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In A Stranger's Arms?

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She's lost and confused. She got very drunk last night and doesn't remember how she came to be in this huge satin sheeted bed.


Chloe remembers dancing, flirting with a few different guys and possibly girls, but the rest of the night is a blur of snippets of different events with no real timeline. 

She's sure she did something with someone,  but who?

Dammit, why does she get these annoying memory lapses when she drinks, "I'm such a lightweight!" She muttered. 

She got up and gathered her clothes and began dressing in a hurry, she was already embarrassed at her shameful behavior. 

She'd had another argument with Dan, and wasn't sure if they were even getting engaged or not at this point.

He's such an ass, but so damned great in bed.

But this wasn't Dan's bed, or bedroom, or apartment.