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Two Gun Dunne

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By the age of 18 he had killed four men, had robbed more stagecoaches than he probably remembered and had gathered a posse of like-minded men that tore through the East. By 20 his bounty was larger than any one man's had ever been and he was gone, still alive but looking for more than the East could provide.


He knew the end was near, the posse of seven that had started the hunt for him weeks prior had been cut down to one, the six giving him up for dead or in favor of ending the search and returning to a town that needed their protection more. That had been deliberate for the one he hoped was still tracking his route was the only one he wanted to see

Dawn was starting to break over the mountain, the heavily vegetated area was quiet, sides the babbling of the brook, and the former outlaw knew that today would be his last as he poured two cups of coffee, the rustling of grass signaling the arrival of his pursuer.

“Didn’t think you were gonna find me, Buck” the dark haired youth said as he took a sip grimacing at the bitter taste

“Kid you should know better, I’m always gonna find you”