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Imagine your OTP - Red Starling edition

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Travelling with Shuichi was fun. Travelling with Shuichi to England was interesting. Travelling with Shuichi to England during their honeymoon was bliss.
It was also yet another way to come upon a new case.

Jodie stumbled through the forest, trying to keep up with her husband. Why he was dragging her through the Cornish countryside at 9 o’clock in the morning, she wasn’t quite certain yet. She was tired, she was hungry, and she was not in the mood for his weird investigative methods.
“Think, Jodie. What is Cornwall famous for?”
England was his country of birth, why was he asking her?
“I don’t know - pasties.”
Shuichi rolled his eyes. “Yes, well, apart from that.”
“Smoked fish?”
“Forget the food, Jodie!” he exclaimed, exasperated.
“Well, I wish I could, but we came out without breakfast, remember?”

Investigations with Shuichi were compelling. Investigations with Shuichi in the morning were annoying. Investigations with Shuichi in the morning during their honeymoon was a fucking nuisance.
They were also a way to be treated to a proper English breakfast picnic-style once they got back to their car.