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Bakugou Birthday Smooches

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It is a well-known fact that Bakugou Katsuki does not like hugs. Any attempt in hugging results in dire consequences that would leave long-lasting marks for two whole weeks. Marks that may or may not be due to exploding someone's face, but no one had ever confirmed.

However, it is also a well-known fact that Class 1A is nothing but chaotic. For aspiring heroes, they sure have brought their fair share of fame and glory, as well as trouble. For one, they had the worst problem children (hint: one of them is Bakugou), the most very hard-headed rebels (and no, not even the class Prince Todoroki Shouto is safe), and the best pranksters (the teachers are still traumatized about the time Kaminari took over the school). So, Bakugou refusing hugs? Not even a challenge for the notorious Class 1A.

It all started peacefully. Bakugou just woke up and is heading to the kitchen. He slept late last night and is quite grumpy. He doesn't want to talk to anyone until he has his coffee or this day might just become a nightmare, for Bakugou and for everyone involved.

While waiting for the elevator, Kirishima joined him, apparently going for a run before breakfast. Bakugou doesn't notice the fidgety stomping of the redhead's foot, or how red eyes glance nervously every once in a while, only averting when the blonde boy glances back.

Well, whatever. He still have no coffee, so he doesn't care what Shitty Hair is thinking about.

They got on the elevator and he pressed down. Kirishima is acting very weird. There is a space between that should've been practically non-existent since the redhead is a clingy type. But Bakugou doesn't mind. Perhaps, the fidgeting boy just needs time to readjust himself, and Bakugoou welcomed the silence for once.

As they descend, Kirishima inches his way into Bakugou's space. He is aware that he is visibly sweating, and it's only thanks to Bakugou's fixation on coffee that he doesn't see how Kirishima could be creating puddles of sweat at their feet. The redhead takes a deep breath, remembering the reason why he needed to do this, why he is the first one to see Bakugou today.

You should not fail, Kirishima-kun.

With  a new-found determination, he nods to himself and steels his resolve. They are nearing the first floor now, and this is the only time he could do this.

Heart on his throat, Kirishima faced Bakugou and planted a quick kiss on the blonde's forehead. He took a step back, hardening his arms for a worst-case scenario.

But Bakugou just glared at him. "...the fuck?" The cranky boy grumbles before they hear the 'ping' of the elevator, indicating they arrived on the first floor.

Bakugou steps out, not even giving a second look to Kirishima. The redhead breathes a sigh of relief, glad that the explosive boy didn't explode. (He laughs at his own joke.)

Taking his phone out, he sent a quick message to an obscure group chat with a knowing smile on his face.



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Upon leaving the elevator, Bakugou immediately headed out to the kitchen. Finally, a caffeine fix. He could be a functioning human bomb again.

He entertained the thought quite happily, until he saw a figure in the kitchen, rummaging the cupboards and making loud noises in this good hour of the morning.

His mood dampens and he stomps quite angrily towards the figure.

"Oi, what are you doing?" He asks rudely, eyes narrowing in distaste. "You tryna' hoard all of our food, Round-face?"

Uraraka yelps at his voice in which he scoffs and rolls his eyes. Uraraka scratches the back of her head nervously, avoiding Bakugou's gaze.

"Finding the coffee...?"

Bakugou could feel a migraine coming. Why are his classmates such idiots?

"What do you mean finding the coffee? Here's the damn ---" He opens a nearby cupboard only to see it empty.

There is no coffee.

Bakugou could feel his blood run cold. "No coffee...?"

Uraraka nods, a sad smile on her face. "I've been looking for it since last night." She closes all the other cupboards she opened on her side, leaving only the cupboard Bakugou had opened. "I thought someone was just hiding them or misplaced them in the other cupboards, but I don't think that's the case."

Oh, this is bad. This whole day is going to be a nightmare. Bakugou doesn't even want to imagine it. The day hasn't even started yet and it's already a disaster.

He can hear Uraraka taking a few steps toward him. He wasn't aware he had sat down on the cold floor, arms above his head. He looks up and sees Uraraka leaning in towards him, face flushed with embarrassment.

He eyes her quizzically, wondering what she could be doing.



"Wanna make hot chocolate instead?"


Making hot chocolate from scratch isn't easy, but they have managed to do it. Uraraka proved to be a good helper, albeit messy, but there are two hot chocolates between them and that makes it all okay.

He takes a sip, revelling on how good it tastes. The hot beverage spreads evenly throughout his whole body, giving him the energy he needed to at least deal with people. It may not be an actual substitute for coffee, but it's adequate.

He sees Uraraka take a sip on hers, slightly moaning at the taste. "This is so good," she sighs, a dopey smile evident on her face. "We should make this everyday."

"And risk diabetes? No." Bakugou disagrees. Uraraka giggles and continues sipping her beverage. He does the same, enjoying the moments of silence between them.

"Hey Bakugou," Uraraka suddenly calls. "Can you close your eyes?"

Bakugou squints at her suspiciously. "What for?"

"Just cause."

Bakugou raises a brow. She just shrugs and keeps sipping her hot chocolate, as if daring Bakugou if he would actually do it. He rolled his eyes at her before closing his eyes.

To say Uraraka is nervous is an understatement. Despite reading the word 'safe' moments before Bakugou approached her, she is actually not quite ready yet. This is risky even for her, and she must approach it with care or else she'd be flying (and hiding) from Bakugou's explosions.

She tiptoes her way towards him, inhaling as much air as she could.

Now, in front of Bakugou, whose eyes are still closed, she made herself weightless, and turned upside down. In a swift motion, her lips made contact on Bakugou's forehead. The boy below her didn’t move or flinched, so she must be doing okay. However, she is not about to tempt fate. Closing her eyes, she pulls away, ready for anything to come at her.

But there is nothing. She opens her one eye to see Bakugou's expression but the blonde boy pushes her away with one hand, scoffing.

"What the hell?" Bakugou grumbles, finishing the remaining hot chocolate in his mug.

Bakugou leaves his mug on the counter, before waving-off to the still floating girl.

"Wash the dishes, will you?" He states before walking away.

Uraraka remained frozen midair for a few more seconds before bursting into giggles.

She pulls out her phone and types on a familiar group chat.




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After drinking his fill of hot chocolate, Bakugou went to the veranda, hoping to catch some fresh air, and maybe get some stretching and warm up done while he's at it. However, it seems lady luck is not on his side, as what greeted him as soon as he set foot outside was an army of fluffy white rabbits, smothering him with their soft fur.

"Oh no!" Bakugou hears the familiar high-pitched squeaking of Koda's voice. "Bakugou-kun are you okay?" The animal-whisperer asks with worry.

With the rabbits surrounding Bakugou like a sacrifice in an altar, the blonde bombshell couldn't move. He tried to pick them off of him but as soon as he sets down one, two will be jumping on his chest. After many attempts that end in failure, he groans and lies down on the ground.

"This is my death," he sighs dramatically, "being suffocated by a bunch of rabbits. Who would've thought."

Koda nervously chuckled. "I could, uhm, tell them to get off?"

Bakugou glares at him. Koda yelps and steps back.

"Don't you dare. This is my life now."

Realizing that Bakugou actually likes being surrounded by rabbits, Koda took a huge sigh of relief. He was actually afraid that Bakugou would be angry attacked by an army of white floof, but he guesses no one could actually resist rabbits – they're adorable after all.

Bakugou kept lying there, rabbits on top of him while Koda fed some of them with lettuce. It was peaceful, until Bakugou let out a barely strained scream, holding one of the rabbits by the scruff of its neck.

"This little shit bit me!" Bakugou exclaims, once again glaring at Koda. He sits up before glaring at the rabbit on his hand. "They don't have rabies, right?"

Koda gasps, offended. All of his rabbits are vaccinated, thank you. Ah, but Bakugou doesn't know that. The animal-whisperer felt bad about being offended, so he shook his head while averting his eyes.

"No," He says softly. "They don't."

He could hear Bakugou scoff. Ah, this is the end of him, isn't it? Why did he not ask the rabbits to come to him much sooner? Then Bakugou wouldn't have been bitten. Now he's going to taste explosions before breakfast and then the rabbits would eat what's left on his cold carcass.

He mentally slaps himself. This is not the time for dark humor!

In his periphery, he could see the blonde boy move and the rabbits hopping away from them, leaving him alone and vulnerable.

Looks like he's the one being sacrificed.

He closes his eyes and prepares himself for an explosion, but none came. Instead, something fluffy was placed on top of his head. Opening his eyes, he saw how close Bakugou's face is and he internally shrieks.

"B-bakugou-kun?" He stammers. What is Bakugou planning now?

Bakugou raises his right finger on Koda's face. It was bleeding. Koda looks at it with curiosity before looking back on crimson eyes, face still mere inches apart from his.

Bakugou scoffs again. "Well, what are you planning to do with this?" He motions his finger towards Koda. The nervous boy doesn't know what to do. He's too concerned about how near Bakugou's face is, the weight of the fluffy thing on top of his head, and the images of explosions staring right back at him as he blinks rapidly, a taunting reminder of what could possibly happen to him if he doesn't do anything soon.

Blanking out of options, Koda did what he usually does when a kid gets bitten by his pets – kissing the boo-boo away.

He pulls away as soon as he felt his lips touch Bakugou's finger, burying his face in his hands.

Did he do it right? That was so embarrassing!

"That's not how you treat wounds, stupid.” Koda feels the weight on top of his head lightens. Immediately looking up from his hands, he saw Bakugou carefully placing the rabbit down before walking away.

Koda was left in a state of bewilderment, staring into the empty space after Bakugou had gone back inside.

His phone suddenly buzzed, waking him up from his thoughts.

As he reads his messages, he began to fidget, realizing how he almost forgot what he should do today.

‘Ah, but I did it unknowingly, that should still count, right? ’ He thinks.

After contemplating it for a few minutes, he made his decision, typing out a short word into the group chat.