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The morning started just like any other ordinary work day morning, the sun was shining on New York City and the traffic was bustling just like usual. Having already been up for two hours and having spent over an hour of that choosing what to wear that day, Andrea made her way up the steps of the subway and towards the Starbucks branch closest to the Elias Clarke building.

Once she had got a drink for herself and one for Emily as well as having pre-ordered Miranda's for the day, she made her way over to the office block. She had arranged with the manager there that she would pre-order the coffees for set times and an employee would bring the coffee over to the lobby of the building where she would then collect it from them before rushing it to Miranda. It gave her an advantage and meant that the coffee would be much quicker.

She had already decided what she would get the almost-impossible woman for her birthday in a couple of months time. A coffee pod machine with Starbucks coffee pods to go with it and a reusable coffee tumbler to go with it. She had already purchased the white and green basic Starbucks tumbler a few days ago. Andrea had gotten a selection of markers specifically so that they wouldn't wash off when the tumbler was cleaned and she had re-designed the mug to be themed around fashion. There were shoes, shirts, dresses, and most importantly, in a very neat calligraphy font was Miranda's name. Andrea was quite happy with the tumbler, it was a one of a kind and she just hoped that Miranda would like it. Admittedly, she was a little nervous in case Miranda hated it. It was, after all, not made by a famous designer but she hoped that wouldn't matter.

Andrea got into the lobby with her bag over her shoulder and the tray of coffee in one hand along with a brown paper bag in the other one. "Good Morning, Allen!" The dark-haired assistant called out on her way towards the entrance as she passed by the security desk.

"Morning, Andy!" the slightly over-weight and balding man behind the desk greeted her with a huge smile, he was much more fond of her than that other assistant that came through from Runway.

"Good Morning Jasper," She greeted another man with a smile as she stepped up to the turnstiles that would allow her entrance to the main part of the building.

Jasper, a tall man with dark hair and wearing the same uniform as Allen had been wearing, smiled happily, "Good Morning, Andy, and how are you today?"

"I'm good, how about you? How are the kids doing?" She asked him cheerfully.

"I'm doing great, and the kids? They're fine, growing like weeds they are!" Jasper answered as he opened up the gate next to the turnstiles for her, "Here... have a great day."

"You too, Andy, you too."

She went straight to the elevators and jumped into the one that was already on the ground floor.

"Morning Andy," a brown-haired woman with round glasses and a rounding figure said to her as she hit another elevator level button.

"Good Morning Ellie," Andrea said with a smile, "And thanks for hitting the button for me."

"No problem, I'm not sure how you would manage it with your hands so full." Ellie commented as she looked at the woman's full hands.

Andrea chuckled and nodded, "You learn to manage." She commented with a slight shrug.

"I'm sure, well this is my floor, have a good day," Ellie said as the doors opened and she stepped off, "Maybe I'll see you in the lunch hall later if you manage to get away for long enough?"

"Sure, that sounds good, if not we can try for tomorrow." Andrea agreed with a smile.

When the elevator reached the level for Runway, Andrea stepped off and glanced around to see who was there, "Good Morning, Serena," she greeted with a smile when she saw the other woman come out of the second elevator, unfortunately for the other woman there had been a lot more people in that one than there had been in the one andrea had managed to catch.

"Morning, Carino." the Brazilian Runway employee greeted with an enthusiastic smile.

"So, is today the day?" Andy asked her with a slight smirk as she walked with her towards the main offices of Runway.

Serena looked over at her and raised an eyebrow, "I have no idea what you are talking about."

Andrea rolled her eyes, "Don't give me that again, come on Rena... When are you going to tell Em?"

"I... do not know if I will." Serena replied before biting her lip slightly.

Andrea rolled her eyes, again, "Come on, Rena, you really should tell her how you feel," she urged the other woman, "Trust me, you won't regret it, she really does feel the same."

Serena bit her lip a little more and sighed, "How can you be so sure, Carino?"

"We are both in that office so much that I'm pretty sure I live with her at this point, trust me... I know." Andrea answered with a smile as they approached the glass doors to the main office.

When they entered the main office, both women greeted Emily 'good morning'. The highly strung English woman was already typing away at her desk and had been for however many hours.

"Here is your coffee," Andy said with a smile as she placed the coffee cup on the desk for her, "and one for you Rena."

"Muchas gracias Carino," Serena replied as she took the coffee cup from the other woman and instantly took a sip of it before moaning slightly, "Delicious."

She didn't notice the way that Emily licked her lips at the sound or how she had blushed a little.

Andrea found herself rolling her eyes, yet again, because how did Serena not notice such a thing?

"Oh, and our breakfast because I know that neither of your would have had the sense to stop for some this morning," the second-assistant commented as she pulled the breakfast muffins out of the bag and handed them out. She left one in the bag and went towards Miranda's office.

"You're not seriously going to put one in there are you?" Emily questioned.

"Oh, she is." Rena stated with a slight smirk.

"She's going to kill her." Emily mumbled.

"No, she will not... unless of course it is a la petite mort of course." Serena replied with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

Emily looked up suddenly, "What?"

Serena chuckled, "It is what the French call the feeling after an orgasm where you briefly lose consciousness."

Emily's jaw simply dropped.

Meanwhile, Andrea had hidden the breakfast muffin, which was still in the bag, in the top drawer of Miranda's desk before setting up the woman's desk. She then went back into the outer office to eat her muffin, drink her coffee, and most importantly gossip with her two friends.

Once the coffee and muffins were gone, Serena made her way to her actual desk rather than where she had been sat on Emily's (not that the woman had any objections to the woman's ass being planted on her desk of course) and the two assistants got back to work.

"Shouldn't you have gone for Miranda's coffee already? She'll be here soon." Emily commented after a while.

Andrea smiled, "I will do in a minute." She said after checking the time.

Emily rolled her eyes thinking that the coffee would be late.

When Andrea finished typing the email that she was working on, she casually got up and went towards the elevator but instead opted to go down the flights of stairs instead.

"Great. Miranda will be here with no coffee." Emily commented to an empty room with a roll of her eyes and a heavy sigh.

The text came through to say that Miranda had arrived. Emily glanced over to the stairs and elevator, still no sign of Andrea.

Again, she rolled her eyes at that fact.

She saw Andrea come out of the door that led to the stairs and instead of coming in to the office, she simply stood there by the elevator.

Emily started to wonder if it was possible to roll her eyes right out of her head. If she did it would be all Andrea's fault of course.

The sound of the elevator arriving dinged and soon Miranda was stepping out of it onto the floor of Runway. 

"Good Morning, Miranda," Andrea greeted her with a smile, "Here's your coffee." 

"Good Morning, Andrea, and thank you," Miranda said very quietly, she didn't exactly want the entire office to know that she had softened to the young assistant. Back in her usual tone of voice, she started to give out the normal list of commands that she had prepared in her mind on the way in and she watched out of the corner of her eye as her assistant jotted it all down in her notebook. It was a cerulean blue notebook with a glittering cover which Miranda had conveniently left on Andrea's desk approximately a week previously. 

Miranda continued to give her orders until she reached the outer office where she threw her bag onto Emily's desk before throwing her coat there too. 

Emily got up straight away to put away the items and grabbed the book from where Miranda had put it on the desk, and rushed off with it to take it back to the art department. 

Andrea returned to her desk and got started on dividing the list, she wrote out her own and marked them off of the main list before putting the main list on Emily's desk. 

When Emily returned, Andrea left to run around the city doing the jobs on the list. 

Hours later, Miranda stepped out of her office, "Where is, Andrea?" She questioned after seeing the empty desk. 

"She hasn't returned yet." Emily answered. 

"What do you mean? She left hours ago, she was supposed to be back here half an hour ago with my lunch." Miranda replied. 

"She left to do the jobs on the list and she... she hasn't come back yet," Emily explained, "I keep trying to call her but she isn't answering and the last time she answered her messages was two hours ago." 

"And you didn't think to tell me this two hours ago?" Miranda questioned with raised eyebrows, she was annoyed and it was obvious. 

Emily looked terrified, "I... I didn't think it was important.... I just thought she was busy or forgot to charge her phone when she went out." 

"Try calling her again," Miranda replied, "Now!"

Emily did as she was told and started to call her but this time she put the phone on loudspeaker so that Miranda could hear the reply. 

It went straight to answer phone. 

"Again." Miranda demanded. 

Emily repeated the command straight away, dialling the same number and getting the exact same result. 

"Call her other cell phone." Miranda demanded. 

"I don't have that number." Emily revealed, "I only have her work number." 

Miranda turned the phone around and dialled the number from memory without a pause, surprising Emily. 

The phone rang again. 

Again, it went straight to answer phone.