's he?

Eggman: I am Dr. Eggman.

King K. Rool: So you're like half egg, half man?

Eggman: No, I…

Master Mind: We have a new mission for you K. Rool.

King K. Rool: Huh?

Master Mind: Have you heard of an item called the power star?

King K. Rool: I've heard rumors of the things.

Master Mind: There's one not too far from here. I want you to get it. Dr. Eggman here has drawn up a map to it for you. (Dr. Eggman hands King K. Rool a map.) Can you handle this K. Rool?

King K. Rool: (Looks at the map and then looks back at Master Mind.) Of course. (To kremlings.) Alright men! We sail for smoother seas! Get this ship in shape! (The kremlings start running around.)

Master Mind: I wish you luck, your majesty.

(The camera zooms out before turning to black. Then we hear a voice.)

???: Marioooooooooo!!

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(A new chapter begins above a dark forest. Suddenly, from out of the darkness we hear a voice.)

???: Marioooooo! Maaaaarioooooo! (The camera pans down and we see Luigi, holding a flashlight.) Is-a anybody here? Hello? (Another voice is heard.)

???: Ghaaaaaaastlyyyyyyyy…

Luigi: (Stops dead.) H-Hello? Someone-a there?

???: Ghaaaaaaaastlyyyyyyy… (Luigi slowly turns around and comes face to face with a ghastly.) Ghastly. (Luigi screams and runs away very fast.) Ghaaaastly. (We see Luigi run faster and faster until he starts slowing down and stops in front of a few trees. He's breathing heavily.)

Luigi: Gh-Gh-Gh-Ghosts! Here! Mama Mia! He's-a gone, right? (Luigi turns on his flashlight but drops it.) Oops. (The light illuminates King Boo, who is silently watching Luigi. Luigi gets back up.) Now, let's-a see… (Luigi turns around and his eyes widen in fear. We hear King Boo's evil laugh and the screen cuts to black.)

(We cut to one day later. We seem to be the same forest but this time we're following another hero, Chris Redfield. His chest flashlight is lighting his way. He makes his way to a small town near the forest. He goes to the center of town and talks to some skinny guy who I'll name Hilbert.)

Chris: I'm Chris Redfield of the BSAA. I've heard there's been some supernatural sightings happening near this town. Do you know anything about that?

Hilbert: I'm not sure about supernatural, but some of the townspeople have been going missing.

Chris: Missing?

Hilbert: Yeah, they go into the forest and never come out.

Chris: Is there anyone else that might know something about these missing people?

Hilbert: Well, there is that weirdo who hangs out at the graveyard. Don't know who he is.

Chris: Got it. (Chris heads out toward the forest.)

Hilbert: Lot of weirdos popping up lately. (He starts chomping on a carrot.))

(We cut to a spooky graveyard and Chris walks into view. He looks around a bit and spots Dampe the gravekeeper (The Legend of Zelda). Chris walks up to him.)

Chris: Are you the gravekeeper here?

Dampe: Not exactly, but I gotta do somethin’. Name's Dampe.

Chris: Have you seen anything supernatural around here?

Dampe: Hmmmmm, (Thinks a moment.) well sometimes I feel like I can see spirits walking through here. Into… uhhhhhh… (Points at a grave.) that grave right over there. C'mon I'll show ya. (They start walking and we pan over to a skeleton on the ground. It starts shaking. We cut back to Chris and he slowly turns around. Two stalfos and two dry bones are behind him.)

Chris: What the h*ll?

Dampe: Stalfos!!

(A stalfos walks up to Chris and bats him away with his sword. Chris immediately gets back up with his pistol and shoots at the stalfos. It hits it in the head and both stalfos run toward Chris. Back with Dampe, a dry bones attempts to pounce on him but Dampe hits it with his shovel and it falls apart. Another dry bones comes from the other side but Dampe hits that one too and it falls apart.)

(We go back to Chris, who barely dodges a blow from the stalfos. He shoots at it but the stalfos protects itself with his shield and jumps onto a nearby grave. It launches itself off and hits Chris again. Chris lands near a big rock. Chris gets up and heaves the rock at the stalfos. It hits and the stalfos goes down. Chris walks over and shoots the stalfos in the head, killing it. We go to Dampe again. The two dry bones both reform themselves and grab his shoulders.)

Dampe: H-Hey! Let go of me! (We go back to Chris fighting the second stalfos. The stalfos gets a lot of hits on him and it looks like Chris is down. The stalfos gets ready for one last attack before Chris gets up and whips out his flamethrower.)

Chris: Eat flame! (The stalfos burns to dust.) Alright, they're taken care of. Now let's… (He looks around.) Dampe? Dampe? (Far off screams are heard. Chris looks around to find an open grave with stairs leading underground.) What the…? (Chris walks over and goes down into the depths.)

(We cut to Luigi chained to a wall underground. He looks sad and his eyes are closed. Suddenly, King Boo appears next to Luigi and screams. Luigi also screams.)

King Boo: (Laughing.) It never gets old.

Luigi: (Hand on his chest.) Wh-What do you-a want King Boo?

King Boo: Oh dear Luigi, do you remember how that Professor E. Gadd TRAPPED all of my ghosts in portraits?

Luigi: Y-Yes. (Realizing.) N-No King Boo! All of these people… !

King Boo: All of these people?! What about MY people?! My people who were trapped inside of those paintings?!

Luigi: K-King Boo… 

King Boo: Quiet, plumber! (He starts to smile.) Because you're the first in line.

Luigi: W-Wait! (Luigi's chain unlocks and two boos grab his arms.) Don't do this! (The boos start flying off.) Please!

(We go back to Chris walking down a long corridor. He walks past a big patch of spider webs on a wall. A voice is heard from them.)

???: Hello? Is anyone there?

Chris: (Turns toward webs.) Yes? Is there somebody in this web?

???: Indeed. Can you please get me out?

Chris: No problem.

???: Just watch out for the spider.

Chris: Spider? (Suddenly, Black Tiger (Resident Evil) jumps down from the ceiling.) Oh h*ll! (Black Tiger jumps onto Chris and pins him down. Chris struggles and pushes it off of him. Black Tiger bites and growls at Chris.) Back! Get back! (Chris shoots at it, making it angry. It jumps again and Chris jumps out of the way. Chris pulls out a stun rod and hits Black Tiger, stunning him. Chris pulls out a shotgun and shoots Black Tiger multiple times, killing him.)

???: Are you still alive?

Chris: (Breathing heavy.) Yeah. I'll get you out. (Chris pulls out a combat knife and cuts the man out of the web. It turns out to be Sir Arthur.)

Arthur: Thank you, kind sir.

Chris: And who are you?

Arthur: I am Sir Arthur! I came down here looking for those ghostly fiends.

Chris: Ghosts?

Arthur: Precisely! Now, let's go! (Chris and Arthur head off down the corridor.)

(We cut to Chris and Arthur going through a new hallway. In this hallway are more people chained to walls. These include Richter Belmont (Castlevania), Heather Mason (Silent Hill), the Chosen Undead (Dark Souls), and Yuri Kozukata (Fatal Frame). They don't seem to be conscious.)

Chris: The kidnapped people… 

Arthur: (Now standing next to the entrance of a large room.) Over here! (They walk into the room and gasp. The camera pans to a portrait of Luigi with a scared expression on his face.) What an unsettling portrait.

Chris: Something doesn't seem right about it. (Chris walks towards and his foot hits a flashlight on the ground.) Someone was here.

Arthur: Shine that light on the painting. Perhaps we can find a hint to whoever's done this. (Chris shines the light on the portrait. A rainbow colored light comes out of the flashlight and the portrait starts to glow. Slowly, Luigi starts to come out of the painting until he falls onto the ground.)

Luigi: Ooooohhhh. My-a head. (Looks up to Chris and Arthur in battle ready positions.) Wagh! (He scrambles to the wall.) Don't-a hurt me! Please!

Chris: It's okay. We're here to help.

Arthur: How on Earth did you do that?

Luigi: (More confident.) That-a awful King Boo trapped me in that painting! He's-a planning on trapping everyone actually. We need to get outta here!

Chris: Not without those other people. (Groaning sounds are heard.)

Luigi: Yeah right… do you hear that? (Suddenly, a gang of zombies (Medievil) comes into the room.) Waaaaaggggh!

Chris: (Pulls out gun.) Let's take them down.

Arthur: (Takes out sword and shield.) Tally ho!

(The zombies run toward the heroes. Chris puts three bullets into one and punches it into the ground. Arthur hits another with his sword and the zombie flies back. A zombie appears behind Luigi. Luigi screams and runs out of the room. Before he can, he trips on his flashlight. He quickly picks it up before running into the hallway. We hear ghostly laughs behind and he slowly turns around. Behind him are three ghosts: a gold ghost, a purple puncher, and a blue twirler (all from the Super Mario series). The three of them are throwing around the poltergust 5000. They spot Luigi and run after him as he flees down the hall.)

(We go back to Chris and Arthur. Chris shoots another zombie and a boo appears in front of him. He shoots at it but the Boo disappears before his eyes.)

Chris: Huh? (Suddenly, a swarm of boos enter the room. Two boos grab hold of Chris's arms and another grabs Arthur's leg. King Boo enters.)

King Boo: What do we have here?

Chris: So you're the one who's been kidnapping people!

King Boo: Exactly. (Notices portrait.) And it seems you two have freed Luigi. But it doesn't matter now. I don't need that scaredy cat. I have two new portraits right here.

Arthur: No… show some mercy your highness.

King Boo: Boos! Bring them to the portrait room and find Luigi!

(We cut back to Luigi who has entered a new room. The three ghosts follow him in.)

Luigi: L-Leave me alone! (The ghosts circle around Luigi. Luigi looks down at his flashlight.) I've got it! (He shines his light at the Gold Ghost who freezes and drops the poltergust. Luigi puts it on and the ghosts get really scared.) Oh yeah! You're in trouble now! (Luigi shines his light on all three ghosts and starts sucking them up. There's a brief struggle but they eventually all go in.) Yes! I do it! (Luigi gets excited and starts running toward the exit. He stops when he hears voices.)

Chris: Put us down! (Luigi looks back to see Chris and Arthur being pulled away. Luigi stares frightfully before he gets a confident look in his eyes and heads off toward them.)

(We cut to a large room with a few ? blocks in it. Chris and Arthur are tied to two poles with empty portraits underneath them.)

Arthur: Let us go, you ghoul!

King Boo: Not a chance, beardy! I'm going to enjoy this. (King Boo starts chanting something before he is interrupted.)

Luigi: Hey, King Boo! (Luigi jumps into the room through a door. There's a rock in the suction part of the poltergust.) Eat rock! (Luigi shoots the rock at King Boo who is hit back. Luigi runs to the others.)

Arthur: Quick! Cut us free with my sword! (Luigi cuts them free.)

Chris: Let's get out of here. (They run for the door but it closes.)

King Boo: I'm not letting you go that easily!

Luigi: You look out, King Boo. I have the poltergust!

King Boo: Do you? (A boo appears from nowhere and takes the poltergust from Luigi. Suddenly, a whole lot of boos start circling around the room. Luigi holds onto Chris for protection.) And just to make sure you die, here's one last spirit I found. (From out of the ground, Phantom Ganon appears.) Get them!

(A fight begins. Phantom Ganon swings at our heroes with his staff, but Arthur blocks it with his shield.)

Arthur: Have at you! (Arthur and Phantom Ganon trade blows for a bit before Phantom Ganon's horse runs in. It immediately goes after Chris and Luigi. Eventually, Luigi runs off on his own and jumps onto a nearby boo and floats off. We go back to Arthur on the ground. Phantom Ganon is about to strike but a grenade hits and freezes him. We cut to Chris, holding the grenade launcher.) Thank you, kind sir!

(We go back to Luigi, jumping from boo to boo. King Boo sees him.)

King Boo: Hey! Get back here! (Luigi jumps onto the boo with the poltergust and causes him to drop it near a ? block. Luigi drops down to get it.) Get him! (The boos fly down and obscure Luigi from view. The boos can't seem to find him. We go back to King Boo and from behind him we see Boo Luigi with the poltergust, silently floating by.)

(We go back to Chris and Arthur who have cornered Phantom Ganon. Then, he disappears. We hear horse hooves hitting the floor and Phantom Ganon rides in and takes Chris with him. He's holding on for dear life while the horse rides around the room. Phantom Ganon is about to strike Chris when a lance flies into his staff and flings it onto the ground.)

Arthur: Ha ha! Got it! (Chris pulls Phantom Ganon off of his horse and onto the ground. Phantom Ganon charges a magic attack when three lances are thrown into his chest. He is dead.)

Chris: Alright, that's one down. (Boo Luigi flies down.)

Luigi: Use your flashlight on me! (Chris shines his chest flashlight on Boo Luigi and turns him back to normal. King Boo notices.)

King Boo: There he is!

Luigi: (Readying the poltergust.) Let's-a go. (The poltergust starts and starts sucking in all of the boos. They attempt to escape but they all go into the poltergust. King Boo is the last to go, but when he is sucked up, his crown shoots back out. Luigi picks it up.) Oh yeah! Luigi time! (Chris and Arthur look at each other.)

(We cut back to the graveyard. It's morning and all of the kidnapped people start heading out. Soon, only our three heroes remain.)

Chris: We better head out too.

Arthur: Agreed.

Chris: (Notices Luigi's troubled expression.) What's wrong?

Luigi: It's my brother Mario. He left shortly before we were taken here. I need to find him.

Chris: (Thinks a second.) Well, how about I help you out. To pay you back.

Luigi: You would do that?

Chris: I will.

Arthur: As will I.

Luigi: (Suddenly excited.) Well, then… let's-a go! (Our heroes run off.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins in a desolate building. There are dead bodies everywhere. Suddenly, the body of Claude Speed (Grand Theft Auto) is thrown on the ground, still alive.)

Claude: Wh-Who the f*ck are you? (The camera pans up and we see the Crusader, machine gun in hand, looking down at Claude.)

Crusader: My name is not important. What is important is what I'm going to do.

Claude: You're f*cking crazy!

Crusader: My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred, and I always wanted to die violently. This is the time of vengeance, and no life is worth saving, and I will put in the grave as many as I can. (The Crusader shoots Claude and he dies. Police sirens are heard in the distance. The Crusader runs out of the building through the back.)

(We cut to space. The Righteous Rapmaster Rocketship flies by. We cut inside to see Toejam and Earl. Earl is driving. They're groovin to some songs. Toejam gets distracted by something in the ship.)

Toejam: Yo, Earl. I think the ship's pickin' up something.

Earl: What is it?

Toejam: Down on that planet. We are getting some major funk frequencies.

Earl: You want me to drive down there?

Toejam: Yeah. Let's see what this is all about. (The spaceship flies down toward Earth.)

(Back on Earth, it seems like a concert is going on. There's a stage set up with quite a crowd watching. In the front of the crowd is Sunny Funny. Onstage is a DJ turntable with DJ Professor K (Jet Set Radio) manning it, along with the band members (Rock Band).)

Professor K: This is DJ Professor K, baby, the master of mayhem you know what I'm sayin’! We've got a good show for you tonight, with an up and coming rapper here to perform for you! So everybody welcome the hip hop hero: PaRappa the rapper! (PaRappa comes out onstage and the crowd cheers.) Show us what you got kid! (Professor K plays a beat.)

PaRappa: Let me hear you say “All right”!

Crowd: All right!

PaRappa: Let me hear you say “Oh yeah”!

Crowd: Oh yeah!

PaRappa: Now let me hear you say “What you gonna do”?

Crowd: What you gonna do!

PaRappa: I need to hear you say “You gotta believe”!

Crowd: I gotta believe!

PaRappa: When you need a foremission, he got your back.
Sure to have a cool, man, that's a fact.
Yo, he's a good friend, never ever a foe.
So come on and let's go.

(The crowd is loving it. Suddenly, the Crusader enters the area and sees the crowd.)

Crusader: Human scum. Like lambs to slaughter. (He raises his gun and shoots into the crowd. It hits. The crowd starts to panic. PaRappa gets scared. People start running all over. Sunny Funny runs for cover behind a postbox. PaRappa and Professor K hide behind the stage. A bunch of police cars roll up and an officer comes out.)

Officer: Drop your weapon! This is over! (Before they can do anything, a gang of reapers drops down and shoots the police officers. The Crusader looks confused.)

Reaper: (To Crusader.) Keep going! We'll handle anyone who gets away! (The Crusader nods and suddenly notices Sunny Funny's petals behind the postbox. He starts toward the mailbox and PaRappa notices.)

PaRappa: (Whispering.) Oh no! Sunny Funny! What am I gonna do! (We cut to a dream sequence in PaRappa's mind. It shows PaRappa and Sunny Funny walking until a big bad robber comes up to them.)

Robber: Hey, give me all your money!

PaRappa: Hey! Leave Sunny Funny alone!

Robber: Get outta here, kid. You're just a baby.

PaRappa: A baby?! (We go back to real life.) I know! I gotta believe! (PaRappa runs off.)

(The Crusader is getting closer to Sunny and she looks terrified. As he's about to get her, PaRappa rides in on his skateboard and hits the Crusader in the face with it and knocks him down and also knocks his gun out of his hands.)

PaRappa: My skateboard never stops! (The Crusader gets up and swings a knife at PaRappa, who nimbly dodges. PaRappa counters by karate chopping and kicking the Crusader away.) Chop! Kick!

(We cut to the Righteous Rapmaster Rocketship flying down and landing on a building. Toejam and Earl get out.)

Toejam: Hey, where's that beat we heard? (They hear grunts from down below.) Huh? (They look down and see PaRappa being thrown by the Crusader.) Earl, look! We gotta help that kid! You ready to get down to it?

Earl: Yeah I'm ready, Toejam.

(We go back to PaRappa on the ground and the Crusader grabs his gun off of the ground. Before he can shoot, funky music starts playing from the rooftops.)

Crusader: What the… ? (The reapers run toward the rooftop where the music is coming from. PaRappa starts crawling away slowly while the Crusader is distracted. The reapers go onto the rooftops and find the spaceship. Nobody else is there. The spaceship is blasting music through its speakers.)

Crusader: (Notices PaRappa crawling away.) Hey! (He points his gun at PaRappa and before he can shoot, Earl runs in and jump kicks the Crusader, leading them both to fall on the ground.)

(The reapers here this happening and turn around to see what's happening. Toejam comes out from under the spaceship with a boombox. Music notes come out and hit the reapers. We cut to the Crusader as he punches Earl twice in the face. PaRappa throws his microphone and it hits the Crusader in the head.)

PaRappa: Get away from here! (With the Crusader distracted, Earl body slams him to the ground.)

(We cut back to Toejam. Two reapers go at him at both sides but Toejam jumps high in the air and hits them in the face with two of his legs. With all of the reapers near the edge of the building, Toejam uses his funk fu to knock them off.)

Toejam: Funkified!

(The Crusader sees that he's outnumbered and gets into an empty police car, which is still running.

PaRappa: He's getting away! (PaRappa skateboards after him and lassos his microphone around the rear view mirror. The police car starts off just as Toejam reaches the ground. Earl is gone.)

Toejam: Yo, Earl! Where you at, Big E? (Earl drives up in another police car.)

Earl: Get in, Toejam!

Toejam: I like the way you think, Earl. (Toejam gets in.)

(We cut to the Crusader driving wildly through the streets with PaRappa tethered to the car. Toejam and Earl drive up next to PaRappa and Toejam rolls down his window.)

Toejam: Get in, kid!

PaRappa: Who are you two?

Toejam: I'm Toejam and this is Big Earl.

Earl: Wassup.

Toejam: Come on! We've got a bad guy to catch. (PaRappa grabs onto Toejam's hand and Toejam hoists PaRappa and his skateboard into the car. Earl is able to drive right up beside the Crusader.) Hey man, you better pull over.

Crusader: What the h*ll are you.

Toejam: Name's Toejam.

Crusader: Well "Toejam"… (He grabs onto Toejam's eye-stalks.) You're coming with me.

Toejam: Earl? E-Earl he's got my eyes.

Earl: Hang on, Toejam!

PaRappa: Earl, keep your eyes on the road!

Earl: Huh? Woaaaahhhh! (A car crash sound is heard.)

(We cut to PaRappa slowly waking up. Before he fully can, the Crusader picks up PaRappa and throws him into the back of an alley alongside Toejam and Earl.)

Crusader: You three have been a real pain in the *ss. Which will make what I'm about to do so much sweeter.

PaRappa: Please don't kill us.

Crusader: It's too late for you to beg now. I think I'll start with the yellow one.

Toejam: Earl! No! (The Crusader raises his gun before we hear a familiar voice.)

???: What do you think you're doing? (The camera pans and we see Sweet Tooth.) I'm the only killer around here.

Crusader: You think you can stop me? Nothing can stop me; a fearless remorseless genocide machine, cold and deliberate. They will send many to fight me, but all their efforts are f*cking patheti- (Sweet Tooth stabs his machete into the Crusader, killing him.)

Sweet Tooth: You talk too much. (We cut to Toejam and Earl, horrified. PaRappa, on the other hand, has hooked his microphone to the side of a building, acting as a makeshift rope.)

PaRappa: Guys! Climb up! (The three of them climb up as Sweet Tooth repeatedly stabs the Crusader while laughing.)

(We cut to our heroes running through the rooftops as Sweet Tooth's laugh fills the air. More police cars pull up to the alleyway. Sweet Tooth slowly turns around.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins outside of the walls of some kind of town. The exterior is a forested area. A doduo is eating grass off of the ground. A figure walks in front it. It is Marth Lowell. The camera turns so we can see the archway leading into the town. However, before he can go inside, screams are heard from within. Marth looks shocked before hurrying inside.)

(We follow Marth into the town and the camera turns to see what's causing the commotion. It turns out to be Blanka, who is growling and snarling at the crowd that has gathered around him. Marth prepares his blade.)

???: Get back you monster! (Suddenly, the Prince of Persia runs in front of a family near Blanka and holds out his sword to protect them.) Back! Get back! (Blanka runs up and grabs the Prince and then flings him away behind him.) Agh! (Blanka runs toward the Prince but gets blocked off by Marth.)

Marth: Stay back! (Blanka claws at Marth, who dodges and furiously swipes at Blanka with the falchion and knocks him back. He prepares for another blow, but Blanka starts to radiate electricity and when the falchion makes contact it electrocutes Marth. While he's paralyzed, Blanka does a roll tackle into him, knocking him into a fruit cart. There is a watermelon on his head. A Lickitung comes up and licks it.)

Lickitung: Tung! Tung!

Marth: How humiliating…

(The Prince pulls out the dagger of time and swipes Blanka with it. Blanka attempts to do another roll tackle, but before he hits the Prince, time starts going in reverse and Blanka is back on his feet, confused.)

Marth: Huh? What just happened? (Blanka looks confused until the Prince hits him with the dagger again. Blanka looks to attack again, but Marth quickly runs up and deals a devastating blow on him. Blanka flies through the air and lands on the ground, knocked out. Marth and the Prince stand together, and the town elder comes up behind them.)

Elder: Thank you, kind warriors, for defeating this beast that has entered our town. He has been terrifying us for too long.

Prince: It was no problem, sir.

Elder: But that beast was no easy foe to defeat. Tell me, who are you two?

Marth: I am Marth Lowell, prince of Altea.

Prince: And I am the prince of Persia.

Elder: Do you have a name, prince of Persia?

Prince: I'd prefer to keep that to myself.

Elder: Well nonetheless, we must honor you both for protecting us. I propose a feast tonight at the town hall.

Marth: You are too kind.

Elder: It is the least we can do. (To everyone.) Come, we shall dine with these two fine princes who have saved us from this beast. Let us go. (The crowd and our heroes head off. Blanka remains and stirs slightly. A figure comes out from the shadows and approaches Blanka. It is the evil sorcerer, Quan Chi.)

Quan Chi: You have let these princes make a fool of you my friend. (Blanka slowly looks up.) I am Quan Chi. I plan to take this realm for myself and for my leader, Lord Shinnok. I had thought that this would be a good place to start. I also believe that with both of our powers combined we can take over this town and soon, all of this realm. Will you join me? (Blanka thinks a moment and then nods his head.) Excellent. We shall begin shortly. (The camera pans out to the town rooftops. We see a hooded figure get up and silently run away.)

(We cut back to Marth, the Prince, and the Elder in an inn.)

Elder: You two may stay at this inn until you can figure out a way back to your kingdoms.

Marth: Thank you for your hospitality.

Elder: I sincerely hope that you find your way back home.

Prince: Thank you. And if there's any more trouble, I will be happy to help.

Marth: As would I.

Elder: Thank you both, and goodnight.

Marth/Prince: Goodnight Elder./Goodnight. (They go inside the room.)

Marth: So, uh…

Prince: Please, just call me Prince.

Marth: Err, Prince. About today.

Prince: Yes?

Marth: During the fight. Did it feel like time just… well…

Prince: Reversed?

Marth: Yes, exactly.

Prince: That wasn't just a feeling. Time really did reverse.

Marth: What do you mean?

Prince: This. (He pulls out the dagger of time.) This is the dagger of time. It allows me to control time. I can use it to my advantage during fights such as the one today.

Marth: Oh my! That's incredi- (Noises are heard from the hallway. Our heroes ready their weapon.) What was that? (After a few moments, an oni (Mortal Kombat) flies through the door and lunges itself onto the Prince.)

Prince: Agh! Help! What is this!? (Marth stabs it in the chest and kills it. Prince is breathing heavily.) Th-Thanks.

Marth: What is this?! (Screams are heard in the inn and our heroes rush out. As they run out of the inn, onis are seen carrying people away into the sky. Marth and the Prince follow them into the center of town. Blanka drops down in front of our heroes and they gasp.)

Quan Chi: Ah, the two princes from before. I'll admit, I didn't think that the onis would get you.

Prince: Who are you?

Quan Chi: I am Quan Chi, servant to Lord Shinnok. After arriving here we have decided to take over this realm, starting with this town.

Prince: That'll never happen.

Quan Chi: Then you must perish. (To Blanka.) Go! We attack now! (Blanka runs toward our heroes and they brace themselves for combat.)

(We cut to the inside of a building absent of any furniture. The townspeople have been corralled to the wall by two onis. Among the townspeople is the town elder.)

Elder: Please, let us go! (The onis growl at him. Both of the onis start getting closer to the townspeople until suddenly, a figure comes down from above and lands on an oni. Stabbing sounds are heard. The other oni runs toward the figure, who quickly turns around and slits the oni's throat.) Whoever you are, don't hurt us! Please!

???: It is alright my friend. (The hooded figure reveals himself to be Ezio.) I am Ezio Auditore da Firenze. I saw the trouble that you were in.

Elder: Yes, thank you. But… (Looks around.) It seems that the two princes from earlier are gone.

Ezio: They are likely fighting that sorcerer I saw in town earlier.

Elder: Sorcerer?

Ezio: Do not worry. I shall go help them. (Ezio runs to an open window and turns to face away from it. Then, he falls backwards out the window.)

Elder: No! (He and the townspeople run to the window and look down to find that Ezio safely landed in a cart with a haystack in it.)

Ezio: Do not worry! This sorcerer shall be defeated! (He runs off.)

Elder: Oh dear.

(We cut back to the fight. Marth is seen slashing at Blanka. Blanka throws a big punch at Marth and knocks him away. The Prince is seen dodging Quan Chi's skull balls. The Prince gets up close and hits Quan Chi with his sword. A portal opens up beneath Quan Chi and takes him in. The Prince looks around confused. Suddenly, Quan Chi comes down from above and uppercuts the Prince into the air. Marth runs at Quan Chi but is unable to when Blanka grabs him by his cape and throws him back. Blanka runs at Marth and is about to strike when time suddenly goes in reverse and Blanka is moved back. This gives Marth time to get up into a combat position.)

Quan Chi: Just give up.

Prince: N-Never.

Quan Chi: Alright then. You! (Blanka looks over and Quan Chi motions toward the Prince. Blanka nods and runs towards the Prince. Suddenly, Ezio comes down from above onto Blanka and stabs him in the back with his hidden blade. Blanka throws him off and he lands on his feet.) A new challenger?

Ezio: Sì, time to die.

Quan Chi: (Laughs.) You can try, but you'll fail. (Ezio unsheathes the captain's sword and runs at Quan Chi. Ezio swings and misses, and Quan Chi gets two punches in. Ezio hits Quan Chi twice with the sword, does a backflip, and charges at Quan Chi with his sword, hitting him.)

(We see the Prince still getting his bearings. As he starts getting up, Blanka starts running towards him. Before Blanka can attack, Marth runs up from his side and slashes at him. Marth and the Prince take turns hitting Blanka with their swords until they do one final team attack with their swords and hit Blanka into the air. He crashes down.)

(Quan Chi shoots more skull balls at Ezio, who ducks and rolls underneath them. He strikes Quan Chi with his sword again and then puts him in a headlock with his hidden blade up to his throat.)

Ezio: Surrender now and we might let you go.

Quan Chi: Surrender? I surrender? (He laughs.) I would never surrender to you fools. You may have won this battle, but I will win this war. (A portal opens up beneath them and they fall in.)

Marth: Hey, where'd they go? (Another portal opens up above Marth and Ezio falls through.) Oof! What happened?

Ezio: I believe that I was in hell.

Marth: Hell?

Prince: Hey, guys! (Gestures to Blanka.) What do we do about him. Should we kill him?

Blanka: Please… no…

Ezio: No, he was tricked by that sorcerer.

Marth: He attacked the town.

Ezio: Look at him. He is a wild animal. He attacked not because he wanted them dead, but because he was scared.

Prince: I'll see to it that he's okay. You two should free the villagers.

(We cut to daylight as the elder, the villagers, and Blanka stand before our heroes.)

Elder: You have saved me and everyone in this village. For that, you may stay here as long as you want.

Marth: Thank you, but we must be off.

Prince: That sorcerer is still out there, and we need to find our way home.

Elder: I understand. May God be looking down on you.

Ezio: Thank you sir. Now, (Turns around.) off we go! (Our heroes run off, out of the village.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(Author's note: Some characters in this series have “partner characters”. These are sidekick characters that stay with a certain character. In this episode, Aku-Aku always sticks by Crash's side. More characters like this will come in the future.)

(The episode begins looking out on the shores of a jungle. Like a beach area. A familiar boat sails up and docks on the beach. A plank falls down onto the sand, startling a krabby and kingler. Then, some reptilian feet come down onto the sand. We pan up to see King K. Rool and the kremlings.)

King K. Rool: (Studying his map.) Hmmm, well… (Puts the map away.) this seems to be the place. Set up camp, men! (Turns to the crew behind him.) The rest of us will track down that power star. Head out!

(We cut again to the sky above the jungle. An aerodactyl flies overhead. We pan down to see a new hero: Pitfall Harry.)

Harry: So what were you saying about this treasure? (The camera turns to see Prince Tricky (Star Fox) and the Earthwalker Tribe.)

Tricky: A strange light has been emanating from the caverns. We've seen a few people go in, but I don't think any have come back.

Harry: (Gulps.) N-Never came back? (Shrugs it off.) Doesn't matter. I can handle whatever's in those caverns. I'm Pitfall Harry. I'll find this treasure.

Tricky: Are you sure? It sounds pretty… dangerous.

Harry: I'll be fine. This isn't my first expedition. (He runs off.)

(We cut again to Pitfall Harry running through the woods until he stops in his tracks. The camera looks down onto the entrance to the cavern, where we see Nathan Drake with a map about to go in.)

Harry: Another explorer? (He gasps.) He's tryna beat me to the treasure! (He clenches his fists.) I'll show ‘im. (He runs toward the caverns.)

(We cut to inside the caverns. Nathan Drake is slowly walking along with a flashlight. Behind him, Pitfall Harry is sneaking along the wall.)

Drake: C'mon, where is this thing? (A rumbling is heard.)

Harry: (Whispering.) Huh? (A rock above Drake grows a face. It's actually a thwomp. Pitfall Harry takes notice. It starts to fall and Pitfall Harry tackles Nathan Drake out of the way. The noise echoes and we cut to a gang of shy guys hearing the noise.)

Drake: Ow! What- (Notices Pitfall Harry.) Who the h*ll are you?

Harry: Urgh. I'm Harry. Though people usually call me Pitfall Harry.

Drake: Okay, “Pitfall” Harry. Why did you tackle me?

Harry: You were nearly crushed by a rock with a face.

Drake: What the h*ll does that mean?!

Harry: Oh, you know perfectly well what that means.

Drake: Why do I always get the characters? (Shy guy noises are heard.) What's that noise? (They turn and see the shy guys.) Aw sh*t.

(There are three shy guys. I would say they look angry but they wear masks. They run straight toward Drake. Pitfall Harry hits the lead one with a pickaxe.)

Harry: Eat dirt! (The other shy guys start picking turnips out of the ground and throwing them at Harry.) Hey! Ow. Ow. Are those- ow! Turnips? (The shy guys get shot. The camera turns to see Drake with a pistol.) Where was that before?

Drake: I wanted you to have your moment with the pickaxe.

Harry: Uh huh. (He walks forward and sees a strange glow.) The treasure.

Drake: Huh?

Harry: (Starting to run.) The treasure!

Drake: (Running after.) Hey! Come back!

(Pitfall Harry and Nathan Drake run into a room with a pedestal. On that pedestal is the power star. Both heroes grab the star.)

Harry: Hey, buddy, this thing is mine. Finders keepers.

Drake: I beat those masked guys back there. I earned this treasure.

???: Actually boys, (Our heroes turn to see King K. Rool and a gang of kremlings.) we'll be taking that.

Harry: Oh yeah? You and what army?

King K. Rool: The one behind me. Krusha! Klump! (Krusha and General Klump come out from the crowd.) Grab them! (Drake attempts to pull out his gun but is knocked out by Krusha. Harry goes quietly with Klump. King K. Rool grabs the star.) We've got it! Back to base, boys! (They all leave, but a faint rumbling is heard.)

(We cut to Crash, DK, Ty, and Aku-Aku walking through the jungle. Far off grunting noises are heard.)

Ty: What was that? (The crew walks up a hill and sees K. Rool's ship. The crew members are hauling supplies off. DK looks at them angrily. Ty takes notice.) You know them, mate? (DK nods. The heroes look over and see Pitfall Harry and Nathan Drake being escorted by the kremlings.) They've got prisoners.

Aku-Aku: Perhaps these pirates are working for Cortex. We should find out more before we- (DK, Crash, and Ty run after them.) Or we could go now. (Aku-Aku follows.)

(We cut to Pitfall Harry and Nathan Drake being tied up to poles by Krusha and General Klump. Drake starts to wake up.)

Drake: Ugh. My head. (Notices Krusha.) Wait, you're real? I thought you were just a dream.

Krusha: Think again, pretty boy.

Drake: Thanks. You're not too bad yourself for an alligator.

Krusha: Crocodile.

Drake: Oof. Never mind then.

Krusha: Why I oughta… (Prepares to punch.)

Klump: Krusha! (Stops Krusha.) Do not punch the prisoners! (Krusha growls but a loud thud is heard offscreen. It's Donkey Kong.)

Krusha/Klump: Donkey Kong?! (The rest of the heroes come down to join DK.)

Ty: Let go of those prisoners. Or else.

Krusha: Permission to punch, general?

Klump: Permission granted. (Krusha runs yelling at DK and throws a punch. At the same time, DK throws a punch and the punches hit each other. We cut to Klump and Crash jumps down to him and does his spin move. Klump falls over but gets back up.) Why you…! (He throws two punches but Crash ducks and weaves under them.)

(We cut to Drake and Harry desperately trying to escape their ropes. Ty runs up and prepares to throw a boomerang at them.)

Drake: No no wait! (We hear slicing sounds and the ropes around Drake and Harry fall off.) Huh?

Harry: We're free!

Drake: My stuff! (Drake runs over and grabs his weapons while DK and Krusha fight behind him. He grabs his pistol.) Ah ha! (He shoots twice at Krusha who keels over.)

Krusha: Oogh! (DK uppercuts him and he hits the ground hard.)

(Meanwhile, Klump is getting hit by boomerangs. Crash once again runs up to him but this time Klump grabs him and throws him into Ty.

Klump: Ah ha ha ha! (A stick of dynamite lands by his feet.) Huh? (It explodes and sends Klump up into the air and down hard onto the ground. We see Harry standing triumphantly nearby.)

Harry: You like that one, croc?

(We cut to King K. Rool in his tent, examining the power star.)

King K. Rool: Hur hur hur! Master Mind will give me a whole sea of treasure for this. (He walks out of the tent and is greeted by a shadow.) Huh? Whagh! (We go back to our heroes looking at Krusha and Klump unconscious on the ground. K. Rool's scream is heard in the distance.)

Drake: What was that?

Harry: A scream.

Ty: But who's? (A rustle is heard in the trees and our heroes get ready for battle. Eyerok emerges from the trees.)

Eyerok: You fools! You… take… star. You… wake… ancient ones. You… must… pay… like… croc!

Harry: Croc? You mean the-

Drake: The pirate!

Eyerok: You… join… him… in… grave! (Eyerok slams a hand down on our heroes. Drake, DK, and Ty jump out of the way. Crash and Harry are crushed. Crash is literally squished until popping into his regular shape. The other hand swipes and hits the rest of our heroes away. Crash gets up and uses his fruit bazooka on the swiping hand and hits the eye on the palm.) Agh! My… eye! (Ty's freezerang freezes him and he lands on the ground.)

Ty: Bonza! (DK jumps up and uses his jungle rush special attack on the hand and shatters it.)

DK: DK! (The other hand slams itself on the ground and knocks everyone down. As it gets up a rock hits its eye. We see that Pitfall Harry used his slingshot to hit it. The hand lowers down near a tank of propane. We hear a gun sound and the tank explodes, shattering the other hand. We see that the shot was taken by Drake.)

Drake: God, that thing was weird. Now what next?

Aku-Aku: We still have to find Dr. Cortex. Those kidnapped people must be saved.

Drake: Kidnapped people? (Drake pulls out his wallet and a picture of him and Elena falls out of it and lands next to DK and Ty. DK points at it and Ty picks it up.)

Ty: You're right, mate. This is one o’ them. (Drake comes over.)

Drake: That's me and my wife, Elena. What'd you say about her?

Ty: (Looks nervously over at DK.) She was… one of the kidnapped people.

Drake: (Visibly afraid.) No… no she can't be- (He takes a moment to think.) I'm coming with you to find this Cortex guy. If he has Elena then… oh god.

Harry: I'm coming too. There might be more treasure to find. (The heroes look at him sternly.) And to save the kidnapped people of course. Treasure is just a benefit.

Ty: Right, let's get moving. (They run off.)

(We cut to the dead body of King K. Rool with the power star lying next to it. A figure walks into frame. It is Master Mind.)

Master Mind: A cruel fate for K. Rool. His sacrifice will not go unnoticed. (He grabs the power star.) I can feel this thing's power. This will help immensely. With this, the world shall be mine. (Looks down at King K. Rool.) Smile captain, your job is done. (Master Mind laughs as the camera pans up.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins looking at the Great Fox. The camera shifts to inside it. We see General Pepper standing with his hands behind his back.)

General Pepper: We need your help, Star Fox! Star Wolf has been spotted near this new planet! We must find out what they're up to! (Four arwings are seen leaving the Great Fox.)

(We cut to the inside of the Death Egg. Dr. Eggman is seen fiddling with Metal Sonic. We hear a door open and Eggman looks up. Master Mind walks in with the Star Wolf team: Wolf O'Donnell, Leon Powalski, and Panther Caroso.)

Master Mind: Greetings, doctor.

Eggman: Master Mind. Who are they?

Master Mind: Allow me to introduce you to Star Wolf. This is their leader, Wolf O'Donnell.

Wolf: (Extending hand.) Dr. Eggman, I presume? (They shake hands.) Wolf O'Donnell.

Eggman: And what exactly are you here for?

Master Mind: Star Wolf is here for military precautions. We cannot let anyone know what we are doing here. And here, Eggman. (He takes out the power star.) Will this suffice for energy?

Eggman: I shall check it right away. (He takes the power star and walks off.)

(We cut to space and see a Pelican fly by. Not the bird. It's a spaceship. We cut inside to see Master Chief at the helm. Master Chief takes out his holographic device.)

Master Chief: Cortana, do you read? (Cortana appears on the holographic device.)

Cortana: Yes, Chief?

Master Chief: Have you gotten any information on how to get back?

Cortana: Not yet, Chief.

Master Chief: D*mn.

Cortana: But there are some strange energy readings around here.

Master Chief: Is it the Covenant?

Cortana: I don't think so. We're heading right towards it.

Master Chief: I'll check it out. (Cortana disappears and Master Chief puts away the holographic device. We see the Pelican fly off.)

(We cut to the inside of the Death Egg. However, it seems to be a prison type area. The camera moves to see cells with people inside of them. There's Frank (The Maw), Q*bert (Q*bert), and Plucky (Plucky's 3D Adventure). In the far cell, we see Captain Olimar talking to a red, yellow, and blue pikmin.)

Olimar: Pikmin, I know things look tough, but I think we can find a way out of here. (He points at the bars.) You're small enough to fit through there, so I want you to find something that will help. Okay? (The pikmin stare at him and kinda nod.) Alright, go! (He points and the pikmin go through the bars and head off.)

(We cut to what seems to be the docking bay of the Death Egg. Egg robos and egg pawns are marching around. The Pelican flies in and lands which seems to startle a few robots.)

Master Chief: What is this place? Huh? (Three cop speeders drive up to the Pelican. Then, two egg robos fly up with their blasters.) Lucky me. (The door to the Pelican opens up but Master Chief isn't there. The robots wait a few seconds and put their guard down. Suddenly, Master Chief jumps out and shoots the egg robos with his assault rifle. All of the other robots hear this and start running toward Master Chief. We see Master Chief take two more shots and then shoot an egg pawn running up from behind.)

(We cut to Master Mind and the Star Wolf team. Gunshots are heard from where they are.)

Master Mind: Eggman! What is happening down there?!

Eggman: I'm… I'm sure it's nothing. But just in case… (He turns to Metal Sonic.) Metal! Go see what's causing that commotion! (Metal Sonic nods and flies off. As he flies down the hall, he goes right past the pikmin who fall over from his passing. The pikmin follow.)

(We go back to Master Chief, who has effectively taken out all of Eggman's robots. He begins to walk away, but Metal Sonic flies in and kicks him to the floor.)

Master Chief: Another one. (Master Chief begins to shoot but Metal Sonic dodges all the shots. Metal Sonic spin dashes into Master Chief who rolls onto the ground. Master Chief shoots again, but Metal Sonic is flying around too fast. Finally, Metal Sonic comes down and pins Master Chief to the ground while keeping the arm with his gun down. Metal Sonic raises his arm, about to punch Master Chief until a laser blast hits Metal Sonic in the back of the head and throws him onto the floor. We see the three pikmin from before holding the blaster from an egg robo. Master Chief gets up.) Thanks. (The three pikmin motion for Master Chief to follow them. He does. As he leaves, we see Metal Sonic's eyes light up.)

(We cut back to Olimar in the prison area. He looks sad. We hear Master Chief and the pikmin walk up to his cell.)

Master Chief: Are these yours?

Olimar: Oh yes yes! Please, set me free! (Master Chief turns right to see a control panel. He shoots it and it short circuits. The bars in all of the cells go up.) Oh… was that always there?

Master Chief: Who are you? And what is this space station?

Olimar: I am Captain Olimar of Planet Hocotate. These are my pikmin. (The pikmin wave.) I was taken here by those robots that patrol around here. I think they're doing some kind of experiment.

Master Chief: Experiment?

Olimar: I can't tell for sure, but that's what it looks like.

Master Chief: I'd better investigate further

Olimar: I can help with that. (He blows his whistle.) Come on, pikmin! (Master Chief and Olimar head off.)

(We cut to the open doorway to Eggman's control room. Master Mind is still talking to Star Wolf. Master Chief and Olimar sneak up.)

Master Mind: …which is why we need you and your men to protect this base. If someone were to find out what we do here-

Wolf: What do you do here?

Master Mind: If you must know, we find people and use them for experiments.

Leon: What kind of experiments?

Master Mind: Experiments in power transference. We take their energy, and will hopefully be able to transfer it to me.

Wolf: What happens to the people you experiment on?

Master Mind: They become stuck in a state between life and death. Conscious enough to be considered alive, but unable to do anything. (Master Chief and Olimar look at each other in fear. Suddenly, Metal Sonic flies in and kicks the two of them to the ground in front of the doorway. The villains notice.) What?

Eggman: Intruders! Metal, get them!

Master Chief: Run! (Master Chief and Olimar get up and run back to where they came from.)

Wolf: Come on, boys! (Team Star Wolf gives chase. Metal Sonic attempts to fly after them, but Master Mind grabs his shoulder.)

Master Mind: Not you. I have something else in mind for you.

(We cut to Master Chief, Olimar, and the pikmin running back into the hangar. Master Chief leads them all into the Pelican. Olimar gets into the Pelican and whistles for his pikmin.)

Olimar: Pikmin! (The pikmin run in and the door to the Pelican closes. It flies off. Team Star Wolf gets into their Wolfen and fly after the Pelican.)

Wolf: Grahaha! The hunt is on, boys! (Star Wolf shoots at the Pelican which shakes it around. Inside, Olimar falls over.)

Master Chief: I'll get us out of here quickly. (He flies his ship near the big window where Eggman's lab is. As he gets close, Metal Sonic [transformed into Metal Overlord] flies out the window and hits the ship.)

Dark Metal Overlord: Get back here! (We hear the voice of Master Mind. Master Mind has fused with Metal Sonic to create a Dark Metal Overlord. Dark Metal Overlord prepares to strike the Pelican with his wings. Suddenly, laser shots hit Dark Metal Overlord in the side of the head.) What? (The shots came from Team Star Fox who have entered the battle. All four are there.)

Fox: Star Fox team, fire at will.

Wolf: Can't let you do that, Star Fox. (Star Wolf starts their pursuit. We cut to inside the Pelican. Olimar gets up off the ground.)

Master Chief: (To Olimar.) You're gonna have to take controls.

Olimar: What? Me? Fly this?

Master Chief: I'm going to get on top of this, take a more direct approach. I'm counting on you, captain. (He pulls out his assault rifle and runs out of view.)

Olimar: (Turns toward controls.) Oh dear…

(We cut to the top of the Pelican with Master Chief.)

Master Chief: Let's go.

(We cut to see an Arwing being chased by a Wolfen. During this fight, the Star Fox and Star Wolf teams will have text boxes just like the ones in the Star Fox series.)

Slippy: Aaahhh! Help me Fox!

Peppy: Slippy! Don't mess up that Arwing!

Panther: This is too easy! (Suddenly, a rocket hits Panther's Wolfen and sends it hurtling down.) Whaaaaagh! (We cut to Master Chief holding the rocket launcher.)

Master Chief: Got one.

Slippy: Whew! I thought I was a goner.

Peppy: Slippy! Watch out!

Slippy: Huh? (Dark Metal Overlord's robotic appendage comes down and hits Slippy's Arwing out of the sky.) Waaahhhh! (It hurtles towards Earth.)

Peppy: Slippy?

Fox: Slippy!

Dark Metal Overlord: (Laughs.) Who's next? (Laser blasts hit him in the side of the head.) Urgh! (We see that the blasts are coming from the Pelican's blasters. We cut to Olimar inside.)

Olimar: Steer pikmin! (He heroically points and, sure enough, the pikmin steer the ship away from Dark Metal Overlord. Meanwhile, Fox's ship is being chased by the remaining members of Star Wolf.)

Fox: Guys, I can't get these bogeys off my tail.

Peppy: Do a barrel roll! Use the boost to break their pursuit! (Fox does a barrel roll and escapes Star Wolf.)

Fox: Thanks, Peppy.

Leon: Get back here, Star Fox! (Leon attempts to follow but is shot down by Peppy.) Agh! I'll get you for this! (Leon's ship starts falling towards Earth.)

Peppy: Another one down, Fox.

Wolf: How about this, old man? (Wolf fires a smart bomb, and it hits Peppy. His ship hurtles down.)

Fox: Peppy!

Wolf: Grahahaha! (We cut to the inside of the Pelican.)

Olimar: Go, pikmin! Huh? (Dark Metal Overlord hits the Pelican and it spins a bit, sending Olimar and his pikmin falling. It also flings Master Chief off of the ship.)

Wolf: (Takes notice.) Oh? Seems your new friend is in a bit of trouble. Let me help him. (Wolf flies toward Master Chief. As he flies towards him, the fourth Arwing flies straight towards Wolf's ship, shooting.) Urgh! Lombardi. (The two ships shoot at each other, with Master Chief barely above their blasts. Both ships end up exploding, and start down towards Earth.) Star Foooooooooox! (Fox's Arwing flies up and Master Chief grabs hold.)

Master Chief: Thanks. (Dark Metal Overlord gets ready for the final blow on the Pelican.) Hey! (Dark Metal Overlord looks up and sees Master Chief flying towards him with a plasma sword. Master Chief cuts off the head of Dark Metal Overlord and lands on the Arwing.)

Dark Metal Overlord: Noooooo! (He transforms back into Master Mind and a beheaded Metal Sonic. Master Mind floats back into the Death Egg.)

(We cut to the Pelican and Fox's Arwing landing on a nearby floating space rock. Our three heroes come out to greet each other.)

Olimar: Thanks for the help back there.

Fox: No problem. I'm Fox McCloud, leader of Team Star Fox.

Master Chief: I'm Master Chief, and this is Captain Olimar and his…

Olimar: Pikmin!

Master Chief: My condolences o the rest of your team.

Fox: Yeah…

Peppy: (From Fox's headset.) Fox? Fox, you there?

Fox: Peppy? Is that you?

Peppy: Yeah, I'm okay. Bit of a rough landing though.

Slippy: I'm okay too, Fox! I landed in the water.

Fox: What about Falco? Falco? (We hear static.) Falco?! I need to get down there and see if he's okay.

Master Chief: We'll come too. We'll need your team if we want to beat that… thing.

Fox: (Nods.) Alright then, let's go! (The two ships fly towards Earth.)

(We cut inside to the Death Egg prison. Maniacal laughter echoes through. Outside, a UFO flies through space and the laughter grows.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins in a garbage dump. A bulldozer pushes what appears to be a bunch of metal scraps and a big, pink, metallic ball into the center of the lot.)

Worker: Strange things are happening. (The bulldozer backs up and away. On closer inspection, the pile turns out to be the machines (Team Fortress) and robobot armor. The camera zooms in on a robotic Heavy as its eyes slowly start glowing. We zoom out from the pile and see a big red foot.)

(We cut away to a small western town. A man on a horse slowly shambles through the town. It is unclear who the man is. He stops at a saloon and ties up his horse. He walks in, and we see that this man is John Marston. As he walks through the saloon towards the bar, we see a few familiar faces. We see Gunstringer (The Gunstringer) sleeping in a chair. There's also a poker match going on between the Engineer (Team Fortress), Colton White (GUN), and Erron Black. Erron Black looks up when John Marston walks by. He walks up to the bar to see Sully (Uncharted) cleaning it. He sits down.)

Sully: Hey, what'll it be.

Marston: Whatever ya got.

Sully: I hear that. (He grabs a bottle and pours a drink.)

(We cut to outside the saloon. A strange figure is holding a wanted sign. John Marston is on it, with the words “Dead or Alive” right underneath. He walks in.)

Sully: (The figure comes through the doors.) So me and Nate are talkin’, havin’ a drink, when suddenly the sky turns black and it all gets fuzzy. (The figure walks towards the bar.) Next thing I know, I'm here running a bar. Nate's nowhere to be found. Crazy.

Marston: Sure is.

???: Are you John Marston? (John Marston turns to see Dillon the armadillo holding the wanted poster.)

Marston: Who's asking?

Dillon: Name's Dillon. Here to turn you in.

Marston: (Gets up.) You don't wanna do that, friend. (He holds his hands above the pistol in his belt. Dillon notices and rolls into a ball, slamming himself into John Marston's stomach. He falls back into a cowboy.)

Cowboy: Watch it, buddy! (He reels his arm back and hits another cowboy in the face. He misses the punch on John Marston. The other cowboy punches the first one in the face. The camera focuses on Dillon as a bar fight erupts around him.)

(Erron Black gets up from the poker table and runs off. As he does, a man smashes a bottle over the Engineer's head. He wears a hard hat though so it does nothing. The Engineer punches the man's lights out. A man runs toward the Sheriff (Sheriff) but the Sheriff shoots him with his arcadey looking bullets. We see a man holding a stool over his head run up behind Gunstringer to hit him over the head. Before he can, a man tackles him to the ground. Gunstringer wakes up and looks around. John Marston runs for the door, but Erron Black blocks the door. He's holding a pistol.)

Erron Black: Hold it right there. You're not going anywhere. (Behind John Marston, Dillon rolls up into a ball and charges. John Marston notices and dives out of the way as Dillon hits Erron Black in the chest and knocks him through the door.) Oh… gah… (John Marston runs up to a window, grabs a stool, and smashes the window. He dives out and runs towards the front of the saloon. Dillon jumps out too and follows. The camera cuts to Erron Black as John Marston rides by on his horse closely followed by Dillon rolling through the sand. Erron Black slowly brings his head up.) I'll get you for that.

(John Marston and Dillon continue through the desert. After a while, Dillon jumps up and hits John Marston off of his horse while in ball form. They both get up to fight. Dillon jumps up to scratch Marston, who dodges. Marston attempts to sweep the leg, but Dillon does a backflip out of the way. Dillon rolls up and rams into Marston's stomach, knocking him down. Marston pulls out a pistol and points it at Dillon.)

Marston: Don't make me pull the trigger.

Dillon: Put the gun down, Marston. (Several mechanical whirrs are heard and the heroes look around confused. Suddenly, a Heavy robot drops down from above with a gatling gun pointed at Dillon.) What? (The gun starts up and starts shooting at Dillon. At the last second, John Marston tackles Dillon out of the way of the oncoming bullets. The gun stops shooting, and the Heavy robot points the gun at our heroes. Marston shoots the mechanical Heavy in the head and he falls over, dead.)

Marston: What the h*ll is that?

Dillon: A… robot I think? (More whirrs are heard, and more machines drop down; a Scout robot, a Pyro robot, and a Soldier robot. We cut to our heroes, and see Dillon roll up and go after the bots. He hits the Soldier robot and it falls over. Immediately, the Scout robot hits Dillon with a baseball bat. A gunshot hits right where the robot was standing, and the camera turns to see John Marston. The Scout robot runs toward him. We see Dillon get up and the Soldier robot starts to get up too. Before he can, Dillon punches it in the face and it falls over again.)

(We go back to see the Scout robot swinging at Marston who backs away to avoid the bat. Finally, Marston raises his gun and fires at the bot's head and kills it.)

Marston: Phew. Darn thing. (We go back to Dillon, who is rolling around the Pyro robot while it shoots flames at him. They are both spinning. Finally, Dillon stops, backflips over the flames, and launches himself into the Pyro robot's stomach. This seems to deactivate it. Suddenly, more and more machines start falling down. Too many. An unhealthy amount of machines has fallen from the sky. Our heroes look around. Suddenly, the big, pink, metallic ball from before drops down and reveals itself to be robobot armor. It beats up on the machines as they desperately shoot at it. The robobot armor slams down on the robots. Soon they all get deactivated. The armor walks up to Marston and Dillon, and Kirby jumps out of it.)

Kirby: Hi!

Dillon: (Short pause.) Hi? (John Marston walks up to one of the machines.)

Marston: What the h*ll are these things? (Dillon and Kirby walk over.)

Kirby: Poyo? (We cut to Erron Black walking through the desert. He spots the heroes and hides behind a cliffside.)

Erron Black: This'll be easy. (We go back to our heroes and the ground starts to shake. In the near distance, one Twinmold breaks out of the ground. The other Twinmold breaks out really close to our heroes.)

Marston: What the f*ck!

Dillon: What is that?!

Kirby: Aaaahhhh! (The Twinmold starts flying about and grabs the robobot armor with his mouth pincers. It drops it and it breaks.)

Marston: Sh*t. (The Twinmold hear this and start going for the heroes. They duck and run. John Marston backs up and hears a gun clicking.)

Erron Black: Hold it right there. (The camera turns to see Erron Black holding a gun at Marston.) Remember me?

Marston: Should I?

Erron Black: F*ck it. Let's fight. (He starts shooting at Marston. He runs and dodges before hiding behind a dying tree.) Come out and fight!

(We go back to Dillon and Kirby.)

Dillon: Hey, where's Marston? Huh? (Twinmold starts coming towards them.) Oh no. (Kirby turns and sees a pokey (Super Mario). He sucks it up into his mouth.) Woah! (Kirby transforms into Needle Kirby. Kirby starts spinning around and rolls up into the eye of Twinmold. It screams in agony.) Strange fella.

(We go back to Erron Black as he gets some punches in on John Marston. Marston tries to fight back but keeps missing. Marston is thrown to the ground and Erron Black stands over him with his gun.)

Erron Black: End of the line. (We cut to see a sandshrew standing on the cliff. We go back to the cowboys. Marston quickly holds up his gun and fires. He misses.) Nice try. (We go back to the sandshrew, who was scared by the sudden gunshot.)

Sandshrew: Shrew! (It rolls into a ball and starts rolling down the cliffside. Near the bottom, a diglett pops up.)

Diglett: Diglett dig! (The sandshrew hits the Diglett and launches into the air.) Dig! (The sandshrew hits Erron Black in the side of the head.)

(We go back to Dillon, who is rolling up the back of a Twinmold. Once he gets to the head, he jumps up and rolls right into the Twinmold's eye. It falls back and hits its head on a cliff. Dillon and the Twinmold land in the sand, and the Twinmold disappears in a cloud of smoke.)

Dillon: (Getting up.) Agh. Huh? (Looking around.) It's gone?

(We go back to Kirby riding the other Twinmold. It's bucking him around, and Kirby is screaming. He's bucked off onto a cliff and loses the needle ability. Twinmold starts off towards the cliff. Kirby turns to a giant rock and inhales it. He becomes Stone Kirby. As Twinmold starts slithering up the cliffside and Kirby jumps into the air and turns into a rock. He falls onto Twinmold's head and they plummet to the ground.)

Erron Black: (About to fire.) Let's try this again. (Twinmold falls onto Erron Black and kills him. Kirby transforms back into regular Kirby.)

Kirby: Hi!

Marston: Um… good work, pink.

Kirby: Yeah!

(Twinmold disappears and is replaced with a mask resembling his face. Suddenly, our three heroes are transported to a big foggy area. The shadow of a giant (The Legend of Zelda) is in the distance. The voice of the giant is heard. We can't understand it.)

Dillon: What is that?

Marston: It's saying something.

Dillon: Bring… us… home? Home?

Marston: Our world…

Kirby: Poyo…

Marston: Master… Mind?

Dillon: Mastermind? Like a boss?

Marston: He's saying it as two words. Master Mind. Who is that? (Our heroes teleport back to the desert.) Master Mind…

Dillon: Marston, I know we haven't really gotten along, but I feel like we have to work together now.

Marston: I feel the same. Me, you, and pink over there.

Kirby: Kirby!

Marston: Er, Kirby I guess.

Dillon: Let's get rolling. (Our heroes set off, with Kirby quickly taking the lead. We cut forward in time, and see Dr. Eggman walk up to the Heavy robot.)

Dr. Eggman: Hmmm, yes… yes. These will do quite nicely.

Master Mind: (Walking up from behind.) Much better than those egg robos of your creation.

Dr. Eggman: Perhaps, I'll take these in for research.

Master Mind: Excellent. (Notices Twinmold mask.) Hmm, this reminds me of an old Hylian legend I heard once. An ancient mask that could grant amazing power, at the cost of controlling the body.

Dr. Eggman: A mask? What mask?

Master Mind: They call it… Majora…

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins deep underground in a long cavern. Several zubats fly through it. We hear a voice.)

???: Marioooooo! Luigiiiiii! Princeeeeeess! (We see that the voice is coming from Captain Toad, who is wandering through the cave.) Hellooooo? (Sighs.) Where could my friends be. Oh! (The camera turns to focus on a yellow wollywog (Pikmin). Toad excitingly rushes over to see it.) Hello there. Have you seen my friends? (The wollywog ribbits and jumps into the air. Toad looks up and attempts to run away from it. He falls over and the wollywog lands right behind him and ribbits again. Toad sighs.)

(We cut away to a small, mostly closed off section of the caverns. This part has four zombies (Minecraft) guarding a chest from Minecraft. Suddenly, one is hit by a gunshot and dies. The rest of the zombies look over to where the shot came from. We see that the person who fired is Quote, holding the polar star.)

Quote: Gotcha! (Quote jumps down to where the zombies are. Two start walking towards him, but he hits them both with the polar star. The last one comes up behind him and when it gets close, Quote uses his booster to fly away from him and shoots it with the polar star. The zombie dies and drops some rotten flesh. Quote walks over to the chest, and rummages inside. He pulls out a bone.) Nope. (He tosses it. He pulls out a gold ingot.) Looks like junk. (He tosses that too. He pulls out a diamond sword.) Hmm, might as well keep this. (He pockets it and continues on his way.)

(We cut back to Toad. He's still walking, until he finds the cave entrance to a large area. He looks in curiously before going in.)

Toad: Wow. This place is huge. Hel-lo! (His words echo throughout the cavern. Suddenly, a low rumbling is heard and a man suddenly falls through the cave ceiling and onto the ground.) Woah! (Toad runs over to help him. On closer inspection, the man who fell through is revealed to be Taizo Hori..) Are you okay?!

Taizo: Oof… p-pookas… they attacked me… urgh…

Toad: M-M-M-Monsters! (The camera shifts to the hole in the ceiling, and a group of pookas (Dig Dug) fall out of it and quickly surround our heroes. Taizo gets up to help fight. One pooka runs up towards Taizo, who starts up his drill.)

Taizo: Stay back! I have a drill!! (Toad looks around before pulling up a weed from the ground and revealing it to be a turnip. Toad throws it at a pooka, who falls back and hits another one.)

Toad: Oh yeah!

(We cut back to Quote, who is walking and seems to notice something. We look over to see a group of mole miners loading up a minecart train with different ores and jewels. Mole Miner Max (Donkey Kong) is directing them.)

Quote: Hello. Who are you all? (Mole Miner Max looks over at Quote, shocked. He screams orders at the mole miners, who also take notice of Quote. They approach him.) Uh… I don't mean any harm. Just passing through. (Noises are heard behind Quote, and he turns around to see two monty moles break out from the wall behind him. They run towards him and jump on to him.) Hey! Get off! (Two mole miners grab Quote by the arms and start pulling him towards the minecart train.) Woah woah woah! Can't we just talk this out! No need to get physical! (They drag him onto the front of the train as another mole miner gets a pickaxe to swing at Quote.) Alright, now you've asked for it. (Quote uses his booster to fly up and out of the grasp of the moles. A mole miner accidentally hits a monty mole with his pickaxe. Quote lands and quickly shoots the moles who had grabbed him.) Oh yeah! Who's ne-. Oh boy… (A bunch of mole miners and monty moles start slowly walking towards Quote angrily.) I'm gonna go.

(Quote quickly turns and runs as Mole Miner Max barks more orders. The moles start getting the minecart train moving. Quote runs up to a lone minecart and turns around to the moles, weighing his options.)

(We cut back to Toad and Taizo. Toad jumps on a pooka defeating it. In the background, Taizo throws his pump into a pooka and inflates it. It pops. We cut to a single pooka standing in the middle of the room. Sounds of the fight echo around him until it is silent. The pooka suddenly looks very worried as the camera shifts around to our heroes surrounded by defeated pookas.)

Taizo: Only one more left. (Slight rumbling sounds are heard. The pooka starts to look confident and runs towards the heroes before being crushed by something else falling from the ceiling. It's the Waterwraith (Pikmin) who bangs his rock wheels on the ground in anger.) Is that… water?

Toad: What is that thing?!

Taizo: We should run.

Toad: What?

Taizo: Run! Now! (The two heroes run off as the Waterwraith gives chase. They all run through a tunnel that is barely large enough for them to get through. On the other side of the tunnel, a breadbug (Pikmin) is dragging a mega mushroom. Our heroes and the Waterwraith barrel past him, shocking the breadbug and forcing him to drop the mega mushroom. He also growls. Toad and Taizo continue along before hitting train tracks parallel to the wall and a dead end. They look back in horror as the Waterwraith approaches.) This is the end of the line! (Something is heard on the train tracks. Toad looks over to it. Toad suddenly grabs onto Taizo, jumps up high, and lands in a minecart containing Quote. The minecart train isn't far behind. The Waterwraith follows in pursuit.)

Quote: Uh… hello there.

Toad: (Waving.) Hi!

Taizo: Are we being followed?!

Quote: (Looking back at the minecart train.) Oh… that. I may have angered a group of moles.

Taizo: They look friendlier than… (The Waterwraith suddenly jumps up and hits the ground hard.) That!

Quote: What is that?!

Toad: Hey guys! We've got a split path! (We see a split path in the train tracks. The controls to the path are to the right of it.)

Taizo: (Thinking.) I might have an idea. (The heroes' cart goes on the right tracks and Taizo shoots his harpoon at the control lever, changing the tracks. The minecart train goes on the left tracks, while the Waterwraith follows the right tracks. As the cart continues on, a minecart with a miner mole in it jumps from the left track to the right track behind the cart.)

Quote: (Taking aim.) I'll take care of this guy. (Before he can shoot, the miner mile throws a stone and hits Quote in the head, knocking him out. The miner mole prepares to throw another stone, but Taizo picks up the stone thrown at Quote and throws it back at the miner mole. It hits him in the face, knocking him off the minecart. Another minecart jumps to the right track, this time in front of our heroes' minecart. The miner mole prepares to attack, but Toad turns on his headlamp which blinds the miner mole and forces the miner mole to fall off.)

Toad: Hooray! (The Waterwraith destroys the minecart behind them.) Oh no… (Quote wakes up.)

Quote: What happened? Did we win? (The Waterwraith makes a loud noise.)

Taizo: Not quite. Let's get moving.

Toad: We gotta get off these tracks.

Quote: Hold on. (Quote grabs Toad and Taizo and uses his booster to fly to the minecart train. The Waterwraith destroys the minecart they were in. As soon as our heroes land, moles start coming after them. Taizo uses his pump on a monty mole and pops it while Quote shoots a miner mole, who drops his pickaxe. Toad walks over and picks it up.)

Toad: Oh yeah! (Toad starts wildly swinging the pickaxe, taking out everyone in the back karts of the train.)

Taizo: Woah, you're fast with a pickaxe? (Toad takes out everyone and gets to the front of the train with Mole Miner Max. He dives at Toad, who jumps out of the way. Toad throws his pickaxe at Mole Miner Max, who ducks. The pickaxe almost hits Taizo. To Toad.) Hey! Watch it! (Mole Miner Max looks behind him as Toad jumps up and ground pounds. This knocks Mole Miner Max back to the last kart. He gets up, ready to attack. Sadly, the Waterwraith jumps to that track and lands on that specific kart. Mole Miner Max is dead.)

Quote: What're we gonna do?!

Toad: Hey guys?

Taizo: Yeah?

Toad: We're running outta track! (The camera pans to see the end of the tracks. The train hits the end and sends everyone flying. The Waterwraith approaches. Our heroes are cornered.)

Taizo: Well, this is it. Out of all the monsters I've found digging, I didn't think a big water drop would do this old man in. (Our heroes close their eyes in anticipation.)

???: Get back, you beast! (Our heroes open their eyes. They see Darunia with his megaton hammer strike the Waterwraith off of his rock wheels. He is now weak.) These caves belong to the Gorons! (Toad suddenly sees another weed and runs over to it.)

Taizo: Huh? Where're you… (Toad gives three giant pulls to the weed before pulling out a giant turnip. He throws it at the Waterwraith and it hits it into a wall. A bunch of rocks fall onto it. A poof sound is heard and a small fragment of a gem falls before Toad's feet. Toad picks it up and does a little dance.)

Toad: Oh yeah!

Darunia: Are you okay, warriors?

Quote: Yeah, thanks. (A bunch of gorons come out from a tunnel.)

Goron 1: Darunia, are you okay?

Goron 2: What happened?

Goron 3: We heard noises.

Darunia: Yeah, everyone's okay. No need to panic.

Taizo: Excuse me, but who are you?

Darunia: I am Darunia, leader of the Gorons. And you are?

Taizo: Taizo Hori, or Dig Dug as they call me.

Darunia: Dig Dug?

Taizo: An old nickname of mine.

Quote: I'm called Quote.

Toad: And I'm Captain Toad: leader of the Toad Brigade.

Darunia: I see. What are you three doing down here?

Quote: We're kinda lost. Can you help us get out?

Darunia: Certainly, follow me! (Everyone heads through the tunnel and we cut to them all walking out of a cave entrance.)

Toad: Woah!

Taizo: Amazing!

Quote: This place is beautiful!

Darunia: Will that be all?

Toad: Um, actually… you haven't happened to have seen Princess Peach around here, have you?

Darunia: Let me think… (He pauses a moment.) Haven't seen any princesses around here. Sorry.

Toad: (Sadly.) Oh, okay. (Taizo and Quote look at each other.)

Quote: Hey, Toad.

Toad: Yeah?

Quote: We can help you find this princess.

Toad: (Happy.) Really?!

Taizo: Yeah, I think we have a good dynamic going on.

Toad: Yippee! (Running off.) C'mon! We gotta get going!

Quote: (Following. To Taizo.) C'mon.

Taizo: What have I gotten myself into… (Our heroes run off towards the sunset.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(We begin at the Goron city from last episode. Groups of Gorons are huddled together as bokoblins with bows and arrows take aim at them. Darunia stands alone in the middle of it all, brave.)

???: Well well well, you're Darunia aren't you? Ganondorf here has told me about you. Now, (The camera turns to see Master Mind, Bowser, and Ganondorf walking towards Darunia.) tell me about the travelers who came through here.

Darunia: What do you want with them? How do you know about them?

Bowser: We have eyes everywhere. (A buzz bomber flies down and shows surveillance of three blurry figures leaving the cave.)

Darunia: I won't tell.

Ganondorf: If you don't tell, your people will die.

Darunia: You wouldn't.

Ganondorf: Time is ticking, Goron. (The bokoblins ready their bows.)

Darunia: Fine! I'll tell!

Master Mind: Perfect! Who are they?

Darunia: They were named Captain Toad… er, Quote I believe… and one just called himself the Spelunker.

Bowser: Captain Toad!? That miniscule piece of fungus is alive?!

Darunia: He was looking for a princess. Princess…

Bowser: Peach! Of course. (To Master Mind.) We have to take that toad down.

Master Mind: Of course, we have to get going.

Ganondorf: Wait a minute, I have a feeling that Darunia here isn't done yet.

Darunia: What else would you need to know?!

Ganondorf: What else did you see?

Darunia: I'm telling you, there was nothing else!

Ganondorf: What is it?

Darunia: Just…just a shard of a jewel. That Captain Toad had it.

Master Mind: Shard?

Bowser: Do you think he means…

Master Mind: The Shadow Crystal! That toad has it!

Bowser: I thought I destroyed that back in the Mushroom Kingdom?

Master Mind: You destroyed it, but the shards remain. We have to leave immediately!

Darunia: Yes, yes, please leave.

Master Mind: Ganondorf, I believe you know what we must do next.

Ganondorf: Of course, master. (Ganondorf takes out the glowing string and throws it on Darunia.)

Darunia: No! No! Nooooo-! (Darunia stops moving. Bowser lifts him up and carries him.)

Ganondorf: Men, eliminate the soldiers! (Screams are heard as the villains leave the Goron city.)

Master Mind: We have a new mission: find that captain, and kill him.

Bowser: Of course.

Master Mind: If the shards of the Shadow Crystal are collected then…

Ganondorf: Then?

Master Mind: They can imprison me again.

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins showing a helicopter above the ocean. We cut inside to see Sonic and his team sitting around.)

Sonic: (To Otacon.) How long until we reach land?

Otacon: Not much longer. Maybe an hour.

Sonic: An hour?

Snake: Something wrong?

Sonic: It's just… we've been here for so long. Something terrible could be happening right now. My friends…

Raziel: Your friends will be alright, Sonic. By now, they have surely found some safety from this… uh…

Sonic: Master Mind. What does he want with us anyway?

Snake: Whatever it is, it isn't good. Which is why we need to stay vigilant.

Otacon: Uh, Snake?

Snake: What is it?

Otacon: Something's coming towards us. (Our three heroes look at each other before peering out of the helicopter to see what's happening. What appears to be a flying pirate ship quickly approaches.)

Sonic: What is that thing?

Raziel: Another ship perhaps?

Snake: Otacon, steer us away from that.

Otacon: Sure thing, Snake. (The helicopter attempts to steer away, but the ship quickly follows and a cannonball flies past.) They're firing at us!

Snake: What?

(We cut down to the sea. A small ship is sailing through with Guybrush Threepwood at the wheel. Cannon shots are heard and he looks up.)

Guybrush: Huh? (The camera pans up to see multiple cannonballs sailing towards the helicopter, all barely missing. By now, the pirate ship is nearly directly below the helicopter. We cut back inside the helicopter.)

Otacon: Snake, I can't avoid them for much longer!

Snake: Remain calm, we're gonna make it out of this a-... (The last part is cut off as a cannonball hits the propellers and the helicopter starts spinning. Snake and Raziel are both seen falling out and they hit the water. The helicopter spins away, and explodes when it hits the water.)

Raziel: Did they… did they really just…

Snake: Otacon…

(A ship sails up to the two.)

Guybrush: Hey, that was quite a mess you two were in. Wanna hop aboard? (The two look at him, still dazed, as a rope comes down from the ship.)

(We now cut to aboard the flying pirate ship, known as the Buccaneer. Sonic slowly gets up, as he somehow landed on the ship. Immediately, two robotic hand cannons are thrusted into his face.)

???: Aargh, what have we here? (The camera zooms out to see that the hand cannons belong to henchmen 800s. The camera turns to see many more of them along with their leader, Admiral Razorbeard.) It seems a rat has snuck onto our ship.

Sonic: Who are you?

Razorbeard: I'm Admiral Razorbeard of the Robo-Pirates.

Sonic: You some of Eggman's bots? Henchmen of Master Mind?

Razorbeard: Not a chance, blue boy. Us pirates work for no one. We're… freelance pirates.

Sonic: Freelance pirates?

Razorbeard: Enough with the questions, shake him down boys! (The henchmen 800 grab Sonic by his legs and shake him. The seven chaos emeralds fall out.) Jackpot!

Sonic: No, the chaos emeralds! (Razorbeard picks them up.)

Razorbeard: (Laughing.) What riches! Think of all the stuff we could buy with these! (To henchmen 800.) Lock him in the brink, and get this ship into the sea. We're taking anchor. (The henchmen 800 nod and carry Sonic towards a door.)

Sonic: Let me go! Those emeralds are important! Help!

(We cut to Razorbeard putting the chaos emeralds in a treasure room. As he walks out, a puddle of water seeps in through the wall.)

(We cut back to Guybrush's ship.)

Guybrush: My my, that sounds awful.

Raziel: Indeed, which is why we could use some of your assistance.

Snake: Who are you anyway?

Guybrush: Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate! I sail the seas looking for treasure. Although, the seas have been looking different lately.

Raziel: (Whispering to Snake.) Does he really not know?

Snake: He'll figure it out.

Guybrush: Hey, that big ship is coming down. (Snake and Raziel look behind them as the Buccaneer comes down to the sea.)

Snake: We need to get on there.

Guybrush: You're getting on that?

Raziel: Why?

Snake: Those pirates might know something.

Raziel: And if they don't?

Snake: They killed a dear friend of mine. They aren't getting away with that unharmed. (To Guybrush.) Are you coming?

Guybrush: I've gotta stay with the ship, but I'll still be here if you don't die a horrible death.

Snake: Thanks. (Putting on goggles. To Raziel.) Let's go. (They dive into the water and swim past a tentacool and a blooper.)

Guybrush: I really hope they don't die.

(We cut to the inside of the Buccaneer, in a prison area. The henchmen 800 continue to carry Sonic until they get to a cell. They open it, and are taken aback. We cut to see the head of Rayman on the ground. It looks dead. A henchman 800 let's go of one of Sonic's legs to check it out.)

Sonic: Oh gross. A head? (Once the henchman 800 gets close, the head starts screaming and the rest of the body comes out from underneath the prison bed. Rayman throws three punches at the henchman 800. Sonic takes this moment to use his free leg to kick away from the other henchman 800. He starts running towards it, but it shoots him with his arm cannon. The other henchman 800 shoots at Rayman but he backflips over, charges a punch, and sends his fist into the henchman 800. It's destroyed. Behind Rayman, Sonic jumps does a homing attack into the other henchman 800, destroying it.)

Rayman: That was pretty fancy there.

Sonic: You uh… you…

Rayman: Don't have limbs.

Sonic: Yeah…

Rayman: Name's Rayman. And you?

Sonic: Sonic. So that robot…

Rayman: You mean Razorbeard? Yeah, I've been dealing with him for awhile. He captured me and then the sky started turning dark.

Sonic: Razorbeard took something very important of mine. Can you help me get it back?

Rayman: Sure thing, friendo. Let's go! (They run off.)

(We cut to the deck of the Buccaneer. Snake and Raziel climb up and hide behind some crates.)

Snake: (Taking off his goggles.) Now which of these b*stards is the captain? (He readies his pistol.)

(At the same time, Sonic and Rayman sneak out.)

Sonic: (Whispering.) What now? (Rayman points at two barrels. We cut to them sneaking around in the barrels. We see Snake notice, and he recognizes Sonic's shoes.)

Snake: Is that…? (Sonic in the barrel runs into a henchman 800. It turns around.)

Sonic: (Whispering.) Oh no. (The henchman 800 starts pointing his arm cannon at the barrel but is suddenly shot in the head. The camera pans to see Snake triumphantly holding his gun in clear view. The henchmen 800 turn to him, but Sonic breaks out of his barrel and spin dashes into a henchman 800. Rayman lifts off his barrel and throws it at a group of three henchmen 800. Razorbeard sees this.)

Razorbeard: Rayman! How'd he get out?! (Snake jumps over the crates but is suddenly hit by a shot from a henchman 800. Raziel jumps out too and slices the henchman 800 with his Wraith Blade. Rayman chases after Razorbeard, who turns one of the cannons on the ship towards Rayman. He shoots but Rayman ducks. Then, Razorbeard punches Rayman twice and knocks him down. We cut to Sonic jumping and kicking another enemy before he notices something.)

Sonic: No! Chaos!

Raziel: This is a bit of a mess, isn't it?

Sonic: No look! (The camera turns around to see Chaos standing at the open door to the treasure room. He has the chaos emeralds.)

Razorbeard: My treasure!

Sonic: Stop him! (The chaos emeralds start glowing and Chaos begins to transform into Perfect Chaos. The chaos emeralds fall to the ground, losing most of their color. Chaos jumps into the water and turns into Perfect Chaos.) The chaos emeralds! (He starts to run towards them, but Chaos hits the ship with his giant tentacle and everything goes flying.)

(The henchmen 800 start firing and it doesn't appear to do anything. Snake takes out his rocket launcher and fires. Still does nothing since Chaos is made of water.)

Snake: We're doing nothing to it! (Chaos lowers his head to attack, when suddenly the bowsprit of a boat stabs Chaos in the head. It hurts Chaos.)

Guybrush: Ahoy, mates! I've come to help!

Raziel: Guybrush Threepwood?

Snake: Well, I'll be d*mned. (Chaos picks up Guybrush's ship.)

Guybrush: H-Hey! Put me down you… you… just please put me down. (A cannonball suddenly hits Chaos in the face. The camera pans to see that Razorbeard is operating the cannon. Chaos hits the Buccaneer again and the chaos emeralds start falling off the ship. Rayman notices.)

Rayman: Oh no! (They fall off but Rayman throws his hand far down and catches all the chaos emeralds. To Sonic.) Hey, catch! (Rayman throws the chaos emeralds to Sonic and they all form a ring around him. He turns into Super Sonic. He starts flying towards Chaos and goes right through his head. Chaos drops Guybrush's ship and starts flailing around. Guybrush's ship falls and he gets knocked out. Chaos hits the Buccaneer and it splits. Chaos sinks into the depths. Sonic turns back to normal on Guybrush's ship.)

Razorbeard: The ship! She's sinking! (The Buccaneer sinks slowly and a couple of Henchmen 800 fall into the water, electrocuting the water around them.)

Raziel: We can't touch that water.

Rayman: What do we do? (Snake notices a rope tied to the ship's crows nest.)

Snake: Use the rope. (Snake runs up to the rope and swings over to Guybrush's ship. Raziel does the same.)

Razorbeard: Wait, take me with you!

Rayman: Not a chance! (Rayman punches Razorbeard into the water and he's electrocuted in the water. Rayman swings to safety as the Buccaneer sinks.)

(We cut ahead in time as Guybrush wakes up.)

Guybrush: Ugh, what happened?

Sonic: You saved us.

Guybrush: I did?

Raziel: Sure did, "mighty pirate".

Guybrush: (Happily.) I guess I did. So where are we going now?

Snake: We need to make it to land. Something strange is going on.

Rayman: Whaddaya mean?

Snake: We're in the fight of our lives right now.

Sonic: Master Mind is out there. It's our job to find him.

Guybrush: Then let's set sail! (Grabbing the wheel.) Avast ye hearties, we've got a world to save! (The ship sails off.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins on the forest floor. The camera pans to see a pokeball resting on the ground. The camera pans up to see Pikachu resting on a tree branch.)

???: Chaaaaar! (Pikachu wakes up. The camera pans down to see a Charmander looking up at the tree.) Chaaar! (Pikachu comes down.)

Pikachu: (Greeting Charmander.) Pika pika!

Charmander: Char char! (Suddenly, a sound that kind of sounds like a cow echoes through the forest.)

Pikachu: Pika? (It sounds again.) Pika! (Pikachu runs off towards it.)

Charmander: Char?

(We cut to a different part of the forest. Three slimes (Dragon Quest) are bouncing around. Suddenly, a blocky arrow hits one in the head and it dies. The camera pans to see Steve with his bow drawn. The other two slimes bounce towards Steve. Steve hits one with his wooden sword and the other one bounces into him. Steve counters this by hitting it with his sword. The three slimes have been defeated.)

Steve: Man, monsters here sure are shaped weird. (He walks along a forest path before coming upon a strangely shaped structure made of tetrominoes. Steve pulls more tetrominoes out and adds them on to make a makeshift house. Steve admires his work.) It's not much, but it's home now. (He begins to walk in when more cow sounds are heard. He looks around but then shrugs it off and goes inside his house.)

(In a farther off part of the forest,Toad, Taizo, and Quote trudge through. Toad seems to be leading them.)

Toad: But then, me and my crew got stuck on this planet full of bees.

Taizo: You've really been to space?

Toad: A couple of times. Oh, and one time I went out exploring with my good friend, Toadette, and… (Toad is drowned out as we focus on Quote. He looks around and notices something. The camera pans to see some sort of robot hiding behind a tree. Quote goes over to see it.) But then the bird got me. Huh? (He notices Quote.)

Quote: There's something over here. (The group goes over to the robot and it reveals itself to be a dwarf gekko (Metal Gear).) Hello there. Who are you? (Suddenly, the dwarf gekko scans them with a beam of light.)

Taizo: What did it…? (The dwarf gekko starts sounding an alarm, and more dwarf gekkos roll in and start stacking up on each other. Our heroes look on in horror as a tower of dwarf gekkos stands before them. Then, they all pull out handguns and begin to shoot. The heroes run off in different directions to hide. Quote hides behind a tree and starts shooting. He hits the top one right in the eye and it falls over near Toad, who is hidden behind a bush. The dwarf gekko explodes, sending Toad back a bit.)

(Another dwarf gekko leaves the stack and rolls over to Quote. It grabs onto him and begins to electrocute him. Toad gets up and hears the conundrum. He goes over to a weed to pull up another turnip. He pulls it out and it reveals itself to be an oddish. Toad doesn't notice though.)

Oddish: Oddish? (Toad throws the oddish at the dwarf gekko on Quote and knocks it off. Quote kinda stumbles away with the dwarf gekko stack drawing near. Taizo drills a bottom one with his jackhammer and the stack falls over near Quote. Quote uses his booster to fly away from them exploding. There are still a few left. Toad runs over to the dwarf gekko he knocked over before. The oddish is still there.) Oooooddish… (Toad grabs the dwarf gekko and chucks it at the others. There's a big explosion and all the dwarf gekkos are gone.)

Quote: What were those?

Taizo: Robots… or something… never seen anything like it.

Quote: Why'd they go after us? (More cow sounds are heard and the camera pans up to see two gekkos jumping over our heroes farther into the forest. Some other robotic thing is seen flying overhead. Quote looks toward where they went off to and follows them.)

Toad: W-Wait! Where are you- (Quote is gone.) We need to follow him!

Taizo: As long as he doesn't die first…

(We cut back to Steve at his home. He starts walking away, but stops when Pikachu runs up to him and stops.)

Steve: Hello there, little guy. Who are you?

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Steve: Never seen anything like you before. What kind of animal are you?

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Steve: I don't know what that means. (Suddenly, a group of gekkos drop down from above and surround the two. Steve draws his wooden sword and shield.) Uh oh…

Quote: Hey! (Quote runs in and shoots one of the gekkos. All it really does is make it angry. They all begin firing at our heroes and they run into Steve's house. Quote takes a look at Steve's sword.) You're gonna fight them with that?

Steve: I don't have much to deal with those.

Quote: Here. (He takes out the diamond sword he found in the mines.) You have more use for this than I do. (He hands him the sword.)

Steve: Awesome. (Steve runs out and uses his sword on one of the gekko's legs. It drops onto its knees and Steve slices it through the head. It's destroyed. Quote and Pikachu run out. Quote fires his Polar Star and Pikachu sends out electricity. The camera cuts to see a gekko getting shot and another being electrocuted and malfunctioning.)

Quote: (To Pikachu.) What are you?

Pikachu: Pika pika! (We cut back to Steve who spots something behind two gekkos. It's a creeper.)

Steve: Of course… (Steve runs toward the creeper while the gekkos continue firing. Once he gets close enough it begins to explode. Steve shields himself as the creeper explodes and takes down the two gekkos next to it. Steve is thrown back a bit onto the ground.) Yes! (In the background, Pikachu uses thunder on a gekko and electrocutes it. The gekkos are down.) That's all of them. Good work.

Quote: But I thought I saw something else. Something that looked different from these.

Pikachu: Pika?

(We cut back to Toad and the Spelunker walking through the forest.)

Toad: Which way did he go again? Oh no, where are we?

Taizo: Don't worry, captain. We'll find him. (Then, three gekkos drop down in front of them.) They're back…

???: Dunban! Riki! (Suddenly Shulk, Riki, and Dunban come out from the trees. Each of them starts attacking one of the gekkos. Shulk uses his monado to slice off one's legs.)

Riki: Freezinate! (Riki freezes one, jumps up, and knocks it down. We cut to Dunban with his sword in the head of the last gekko.)

Dunban: Are you two alright?

Taizo: (Stunned.) Y-Yes.

Toad: That was so cool!

Shulk: Glad you liked it. My name is Shulk, and this is Riki and Dunban.

Toad: Hello!

Riki: Riki like new friends.

Taizo: Not to interrupt, but have you seen our friend around here? He went off after some of those bots.

Shulk: The three of us haven't seen much of anyone, but we can help find him if you'd like.

Taizo: Really? You'd do that?

Dunban: Perhaps it will help solve the mystery of what these things are.

Toad: Then let's go! (Toad leads the group deeper into the forest.)

(We go back to Quote, Pikachu, and Steve.)

Steve: (To Quote.) So you're looking for a princess?

Quote: She's our only clue to getting out of here. If we can find her, then maybe we'll be able to escape.

Steve: Well, I'd be glad to join you on this adventure.

Pikachu: Pika pika!

Quote: Thanks, we could use some help. (Loud engines are suddenly heard, along with maniacal laughter.)

???: So, you're the ones who got their hands on the shard.

Quote: Wha-? (It is revealed to be Metal Face who landed down. Gekkos also begin to surround the heroes.)

Metal Face: Hand over the shard to the Shadow Crystal, and we'll go easy on you.

Steve: Shard? What shard? (We cut to Toad and friends walking through the woods.)

Metal Face: (Offscreen.) The one from the caves. That robot boy there has it.

Shulk: That sounds like… (They run over and spot Metal Face through the trees.)

Dunban: It's an old foe.

Riki: Oooh, Riki don't like this. (We cut back to Quote.)

Quote: I'm not the one that has it. I swear.

Metal Face: (Preparing back cannon.) Looks like we'll have to do this the hard way. (Before he can fire, Shulk jumps out from the trees and slashes Metal Face's back with the Monado. Riki and Dunban jump out to join him.)

Shulk: Metal Face!

Metal Face: If it isn't the Monado boy. You and your little friends aren't going to win this time.

Shulk: (Monado glowing purple.) Buster! (He then jumps and slashes twice at Metal Face before landing back on the ground.) Now it's Shulk time! (Everybody else runs off to attack.)

(Steve shoots arrows around him, but a gekko approaches from behind. Suddenly, a drill cuts through its leg and it trips over. Steve turns around to meet Taizo.)

Taizo: Drills come in handy. (We cut to Riki with a gekko.)

Riki: Roly-poly! Roly-poly! (This causes the gekko to topple over. Pikachu runs over and shocks it with its electricity. Quote also runs through firing in all directions. We cut to Toad, still hiding.)

Toad: My friends need me! But what can I do! (Toad kicks a tree in frustration, and a double cherry drops down. Toad gets an idea. Back on the battlefield, an army of Toads run out and start attacking the gekkos.)

Quote: Captain?!

Taizo: Talk about an army. (We cut to Dunban and Shulk fighting Metal Face. They're both fiercely slashing at him.)

Shulk: I'm really feelin' it! (Metal Face hits Shulk and Dunban back with his claw hand.)

Metal Face: How about this? (He starts firing and starts making the Toad clones disappear when they're hit by the shots. Toad and Riki are hit and are flung back, landing hard on the ground. Metal Face takes aim again. Suddenly, Shulk has a vision of Pikachu being hit by the shots. We cut back to reality as Shulk pushes Pikachu away, and takes the hit himself. He goes down hard.)

Pikachu: (Sad.) Pika? (Metal Face continues his rampage by hitting Duban and Quote back with his claw hand. Pikachu charges electricity. Metal Face then shoots at Steve and Taizo, launching them back. Pikachu continues charging. Finally, Metal Face takes aim at Pikachu.)

Metal Face: This is the end of your little game! (Pikachu then uses volt tackle on Metal Face.)

Pikachu: Pikachuuuuu! (He zooms all around him sending millions of volts of electricity through this giant machine. Pikachu lands back down and Metal Face collapses onto the ground. Shulk starts getting up and has another vision of a giant explosion killing them. The Monado turns yellow.)

Shulk: Shield! (Shields form around our heroes as an explosion rocks the forest. Luckily, they are safe. We see our heroes slowly get up.)

(We now cut forward in time to Riki and Dunban standing before the six other heroes.)

Dunban: Are you sure about this, Shulk? We could go with you.

Riki: (Sad.) Riki doesn't want to leave new friends.

Shulk: (He nods.) I'll help them find this princess they've told us about, but you should find out why Metal Face attacked us.

Dunban: I understand. Come along, Riki. (Dunban and Riki part with our heroes as the camera pans up into the sky.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins in a dark area with broken down walls all around the place. Master Mind floats down and glances around the place.)

Master Mind: I know that you're here. It would be wise to show yourselves. (Two figures walk out from behind the rubble, revealing themselves to be Sektor and Cyrax.)

Cyrax: Who are you?

Master Mind: I am looking for assassins. There's a group of people who I would like dead, and I heard that you two were good in that aspect. You were described to me as "killing machines".

Sektor: Who sent you?

Master Mind: You might have heard of him. His name is Shao Kahn.

Cyrax: Shao Kahn sent you.

Master Mind: Indeed. Now, you (to Sektor.) the red one. I need you to take care of the three men pictured in this file. (He hands Sektor a file and he looks through it.) Are you up to the task?

Sektor: I am.

Master Mind: I'll get you to your destination immediately. As for you, (To Cyrax.) I have another job for you.

Cyrax: Understood. (The group starts to walk off.)

(The scene changes to a fancy room. An alcoholic drink is seen on a table and is picked up by Sylvia Christel (No More Heroes). There's also a phone in her hand. We cut to an unknown character whose phone starts buzzing in his pocket. He takes it out and answers.)

???: Well, didn't expect a call from you.

Sylvia: Are you still up for your missions?

???: It kinda depends.

Sylvia: On what?

???: If you'll sleep with me after this.

Sylvia: Worry about this first. Then we'll see about your… demands. (She giggles.)

???: That's good enough for me. Who's the guy?

Sylvia: Red and robotic. Can't miss him. I was told about a yellow one too, so look out for that.

???: I'm on it. (He turns off his phone and walks off. The mystery character is seen leaving on a motorbike.)

(We cut to inside the White House. The President is seen talking to the GUN Commander. Multiple GUN soldiers are seen behind him, as well as Shadow the hedgehog.)

President: I'd like to thank you, commander, for helping to explain what has been happening to our country.

GUN Commander: It is my honor, Mr. President. And my men would be honored to lend a hand in this fight.

President: Commander, if you could spare one of your agents, we are sending in troops to locate the mysterious figures that attacked Albany.

GUN Commander: It will be no problem. (To Shadow.) Agent Shadow.

Shadow: Yes, commander?

GUN Commander: I will be sending you on this mission to locate what's been attacking the city here.

Shadow: Understood.

President: The chopper is waiting outside. Tell them I sent you. (Shadow nods and takes off. He arrives at the chopper as it's about to take off. A soldier is standing in front of it.)

Soldier: Who are you supposed to be?

Shadow: I am Shadow. Shadow the hedgehog. I was sent by the President to join this mission.

Soldier: Get on then, and I hope you can pull your own weight. (Shadow gets on and they take off.)

(We cut to a car parking on the side of a street. Mario, Aiden, and Conker get out.)

Conker: So, does someone wanna explain what exactly attacked us back there?

Aiden: Yeah, (To Mario.) what exactly was that thing?

Mario: (Looking sad.) They call him Master Mind. (A flashback ensues showing Mario and Peach with the Shadow Crystal, Mario fighting Bowser, and Master Mind being released.) He attacked us long ago, but he was-a trapped inside of the Shadow Crystal. He was-a released and seems to have transported us all here. I don't-a know what he has planned, but it can't be good.

Conker: So what? We've gotta save the world?

Aiden: We're not exactly heroes.

Mario: I have to do something. You saw what happened out there. (It's silent for a moment.)

Aiden: Well, we better get going. (Mario smiles and nods, and they start heading out.)

Conker: I hope there's a bar on the way. I could use a pick-me-up.

(The scene changes to the inside of a bakery. Chef Kawasaki (Kirby) is mixing soup in a pot. Cooking Mama is behind the counter and sets two sandwiches down and rings a bell.)

Cooking Mama: Order up! (Kuro goes and picks up the food. He walks out of the bakery.)

Kuro: Toro! The food is ready! (The camera pans over and we see Toro Inoue.)

Toro: I wish I was as strong as you! You look sooooo cool! (Toro is talking to King (Tekken) who takes little interest in Toro.)

Kuro: Toro! Our sandwiches are done! (Toro's face lights up.)

Toro: (To King.) Bye mister! (Toro and Kuro walk and eat their sandwiches.)

Kuro: Why do you think we were sent here, Toro?

Toro: Maybe it's a way to make us more human! Finding our way home will help us finally achieve our dreams!

Kuro: I suppose it's possible. (The heroes spot a strange thing jumping to the rooftops from the alleyway.) What was that?

Toro: Hmm? (Toro walks into the alley with Kuro behind him. Suddenly, a strand of the glowing string falls onto Kuro, paralyzing him. He's snatched away by dwarf gekkos.) It sure is scary here, Kuro. Kuro? (He looks up as more glowing string falls down. He jumps out of the way.) What the-?

???: What is this? It seems like curiosity really will kill the cat. (The camera turns to see Psycho Mantis floating down to confront Toro. Dwarf gekkos crawl down from the buildings.) You're in over your head.

Toro: What's happening?

Psycho Mantis: Let me see… your name is Toro Inoue and you want to be human.

Toro: How did you know that?!

Psycho Mantis: I know a lot of things. (To dwarf gekkos.) Grab him. (The dwarf gekkos go towards Toro, but he backflips away. Toro jumps up and kicks one of them. He turns and punches another one in its eye. Toro jumps off of one to hit Psycho Mantis but he dodges.) You really think that will work? (Toro continues to try and hit him, but Psycho Mantis dodges every time.)

(We cut to the helicopter holding Shadow.)

Soldier: We should be there soon. (Footsteps are heard on the helicopter roof.) What was that? (Suddenly, a group of dwarf gekkos drop down into the helicopter. They start shooting and taking everyone out on the helicopter. Shadow runs up and kicks one off. He then backflips and homing attacks a different one. He spin kicks another one out of the helicopter.)

Shadow: What are these things? They don't look like Eggman's machines. (More dwarf gekkos start to flood in. Shadow jumps out of the helicopter and grabs a piece of it off of the side. He jumps onto it like a snowboard and drops down to the city below. He lands on a slanted part of the rooftops and continues to snowboard across the roofs. We cut back to Toro being held by two dwarf gekkos.)

Psycho Mantis: Ready to join your friend? (Toro struggles for a second, when suddenly Shadow drops from the roof of a nearby building.) Now, who's this?

Shadow: You're the one who sent those robots.

Psycho Mantis: What are you…? (Shadow spin dashes into a dwarf gekko holding Toro. Toro punches the other dwarf gekko down. Shadow begins homing on robot to robot, which are hanging off of the walls, with them exploding after each hit. He attempts to hit Psycho Mantis, but he floats out of the way.) You're not fast enough to hit me. (More dwarf gekkos drop down. Tens of them. Shadow and Toro look at it in shock before Shadow grabs Toro's hand and runs away. We cut back to Mario and friends walking through the city. On the rooftops, Sektor is watching. Our heroes suddenly stop.)

Conker: (To someone in front of them.) Hey buddy, you mind moving out of the way? We're kinda in a hurry here. (The camera pans to see Sektor standing in front of them.)

Sektor: So you're the ones who I was sent to find.

Aiden: Who are you?

Sektor: I was sent to kill you. It will be quick and painless. (Aiden quickly pulls out his phone, but Sektor punches him in the jaw and he flies back onto the ground. The phone slides under a nearby truck.)

Mario: Oh no! (Conker puts on an army helmet and takes out a frying pan. Conker jumps up and hits Sektor in the face with the frying pan, and Mario throws two punches and a kick at him. He's mostly unfazed.)

Sektor: So be it. (Sektor uppercuts Conker and then punches him away in midair. Mario runs up to Sektor, but is stopped when he's punched in the face and flies back. A bullet hits Sektor in the back of the head. We see that Aiden was the one who shot Sektor. Sektor walks up while Aiden is still shooting, grabs him by the neck, and throws him against a wall.) I will show no mercy. (The sound of a motorcycle is suddenly heard. Sektor looks up to see a man riding a motorcycle towards him. He jumps off and the motorcycle hits Sektor.)

???: So you're the guy I'm looking for. This will be easy. (The hero reveals himself to be Travis Touchdown.)

Sektor: (Getting up.) You shall pay with your life.

Travis: Yeah alright, f*ckface. Let's see what you've got. (He pulls out his beam katana.)

Sektor: That was your last mistake. (Suddenly, a swarm of dwarf gekkos comes up from behind Sektor. Shadow and Toro run up to the rest of our heroes. Psycho Mantis and more dwarf gekkos follow.)

Psycho Mantis: It seems like you're trapped. (Our heroes get up and form a tight circle. At this point, a crowd has started watching the fight behind cover.)

Shadow: D*mn.

Aiden: No way out.

Travis: I've seen worse. If we dodge and weave, most of us will come out alive.

Toro: Most?!

Conker: I like the new guy.

Mario: Alright, let's-a go! (Our heroes run in all directions. Sektor takes out his plasma blades. Travis and Sektor sword fight. Travis keeps attempting to hit Sektor, but he keeps guarding with his plasma blades. Travis does get a hit on Sektor's legs and then slices up with his katana. Sektor shoulder checks him back, but Travis rolls and gets back up. We cut to Mario ground pounding a dwarf gekko. He then grabs its arm, swings it around, and throws it at three more. They explode. We cut to a close up of Toro's face.)

Toro: Hi-yaaaaah! (Toro flies through the air. He rapidly punches a dwarf gekko. He kicks another one and backflips away as they both explode. Toro puts his hands together and bows. Aiden runs to get his phone back, but a dwarf gekko grabs him and starts to shock him. He screams.)

Conker: Hold on, I'm comin'! (Conker pulls out a submachine gun and shoots the dwarf gekko.) Wait, don't those things explode? (At the last second, Shadow grabs Aiden and they escape from the explosion.)

Aiden: Thanks.

Shadow: Don't mention it. (The truck that Aiden's phone was in opens from the back, and cases of alcohol fall out.)

Conker: Ooooh! Booze! (Conker runs to get then. We cut to two police cars arriving on the scene.)

Psycho Mantis: Time to show you a little trick of mine. (The police officers suddenly get a blank look on their face. They start shooting at Shadow.)

Shadow: Is that… mind control? (Aiden grabs his phone and starts to get out from behind the truck. An officer shoots at him and he takes cover again.)

Aiden: D*mn it! (He pulls out his pistol, but Toro grabs his arm to stop him.)

Toro: Wait, mister! They're being brainwashed!

Aiden: I can still help out. (He pushes a button on his phone and all the dwarf gekkos power down. Mario looks around at them all. Conker is seen surrounded by beer bottles, clearly drunk.)

Conker: I'mma… I'mma stop this guy. (He pulls out a grenade.) Holy sh*t! That man is floating!

Psycho Mantis: His thoughts… I can't… read them… (Conker pulls the pin out from the grenade. Psycho Mantis dodges in anticipation, but Conker drops the grenade behind him.)

Conker: Sh*t. Wait. (The grenade goes off and sends him in Psycho Mantis' direction. They have a midair collision and both go down. We go back to Travis and Sektor. Sektor attempts to use the flamethrower in his arm to burn Travis. He dodges and then slices off the arm and kicks it away.)

Travis: Nice try. It's gonna be a lot hotter than that in hell. (Shadow sees Sektor's arm with his plasma blade. He grabs it, quickly runs to Psycho Mantis, and stabs him in the chest with it. The police officers return to normal, and Aiden and Toro come out from behind the truck.)

Shadow: Looks like you weren't fast enough. (We cut to Travis hitting Sektor a lot more. Finally, he stabs him right in the chest. Sektor is dead.)

Travis: Finally, I was getting tired of that.

???: You beat my men. Have I underestimated you? Or perhaps overestimated them? (Master Mind has made his entrance.)

Travis: Who's this joker?

Mario: (Softly.) Master Mind…

Master Mind: It appears that I must take care of you myself. I hope you believe in God. (Our heroes run off to fight. Shadow takes the lead and attempts to do a homing attack. Master Mind catches him and throws him at the truck. He's down for now. Travis slashes at Master Mind, who nimbly dodges each swing. Master Mind shoots electricity into his chest, taking him down. Aiden and Conker both shoot at him, but his strange makeup causes the small bullets to go through him. Master Mind shoots lightning at them too. Toro does a flying kick towards Master Mind. Master Mind smashes him down in midair onto the pavement, leaving only Mario. Mario jumps up high and prepares to punch Master Mind, but he's hit by lightning in midair and lands hard on the pavement.) Pitiful. Not a single hit. (He picks up Toro by the neck and floats up.) This shall set an example.

Toro: (Groaning.) H-Help… me… (Master Mind floats higher. Electricity begins to form from his hands. He plans to kill Toro. Suddenly, a familiar voice is heard.)

???: Stop! (Brian comes out from the crowd of people.)

Master Mind: You are not one of them.

Brian: You're a monster! Get out of New York! Leave! Can't you just leave us alone?! (Master Mind floats down and drops Toro. He walks up to Brian and picks him up by the neck instead. He floats up again and starts to electrocute Brian's neck. He starts screaming violently until the life leaves his body, and he's dropped to the ground. Brian is dead.)

Master Mind: People of this world, let this be a lesson to you all. There will be no more happy endings. No more defeating the bad guy. There are no more heroes. All who oppose will die. (He floats back and grabs Psycho Mantis' corpse. A portal opens behind him and he steps through. Our heroes start getting up.)

Mario: No…

Aiden: (To Mario.) I'm sorry to say this, but I don't think we can beat that thing.

Conker: Yeah, we got our *sses beat.

Aiden: I don't wanna die. Not here. (Mario closes his eyes, and looks down at the ground. Toro comes up and puts his hand on Mario's shoulder. Mario opens his eyes.)

Toro: I'll help you. I need to save my friend.

Shadow: I'm going too. This monster must be stopped.

Travis: This isn't a battle anymore, it's a motherf*cking war. Count me in. (Mario looks back at his army of heroes. Aiden and Conker nod towards him.)

Mario: Let's-a get going then! (Mario points to the distance, and our six heroes set off.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins in the depths of space. Suddenly, the Tornado flies by with Tails in the cockpit. Tails is holding a strange remote controller with a screen on it.)

Tails: I'm finally getting a signal! There's chaos emeralds somewhere down on that planet. That means that Sonic is somewhere down there! Alright! (Suddenly, a loud sound is heard and Tails looks up. A Wolfen is careening through space and heading towards the Tornado.) What?! (The Wolfen hits the wing, sending them both down to Earth.)

(We cut to a gunship sitting in space. The Tornado and the Wolfen fly down past it towards Earth. We cut inside, and a woman gasps. The woman is revealed to be Samus Aran, wearing her zero suit. She's looking at a computer monitor showing multiple dots falling towards Earth. Two of them are close together. All dots are blinking.)

Samus: What kinds of ships are those? There's still life in them. (Samus turns around to see her power suit. She stares at it for a few seconds before turning back around to the gunship controls. We see the gunship fly towards Earth.)

(It's late at night on Earth. The gunship slowly lands on the ground. Samus comes out the top wearing her power suit. She jumps down and looks around until something catches her eye. She walks over to the wreckage of the Tornado and the Wolfen. She pries open the hatch to the Wolfen and takes out the dead body of Wolf O'Donnell.)

Samus: What happened? (She then walks over to the Tornado, but nothing is found inside.) Nobody in this one…(Suddenly, pig noises are heard along with a scream. Samus runs toward the direction of the scream. Past the treeline are two pigmasks (EarthBound) and Mog (Final Fantasy). Both pigmasks have blasters.)

Pigmask 1: Heehee, what on Earth is this thing?

Pigmask 2: I dunno, but it looks pretty funny.

Mog: Please don't hurt me! Kupo!

Pigmask 1: Oh, we won't hurt you. We'll just use you for experiments.

Pigmask 2: (Hits pigmask 1. Whispering.) Dude, don't tell him that.

Pigmask 1: (Whispering.) Sorry. (Samus suddenly jumps out and points her arm cannon at the pigmasks.)

Samus: Stand down, I heard everything.

Pigmask 2: (To pigmask 1.) Now look what've you done! (Samus fires a shot at them, but they both dodge and start firing at Samus. Samus goes into morph ball form, rolls towards the pigmasks, and drops a bomb. It blows up and sends the pigmasks back a bit, Mog has moved back a bit and is not hit by the blast. Samus turns back into her regular form and is hit by shots from the pigmasks. Samus retaliates by firing a missile at a pigmask. He's dead. Samus runs up to the other one and hits him with her arm cannon, knocking him out.)

Mog: Oh, thank you! Thank you! Kupo!

Samus: Do you know who those men were?

Mog: Nope. Sorry. (Screams are suddenly heard from a long distance away. Samus runs to check it out. In the distance, she finds a large facility with many trucks lined up beside it. More pigmasks are marching in and out.)

(We cut to inside the facility. Lots of pig squeals and footsteps are heard. Suddenly, Mega Man bursts out from behind a corner and runs into a nearby room to hide. Multiple pigmasks also come out from the corner, looking for Mega Man. They continue running past the room where Mega Man hid.)

Mega Man: Finally. (He begins to walk back into the hallway, when a pigmask that fell behind sees him. The pigmask squeals and pulls out his blaster.) Woah! (Mega Man transforms his arm into the mega buster and shoots the pigmask three times. Mega Man grabs the pigmask with his super arm and throws him against the wall, knocking him out.) You guys aren't so tough.

Pigmask 3: I heard something! Quick, back to where we were! (Mega Man gasps and runs out of a different exit to the room. We cut to the pigmasks coming back. To the passed out Pigmask.) Frank?! Frank, no! That escapee robo-punk got him! We better keep looking.

(The pigmasks leave, and we see Mega Man hiding behind the doorframe. A loud roar is suddenly heard, and Mega Man turns towards the noise. The camera pans to see the stairs going into the basement.)

(We cut to a semi-big closet area with a vent in it. The vent is blown open and hits the wall. Samus rolls out in morph ball form and then goes back into her normal form.)

Samus: What in the world is this place? (She walks through a door into a laboratory. The camera pans to see three pigmasks observing Yacker (Sonic the Hedgehog) stuck in a glass tube. The camera pans again to see more pigmasks observing a ditto. The ditto uses transform to take the shape of a pigmask. Samus walks up to a very large glass tube with an unidentifiable creature inside.) Strange creatures… (Mega Man is seen walking through the lab. A few pigmasks pass him as he ducks behind a table. A voice comes out of an intercom.)

Intercom: All pigmasks report upstairs! We need all of our men to find that robot! Go go go! (All of the pigmasks run up the stairs and out of the laboratory. Mega Man continues to sneak around the laboratory and stumbles upon a large cage. He starts looking inside. We cut to the perspective of whatever is in the cage as it lunges at the bars. Mega Man falls back in shock and yells. This alerts Samus to Mega Man and she walks over to see him on the ground.)

Samus: Hey! (She quickly shoots at Mega Man but he jumps backwards and gets into an attack position. Mega Man charges his mega buster and fires a charged shot at Samus, which hits her into a wall. Mega Man attempts to escape until we see Samus fire an ice missile and freeze him. Samus then runs up to him and hits him with the end of her arm cannon, releasing him from the ice.)

Samus: (Walking up to Mega Man.) Sorry, robot. You put up a good fight. (When she gets close enough, Mega Man uses hard knuckle and hits her in the helmet with it. Then he uses crash bomber and fires a gooey bomb at Samus.) What is this? (It explodes and Samus is blown back, as it looks like Mega Man is about to deal the final blow. Suddenly, Samus uppercuts him and he lands onto the floor. Samus points her arm cannon at him.) Stand down. It's over for you and these pigs.

Mega Man: What? You're with the pigs! All of these experiments on me need to end! (He raises his mega buster.)

Samus: Stop! (She puts her hands up as Mega Man keeps his mega buster pointed at her.) Are you with the pigs?

Mega Man: Not a chance. They've been holding me hostage for days. (Samus lowers her hand and arm cannon and Mega Man lowers his mega buster.)

Samus: I'm not one of the bad guys. These pig men seem to be experimenting on strange creatures, and I think they've taken other people hostage. What do you know about these guys?

Mega Man: (Thinks for a second.) I don't know much about them, but they keep talking about someone named Porky. I think he might be the leader. He's the one I'm looking for.

Samus: I'll come with you. We have to put a stop to this.

(We cut to Samus and Mega Man leaning beside a doorway. A pigmask captain is seen with four other pigmasks.)

Pigmask Captain: Move out, porkers! That robot could spell trouble if we're not careful! Let's go! (They move out.)

Samus: Coast is clear. (They start sprinting down the hallway. Suddenly, Mega Man trips on something.) Are you okay?

Mega Man: (Gets up and picks up Tails' remote control that he used earlier in the episode. It was laying next to a nearby door.) What is this thing?

Samus: I can't really tell.

Pigmask 4: I hear something, boys! Follow me!

Mega Man: (Quietly.) They're coming! (They run through the nearby door. The room inside is dark. Finally, an unfamiliar voice speaks.)

???: So you're the robots that my men have been running after. You finally decided to stop by. (The room lights come on.) Took you long enough. Heh! (We see Porky Minch descend down in the Bad Mecha.) What? You think you're the only ones with awesome gadgets? Well come and fight me, losers! Spankety spankety spankety!

Samus: What's happening here?

Porky: Can't you see? These pigmasks of mine have been making these weirdo creatures super cool. As a matter of fact, we finished up a nice prototype today. Introducing… (Tails flies down in his Robo Tails form.) the Flying Fox! This is the first soldier in Master Mind's new robotic army! (He begins to laugh but soon begins coughing.)

Tails: What do you wish of me, Master Porky?

Porky: Knock 'em down! Hit 'em hard! Spit in their faces! Destroy them! (Tails flies into the air and begins to shoot at our heroes. They run off into opposite directions. Samus shoots wildly at Tails and gets a hit on him. Tails seems unfazed however, as he flies down and tail whips Samus down. Mega Man begins to run towards Tails until he is shot down by a laser.) You didn't think he'd be fighting alone, did you? (An onslaught of Mecha-Porkys are released from the Bad Mecha and begin to run towards our heroes. Mega Man shoots one twice and then hits another one in the head with his metal blade. A third one comes up behind him but he quickly turns and uppercuts it.)

(Samus continues to fight Tails as they both rapidly shoot at one another. Tails flies close to Samus and uses a spin dash to knock her down. Tails then grabs a Mecha-Porky and performs a thunder shoot by launching it at Samus while it is being electrified. Samus has taken serious damage. Meanwhile, Porky flies up and starts dropping explosive Mecha-Porkys at Mega Man. Mega Man uses leaf shield as the Mecha-Porkys merely plink off of it.)

Porky: Aw, you're no fun. (Tails starts approaching Samus, ready to blast her, but just as he's about to, Samus jumps up and uses her screw attack on him. Tails falls back to the ground as his prototype circuitry fries itself. The robotic body parts fall off of him.)

Tails: Huh? Where am I?

Porky: No! You losers broke my robot! Now you'll pay!

Tails: You! You're the last thing I remember! What did you do to me?! (Porky begins charging another laser and starts shooting multiple shots at the heroes. Tails flies up and throws a bomb at Porky. Porky falls to the ground but easily gets back up.)

Porky: You think that did anything? (He laughs again but starts coughing shortly after.)

Tails: I don't know how to beat this thing. It looks unstoppable.

Samus: My suit is running low on energy.

Mega Man: (Struck with a sudden thought.) I'll be right back, keep up the fight! (Samus and Tails look at each other confused. We see Mega Man run out the door through the halls. He runs by a group of pigmasks.)

Pigmask 5: There's the bot! Grab him, boys! (The pigmasks give chase. We cut down to the laboratory. Mega Man runs over to the cage that he was afraid of earlier. The pigmasks stop cold. Scared.) Don't open that door. Don't let that thing out! (Mega Man opens the cage and a roar is heard.)

(We cut back to Porky shooting at Tails and Samus. They're backed up against a wall. Porky starts charging a big laser.)

Porky: Looks like it's the end of the line for you! (A roar is heard.) Huh? (Mega Man storms in.) Where've you been? Crying to your mama? (The roar sounds again and Mega Man goes to hide with Samus and Tails by the wall. Suddenly, the Ultimate Chimera (EarthBound) charges in.) That thing?! (The Ultimate Chimera eyes Porky and charges at him. He lunges at the glass casing surrounding him and pushes him to the ground.) No! No! Nooooooo! (Porky starts shooting everywhere. Parts of the roof begin to fall in.)

Tails: The room is caving in! We have to get out of here! (Our heroes run for the door, but it begins to fall from above them.) Oh no! (Samus catches the falling debris, but can't move forward.)

Samus: Go! I'll hold this! Just get out of here!

Mega Man: It'll crush you!

Tails: (To Mega Man.) Come on! (Tails and Mega Man run out the door into the treeline. A large thud is heard from inside.)

Mega Man: She's gone…

Tails: Hey, what's that? (Two pigmasks are seen carrying an unconscious Samus out of the building and loading her into a truck.)

Pigmask 6: That everything that needs to be loaded?

Pigmask 7: Yep. Take it on over to the lab, bud. (The pigmask climbs into the truck and drives away.)

Mega Man: They took her. What's our plan now?

Tails: We should follow the truck. Maybe it could be a clue to what's going on here.

Mega Man: How're we gonna catch up? (Tails grabs Mega Man's hand and begins to fly.) Oh. This'll work. (Tails flies towards the truck as the sun rises.)

(We cut back into the destroyed lab. Pigmasks are strewn all over the floor. The camera pans to the large glass tube that Samus investigated. It's too dark to see inside. A pair of purple eyes open up.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins inside the Death Egg. Dr. Eggman is seen typing on his computer.)

Eggman: Finally, the prototype is complete.

Master Mind: Is it ready for testing?

Eggman: Everything should be working correctly. You just have to find your first victims.

Master Mind: I know exactly what I am going to use this for. (The camera turns around to see the corpse of Psycho Mantis hooked up to a giant machine hooked up to monitors. The camera zooms into the eye of Psycho Mantis before changing scenes.)

(The scene changes to Link, Viewtiful Joe, and Frank West walking down the city sidewalks.)

Frank: I think I just have bad luck with clowns, that's probably it.

Joe: Sounds like a bummer, man.

Frank: Eh, they were always a bit freaky. (To Link.) Hey, do you have any idea where we're going?

Link: I'm not sure. I've just been following this path.

Frank: Oh boy, we're lost. Well that's just great. (Police sirens are heard in the background.)

Joe: Hey, do you guys hear that? (From behind our heroes, we see someone running towards them. It's Niko Bellic who runs between Frank and Link and accidentally shoulders Frank to the ground. Link bends down to help him up.)

Frank: Hey, f*ck you too pal.

Joe: I'll get him. (Joe follows Niko into an alleyway.) Freeze, criminal!

Niko: (Loudly whispering.) Keep quiet! They'll hear you!

Joe: Huh? (The police drive up to the scene and get out of their cruisers.)

Frank: (Getting off the ground.) Hello, officers. What seems to be the problem?

Officer: (All the officers have a distant look in their eyes and no clear emotion on their face. A purple glint is in their eyes. Slightly monotone.) You're coming with us.

Link: What? Why?

Officer: Cuff them. (We see Joe watch as Link and Frank are handcuffed and loaded into the cruisers. The police drive away. Niko walks out from the alleyway.)

Joe: (To Niko.) Hey, because of you my friends have been arrested!

Niko: Because of me? Those f*cking pigs came out of nowhere and arrested me and my cousin for nothing. I had to get out of there or end up in prison.

Joe: The police wouldn't arrest someone for doing nothing. You're lying.

Niko: (Looking away.) I know what I saw, kid.

Joe: (A pause. Joe is thinking.) So, we both have friends that are wrongly put into prison.

Niko: (Looking back at Joe.) Yeah, I guess.

Joe: I say, we try a little prison break.

Niko: Prison break? You're insane.

Joe: Trust me, with the two of us working together, our friends will be free in no time. Whaddya say?

Niko: I suppose I've done worse, and what've I got to lose.

Joe: I'll call us a cab. Taxi! (He waves down a taxi. A strange looking taxi pulls up and spins in a circle.) Woah! (Joe opens the passenger side door of the taxi to see the driver, B.D. Joe (Crazy Taxi).)

B.D. Joe: And where can I transport you two fiiiine folk?

Joe: We need to get to the jail around here, and fast!

B.D. Joe: Say no more, get in and hold on tight. (Joe and Niko get into the taxi and take off very quickly, knocking over a couple of trash cans.)

(We cut into a prison area with lots of cells. Link and Frank are both escorted in by a guard. They're both stripped of their gear. They look to their left to see a cell with Tommy Vercetti (Grand Theft Auto) and Kane (Kane & Lynch).)

Tommy: Don't we get a phone call or something?

(The heroes look to their right to see a cell with Leo Caruso (A Way Out) and Roman Bellic (Grand Theft Auto).)

Roman: Ayyy, where're ya holdin' Niko?

Link: How did it ever end up like this?

Frank: This is outrageous. (They're taken over to a cell and are thrown in. The cell door shuts automatically.) Oh great.

???: So they've taken more in? Shame. (The camera pans over to another hero sitting on the cell bench. It's Max Payne.)

Frank: I'm sorry, and you are?

Max: Max Payne. Another victim of power.

Link: Victim of power?

Frank: This guy seems a bit strange.

Max: The two of you have seen it too, right? The glint in their eyes, almost like they're not the ones watching.

Frank: What the h*ll are you on about?

Max: I saw what happened, and they punished me because of it. (We cut away to the next scene which takes on a comic book style, reminiscent of the Max Payne games. Max's dialogue will be said and put into comic book dialogue boxes.) I had woken up and found myself here, a world that wasn't mine. Like some twisted story book. Days passed and I found myself walking by the police station. A brilliant blast of light erupted from the windows and I was taken aback. The officers just stood there and this strange, pitch black creature just hovered in front of them. Suddenly, I was seen. Lucky me. I was taken here and have been holed up ever since. (We cut out of the comic book style.)

Link: This is a lot to unpack. What do you think that creature was?

Max: I couldn't tell ya, but he may be responsible for us being in this cell. (The three heroes look at each other nervously.)

(We cut to outside the jail. Joe and Niko watch the taxi drive away.)

Niko: Y'know, you could've told me you didn't have money for the cab.

Joe: This was a big spur of the moment decision.

Niko: How do you figure we're going to get to the cells in there? (Suddenly, a commotion is heard.)

???: Hey, what are you doing? (We pan over to see Officer Tenpenny (Grand Theft Auto) on the ground. An officer has a pistol pointed at him.)

Officer: You can't be trusted here. I need to take you out. (The boys take notice of this.)

Niko: We've got trouble.

Joe: Leave this to me! (Joe runs over to the officer and does a jump kick right into his head.) Is there a prrrroblem here? (The officer takes aim at Joe, but is suddenly put into a headlock by Niko.)

Niko: F*ck you! (Joe takes this opportunity to punch the officer in the face and knock him out.)

Tenpenny: Thank you to you both, but I'd advise leaving the premises. (He leaves. Niko picks up the badge and pistol of the unconscious officer.)

Niko: I think we have a way in.

(We cut to the front of the building. A cruiser pulls up and the chief from CH1E6 exits the vehicle. He does not have the purple glint in his eyes. He is met by his deputy. He looks like the rest of the officers.)

Chief: I understand that there have been a surplus of arrests today?

Deputy: Yes, chief.

Chief: Well, let's see what this is all about.

(We cut to inside the prison. Niko is wearing a police cap and escorting Joe through the halls. They're about to turn a corner when they hear a voice from behind them.)

Guard: Hold it! (Niko stops but Joe rounds the corner. Two guards approach. To Niko.) What's with the outfit?

Niko: Uhhh, I just came from a stake out. Had to wear my civilian clothes. (The two guards blankly stare at each other. Meanwhile, Joe wanders around and seems to find some sort of control room. The room is lined with monitors and a large control board. A guard is sitting in front of it in a swivel chair.)

Joe: (Quietly.) Well, what have we here? (To guard.) Hey! Your shift's up! (The guard gets up and walks out the door. He looks for the voice, and spots Joe.) Hey there! (The guard pulls out a baton, but is kicked back by Joe. Joe quickly runs into the security room and locks the door, with now frantic banging coming from it.) Let's make this quick! (He goes up to the control board and looks over it. He spots a fairly large button on the far right that says "Release All".) Bingo! (He presses it. We cut to multiple jail cells opening up, including some with normal prisoners. We see the cell holding Link, Frank, and Max open. The last one we see open is one holding a shadowy figure with his head on fire. He laughs.)

(We cut back to Niko and the guards as a large commotion is heard. The guards look at him angrily and Niko punches the guard on his left. The other guard pulls out a taser. He swings at Niko who quickly pulls back. He grabs the guard's head and knees him, knocking him out. He grabs his taser and shocks the other guard. He takes off his cap and throws it to the ground before running off. Niko runs to where the security room is to find the guard still banging on the door. Joe flies through the door with his foot hitting the stomach of the guard and knocking him to the floor.)

Joe: Oh, oops.

Niko: What did you do?!

Joe: I released the others.

Niko: You released everyone!

Joe: I panicked! You would've done the same! (Suddenly, a crowd of prisoners barge through where Joe and Niko were standing. Among them are Link, Frank, and Max, who stay back.)

Link: Joe? And the criminal from earlier?

Frank: I should've guessed it was the superhero kid.

Link: C'mon, let's get our stuff back.

Niko: Follow me. I saw the evidence room on the way here. (The five of them reach the room and go inside. Link grabs his gear, Frank grabs his camera, and Max grabs two pistols.)

Max: Just in case.

???: Hello, boys and girls! (The heroes look into the doorway to see Sweet Tooth standing there menacingly.) So you came for round two? (Sweet Tooth grabs an axe on the wall, used for fire escape. He laughs before charging through. He ends up grabbing Frank and Niko, before all three of them crash through a window behind them.)

Max: Who the h*ll was that?

Link: We need to help them! (Before they can jump down, a metal barrier closes down over the window. Two cops appear in the doorway and begin shooting. Joe and Max get out of the way, while Link uses his shield. He then runs up to the two officers and uses a spin attack to knock them down.) Come on! (Our heroes run down the corridors, looking for an exit. We cut to outside the prison.)

Frank: (On the ground.) God, I hate clowns. (Sweet Tooth approaches and is about to chop off Frank's head.)

Sweet Tooth: Say goodnight! (Suddenly, shots are fired at Sweet Tooth. This gives Frank the chance to roll out of the way. We see that Niko is the one that fired.)

Niko: F*ck you, b*tch!

Sweet Tooth: You'll regret that. (Sweet Tooth walks up and breathes fire at Niko, who runs back screaming.)

Niko: Ah! Sh*t! (He's not badly hurt, and the fire is quickly put out. Sweet Tooth laughs, until a trash can is thrown at him.)

Frank: Fantastic!

(We cut back to inside the prison, this time with the police chief and his deputy. They're both in a hallway and can hear the commotion.)

Chief: What is happening around here?! I want an answer and I want it now! (The deputy stares at him before drawing his pistol on him.) What the-?

Deputy: You'll only get in the way. (A gunshot fires off, but the deputy is the one going down, clutching his arm. Max Payne stands triumphantly down the hall.)

Max: Looks like we came just in time. (The deputy gets up, with the glint leaving his eyes.)

Deputy: (No longer monotone.) What… what happened? Last thing I remember was that strange thing appearing at the station.

Link: Strange thing? (To Max.) Like?

Max: Probably the same thing I saw.

Joe: Uh, guys? We better hurry. That clown obviously doesn't go down too easily.

Link: Right! Let's keep going. (They run off, leaving the chief confused.)

(Back outside, a large crowd has gathered around the prison. Niko and Frank are standing their guard, with Niko holding his pistol out. Sweet Tooth's back is towards the crowd.)

Niko: Just give up.

Sweet Tooth: Where's the fun in that? (Sweet Tooth grabs a manhole cover from the street and chucks it at Niko and Frank, knocking them over. Sweet Tooth then grabs a little girl from the crowd and holds the axe against her throat. The girl is Akari from CH1E6. Mr. Yamamoto is also in the crowd.)

Yamamoto: Akari!

Akari: D-Dad… I'm scared.

Sweet Tooth: Awww, don't be afraid. You're with me now…

Frank: Let the kid go, Bozo.

Sweet Tooth: Take one more step, and she's as good as dead. (Niko lowers his pistol, and the two heroes back up.) How gullible. (Sweet Tooth raises his axe to kill. Time starts going slowly. Suddenly, Max Payne dives in front of Frank and Niko with his two pistols. He's gone into bullet time. He rapidly fires at Sweet Tooth, which knocks him back a bit and causes him to miss Akari's throat. Akari runs back to her dad.)

Akari: Dad!

Max: I can't let another man's daughter die.

Sweet Tooth: Why you-! (Joe suddenly rushes in and delivers a knee to the chin. Link runs up and shoots an ice arrow at Sweet Tooth, freezing him in a block of ice. Frank takes the opportunity to run up and deliver a jab to the face through the ice, which breaks it and sends Sweet Tooth to the ground. Finally, Niko runs up and tazes Sweet Tooth in the neck.)

Niko: You clown son of a b*tch! (Sweet Tooth begins laughing to himself.) What's so funny, you d*ck?

Sweet Tooth: I'm not done with. I have one last surprise for all you good little boys and girls. (Sweet Tooth takes out a pair of car keys and clicks them. It makes a noise.)

Joe: Car keys? (Loud stomps are heard and everyone looks up in shock. The camera pans to see the Sweet Bot appear on the scene, a mechanical fighter version of Sweet Tooth's ice cream truck. Sweet Tooth climbs inside.)

Sweet Tooth: Let's play a game! (The gatling gun on Sweet Bot's arm begins firing. Everyone takes cover to avoid the barrage as cars explode from the bullets. Link ducks behind a car and takes out a bomb and throws it at Sweet Bot.)

Link: Hiyah! (It doesn't do a lot.)

Sweet Tooth: Have some presents! (Sweet Tooth begins throwing chainsaws out the door to Sweet Bot. They fly towards Joe and Max as they both go into slow motion mode to dodge them. Joe backflips over one as Max leans underneath another.)

Joe: Can't hit me! (We cut to Frank and Niko.)

Niko: You distract him. I can do this.

Frank: Distract the giant robot?! No way!

Niko: Just do it! (Frank sighs before running out of cover.)

Frank: Hey! Over here! (We see the Sweet Bot walk towards Frank as Niko silently sneaks towards it.)

Sweet Tooth: (Lifting up the leg of the Sweet Bot.) Bye bye. (Suddenly, Niko pulls open the door to the Sweet Bot.)

Niko: Mine now, *sshole! (Niko throws Sweet Tooth out.)

Sweet Tooth: Ugh… my ice cream… (The Sweet Bot approaches Sweet Tooth as it picks him up. Then, it throws Sweet Tooth into a building as he screams. He's knocked unconscious as he falls to the ground.)

Niko: Finally. (To crowd.) You're welcome. (We cut forward in time to Sweet Tooth's body being dragged away by cops who are no longer brainwashed. The chief is talking to the heroes.)

Chief: Once again, I'd like to apologize for the false arrests on behalf of my men. We have seen a lot of strange things over the past few days, and we believe that the thing seen at the station is a very serious threat.

Link: That's who we're looking for.

Max: We've theorized that that thing is connected to us being here.

Frank: We could use your help on this. Have you got any information on this thing?

Chief: I'm afraid not, but we'd be happy to help you in this fight. I'll get a few detectives on this case and help out wherever we can.

Link: Thank you. Now, we'll be on our way. (Niko is seen taking out his phone in the background. Joe, Frank, and Max walk away. A voice is heard from the crowd.)

Akari: Link! (Akari runs up and hugs the hero.) I knew you were a real hero! I knew it! (Mr. Yamamoto walks up.)

Yamamoto: I am forever grateful for you saving my daughter. How can we repay you?

Link: Payment isn't necessary. Just stay safe out there. Maybe we'll see each other again. (Link runs to the others.)

Yamamoto: I guess New York finally has its heroes. (To Akari.) Let's go home, Akari. (Niko is speaking to Roman on the phone in the background.)

Roman: Ayyyyy, Niko! I got out of that prison! Wanna go bowling?!

Niko: Roman, I'll have to call you back. I have important stuff to do.

Roman: Alright, Niko. But don't be gone for too long.

Niko: Bye, Roman. (He hangs up and joins the group.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins in a field. The Happy Mask Salesman (The Legend of Zelda) is lying unconscious on the ground, his pack is noticeably missing. Shuffling sounds are heard as the camera pans to the right. We see Master Mind going through the pack, seemingly looking for something. He stops.)

Master Mind: Here it is… (Master Mind pulls out Majora's Mask. It floats and slowly spins in his hands.) Majora. I've heard legends about you. You're going to help me spread chaos. (The camera zooms in on the mask before we fade into a new scene.)

(We fade into a small forest village. People are milling about and we pan over to a shop with a fruit stand outside with a woman watching over it. Lloyd (Mana) walks up and greets the woman and then walks over to the fruit stand. He starts to pick up a watermelon before it is thrust into the air. Lloyd looks shocked as it's revealed that a waddle dee has grabbed the melon. The waddle dee runs off. We see more and more waddle dees running through the village with various food items. We then cut to Beedle (The Legend of Zelda) sitting behind a blanket with items on it, including a heart piece, a purple plum, and a Geno doll. A waddle dee, runs up, grabs the plum, and runs away.)

Beedle: Heeeeeey! Get back here! (Beedle runs after it. As Beedle runs away, we see a small star float into the Geno doll.)

(We cut to Spike, Bomberman, and Red walking through the forest.)

Bomberman: So, where are we going?

Spike: Well, we were following that robot, but are we even going in the right direction?

Red: Well… we were following it, but I think we got a bit turned around.

Bomberman: What?! We're lost?!

Red: We'll find a way out of here.

Spike: Why are we even here? What caused that flash of light back home?

???: Perhaps I can help answer that. (The camera pans to see Geno coming out from behind the trees. He walks up to the heroes.)

Bomberman: Is that… a puppet?

Geno: Who, me? No, I have just taken the form of this doll. I'm actually a warrior from Star Road. My name is ♡♪!?, but you can call me Geno, after the doll.

Spike: That's a lot to take in.

Red: So, Geno, do you know what brought us here?

Geno: I do, it is a very interesting story. (We go to a storybook style while Geno narrates.) It started long, long ago in the Mushroom Kingdom. It was a day like any other, when a figure was spotted over the horizon. A creature made out of darkness named Master Mind. He began a war with our universe, causing everyone, whether they were from our world or not, to fight back. The stars created the Shadow Crystal to trap him forever; however, a couple of days ago, the evil king, Bowser, released Master Mind from his prison and we were sent here. We do not know the reason, but it cannot be good. (We fade out from the storybook.)

Bomberman: Master Mind?

Red: Bowser?

Geno: Yes, it is indeed a confusing and horrible tale, but I have come down to do something about it. Surely there must be a way to defeat Master Mind.

Spike: We'll come with you, you can't do this alone.

Geno: This is a dangerous fight. Are you sure about this?

Bomberman: Absolutely!

Red: Maybe this will lead us to Pikachu.

Geno: You are all very kind. Now, let us head off.

(We cut to a line of waddle dees marching through the forest. The last one stops under a tree and looks up as snoring is heard above him. He shrugs it off and walks away. We cut back to our heroes trudging through the forest. Suddenly, a waddle dee holding an apple jumps in their path.)

Bomberman: What is that? (The waddle dee looks at them and walks away.) Where did he come from? (The heroes go to where the waddle dee came from. They see a Snorlax next to a stash of food. A group of waddle dees is taking food from the pile.)

Red: Woah! A Snorlax!

Spike: What are these things? (The waddle dees take the last of the food from the pile, leaving one waddle dee with no food in his hands.)

Red: Hey, those things just stole the Snorlax's food! (The waddle dee with no food walks up to Bomberman.)

Bomberman: What do you want? (The waddle dee looks at the pink ball on Bomberman's head longingly. The waddle dee then picks him up.) Hey! What's going on?! (The waddle dee runs off with Bomberman.)

Spike: Hey! Get back here!

Geno: Where is that thing taking him?

Red: Hey, guys! (Spike and Geno turn around to see the Snorlax stirring. Snorlax begins to attack in a grumpy rage.)

Snorlax: Snorlaaaaaax! (Snorlax stomps on the ground, knocking our heroes down. They get up to fight.)

Red: Alright, let's go! Go, Ivysaur! (Red sends out Ivysaur as Spike and Geno run up to fight.)

Ivysaur: Ivy! (First Geno runs up and fires his Geno beam. It hits and the Snorlax goes back a bit. Spike then attacks by shooting his slingback shooter at the Snorlax. It hits him in the head, but he retaliates by punching Spike away. Snorlax then uses yawn which has a yawn cloud move towards Spike.)

Spike: (Sleepily.) Suddenly, I don't really feel… like… (He falls asleep.)

Red: Ivysaur, use seed bomb!

Ivysaur: Saur! (Ivysaur shoots his seed bombs at the Snorlax, knocking him onto the ground. He slowly gets back up. Geno uses his finger shot on the Snorlax which mostly just plink off of him.)

Snorlax: Laaaax! (The Snorlax knocks Geno away. Spike starts to wake up.)

Spike: (Yawns.) Huh? (Spike realizes what's happening and takes out his magic punch. He uses it to punch the Snorlax in the face.)

Red: Ivysaur, use sleep powder! (Ivysaur uses sleep powder on Snorlax and puts it back to sleep.)

Snorlax: Snor… snor… snor… (Snorlax is fast asleep.)

Red: Way to go, Ivysaur! (To Spike and Geno.) That should take care of him. Let's go!

(We cut to the middle of a forest area. The waddle dee carrying Bomberman runs through, passing a waddle doo and a bronto burt flying by.)

???: Halt! What have you brought for the king! (We see that this voice belongs to Bandana Dee. The waddle dee holds up Bomberman.)

Bomberman: Hey, what's the big idea?!

???: Hehehe, now whadda we have here? (King Dedede approaches the waddle dee holding Bomberman.) Why, does this look like a piece of food to you?

Bomberman: Food?! Put me down! (Bomberman is put down.)

Bandana Dee: Sorry for the mix up, sometimes our men get confused. (Bomberman looks over to see a giant stack of food with Dedede's troops walking around it.)

Bomberman: Gee, that's a lotta food.

King Dedede: It's a meal fit for a king like me. Hehehe, ain't that right, Bandana Dee?

Bandana Dee: Yes, sire. (Spike, Red, and Geno walk out of the trees and meet up with the others, ready to attack.)

Geno: Halt! Explain your business with our friend here!

Red: Hey, is that the Snorlax's food?

King Dedede: Snorlax? What on Popstar are you talking about, boy? This here food belongs to me, the king!

Bomberman: Have you just been having these orange things take food from people?

Bandana Dee: Well, the king requested that we get food from anywhere.

King Dedede: Absolutely anywhere!

Spike: You're just being greedy! Return this food immediately!

King Dedede: Ugh, fine! I, being the fair and just ruler that I am, declare that this food be returned to their rightful owners because this red-haired pipsqueak told me too.

???: "Fair and just ruler"? What an ego. (Master Mind floats down holding Majora's mask.) I've dealt with my fair share of kings, but you are the most pathetic one yet.

Geno: It's him…

King Dedede: Pathetic! Them's fightin' words you ghostly goon! Come closer and I'll show you my hammer!

Master Mind: I have something much more interesting in mind. (Master Mind floats closer to Dedede and holds out the mask. Dedede backs up in fear.)

King Dedede: (Frightened.) I'm warnin' ya! I'll clobbah ya to bits! (The mask gets eerily closer until finally it latches onto Dedede's face. He starts screaming as the mask takes him up until his body goes limp and the screaming stops. Bandana Dee shrieks and runs away.)

Master Mind: Great power without a body, a powerful body without a mind. (To Geno.) Star warrior, (Geno looks up.) it seems you've met your match. (A portal opens up behind Master Mind and he goes through, the portal then disappears. Masked Dedede falls to the ground.)

Bomberman: What is that on his face?

Spike: Was that Master Mind?

Geno: Stay quiet. I think the king may still be conscious. (Masked Dedede looks at the heroes before letting out an ear-splitting scream. The heroes, minus Geno, hold their ears in pain.)

Masked Dedede: Get them! (Waddle dees, waddle doos, and bronto burts all look up to hear the orders of their king.)

Red: Go Squirtle! (Red sends out Squirtle. Simultaneously, Spike pulls out his Stun Club, Geno arms his Geno Beam, and our heroes run in different directions.)

(Spike hits away two waddle dees with his Stun Club. He goes after a waddle doo next, but is hit away with the waddle doo's eye beam. A bomb is suddenly thrown next to the waddle doo and it explodes, blasting it away.)

Bomberman: Yes! (Suddenly, a gaggle of bombs soar towards Bomberman. He jumps out of the way as we see two poppy bros. Jr.s hopping around with bombs. We cut to bronto burts flying through the air. They're shot down as the camera shifts to a far view of Geno shooting at them. A waddle doo comes up behind him but is suddenly hit by Squirtle riding around in his shell.)

Red: Good job, Squirtle! (We suddenly see Masked Dedede float through the air and land next to Red. He does a spin with his hammer and hits him away. Geno sees this and shoots at Masked Dedede. It doesn't do much as Masked Dedede hits a gordo with his hammer like a bat. It slams into Geno as he's thrown back. Suddenly, Bonkers jumps into battle and readies his hammer. Geno gets up and is swung at, he luckily backs up in reaction. Geno starts running. Squirtle checks on Red as he gets up and they see Geno running. They quickly get up and follow as Bonkers follows.)

(Red and Geno continue their chase as their pursuer gets closer. They end up at the same tree the snoring was heard at earlier. Bonkers swings down his hammer as our two heroes duck out of the way. Bonkers then swings the hammer sideways, and ends up hitting the tree. From the branches, Bubsy the bobcat falls down onto Bonkers' head.)

Bubsy: (Yawns.) What the-? Who woke me up from my cat nap? (Bubsy jumps off and sizes up his opponent.) Woah! Aren't you a big fella. I can tell we aren't monkeying around. (Bonkers attempts to smash him but he jumps out of the way.) Hammer time!

Red: Squirtle! Water Gun! (Squirtle shoots out a jet of water that knocks Bonkers to the ground.)

Bubsy: Pounce! (Bubsy pounces onto Bonkers' head, which knocks him unconscious.) Now that that's taken care of, anybody wanna explain what's going on?

Geno: I shall explain on the way. We must be off now.

Bubsy: Oooh! An adventure! What could pawsibly go wrong? (Our heroes run back from where they came.)

(We cut back to the battle. We see Bomberman throw a bomb at the poppy bros Jr.s. The explosion sends them flying. Spike is seen firing his Slingback Shooter at unseen enemies before hitting a waddle dee behind him. Masked Dedede slowly approaches.)

Bubsy: Let's pounce! (Bubsy pounces onto Masked Dedede's head.) Another hammer? I gotta get me one-a those. (Masked Dedede charges his jet hammer.) Uh oh… (Bubsy is smacked by the jet hammer and is sent flying into a tree. Stars fly around his head.)

Bomberman: Alright, that tears it! (Bomberman starts throwing multiple bombs at Masked Dedede. One hits him far back, but he then hits a bomb back at him. The explosion causes Bomberman to fly back.)

Red: Go Charizard! (Charizard flies in and grabs Masked Dedede. They fly up and Charizard prepares to slam Masked Dedede down onto the ground. However, Masked Dedede turns the tables and slams Charizard down instead by turning him in midair.)

Geno: Excuse me, sire! (Masked Dedede turns to Geno.) Let me show you the true power of the stars. Geno Whirl! (A red star forms around Geno as he uses his Geno Whirl ability. The Geno Whirl throws Masked Dedede onto the ground and the mask comes off. King Dedede is definitely unconscious and very injured. Our heroes get to their feet.)

Spike: Did we defeat him? He's not dead, is he?

Geno: No, just very injured. What did that mask do to him?

Bubsy: (Picking up Majora.) This little thing made that fat guy attack us? Just looks like a hunk-a junk. (Bubsy throws Majora into the forest.)

Bomberman: So that ghostly guy, that was…?

Geno: Yes, Master Mind.

Red: He was some monster, and that mask he had was awful. Why would he do that to the greedy king?

Geno: I do not know, but we must act fast. We must be going.

Bubsy: I'll lead the way!

Geno: Y-You?

Bubsy: Yeah, I know a way out of this forest! So let's make like a tree and leave! (Everybody looks blank-faced at Bubsy.) Oooh, tough crowd. (Our heroes set off.)

(We cut back to Majora laying on the ground. Suddenly, a strange figure approaches it.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins in a desert area at nighttime. The only thing we see amongst the dust is the Cooper Van. We cut to the inside of the van to see Bentley typing away on a tablet of some kind.)

Bentley: Sly! Murray! I've found some information about a new artifact to grab. (Sly Cooper and Murray get into the van.)

Murray: Artifact? Here?

Sly: Whaddya on about, Bentley?

Bentley: There's this gem called the Shadow Crystal that was made a long, long time ago. I've found what seems to be a match to it nearby.

Sly: So, are you guys up for a little heist?

Murray: Sure thing, Sly!

Bentley: I'll track down the coordinates and we'll be off.

Sly: Alright. Murray, you're driving. (The Cooper Van is seen driving off.)

(We cut to the inside of a large canyon. Near a canyon wall, we see Banjo fighting against a burrowing snagret (Pikmin). It pecks at Banjo and knocks him down. Kazooie pops out of Banjo's backpack.)

Kazooie: Keep it together, Banjo. I'm tryin' to keep all my feathers here.

Banjo: Sorry, Kazooie. This thing is tougher than it looks. (The burrowing snagret lowers his head and Banjo and Kazooie perform the beak barge into its head. The burrowing snagret flops its neck onto the ground and Banjo and Kazooie then use their beak buster to crush the beast's head. The burrowing snagret bursts and a jiggy pops out. Banjo grabs it and does a little dance before Kazooie eats it. The duo turns around to a molehill and Bottles pops out.)

Bottles: Good job, you two! That monster looked pretty tough.

Kazooie: That featherless phony couldn't have defeated us if he tried. Ain't that right, Banjo?

Banjo: I dunno, Kazooie. That thing was pretty dangerous.

Bottles: Probably because featherface did 10% of the work.

Kazooie: What was that, bug-eyes?

Bottles: Err, nothing. But there's sure to be plenty more jiggies to find around here. Better get collecting! (Bottles burrows back down into his molehill and the duo runs off.)

(We cut to the cliffside of the canyon. Knuckles the echidna is seen guarding the Master Emerald.)

???: Hey, Knuckles! (Knuckles turns to see Vector the crocodile waving at him, he is followed by Espio the chameleon and Charmy Bee.)

Knuckles: The Chaotix? What're you guys doing here?

Espio: We saw the glint of the Master Emerald, which usually means that you aren't far behind.

Charmy: It's great to see another familiar face in this new world.

Vector: Yeah, but what're you doing cooped up here?

Knuckles: It isn't exactly safe to transport the Master Emerald right now. Who knows what could be around here. Have you three seen Sonic or Tails anywhere? (Vector shrugs his shoulders.)

Charmy: We haven't seen them or even heard from them.

Knuckles: (Sadly.) I hope they turn up soon. (We cut to far behind the team as the Cooper Van drives up. Sly, Bentley, and Murray all get out.)

Sly: So that's the Shadow Crystal?

Bentley: Sure is, Sly.

Sly: Should be easy enough to take. (Sly picks up a pebble and chucks it. It makes a noise that distracts Knuckles and the Chaotix away from the Master Emerald.)

Knuckles: What was that?

Sly: And now… (Sly uses his shadow power to turn invisible.) that jewel is ours. (Sly advances towards the Master Emerald while the others are distracted. He quickly swipes it and begins to walk away. As this happens, Espio glances back to see the Master Emerald floating.)

Espio: Huh? (Espio turns invisible, and we hear him hit Sly as Espio becomes visible again, holding the Master Emerald. Sly was thrown across the ground. Knuckles, Vector, and Charmy join Espio.)

Knuckles: Huh? Who is that?

Vector: It's a thief! Grab 'im, boys! (Espio and Charmy advance as Sly holds his cane out in self-defense.)

Sly: I wouldn't get any closer if I were you.

Vector: And why's that?

Sly: Bentley! Murray! We've got trouble! (Bentley and Murray arrive on the scene, with Bentley in his motorized wheelchair.)

Murray: Is it punchin' time, Sly?

Sly: Sure is, pal.

Knuckles: If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you got. Let's go! (Knuckles tackles Sly to the ground, and the two get back up into fighting positions. Knuckles takes three punches at Sly. Sly uses a smoke bomb and disappears.) Huh? Where'd you go? (Sly returns and bashes Knuckles with his cane. We cut to Vector and Murray locking hands as they struggle to push the other down.)

Vector: You're going down, you ton of blubber!

Murray: You're gonna eat those words, croc! (Murray pushes Vector back, but Vector slide tackles him down. Murray quickly gets up and delivers two punches to the chest. We cut to Bentley, Espio, and Charmy.)

Charmy: Two against one. You're toast!

Bentley: That's what you think! (Bentley throws a bomb at the two. It explodes and throws Espio and Charmy back. Espio gets back up and runs towards Bentley. He does a tornado spin which knocks Bentley back a bit. We cut back to Knuckles throwing punches at Sly. Sly trips Knuckles and kicks him away while he's in midair. Knuckles is knocked into the Master Emerald and it is knocked off of the cliff. We see it get caught by a graveler at the bottom of the canyon.)

Knuckles: No!

Sly: (Taking out paraglider.) Well, guess I'll be seeing you later. Bentley! Murray! (We cut to the two of them fighting the Chaotix.) Clean these fellas up! (Sly jumps off the cliff and starts gliding down.)

Knuckles: I'm not done with you yet! (Knuckles starts sliding down the cliffside with his fists. Knuckles and Sly both reach the ground as the graveler leaves the area. Knuckles tackles Sly to the ground.) Alright, you're down. Now stay away from the Master Emerald!

Sly: Master Emerald? You mean the Shadow Crystal.

Knuckles: Shadow Crystal?

Sly: You mean, that's not what that giant gemstone was?

Knuckles: You idiot! (He lets Sly up.) The Master Emerald is a gemstone of unimaginable power. I'm supposed to protect it in case of emergency, as did the Knuckles Clan.

Sly: That important, huh? Look, it's clear that there's been some kind of mistake here. So, if this emerald is as important as you say, then the least I can do is help you find it.

Knuckles: You're very kind for a thief.

Sly: I'm a thief, not a super villain.

Knuckles: Then let's start searching. (The scene cuts away to an orc (Warcraft) with two throwing axes making his way through the canyon. He sees the graveler with the Master Emerald.)

Orc: Heheh, shiny… (The orc runs up and hits the graveler away with his axes and it drops the Master Emerald and runs away. The orc picks up the Master Emerald as Banjo arrives onto the scene. Kazooie pops her head out.)

Kazooie: Look at that, Banjo. That gemstone is so pretty. I say we haggle for it.

Banjo: Haggle? With what, Kazooie?

Kazooie: We'll give him that jiggy we found earlier.

Banjo: Do ya really think he'll trade that massive gem for a jiggy.

Kazooie: He doesn't look too bright, and our house could use a conversation piece.

Banjo: (Sighs.) Well, alright. It does look pretty cool. (We cut to Knuckles and Sly walking through the canyon.)

Knuckles: (Spotting something and pointing.) There! (The camera pans to see Banjo and the orc making a trade.)

Orc: Thank you, bear. (He walks away.)

Knuckles: Hey! (Knuckles and Sly run up to Banjo.) That's the Master Emerald, you have to give that back!

Kazooie: Hey! Beat it, dreadlocks! We traded for this fair and square!

Sly: This emerald is pretty important, and we wouldn't wanna steal it from ya. (Sly holds his cane out in a defensive position.)

Banjo: Kazooie, maybe we should give this to them.

Kazooie: What? No way! This emerald is rightfully ours. (Suddenly a loud screeching sound is heard and our heroes look up. From out of the sky, Wingo (Super Mario) swoops down and grabs the Master Emerald with her claws and flies away.)

Knuckles: No!

Banjo: Wuh oh! The-the bird… it…

Sly: We've gotta go! (Knuckles and Sly take chase after Wingo, leaving Banjo and Kazooie behind. They run through the canyon and Sly takes out a smoke bomb.) Batter up! (He slaps the smoke bomb away with his cane and it hits Wingo and goes off. It doesn't do much to stop her though. The camera shifts a bit away from Wingo and we see Banjo and Kazooie flying after her. Wingo and Banjo fly past a buzz bomber and the camera zooms into it and we cut to the Death Egg. We see Dr. Eggman working at a computer when an alarm sounds on it.)

Dr. Eggman: What the-? Could it be? (He types a bit more as we look at his monitor. It shows Wingo flying past with the Master Emerald.) The Master Emerald! If I can get my hands on that, this army will be unstoppable! Just need to send a few badniks that way. (Dr. Eggman types more as we cut back to the canyon.)

Banjo: Alright, Kazooie, let's go! (Banjo and Kazooie perform the beak bomb and collide with Wingo. The Master Emerald is thrown into a bird nest on a branch near the cliffside. A strange figure is seen near it. Banjo and Kazooie land on the nest but a pidgeot swoops in.)

Pidgeot: Pidgeot! (The pidgeot uses gust and blows the duo off of the nest and down towards the other two heroes.)

Banjo: Doh! (Sly runs past and uses his cane to swing on the branch, and flips onto it. Sly pulls out an alarm clock which goes off, and the pidgeot is scared away.)

Pidgeot: Pidgeot! Pidgeot! (Sly picks up the Master Emerald.)

Sly: Too easy.

Knuckles: We got it back! (Knuckles climbs up the side of the cliff and joins Sly on the branch. A creaking sound is heard. Sly and Knuckles look around as the branch snaps. The Master Emerald rolls over to the unknown figure that we saw before. It starts getting up. We see that it is an iron golem (Dark Souls) and it steps towards our heroes. Our heroes get up to fight as the iron golem slams its axe against the ground and knocks our heroes down. Banjo gets up and Kazooie starts shooting eggs out of her mouth at the iron golem's head. The iron golem steps towards Banjo and Kazooie. The iron golem raises his axe to slice the duo.) Hey! (Knuckles glides in from the side and punches the iron golem in the head. It doesn't do much. The iron golem swings his axe around and the flat end sends Knuckles flying. We cut to Sly hitting the iron golem in the leg with his cane. The camera shifts over to see Kazooie rapidly pecking at the other leg. The iron golem slams his fist down and sends our heroes tumbling.)

(We cut back to the Master Emerald behind the battle our heroes are fighting. Moneybags walks up to it.)

Moneybags: My my my, this is the biggest gem I have ever seen! (He looks around.) Well, it doesn't seem like this belongs to anybody. Finders keepers. (Moneybags picks up the Master Emerald and walks away.)

(We cut back to the battle as Sly uses his lightning spin. This electrocutes the iron golem. The iron golem proceeds to pick up Sly and begins to crush him.)

Sly: Hey, somebody help! Quick! (Knuckles runs up and punches the iron golem in the leg. This causes him to go down on one knee and drop Sly. Knuckles then delivers a powerful blow to the head of the iron golem and knocks it down. It's been defeated.)

Banjo: What in the world was that?

Kazooie: I dunno, but it kicked our butts, Banjo.

Knuckles: Where's the Master Emerald?! (The group looks around but can't find anything.) C'mon, we have to keep moving! (They run off.)

(We cut to Moneybags walking through the canyon with the Master Emerald in his hands.)

???: Well, what have we here? (Moneybags puts the Master Emerald down to see who's speaking. We see that it is Ripto. He is riding Gulp and is also joined by Crush.) That's a big gem you've got there, Moneybags.

Moneybags: Uhh, yes it is. I found it myself.

Ripto: And I don't suppose you would want to part with it, would you? (Crush approaches Moneybags with his club.)

Moneybags: W-Well, n-not really. B-B-But I'm sure I could make an exception for you, R-R-Ripto.

Ripto: That's what I thought. (Crush grabs the Master Emerald and puts it on Gulp's back.) Thank you for your donation, Moneybags. (Under his breath.) Sucker. (The villains walk away as Ripto laughs.)

Moneybags: Push me around, will you. If it was just you and me, I'd give you a tussle you wouldn't forget. (The heroes run up to Moneybags.) Oh, hello there.

Knuckles: Have you seen a giant emerald around here?

Moneybags: Oh, that was yours? What a pity.

Sly: What do you mean?

Moneybags: I just got it taken from me by Ripto. That bloody sorcerer has a big ego for his tiny frame.

Knuckles: (Grabs Moneybags' shoulders.) You lost the Master Emerald!

Kazooie: Calm down, punchy.

Moneybags: I'm very sorry, but there's nothing that can be done.

Knuckles: I'll find this Ripto and get the Master Emerald back.

Moneybags: Are you mad?! You want to find Ripto?!

Knuckles: I have to get the Master Emerald back.

Sly: A heist, I like the sound of that.

Banjo: Yahoo! Let's get going then!

Moneybags: (Points to where Ripto went.) They went that way, but don't blame me if you find yourself in the belly of a beast. (The team heads off as the camera cuts to Crush, who was listening to the whole conversation. We cut to our heroes sneaking along the top cliff of the canyon. It is about dawn.)

Sly: This'll be easy. We grab the emerald, and then we book it. Got it? (Knuckles and Banjo nod. Suddenly, they come across the Master Emerald laying out in the open.)

Knuckles: (Quietly.) There it is! (He starts running towards it.)

Sly: (Quietly.) Wait! It could be a trap! (Knuckles gets to the Master Emerald, but is smacked away by a club.)

Ripto: So you're the one who has come after my giant gem. (The camera pans to see Ripto, Crush, and Gulp.) Well, it looks like you need a lesson in obedience.

Knuckles: The Master Emerald doesn't belong to you!

Ripto: Oh, you're a sore loser. Crush, smash him! (Crush prepares to smash Knuckles with his club as we cut back to Sly and Banjo. Banjo starts running towards Crush and uses the wonderwing, which knocks Crush onto the ground.) More of you? Oh, I'm going to enjoy this. (Ripto hops off of Gulp. He unleashes fire magic from his wand and it hits Knuckles.)

Knuckles: Agh! (Gulp rears up to trample Knuckles until Sly jumps onto Gulp's back.)

Sly: Hey, big guy! (Sly starts jabbing Gulp with his cane. Gulp begins to trample away while trying to buck Sly off. We cut to Banjo and Crush. Crush takes two swings at Banjo, who gracefully dodges. Kazooie does her rat-a-tat rap in Crush's face. Crush then bats the two away with his club. We then cut to Knuckles throwing punches at Ripto, who is knocked onto the ground. Ripto gets up a bit and fires more fire magic at Knuckles.)

Ripto: Oh, you're gonna make a fine pile of ashes! (We cut back to Banjo and Kazooie flying through the air. Kazooie fires a grenade egg out of her mouth and it explodes on contact with Crush. We cut to Sly riding Gulp as he is bucked off. Luckily, he is caught in midair by Banjo.)

Banjo: Gotcha!

Kazooie: Since when do I take cargo?

Sly: Drop me onto the green guy. (Sly is dropped onto Gulp as he delivers a lightning spin to him. Gulp groans out in pain. We cut to Knuckles uppercutting Ripto.)

Knuckles: Had enough?

Ripto: Not quite, musclehead! Nnnaaagh! (Ripto fires out a fast trail of magical projectiles out of his sceptre. Knuckles is hit back quite a bit. We cut to Sly running away from Gulp as he looks over to Banjo and Crush. Crush bats Banjo and Kazooie out of the sky with his club. Sly gets an idea and backflips behind Gulp. Gulp's momentum keeps going and he rams into Crush, sending them both off of the cliff. The club is sent out of Crush's hand and lands by Knuckles. Knuckles grabs the club, jumps over Ripto, and bats him off the edge of the cliff.) Noooooooo! (We hear a thud.)

Knuckles: Finally, now I can return to guarding the Master Emerald. (Knuckles approaches the Master Emerald, but it is hit by a tractor beam. We see a buzz bomber has picked it up and starts flying away with it.) What?! Those are Eggman's creations!

Multiple voices: Help! Help us! Get us outta here! (We see more buzz bombers carrying Vector, Espio, Charmy, Bentley, and Murray.)

Knuckles: The Chaotix!

Sly: Bentley! Murray! (They are all carried away. Another buzz bomber tries to pick up Knuckles.)

Knuckles: Hey! Let me go! (Kazooie fires an egg at the buzz bomber and it breaks, letting Knuckles free.) We have to follow them! C'mon! (Knuckles and Sly run off.)

Kazooie: Oh Banjo, what have you gotten us into?

Banjo: No idea, Kazooie. All I know is that we have an adventure on our hands! Guh huh! (Banjo runs off to catch up with the others.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins inside the Death Egg. Dr. Eggman is seen inside as Master Mind and Bowser enter.)

Master Mind: Eggman, we have come for an update on how my plans are going. Have you any news for us?

Dr. Eggman: I have lots of good news. First, my robots have taken the Master Emerald into their possession, along with a few more test subjects. This is sure to give a boost to your power.

Master Mind: Excellent work, doctor.

Bowser: What about the Shadow Crystal? Have we found that miserable toad?

Dr. Eggman: Well, we are still working on that, but I have found what I believe to be another shard of the Shadow Crystal. I have sent Ganondorf and his army there to extract it.

Master Mind: Very thorough, doctor. I must say, you are impressing me with your capabilities.

Dr. Eggman: Thank you, sir. I have become very dedicated towards this project of yours.

Bowser: Master Mind, what was it like inside of the Shadow Crystal?

Master Mind: Inside the Shadow Crystal? (We cut to Master Mind surrounded by darkness.) It was empty, dark. Nothing but me and my thoughts for years, decades. Every day inside there was like living in my own purgatory. My anger grew with every waking second, until a small portion of my power returned. The stars that made it are cruel. (We return to the Death Egg.)

Dr. Eggman: What a horrible fate.

Bowser: And what do we do when we collect all of the shards?

Master Mind: We do to these heroes what they did to me. We trap them inside as I take control of this world. And when all is said and done, they will be no more.

Bowser: What do you mean?

Master Mind: You mustn't worry about that for now. One step at a time. For now, we must check on our princess prisoner. Don't let me down, doctor. (Master Mind creates a portal and he and Bowser step through it.)

(We cut to a more Asian looking area with pagodas and a large temple in the distance. Ganondorf is seen looking off into the distance at it.)

Ganondorf: So, that's where the next shard is held at. This will be an easy test of my strength, and then this world will be under control by Master Mind with me at his side. (Ganondorf smiles slyly.) Yes, both of us, for now… (He begins laughing as the camera zooms out.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins above a small village. Down in the village, we see multiple people carrying wood or hauling wheelbarrows of cement mix. Weber (Animal Crossing) and Louie (Animal Crossing) are hauling beams of wood with them. We cut to a house in the village as the Villager exits.)

???: Mr. Mayor! (Isabelle runs up to talk to Villager.) Good morning, Mayor!

Villager: Good morning, Isabelle! How's construction going?

Isabelle: We're making lots of progress! We're lucky that some of the residents from back home appeared here with us; although, I do miss everyone else… (She looks saddened.)

Villager: Don't worry, Isabelle. I'm sure we'll find everybody.

Isabelle: I hope so. (Villager begins to leave.) Oh! I almost forgot. We need plants for the garden we've decided to grow. I would get some, but I'm busy with the construction.

Villager: I'll find some for us.

Isabelle: Thank you, Mayor! It's a shame Tom Nook isn't here to sell any, but I did hear that some guy on the forest edge has been selling seeds.

Villager: I better get going then. (Villager runs off. He passes Dr. Wright (SimCity) who appears to be directing people, and Curly Brace (Cave Story) talking to Bunni (Animal Crossing). Villager heads out of town.)

???: Mail call!

Isabelle: (Suddenly happy.) Pete! Pete, you're ba- (The Postman (The Legend of Zelda) arrives holding a letter.)

Postman: Pete? You must be mistaken.

Isabelle: (Downtrodden.) Sorry, I thought you were someone else…

Postman: I have a letter for the leader of this town. Is that you, ma'am?

Isabelle: The Mayor is out right now, but I'll take whatever was sent to him on his behalf. (The Postman hands Isabelle the letter and runs off.) Now, let's see here… (Isabelle opens the letter. We see that it says:)

We are about to launch an all-out attack on thiz village. Please prepare your brainz.
The Zombies

Isabelle: Huh? (Shrugging it off.) Must be some prank mail. (She pockets it and returns to construction.)

(We cut to Pac-Man, Coach, and Sir Dan walking through the forest.)

Coach: Man, this is all going to hell real fast.

Pac-Man: You're telling me. Although, those zombies do go down way easier than ghosts.

Coach: What kinda sh*t have you seen, Pac? (They continue walking until we see something fly behind a tree. Sir Dan takes notice.)

Dan: (Incoherent mumbling and pointing.)

Coach: (To Pac-Man.) What's he tryna say?

Pac-Man: What is it, Dan? (Dan walks over to the tree that the thing floated behind. Pac-Man and Coach follow.) You alright, buddy?

Dan: (Points and quietly mumbles. The others look confused as Dan mumbles something that sounds like "hello". We cut to what Dan is talking to: a shaken-up Telly Vision (Chibi-Robo).)

Telly: (Scared of Sir Dan.) P-Please! Go away…

Pac-Man: We're not here to hurt you, little guy.

Coach: Are you lost, boy?

Telly: I-I'm looking for help. M-My friend is t-trapped and I can't help him and… (Now fully crying.) Oh, Chibi-Robo! I'll find help! I will!

Pac-Man: It's alright. Remain calm. We can help out your friend!

Coach: What about the zombies, Pac? (Dan mumbles in agreement.)

Telly: Z-Zombies?!

Pac-Man: It won't take long for the three of us. (To Telly.) Lead the way! (Telly leads our three heroes away.)

(We cut back to Villager walking into the forest. Mark (Harvest Moon) is seen walking away from a strange man. Mark is holding seed packets. We see that the man is Crazy Dave (Plants VS Zombies).)

Crazy Dave: Howdy! What brings you to my neck of the woods?

Villager: Are you the man selling plants around here?

Crazy Dave: Sure am! My name is Crazy Dave. You wanna know why they call me that? Because I’m CRAZY!

Villager: (Smiling.) Nice to meet you, Crazy Dave! What kinds of plants do you sell?

Crazy Dave: Y’know, the essentials. Sunflowers, cacti, all kinds of stuff!

Villager: How much for one of each?

Crazy Dave: All o’ that will be a thousand big ones. Take it or leave it.

Villager: Deal! (Villager trades a bag of 1000 bells in return for four packets of seeds.) Bye, Crazy Dave! (Crazy Dave waves goodbye as the camera cuts to a view behind him. A foot soldier zombie (Plants VS Zombies) walks into frame and watches Crazy Dave.)

(We cut again to Telly leading our heroes through the forest. Suddenly, he stops.)

Telly: There he is! (The camera pans to see Chibi-Robo stuck under a fairly big rock.) You’ve got to help him! He’s stuck under there!

Coach: Leave it to us.

Dan: Mmhmm! (Our heroes walk up to the rock and pull it off of Chibi-Robo’s body. He is surprisingly okay.)

Telly: Chibi-Robo, you’re okay! (Chibi-Robo makes happy robotic noises in response. He turns to our heroes and waves.)

Coach: Well now that that’s taken care of, we’d better get going.

Pac-Man: Right, we’ve got bad guys to munch! Or I guess it’d be safer to punch. (As he says this, a zombified hand bursts out of the ground.) Woah!

Coach: D*mn. Not here.

Dan: (Mumbles more. Zombies from Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, and Plants VS Zombies all start bursting out of the ground.)

Telly: The zombies! (Chibi-Robo and Telly both hide behind a stump.)

Coach: Here they come! (Coach takes out his shotgun and shoots a zombie. Dan cuts down three more zombies with his longsword. In the background, we see Pac-Man pull out the Galaxian symbol and throw it at the zombie. It spins in the air before hitting it in the face. A zombie approaches the stump Chibi-Robo is behind. Chibi-Robo pulls out his chibi-blaster and shoots the zombie three times in the head. It doesn’t do much. Luckily, an arrow is shot through the zombie's head and it dies. Suddenly, a tank (Left 4 Dead) erupts from the ground. Coach turns to see it.) Ah, sh*t… (The tank grabs Coach and starts shaking him around.) Help!

Dan: (Panicked mumbling. He runs up and hits the tank with his warhammer. The tank jumps back and hurls Coach into Dan. Dan mumbles in pain. The tank approaches the two of them but is then hit by a pac-dot.)

Pac-Man: Come here, you big lug! (He throws another one. The tank runs up to Pac-Man and punches him into the stump.) Owwww… (The tank lumbers up and we cut to Chibi-Robo.)

Telly: Good thing we're safe here. (Chibi-Robo gets on top of the stump.) Huh? Where are you going? (Chibi-Robo jumps onto the tank's head and starts brushing it with his toothbrush. The tank reaches up to grab Chibi-Robo but can't reach him. Chibi-Robo then grabs his cord and jams it into the tank’s back. It electrocutes it and it falls to the ground, dead. The others slowly get back up.)

Coach: Not bad.

Pac-Man: You sure showed that thing what’s what. (Multiple zombies start rushing past our heroes through the forest. They seem to all be going to the same place.) We better get going. (Our heroes give chase to the zombies.)

(We cut back to the village as Villager returns with seed packets. Isabelle walks up to him.)

Isabelle: Hello, Mayor! You received some mail in your absence, but I believe it was just a prank one of the residents pulled. (A large thud sound is heard and Villager and Isabelle turn towards it.)

Villager: What was that? (Another large thud is heard and Villager and Isabelle get frightened looks on their faces. Villager drops his seed packets.)

???: Greetings, residents of this small village. I am Dr. Zomboss! (The camera pans to see Dr. Zomboss piloting a giant mechanical zombie. Around the mech’s feet are several zombies awaiting orders.) As you have surely heard by now, we are here for your brains. I suggest forming a single file line so that the process runs smoothly.

Villager: (Frightened.) Everyone, get inside!

Dr. Zomboss: Oh, you just had to spoil it didn’t you. Attack! (A wave of zombies starts running towards the civilians. We see many of them run inside houses in the village. Isabelle attempts to run, but a zombie steps into her path.)

Zombie: Brains! (Isabelle gasps and the zombie lurches towards her. A pebble suddenly hits the zombie between the eyes as the camera pans to see Villager holding a slingshot.)

Villager: (To Isabelle.) Run inside! (Villager hits the zombie over the head with a shovel.) I’ll try to stop these things! (Isabelle nods and runs off. More zombies approach Villager. He hits a zombie twice in the torso with his shovel to bring him down, and then bonks another over the head. He then turns around and pulls out his axe and hits a zombie in the side with it, bringing it down.)

Dr. Zomboss: (Referring to Villager.) Don’t let that one get away! I want his brain personally. (A bullet suddenly flies past Dr. Zomboss. The camera pans to see the other heroes arrive on the scene.)

Pac-Man: Blegh! This guy could do with a makeover. (He sees the Villager slowly getting surrounded.) C’mon, let’s help that guy out.

Dan: Mm hmm. (Our heroes go to help Villager. Dan slashes down a zombie and Coach shoots one in the head with his shotgun.)

Dr. Zomboss: No no no! Seems like I need heavier artillery… (Back with our heroes, an engineer zombie bursts out of the ground with his jackhammer. It grabs Pac-Man by his legs and holds him upside down.)

Pac-Man: Woah! Hands off. (Pac-Man tries to fight back, but his punches won’t reach.)

Coach: I’m comin’! (Coach tries to run and save Pac-Man, but he is tackled by an all-star zombie. The all-star zombie puts Coach into a headlock. We see Dan mumbling in fear as he is hit in the back with goo. A scientist zombie shoots him again as Dan falls to the ground. The scientist zombie puts his goo blaster up to Dan’s head. We see a foot soldier zombie run up to Villager and pin him. Villager can’t fight back but Chibi-Robo puts a stop to it by hitting the foot soldier zombie in the head with his cord. Villager gets up and axes the zombie.)

Villager: What do we do? (Chibi-Robo turns to the fallen seed packets and takes out his spoon. He digs four different holes.) Huh? (Chibi-Robo puts a different seed into each hole and covers them up.) I think I see… (Villager pulls out his watering can and waters each seed. We see Pac-Man slowly being brought to Dr. Zomboss and his zombot. Suddenly, a pea hits the engineer zombie in the back of the head, killing him and making him drop Pac-Man. We see that it came from a Peashooter as it waves and then turns to shoot at more zombies. We cut back to Coach being held by the all-star zombie.)

Coach: Get off me, you undead f*cker! (Suddenly, a Chomper erupts from the ground and grabs the zombie with his teeth. He proceeds to eat the zombie.) Son of a b*tch… (We then cut back to Dan as a Sunflower shoots the zombie holding him hostage with a beam of sunlight. Behind her, a Cactus is seen shooting at more zombies.)

Dr. Zomboss: No! Those terrible plants have returned?! This is outrageous! (Dr. Zomboss is then hit in the head with another pebble as the camera pans to see Villager holding his slingshot yet again. Annoyed.) And what do you expect to accomplish from down there?

Villager: Distracting you.

Dr. Zomboss: Huh? (He turns to see Chibi-Robo flying in on Telly Vision. Chibi-Robo then shoves his cord into the zombot’s control panel and it starts short circuiting.) No! My creation! (Chibi-Robo quickly grabs onto Telly again as the zombot explodes. Dr. Zomboss is sent flying through the air, screaming the whole time. All of the zombies start running away from the village while simultaneously being chased and shot at by the plants.)

Villager: And stay out!

(We cut to our heroes standing in front of Isabelle and the rest of the residents of the village.)

Villager: Isabelle, I’m putting you in charge while I’m gone. The town needs a leader, and I think you’re fit for the job.

Isabelle: Me, Mayor? But I’m just an assistant. I can’t do this.

Villager: All of our friends are out there, Isabelle. I have to get them all home. In the meantime, you have to keep watch of things here.

Isabelle: (Smiling.) I understand, Mayor. Good luck out there.

Coach: (Loading his shotgun.) All loaded up. Time to hit the road.

Villager: Well, goodbye for now. (Villager starts walking away until a loud cackling is heard. We see Kamek flying over the village on her broomstick towards the forest. A loud frog noise is heard in the forest brush, seeming to be in pursuit of Kamek.)

Pac-Man: Looks like we’ve got more work to do.

Dan: Mm hmm!

Coach: Then let’s head out! (Our heroes run towards the forest as the camera goes higher into the sky.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins in a small valley. The camera pans as we see Ryu training with Chop Chop Master Onion (PaRappa the Rapper).)

Master Onion: (Rapping.) Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind.
If you wanna test me, I'm sure you'll find
The things I'll teach ya is sure to beat ya
Nevertheless you'll get a lesson from teacher now
Kick! (Ryu kicks.)
Punch! (Ryu punches.)
Chop! (Ryu chops.)
Block! (Ryu blocks.)
Very good, Ryu. I can tell you have trained. I have nothing left to teach you.

Ryu: Thank you. Now, I must go. (Ryu grabs his sack and slings it over his shoulder. He walks away.)

(We cut to a valley with a waterfall in what appears to be an Asian country. A farfetch'd is holding its leek and standing beside a small pond formed by the waterfall.)

Farfetch'd: Farfetch'd! (The camera pans over to see Takamaru (The Mysterious Murasame Castle) exchanging sword blows with Nariko (Heavenly Sword).)

Nariko: You are quite the opponent. (As they are doing this, William Adams passes by them. He walks into a town with multiple people walking by him, including Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken). William walks by an old woman sweeping outside.)

Old Woman: Ah, a samurai. We need you now more than ever.

William: Is there a problem?

Old Woman: (Points to a large building, similar to a castle.) Something has been found in that temple. Many have gone to fight it, only one can tell the tale. I fear that we are in danger.

William: I will see what this thing is. Rest assured, your home is safe. (William begins his trek towards the temple.)

(We cut back to Ryu walking through the valley. He suddenly stops and drops his sack in surprise. He hides behind a tree and the camera pans to see what he was looking at. We see Ganondorf and his army of bokoblins. They seem to be approaching the same temple that William was going to. Ryu looks on as one of the bokoblins looks behind him and sees Ryu. He nudges two other bokoblins and they too see Ryu. The first bokoblin takes out his bow and shoots. The arrow flies past and skins Ryu's arm. He holds his arm in pain. Ryu looks back to see the three bokoblins running at him. Ryu runs towards the bokoblin with the bow and performs his tatsumaki senpukyaku.)

Ryu: Tatsumaki senpukyaku! (The bokoblin is kicked very far away. Another bokoblin attacks Ryu with his sword. It hits but Ryu counters by throwing two punches and ending it with a shoryuken which knocks out the bokoblin.) Shoryuken!

(We cut to the Komodo brothers (Crash Bandicoot) walking through the same valley. They turn to see Ryu finishing off the last bokoblin with a jumping kick to the head.)

Komodo Moe: Lookssss like we have a new challenger.

Komodo Joe: Let'ssss show him what we're made of. (As Ryu ends the battle with the bokoblins, the Komodo brothers jump onto either side of him.)

Ryu: Huh?

Komodo Joe: Time for a real shhhhowdown. (The Komodo brothers both start flinging their scimitars at Ryu. He runs to get out of their path. He runs up to Komodo Moe and hits him with three punches which knocks him down. Komodo Joe then runs up and hits Ryu with his scimitar. Ryu counters with a leg sweep leaving Komodo Joe on the ground. He rolls away and gets back up.) Sssstop that! (Komodo Moe jumps onto Ryu's back and holds his scimitar up to Ryu's neck. Ryu then grabs Komodo Moe's arms and throws him over his back into a tree. Komodo Joe tries to run back to Ryu, but is stopped by a hadouken.)

Ryu: Hadouken! (Komodo Joe is flung onto the ground as Komodo Moe gets up.)

Komodo Moe: It issss time to flee, brother. We are no match assss of now.

Komodo Joe: (Gets up.) Perhapssss not, but we shhhhall return when we are ready. (The Komodo brothers flee. Ryu looks back at Ganondorf's army and runs after them.)

(We cut to the inside of the temple. William is slowly making his way through. We see that William is being watched from the shadows. William approaches a large chest before he is stopped.)

???: What warrior has entered this temple. (William turns to see Ryu Hayabusa come out from the shadows.) You have come for what's in that chest, no doubt.

William: There is a great evil in there that could plague this land. I have come to put a stop to it.

Hayabusa: You are a fool for thinking you can defeat this. I cannot let you endanger us all.

William: Who are you to tell me not to open this chest?

Hayabusa: I am Ryu Hayabusa of the Hayabusa Ninja Clan, and I shall protect this village at all costs. (Hayabusa starts unsheathing his Dragon Sword. As he does this, William unsheathes his katana and the two begin to fight. The two trade blows against each other's swords. Hayabusa suddenly jumps back and lunges at William, slashing him with his sword. William retaliates by taking several swings at Hayabusa's torso.)

Hayabusa: Those that stand in my way pay for it with their death.

William: You fight unlike anyone I've ever seen. (Hayabusa throws a barrage of shurikens at William with one slashing him across the face. Hayabusa then jumps up and kicks William in the torso whilst backflipping off of his chest. William gets up and takes out his musket. He shoots Hayabusa in the arm. Hayabusa clutches his arm as William runs up and kicks him to the ground.) Well fought, Hayabusa. I shall spare your life. You were quite the opponent.

Hayabusa: (Clutching his bloody arm.) You cannot open that chest. There will be consequences.

???: And what would those be? (The camera pans to see Ganondorf and his army in the doorway of the room where William and Hayabusa are. To William.) You have made this much easier. Thank you.

William: Who are you?

Ganondorf: I am Ganondorf, the Demon King. Don't take that title lightly.

Hayabusa: What is your business here, demon?

Ganondorf: (Points at Hayabusa. To bokoblins.) Grab him. (Two bokoblins grab Hayabusa's arms.)

Hayabusa: What are you doing?

Ganondorf: What is in that chest belongs to somebody very important, and once I obtain it he will become unstoppable. (Ganondorf grabs William by the neck.) But I cannot have any heroes like you get in my way. (Ganondorf throws William out of a nearby window. We cut to Ryu approaching the temple. He stops as we hear the sound of William falling from the temple window. William hits the ground as Ryu runs up and helps him up.)

Ryu: You sure are tough. What happened?

William: Ganondorf, the Demon King. He is going to wreak havoc on this land if we do not stop him. (Ryu nods and the two of them go to face Ganondorf.)

(We cut back to Ganondorf approaching the chest.)

Hayabusa: You cannot open that. You have no idea what you are doing. (Ganondorf opens the chest as a large purple gem floats out of it. The gem then grows tentacles and an eye and reveals itself to be Black Jewel (Super Mario).)

Ganondorf: What?! (Black Jewel rams into Ganondorf and knocks him to the ground. It looks over at the bokoblin army and shoots a beam of fire at them, engulfing them in flames. It then flies out of the window that William was thrown into and sets off towards the town. Ganondorf gets up. To bokoblins holding Hayabusa.) We need to get that thing. Let's head out. (Ganondorf and the bokoblins leave. Hayabusa slowly gets up as William and Ryu enter.)

William: We saw the Demon King leave.

Hayabusa: He unleashed a monster onto the town. We have to stop it immediately.

Ryu: We'd better hurry. (Our heroes run out of the temple.)

(We cut to an overhead view of the town, with people doing normal, everyday things. Suddenly, Black Jewel descends down onto the town. It shoots an eye laser and catches a building on fire.)

Ganondorf: You! (Black Jewel floats down towards Ganondorf, who has his two greatswords out, and his two bokoblins.) How dare you attempt to wound the Demon King! I shall slay you for this. (Ganondorf takes three strikes at Black Jewel. Black Jewel then grabs Ganondorf with its tentacles and takes him into the air. It then gets some speed before launching Ganondorf into the flaming building. Black Jewel looks over the destruction, when suddenly it is hit with a bullet. The camera pans to see our heroes on a cliff overlooking the town, with William holding his musket.)

William: Not bad, huh?

Ryu: Don't hold back.

Hayabusa: Let's finish this! (Hayabusa leaps off of the cliff and slashes at Black Jewel with his Dragon Sword. He lands and then continues to slash at Black Jewel. We cut back to William and Ryu.)

William: Hayabusa's skills are unlike any other opponent I've fought. Ninja have changed their ways over the years.

Ryu: Let's go. (William and Ryu start running to find a way down to the town. We cut to Black Jewel firing another eye laser, but Hayabusa does a backflip over it. William suddenly comes in and takes multiple swings at Black Jewel with his katana. Ryu also comes in and fires a hadouken.)

Ryu: Hadouken! (Black Jewel is hit back but suddenly surges forward and grabs Ryu with his tentacles. Hayabusa sees this and climbs onto a nearby roof. He runs after Black Jewel before leaping off of the roof on top of Black Jewel. He stabs his Dragon Sword into the eye of Black Jewel. It screams out in pain and drops Ryu. Hayabusa also flies off and lands next to Ryu. Black Jewel begins to descend down to them when he is hit by a small cannonball. The camera pans to see William wielding an arm cannon and continues shooting at it. Ryu then runs up and grabs Black Jewel by its tentacles. Ryu then performs his Shin Shoryuken.) Shin! Shoryuken! (Black Jewel flies up before breaking into pieces.) You must defeat my Shoryuken to stand a chance.

Hayabusa: That battle was ours from beginning to end.

William: Where do we go now?

Ryu: There are still battles to be fought, and something terrible is happening to the land. We may stand a chance if we fight together.

Hayabusa: Then let us go. (Our heroes walk away from the village, and we see a snowy mountain in the distance.)

(We cut back to the flaming building as Ganondorf slowly walks out.)

Ganondorf: I shall not be made a mockery of. I will have my revenge on those warriors as well as every hero in this land. (He begins laughing.) My reign on this land shall soon begin.

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins at nighttime. The camera pans down into a large dark alley with bodies strewn about. Police sirens are heard in the background. The camera cuts as a police officer gets up with a bloodied arm while holding a gun. He looks around to see about a dozen more officers lying dead on the ground. The officer looks around, not saying a word. He suddenly shields his eyes as a bright light comes closer and the camera turns to reveal two squad cars pulling up. The officer looks distraught. We hear the sound of handcuffs as the camera cuts to the roof of a building right next to the murder scene. On top of the building, we see the back of a man’s head as he looks down to see the officer being arrested. The camera goes black as a text box appears.)

May 16th, 8:00 AM
Detention Center

(We cut to the police officer inside the detention center. We hear a door open.)

Officer: Who are you? (The camera cuts to see Phoenix Wright enter the room.)

Wright: My name is Phoenix Wright. I'm your assigned defense attorney on this case. (Note: Wright will have thoughts as italicized words.)

Officer: You? You're one of those other-worlders, aren't you?

Wright: Yes, I suppose. Was it really that obvious? I'm here to hear your story on what happened. So what exactly happened?

Officer: Well, it was about two days ago… (A flashback begins. It shows him and another officer entering a police station.) I had just gotten back to the station and that's when everything went fuzzy. (It flashes back to the officer waking up in the alley.) Next thing I know, I've woken up in an alleyway surrounded by my fellow officers, all dead. I had an injury and a gun in my hand, but no memory of what happened. (The flashback ends.)

Wright: So you remember nothing? Does this guy have amnesia?

Officer: I don't remember any of it, I'm sorry. Your best bet is to talk to whoever is working the crime scene.

Wright: (Nods.) I'll tell you whenever I've figured anything out. (Wright leaves the Detention Center.)

(We cut to the scene of the crime. The area with the bodies have been chalked out, and there's police tape covering it. There are multiple officers along with Stefan Bekowsky (L.A. Noire). Phoenix Wright approaches behind him.)

Stefan: D*mn shame.

Wright: (To Stefan.) Excuse me. Are you the investigator on this case?

Stefan: Yeah. Stefan Bekowsky, detective. And you?

Wright: Phoenix Wright, I'm representing the officer who reportedly did all this. I'm hoping you would have some information to share.

Stefan: I can't say much right now. There are eleven dead officers who are still being examined and nothing much to go off of than that.

Wright: I see. A dead end. This is getting more difficult by the minute.

Stefan: We thought we had a lead, but it's more of an assumption if anything. Assumptions aren't of any use to us right now.

Wright: Care to share?

Stefan: A gang that popped up here. They call themselves the Saints. We thought this could be an attack by them on the police. Gang violence. Just an idea though.

Wright: Any idea where they could be?

Stefan: You'll have to ask around. I have to get back to work though. (Stefan goes to consult an officer.)

Wright: So I just have to find these "Saints". How do I keep getting myself into these messes? (Wright leaves.)

(We cut to Cole, Marcus, and Inkling walking down the city streets.)

Marcus: D*mn. Still no sign of that blimp.

Cole: We haven't seen it in days. I think it's time that we give up on this little search.

Inkling: (Jumps in front of the other two. Talking in the Inkling language. ) We can't give up yet! We need to keep pushing on!

Cole: (Looks at Marcus.) Do you have any idea what she's saying?

Marcus: Not a single godd*mn clue. (Inkling looks dismayed. Suddenly, a police cruiser slowly drives past them and turns the corner.) Fellow officers. Maybe they'll know something.

Cole: I wouldn't hold my breath. (The three heroes turn the corner and find the crime scene. They look shocked.)

Inkling: Uuuuh…

Cole: What happened here?

Marcus: (Approaches Stefan.) Are you the detective here?

Stefan: Yeah, that's me.

Marcus: (Showing badge.) I'm Marcus Reed of the New York police. What happened? (Cole walks up to where Marcus is as Inkling looks around. Inkling goes around to the side of the building and finds the fire escape.)

Inkling: Squee squee… (Inkling shoots ink up the side of the building and we cut to her arriving at the top and changing from squid to kid form. Inkling looks around nonchalantly as an unknown figure is seen spying on her behind a structure on the building. The figure is holding a revolver. As Inkling approaches, the figure suddenly comes out from behind cover and puts his hand over Inkling's mouth, and a revolver with a silencer to her head. He's revealed to be Agent 47.)

Agent 47: (Quietly.) Don't make a sound. You're lucky I don't kill children. (Inkling's eyes widen.) Come with me. (Agent 47 takes Inkling into a shed on top of the roof. We cut back to Cole and Marcus talking to Stefan.)

Marcus: So there could still be a killer on the loose…

Cole: (Looking around.) Hey, where's the kid?

Marcus: (Also looking around.) She isn't here? (Cole shakes his head. Accusing.) Did you lose her?

Cole: Settle down. She'll turn back up.

Marcus: There could be a murderer on the loose. What happens if they get to her. (Cole slowly puts his head down.)

(We cut to Wright going through the city. He approaches a man on the street.)

Wright: Do you know about a group called the Saints? (The man shakes his head no.) Well, thank you anyways. (Wright leaves. We cut to a bird's eye view as a figure on the street starts following Wright. Wright stops for a second and the figure comes up right behind him.)

???: Don't turn around. I heard you're looking for the Saints.

Wright: Y-Yes… who are you? Be cool, Phoenix. You've gotten out of worse.

???: It doesn't matter who I am. Why're you looking for the Saints?

Wright: There's been a shooting. My only lead is the Saints. D-Do you know them?

???: Yeah, follow me. (The figure is revealed to be Johnny Gat. He walks forward as Wright reluctantly follows.)

(We cut to the inside of a new building. The Boss is sitting in an office chair in front of a large desk.)

Boss: What a glorious day.

Gat: Hey, Boss, I got someone here to see you.

Boss: Huh? Bring them in. (Gat walks in with Wright behind him.)

Gat: This guy thinks we're responsible for a shooting. You wanna set this f*cker straight?

Wright: W-Wait a second! I didn't mean to…

Boss: Calm down, both of you. Now, suit and tie, what's the problem?

Wright: I just wanted to know if you knew anything about the shootings that took place last night. That's all. Better word things carefully. These two don't seem… friendly.

Gat: If you think it's us, then you're dead wrong.

Boss: Hold on, Johnny. I think we can help this guy out.

Gat: Huh?

Boss: I think I witnessed this shooting. Just wasn't my business to tell.

Wright: Tell me everything you know.

Boss: (We go into a flashback.) I was going about my business, nothing illegal that night, when I saw some bald guy shooting an entire squad of officers. (We see Agent 47 shooting the officers while also dodging them.) Gotta say, I respected the hustle. After he killed 'em all, I saw him run to the side of the building. Must've taken the fire escape up. (The flashback ends.)

Wright: You saw all that? He's lucky to be alive.

Boss: Do what you want with this information. Just leave me out of whatever trial the bald guy goes through.

Wright: Uh… right. I need to go find this guy. Thank you… uh… Saints. (Wright leaves.)

Boss: (To Gat.) Well, that's our good deed for the day.

Gat: Do you think he stands a chance against that guy?

Boss: What? What do you mean?

Gat: This guy doesn't seem like much of a fighter, and he's going up against a trained killer. We sent him off to die.

Boss: Oh, f*ck. We can't let that happen, can we?

Gat: What're you suggestin', boss?

Boss: We need to show that us Saints run the town now. Let's get down there before suit and tie dies. (Boss and Gat head out.)

(We cut back to Wright as he makes it to the fires escape from before. He notices Inkling's ink on the side of the wall.)

Wright: Paint? Well, art will be art. (Wright climbs up the fire escape. He makes it to the roof and looks around. We cut to the inside of the shed with Agent 47 and Inkling.)

Agent 47: (Quietly.) Someone's here. (He holds up his revolver. Inkling makes a quiet worried noise. We cut back to Cole, Marcus, and Stefan as Boss and Gat approach.)

Boss: Hey, have any of you seen a pointy-haired guy in a suit come by here?

Stefan: You talking about that Phoenix Wright? He left a while ago to find some crew called the Saints. Why? You know him?

Gat: Son of a b*tch went looking for a murderer. We need to stop him from f*ckin' killing himself.

Marcus: Is the murderer nearby?

Boss: We think so.

Marcus: We need to get moving then. (Points to Boss.) You. Lead the way.

Boss: (Nodding. To Gat.) Johnny, stay here in case something happens.

Gat: Got it, boss. (Boss leads Cole and Marcus behind the building to the fire escape. They see the ink on the side.)

Cole: Hey, doesn't the kid use paint like that?

Marcus: We need to hurry. We might be too late. (The three of them hurry up the fire escape. We cut to Agent 47 behind cover with Wright in the background. Agent 47 turns the corner to shoot. As he does, Boss uses his super speed to push Wright and himself out of the way.)

Boss: Hey, you're alive. That's… surprising. (Cole and Marcus reach the roof.)

Marcus: Put your weapon down and come out slowly! (Agent 47 comes out again and shoots Marcus in the arm.) Ow! F*ck!

Cole: That's it! (Cole runs up to Agent 47 and begins swiping at him with his amp. Agent 47 dodges the attacks and uppercuts Cole. He then swings his fist into Cole's stomach and sends him reeling. Suddenly, Agent 47 is pulled into the air by Boss' telekinesis.)

Boss: Here's why you don't f*ck with the Saints! (Boss throws Agent 47 into a nearby structure using his telekinesis.) Ooh, that's gotta hurt. (Agent 47 takes two shots at Boss, both of which hit. He approaches to take another one.)

Wright: Take that! (A brick is thrown into Agent 47's head. The camera pans to see Wright holding another brick.) Maybe I shouldn't have done that… (We cut to Inkling slowly coming out of the shed. She sees what's happening and runs up to Agent 47 with her roller and hits him over the head with it. He tries to get back up.)

Marcus: Stay down! (Marcus and Boss are both holding guns in his direction. To Wright.) You okay?

Wright: Y-Yeah, I'm fine. My life flashed before my eyes too many times there. (To Agent 47.) Now, what do you have to say for yourself? It was you who shot all those people, wasn't it?

Agent 47: They pulled out their weapons first.

Wright: Wh-What?

Agent 47: (Getting up.) I said they pulled out their weapons first.

Wright: What exactly happened last night?

Agent 47: I was contacted by the police. (A flashback begins showing the police approaching Agent 47 in the alley where the shooting happened.) They wanted me to be a lead assassin for the army of Master Mind. They offered me power, but I'm not in this business for power. I refused their offer, and they pulled their weapons on me. So, I fought back. (The flashback ends.)

Wright: Master Mind? Really? What kind of name is that?

Agent 47: I don't know who he is, but I'm not interested in his business. (Suddenly, Cortex's airship descends down onto the city streets.)

Marcus: Holy sh*t!

Inkling: It's back!

Boss: What the h*ll is that thing?!

???: So, you thought you could pass up the boss' offer, kill his men, and get away with it? (Our heroes turn around to see Pinstripe Potoroo holding a gatling gun.) You a wise guy, eh? Think you're tough? I'll show you tough. (Pinstripe starts shooting wildly as everyone takes cover behind fans on top of the building. He laughs maniacally.)

Cole: We need to get down to the airship.

Boss: Not with that rat b*stard shooting at us. (Cole suddenly jumps up and shoots a bolt of lightning into Pinstripe's chest. Then, Agent 47 gets out from cover and shoots Pinstripe in the chest.)

Pinstripe: Ugh! Fuggedaboutit… (He dies. Screams are suddenly heard from down below.)

Gat: What the h*ll?! (Our heroes look down to see Stefan and Gat being suspended in midair by buzz bomber. Two lab assistants (Crash Bandicoot) motion to bring them inside of Cortex's airship.)

Boss: Johnny? Where are they taking him?

Marcus: We need to get down there! (Suddenly, the airship begins to take off. The entrance gets on level with the rooftops. Our heroes run after it. Boss uses his super speed to jump onto the entrance platform. He's followed by Cole and Agent 47. Marcus and Inkling barely jump on.)

Inkling: Ngyesh!

Wright: H-Hey! Wait! (Wright makes a leap for it but his hand misses the railing for the platform. Boss grabs his hand.)

Boss: Gotcha! (He pulls Wright up.)

Wright: Thanks. For a gang leader, he sure is nice.

Agent 47: Let's go. Whoever is in this airship is getting a bullet to the head. (He leads the way into the airship. Our heroes cautiously walk through with their weapons by their side. They suddenly hear a door opening and get into defensive stances. The two lab assistants and two buzz bombers come out of a doorway. Agent 47 takes two shots, one for each assistant. The buzz bombers attempt to flee, but Cole shoots a charge of electricity into each one.)

Boss: (Examining the corpses.) These are the guys that took Johnny. (Wright goes into the room the lab assistants came out of.)

Wright: What is this… (The other heroes walk in and all get looks of shock. Inside the room are 14 characters who have the golden string around them, frozen in shock. The characters are Stefan Bekowsky, Johnny Gat, Silver (Sonic the Hedgehog), Altair (Assassin's Creed), Ken Masters (Street Fighter), Jill Valentine (Resident Evil), Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat), Waluigi (Super Mario), Globox (Rayman), Haggar (Final Fight), Krystal (Star Fox), Chell (Portal), Chrom (Fire Emblem), and Vexx (Vexx).)

Boss: Johnny? Johnny?! (He reaches towards the glowing string but Agent 46 grabs his hand.)

Agent 47: Don't touch that.

Cole: What the h*ll is this? This is too largescale to be just some kidnapping.

Marcus: We need to find the f*cker who's behind this. You all should come with me, I might need backup.

Inkling: (Excitedly pulls out Splattershot.) Woomy!

(We cut to the team slowly going down the hall. They approach a door at the end and slowly open it. We're now inside the control room, which has a steering wheel and a large window to see outside. Inside, we see Master Mind, Cortex, and Brio.)

Cortex: And that sad excuse for a doctor said this would be difficult. That Eggman doesn't know what he's saying. (Cortex turns around and screams upon seeing our heroes.) Oh… uh… was that out loud?

Marcus: (Holding his pistol.) Freeze! All this is over!

Master Mind: Over? You think that this is over? Do you believe that you are the ones with the upper hand?

Cole: Enough with the questions. (Charging up electricity.) I don't know who the h*ll you are, but I'm gonna kick your *ss.

Agent 47: Which of you is Master Mind?

Master Mind: That would be me. (Agent 47 shoots but, once again, the bullet passes right through.) You must be Agent 47.

Wright: Th-The bullet… it… ?

Cortex: Yes, it passed through! Your weapons are useless.

Boss: You f*ckers better give me back Johnny. Or else.

Brio: Dr. Cortex, what should we do about these intruders?

Cortex: Perhaps we should let our new friend decide what to do with them. I think I'll like his decision.

Master Mind: The six of you have come far, but every story has its end. (Master Mind floats towards Brio.) Now you shall see what exactly I'm capable of. (Master Mind phases into Brio, who begins convulsing on the ground.)

Cortex: Now you'll see who the real mad scientist is! (We cut to our heroes slowly looking up as something grows in front of them, casting down a shadow. We see that Brio has turned into a large muscled version of himself, similar to his boss fight in Crash Bandicoot. He has become Dark Brio.)

Dark Brio: Let's get this over with! (Dark Brio runs up and punches our heroes through the door and back into the hallway. However, we see that only Cole, Agent 47, and Boss have been flung into the hallway. Dark Brio runs out to join them. Back in the control room, Marcus, Inkling, and Wright get up as Cortex closes the door out.)

Cortex: It seems like you're all stuck in here with me now. We'll have a great time together!

(We cut to the fight against Dark Brio. Boss uses his super speed to run up.)

Boss: Here I come, you son of a b*tch! (Boss floats up and punches Dark Brio in the face three times. Dark Brio then grabs Boss and slams him into the ground. Bullets start hitting Dark Brio as the camera pans to see Agent 47 shooting at him. At the same time, two bolts of lightning start streaming into Dark Brio from Cole's hands.)

Cole: Feel the power. (Dark Brio grabs Cole and starts crushing him in his hands. We go back to the fight against Cortex, who is now on his jetboard. Cortex shoots his laser gun at Marcus, who grabs his arm in pain. Cortex laughs evilly. His laughing comes to a stop as Inkling starts shooting ink at him.)

Cortex: Why you… ! (Cortex uses his jetboard to fly into Inkling and knock her down. We see Wright running towards Cortex in the background, but Cortex simply turns around and shoots once, which trips Wright.) That was just pathetic.

(We go back to the fight against Dark Brio. Boss uses his telekinesis to slam him into the ceiling. He falls back down and immediately gets up. Agent 47 continues shooting, so Dark Brio grabs Boss and throws him into Agent 47. Cole takes a few swings at Dark Brio with his amp. Dark Brio swats Cole away. We go back to the Cortex fight. Marcus takes shots at Cortex and hits the jetboard which knocks Cortex off.)

Cortex: How rude. (Cortex shoots at Marcus again.)

Marcus: Ow! That stings like sh*t. (Cortex turns around to see Inkling helping Wright up.)

Wright: Thanks, kid. Or is she a squid? (Inkling pulls out a splat bomb and throws it at Cortex. Cortex grabs it and throws it right back.)

Cortex: Heads up! (The splat bomb comes back and explodes. This leaves a giant splat mark on the ground. Wright is covered in orange ink, but Inkling is nowhere in sight. She suddenly jumps out from the ink in squid form, transforms back, and hits Cortex with her Octobrush.) Owie! (We go back to Cole, Agent 47, and Boss down on the ground. Dark Brio approaches them.)

Cole: He's too… strong.

Boss: He's gotta have some sort of weakness… (We cut to Cortex knocking Inkling to the ground.)

Cortex: Looks like you'll be the first to go. (Cortex reaches into a drawer at the control table. He pulls out a piece of glowing string, which doesn't affect him because of his gloves.) Any objections? (Wright's eyes suddenly light up. He points a finger straight at Cortex.)

Wright: OBJECTION! (Wright says that as loud as he can. Cortex drops the string and everybody covers their ears as the window in the control room shatters. We cut to Dark Brio hearing this and he also covers his ears. Boss uses this opportunity to fly into Dark Brio, pick him up mid-flight, and the two of them crash through the closed door to the control room. They fly into Cortex as Boss lets go, causing both Cortex and Dark Brio to fling through the now broken window.)

Boss: That's how the Saints do things! (We cut to Cortex and Dark Brio falling and screaming. Cortex quickly turns on his jetpack and starts floating.)

Cortex: Phew. Good thing I had that installed. (Dark Brio falls a bit farther as Master Mind flies out of Brio's body and lets Brio fall to his death.) Well, there goes Brio.

Master Mind: (Floating.) We need to get back to your ship. We still have occupants there.

Cortex: We'll use my teleportation robots to transport them all. Those fools will be trapped on my airship until I can get it back.

Master Mind: Let's make this quick, before they realize we're there. (We cut back to the inside of the airship.)

Wright: What do we do now?

Boss: Let's find a way to free those people we saw. (They head back to the room where the captured characters were. As they get there, they see Cortex loading Gat into a portal.)

Cortex: Oh, well I would love to stay and chat, but I have a world to conquer. (He evilly laughs as he goes through the portal. The room is now empty.)

Agent 47: They're alive.

Boss: Son of a b*tch.

Cole: What's our plan now?

Wright: Let's just… try to land this thing first. This is by far the strangest case I've been on. Let's hope I make it out alive. (We cut to Cortex's airship flying above the city.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins inside of a building. There are soldiers (Fat Princess) walking around. Fat Princess is sitting on a throne on the far side of the room, holding two slices of cake. She puts one of the slices in her mouth and eats it.)

Fat Princess: Delicious!

Soldier: Princess! (Fat Princess looks up to see two of her soldiers escorting the Dovakhiin towards her throne. Dovahkiin is holding a long sword and shield.) We have found somebody who may be of assistance.

Fat Princess: Oh, goodie! (Fat Princess eats the other slice of cake whole and gets out of her throne to talk to Dovahkiin.)

Dovahkiin: Who are you? What do you want?

Fat Princess: You seem like a tough rapscallion. Many of my soldiers have been going missing in this wild tundra. I need you to find them and make sure they return.

Dovahkiin: Why should I help you?

Fat Princess: As a princess, I am incredibly wealthy. Perhaps I can send some riches your way.

Dovahkiin: (Thinks it over.) That should do nicely. I will go find your soldiers, your highness. (Dovahkiin turns and leaves.)

Fat Princess: Now, I could use more cake. (Fat Princess walks back towards her throne. We see Dovahkiin exit the small building into a snowy wasteland. He seems to be on a mountain with snow quickly falling down. Avion (Shadow of the Colossus) flies overhead as Dovahkiin looks up at it. Dovahkiin then sets out on his mission.)

(We cut to a different part of the mountain. Three pairs of feet are seen walking through the snow. The camera cuts to see two templars (Assassin's Creed) escorting Sub-Zero through the snow. Both of Sub-Zero's hands are tied behind his back, and both of the templars have a hand on one of his arms. They approach a third templar.)

Templar 1: This man has been using witchcraft. He must be executed at once, lest he be a menace to those everywhere.

Templar 3: (Unsheathing sword.) Then it shall be done. (We cut to behind Sub-Zero as the ropes on his arms begin to freeze. As the templar is about to strike, Sub-Zero suddenly breaks free from his bonds and uppercuts the templar as he is about to strike. The two other templars step back and prepare their weapons.)

Sub-Zero: You were foolish to come against me. (He throws a freeze ball at the templar to his right, which encases him in ice. As the other templar comes forward, Sub-Zero pulls out his poleaxe, and blocks the templar's sword with it. He shoves his poleaxe into the templar's stomach and swipes it up, cutting straight through him. The third templar gets back up and runs toward Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero does a jump kick into the templar's head and knocks him over. He then forms an icicle in his hand and stabs him in the heart. The frozen templar then unfreezes.)

Templar 1: What sort of demon are you?

Sub-Zero: I am no demon, I am just a warrior. (Sub-Zero plunges his poleaxe into the heart of the templar.) Feel the cold release of death. (Sub-Zero looks behind him to see a small town in the distance. We cut to Sub-Zero walking into town. He walks past Kilik (SoulCalibur). In the background we see Jeff (EarthBound) and Lucca (Chrono) fixing up E-102 (Sonic the Hedgehog). Sub-Zero continues walking through town until he hears a noise coming from a nearby house. He looks inside to see Fat Princess' soldiers being watched over by a robotic Sniper.)

Sub-Zero: Could that be… Lin Kuei? (Suddenly, the robotic Sniper turns around to the same window Sub-Zero is looking through. However, he is nowhere to be found. We cut to Sub-Zero ducking underneath the window. He backs up from the window and stands up straight.) That was no Lin Kuei. That was something different entirely. (He begins walking away from the building as the camera pans to a flying egg robo watching him.)

(The camera cuts to a different part of the mountain with a cave in the distance. We cut to a cliffside as the Ice Climbers, Popo and Nana, climb up holding their mallets.)

Nana: Finally! We made it up.

Popo: Wow, this place is huge. And look! (He points offscreen.) There's a cave! (The camera pans once again towards the cave in the distance.)

Nana: What do you think is in there?

Popo: No idea, but maybe it's something good! (Grabs Nana's hand.) C'mon, let's go! (They race off towards the cave. We cut to Dovahkiin walking through the snow. He suddenly stops.)

Dovahkiin: Huh? (The camera pans to see the Ice Climbers running into the cave.) Strange, perhaps those two know something about the missing soldiers. (Dovahkiin follows into the cave. The camera cuts to the Ice Climbers carefully making their way through the cave. As they pass by a rock, Jack Frost (Shin Megami Tensei) pops out from behind it.)

Jack Frost: You're not read-hee for what's in here, ho!

Nana: (Startled.) Wha-What?

Popo: Nana, look! (Popo points as the camera pans to see a large eggplant on the ground.) An eggplant!

Nana: Ooh, yummy yummy!

Popo: C'mon! (The Ice Climbers approach the eggplant until suddenly, an eggplant wizard jumps out from behind a collection of boulders ready to attack the Ice Climbers.) Gah! (The eggplant wizard then shoots a magic projectile at Nana from his staff. Popo tackles Nana out of the way of it.)

Jack Frost: Shouldn't have been greed-hee, ho! (The magic then hits Jack Frost and he turns into an eggplant from the legs up.)

Popo: An eggplant?! He's an eggplant?! (We cut to Dovahkiin walking into the cave as he suddenly hears the screams of the Ice Climbers. He rushes off towards the sound. We cut to the eggplant wizard slowly approaching our heroes. Suddenly, Dovahkiin storms in and strikes the eggplant wizard with his longsword. This angers the eggplant wizard as he turns his attention towards Dovahkiin. He shoots another magic projectile as Dovahkiin ducks out of the way from it. As the eggplant wizard gets closer, he is hit in the face by a rock. The rocks continue coming at an even pace as the camera pans to see Nana tossing Popo rocks that he hits with his hammer at the eggplant wizard, much like hitting baseballs. This distracts the eggplant wizard and allows Dovahkiin to behead him with his longsword.)

Dovahkiin: Finally…

Nana: Thank you, sir.

Dovahkiin: A thank you isn't necessary. Now, it would be best if we got out of here. (Our heroes turn around and are met face to face with a group of three polar bears (Ice Climber). They roar angrily at our heroes.)

Popo: Polar bears! (The Ice Climbers wear worried expressions as Dovahkiin remains in a battle position. A polar bear walks up to him and Dovahkiin begins to strike. However, before he can, the polar bear swipes at him and sends him flying backwards into a wall. Dovahkiin tries to get up but collapses onto the ground.)

Nana: Oh no! (Popo then gets an angry expression as he runs up to the polar bear, jumps up, and hits him on the head with his hammer. The polar bear begins to retaliate until Nana uses her ice shot move to hit a block of ice at the polar bear. This makes it stagger a bit but doesn't accomplish much else. All three polar bears begin to slowly approach the Ice Climbers.)

Popo: Please leave us alone.

Nana: I don't wanna be polar bear food. (The polar bears all make loud growling noises. The camera cuts to deeper in the cave. We see Articuno roosting as the growls echo off the walls. Articuno wakes up with an angry expression. We cut back to the Ice Climbers fending off the polar bears. Suddenly, Articuno flies in and hovers in the middle of them all. Everyone looks in awe at Articuno.)

Articuno: Articuno! (Articuno uses ice beam on the polar bear that attacked the Ice Climbers. It freezes solid. This scares the other polar bears as they scramble out of the cave. Articuno then turns its attention to Popo and uses ice beam again.)

Popo: Aaah! (Popo is hit and frozen solid.)

Nana: Popo! (Dovahkiin hears this and uses his strength to get up. He sheathes his longsword. He runs and picks up the frozen Popo.)

Dovahkiin: (To Nana.) Run! (Dovahkiin and Nana take off with Articuno after them. They escape from the cave and Articuno stops its chase and lands on the ground. Dovahkiin and Nana stop running after they're a safe distance away, and Dovahkiin sets Popo down.)

Nana: Popo… is he gonna be…

Dovahkiin: I believe I may be able to save him.

Nana: You… you can? (Dovahkiin starts creating fire in his hand using the flames spell. We cut to Sub-Zero as he notices the light coming from where Dovahkiin and the Ice Climbers are. He begins to walk towards them. We cut back to Dovahkiin as the flames slowly melt Popo. Finally, he is completely thawed out.)

Popo: Huh? What happened?

Nana: Popo! (Nana tackles Popo in a hug.) I thought I lost you.

Sub-Zero: (To Dovahkiin.) That was quite impressive magic.

Dovahkiin: And who are you?

Sub-Zero: I am referred to as Sub-Zero.

Dovahkiin: An interesting title. Now tell me… (He stands up to confront Sub-Zero.) Do you know anything about missing soldiers?

Sub-Zero: (Ponders for a moment.) I believe I did see a group of soldiers. (Turns towards the town he came from.) They were being kept in that town, being watched over by a cybernetic soldier.

Dovahkiin: You must lead me there. I sincerely hope that the soldiers are safe.

Sub-Zero: Follow me. (Sub-Zero and Dovahkiin start off.)

Popo: Hey! Wait a second! (Sub-Zero and Dovahkiin stop.) Can we come too?

Nana: Please? It's the least we can do after you saved us.

Sub-Zero: Perhaps we would be stronger in numbers.

Dovahkiin: Very well. (To Ice Climbers.) Just keep close. (The Ice Climbers nod and our heroes set off.)

(We cut to our heroes entering back into the town with Sub-Zero in front. As they turn a corner into town, Sub-Zero spots a group of egg robos and Mann Co. machines pointing their weapons at Kilik, Jeff, and Lucca.)

Sub-Zero: (To the others.) Stay back. The soldiers have taken hostages. (Suddenly, a voice comes over a loudspeaker.)

Dr. Eggman: Ha ha ha! Surrender yourselves to the Master Mind empire! We mean no harm, unless you fight back that is. (The Egg Emperor flies down above the town. Dr. Eggman is controlling it from the inside.) But it appears that we are missing someone. That snooping ninja is still around here somewhere. (The camera pans to our heroes looking at Sub-Zero.) I want every available robot to track him down and bring him here. (Sub-Zero then motions for everyone to start going back to from where they came. They turn around and suddenly get surprised expressions.)

Ice Climbers: Wagh! (The camera turns to see a group of egg robos and Mann Co machines blocking their path.)

Dr. Eggman: It seems that a group of rats have stuck their noses where they don't belong.

Sub-Zero: Stop this at once. I will not let you pillage this realm for your selfish deeds.

Dr. Eggman: Do you see what's around you? You can't stop this now.

Sub-Zero: (Taking battle position.) Hell will freeze over before I give up this fight.

Dr. Eggman: Very well then. (To robots.) Get them! (The robots start towards our heroes. Sub-Zero throws multiple ice balls and Dovahkiin uses lightning bolt, which hits a robotic Heavy. We cut to Popo jumping up and hitting an egg robo in the head with his hammer. A robotic Scout comes up behind him, but is taken out with Nana's hammer.) I'll show you what real evil is! (Dr. Eggman swipes at our heroes with the Egg Emperor's lance. Our heroes are swiped away and Eggman begins a lance strike from up above. Before he can strike, Sub-Zero gets up and throws a barrage of ice balls at the arm of the Egg Emperor.)

Sub-Zero: That arm will stay put. (The arm of the Egg Emperor freezes. Dovahkiin uses lighting bolt again and it strikes the Egg Emperor. The ice around it breaks and it lowers slightly from the blow.)

Dr. Eggman: Wagh! All machines in the area, get these magic miscreants! (A large group of robots start towards our heroes.)

Dovahkiin: There's too many. We don't stand much of a chance.

Sub-Zero: (Thinks a moment.) I believe I know something that can aid our fight. I will be back shortly. (Sub-Zero runs off.)

Nana: Will we be okay until he gets back?

Popo: We have to be.

Dovahkiin: Ready your weapons and fight until you fall. (Our heroes run towards the incoming robots. The Ice Climbers do a spin with their hammers which knock many of the robots away. Dovahkiin also runs forward with a hand axe and chops at multiple robots.)

(We cut to Sub-Zero walking back to the building where he saw Fat Princess' soldiers. He kicks the door in and is met with a robot Sniper and robot Demoman. He throws an ice ball into the robot Sniper. He then grabs the robot Demoman and throws it into the robot Sniper, which shatters it. Sub-Zero then walks up to the robot Demoman and plunges his poleaxe into its head and pulls it out, beheading it. He turns to the soldiers, who are very scared.)

Sub-Zero: Are you soldiers? (The soldiers meekly nod their heads.) I require your assistance.

(We cut back to the fight. Dovahkiin blocks a shot from an egg robo with his shield and then strikes it in the head with his hand axe. We cut to the Ice Climbers huddled in fear at a group of robots coming in from all sides. Suddenly, the soldiers run in and begin fighting the robots. The Ice Climbers look at them in awe.)

Dr. Eggman: What? No no no! (The camera pans around to see the soldiers fighting robots as well as standing over defeated one. We only see about four robots still active, which the soldiers take down.) Charge! (Dr. Eggman charges at our heroes with the shield of the Egg Emperor. It pushes our heroes and the soldiers down.)

Nana: How're we gonna take that thing down? (Suddenly, the sound of flapping wings fills the air. We once again see Avion flying down below the cliffline of the town.)

Dovahkiin: I have an idea. (Dovahkiin runs off towards the cliff. Once he gets to the edge he jumps off and lands on top of Avion, who yells in protest. Dovahkiin grabs the feathers near the head of Avion and pulls back on them, which makes Avion fly upwards. We cut back to see Dr. Eggman hitting the soldiers away with the Egg Emperor's lance. Sub-Zero looks towards the distance.)

Sub-Zero: What is that creature? (The camera pans to see Dovahkiin riding Avion towards the Egg Emperor.)

Dr. Eggman: What is that?! (Avion latches its claws onto the Egg Emperor.) No! Let go! (Avion grabs hold and shakes it around, it then starts flying towards the cliff. Once it gets there, it shakes around and drops the Egg Emperor. It hits the side of the cliff and starts tumbling down. The shake also causes Dovahkiin to fall off and start heading down the cliff. He begins screaming. Suddenly, we zoom in on his hand as it is grabbed by a gloved hand. We zoom out to see that Dovahkiin has been grabbed by Popo, who is attached to a belay)

Popo: Hello! We almost lost you there. (We cut to the top of the cliff to see Nana holding the belay which Popo is attached to. We cut to all of our heroes back in town with the soldiers and formally kidnapped people.)

Soldier: Thank you for saving us. Now, we must return to our dear princess.

Dovahkiin: I was sent to escort you back. Let us all return.

Ice Climbers: Hooray! (They high five.)

(We cut back to the building which Fat Princess was in. As our heroes enter, we see the dead bodies of soldiers strewn about and no sign of Fat Princess.)

Dovahkiin: What has happened here?

Popo: This is terrible!

Sub-Zero: You said a princess was here?

Dovahkiin: Yes… but now… where is she?

(We cut to the bottom of the cliff. Dr. Eggman is seen crawling out of his destroyed Egg Emperor.)

Dr. Eggman: How could this have happened? My creation…

???: Ah, Eggman is it? Have you been met with failure? (We see Ganondorf approach Dr. Eggman with the body of Fat Princess dragging behind him. She's not dead, but is wrapped in the glowing string.)

Dr. Eggman: You're not one to talk. You have yet to return any piece of the Shadow Crystal.

Ganondorf: Silence, Eggman. Those warriors who opposed me will pay with their lives. And very soon, I will reign supreme on this miserable world at the side of Master Mind. Now, we must get back. (Dr. Eggman gets up as the camera slowly zooms out to see the frozen tundra.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins above the treeline in a forest. Suddenly, we see Sparx fly up and look around. We hear a voice speak to him.)

???: See anything up there, Sparx?

Sparx: Nothing, Spyro. Not a town in sight. (The camera pans down and we see Spyro the dragon looking up at Sparx.)

Spyro: Then all we can do is keep moving forward. C'mon, Sparx. (We cut back up to see Sparx flying down. A large ship is seen coming in from the distance.)

(We cut to a new area of the forest. A small campfire is sending a small wave of smoke into the air. The fire seems to have gone out some time ago. The camera moves back and we see Shovel Knight digging into the Earth with his shovel. His shovel suddenly hits something.)

Shovel Knight: Huzzah! I have found something! (Shovel Knight reaches into the ground and pulls out a treasure chest. He opens it up and digs inside, only to find a rupee.) What kind of currency is this? (He shrugs and pockets the rupee before casually walking off into the forest.)

(We cut to the outskirts of the forest as the ship from before has landed. It is a Helghast Cruiser. A troop of Helghan soldiers emerges from it, all holding rifles.)

Soldier: Search the entire perimeter for anything useful. Kill all those who oppose. (The soldiers march off into the forest.)

(We cut back to Spyro and Sparx walking through the forest.)

Spyro: We gotta keep moving, Sparx.

Sparx: I'm coming. (A figure watches them from the trees. Their gaze seems to center on Sparx. Suddenly from out of the woods, a hoodmonger (Rayman) stands in front of our heroes holding a shotgun.)

Spyro: Woah, a walking potato sack! (The hoodmonger aims his shotgun and fires. Spyro picks up his front, left foot as the bullet hits right under it. Angrily.) Alright, now you're gonna get it! (He runs towards the hoodmonger. We cut to Shovel Knight walking through the woods as we hear sounds from the fight.)

Shovel Knight: Oh my! A tussle is surely taking place. (He takes out his shovel and holds it high into the air.) Steel thy shovel! (He runs towards the fight.)

(We cut back to Spyro as he runs up to the hoodmonger and headbutts it onto the ground. As he attempts to get up, Spyro shoots his flame breath onto it, engulfing it into flames.)

Spyro: I think I smell a barbecue. (We see Shovel Knight running towards where Spyro is, although he is still hidden in the trees.)

Shovel Knight: A dragon? How peculiar…

Spyro: Alright, Sparx. Now that that punk is taken care of…

???: Target acquired.

Spyro: Huh? (Suddenly, a group of four Helghan soldiers charge out into the small clearing that Spyro is in. They all hold rifles towards him. Shovel Knight looks at the scene in shock.) And who are you supposed to be?

Soldier: We are the Helghan. You are coming with us. (Two of the soldiers grab Spyro by his horns.)

Spyro: Let me go! Get your hands off my horns!

Soldier: It's nothing personal. (The soldiers begin taking Spyro away, but Sparx attempts to fight back by buzzing around one's head. The soldier back hands Sparx and he crashes to the ground.) Annoying pest. (The soldiers take Spyro away. Leaving the two other soldiers to inspect Sparx.)

Soldier: I'll snuff out its light. (As the soldier raises his foot to step on Sparx, we hear a voice.)

Shovel Knight: Tally ho! (Shovel Knight runs out of the brush and shovel drops off of the soldier who was about to step on Sparx. The soldier falls to the ground. Shovel Knight lands and holds out his shovel.) Steel thy shovel, evil-doers.

Soldier 2: (Aiming gun.) You will die. (Shovel Knight pulls out the rupee he got and hits it with his shovel like a bat. It hits the soldier and he's knocked back, accidentally shooting a few rounds into the air. We cut to the air as we see that a bullet has hit a duck (Duck Hunt). The duck falls into a nearby bush as the Dog (Duck Hunt) pops out of the bush holding the duck by the neck. We go back to Shovel Knight as he pulls out his flare wand.)

Shovel Knight: Get back! (He shoots a fireball at the soldier who bursts into flames and collapses onto the ground. As the first soldier attempts to get up, Shovel Knight knocks him in the face with his shovel. Sparx flies up to greet Shovel Knight.)

Sparx: Thank you, sir. Please, you must help my friend. They've taken him away.

Shovel Knight: Not to worry. I shall not let these brutes escape unscathed. (Sparx leads Shovel Knight in the direction of the soldiers who kidnapped Spyro. They eventually arrive at the Helghast Cruiser. Shovel Knight jumps onto a balcony with a door connecting to it. The camera falls back and we see the Helghast Cruiser take off.)

(We cut inside the cruiser as Shovel Knight and Sparx cautiously make their way through. Doors flank both sides of the corridor that they're in. Shovel Knight approaches a door on his left.)

Shovel Knight: Perhaps this is where your friend is being held. (Shovel Knight presses a button next to the door and it opens. Inside is a table with a flower pot and mushroom in it.) How peculiar… (As Shovel Knight approaches it, it sprouts out of the pot, revealing itself to be a ramblin' evil mushroom (EarthBound). It spreads its spores on Shovel Knight and mushroomizes him. A mushroom sprouts from his head.) My word!

Sparx: What is that thing? (Shovel Knight stumbles around with the mushroom on his head. He stumbles out the door and his hand accidentally touches the button to the room parallel from him. It opens and he falls through the door.)

Shovel Knight: Blast that mushroom. (While on the ground, Poogie (Monster Hunter) walks up to him and eats the mushroom off of his head. Shovel Knight gets up.) Thank you. (Poogie snorts in reply. Shovel Knight walks out of the room and approaches the door right next door with Sparx following. He opens it and steps inside of a dark room. The door closes behind him. He turns back in shock.) Huh?

???: Another warrior sent to kill me. You shall join the rest.

Shovel Knight: Who goes there? (The camera turns and from out of the shadows, Kratos makes his appearance to Shovel Knight. A strange helmet is on his head, obscuring his eyes.)

Kratos: Prepare to be slain. (Kratos holds up his Leviathan Axe and throws it at Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight jumps out of the way and the axe hits the wall behind him. Suddenly, it unwedges itself and flies back into Kratos' hand. Kratos yells and lunges forward with his axe. He continues swinging as Shovel Knight blocks hits with his shovel. Kratos uppercuts Shovel Knight with his axe and sends him flying away. He lands on his feet.)

Shovel Knight: You are quite the formidable foe. (Shovel Knight lunges forward and swipes at Kratos with his shovel. Kratos retaliates by bringing his axe down and freezing Shovel Knight solid. Kratos begins another strike but is stopped when Sparx begins buzzing around his head.)

Kratos: What is this? (While Kratos is distracted, Shovel Knight bursts from the ice he was encased in. He leaps back, pulls out his flare wand, and shoots a fireball at Kratos. This knocks him back again.) Your attacks are weak! (Kratos throws his axe again, but Shovel Knight uses his shovel to bounce off of it in midair, and then shovel drops onto the helmet that Kratos is wearing. It cracks as Shovel Knight drops back down to the ground. The helmet breaks and Kratos drops onto his knees.)

Shovel Knight: I have broken through your defenses! Huh? (Kratos begins to get up. He puts his hand on his head. When he gets up, he turns towards Shovel Knight and approaches him menacingly.)

Kratos: What happened? (Shovel Knight backs up.)

Shovel Knight: I could ask you the same thing. What are your affiliations with the soldiers on this ship?

Kratos: The soldiers. Yes, they attacked me. I killed tens of them, but they must have overpowered me.

Shovel Knight: They appear to have brainwashed you. That helmet you were wearing aroused my suspicions. (Kratos begins walking towards the exit.)

Kratos: I am going to find who is behind this, and gut them like a pig.

Shovel Knight: We are looking for the one behind this as well. We shall come with you.

Kratos: We?

Shovel Knight: This insect is looking for his friend onboard. We will be stronger in numbers.

Kratos: (Opens door.) Just stay out of my way. (They leave.)

(We cut to our heroes walking through the corridors of the cruiser. They turn a corner and see two soldiers walking towards them. Kratos lunges forward and plunges his axe into the chest of a soldier. He turns and decapitates the other soldier.)

Kratos: Pathetic. (He turns to Shovel Knight and Sparx watching him.) Keep up. Don't slow me down. (Shovel Knight steps over the corpses and follows Kratos.)

(We cut to the main control room of the cruiser. Inside, we see Spyro wearing a muzzle and chained to the wall.. The camera pans up to see Colonel Radec gazing out the front window.)

Radec: They will all succumb to the Helghan. (Spyro mumbles in response.) What was that? (Spyro stares him down. Radec pulls out a combat knife.) Keep this up, and I'll kill you like the scum you are. (The sound of Kratos killing the soldiers is heard through the walls.) An unwelcome visitor is onboard. I will put a stop to them. (Radec suddenly disappears. Loud banging is heard on the door. Suddenly, the door flies off and hits the ground. Kratos and Shovel Knight walk in. Sparx sees Spyro and flies over to him.)

Sparx: Spyro! (Spyro mumbles fast and incoherently.)

Shovel Knight: What is the dragon trying to say? (Suddenly, something invisible plunges into Kratos' chest. He gasps in pain as Radec unveils himself and becomes visible again. He has a knife in Kratos' chest.)

Radec: It's nothing personal. (He throws Kratos to the ground. Radec approaches Shovel Knight and Spyro with his knife.) I'm not a very patient man. It's kill or be killed. (Kratos slowly gets up in the background.) I thought I had killed you.

Kratos: That was your attempt at slaying me? You must take me for a mere mortal. Such as yourself. (Radec turns towards Spyro and Shovel Knight. He kicks Shovel Knight away and holds a knife at Spyro' throat. Shovel Knight and Kratos prepare their weapons.)

Radec: I suggest you leave, unless you want the dragon to die. (Shovel Knight lowers his shovel. Kratos makes no movement.)

Kratos: I care not for the dragon's life. Kill him if you must.

Radec: (Pauses for a moment.) We may be enemies, but I can respect you as such. (Radec reaches under the control center and pushes a red button. An alarm begins blaring.) Goodbye, scum. (At this, Spyro unfurls his wings which push Radec away. Shovel Knight then uses his shovel to break the chain around Spyro's neck and takes off his muzzle.)

Spyro: Thanks. (Radec stumbles back and pulls out a rifle. Kratos throws his axe at him, but Radec rolls out of the way. He shoots twice at Kratos with both shots hitting Kratos.)

Radec: I will not fail. (Suddenly, the axe flies back towards Kratos, cutting Radec's side on the way. A loud flurry of footsteps are heard as a troop of Helghan soldiers flood into the room.)

Soldier: Just give up.

Kratos: Hades awaits you all. (Kratos lunges forward and thrusts his axe into the chest of a soldier. He quickly throws them away and grabs the next soldier's neck and slams him into the wall. We see Shovel Knight run into the fray. He hits a distracted soldier in the back of the head with his shovel. Another soldier is thrown by Kratos and lands next to Shovel Knight. He shovel drops this soldier, knocking him unconscious. We cut to Radec shooting into the crowd as Spyro watches.)

Spyro: I'm not finished with you! (Spyro rams his head into Radec and sends him hurtling into a wall. Spyro then shoots flame at him, but Radec rolls out of the way just in time.)

Radec: I thought you'd be more threatening than this. (Radec aims his gun and shoots, hitting Spyro in the side.) Scum. (We cut back to Kratos as he grabs a soldier on the ground by his head and rips it off. He merely drops it onto the ground. A soldier on fire scrambles in the background as Shovel Knight joins Kratos with his flare wand.)

Shovel Knight: I am glad to have you on our side. (Kratos looks away as even more footsteps are heard coming from the hallway.) More of them are coming.

Spyro: We have to go!

Kratos: I will slay them.

Shovel Knight: They have defeated you before, and may very well again. Come, we must be swift! (Shovel Knight and Spyro run out the door as Kratos reluctantly follows.)

Radec: You will not escape this ship.

(We cut to our heroes running through the cruiser. They get to a corner in the hallway, and around the corner are the soldiers.)

Shovel Knight: They are here. Flee in the other direction. (We cut to a bridge on the outside of the ship. As our heroes reach it, Shovel Knight closes the door that led to it. Before they can get to the other side of the bridge, the door closes.) Blast! We're trapped on both sides.

Kratos: I shall simply destroy this door. (Kratos begins beating on the metal door. We see that on the other side of that door is Radec and the soldiers, weapons ready. As Kratos makes a dent in the door, Sparx peeks inside and sees them. He whispers to Spyro.)

Spyro: Hey, mister. I don't think we should-

Kratos: Quiet. We need to focus on the kill. (Kratos continues beating at the door. We hear the click of a gun, as Spyro realizes he must do something. He grabs Shovel Knight and Kratos with his claws and jumps off of the bridge. Our heroes yell as they plummet, and the door falls off. A spray of bullets moves across the bridge.)

Soldier: Colonel Radec, it appears they have jumped ship.

Radec: It doesn't matter. It is only a matter of time before we have turned them to dust.

(We cut to Spyro gliding with Shovel Knight and Kratos in his claws. He beats his wings a bit and drops them safely onto the ground before Spyro lands.)

Kratos: (Angrily.) What was that?

Spyro: I had to get us out of there. We would've died.

Kratos: I would have slain them all. They cannot interfere with my mind and escape unscathed. (He begins leaving.) I am going after them.

Shovel Knight: Alone? That will never work.

Kratos: I have accomplished much greater tasks. This will be easy.

Spyro: Those guys need to pay. I'm coming with you.

Kratos: I will not allow that.

Shovel Knight: We are stronger in numbers. Together, we may stand a chance.

Kratos: You let them get away.

Spyro: They would've killed us.

Kratos: (Ponders for a moment.) Fine. Do not interfere with my ways. You may not like the outcome. (Shovel Knight and Spyro look at each other with worry.) Follow me. (Kratos begins walking away.)

Spyro: Guess we should get going. (Spyro and Shovel Knight follow after Kratos.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins at the end of Ch1E7. A gang of reapers are on a roof and an unknown figure is talking to them.)

???: I heard you guys are pretty good at theft.

Reaper: Yeah, what of it?

???: I have a job for you. (The camera cuts to reveal the Payday gang: Dallas, Chains, Wolf, and Hoxton. Dallas is the one addressing the reapers.)

Reaper: What kind of job?

Dallas: We steal from the largest bank here. Together, we'd be unstoppable. No one could put a dent in.

Reaper: (Thinking it over.) You have a deal.

Dallas: There's one last thing. I know someone who could help us out a little.

Reaper: Who?

Dallas: Follow us.

(We cut to the first time Sweet Tooth was arrested, that same night. On the crime scene is Booker DeWitt. He wanders a bit from the crime scene next to the alley that Sweet Tooth cornered the Crusader. He approaches the body of the Crusader.)

Booker: D*mn. (Behind Booker, two reapers drop from the rooftops. Booker turns towards them.) Who are you two? Give me straight answers. (Dallas then drops down behind Booker.)

Dallas: Get on your knees and f*ck it! (Dallas hits Booker in the head with the butt of a rifle. Booker slumps to the ground.) You two, bring him to our hideout. (The reapers pick up Booker's body.)

(We cut forward a few days later. It's raining as Cole Phelps walks down the street towards the police department. On his way in, Scott Shelby (Heavy Rain) opens the door for him.)

Phelps: Thanks.

Scott: Don't mention it. (Phelps walks into the police department and is immediately called into the chief's office. A different chief from before. As he walks through, he passes Connor (Detroit: Become Human) and Ada Wong (Resident Evil).)

Chief: Phelps, get in here! We've got a case for ya! (Phelps walks in.)

Phelps: What is it, chief?

Chief: Two officers, dead. Not only that, but one of their investigators has been missing for a few days. I'm sending you and an officer down there. Got it?

Phelps: Loud and clear. (Phelps turns and leaves. Outside, he is greeted by an officer next to a patrol car.)

Officer: Get in. I'll take you to the crime scene.

Phelps: (Getting in.) I'll never get used to these new cars you use. (The car drives away.)

(We cut to the inside of an abandoned building. Booker is seen chained to a pipe in the corner of the room. Dallas, the Payday gang, and the reapers approach Booker.)

Dallas: You're still holding out? Good.

Booker: What do you want, you godd*mn clown?

Dallas: (Holds up a bottle of salts.) We got the salts that we need. So these "vigors" of yours will soon be put to good use.

Booker: I'll kill you for this. (Dallas walks up to Booker and hits him in the head with the butt of his gun.)

Dallas: You f*cker. (To everyone else.) Let's get to work. (They all exit, leaving Booker chained and hurt.)

(The camera zooms out of the building, showing that it's next to a bank. Across the street, the patrol car pulls up and Phelps and the officer exit it.)

Phelps: What the h*ll is a cell phone?

Officer: You've gotta be kidding me. (Phelps and the officer approach an alleyway. Two officers are seen laying dead. Phelps walks over to inspect them. Large cut wounds are found in the chest.)

Phelps: Holy h*ll. I've never seen anything like this. These wounds are huge.

Officer: Any ideas?

Phelps: No f*cking clue. (Phelps looks up and sees movement on the roof of the building next to him.) I'm gonna go check something out. You stay here. (Phelps pulls out a revolver and walks slowly to the next alleyway. As he cautiously walks through, a figure drops down behind him. We see that it is Alex Mercer who has shapeshifted his arms into blades. Phelps turns around and steps back in shock.) What the h*ll are you!

Alex: Now I'll have to kill you too.

Phelps: Woah! We don't have to go there. I'm just here to ask you questions.

Alex: (Menacingly.) What questions?

Phelps: About the double homicide. Two cops. Know anything about that?

Alex: Those f*ckers shot me.

Phelps: So you were the one who killed them. Case closed, you're coming with me.

Alex: No, they shot me first. I didn't approach them until shots were fired.

(Three button prompts are shown onscreen saying truth, doubt, and lie. The doubt option is chosen.)

Phelps: You really think I'm gonna believe that sh*t? You came at me as soon as I walked through this alley.

Alex: They attacked me first, you could've done the same. (Alex shapeshifts his arms back to normal. The same button prompts show up. This time, truth is chosen.)

Phelps: Alright, I can believe that. You still have to come down to the station with me. We'll figure all this out. (Phelps walks out of the alley with Alex behind him. On the other side of the street, the Payday gang and the reapers approach a bank.)

(The Payday gang and the reapers enter the bank and point their guns at everyone inside.)

Dallas: Everybody on the ground! (The citizens all get on the ground. To the reapers.) You watch them. We'll get the money. (The Payday gang leaves the room and goes to the back where the money is. The reapers spread out to cover everyone. One of the bank employees presses a button under the counter which sounds off an alarm. A reaper approaches that employee and shoots them in the face. Screams ensue. Outside, Phelps, Alex, and the officer turn towards the bank.)

Officer: Something bad is happening at the bank. We better check it out. (Phelps and the officer start towards the bank. Alex follows but Phelps stops him.)

Phelps: No, you stay here. We still have questions for you. (Alex stays back, but shapeshifts his arms into hammerfists. Phelps and the officer get to the bank entrance and see all the reapers.)

Phelps: (Quietly.) F*ck. There's too many of them. We won't get through until help arrives. (Suddenly, Alex flies through the entrance and starts beating on the reapers with his hammerfists.)

Alex: What're you gonna throw at me next, huh? (He hits two reapers which each of his fists and grabs another and throws it out of one of the windows. We cut to the Payday gang at a vault.)

Dallas: We have trouble. I think it's time for our secret weapons. (He pulls out four vigors: Bucking Bronco, Devil's Kiss, Murder of Crows, and Shock Jockey. Chains takes the Devil’s Kiss vigor and injects it. His hands briefly burst into flames and he begins screaming. We cut to Phelps and the officer hearing it.)

Officer: Sounds like they have a hostage. I’m gonna check it out. (The officer holds up his gun and approaches the vault. Phelps follows cautiously. Once they’re almost there, Chains comes around the corner and shoots flames from his hand,engulfing the officer. He begins screaming violently as Phelps falls down and backs up on his hands. The officer falls dead to the ground.)

Phelps: Holy f*ck!

Chains: You’re next. (Chains holds up his arm again, but Alex Mercer jumps in and stabs Chains with his claws that he transformed his arm into. Chains falls to the ground.)

Phelps: What the f*ck was that?

Alex: Something that isn’t natural. I’ll kill them all. (Suddenly, Alex’s body goes stiff and he is lifted into the air. He is then hurtled out of the window of the bank. He groans.) F*ck… (We look back to see that Dallas is the cause of it, as he has taken the Bucking Bronco vigor. Hoxton and Wolf flank him.)

Dallas: We were hoping to do this quietly, detective. Now we have to kill you.

Phelps: What kind of f*cking clowns are you? (Phelps gets up and holds his gun out in front of him, ready to shoot. We cut outside with Alex as more reapers begin flooding the streets. Alex gets up.)

Alex: I’m getting f*cking tired of this. (He leaps at the reapers and stabs into one with his claws. He then throws that reaper at a group of two more. Reapers begin shooting at him, so he jumps behind a car, he then flips that car onto the shooting reapers.)

(We cut to an army base.Jonathan Irons (Call of Duty) stands in front of a group of soldiers. Among them is Ghost (Call of Duty) and Augustus Cole (Gears of War).)

Irons: Listen up, we’ve got a call of a dangerous gang attacking a bank. Not only that, supernatural occurrences have been accompanying the heist. You’ll need to be on your A-game. You, in the back… (The camera pans to see Salem and Rios. Salem is dozing off in his chair, Rios hits him awake.)

Salem: Huh? What is it?

Irons: Pay attention. This is a matter of life and death.

Salem: Yessir. (To Rios.) Probably just some wackjob with a gun.

Rios: Apparently it’s supernatural.

Salem: Bullsh*t.

Irons: Okay, ladies. Let’s head out. (We cut to armored trucks driving away.)

(We cut back to the bank heist. Phelps is blasted out of the bank with a blast of electricity. He tries getting up, but is unable to. Alex runs up to him and bends down to put an arm on his back.)

Alex: What happened in there?

Phelps: They’re too… powerful. Lightning… out of… their hands.

Alex: Lightning? (The Payday Gang then exits the bank with bags of cash. At this point, two armored trucks pull in and soldiers start streaming out.)

Dallas: They called in the army? Spread out! (The remaining three members of the Payday Gang drop their bags of cash and fan out. Soldiers begin shooting at reapers flooding the streets. We see Salem look over at Hoxton who is running into the building where Booker is being held hostage.)

Salem: There’s one! He’s getting away! (Salem runs after him and Rios follows. They pass by Phelps and Alex. Phelps suddenly gets up and runs in the opposite direction of Salem and Rios. We cut to Dallas running away from the soldiers as he lifts and throws some using his vigor. Phelps chases after him.)

(We cut to Salem and Rios entering the building, holstering submachine guns. They go up many flights of stairs.)

Rios: Come down with your hands up!

Salem: It’s over for you, buddy. (They reach a door at the top and Rios kicks it open. He leads the way inside. The camera pans to see Booker still chained to a pipe.)

Booker: Look out!

Rios: Huh? (Suddenly, Hoxton jumps out from the darkness and holds up his arm. A murder of crows escapes his hand thanks to the vigor he took. The crows bombard Rios and he crashes through a window in the room. His scream echoes as he falls and we hear the clang of metal and a crack.)

Salem: Rios! (Hoxton turns towards Salem.) I’ll f*cking kill you! (Salem lets loose on his gun as bullets spray into Hoxton. He lays dead on the ground.)

Booker: Oh my God. (Salem approaches Booker and holds his arm against the wall.)

Salem: Hold still. (Salem bashes his gun against the chain on Booker’s wrist. It breaks and he is freed.)

Booker: Thank you. These clowns need to be stopped.

Salem: Yeah… (He approaches the window and looks down. We see Rios’ limp body bleeding next to a dumpster.) Rios… poor b*stard. (Booker then gets onto the window landing and pulls out his skyhook. He jumps onto a powerline and his skyhook attaches. Booker starts traveling down the powerline towards where Phelps and Dallas went.) What the f*ck?

(We cut to the battle happening on the streets. Alex’s scythe hands rip horizontally through a reaper, tearing him in half. He moves onto another reaper and stabs him in the stomach. Suddenly, he is hit with a burst of electricity and sprawls onto the ground. The camera pans as we see Wolf with electricity sparking around his hand.)

Alex: Looks like you’re next to die. (Alex gets up and runs towards Wolf. Wolf shoots electricity at Alex, who blocks it with his scythe hands. After a bit, Wolf takes out a machine gun and begins shooting at Alex. He takes a couple serious blows to the shoulder.) You won't get away with that! (Alex lunges at Wolf and takes swipes viciously at him. Wolf ducks under one and jabs the butt of his gun into Alex's chin. He grabs Alex's shoulder and zaps him full of electricity.)

Wolf: Any final words? (As soon as he says this, Salem bursts into the scene and puts Wolf into a headlock. He then flips backwards and slams Wolf's head on the ground. Knocking him out.)

Salem: Yo. That was so bad*ss, you wish you had moves like that.

Alex: Not bad.

(We cut to Phelps giving chase to Dallas. Dallas reaches a building and starts climbing up a ladder. Phelps follows. Once Phelps reaches the top, Dallas lands a punch on him and sends him to the ground.)

Dallas: I’m not going to jail, detective.

Phelps: What the f*ck is this?

Dallas: This is just the beginning. With these new powers, I can rob any bank I d*mn well please. You’re just a casualty. (Dallas uses his vigor to pull Phelps into the air. He’s floating about six feet above the roof.) Now put your cuffs on, b*tch! (Suddenly, Booker flies in with his skyhook. He kicks Dallas in the face and he falls over. Phelps drops down.)

Phelps: F*ck!

Booker: (To Dallas.) You get what you deserve, f*cker.

Dallas: How’d you escape? (He gets up and pulls out a knife. He swings when a gunshot is heard. Dallas stumbles and falls off of the building. We cut to see Phelps with his revolver.)

Phelps: Are you the missing investigator?

Booker: Yeah, Booker DeWitt. Those clowns have kept me hostage for days.

Phelps: Let’s get back to the bank.

(We cut back to the bank. Dead bodies of reapers and soldiers are strewn everywhere. We see the body of Wolf as Alex and Salem walk away from it, his arms back to normal. Soldiers are leading reapers into the armored trucks. Phelps and Booker return as Alex and Salem walk up to greet them.)

Phelps: Looks like this case is wrapped up.

Booker: So many dead…

Salem: (Pulling out vigors. To Booker.) Are these yours?

Booker: They are. I’m sorry for the trouble they caused in the wrong hands

Alex: We need to get out of here.

Phelps: All of you should come with me. I’ll get us down to the station. We’ll sort everything out. (They all look together before Salem nods. The camera pans up to the dark sky as thunder is heard up above.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins in a dark forest. It is quiet at first, but then we see two pairs of legs sprinting through the brush, accompanied by panting. Following them are a pack of wolf-like paws. The camera cuts to see Joel and Ellie running through the forest, followed by a pack of hellhounds (Call of Duty). Joel is carrying a handgun and Ellie has a rifle.)

Ellie: Joel! Hurry!

Joel: Godd*mnit. (Joel reaches back and shoots three shots at the pack. The camera pans to see one of the hellhounds getting shot and dying.) Got one.

Ellie: Good shot. (They run a bit longer before a hellhound pounces onto Joel and begins biting his arm. Joel is on the ground unable to do much besides scream.)

Joel: F*ck! Get off! (A gunshot is heard and the hellhound falls off of Joel. The camera pans to see Ellie holding her rifle in Joel’s direction.)

Ellie: C’mon, we gotta go! (Joel gets up and starts running again.)

Joel: Thanks, kid. (They run a little longer before coming across a church in the distance. They run towards it.) We can hide out there for the night. Just need to get away from these d*mn wolves. (We cut to them running inside the church doors. Joel turns around to close the door, but as he does, a hellhound’s head gets caught in it. It snarls and bites at Joel.) Oh sh*t!

Ellie: Joel! (Joel struggles a bit more with the door before slamming it closed. Ellie quickly barricades it with a church bench.) Finally, we’re safe.

Joel: Tell you what, when we get back… movie night. (Ellie smiles.)

(The camera pans down into the church basement. We see a man in a trenchcoat walking through. The camera pans to reveal that the man is Drake of the 99 Dragon Clan. He stops as a voice is heard in the room. It is revealed to be the voice of the Gods (Drake of the 99 Dragons).)

God: Drake, we need you. The world is in great peril.

Drake: The Gods? What is it? Is it Tang?

God: No Drake, it is much worse than Tang. It is an ancient artifact that may cause destruction in the wrong hands.

Drake: Tell me more. Why is this artifact so dangerous?

God: We cannot say much, Drake. Even now, there may be demons listening in on our conversation. We are not alone.

Drake: At least tell me what I’m looking for.

Gods: A golden amulet with a green jewel in the center. It is not in this realm, so we must use our powers to create a portal to where it is being held. (A green orb begins glowing on the ground of the basement.)

Drake: I won’t fail you. I’ll get this amulet before it’s too late.

(We cut back to Joel and Ellie in the church. They’re sitting on the ground as hellhounds claw at the door.)

Ellie: Where do we go now?

Joel: We need to find civilization.

???: Who’s here! (Joel and Ellie look up to see Grigori (Half-Life) approaching them with a shotgun. Joel and Ellie get up.)

Joel: Woah, woah, woah! We’re just taking shelter for the night.

Ellie:There’s a pack of wolves or something outside. Too dangerous.

Grigori: I understand. You can stay the night here. Hell’s demons are stirring, I can feel it.

Joel: Thank you. (Suddenly, things begin to shake.) What the hell was that? (The camera pans to a stained glass window in the church. It suddenly transforms into the Stained Glass Demon (MediEvil). It looks over our heroes as they stare at it in disbelief.)

Ellie: What the f*ck is that! (Joel and Grigori begin shooting at it. The Stained Glass Demon begins floating in the air and his heart leaves his body. It begins shooting glass everywhere.)

Joel: Sh*t!

Grigori: Duck! (The three of them take cover behind a church bench as projectiles shoot around them.) We can hide in the basement. Run fast. (The projectiles stop. As soon as they do, Joel, Ellie, and Grigori start running for a door on the east side of the building. The Stained Glass Demon’s eyes follow them and he begins to take chase. They make it to the door and Joel and Ellie start going down the stairs but stop when Grigori doesn’t follow.)

Joel: Are you coming?

Grigori: I’ll try to hold this thing off. (Joel nods and grabs Ellie’s hand. They two keep running downstairs until they reach the bottom. At that point, we hear two gunshots and Grigori scream. We hear a thud as Joel and Ellie keep running. They stop at a door.)

Ellie: Joel… do you think…

Joel: He tried to stop it. (Suddenly, they hear a voice from behind the door.)

Drake: The portal, it’s opening.

Joel: The hell? (Joel opens the door and he and Ellie walk inside to see Drake standing over a portal to Hell. Drake turns around.)

Drake: Who are you?

Ellie: Holy sh*t! (The Stained Glass Demon appears in the doorway behind Joel and Ellie. It snarls at them.)

Joel: F*ck!

Drake: Follow me! (Drake grabs Joel and Ellie and dives into the portal. They begin falling through Hell, with Joel and Ellie screaming the whole time. The Stained Glass Demon jumps through the portal, hot on their tail. Our heroes hit the ground, and the Stained Glass Demon does the same soon after. Our heroes slowly stand up. Joel grabs Drake by his coat.)

Joel: Who the f*ck are you? (The Stained Glass Demon levitates with his heart out again and begins shooting projectiles.)

Drake: Get down! (He pulls Joel and Ellie behind a large rock. Once they're covered, Joel holds his pistol up to Drake's face.)

Joel: What the f*ck did you do to us?

Ellie: Joel…

Drake: I'll answer all your questions once we kill whatever that is.

Ellie: We've tried. It's immune to bullets. Won't even shatter a bit.

Drake: What about the heart?

Joel: Heart? What heart?

Drake: There. (Drake points to the heart.) Shoot at that. Understood.

Joel: (Pauses for a second.) You better be right. (The Stained Glass Demon descends. A rock suddenly hits it in the head.) Hey! (The camera pans to see Joel.) I'm not done with you. (The Stained Glass Demon begins his attack again, but this time, before he can shoot, Drake begins shooting at the heart with two pistols. The Stained Glass Demon pulls his heart back in and jumps over to Drake. He slaps him across the ground.)

Drake: Oh…

Ellie: Hey, f*cker! (Ellie shoots her shotgun at the Stained Glass Demon’s head. It floats again and starts shooting projectiles. Ellie is hit a few times before she takes cover.) Sh*t. (At this point, Joel shoots a few shots at the heart. The Stained Glass Demon descends and kneels on the ground in pain. Finally, Drake summons a soul and shoots it at the heart. This causes the heart and the Stained Glass Demon to shatter. We cut to a far shot of the explosion, as a winged creature watches from a distance.)

Drake: Finally, that thing was a pain. (Drake is suddenly pushed to the ground by Joel. Joel grabs hold of the back of Drake's coat and yanks his head up to look at him.)

Joel: Now answer me, where the f*ck are we?!

Drake: It's hard to explain.

Ellie: Then you better get explaining.

Drake: Fine, I am Drake of the 99 Dragon Clan. (A flashback begins showing the events Drake says.) Not so long ago, I was in my world, when suddenly I was sent here. I knew at once what was happening, Master Mind has been freed. He is an ancient enemy to my clan. The Gods have told me that something here may save us, an amulet. (Flashback ends.) That is why we are here, in Hell. I'm sorry I had to take you with me.

Joel: Hell?

Drake: Yes, but I will get us out. I promise you. (Suddenly, wing sounds are heard.)

Ellie: What's that noise? (Firebrand suddenly descends on our heroes. He snarls at them before leaping forward and swiping at Joel who falls away from Drake.) Joel! (Firebrand turns his gaze to Ellie, who backs away in fear.)

Joel: Ellie! (Joel races back towards Ellie as Drake gets up. As Joel runs forward, Firebrand suddenly lurches at him and grabs him. He begins flying up as Joel screams.)

Ellie: Joel! (Firebrand begins flying away with Joel.) Joel!! (Ellie suddenly turns to Drake.) Where the f*ck is that thing taking Joel?

Drake: I… I don't know.

Ellie: This is all your fault!

???: Hey! Quit your screaming! (Ellie and Drake turn to find Gregg the Grim Reaper (Conker) suddenly with them.) I'm trying to enjoy myself, you pricks.

Ellie: You… you're the…

Gregg: Yes, the Grim Reaper. Yada yada yada. Get on with it. (He stares at them both for a moment.) Say, I haven't reaped any of your souls. What're you doing down here?

Drake: We have come to find an amulet.

Gregg: An amulet? Haven't seen one.

Ellie: That red winged demon. Do you know where he's gone?

Gregg: Y'mean ol' Firebrand? He has his home in some palace around here. I wouldn't get near him if I were you, doesn't like visitors. (He takes stock of Ellie’s sad expression.) I'm guessing he's caused you trouble. Never f*ck with Firebrand, that's what I always say.

Drake: Which way is his palace?

Gregg: (Points directly behind them.) That way. Can't miss it. Now shoo. I have business with a furry b*stard. Should be down here any day now. (Ellie and Drake run off.)

(We cut to a different part of Hell as the Slayer, armed with a shotgun, tramping through the place. Two barons of Hell (DOOM) start running at him, but he shoots them both away with his gun. A cacodemon approaches the Slayer from behind, but he pulls out his chainsaw and shreds it to bits. The Slayer drops down to a lower part of Hell as two piglins (Minecraft) see him. One runs up to him and begins hitting the Slayer with its gold sword. It does nothing as the Slayer lets him do it for a few seconds. Then he punches the piglin extremely far away with brute force. The second piglin cowers in fear as the Slayer strolls past it, shooting it with a shotgun at the last second. The Slayer walks into a cave the piglins were next to. Once he reaches the back, he picks up a plushie of himself. He looks touched. The camera then pans to see Shinnok's amulet on the cave floor. He picks it up and inspects it before pocketing it.)

(The Slayer exits the cave and looks up. We see Firebrand in the background carrying Joel through the air. Joel is still screaming. The Slayer holds up his shotgun and fires a few shots at Firebrand. None of the shots connect, but both he and Joel get frazzled. Firebrand picks up the pace and begins flying towards a large dark palace. The Slayer looks up at it before giving chase.)

(We cut to Firebrand flying into his palace via a hole on its side. The hole leads into what appears to be a small guest room. He drops Joel who crawls to the side of the room.)

Joel: Just stay back. (Firebrand looks at him before exiting through a door in the room. He lets out a screech, and three Hel-walkers (God of War), each holding a shortsword, enter the room. They slowly approach Joel.) No… no… no! (Suddenly, a grappling hook hooks onto the side of the palace and the Slayer shoots into the room. He immediately grabs the head of a Hel-walker and crushes its head in his hands. As a second approaches, he reveals a blade in the arm of his suit and stabs the Hel-walker with it. He pins him against the ground, takes the blade out, and crushes its head with his foot. As the third one approaches from behind, Joel gets up and body slams it out the hole in the wall. It falls while wailing.)

Joel: (Breathing heavily.) Thank you. (The Slayer gives a thumbs up.) What are you? A soldier? (The Slayer nods. He then motions for Joel to follow him out the door.) Out there? There are demons out there. Too dangerous. (The Slayer pulls out his shotgun and opens the door.) Godd*mnit… (Joel follows.)

(We cut back to Ellie and Drake running through Hell.)

Ellie: There’s the palace. Just up ahead. (They approach the big front door to the palace.)

Drake: What's the plan? We can't just go in shooting.

Ellie: Hmmm. (She puts her ear up to the door. We see glowing silhouettes of a large group of demons inside.) There's tons of them in there.

(We cut to Joel sneaking through the palace until he bumps into the Slayer, who has suddenly stopped.)

Joel: (Whispering.) What? (The Slayer gestures to the ballroom, where the demons have all come together. Joel and the Slayer are one floor above.) Sh*t. There's too many of them. (The Slayer holds up his shotgun.) We could never take them all.

(We cut back to Ellie and Drake.)

Ellie: We need to find another way in.

Drake: Maybe there's a back entrance. (Suddenly, a ghast (Minecraft) descends on them and shoots a fireball at them.) Get down! (Drake pulls Ellie down and the fireball explodes the door to the palace. The demons look outside to see Ellie and Drake, and Firebrand points at them and shrieks.)

(We cut back to Joel and the Slayer, who see the door explode.)

Joel: What the h*ll was that? (The Slayer breaks off from Joel and uses his grappling hook on a chandelier in the ballroom and swings feet first into Firebrand's back, taking the two down. They both immediately get back up. The Slayer throws a punch at Firebrand, who flutters backwards out of the way. He then lunges forward and takes two swipes at the Slayer. He then flies up, picks him up, and throws him through the entrance.)

(Drake gets up and starts shooting his two pistols. Ellie gets up and runs into the palace. A revenant (DOOM) jetpacks up into the air and begins shooting missiles at Ellie. She dives out of the way at the last second and cover her head.)

Joel: Ellie! (Joel jumps off the banister onto the ground floor and begins shooting. He hits the revenant in the skull which causes it to shatter. It falls back to the ground.)

Ellie: Joel! (The camera pans to see Joel shooting a Hel-walker in the head and killing it.)

(We cut to Drake shooting a baron of Hell. It falls to the ground and Drake drops two pistols onto the floor. He then pulls two identical pistols out of his coat. We cut to the Slayer stabbing a baron of Hell in the chest with his blade. When it dies, Hades (God of War) drops down from above. He is huge and angry. The Slayer pulls out his shotgun and charges at him.)

(We cut to Firebrand flying down to Joel. He kicks him to the ground, but Joel rolls over and shoots Firebrand in the arm. Firebrand gets angry and begins to charge, when Ellie knocks into him and pushes him down.)

Ellie: Don't you dare! (Firebrand starts flying upwards until we see Drake behind him, running across the wall. Drake jumps from the wall and grapples Firebrand. They both tumble for a bit before Firebrand throws Drake off of his back.)

(We cut back to the Slayer fighting Hades. Hades slams the Slayer into a wall, which causes Shinnok's Amulet to fall out of his armor and drop off the cliff near where he is. The Slayer takes out his chainsaw and begins cutting into Hades' leg. Hades then picks the Slayer up and slams him behind him. The Slayer gets up as Hades looms over him. The Slayer then pulls out the BFG. He shoots and Hades goes flying through the air. His large body slams into Firebrand, and he is partially crushed beneath him. Our heroes approach Firebrand as he is helpless to get unstuck.)

Joel: Would you like to do the honors, Ellie?

Ellie: Sure. (Ellie holds up her shotgun and shoots Firebrand in the head.) Finally. (She smiles at Joel.) I'm glad you're safe.

Joel: Yeah, kid. Me too. (The Slayer begins to walk away.) Hey, where are you going? (The Slayer jabs his thumb in a direction away from the palace.)

Drake: We need to keep moving. These demons are dangerous.

Joel: Then let’s go. Lead the way, soldier. (The Slayer leads our heroes away. Suddenly, we hear Ellie singing. The song in question is Through the Valley.)

Ellie: I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death.
And I fear no evil
because I'm blind to it all.
In my mind
and my gun
they comfort me,
because I know
I'll kill my enemies
when they come.

(As she sings this, we cut to Shinnok's amulet. Quan Chi approaches it and picks it up. As Ellie finishes the verse, we see a sinister grin cross Quan Chi's face. A guitar strums as the episode fades to black.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins on the roof of an old castle at night. Bowser exits from a door on the roof and meets with Master Mind.)

Master Mind: King Koopa, I trust that all is well?

Bowser: Yeah, Peach is locked up for the night.

Master Mind: Excellent, I don't want her causing anymore problems. She's already meddled with my life enough.

Bowser: Say, Master Mind…do you think…?

Master Mind: What is it, Koopa?

Bowser: Maybe once we're ruling everything, I could have the princess as my wife?

???: World domination, and you're worried about marriage? Pitiful. (The camera pans to see Radec.)

Master Mind: Bowser, meet Colonel Radec. He is a member of my army.

Bowser: So this chump just has a gun. Pfft, weak.

Radec: I can kill you in twelve ways right at this second.

Master Mind: That's enough, Colonel. (To Bowser.) Now, Koopa, how is your new little pet.

Bowser: Oh, that monster is awesome! That mind control technology is really coming in handy.

Master Mind: Excellent, I want you to take it on a test drive. I have heard that a few misguided warriors are looking to capture it.

Bowser: (Nods.) I'll crush them. (He begins to leave.)

Master Mind: Oh, and bring that son of yours with you.

Bowser: Junior?

Master Mind: I believe with enough training, he can become an asset to our army.

Bowser: (Excited.) I'll go tell him the good news! (He leaves.)

Master Mind: As for you, Colonel, I think it's time we put that phase of our plan into action.

Radec: Which one?

Master Mind: The one involving you and that ape. It still shocks me how that thing has such high intelligence.

Radec: The city will fall to its knees once that plan is put into place.

Master Mind: Yes…

Radec: Is that all you need from me, Master Mind?

Master Mind: Colonel, these heroes that keep messing up my plans, how would you suggest I get rid of them?

Radec: I could think of a thousand different ways.

Master Mind: And yet, nothing works. That spineless Dr. Eggman keeps failing, Bowser has been obsessed with that annoying Princess, and Ganondorf failed to get me even a fraction of the Dark Crystal.

Radec: Perhaps you could try alliancing yourself with one, then taking them out one by one.

Master Mind: Alliancing myself?

Radec: Make friends, and then kill them all.

Master Mind: I like the way you think, Colonel. The only question is who? (He thinks for a moment. He then begins to laugh evilly.)

Radec: An idea?

Master Mind: Yes, the perfect idea. Become friends with one who is spineless, too scared to say no. Even better, he is related to one who wants me dead. Who better to join with than one he cares about? I find him, get him to trust me, then become one with him. It's perfect.

Radec: Who is this scum?

Master Mind: The second banana, the green loser. Luigi.

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins in a stormy forest at night. The trees are being blown by a strong wind as a Gyarados sticks his neck out of a lake before diving back in. The camera pans back to see Ori trying to sleep in a small cave. He is curled up in a ball and wincing as the storm howls. A loud roar is heard as Ori looks up. A dark figure is flying above the clouds. Brief flashes of light come from it. We go back to Ori as he curls up more.)

(We cut to the next morning. We see a small building as the door opens. Marth, the Prince of Persia, and Ezio walk out, closely followed by Professor Oak (Pokemon).)

Marth: Thank you for your hospitality, professor.

Oak: My pleasure. I needed the help studying these new breeds of Pokemon. (The camera cuts to inside Oak's lab. Inside, we see Mike (Kirby), Klaptrap (Donkey Kong), and Pommy (Bomberman).) Although, to be completely honest, I'm not sure if these are Pokemon.

Ezio: Strange creatures. (The camera pans to the side of the building as we see a blue dragon (Panzer Dragoon).)

Prince: What is that beast?

Oak: Oh, I'm not really sure. It came here injured a couple days ago. It should be ready to leave pretty soon. (The blue dragon looks happy in the sun.) Well, I guess this is goodbye. I hope you boys have a safe journey. (Our heroes leave Oak's lab as he waves them goodbye. We cut to them going deeper into the forest.)

Prince: Do you really think we'll find that sorcerer in this forest?

Marth: I'm not sure, but it's the only lead we have so far.

Ezio: Destiny is incredibly strange, but we must trust in it. I feel like we will find exactly what we're looking for soon.

Prince: I hope so.

(We cut to a different part of the forest as Crono strolls through carrying his saber with him. He stops to rest on a log, when we see bushes rustling in the background. Three SharpClaw Tribe members (Star Fox) poke their heads out and spy at Crono.)

SharpClaw #1: Look at the sword that boy has. We must have it.

SharpClaw #2: Ambush him. Now! (The SharpClaws exit their hiding place and run towards Crono.)

Crono: Huh? (The SharpClaws near Crono and hit him off the log with their clubs. They laugh at him as he gets up and into a battle position. He lunges at the SharpClaw that hit him and slashes him with his sword. The SharpClaw flies to the ground as the other two look up in shock.) Leave now, Reptites.

SharpClaw #1: You're determined. (To other SharpClaw.) Bash him! (The SharpClaws maneuver to either side of Crono.)

Crono: You'll regret that. (Crono begins using his cyclone tech as he spins around with his sword out. The SharpClaws are caught in his cyclone. Crono kneels down with his sword as the two SharpClaws fall to the ground. Crono stands back up and looks down at the three SharpClaws.) So if there are Reptites here, I must be in prehistoric times. Maybe Ayla is around here.

(We cut to Crono continuing through the forest as he reaches the cave that Ori is in. We see Ori slowly wake up and rub his eyes. He looks up to see Crono standing outside the cave looking around. He starts approaching Crono until his foot hits a rock and it skitters through the cave.)

Crono: (Readying sword.) Who's there? (Ori sheepishly hides behind a rock in the cave, his ears still visible. Crono notices.) Are you a monster? Show yourself. (Ori nervously comes out of hiding. His ears droop as he stares at Crono. Crono lowers his weapon.) Hey, you're not a monster, are you? (Ori shakes his head no.) I'm not gonna hurt you. Are you lost? (Ori comes closer to Crono, looking nervous and scared.) I'm lost too. Maybe we can help each other out. I'll help you find your family if you help me find mine. (Ori's ears perk up at this. Crono sticks out his hand.) Deal? (Ori, overcome with the feeling of help, hugs Crono.) Uh… I'll take that as a yes.

(Suddenly, the sound of helicopter blades fill the air. Crono and Ori look around, but see nothing.)

Crono: Hide! (Crono and Ori hide in the nearby cave. The camera cuts to see the Koopa Cruiser descend on the forest. Bowser and Bowser Jr. are both on board, surveying the land.)

Bowser Jr.: We made it, papa! What's the next step of our plan?

Bowser: We need to find those hunters who are after our new pet. We don't want anything happening to him just yet, right Jr.?

Bowser Jr.: Right!

Bowser: Boom Boom! Pom Pom! (Boom Boom and Pom Pom come up behind Bowser and Bowser Jr.) Scout out the warriors who have been searching for our new project. You know what to do once you've found them. (Boom Boom and Pom Pom both grunt and nod.) Good, now go find them! (Boom Boom and Pom Pom jump off the Koopa Cruiser. They both walk off in different directions as the Koopa Cruiser flies off. We see Ori and Crono with shocked expressions watching from the cave.)

(We cut back to Marth's group walking through the forest. Suddenly, we hear someone speak to them.)

???: Excuse me! (Our heroes turn around to see the Monster Hunter. On either side of her are the Prince of Sable (For the Frog the Bell Tolls) and Gilius Thunderhead (Golden Axe).) I'm sorry to bother you, but me and my fellow warriors are looking for a beast. Have you seen a large red dragon around here?

Marth: Large red dragon?

Monster Hunter: A Rathalos, I don't suppose you folk know exactly what that is.

Ezio: We have seen nothing of that sort, but we will keep an eye out.

Monster Hunter: Thank you. (The Monster Hunter and her friends leave.)

Prince: This is getting incredibly dangerous.

Marth: Yes, keep your eyes open. We don't need anymore trouble than we already have.

(The camera cuts to an angle watching our heroes. Suddenly, Pom Pom sticks her head up out of the brush and eyes our heroes. She pulls out her shuriken. We cut to our heroes walking again as they suddenly stop. A strange pink mist blows in and materializes into Pom Pom.)

Pom Pom: Pom Pom! (She holds out her shuriken. Our heroes all draw swords in preparation.)

Ezio: Oddio! What is that thing?

Marth: I don't know… (Pom Pom smirks as she disappears into pink mist again. This time, the mist separates into five different clouds. They surround our heroes before turning into five separate Pom Poms.)

Prince: What?!

Ezio: Witchcraft! (The Pom Poms all throw their shurikens at our heroes with all of them hitting. Our heroes double down in pain.)

Marth: Augh! (Marth runs up to attack a Pom Pom, but it disappears at the hit of his sword.) Huh?! (The real Pom Pom comes up behind him and smacks him in the back of the head before disappearing into mist again.)

Prince: Are they fakes?

Ezio: No, I believe one is real. (Five Pom Poms appear again and throw their shurikens. Ezio parries one with his sword while the Prince simply ducks out of the way.)

(We cut to Ori and Crono running towards the commotion.)

Crono: One of those things is over there! (As they approach, Boom Boom jumps in and swings at both of them with his fists. They both fall to the ground.) Huh?

Boom Boom: Boom Boom! (Boom Boom retracts into his shell and charges up. He suddenly starts speeding towards Ori and Crono, but they both jump out of the way. Crono slashes at Boom Boom while he's in his shell, but it does nothing. Boom Boom then comes out of his shell and punches Crono away. Behind Boom Boom, Ori runs and jumps up to bash Boom Boom in the head. He lands and takes a fighting pose in front of Crono. This angers Boom Boom who stomps on the ground and screams with rage.)

(We cut back to Prince fighting Pom Pom. He hits one with his sword before it disappears, revealing itself to be a fake. The real Pom Pom then comes up and hits him with her shuriken. The Prince then uses his dagger of time to reverse time to before he hit the fake. He hits the fake again before turning around and parrying Pom Pom's shuriken with his sword. He slashes her against her head.)

Prince: Your tricks won't work on me. (Pom Pom gets angry. She disappears into mist again before forming a line of five Pom Poms who all throw their shurikens at the same time. Marth parries them all with his blade. Ezio then shoots his crossbow into the line. It hits a fake who disappears. He then uses his pistol located in his hidden blade to shoot again. This hits the real Pom Pom and knocks her over.)

(We cut back to Boom Boom spinning with his fists in a circle and jumping around. He lands near Ori, who throws a spear of light at his head. It connects and he falls over. Boom Boom gets up and smashes Ori down with his fists. He then picks Ori up by the neck.)

Crono: Put him down! (We pan to Crono levitating slightly. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning hits Boom Boom and sends him flying. We cut to Pom Pom as Boom Boom lands on top of her. They are both knocked out.)

Ezio: What is this? (Ori and Crono run in to join the rest of our heroes.)

Crono: Are you all okay?

Marth: Did you do this?

Crono: Yes, we defeated that orange Reptite. There are more coming. They're on a giant ship.

Prince: Giant ship? (Propeller noises fill the air again as the Koopa Cruiser flies in. We hear Bowser laughing.)

Bowser: Looks like my troops were defeated a little too easily. I bet you're all wondering who I am.

Bowser Jr.: Tell them, papa!

Bowser: I'm the biggest, baddest brute around, the king that reigns supreme: King Bowser Koopa!

Ezio: King? You are no king. You are more akin to a tyrant.

Bowser: Now that's a title I can get behind.

Crono: What do you want?

Bowser: I want you all to stop meddling in my plans, and to do that, I have a little surprise for you. (Bowser suddenly roars into the air. From the sky, Rathalos (Monster Hunter) flies down.) Meet the newest member of the Koopa Troop: Rathalos!

Marth: The red dragon!

Bowser: Now… it's showtime! (Rathalos shoots a fireball at our heroes and they all fall backwards. Fire plumes up from the grass as Bowser laughs. We cut to Ori slowly getting up as the blue dragon from earlier flies down near our heroes. It roars up at Rathalos. Ori suddenly has a plan and quickly gets up. He runs over to the blue dragon and mounts it. The blue dragon looks up at Ori before getting a determined look. It begins its ascent and shoots projectiles from its mouth at Rathalos. Rathalos notices and begins charging at the blue dragon. Ori pilots it away and the chase begins. We cut back to Bowser in the Koopa Cruiser.)

Bowser: You may have gotten rid of my monster, but you still have me to deal with. C'mon, Jr. (Bowser hops down from the Koopa Cruiser. He is quickly followed by Bowser Jr. in his Clown Car, which has robotic arms with boxing gloves.)

Bowser Jr.: Let's beat 'em up, papa! (Bowser jumps in front of Marth. Marth slashes at him, but Bowser sidesteps him and breathes fire. Marth's cape catches on fire as he dodges out of the way. Ezio jumps in and slashes at Bowser’s neck. Bowser retaliates by grabbing Ezio and body slamming him onto the ground.)

Bowser: That all you got, pipsqueaks? (We cut to Crono jumping up and slashing at the Clown Car. Bowser Jr. catches him with his Clown Car's hands and throws him to the ground.)

Bowser Jr.: Ha ha! (The Prince then jumps onto a tree branch and leaps at Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. flies out of the way before the Prince can get him.)

(We cut to Ori and the blue dragon flying away from Rathalos. Rathalos is shooting fireballs at them. Ori then commands the blue dragon to do a backwards somersault, and suddenly Rathalos is the one being chased. The blue dragon shoots projectiles at its back.)

(We cut to Bowser swinging a chain chomp around his head. He throws it and it hits Marth, which knocks him down.)

Bowser: Yeah! (A bolt suddenly hits Bowser in the back of the head and the camera pans to see Ezio holding his crossbow. Bowser turns around to face him, but he is knocked back by Marth slashing at him. We go back to Bowser Jr. shooting a cannonball out of the Clown Car. The Prince and Crono both jump out of the way.)

Prince: Take this! (The Prince lunges forward with his sword to strike, but Bowser Jr. dodges. Then, Crono takes a slash and hits the Clown Car into a tree. Bowser Jr. hits his head on it.)

Bowser Jr.: Owowowowow! (We go back to Ori chasing Rathalos as the blue dragon keeps shooting projectiles. Ori then goes up to the blue dragon's head and gets its attention. Ori points at the Rathalos' wings, and the blue dragon understands. It begins shooting at the wings. Rathalos cries out in pain before we see a projectile hit the center of the wing. Rathalos goes down into the forest. We cut back to Bowser.)

Bowser: No! My monster! (Bowser is then hit far back by a critical hit from Marth.)

Marth: Your reign is over!

Bowser Jr.: Papa? (We cut to Crono as he uses wind slash on Bowser Jr. He falls out of his Clown Car.) Ouch! (Ori flies down on the blue dragon and joins the others.)

Bowser: (Getting up.) You haven't seen the last of us! C'mon, son! (Bowser Jr. gets back in his clown car and uses the arms to grab Bowser.)

Bowser Jr.: Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah! (The two board the Koopa Cruiser and it begins to take off.)

Marth: We can't let them get away like that!

Crono: We need to follow them! (Ori nods.)

Ezio: I believe they know something we do not. A monster that powerful can't be controlled by a simple roar.

Prince: Then we should go. (He looks at Ori and Crono.) Are you both coming?

Crono: (Nods.) They're planning something. It's our duty to put a stop to it.

Marth: Then let’s go. Together, we ride! (Our heroes run in pursuit of the Koopa Cruiser.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins in outer space. We see the Fighter (Galaga) fly by before we see a pod come into view with Earth in the background. A narrator begins to speak.)

Narrator (LBP): Planet Earth, or as the rest of the omniverse calls it: The Orb of Dreamers. (We cut to the inside of the pod to find the Sackboy at the controls.) Well, look who it is. It seems that adventure is brewing for our little sack friend. What's on the schedule for today? (Sackboy messes with the pod controls and we the Earth through the pod window imitate how choosing a level plays out in LittleBigPlanet. Sackboy chooses a location and a respawn portal opens up and the camera zooms inside.)

(We cut to a busy zoo. Many people are strolling through the open areas. We cut to a few employees trying to corral a kangaskhan (Pokemon) into an exhibit. We cut to one of the other exhibits to see Kuma (Tekken) sitting in it and staring at the people looking in. Yet another exhibit shows a bengal tiger (Kinectimals) chewing on a ball of yarn. The camera cuts and pans past a lion exhibit before settling on a specific exhibit. We cut inside of it to see Diddy Kong. He is looking around grumpily at the people watching him. A regular monkey comes up to Diddy to inspect him. Diddy turns away from him.)

(We cut to just outside the zoo. We see Toejam, Earl, and PaRappa are walking through the zoo employee parking lot with PaRappa on his skateboard.)

PaRappa: So where do we go now?

Toejam: I would say we head back to the rocket, but who knows what's happened to it by now with those thugs.

Earl: And we don't know where it is.

Toejam: Good point, Big E.

PaRappa: I really wanna get home. I miss my family and my friends. Hopefully Sunny Funny's alright.

Earl: We'll get you back home, little dude.

PaRappa: Thanks, fellas! Now, where to? (Suddenly, a pipo monkey (Ape Escape) comes running through and takes PaRappa's skateboard from his hands and runs off.) Hey, that monkey took my board! (PaRappa runs after him with Toejam and Earl quickly following. We cut to the pipo monkey playing with the wheels on the skateboard outside a side entrance to the zoo.)

Toejam: Get funky! (Suddenly, a music note flies through the air and hits the pipo monkey down. He gets up, now missing his mind control helmet, and walks away. PaRappa runs up to get his skateboard.)

PaRappa: My board! (Toejam and Earl run up to him with Toejam holding a boombox.)

Toejam: Remember, music can solve everything.

PaRappa: (Picking up the mind control helmet.) Why was this thing on that monkey?

Toejam: Maybe it's a bike helmet.

PaRappa: I don't think so. (While they're talking, we see Earl look into the zoo at the people walking around. He spots a hot dog cart being pushed around. He begins walking after it.)

Toejam: Something unfunky is going on. Don't you feel it, Earl? (Earl is gone.) Earl? (A loud scream is suddenly heard from inside the zoo.) What has Big E done now? (Toejam and PaRappa run into the zoo. They see the hot dog vendor cowering in fear behind his stand.)

Hot Dog Vendor: Get away from me!

Earl: I would just like one hot dog please. (Toejam and PaRappa run up.)

PaRappa: What's going on?

Hot Dog Vendor: There's more of them!

Toejam: Chill out, homie. What seems to be the problem?

Hot Dog Vendor: Wait a minute. Are you three from that blackout that brought all those weirdos throughout the world?

PaRappa: Weirdos?

Hot Dog Vendor: Everyone's calling it the "Game Changer". All kinds of freakish things are popping up everywhere. I'm just waiting until you things disappear. Too much trouble has been caused by you. (He pushes his cart away.)

PaRappa: Toejam, are we freaks?

Toejam: Of course not, kid. They just don't understand us yet. We'll be heading home soon anyways.

PaRappa: Yeah… hopefully.

Earl: I just wanted a hot dog.

(We cut to the entrance of the zoo. A crowd is walking around the entrance. In the crowd are Paula (EarthBound) and Yo-Yo (Jet Set Radio). As the crowd parts a bit, we see Jak walk through with Daxter on his shoulder. Jak studies the place.)

Daxter: What kinda place is this, Jak?

Jak: Not sure. (He approaches an exhibit with elephants.) Never seen these things before.

Daxter: This place is booooring. We need to work on getting home.

Jak: We have no idea where to go. (He begins walking through the zoo more. Behind him, we see a pipo monkey take a balloon from a child. The child begins crying. Suddenly, a pipo monkey jumps onto Jak and swipes Daxter away from him.) What the-?!

Daxter: Jak! (The pipo monkey sprints away from Jak.)

Jak: Dax! (Jak runs after the pipo monkey. The camera cuts to see the pipo monkey weaving between zoo goers. They all stop and gasp as they see what's happening.)

Daxter: And I thought you were going to protect me! (The pipo monkey stops next to an exhibit.) I've got two words for you: tooth brush! (The pipo monkey looks up for a second before chucking Daxter over the gate. Daxter screams. He lands in the water.) What was that about?! (Daxter pulls himself onto a rock in the water as a low growling is heard. The camera pans out to see a group of alligators surrounding Daxter on his rock.) Oh no… Jak!

(We cut to Diddy Kong in his exhibit. A zookeeper opens the door to it with a bunch of bananas.)

Zookeeper: Hello, monkeys! I have bananas for you! (He throws them onto the ground and begins to leave. As he exits, a pipo monkey jumps onto him and hits him in the head with a pipe. He gestures for Diddy Kong to follow him. Diddy Kong points at himself, confused. The pipo monkey nods in response. Diddy Kong exits his exhibit. We see them run through the employees only section of the zoo until they reach a door. The pipo monkey opens it and they both walk in. It's dark in there at first.)

???: Well, what have we here? (The lights suddenly turn on and we see that the room is full of pipo monkeys. The one speaking to Diddy Kong is none other than Specter sitting on his floating throne.) Sorry to pull you out like this, but I thought that you looked like an asset to my simian army. Don't you hate those miserable humans for locking you up? Don't you want revenge? (Diddy Kong thinks it over.) Just one thing. (Specter holds up a pipo helmet.) You'll need to wear this. (A pipo monkey swipes Diddy Kong's hat off of his head and Specter places the pipo helmet on Diddy Kong. In a moment, Diddy Kong's mind is taken over.)

(We cut back to Toejam, Earl, and PaRappa. We hear Jak running near in the background.)

Jak: Dax? Dax! (Our heroes turn around to meet Jak. Toejam stops Jak as he runs by.)

Toejam: What's the rush, G?

Jak: Have you seen an ottsel around here?

PaRappa: An ottsel?

Jak: Named Daxter. He was taken off my shoulder.

Daxter: Jak!

Jak: I hear him! (Jak runs off as the rest follow. They all reach the alligator exhibit as Daxter is getting closed in by alligators. A crowd of curious onlookers have formed as well.)

Daxter: (To Alligators.) Don't make me come over there and… sic Jak on ya!

Jak: I'm coming Dax! (Jak leaps over the gate and lands on the rock that Daxter is on. As he does, an alligator lunges at them. Jak does a spin move and flings the alligator away.)

Daxter: I could have taken them myself. (Daxter climbs onto Jak's shoulder. Another alligator lunges and Jak rolls out of the way.)

Jak: We might be in trouble, buddy.

Daxter: Oh boy.

Earl: Yo! Catch! (The camera pans to see Earl throwing a gift towards Jak and Daxter. Jak opens it to reveal Icarus wings.)

Toejam: Put 'em on, yo! (Jak puts them on and they begin to flap. He keeps getting higher as the alligators snap at him. He finally makes it over the fence.)

Jak: Thanks for the help.

Toejam: We're just doing our thing, dog.

(We cut to a different part of the zoo with a respawn portal in it as Sackboy pops out of it.)

Narrator (LBP): Oh, you're a cute one, aren't you? (Sackboy frowns at this.) Look at that, a face like a smacked bottom. (Sackboy smiles again and begins wandering around the zoo. He passes by and waves at Maya Fey (Ace Attorney). We see the head of Diddy Kong watching Sackboy from the shadows. We cut to Sackboy walking a bit more before he is suddenly hit in the back of the head with a peanut and falls over. The camera pans to see Diddy Kong holding his peanut popgun towards Sackboy.) What in the blue blazes? (A couple zookeepers take notice of this.)

Zookeeper: Hey, grab that monkey! (Diddy Kong points his peanut popguns at the zookeeper and begins firing at them rapidly. We see them fall to the ground as the crowd gasps. Diddy Kong sneers as Sackboy uses this opportunity to somersault into him. This pushes Diddy back a bit.)

Narrator (LBP): Sackboy and adventure go together like ice cream and wasps. (Sackboy gets into a fighting position. This makes Diddy angry as he runs up and jumps onto Sackboy's head before quickly jumping off again, pushing Sackboy down. Sackboy gets up and equips his popit. We see a sticker of Earth suddenly become connected to it as Sackboy moves the sticker onto Diddy. Sticker sounds are heard and Diddy becomes covered in Earth stickers, angrily swiping at them.) Good job! (Diddy wipes off all the stickers and pulls out his jetpack. He equips it and flies over to Sackboy. Diddy swipes him up and flies high before dropping Sackboy. He lands with a thud. The camera cuts to the rest of our heroes watching Diddy in the sky from some ways away.)

PaRappa: Woah! What is that?

Toejam: That doesn't look like an earthling.

Jak: (Equipping his morph gun.) Let's take care of this. (Our heroes run towards it.)

(We cut back to Sackboy on the ground. He slowly gets up before looking up at Diddy. He suddenly gets an idea and uses his popit to grab the hot dog stand that is nearby.)

Hot Dog Vendor: My stand! (Sackboy raises the cart higher with the popit until it is above Diddy. Then, he lets go, and Diddy and the cart begin crashing to the ground. When they hit the ground, Diddy's pipo helmet falls off.)

Narrator (LBP): Hooray! (Diddy Kong woozily gets up as Sackboy stances up to continue fighting. Diddy looks around confusedly and Sackboy drops the stance, also confused. Our other heroes then run up.)

Earl: Yo, what's the problem. (Diddy suddenly gets up angrily and begins looking around.)

PaRappa: It's just a monkey.

???: Just a monkey? (Everyone turns around to the voice. The camera cuts to reveal Specter on his floating throne.) I would watch your words if I were you.

Daxter: Hey! What's the big idea?! Are you the one who sent an ape after me?!

Specter: Indeed, I was. Now, my magnificent power will bring you down. (To Diddy.) Isn't that right my friend? (Diddy angrily pulls out his peanut popgun. He shoots at Specter who easily floats out of the way.) So, you're turning your back on simian kind? Fine then, I'll just destroy you too. (He throws Diddy his hat who quickly puts it on.)

Toejam: Take us down? You and what army, monkey?

Specter: The army I have at my command. The zoo! (Screams are heard as an army of pipo monkeys starts towards our heroes. Not only that, but we also see lions and elephants wearing pipo helmets as well.) You will no longer lock us in cages. The time of reckoning has come. Now, my army… go!

Daxter: Let 'em all have it, Jak!

Toejam: C'mon, Earl! (Our heroes quickly run off in different directions. We cut to Jak firing in all directions with his morph gun. A pipo monkey approaches from behind as Jak turns around and uppercuts it.)

Daxter: That had to hurt. (We cut again to Earl using Toejam as a bat to bash multiple monkeys with. PaRappa skates past them with the camera following as he suddenly skids and jumps off. His skateboard goes airborne and clotheslines two monkeys.)

Specter: You'll never win. (Diddy Kong suddenly jetpacks into the air to meet Specter.) You really want to fight me? Fine. (Specter shoots a blast of psychic energy out. Diddy Kong swerves out of the way and shoots at Specter, who dodges again.) You'll never hit me like that. (Specter suddenly drops down a bit.) Huh? (The camera pans to see Sackboy attached to the bottom of Specter's throne with a grappling hook. He is swinging happily with his tongue out.) Why you- (He is suddenly hit in the head with a peanut.) I still won't go down.

(We cut to a different part of the battle as Earl holds a pipo monkey upside down as Toejam beats it like a sandbag. Jak and Daxter suddenly come into frame.)

Daxter: Woah, look at those. (Daxter points and the camera pans to see a group of lions near them.) Shoot those helmets off, just be careful. I don't wanna find a new shoulder to ride on. (Jak begins shooting at them. We cut to another part of the battle as PaRappa uses his skateboard to skate up an elephant's trunk.)

PaRappa: Now what? (He notices the pipo helmet.) Aha! (He removes it and the elephant returns to normal.)

(We cut back to the fight with Specter. Specter is shooting more psychic projectiles at Sackboy and Diddy who are both on the ground.)

Specter: Take that! (Diddy is hit but Sackboy helps him back up. Sackboy then takes out his popit and creates a barrel with it. He drops it down as Diddy catches it and throws it at Specter. Specter blocks it with a shield and the barrel breaks.) Did you really think- (Diddy suddenly surges forward with his jetpack and knocks into Specter. Specter begins spinning wildly as Diddy hits the ground again.)

(We cut back to Jak fighting the lions. He shoots the helmet off of one of them when suddenly another lunges behind him and snarls.)

Toejam: Heads up! (A flurry of tomatoes suddenly begin showering the lion. The camera cuts to see Toejam and Earl chucking handfuls of tomatoes at the lion. One of the tomatoes shatters the pipo helmet.)

Daxter: Those guys are good. (We cut to PaRappa freeing the last elephant. He then points at Specter.)

PaRappa: You see that monkey? Bring me closer to him. (The elephant obliges. We cut to Sackboy swinging off of a lamp post with his grappling hook towards Specter. Specter hits him in midair with a psychic projectile.)

Specter: Haha! (He looks down at Sackboy and Diddy.) Now, it's over.

PaRappa: I gotta believe! (PaRappa flies in on his skateboard and knocks Specter out of his throne. The rest of the heroes join up to corner Specter.)

Jak: This is the end for you. (Diddy makes angry monkey noises at Specter.)

Specter: This isn't the end. I'm just getting started. (Specter pulls out a remote control and presses a button on it. He laughs. Loud thud sounds are heard as the ground shakes.)

Daxter: Woah!

PaRappa: What's happening?! (The camera cuts to reveal a giant ape coming out from behind the city skyscrapers. A small pipo helmet is on his head. This is George (Rampage).)

Specter I told you. This is just the beginning. (Specter laughs and gets back into his flying throne. He floats up next to George's head.) Get them! (George roars and beats his chest before advancing on our heroes.)

Jak: Run! Everyone!

Narrator (LBP): What has Sackboy gotten himself into now?! (Our heroes run out of the zoo as the figure of George slowly advances towards them.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins over a dark forest. Sounds of nature are heard, along with a few screams from inside the forest. We cut to right outside the forest with a campfire. Sitting at the campfire is Dante with his sword laying at his side. He pokes at the fire with a stick before we suddenly hear panting and footsteps running toward him. He picks up his sword.)

Dante: Who’s there? (The camera pans to see Ellis (Left 4 Dead) and Billy Coen (Resident Evil). They stop when they see Dante.)

Ellis: You better get out of here. There's monsters inside that forest.

Billy: Demons is more like it. It's hell going through there.

Dante: Wait, you said demons? There are demons in that forest?

Ellis: We saw some demon thing appear with a sword. He started chasing us, so we booked it. (At this, Dante gets a shocked expression. He begins walking towards the forest.)

Billy: Where are you going?

Dante: To get the demon. Obviously. (Dante enters the forest.)

Ellis: He's dead.

(We cut to inside the woods. A pair of feet walk by as howls echo through the forest. The camera cuts to see Cloud Strife walking through with the buster sword on his back.)

Cloud: Tifa! Barret! Is anybody there? (The camera pans to the front of Cloud to see behind him. We see Lisa (Silent Hill) floating menacingly behind him. We see Cloud's expression change as the camera cuts to a side view. He quickly unsheathes the buster sword and turns around, battle-ready. However, no one is there anymore. Lisa disappeared. Cloud sheaths his sword.) This forest is strange.

(We cut back to Dante walking through the forest.)

Dante: Where are you, brother? That must've been him those guys saw. (We cut to Dante spotting Cloud in the distance with the buster sword visible on his back.) That sword is huge. Must be the demon I'm looking for.

(We cut to Cloud continuing to walk through the forest. Suddenly, Dante crashes through and lands in front of Cloud. Cloud unsheathes the buster sword as Dante gets out his own sword.)

Dante: Are you the one I'm looking for?

Cloud: You don't wanna pick a fight with me.

Dante: Really? I think a fight is exactly what I want. (Dante lunges forward and our heroes' swords clash. They both bring their swords back again and continue to clash. Metal hits metal as they both trade blows on the other's weapon. They both fly back a few feet.)

Cloud: Let's just get this over with.

Dante: Here's a little somethin' for ya. (He pulls out Ebony and Ivory and begins shooting at Cloud. Cloud blocks the shots with his sword and jumps behind the trees for cover.) Gonna hide? (Cloud jumps out and uses lightning on Dante. The strike flings Dante back, but he quickly gets back up.) Thought I was dead?

Cloud: You'll wish you were. (Cloud charges at Dante and raises his sword to slash at him. Dante blocks the blow with his own sword.)

Dante: Not bad! (Dante pushes Cloud's sword back and slashes upwards at him. Cloud falls to the ground.) Giving up?

Cloud: (Getting back up.) Not on your life. (We cut to a different part of the forest. A dark spirit (Dark Souls) suddenly materializes and the words "Dark Spirit Has Invaded" appears on the screen. We go back to Dante and Cloud as they each hold swords to the other's throat while circling.)

Dante: This is where the fun begins.

Cloud: Enough of this. (The dark spirit then charges in and knocks Cloud down with his sword. He then aims to slam his sword down on Cloud's throat, but Cloud rolls out of the way.)

Dante: Get back to Hell! (Dante charges at the dark spirit and hits it with his sword. The dark spirit cries out as it falls to the ground. The dark spirit gets back up and slashes at Dante. He dodges and shoots at the dark spirit with his gun. The dark spirit blocks the bullets with his shield. Suddenly, Cloud comes up from behind and stabs the dark spirit in the back. It cries out and drops to the ground. It disappears with the words "Dark Spirit Vanquished" on screen.)

Cloud: Now, where were we? (Cloud holds up his buster sword at Dante.)

Dante: Cool it. You must be the wrong guy. I was told about a demon with a sword in this forest.

Cloud: And you thought it was me?

Dante: Hey, you can never be too careful. (Cloud begins leaving.) Where are you going?

Cloud: (Not stopping.) Anywhere but here. I have people I need to find.

Dante: This late at night? There could be monsters.

Cloud: I'll be fine.

Dante: (Catching up to him.) I'm coming too. Don't need you getting your *ss beat.

Cloud: (Looks over Dante.) Whatever. Just stay out of my way. (They walk off.)

(We cut to a different part of the forest. We see Chris Redfield shooting multiple shots at something we can't see yet. The camera pans to see him shooting at a deathclaw (Fallout).)

Chris: This thing is strong.

Arthur: Allow me! (We see Arthur run into frame and begin throwing lances at the deathclaw. They all stick into its back as it cries out in pain.) Good show! (The deathclaw turns around and grabs Arthur. It then throws him into a tree.) Oh my…

Chris: Arthur!

Luigi: It's-a Luigi time! (Luigi jumps in with his poltergust. He shoots a plunger out of it and it sticks to the deathclaw's face.)

Chris: A plunger?

Luigi: Yeah! (Luigi uses his poltergust and it sucks up the end of the plunger and pulls the deathclaw. Luigi then lets the poltergust stop and the deathclaw flies back and falls over. Chris runs up and shoots at the deathclaw multiple times in the chest.)

Chris: B.O.W. down.

Luigi: What was-a that thing?

Chris: A monster. I've never seen anything like it. (Arthur gets up and joins the others.)

Arthur: It may be wise to set up a shelter for the night. The forest is treacherous at night.

Chris: Good idea. Let's set up camp. (Our heroes begin to walk off when Luigi suddenly stops.)

???: Luigi…

Luigi: Hello?

???: Luigi… come here…

Chris: Luigi? What's wrong?

Luigi: Nothing. I'll be right-a back. (Luigi heads off towards the voice.) Hello? Mario?

???: Luigi… come closer… (Luigi continues forward as he passes by Deacon St. John (Days Gone) dead on the ground.)

Luigi: Oh no…

???: Isn't it all terrible, Luigi? All these people had to die.

Luigi: Y-Yeah, but-a Mario will make everything better.

???: Mario… that brother of yours, always stealing the spotlight. He has everything.

Luigi: Well… he's-a very good guy.

???: He only cares about himself. He has the fame, a princess, everyone wants to be him. But, he's the one who got you into this mess.

Luigi: What?!

???: He screwed up and now you're in this strange new world. Everyone you know is far away. And now here you are, cleaning up his mess. (Luigi pauses for a moment.) But, if you were to team up with me…

Luigi: Team up with you?

???: Yes, team up with me. Show the world that you are number one. We'll be better than Mario, better than everyone. We'll save the world.

Luigi: Save the world… (A smile begins to form on Luigi's face. The camera pans up to see Master Mind descending down to Luigi.)

Master Mind: We'll do it together. (Master Mind extends his arm to Luigi. Luigi, still in a happy daze, takes Master Mind's hand.) You poor fool.

Luigi: Huh? (Luigi suddenly screams as a black vortex begins swirling into him. We cut to Chris and Arthur resting as the scream echoes. They both stand at attention. )

Chris: (Readying pistol.) It's Luigi. He's in trouble. (We cut to Dante and Cloud as the scream reaches them too.)

Dante: Here we go again.

Cloud: (Taking out buster sword.) Let's make this quick.

(We cut to Chris and Arthur running through the forest. They suddenly stop as they see what appears to be Luigi in the distance.)

Chris: Luigi, what happened?

???: ("Luigi" laughs to himself.) He is not Luigi anymore. He is now my puppet. (He turns around to reveal Luigi, now dressed in his Mr. L outfit. This is a cross between Master Mind and Luigi who I will call Mr. L for simplicity.)

Arthur: What art thou? A spector?

Mr. L: I am Master Mind. I have been carefully keeping watch of you as well as many others. Now, I have Luigi in my control. Sadly, this means that you both must perish. (Mr. L holds up his hand and shoots out a bolt of lightning. It hits Chris in the chest as he falls over in pain. Arthur pulls out his sword and shield.)

Arthur: Leave his body, o' spector

Mr. L: I suggest you put down that sword. Any blow to me will only hurt your friend.

Arthur: You fiend! Have you no morals?

Mr. L: I see you're the brave type. (He holds up his arm again and shoots lightning into Arthur. His armor falls off leaving him in only his underwear.)

Arthur: By jove! (Mr. L walks up to Chris as he tries to get up.)

Mr. L: Goodbye, Redfield. (Before Mr. L can do anything. Dante jumps in and slashes Mr. L away with his sword.)

Dante: Jackpot! (Cloud runs in to meet Dante.)

Mr. L: More? Fine, I'll get rid of you too. (Cloud runs up to Mr. L and slashes at him with his sword. Mr. L jumps out of the way and shoots lightning at Cloud. Cloud blocks it with his sword as it blows him back a bit. Dante begins to run towards Mr. L, but Chris puts his hand on his shoulder. Dante jerks around and points his guns at Chris.)

Chris: Hold your fire!

Dante: What? (We hear Cloud scream out in pain as he is thrown back next to Chris and Dante.)

Cloud: He's strong… (Arthur, now back in his armor, runs to join the others. He pulls out his shield.)

Arthur: Get behind me! I shall block the enemy's lightning.

Dante: I'm sending him back to Hell. (Dante shoots at Mr. L with both of his guns. Mr. L floats into the air and dodges the bullets. Mr. L pulls out the poltergust.) How is he doing that?

Mr. L: Let's see what we can do with this. (The poltergust begins sucking in with a giant black vortex. Our heroes are all pulled into it while screaming.)

Dante: F*ck! (As they're all pulled in, they are all shot out at high speeds and hit the ground hard.)

Chris: D*mn it…

Mr. L: I could kill you now, but… (A roar is heard.) I think it'd be more fun to let the beasts in this forest devour you. (Mr. L floats to the floor and strides off.)

Cloud: Beasts? (Another roar is heard as suddenly a behemoth (Final Fantasy) crashes through the trees to our heroes.) A behemoth!

Chris: A what?!

Cloud: Take this thing down! (Cloud runs up to the behemoth and uppercuts it in the face with his sword. The behemoth steps back a bit from it before ramming Cloud away with its horns. We cut to Chris and Dante shooting at the behemoth.)

Dante: Here's a little somethin' for ya! (The bullets don't seem to do much as the behemoth retaliates with flare. The blast shoots Chris and Dante back far.)

Chris: Holy sh*t!

Dante: Didn't see that coming… (We cut back to the behemoth as an axe suddenly hits it in the face.)

Arthur: Just when I thought the world could know peace, these demons rear their ugly, horned heads. (The behemoth raises up its leg and smashes Arthur with it. Dante and Cloud both flank the behemoth. Cloud slashes at his head while Dante hits his legs. The behemoth then jumps up and slams into the ground, knocking everyone over. Chris runs up with his flamethrower.)

Chris: Take this! (Flames shoot out as the behemoth backs up a bit.)

Dante: (Getting up.) I'll handle this. (Dante stands still and a small explosion occurs, throwing the behemoth back. Dante transforms into Sin Devil Trigger. Dante, now as a winged demon, flies into the air. He begins shooting red fireballs at the behemoth. It growls in pain. As the final blow, Dante pulls out a giant sword and impales the behemoth with it, killing it. Dante transforms back to normal.) Piece of cake. (Our heroes get back up.)

Cloud: Now, I need some answers. Who was the man that we fought?

Chris: He was a companion of ours.

Arthur: Sir Luigi of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Chris: Some demon… Master Mind… possessed him. Now he's attacking us.

Dante: Demon?

Arthur: Precisely.

Dante: I'll help you with your little demon problem.

Chris: Really?

Dante: Shouldn't be too much trouble. Just do what I do. (Chris, Arthur, and Cloud look at each other nervously.)

(We cut to Mr. L walking through the forest. The camera zooms into his head until the scene turns into the inside of Luigi's subconscious. We see Luigi slowly open his eyes. The camera pans out to see his arms chained to the ground. He looks up in shock as the camera pans to see Master Mind floating in front of him, his back to Luigi.)

Luigi: What did you-a do to me? Who are you?

Master Mind: Oh, you. I am Master Mind.

Luigi: Master Mind?

Master Mind: Indeed. You might be familiar with an acquaintance of mine: King Bowser Koopa.

Luigi: (Shocked.) Bowser! So you're one of the bad guys!

Master Mind: (Chuckles to himself.) Poor, naive Luigi. Do you honestly believe that the world is black and white like that? (He approaches Luigi.) I used to think like that too, but then your little princess, that insufferable Peach, trapped me for years in the castle basement.

Luigi: P-Princess Peach?

Master Mind: Soon your princess will be nothing but a casualty as my army rises to claim this world.

Luigi: N-No! Mario will stop you! He always saves the day!

Master Mind: And what is he going to do? Kill his own brother? Everyone has their weakness, Luigi. Mario's just happened to be his spineless, stupid baby brother. (Luigi looks down in shame. We cut back to the overworld as Mr. L continues to walk through the forest. He stops as a voice is heard.)

Dante: Hey, Greenie! (Mr. L turns around to see our heroes standing behind him.) Our little rendezvous isn't over yet.

Mr. L: Really? This feeble man is really important to you?

Arthur: We leave no man behind in battle.

Cloud: Begone from his body. (Cloud readies the buster sword.) Don't make us ask twice.

Mr. L: How about we make a deal. If you can beat me in combat, I'll release Luigi.

Chris: And if you win?

Mr. L: (He smiles.) You all become my puppets.

Dante: Deal. (High pitched laughs are heard as small clouds of black smoke appear around our heroes.)

Mr. L: Oh, and I thought I'd get a little help. (From the black smoke appear cosmic clones (Super Mario). They soon surround our heroes.) Ready?

Dante: Ready! (Our heroes disperse in different directions as the fight begins. We cut to Chris shooting at two cosmic clones with his pistol as they both fall. Dante quickly comes and joins him as he shoots at other ones offscreen. We cut to Cloud in a different part of the battle as cosmic clones surround him. As they get close, Cloud does a giant spin attack which sends them flying off.)

Cloud: Yaaah! (We cut again to Arthur throwing a torch at a cosmic clone. It lights on fire as it cries out in pain.)

Arthur: You are no match for Sir Arthur. (We cut to Mr. L as he runs up to Dante and uppercuts him and sends him to the ground. Dante gets up and swings three times at Mr. L. Only the final hit lands as Mr. L slides back a bit, with the hit not doing much damage. Mr. L shoots a bolt of lightning into Dante's chest as he spins backwards and hits the ground.)

Dante: (Panting.) At least… I hit you.

(We cut back to Luigi's subconscious as Luigi looks on in horror at Master Mind.)

Luigi: Don't hurt them! Stop!

Master Mind: I won't stop until they are my puppets.

(We cut back to the battle as we see Chris pull out his combat knife. A cosmic clone runs at him but he cuts his throat with the knife.)

Chris: Stay down! (Another cosmic clone jumps onto his back, but he reaches over his back and slams it down. A third cosmic clone jumps at Chris, but Cloud catches it in midair with his buster sword.) Thanks for the help. (We cut to Arthur as he approaches Mr. L with his shield. Mr. L shoots lightning at it, but Arthur holds his ground.)

Arthur: That will not work on me! (Mr. L continues shooting lightning as he gets closer to Arthur. He then jumps over him and shoots a large fireball into his back. Arthur falls onto the ground. We cut back to Luigi.)

Luigi: Please! Stop-a this!

Master Mind: You can't stop me, Luigi. They need to pay.

Luigi: (To himself.) I wish-a Mario were here. Mario… (A flashback begins for the day Mario left for Peach's castle in the prologue. We see Luigi walk into the Mario Bros.' house with a mug of coffee and a letter. Mario is sitting at the table.) Got a letter for you, bro. It's from-a the princess. (Luigi gives Mario the letter.)

Mario: I wonder what it's about. (Mario opens the letter and reads through it.) She needs to talk to me about something. It's-a urgent.

Luigi: Mama mia. Be safe out there, bro. Tell me everything when you get back.

Mario: You got it. (Mario goes to the door to leave. Before he does, he turns to Luigi and hugs him.) I love-a you, bro. Take care of yourself while I'm away.

Luigi: You got it. (We go back to the present day.) Mario… (Suddenly determined.) I'm-a not giving up! I'm gonna find you and save the day! (Luigi's subconscious begins to shake.)

Master Mind: What's that noise? (Suddenly, from all around, a large group of Luigis surround Luigi and Master Mind. Two of them pull out hammers and break Luigi's shackles.)

Luigi: You're in-a my head. That means I make-a the rules. Get ready for a battle! (All the Luigis begin to spin around and create a typhoon. It pulls Master Mind in and throws him out at a great speed.)

Master Mind: No!

(We cut back to the real world as Mr. L suddenly stops. He looks dazed. We cut to Chris and Cloud.)

Chris: What's wrong with him?

Cloud: I don't know, but something is happening. (He looks around to the cosmic clones.) Cover me. I have a plan. (We see a limit gauge appear over Cloud's head as it slowly goes up. Cloud holds up his sword as energy courses through him.)

Chris: I'll keep you safe. (Chris starts shooting around him and Cloud as cosmic clones approach. We cut back to Luigi's subconscious as Luigis take turns bouncing on Master Mind's head.)

Luigis: Yahoo! Yippee! Ya! (In the real world, the limit gauge is around halfway full.)

Chris: How's that plan?

Cloud: Almost… there… (We go back into Luigi's subconscious as Master Mind looks dazed. We see Luigi jump up high into the air with his hammer and start going towards Master Mind.)

Luigi: Heeeee-ya! (Luigi hits Master Mind in the head.)

Master Mind: Noooo! (In the real world, Luigi and Master Mind separate. Luigi falls onto the ground as Master Mind tries to get his bearings. We cut back to Cloud as the limit gauge finishes.)

Cloud: Breaking my limits! (Cloud runs up to Master Mind and uses cross-slash. Crosses of light appear over Master Mind as Cloud slashes his torso. This finishes with Cloud taking one final swipe at him which sends him flying over the forest out of the fight. Cloud returns to normal.) It is done. (We cut to Luigi on the ground as Arthur helps him up.)

Arthur: Are you alright? That fiend had great power over you.

Luigi: Yeah. I'm-a fine. (Chris, Dante, and Cloud approach Luigi and Arthur.)

Dante: What was that thing? What did it want with you?

Luigi: His name is Master Mind. He knows something about my brother, and I think he's-a working with some evil guys.

Cloud: Evil guys?

Luigi: Something terrible is about to happen. We have to keep-a going. There are lives at risk.

Chris: Then let’s keep going. (To Dante and Cloud.) Are you two coming?

Dante: Hell yeah! (Cloud nods.)

Arthur: Let us continue our quest. Lead the way, Luigi. (Our heroes set off.)

(We cut to Master Mind as he slowly gets up. He begins to float.)

Master Mind: That Luigi made a mockery out of me. Do those warriors really think they can do that to me and get away with it? I will show them what I am. Every last one of them will die, and soon these worlds will be no more.

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins looking up at the blue sky. The camera pans down to see Cream (Sonic the Hedgehog) holding a baseball with Cheese (Sonic theHedgehog) next to her. She is in a big field.)


Cream: Alright! Here it comes! (The camera turns to see Ness in the distance holding a baseball bat, ready to swing.)


Ness: (Nodding.) Okay. (The camera cuts back to Cream as she throws the baseball towards Ness. We see him hit it as it goes flying. Ness starts running.)


Cream: Oh! Get it, Cheese! (Cheese pulls out a small baseball mitt and runs back to catch the ball, but the ball flies far over him until it is mostly out of sight.) Oh no… the ball.


Ness: (Running up to her.) Don’t worry. I’ll get it. (Ness quickly chases after the ball. We cut to him finding the ball next to a bush. Suddenly, a truck drives by blaring Porky’s theme.) Huh? (The camera pans to see the truck driving up a hill to a large laboratory-like building. Ness drops the baseball and runs after it.)


(We cut to Ness running up to the side of the laboratory as he hides behind the side of it. He looks out past the corner to see a group of pigmasks loading boxes out of the truck.)


Pigmask #1: What does this doctor guy want with all this junk anyway?


Pigmask #2: I dunno, but Master Porky says this guy is the real deal. Apparently, his skills are “essential” or something like that. (The two pigmasks enter the lab through an automatic door that stays open.)


Ness: (Whispering.) Porky? It can’t be… (Ness looks back at the truck to see two pigmasks loading Samus off the truck. She is still unconscious and in her suit. They bring her inside. Ness comes out of hiding.) What is Porky doing with all these piggy people? (Another pigmask who was left behind suddenly jumps out of the back of the truck with another box.)


Pigmask #3: Hey guys, wait up… (Noticing Ness.) Hey! This area is off limits to snot-nosed kids! (He drops his box and pulls out a blaster. He shoots at Ness and the hit lands.) Heh. Stupid kid. (Ness then runs up to the pigmask and pulls out his yo-yo. He whips it into the pigmask’s head as he squeals and falls back. Ness then pulls out his baseball bat and smashes into the pigmask with it. A SMAAAASH!! appears onscreen. The pigmask is out cold.)


Ness: That was close. (Ness looks down at the pigmask before he suddenly gets an idea. We cut a bit further in time as Ness, now disguised in the pigmask uniform, walks into the laboratory. Inside the laboratory are multiple R.O.B. blasters roaming around the place, most of them holding metal crates. There are also two conveyor belts going through the area. One is carrying egg pawns while the other carries mets (Mega Man).) What is this place? (Ness continues walking until he finds a hallway. Suddenly, pigmask voices are heard coming down the hallway.)


Pigmask #1: Another good day’s work, boys! Let’s go back to Master Porky and see what he needs next. (Ness stops in his tracks as he panics about what to do. He looks around for an exit before spotting a door to his right. He runs in as we see that the sign above the door reads “Defects”. Ness presses himself against the door as the pigmasks walk by.)


Pigmask #2: That Dr. Wily is a nut job, I’ll tell ya. (Ness calms down as they pass. He then looks at the defects room, which is covered in spare robot parts. Among those parts are Omega (Sonic the Hedgehog) and Robo (Chrono). Ness walks through a bit before stopping as he finds R.O.B.)


Ness: Isn’t this one of those robots I saw at the entrance? What’s it doing in here? (Ness fiddles with R.O.B. a bit before he suddenly turns on.) Oh! (R.O.B.’s eyes adjust a bit before he gets a good look at Ness. He then scoots away at Ness, seemingly afraid.) It’s okay. I’m not one of the pig guys. (Ness takes off the pigmask uniform.) I’m Ness, what’s your name? (R.O.B. slowly gets closer to Ness.) Here, I can do this. (Ness puts his hand up to R.O.B.'s head.)


(We cut back to the entrance to the laboratory where the truck is. We see Tails fly down upon it with Mega Man hanging onto his hands. Tails lowers near the ground and gently drops Mega Man.)


Tails: There's that truck. That means she has to be around here somewhere.


Mega Man: Yeah, let's go. (Mega Man runs towards the entrance before Tails yells at him.)


Tails: Wait! Let's not go in all willy-nilly.


Mega Man: Huh?


Tails: You saw what happened back when we fought those pig people. The whole building came down.


Mega Man: So what are we going to do? (Suddenly, the voices of the pigmasks are heard.)


Pigmask #1: Think we're gonna get a raise?


Tails: Hide! (Tails flies over to Mega Man and grabs him again. Tails flies him up to the roof. We cut to Tails looking down while the pigmasks file out. Quietly.) What do we do now?


Mega Man: (Quietly.) Over here. (The camera pans to see Mega Man next to a grate. He grabs hold of it and rips it off.)


Tails: Good idea. (Mega Man lowers himself in and Tails follows.)


(The camera cuts to a different part of the lab. We see Dr. Wily working on his Wily Capsule. A group of four R.O.B. blasters enter the room. Two are carrying boxes while the other two both carry Samus.)


Dr. Wily: New materials? Leave the boxes here, take that suit to the special examination room. (The R.O.B. blasters nod and take Samus away.)


(We cut to the R.O.B. blasters taking Samus into a new room. They wheel past multiple prison cells with laser cages. Inside the laser cages are Captain Astro (Astro Bot) who looks frightened and 'Splosion Man ('Splosion Man) who is running in circles in his cell. The camera pans to the other side of the room where we see Vectorman in his own cell. He eyes Samus.)


Vectorman: Huh? (The R.O.B. blasters carry Samus into the cell next to Vectorman. They close the cell and leave.) Hello? (There's no answer. Vectorman thinks for a second before transforming himself into a drill. He drills through the wall connecting his and Samus' cells. He leans down next to Samus and shakes her.) Hello? (We cut to the inside of Samus' helmet as her eyes open.)


Samus: Huh? Where am I? (She focuses on Vectorman and scoots back a bit. She points her arm cannon at him.) Who are you?


Vectorman: (Pointing at himself.) Vectorman.


Samus: (Pointing to herself.) Uh… Samus. (Vectorman nods.) How do we get out of here? (Vectorman gets up and inspects the laser cage. He points at a keypad on the wall next to it.)


Samus: Just gotta get to that thing. (To Vectorman.) I suggest you stand far away.


Vectorman: Okay. (Vectorman goes through the hole to his cell. Samus then goes into her morph ball form and lays down a super bomb. It quickly sets off a large explosion.)


(We cut to Tails and Mega Man in the air ducts. The explosion rocks the lab.)


Tails: Woah! (The shock jostles them around and knocks open a vent beneath Tails. He falls through.)


Mega Man: Tails! (Mega Man drops through too. The two look around in the pitch dark room around them.)


Tails: Uh oh…


(We cut again to Dr. Wily. The explosion shakes him and his Wily Capsule a bit.)


Dr. Wily: What was that?! Hmmm… Elec Man! (The camera turns to see Elec Man (Mega Man).) Go see what that commotion is. (Elec Man nods and runs off.)


(We cut to Ness and R.O.B. in the Defects room. The explosion rocks their room around.)


Ness: What's happening? (Ness slowly opens the door and he and R.O.B. start going down the hall. They stop in the middle of the hallway as they see Elec Man run by in the distance. To R.O.B.) Is that trouble? (R.O.B. nods.) C'mon we'll take care of it. (They run towards where Elec Man went.)


(We cut back to Samus’ cell. We see the keypad next to the door fall off as the laser cage drops. Samus gets up as Vectorman joins her.)


Samus: It was a bit drastic, but we had to do it.


Vectorman: Yeah. (They exit the cell before Elec Man suddenly charges in. Samus and Vectorman are taken aback.) 


Samus: Aren’t you the kid who helped me at the lab? (Elec Man doesn’t answer. Instead, he shoots a bolt of electricity out of his fingertips which hits Samus in the chest. She drops to one knee.) Gah! (Elec Man shoots another bolt of electricity at Vectorman who jumps out of the way. He starts running towards the other cells before Elec Man shoots a volt into each keypad.)


Vectorman: Huh? (He tries pushing on a keypad, but is shocked instead.) Ow! (He turns back to Elec Man and begins shooting projectiles out of his hand. Elec Man dodges the hits and sprints towards Vectorman. Once he is close enough, he shoots another bolt at him. Vectorman uses the boosters in his feet to fly a short distance away before taking aim again.) You’re history! (He shoots more projectiles at Elec Man. Three of them hit as Elec Man drops to his knees.) Haha! (Just when Vectorman thinks it’s over, Elec Man puts his hands on the ground and shoots two electric currents at Vectorman’s feet. They both shock him and Vectorman falls over. Elec Man gets back up as suddenly a beam hits him in the back.)


Ness: You got him! (The camera pans to see Ness and R.O.B. now in the room. R.O.B.’s eyes are glowing red before turning back to black, the beam supposedly shot from his eyes. Elec Man gets up and shoots another bolt of electricity at Ness and R.O.B.) PSI Shield! (A small forcefield suddenly appears around Ness and R.O.B. which absorbs the bolt of electricity. Elec Man looks shocked before a missile suddenly hits him in the side and explodes. He falls to the ground before exploding into multiple bright lights, similar to the Mega Man games. We cut to Samus with her arm cannon still pointing where Elec Man stood. She lowers her defenses before going over to Ness and R.O.B.)


Samus: Are you alright, kid? (Ness lowers his shield.)


Ness: Yeah, and so is R.O.B. (R.O.B. nods. We cut to Vectorman getting up with his hand rubbing the back of his head. The moment he sees R.O.B., he points his hand at him defensively. Ness runs in front of R.O.B. to protect him.) No! Don’t hurt him! (Vectorman approaches the other heroes.)


Samus: (To Vectorman.) What’s wrong?


Vectorman: (Not taking his eyes off R.O.B.) Enemy.


Ness: Please! He’s not an enemy! The evil doctor took control of him and his family. (Vectorman lowers his hand.)


Samus: What?


Ness: R.O.B. is one of a whole family of robots like him. Then some evil doctor came and took everyone away. He reprogrammed the others and started making duplicates of them. (R.O.B. looks down in sorrow.) He couldn’t be reprogrammed, so they just locked him away.


Samus: How do you know all this?


Ness: I’m psychic. I was able to read his thoughts. (R.O.B. nods.)


Samus: (To R.O.B.) Don’t worry, we’ll help you. First, we need to find this doctor. I think we’re tangled up in a big conspiracy.


(We cut to Tails and Mega Man in a dark room. They are cautiously trying to move through it.)


Tails: How do we get out of here?


Mega Man: We’ll find a way. (As they are walking, Tails suddenly trips on a large screw.)


Tails: Woah! (Tails falls and hits something near the wall.) Ouch… what was that? (Tails gets up as the thing he bumped into eyes start glowing.)


Mega Man: What’d you hit?


Tails: I… I dunno. (Suddenly more pairs of eyes begin glowing as they are soon surrounded by the glow. The lights then come on to reveal that the walls are lined with R.O.B. blasters and R.O.B. launchers. An alarm starts blaring as a red light flashes on the wall. The R.O.B.s all start boxing in our heroes.)


(We cut back to the cell room with the rest of our heroes. The alarm and red light is flashing there too.)


Vectorman: Uh oh.


Ness: What’s going on?!


Samus: Something’s happening! Follow me! (She leaves while everyone else follows.)


(We cut to Dr. Wily as the alarm blares in his lab.)


Dr. Wily: An intruder! Someone is messing with my creations! (He eyes the Wily Capsule. He smiles and laughs to himself.)


(We cut back to Tails and Mega Man surrounded by R.O.B.s.)


Tails: We’ll never be able to take them all!


Mega Man: We have to think of something! (Suddenly, the door leading into the room automatically opens as the rest of our heroes enter the fray. Samus is in the lead with the others standing around her.)


Samus: A robot army.


Ness: The duplicates! (R.O.B. beeps in agreement.)


Vectorman: Let’s go. (Our heroes fan out as the fight begins. We see Samus roll into the middle in her morph ball form. She goes back to her regular form and begins shooting R.O.B.s in every direction. Mega Man joins her in shooting as Tails flies up. We cut to R.O.B. shooting a gyromite which sticks into the head of a R.O.B. blaster, deactivating it. In the background, Vectorman shoots three projectiles into a R.O.B. blaster before it is downed. He turns around and does the same to a R.O.B. launcher.) Oh yeah. ( We cut to Ness next to a R.O.B. launcher.)


Ness: PSI Flash! (Green sparkles appear next to the R.O.B. launcher’s head as it begins to rotate around quickly. Ness takes the opportunity to hit it in the head with his bat. We cut to a group of R.O.B. launchers shooting missiles at Tails while he flies. Tails avoids them as he flies down and grabs a R.O.B. blaster who begins flailing his arms. Tails spins around before throwing it into the R.O.B. launchers.)


Tails: Catch ya later! (The R.O.B. blaster knocks the R.O.B. launchers down. We cut to Mega Man throwing a bomb into a small group of R.O.B.s. The bomb explodes, taking them all out. We cut to Samus grabbing a R.O.B. blaster with her grapple beam and slamming him onto the ground. A R.O.B. launcher comes up behind her but R.O.B. takes it out with a spin move where he spins his arms around fast in a circle. He looks up at Samus.)


Samus: Thanks. (The camera pans around our room to see our heroes looking at all the deactivated R.O.B.s.) I think that's all of them.


Tails: We did it! (Samus approaches Tails and Mega Man.)


Samus: You two. Did you come here to find me?


Tails: Of course.


Mega Man: You saved our lives.


Samus: Thank you.


Tails: Yeah! No man left behind!


???: Sorry to interrupt your tearful reunion. (Tails and Ness gasp as the roof begins to open up.) It's just that you've been meddling with my machines for too long. (As the roof opens up more, Dr. Wily in his Wily Capsule flies down to meet our heroes.)


Mega Man: Dr. Wily?! You're behind this!


Dr. Wily: If it isn't Mega Man, this time without Thomas controlling your every move. (He eyes R.O.B.) You even found one of my defects. How heroic of you.


Ness: He's not a defect! He's more human than you'll ever be, you balding geezer!


Dr. Wily: What is with the youth these days? Terrible!


Samus: (Aiming her arm cannon.) What do you want?


Dr. Wily: Isn't it obvious? I want you out of here! You've already seen too much, so I thought I'd call in a friend to help. (At this point, a large yellow ball comes down from above and lands in the room our heroes are in. It forms into the Yellow Devil (Mega Man).) I believe you are familiar with this creation of mine, Mega Man.


Mega Man: The Yellow Devil… 


Dr. Wily: Now, prepare to perish! (The Yellow Devil begins shooting beams out of its eyes.)


Ness: PSI shield! (A shield appears around Ness and Vectorman. A few of the beams hit the shield, while a couple others hit Samus and Mega Man, knocking them over. Tails and R.O.B. both take flight and go over the Yellow Devil to fight against Dr. Wily. Tails flies up to the Wily Capsule when suddenly multiple fire and ice projectiles are shot out of it and circle around it.)


Dr. Wily: My technology is unmatched! (Three fire projectiles are shot at Tails. He dodges the first one, but the other two send him flying to the ground.)


Tails: Aaaah! (R.O.B flies towards Dr. Wily using his jet hover ability. Once he gets close enough, the three ice projectiles fly into him, freezing him solid.)


Dr. Wily: Haha! (We go back to the fight against the Yellow Devil. Samus and Vectorman are both firing at his lower body.)


Mega Man: Aim for the eye! That's his weak point! (Samus and Vectorman both nod.)


Vectorman: Okay. (Vectorman shoots the Yellow Devil in the eye. It immediately closes it as soon as it is shot. He then turns into multiple yellow balls as they move to the other side of the room. They hit Samus, Mega Man, and Vectorman as they move. We cut to Ness kneeling over R.O.B.)


Ness: PSI healing. (R.O.B. unfreezes. Ness helps him up.) Now, let's get him!


Dr. Wily: Not so fast! (The Wily Capsule suddenly appears out of thin air with the camouflage cloak covering it with a robotic hand. The hand whips the cloak away as the Wily Capsule shoots a fireball at Ness. It hits him and he falls back.) Haha! (R.O.B. then shoots an eye laser at the Wily Capsule. It flies back a bit.) Why you-! (The camouflage cloak covers him again as he disappears. We cut back to our heroes fighting the Yellow Devil. We see Samus charge up a shot before shooting it at the Yellow Devil. It hits him in the eye and he steps back a bit.)


Vectorman: Let’s go. (Vectorman transforms into a rhino.)


Tails: Woah! (Vectorman goes up to ram the Yellow Devil. It stops him by putting his hands on it and trying to push Vectorman back. They are at a stalemate. R.O.B. suddenly approaches Tails.) Huh? (R.O.B gestures to Tails' tails with his head.) Oh, do you want me to fly you somewhere? (R.O.B. nods. Tails picks R.O.B. up and flies him towards the Yellow Devil. R.O.B. then transforms and uses his robo beam. His beam goes directly into the eye of the Yellow Devil. The Yellow Devil keels over and trips over Vectorman in rhino form.)


Mega Man: One last shot! (Mega Man fires a charged shot into the Yellow Devil's eye and it finally explodes.) Now for Dr. Wily. (We cut to Ness desperately running as the Wily Capsule chases him.)


Dr. Wily: You'll never get away. (Suddenly, Mega Man jumps in with his flame sword and knocks the Wily Capsule away.) Gah! (From the other side, Tails hits the Wily Capsule away with his tails.) I'm not a tennis ball! (Ness suddenly stops and concentrates.)


Ness: PSI rockin'! (A lot of colors and shapes fill the screen as the Wily Capsule is hit with a powerful PSI attack.)


Dr. Wily: Noooooo! (The Wily Capsule explodes and Dr. Wily drops out of it. He is immediately on his hands and knees begging for forgiveness. Our heroes approach him.) Please, Mega Man! Have mercy!


Mega Man: I'm taking you in, Dr. Wily.


Dr. Wily: No! You can't! Please Mega… Mega… Mega… (Dr. Wily suddenly explodes. His head lands on the ground in front of our heroes.) Mega… Mega… (It stops.)


Mega Man: What?!


Dr. Wily: Hahaha! Did you really think I would fight you head on? (The real Dr. Wily appears in the Wily Capsule above them.) You were fighting my robot double this whole time.


Tails: You coward!


Dr. Wily: Better safe than sorry. Now, I have much bigger things to attend to. (We see Dr. Wily fly towards what appears to be a large airship in the far distance.)


Ness: What are we gonna do?


Samus: We're going to follow him.


Mega Man: Yeah.


Tails: How are we gonna reach him?


Samus: I'll call my ship. (Samus walks away from the group.)


Mega Man: Dr. Wily is up to something. These aren't his usual schemes.


Ness: What could it be?


Mega Man: I don't know, but it isn't good. (Samus' gunship suddenly flies above our heroes and lands in the room they're standing in.)


Tails: Wow! Cool ride!


Samus: Everyone in! (We cut to Samus' gunship taking flight as it flies towards the airship in the distance.)


End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins at the end of Ch2E5. An Arwing and a Wolfen are falling through space towards Earth. Wolf cries out from his Wolfen.)

Wolf: Star Foooooooooox! (They hurtle towards Earth.)

(We cut to a small American town on Earth. It's daytime as we see cars driving through the mostly empty streets. The camera focuses on a small auto shop. We cut inside to find Ratchet working underneath a pink F-Zero racer.)

Ratchet: Pass me the wrench, Clank. (The camera pans to see Clank next to a toolbox.)

Clank: Of course, Ratchet. (Clank passes a wrench to Ratchet. He tightens a few things up before coming out from underneath the racer.)

Ratchet: That should do it. Ms. Summer! (The camera pans to see Jody Summer (F-Zero) waiting near the auto shop entrance.) Your car is ready.

Jody: (Approaching Ratchet.) Thanks. (We cut to her driving away from the auto shop as Ratchet waves her goodbye.)

???: Another happy customer, Ratchet?

Ratchet: Seems like it, Mr. Russo. (A large burly man, presumably Mr. Russo, comes outside and stands next to Ratchet.)

Mr. Russo: You've been a big help around here, kid. You're good with a wrench.

Ratchet: It's the least we can do for letting us stay here. Hey, Clank! How's the ship looking? (The camera pans to see Clank inspecting the Aphelion inside.)

Clank: The thrusters are largely damaged, but we should be able to fix it. (Ratchet and Mr. Russo join Clank.)

Ratchet: That's great!

Mr. Russo: It'll be a shame once you boys leave. I never get any help around here.

Ratchet: Maybe we'll find a way back one day. You never know. (Looking up.) Eh?

Clank: What's wrong?

Ratchet: I hear something. (The camera pans up to see an Arwing heading towards the auto shop. We see our heroes leave the auto shop as it gets closer.) A ship!

Mr. Russo: A friend of yours? (We see the Arwing crash a short distance away from the auto shop. Ratchet and Clank run up to investigate. Ratchet opens up the hatch to find a mostly unconscious Falco.)

Ratchet: Hey! Are you okay? Hello?

Falco: (Mumbling.) Team… Star Fox…

Ratchet: Star Fox?

Clank: I have no data on a Star Fox in my memory banks.

Ratchet: C'mon, let's take him inside. (Ratchet throws Falco over his shoulder and walks back to the auto shop with Clank following. We cut to Ratchet laying Falco down on a cot.)

Mr. Russo: What exactly do we have here?

Ratchet: We're not sure. He says he's part of team Star Fox, but Clank doesn't have any data on them.

Mr. Russo: Let him rest for now. C'mon, we gotta prepare for customers. (Ratchet and Clank leave Falco to rest.)

(We cut to that night. Falco suddenly jerks awake and starts breathing heavily.)

Falco: Fox? Peppy? Slippy? Where are you guys?

Clank: You've awoken. (The camera turns to see Clank near Falco's cot. Ratchet joins him a second later.)

Ratchet: Hey, you're up. (Falco takes out his blaster and points it at Ratchet.) Woah! Let's not do anything rash!

Falco: Where am I? What'd you do to my crew?

Ratchet: We don't know where they are. We found you and your ship just outside. You crashed.

Clank: You are a part of Star Fox, correct?

Falco: (Lowering blaster.) Uh, yeah. A pilot.

Clank: What caused you to crash, might I ask?

Falco: (Getting up.) We got word of space pirates, Star Wolf. They're enemies of ours, so we went to take a look. We ended up in a dogfight. There was this giant, black metal beast. It came out of some space station up there, but I have no idea what it was.

Ratchet: Something weird is going on.

Falco: You're telling me. I better contact Fox. (He presses his finger to his headset. Nothing happens.) My headset! It must've broke in the crash. (To Ratchet.) My ship, how is it?

Ratchet: Mostly busted. (Falco looks down in sadness. Ratchet takes out his omniwrench.) But I think I could fix it up.

Falco: Really?

Ratchet: Yeah, free of charge. If the galaxy is in trouble, then we need to get you back up there.

Falco: (Smiling.) Thanks. I'll help you out with whatever you need. (The two shake hands.)

Clank: This seems like the start of a beautiful friendship. (Ratchet laughs as the three of them walk out of the auto shop to check out the Arwing.)

(We cut to a few days later. We are inside the Great Fox with Peppy, Slippy, General Pepper, and R.O.B. 64 lounging and talking. A door opens up and Master Chief, Olimar, and Fox walk in.)

Fox: Any leads on Falco?

Slippy: Nothing yet, Fox.

Fox: Dang. He's been missing for days.

General Pepper: If only we had the signal from his Arwing. Until then, we can only keep searching in random locations. (Fox sits down with his head on his hands. Master Chief walks up to him.)

Master Chief: I'm sorry about your teammate, but how long can we stay like this?

Fox: Huh?

Master Chief: That thing we saw at the space station. It's still out there. (Olimar walks up.)

Olimar: Thank you for letting us stay in your ship.

Fox: No problem. (To Master Chief.) And you're right. Falco is important, but there's still a major threat out there. (He gets up.) We'll head out immediately.

R.O.B. 64: Fox! I have news!

Fox: Huh? What is it R.O.B.?

R.O.B. 64: I have just received coordinates from Falco's Arwing.

Fox: What?! Send me those coordinates immediately!

R.O.B. 64: Yes, Fox.

Fox: Chief, Captain, come with me! (Olimar nods.) Slippy, Peppy, you both stay here! If Falco returns, contact me immediately.

Peppy: Sure thing, Fox. You're just like your father. (We cut to Master Chief, Olimar, and Fox running through a hallway in the Great Fox, similar to Star Fox 64. We then see the Pelican and Fox's Arwing blast off from the Great Fox.)

(We cut to a UFO flying through space, the same one shown at the end of Ch2E5. We zoom inside to see Cryptosporidium 137 at the control panel.)

Crypto: That idiot human trapped me in his space jail. I'll show them, I'll destroy all humans! (He taps a bit on his control panel.) A message to all extraterrestrials: contact Cryptosporidium 137 if interested in destroying all human life. And send. (He presses a button on his panel.) Now, I should make a stop. Make sure this thing is working properly. (We see him fly towards the moon.)

(We cut to the surface of the moon. A group of three sectoids (XCOM) is blasting away at something offscreen. One of them is shot in the head as the camera pans to see Isaac Clarke shooting with his plasma cutter.)

Isaac: Stay the f*ck down! (He shoots more and we see the other two sectoids get blasted down. Isaac lowers his weapon.) Finally. This place is dangerous. (A loud noise is suddenly heard as Crypto's UFO flies above Isaac. We see it land a distance away.) Someone else. Finally, I have a way out of here.

(We cut to the UFO landing. The hatch opens and Crypto jumps out of it. He checks out the UFO.)

Crypto: Hmmm, everything seems to be in order. (We cut to Isaac using his rocket boots to fly over near the UFO.)

Isaac: Another alien? (The UFO suddenly begins beeping.)

???: Hello. This is the Covenant contacting Cryptosporidium 137. We are contacting you in regards to your plan to destroy all human life. Meet us at the sent coordinates to tell us more about your plan.

Crypto: (Smiling.) Perfect.

Isaac: Destroy all human life? (We see Crypto jump back into his UFO. The hatch closes and the UFO starts up.) Oh sh*t! (Isaac runs over to the UFO and grabs onto the bottom of it. It begins flying away with Isaac holding onto it.)

(We cut to the UFO flying towards a Covenant space station. It flies into a loading bay and lands. Isaac drops off the side and hides. We see Crypto exit the UFO and drop down to meet the Covenant. An elite (Halo) walks up to meet Crypto while grunts, jackals, and more elites watch in the background.)

Elite: You are Cryptosporidium 137.

Crypto: I am, and Crypto will work just fine.

Elite: Yes, now what is it that you want?

Crypto: Total world domination. The green and blue planet down there is full of humans. If we go down there and make our intentions clear, they will surrender. It's guaranteed with an army of your size.

Elite: Intriguing.

Crypto: I will go down there first. After that, I'll call you and your men to take out the trash. (We cut to Isaac trying to sneak around the UFO.)

Elite: You are very ambitious, but we will entertain your idea. You will go down as soon as possible. (Suddenly, a grunt points at Crypto's UFO.)

Grunt: A human! (Crypto and the elite turn to see Isaac partially hidden behind the UFO.)

Crypto: A hitchhiker!

Elite: Kill him! (The Covenant starts shooting at Isaac with their pistols and rifles. Isaac uses his rocket boots to fly out of the hangar while shots continue being fired at him. We cut back to Crypto.)

Crypto: Don't let him get away! (Two Covenant ships fly out of the hangar towards Isaac. They quickly catch up to him as he rolls in midair out of the way at the last second.)

Isaac: Godd*mnit! (The two ships turn around and fly back towards Isaac. As they do, Isaac flies up and lands on one. He opens the hatch to reveal the elite piloting it.)

Elite: Agh! (Isaac shoots the elite. The second ship starts flying towards Isaac until he is gunned down and the ship explodes.)

Isaac: Huh? (Isaac looks up to see the Pelican and the Arwing. Master Chief appears at the top of the Pelican.)

Master Chief: Get in. (Isaac flies up to Master Chief. We cut to the inside of the Pelican. Olimar is inside.)

Isaac: Thank you.

Master Chief: Now, what were you doing with the Covenant?

Isaac: Those things are going to Earth to kill all humans. Some alien in a UFO contacted them. I followed it and found out their plan.

Olimar: What does this mean? What do we do?

Master Chief: We still have to find Falco, but this is a serious threat. (Fox's voice comes from a panel in the Pelican.)

Fox: What's going on in there? Are we ready to head out?

Master Chief: (Pressing a button on the panel.) Yeah, we just have a new passenger. I'll explain everything on our way to Earth.

Fox: Roger that, Chief. (We cut to the two ships heading towards Earth again.)

(We cut down to Earth to see Crypto's UFO enter the atmosphere. We cut to Ratchet and Clank working on Falco's Arwing.)

Ratchet: That should do it. It's all fixed up.

Falco: That's great! I'll leave tonight.

Clank: Shall we fix up your communication device before you go?

Falco: My headset? If it's not too much trouble. (Mr. Russo walks up to our heroes.)

Mr. Russo: I'm going into town. The mayor is having a big speech. I'm leaving you all in charge.

Ratchet: We won't let you down. (Mr. Russo walks off.) Shouldn't be too much trouble. (Crypto's UFO lands in the background.)

Falco: (Noticing it.) What's that thing?

Ratchet: Huh? (They look over to see Crypto exit the UFO and start running towards town.) That looks like trouble.

Clank: Shall we investigate?

Ratchet: It'd probably be smart.

Falco: I'll go with you. (Clank attaches himself to Ratchet's back and our heroes set off. We cut to Crypto making his way to a stage in town. He comes up behind him to see the mayor going over papers.)

Crypto: It's all too easy. (We see a red laser erupt from Crypto's head to meet a blue laser coming out of the mayor's. The mayor struggles for a second before succumbing to the body snatch.)

Mayor: Time to give a great speech. (We see Ratchet and Falco run up to behind the stage. They hide behind a crate.)

Ratchet: Just some little blue guy. (The mayor walks onstage through a big curtain hiding the backstage. We cut to see a big crowd gathered for a speech. The mayor walks up to a podium and begins.)

Mayor: Greetings, all human life. I have come here to give you a message. (The crowd murmurs, confused.) These great heroes who have come to our world are coming down to greet us. We must listen and obey them, and if we don't, we will be punished. (The crowd gets more worried.) Now, all we can do is wait. Farewell. (The mayor leaves the stage. When the mayor walks backstage to Crypto, we see his body explode. We see Ratchet and Falco get a horrified look on their faces.)

Crypto: Stupid monkey. (He begins to leave when Ratchet and Falco come out from behind the crate to confront him.) You're not humans? What do you want? (Ratchet and Falco both pull out blasters.)

Falco: This stunt of yours is over. You're coming with us.

Crypto: Oh I am, am I? Well… (Crypto pulls out his zap-o-matic and quickly shoots Falco. He is shocked and falls to the ground. He turns to shoot at Ratchet, but he sidesteps out of the way and shoots back. The blast hits Crypto's arm. Crypto retaliates with picking Ratchet up with his mind and throws him at the stage. He hits and lands hard on the ground. Crypto approaches him.) Is that all?

Clank: As a matter of fact, no. (Clank reveals himself on Ratchet's back. He releases himself and punches Crypto in the face.)

Crypto: A robot? (Falco then runs up behind Crypto and roundhouse kicks Crypto away.) Ow!

Falco: You're just a little guy. (Crypto gets up and starts running away. We see Clank get back onto Ratchet's back.) Get back here! (They give chase. We cut to Crypto getting back into his UFO. He messes with his control panel.)

Crypto: This is Crypto to the Covenant. I need backup immediately. The plan is ready, let's give these monkeys war. (Ratchet and Falco finally get to the UFO as three Covenant ships touch down. Two jackals and a grunt get out from them and start shooting at our heroes with assault rifles.)

Ratchet: Let's get out of here! (Ratchet and Falco run towards the auto shop as fire continues behind them. They run in and Ratchet puts his back against the door.) That'll hold them… right? (The door suddenly flies off its hinges as Ratchet is launched across the room. A jackal begins shooting at Ratchet, but Falco jumps in the way and activates his reflector. All of the bullets reflect back towards the jackal and kill it.)

Falco: Piece of cake. (Ratchet runs up to the other jackal and shoots it with his blaster. It screams out in pain and dies.)

Grunt: I'll take you down! (The grunt runs up to Falco, but Falco does a backflip and kicks the grunt away.) Owie! (Falco then shoots it and it dies.)

Ratchet: Who's next? (Falco gestures with his head to the door. The two exit and start running towards town before they both stop in shock.) Oh no… (The camera turns and pans out to see the city, now partially on fire, being swarmed by ships. We cut to an elite exiting a ship and stabbing a man with his plasma sword. Another shot shows a swarm of elites and jackals shooting in multiple directions. We then cut to Crypto's UFO shooting out a red laser that cuts through the town, setting buildings on fire. We hear him laugh. We cut to Ratchet and Falco running in to join the fray. They both shoot their blasters in multiple directions. A group of elites, jackals, and grunts quickly surround them.)

Elite: This will be fun.

Ratchet: Um, Clank?

Clank: Ratchet?

Ratchet: This might be the end. (We suddenly hear a noise as our heroes look up. An Arwing flies above and a figure jumps out of it. It is revealed to be Fox as he pulls out a blaster and begins firing at the Covenant members surrounding our heroes. Many of them go down as Ratchet and Falco also take the opportunity to fire at them. Soon they are all gone as Fox meets the rest of our heroes.)

Falco: Fox?

Fox: (Smiling.) No one left behind.

Falco: Took you long enough. We could use some help here.

Fox: Already on it. (Touches headset.) Chief, I found Falco. We could use some help down here.

Master Chief: (Voice coming through headset.) I'm just getting started. (We see the Pelican fly above our heroes as it lands in town. Our heroes erupt from it. Master Chief jumps out shooting his assault rifle, Olimar runs off with a team of pikmin, and Isaac Clarke uses his rocket boots to fly off in a direction. We cut to see Fox shooting down a jackal as a grunt runs up behind him. Master Chief jumps in and punches the grunt to the ground as Fox turns around to see him. We cut to Ratchet as Mr. Zirkon (Ratchet & Clank) flies down to greet him.)

Mr. Zirkon: Mr. Zirkon is here to kill you. (Mr. Zirkon flies up to a grunt and shoots it as it cries out in pain. We cut to a mgalekgolo (Halo) crushing a car as Olimar runs up and throws five pikmin onto it. The pikmin start beating on it as the mgalekgolo tries to pick them off. An elite starts charging towards Olimar with a plasma sword, so Olimar turns around and throws a rock pikmin at it, which knocks it down. We cut to Isaac flying through the air shooting down with his plasma cutter. Suddenly, a red laser hits his side and he spirals towards the ground. He gets up.)

Isaac: Ow! That stings. (Crypto's UFO hovers in the background. We cut to its interior.)

Crypto: Stupid humans. (We cut to Fox and Falco.)

Fox: (Referring to UFO.) Falco, think you can take that thing?

Falco: You kidding? (To Ratchet.) Hey, Ratchet? (We cut to Ratchet shooting a jackal.)

Ratchet: Yeah?

Falco: You said my ship is ready, right?

Ratchet: Yup, it's in top shape.

Falco: (To Fox.) I'll be right back. (Falco runs off. We cut to Master Chief and Olimar near a car. Master Chief is shooting and Olimar has a yellow and purple pikmin with him. A red laser hits down on the car and it explodes sending Master Chief and Olimar flying. When the pikmin land, they disappear as their ghosts fly up. We cut to inside the UFO.)

Crypto: Morons. (The UFO suddenly takes a couple hits.) What the? (We cut outside to see an Arwing charging towards the fight in walker form. We see Falco inside.)

Falco: Personally, I prefer the air. (The Arwing starts shooting wildly at the UFO. The UFO attempts to fight back with its laser, but the Arwing flips and sidesteps every shot. We cut back to the fight as Isaac Clarke does a choke hold on a jackal and shoots it in the head.)

Isaac: There we go. (The camera then follows Ratchet as he runs up to an elite and uses his sheepinator to turn it into a sheep.)

Sheep: Baaaa. (We cut back to Falco as the Arwing jumps onto a building and continues firing. The UFO is now smoking as it tries to hit. The Arwing dodges and jumps onto the UFO. This pushes it down and it crashes. We cut to Master Chief as he pulls out Cortana.)

Master Chief: Cortana, is there any left?

Cortana: That's the last one, Chief. No more Covenant ships are heading towards the atmosphere.

Master Chief: Great. (We cut to our heroes approaching the UFO. We see Falco pull a worn-out Crypto out of the UFO. He throws him onto the ground.)

Fox: What was all this about?

Crypto: Ugh… I can kill you right now.

Falco: Try any of your brain tricks, and we'll blast you. Now what do you know?

Crypto: I… had to take over the world… before he did.

Olimar: Who?

Crypto: The ones who captured me. Master Mind… I think he's called. He was… on my turf.

Master Chief: What do you know about Master Mind?

Crypto: He kidnaps… to fuel his own power. You were there… you saw the cells on their space station.

Isaac: Someone wants to take over the world?

Crypto: Take it over… destroy it… it wasn't clear. I just had to… get there first… (Crypto dies.)

Ratchet: Take over the world? We gotta do something about that.

Fox: We’ll go back to the Great Fox to get Slippy and Peppy. After that, we’ll go back to that space station and get some answers

Clank: But Ratchet, our ship is still in bad condition.

Isaac: I can take a look at your ship. Should only take ten minutes tops if it’s not too bad. (We cut to the Aphelion as Ratchet and Isaac look at it.) Just needs a few tweaks.

Fox: Is everyone here coming? (Everyone nods.)

Ratchet: No one is destroying the world on our watch.

Clank: I have your back, Ratchet.

Isaac: (Backing away from the ship.) She should be ready to go.

Fox: Then let’s head out. (We see four ships leave the atmosphere towards the Great Fox.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins in a small desert town. The camera cuts into the town as we see a Ponyta tied up beside a building. Next to the building, McCree (Overwatch) sits on a barrel and takes a drink out of a bottle. The Traveler (Journey) walks past him. Ponyta winnies as it passes by. We cut to the entrance of the town as a figure approaches it. The camera cuts to the front of the person as we see that it is Lara Croft.)

Lara: Finally. (Lara enters the town and walks past some of the inhabitants. She looks over at a building as a few drunken men file out of it. She decides to go inside. We cut to Lara walking into the bar as she quickly finds a table. We cut to a different table at the bar with Wario sitting at it. He’s tapping his fingers on the table before he decides to use his opposite hand to pick his nose. He then pulls it out and wipes it underneath the table.)

Wario: Heheh. (We cut back to Lara about to take a drink before the door to the bar suddenly flies open. Sabreman (Sabreman) runs into the bar flailing his arms around.)

Sabreman: Oh! It’s terrible! It’s awful!

Lara: (Getting up from the table.) What is? (A circle of people begin to form around Sabreman.)

Sabreman: My crew! They’re all gone! All of them succumbed to that terrible pyramid!

Lara: What pyramid? (A man beside Lara turns to her.)

Man: There’s a pyramid around here that’s supposedly haunted.

Sabreman: It is haunted! There are terrible things in there! To think that their lives were lost just to find some treasure… (At the sound of the word “treasure”, we cut to Wario as he suddenly looks over at Sabreman. He quickly gets up and shoves people out of the way to speak to him.)

Wario: Did you just say that there’s treasure in this pyramid?

Sabreman: Supposedly, there’s a great treasure pile in this pyramid. (Wario’s eyes turn into dollar signs as he gives a big gaping smile.) But you shouldn’t go there, nobody should go there!

Wario: Whatever, buddy. I’m-a gonna find this treasure. Wah ha ha! (Wario shoulders past Sabreman and exits the bar.)

Lara: I’m going to.

Sabreman: Please don’t follow after that fool.

Lara: I’m going to figure out the mystery of this pyramid. I promise you that. (With that, Lara also exits the bar. As she walks out the door, Wario flies by her on his motorcycle.)

Wario: You snooze, you lose! Wah ha ha! (He rides off into the desert.)

Lara: Oh, hell. (Lara runs after Wario.)

(We cut to a different part of the desert as John Marston, Dillon, and Kirby walk through. There is cacti around them.)

Dillon: How much longer can we keep going?

John: As long as we can. That giant said nothin’ about where we’d find this Master Mind fellow.

Dillon: So we just have to keep wandering?

John: Yep. (Kirby lets out a sigh. A revving sound is heard behind them as they turn around.) What in the-?

Dillon: Look out! (John lunges away as Dillon grabs Kirby and also dives out of the way. Wario’s bike cannons past them while spraying sand everywhere.)

John: (Getting up.) What was that thing? (Dillon and Kirby also get up.)

Kirby: Poyo! (The cacti suddenly begin shaking.) Poyo?

Dillon: What’s happening? (Suddenly, four cactuars (Final Fantasy) show themselves in the cacti in their typical pose and surround our heroes. John takes out his pistol and shoots at one, but it dodges every bullet. We then see Dillon rev up and start spinning towards another cactuar. It also dodges out of the way as Dillon flies far past.) Wagh! (We cut to see Lara running through the desert. She hears John’s gunshots.)

Lara: Something’s happening. (She looks over to see our heroes fighting the cactuars.) Cacti? (We cut back to the fight as a cactuar shoots needles at John and Kirby, which all hit. Suddenly, the cactuar that shot at them is blown to bits by a shotgun. The camera pans to see Lara holding one.) Got one! (Kirby looks over at one of the normal cacti and notices a pink flower on it. He sucks it up.)

John: Woah! (Kirby transforms into Leaf Kirby. He begins summoning a leaf tornado.)

Lara: What is that?! (The leaf tornado sucks up a cactuar and shoots it out far away. The leaf tornado stops.)

Kirby: Yah! (The other two cactuar look on in disbelief. Dillon jumps up to one and scratches it with his claws, but the cactuar shoots a wide spray of needles which hit everyone back and turns Kirby back to normal. We cut back to John as the scene suddenly takes on an orange hue and time slows down. John points his gun at the two cactuars as red X’s appear over them. Time then goes back to normal as John shoots a shot at each one, killing them both.)

John: Sons of b*tches are finally dead. (To Lara.) Thanks.

Lara: Have you seen a motorcycle go through here?

John: A what?

Dillon: Yeah, we did.

Lara: Oh God, he’s in trouble. (Kirby tilts his head up at her.)

John: What’s the problem, missy?

Lara: First, don’t call me that. Second, he’s heading towards a supposedly cursed pyramid. A large group of people died there earlier today. I’m going after him to save his life and figure out the pyramid’s secret.

Dillon: We’ll come with you to help.

Kirby: Poyo!

Lara: You really don’t have to. It’s dangerous.

Dillon: We insist. Let’s go! (Lara shrugs before leading the way towards the pyramid.)

(We cut to the outside of the pyramid. We see a man at the entrance. The camera pans up to reveal that the man is Marlow Briggs holding Kukulkan’s Fangs in his hand. Floating next to him is the Mask of Death.)

Marlow: What the h*ll is this place?

Mask: It’s a pyramid. Haven’t you seen one of those before?

Marlow: Obviously I know what a pyramid is. I was just talking to myself.

Mask: There is something powerful inside this pyramid. I can feel it. As my champion, you need to enter this pyramid and find this powerful… thing inside of it.

Marlow: I’ll trust you on this one. (We see Marlow enter the pyramid, but as soon as he does, Wario pulls up on his motorcycle not far away from the pyramid.)

Wario: Finally! Gold, riches, wealth, it will be all-a mine very very shortly. (Wario runs into the pyramid. We cut back to Marlow in the main chamber room of the pyramid. Sarcophaguses line the walls and there is an exit on the far side of the room.)

Marlow: Lot of coffins on these walls. Nothing too extraordinary yet. (At this, Wario runs down to the chamber room and shoulders Marlow out of the way.)

Wario: Scuse me.

Marlow: Hey, what’re you doing down here?

Wario: Looking for the treasure. Isn’t it obvious? And put on a shirt, all the ladies love-a Wario anyway.

Marlow: Wario?

Mask: It’s just some mortal looking for achievement. Don’t pay attention to him.

Wario: (Approaching Marlow. Angry.) What was that, buddy?

Marlow: Calm down, man. Tep is just poking fun.

Wario: You want fun? Wario show you fun! (Wario jumps back, pulls out a bob-omb, and chucks it at Marlow. It explodes and he goes flying back.) Wah ha ha ha!

Marlow: Oh, h*ll no. Now there’s gonna be blood. (Marlow runs up to Wario and his scythe turns yellow. He slashes twice at Wario with the front end of the blade before turning it around and blowing him back with a strike from the other end. Wario lands on his back.)

Wario: Ouch.

Mask: Your opponent is weak. This will be easy. (Wario jumps onto his feet and opens his mouth wide. He begins to suck Marlow towards him.)

Marlow: Oh, sh*t! (Marlow is sucked towards Wario. Once he is close enough, Wario grabs a hold of Marlow and suplexes him.) Augh! D*mn. (Wario runs towards Marlow again, but Marlow uses his scythe to strike Wario’s stomach and send him flying into a sarcophagus on the wall.)

Wario: Ugh… (The sarcophaguses begin shaking.) Uh? (Marlow gets up and looks around as the sarcophaguses shake. Suddenly, the lid of one flies off as a gibdo (The Legend of Zelda) walks out into the room.)

Marlow: A mummy? (More lids fly off as a large group of gibdos walk out into the room. They approach Marlow. He hits one on his right with a scythe uppercut before turning to his left to stab one in the chest. A group of three come up behind him and start pulling him down.) Agh! Help!

Wario: You’re on your own, buddy. (He begins to run towards the exit.) Actually… (Wario runs up and grabs the Mask of Death.)

Mask: Get your grubby hands off of me! The Gods will not forgive you for this!

Wario: Sorry, but you look like you’re worth a ton of coins. Hehe. (Wario runs out of the main chamber.)

(We cut back to outside the pyramid as our heroes from before are walking towards it. Lara then notices something and points.)

Lara: That’s the motorcycle. He must have gone inside already.

Marlow: (From inside the pyramid.) Help! Somebody! There’s too many!

Dillon: Sounds like trouble. (We cut back to inside the pyramid as the gibdos continue to drag Marlow down. Footsteps are then heard.)

John: Let’s go! (A load of gunshots are heard as the gibdos begin to fall. Marlow is able to get back up. The camera pans to see John and Lara shooting in different directions. The camera pans to another part of the chamber as Dillon mows down Gibdos. Kirby inhales one before spitting it back out as a star. Our heroes approach Marlow.) You okay, partner?

Marlow: No, something f*cked up is going on here. Some short guy in overalls walked in here, started a fight, and stole something very important.

Lara: That’s the man who said he was going to find the treasure here.

Marlow: Well, I’m gonna go stop him.

Lara: We’re coming too.

Marlow: Okay. Your funeral. (Marlow runs towards the chamber exit as the rest of our heroes follow. We cut to Wario carrying the Mask of Death in a long hallway.)

Mask: Let go of me! I am King Tepechalic IX, and you will dearly pay for this.

Wario: You talk too much. Eh? (Wario stops and the camera pans to see that the next doorway is covered in stones.) Blocked? Whatever. (Wario pulls out another bob-omb.) Fire! (Wario throws the bob-omb at the brick wall. It explodes and leaves the doorway open for Wario.) Perfect! (The camera cuts down to Wario’s feet. We see a small tripwire in front of him, but Wario unknowingly jumps over it towards the doorway. He walks through the door when the pyramid begins to shake.) What now? (Rocks begin falling from the ceiling before a large boulder falls and blocks the doorway that Wario just went through.)

Mask: You’ve blocked the exit.

Wario: Not my problem. (Wario continues walking. We cut to our heroes walking down the same hallway Wario was.)

Marlow: That little man is in a whole lotta trouble.

Lara: He probably doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s blinded by greed.

Kirby: Poyo.

Marlow: And what the h*ll is that pink thing?

Dillon: He says his name is Kirby.

Kirby: Kirby!

Marlow: (Stopping.) Woah, hold on. (Everyone stops.) There’s a boulder up ahead. It’s blocking the way.

John: We can move it. C’mon. (We cut down to their feet as we see the tripwire once again. Marlow and John step right over it, but then Kirby begins following and accidentally sets it off and falls onto his face.)

Kirby: Wagh!

Lara: Oh no!

John: What?

Lara: This Kirby thing set off a tripwire!

Marlow: Oh f*ck! (The camera cuts to the ceiling as a row of spears sticks out from them. The ceiling slowly starts coming down.)

John: Quick, help me move the boulder! (John and Marlow both push on the boulder with all of their might. Lara and Dillon soon join them.)

Dillon: It’s no use! It won’t budge! (Kirby suddenly jumps over and joins them with his back away from the door. He looks determined.)

Marlow: What is it doing now? (Kirby suddenly starts inhaling with all his strength.)

John: He’s inhaling again. (We cut to the ceiling as the spears slowly begin bending. They then begin tearing off the wall and going into Kirby’s mouth. Kirby doesn’t stop until all of the spears are eaten. He then transforms into Spear Kirby.)

Kirby: Yah! (The ceiling continues to lower as Kirby begins to quickly spin his spear around. Soon, it is just a blur as he uses it to cut the boulder in half vertically.)

Marlow: That’s impressive. (Lara runs up and pushes one half of the boulder out of the way.)

Lara: Come on! (They all go through the doorway.) That was too close.

Marlow: You can say that again. (We cut back to Wario and the Mask as they approach a new room. As soon as Wario enters, his eyes turn into dollar signs.)

Wario: Wow! (The camera pans out to reveal that the room is full of gold and gems, as well as a lava pool near the center.) I’m rich! I’m rich! Yahoo! (Wario dives into a pile of gold.)

???: What brings you to my lair?

Wario: Wah? (Wario looks up to reveal Set (Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy) looking down at him.)

Set: I have killed all those who came here before. Why shouldn’t I kill you?

Wario: Wah!

Mask: Look where your greed has gotten you.

Wario: (Angry.) Urgh! (Suddenly gets an idea.) I have-a brought you this mask that won’t shut up.

Set: A mask?

Wario: He’s actually a king, or so he says. King Tepdopulous or something like that. Yeah.

Set: Very well. I shall accept your offer.

Marlow Hold on!

Wario: What?! (The camera pans to see our heroes have just entered the treasure room.)

Marlow: You are not giving away Tep. You are in for an *ss beating. (The camera goes back to Wario and Set.)

Set: Get rid of these thugs. Understood?

Wario: Completely. Time for some fun! (He gives the Mask of Death to Set before approaching the others. He shoulder bashes into the group and takes Kirby and Lara with him.)

Marlow: I’m going after the big guy. (Malow, along with John and Dillon, run towards Set. We cut to Wario shaking Kirby around like a bag.)

Kirby: Wah!

Wario: Have a rotten day! (Wario throws Kirby at a wall which causes him to lose his spear ability. Wario turns to Lara who has two handguns pointed at him.)

Lara: Don’t make us do this.

Wario: Wario time! (Wario shoulder bashes Lara who falls back. We cut to John, Dillon, and Marlow approaching Set.)

Set: You are all fools for trying to fight me. (Set throws the Mask of Death into the treasure pile.)

Mask: Hey! (Set then jumps into the lava and grows into his true form. He blasts a plume of fire at our heroes, but they jump out of the way.)

Dillon: Fire? (John gets up and fires at Set. Set looks down at him and swipes him away with his hand. Marlow then runs over and slashes at Set with his scythe three times.)

Marlow: You're f*cking dead. (Set picks Marlow up and throws him at the wall.) Gah! (He lands on the treasure pile and the Mask of Death floats up to him.)

Mask: That was pathetic.

Marlow: Shut up. (We go back to Wario. He's approaching Kirby scarily before an arrow skins his shoulder. Wario turns around to see Lara with a bow.)

Lara: You asked for it. (She fires another shot at Wario and it hits him in the chest. Wario pulls the arrow out and breaks it in half. He then charges at Lara and uses his Wario waft which blows Lara far back.) Ew. Disgusting.

Wario: Oops. Scuse me. (Kirby then runs up and slides into Wario which knocks him over.) Urgh…

(We cut to Dillon using a rolling attack on Set's face. He lands on the other side of the lava pit next to John, who is still firing shots at Set.)

John: My bullets aren't doing anything. (Marlow runs up from behind them and jumps onto Set's back. Set growls in response. Marlow stabs his scythe into Set's back.)

Marlow: How do you like that?

(We cut back to Lara and Kirby backed up against a wall. Wario is standing in front of them.)

Wario: (Taking out a bob-omb.) Looks like this is the end. See you later, losers. (Wario throws his bob-omb and Lara braces for impact. However, Kirby inhales the bob-omb and transforms into Bomb Kirby.) What?!

Kirby: Yah! (Kirby throws a barrage of bombs at Wario.)

Wario: Oh no! (They explode and Wario is sent through the ceiling of the pyramid while screaming. He leaves a Wario-shaped hole as the pyramid begins to tremble. We cut back to Marlow on Set.)

Marlow: Why's the place shaking? (Set grabs Marlow and throws him onto the ground with the others. Set begins to start a fire attack when a large chunk of the ceiling falls onto Set and seals him in the lava pool.) That takes care of him.

Lara: We need to get out of here! (The camera pans over to see the wall breaking to the outside. There are some rocks in the way.)

John: There's a way out. Come on! (Everyone except Lara moves to the wall and starts removing rocks. Lara begins to go too but something catches her eye. The camera pans to see a shard of the Shadow Crystal on the treasure pile. Lara picks it up before going to help the others. We cut to the outside of the pyramid as Marlow pushes a rock out of the wall and outside.)

Marlow: We have a way out! (Marlow escapes the pyramid as the rest quickly follow. We cut to a wide shot of the pyramid as it collapses.)

(We cut to our heroes now far from the pyramid. They are all catching their breath.)

Marlow: I don't know what the h*ll that was, but I'm glad we're okay.

Lara: Yeah, and I grabbed this. (Lara pulls out the shard of the Shadow Crystal.)

John: A gem?

Mask: A piece of the Shadow Crystal.

Marlow: The what?

Mask: A powerful jewel made by the stars. It held an evil that attacked our world. What was it doing inside the pyramid?

Dillon: What did the jewel hold?

Mask: A menace known only as Master Mind. He angered the Gods greatly.

Kirby: Poyo?

John: Master Mind. We were told about him.

Dillon: We've been sent to stop him.

Mask: So he's been released?

Lara: Is that why all this strange nonsense has been happening?

Marlow: Tep, are we in trouble?

Mask: Undoubtedly. We may all perish if he isn't stopped soon.

Marlow: Then let’s go. I'm coming with you guys.

Lara: So am I.

John: Then we better get a move on.

Kirby: (Pointing forward.) Poyo! (Our heroes all set out through the desert. We suddenly hear screaming as Wario lands on his butt where our heroes were standing. He is charred.)

Wario: Ugh… what a rotten day. (He falls backwards, unconscious.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins in Hell. We see groups of oni flying around until our camera pans down onto Quan Chi. He is holding Shinnok’s amulet. He grips the amulet for a second and allows its powers to come out. A portal suddenly opens from the ground in front of Quan Chi, and Shinnok appears out of it.)

Quan Chi: (Kneeling.) Lord Shinnok.

Shinnok: Free at last. (He looks around.) This is not Outworld.

Quan Chi: (Getting up.) No, master. In the time you have been gone, we have been transported to a new realm.

Shinnok: A new realm? Who did this?

Quan Chi: I do not know, my lord. I suspect Raiden.

Shinnok: (Looking around.) It is perfect. We shall assemble an army of demons before returning to Earthrealm and taking all control of it.

Quan Chi: What would you like me to do, master?

Shinnok: Travel through this realm in search of adversaries who may be a problem. Once we have finished them, our battle on Earthrealm will begin.

Quan Chi: As you wish. (Quan Chi laughs and begins to leave. As he does, the camera pans out to see oni flying around. One of them flies past the screen and all goes black.)

???: Hurry, Pit! There’s not much time. (We see Pit run through a dark room until he reaches a door, similar to level openings in Kid Icarus: Uprising. The door opens and Pit flies out into Hell.)

Pit: What is it this time, Lady Palutena? Medusa? Hades?

Palutena: (Speaking through Pit’s mind.) No, Pit. Our enemy this time is a God known as Shinnok.

Pit: Shinnok? Can’t say I’ve ever heard of him. (Pit flies past Devil (Devil World). We then cut to a wide shot of Pit flying through Hell.)

Palutena: Shinnok is the Elder God of Death. He has been resummoned by his accomplice, Quan Chi. It’s your job to find them and put a stop to whatever they’re doing. (Pit lands as a Golbat flies past him.)

Pit: I don’t know where to begin looking.

Palutena: Just keep your eye out, Pit. I’d say that if you see anyone shady down here, it’s a pretty good bet that they’re one of the guys you’re looking for.

Pit: Thanks, Lady Palutena. I’ll do my best. (Pit walks off.)

(We cut to a different part of Hell. Grunting sounds are heard as we cut to Scorpion fighting an oni. He plunges his katana into the oni’s chest and slices up to cut him in half. He then turns around to a different oni and lands two punches and a knee into its face. The oni falls back and Scorpion stomps his foot onto its face, destroying it.)

Scorpion: A pathetic attempt to kill me. (Scorpion sheathes his katana and begins to walk away. The camera zooms out a bit to reveal many more oni corpses. We cut to a farther away view of him as Pit lands on a cliff nearby.)

Pit: Is that him?

Palutena: I’m not sure. He certainly looks like he’s up to no good.

Pit: Look at all those bodies. If that doesn’t scream Elder God of Death, I don’t know what does.

Palutena: Just remember to be careful, Pit. And remember, I can only keep you flying for five minutes at a time.

Pit: Yeah yeah, I remember. (Pit takes out his bow and takes flight. We cut back to Scorpion as the shadow of Pit falls over him. The camera turns to see Pit flying not far above Scorpion with an arrow light drawn on his bow.)

Scorpion: Who are you?

Pit: I’ll be the one asking the questions here.

Scorpion: You’re brave for a fool.

Pit: Your reign of terror ends here. I have been sent by Lady Palutena to put a stop to you.

Scorpion: Your insolence will be your downfall, boy. I suggest that you leave immediately.

Pit: I’m not going anywhere.

Scorpion: Very well. Get over here! (Scorpion sends out his kunai with chain which lodges into Pit’s stomach. Scorpion then pulls on the chain which sends Pit hurtling to the ground behind Scorpion.)

Pit: Augh! (Scorpion then pulls on the chain again to bring Pit towards him. Pit screams but then strikes Scorpion across the face with his bow. He takes the kunai out of his chest.) You’re not ready yet.

Scorpion: You will suffer. (Scorpion hits Pit in the face twice before uppercutting him and hitting him in the face again. The blow makes Pit turn away, but he uses this chance to separate his bow into two blades. He turns back to Scorpion and hits him once in the face with each of his blades. He then jumps back and turns his blades back into a bow. He begins rapidly shooting arrows at Scorpion. The first two hit, but then he backflips out of the way and disappears into a portal.)

Pit: Where are you? (Scorpion suddenly appears from a portal to Pit’s left and punches him hard in the face. Pit flies back onto the ground.)

Scorpion: Your death will be swift.

Pit: Is that all you got? (Pit pulls out a staff. He shoots multiple times at Scorpion, hitting each time. Scorpion creates a ball of fire in his hands and hurls it at Pit.)

Scorpion: No mercy. (The ball of fire hits Pit.)

Pit: Ah! Hot! So hot! (Pit tries to pat himself out while Scorpion runs up and delivers a kick to Pit’s stomach. Scorpion pulls out his katana and swings at Pit, who can only block with his bow. Finally, Scorpion plunges his katana into Pit’s stomach.) Gah! (Pit keels over onto the ground.)

Scorpion: (Holding katana towards Pit.) I will relieve you of your burden.

???: Another victim of yours, Scorpion?

Scorpion: Hmm. (Scorpion turns around to find Quan Chi.) What do you want?

Quan Chi: I was just passing through. (Regarding Pit.) Another victim, Scorpion. (Scorpion looks down at Pit who is bleeding and gasping for breath.) An angel?

Pit: I'm not just… any angel…

Quan Chi: How amusing. Are you going to do the honors Scorpion?

Scorpion: What honors?

Quan Chi: The honors of killing the boy.

Scorpion: Silence, Quan Chi. (Scorpion turns towards Pit as Pit’s eyes go wide. Scorpion puts his katana on Pit’s throat.)

Pit: Quan Chi… Shinnok… is here… (Scorpion stops. Quan Chi looks confused.)

Scorpion: How do you know Shinnok?

Pit: Resummoned by… Quan Chi…

Scorpion: (Turning to Quan Chi.) Is this true?

Quan Chi: (Laughing.) What the boy says is true.

Scorpion: I cannot let you do this, Quan Chi. (Scorpion sends out his kunai with chain towards Quan Chi. Quan Chi laughs and disappears into a portal that formed underneath him.) This is not good.

Pit: Ugh… (Scorpion turns to Pit. He walks over and picks him up by the collar of his tunic.) Hey, put me down.

Scorpion: What do you know about Shinnok?

Pit: Lady Palutena told me… that he was summoned.

Scorpion: Who is Lady Palutena?

Palutena: Be careful, Pit. I don't know if I trust this guy.

Pit: It's okay, Lady Palutena. I think we're on the same team now.

Scorpion: Who are you talking to?

Pit: Uh, no one. We just need to find this Shinnok guy and put a stop to him.

Scorpion: I will follow you.

Pit: Oh, uh, okay. (Turning left.) Let's try this way. (Pit sets off with Scorpion behind him.)

(We cut to a different part of Hell. Joel, Ellie, Drake, and the Slayer are crossing through.)

Joel: (To Slayer.) How much longer do you think it'll be? (The Slayer just shrugs.) Alright. (The camera focuses on Drake as the Gods begin talking to him. Drake stops walking.)

Gods: Drake, it is too late. The amulet has been found.

Drake: It can't be! How? (Everyone stops walking and looks at Drake.)

Ellie: What is it, Drake?

Drake: A powerful artifact has been found. We are all in grave danger.

Joel: What do you mean? (The Slayer readies his shotgun.)

Drake: I was sent here to find an amulet. The reason is one I do not know, but I believe it is now in the wrong hands.

Ellie: What does that mean for us? (We hear a noise followed by demonic groans. Our heroes turn around to see a group of portals behind them. Onis are walking and flying out of them. We cut fairly far away to Shinnok who is watching the portals.)

Shinnok: My demon army is growing. (Quan Chi appears from a portal next to Shinnok.) Quan Chi.

Quan Chi: My lord, your return has been discovered by Hanzo Hasashi.

Shinnok: Why have you told him about it?

Quan Chi: Not me, Lord Shinnok, an angel boy told him.

Shinnok: An angel? The Gods are interfering with my plans. We must kill him immediately.

Quan Chi: It will be done.

Shinnok: Excellent. (We cut to three onis flying through the air. Suddenly, one is shot down and starts falling. The other two stop flying and look down to see the Slayer holding a shotgun towards them. Our other heroes look on in fear.)

Joel: Ah sh*t, they saw us! (The Slayer keeps shooting his shotgun. An oni flies behind Joel and growls. Joel turns around and shoots it in the head. More onis begin flying towards our heroes. One grapples onto Ellie but she stabs it in the chest with a knife.)

Ellie: Motherf*cker. (Drake shoots his two handguns at a pair of onis.)

Drake: We need to get out of here. (Drake leads our heroes away. We see a group of onis flying behind them. The Slayer occasionally turns around to shoot one. Drake suddenly stops as a large portal materializes. Twinbellows (Kid Icarus) leaps out of it and looks at our heroes while growling.)

Joel: What the f*ck is that? (Twinbellows shoots a plume of fire out of its mouth and our heroes jump out of the way. The Slayer immediately gets up and charges over while firing his shotgun. Twinbellows knocks him away with its paw, but the Slayer rolls back up and fires a rocket launcher at Twinbellows. The rocket explodes in its face and it stumbles back. We go back to our other heroes. More portals begin opening, revealing monoeyes (Kid Icarus), specnoses (Kid Icarus), and cacodemons.)

Drake: Let's end this quickly. (Our heroes begin shooting in different directions. We cut to Drake as he backflips and shoots down a line of monoeyes. He then turns to shoot an oni behind him. We then cut to Ellie firing at a cacodemon with her shotgun. A specnose comes up behind her and she ducks underneath it.)

Ellie: Woah! (Joel runs up next to Ellie and begins firing in the specnose's direction. We cut back to Quan Chi and Shinnok.)

Shinnok: What is happening?

Quan Chi: (Approaching the edge of the cliff they're standing on.) Earthrealmers. They are fighting off the demons.

Shinnok: This cannot be. We must put a stop to them. (Shinnok opens a portal underneath them and they go through. We cut back to the Slayer fighting Twinbellows. He throws a grenade at one of the heads and it explodes. Twinbellows steps back, dazed, before shooting a fireball at the Slayer. It hits and he is knocked over. Twinbellows slowly walks up to Slayer, when suddenly Pit steps between them and shoots Twinbellows in the head with a cannon.)

Pit: Sorry to keep you waiting. (He shoots a few more shots at Twinbellows. We cut to Drake shooting at a cacodemon before Scorpion jumps in and cuts it in half.)

Scorpion: Burn, fool. (Scorpion breathes fire into the cacodemon and it drops dead. Joel and Ellie meet up with Drake and Scorpion still shooting.)

Joel: There's too many demons.

Scorpion: Leave them to me. (Scorpion charges forward and throws a punch through the chest of an oni. He then turns around and throws a fireball at a monoeye.) Yah! (We cut back to Pit and the Slayer. Twinbellows begins charging towards them.)

Pit: Nice try. (Pit pulls out a club and slams it into Twinbellows' nose. He is pushed back near the edge of a cliff. The Slayer shoots another rocket which hits Twinbellows in the stomach. He falls off the cliff.)

Palutena: Nice job, Pit. Twinbellows is no easy foe.

Pit: It was easy, Lady Palutena. (Pit turns to the Slayer who gives him a thumbs up.) Besides, I made some new friends.

Palutena: I'm happy for you, Pit. (The Slayer takes off towards the other heroes.)

Pit: Guess there's more trouble. (Pit follows. We cut to the Slayer joining Scorpion as he rips through an oni with a chainsaw. Pit comes shortly after, shooting arrows into the air. The other three heroes join them and start shooting into the air.)

Quan Chi: Greetings, Earthrealmers. (Our heroes all turn at attention. The camera pans to see Quan Chi and Shinnok standing amid onis.)

Scorpion: Shinnok.

Shinnok: Scorpion. I suggest that you back down immediately.

Pit: We're not gonna let you get away with this!

Shinnok: It is too late. I have already amassed an army of demons. We all have the similar goal of taking over Earthrealm.

Drake: We can still kill you with ease.

Scorpion: Surrender or taste my flames.

Shinnok: You can join me by my side, Scorpion. We will take over this realm and many others.

Scorpion: You no longer control me, Shinnok.

Shinnok: Very well then. (Shinnok's eyes turn green as he suddenly begins changing. The heroes look on in horror as Shinnok transforms into a corrupted Shinnok.) You will all die like fools. (Shinnok charges forward and slams onto the ground knocking everybody over. The Slayer gets up and begins shooting at Shinnok, Drake soon does the same. We cut to Scorpion getting up.)

Scorpion: He is becoming too strong. (Scorpion is suddenly uppercutted by Quan Chi.)

Quan Chi: You will have to fight me, Scorpion.

Scorpion: You evoke my rage! (Scorpion charges forward and slices at Quan Chi with his kunai. Quan Chi retaliates with two punches in the face and then sends out a skull into Scorpion's chest.)

Quan Chi: You amuse me. (Quan Chi is suddenly shot. The camera pans to see Joel and Ellie holding their firearms towards Quan Chi.)

Joel: Why don't you say whatever speech you've got rehearsed and get this over with.

Quan Chi: Insolent fool. (Scorpion uses the opportunity to throw a fireball at Quan Chi. We cut back to Shinnok. Pit is shooting at him with his staff.)

Pit: Lady Palutena, does Shinnok have any weaknesses?

Palutena: I don't think so, Pit. Your best bet is to keep fighting. (Pit continues shooting until Shinnok shoots a fireball at Pit which knocks him back. The Slayer jumps onto Shinnok’s back and starts tearing into him with his chainsaw. Shinnok then grabs the Slayer and throws him. The Slayer grabs onto a passing by Oni and starts flying around on him. He puts away his chainsaw and starts shooting with his shotgun. We cut to Ellie shooting at monoeyes flying towards her.)

Ellie: This is getting out of hand. (Drake runs up next to Ellie.)

Drake: We're not giving up yet. (Drake throws a soul at an oni as it's flying and it crashes to the ground. We cut to Scorpion fighting Quan Chi. Scorpion slides under Quan Chi and knocks him over. He then pulls out his katana and attempts to stab it into Quan Chi's chest, but he rolls out of the way. Quan Chi then gets up and throws two skulls at Scorpion. Quan Chi then punches Scorpion in the face and onto the ground.)

Quan Chi: You amuse me. (Quan Chi is about to stomp on Scorpion's chest, but Joel comes up behind him and begins to strangle him.)

Joel: Shut the f*ck up. (Quan Chi chokes for a bit before reaching back and throwing Joel over him. He hits the ground next to Scorpion. Scorpion gets up and then lets Joel up.)

Scorpion: You are a brave warrior.

Joel: Desperate is a better term. (We cut back to the Slayer and Pit fighting Shinnok.)

Pit: Palutena, I have an idea.

Palutena: What is it, Pit?

Pit: I need the three sacred treasures.

Palutena: It'll take a bit, Pit, but I can get them to you.

Pit: Thanks. (To Slayer.) Can you distract that guy? (The Slayer nods. He runs up to face Shinnok and begins shooting. Shinnok raises his hand and a pool of lava rises up. He sends it towards the Slayer who barely jumps out of the way as the lava singes his armor. Shinnok raises his other hand as a group of fake Slayers surround the real one. The Slayer cracks his knuckles before sending his fist into the chest of a clone. He then turns around and shoots two more. We cut back to Ellie as she shoots at Quan Chi.)

Ellie: Just die already! (Quan Chi turns and uses his magnet beam to pull the shotgun out of Ellie’s hands and into his. He throws it onto the ground.)

Quan Chi: That was nothing. (Drake then jumps in and punches Quan Chi in the face. Quan Chi knees him in the chin before grabbing him by the arm and throwing Drake behind him. Scorpion then appears from a portal behind Quan Chi.)

Scorpion: Your fate is sealed, sorcerer. (Scorpion strikes at Quan Chi's back with his katana. Quan Chi turns around to face him.)

Quan Chi: That was your plan, Hasashi.

Scorpion: No. (Another portal appears in between Scorpion and Quan Chi and shoots Quan Chi in the knee. Quan Chi kneels down.)

Quan Chi: Agh! (Scorpion then walks up and grabs Quan Chi's head. He rips it off and throws it behind him. The words "FATALITY" appear on screen.)

MK Announcer: Fatality. (We cut back to Pit.)

Palutena: It's all ready for you, Pit.

Pit: Finally! (Pit glows for a second before the three sacred treasures appear on him.) Three sacred treasures! (Pit flies over to Shinnok and begins shooting at him with arrows of light. Shinnok throws a fireball at Pit, but he reflects it with the mirror shield. It hits Shinnok as flames appear on him.) You're finished! (Pit rapidly fires arrows of light at Shinnok.)

Palutena: Pit, grab the amulet around his neck. Maybe we can seal him back in.

Pit: I'll do my best. (Pit flies to Shinnok's neck and grabs the amulet. Shinnok claws at Pit as he flies back.) What now?!

Palutena: I'll channel my energy through you. My powers as a Goddess should be enough. (The amulet begins glowing green as Shinnok's eyes go wide. A bright light fills the room. When the light disappears, Shinnok is gone. Pit returns to normal and floats down to meet the other heroes.)

Scorpion: You are quite the warrior, angel.

Pit: Haha, thanks. (Holding out amulet.) Now, what do we do with this?

Drake: It is incredibly powerful in the wrong hands. (The Slayer grabs the amulet and chucks it off of a cliff into the lava.) That works.

Joel: So how do we get out?

Pit: Lady Palutena, can you get us out of here?

Palutena: Of course, but Pit, there's more trouble.

Pit: What now?

Palutena: The Lord of Darkness. His powers grow strong. I need to send you and your friends there.

Pit: Okay, but who's the Lord of Darkness?

Palutena: His name is Ga-. Huh? Who are you?

Pit: Lady Palutena, what is it?

Palutena: Stay back!

Pit: Lady Palutena? Palutena?! (There is no answer. Suddenly, Palutena's light shines around our heroes, and our heroes fly up and disappear into the light. We cut to them teleported onto a snowy mountain. A blizzard has hit.)

Scorpion: What is wrong, angel?

Pit: Something happened to Lady Palutena. Without her, we may be doomed. (We cut to a dark room. We see the body of Palutena fall onto the floor. She is covered in the glowing string, completely paralyzed. A shadow falls over her.)

???: Lady Palutena. The Goddess of Light. You fell too easily. (The camera pans to see Master Mind.) Your angel will be next. I will not have your "divine intervention" ruin my plans. (Master Mind picks up Palutena and creates a portal for himself. He goes through with Palutena.)

End of Episode

Chapter Text

(The episode begins with Master Mind holding the power star inside the Death Egg. Dr. Eggman and Radec come up behind him.)

Dr. Eggman: The final phase of our plan is almost ready, Master Mind.

Radec: My troops are ready for our attack on the city.

Dr. Eggman: And my airship of robots is sitting in wait in the desert.

Master Mind: Have you heard from Bowser or Ganondorf?

Dr. Eggman: They have both reported in. They are ready for their portion of the final phase.

Master Mind: That is excellent. Victory is within our reach.

Radec: Soon, we will destroy the scum of this Earth and begin anew.

Master Mind: That is correct, colonel. However, I still need more power.

Dr. Eggman: More power, sir?

Master Mind: More power. I have researched a device known as the Star Rod. Acquiring this will assure our victory.

Dr. Eggman: I will look into this immediately. (Dr. Eggman leaves.)

Radec: Do you need anything else from me, Master Mind?

Master Mind: Yes, I want you to receive a report from the Halberd. We have not heard much from Meta Knight since our first meeting.

Radec: I will contact the Halberd as soon as I can. (Radec leaves. As soon as he does, Master Mind's body begins to shake and he screams. He holds onto his chest.)

Master Mind: I just need… to hold on… a little longer… (Master Mind clutches the power star.) With you, the Master Emerald, and the Star Rod, I will no longer go into these fits. I know that to be true. (Master Mind stands up straight.) The final phase is beginning. Soon, I will have my revenge. Then, nobody will laugh. They will bow to me. They will. They will…

End of Episode

Chapter Text

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The Crusader (Hatred)

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Hello! I'm back again with another update and to say how grateful I am that I've surpassed 3000 hits! I'm so happy to see how far this has come since I started posting over a year ago. In fact, it's gotten so popular that some of the dialogue from the E.G.G.M.A.N. episode was taken and used for a story on Wattpad, where I also post New Game. Sadly though, the series is almost complete. I've been working vigorously on the last batch of episodes. They have all been much longer than I anticipated, so I may need a break in the coming weeks to finish them. The roster for New Game is also finalized, so while I can't take suggestions for any characters, I'll still accept any ideas or criticisms you may have for the story. Next episode is the return of John Marston and his crew as they meet up with a very popular character. So popular, whe got her own movie. Again, thank you all so much!